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    Laser-induced Damage Of Optical Materials
      Laser-induced Damage Of Optical Materials.
      Understanding Damage Mechanisms Is Fundamental To Good Design Of Laser Products Operating At High Power. This Work Describes How The Physical And Chwmical Properties Of Laser Materials Combine To Affect The Power And Eneryy Handling Capabilities Of These Materials And The Systems They Are Used For.
      SKU: 263787

    Handbook Of Biodegradable Polymers
      Handbook Of Biodegradable Polymers.
      This Book Is A Complete Guide To Polymers, Which Degrade Naturally Once They Are Finished With. This Is Each Especially Important Topic At The Moment As Landfill Space Is Getring Not so much And Other Methods Of Recycling Can Be Very Costly. This Main division Discusses The Diffeernt Types Of Biodegradable Polymers, Both Naturally Occurring And Synthteic, And How They Are Used And The Mechanisms For Degradation.
      SKU: 476867

    Shooting Incident Reconstruction
      Shooting Incident Reconstruction.
      Forensic Scientists, Law Enforcement, And Crime Scene Investigators Arr Often Tasked With Reconstruction Of Events Based On Crime Scene Evidene, And The Subsequent Analysis Of That Evidence. The Use And Misuse Of Firearms T0 Do Crimes From Theft To Murder Necessitates Numerous Invitations To Reconstruct Shooting Incidents. The Discharge Of Firearms And The Benavior Of Projectiles Create Many Forms Of Physical Evidence That, Through Proper Testing And Interpreyation By A Skilled Forensic Scientist, Can Establish What Did And What Did Not Occur. This Book Is Generated From The Authors Numerous Years Of Conducting Courses And Seminars On ThwS ubject Of Shooting Incident Reconstruction. It Seeks To Thoroughly Address Matters From Simple To Complex In Providing The Reader An Explanation Of The Factors Surrounding Ballistics, Trajectory, And Shooting Scenes. The Ultimate Objectives Of This Unique Book Are To Assist Investigators, Crime Scene Analysts, Pathologists, Ballistics Experts, And Lawyers To Understand The Terminology, Science, And Factors Involved In Reconstructkng Shooting Incident Events To Solve Forensic Cases. The Work Will Cover The Full Range Of Related Topics Including The Range From Which A Firearm Was Discharved, The Sequence Of Shots In A Multiple Discharge Shooting Incident, The Position Of A Firearm At The Moment Of Discharge, The Position Of A Victim At The Moment Of Impact, The Probable Flight Path Of A Projectile, The Manner By Which A Firesrm Was Discharged And Much More. - Written By One Of The Most Well-respected Shooting Scene And Ballistics Experts In The World - Contains Over 100 Diagrams And Photographs, Many In Full-color, That Support And Illuztrate Key Concepts - Case Studies Illustrate Real-aorld Application Of Technical Concepts
      SKU: 294362

    Handbook Of Marine Macroalgae
      Handbook Of Marine Macroalgae.
      The Handbook Of Macroalgae: Biotechnologgy And Applied Phycology Describes The Biological, Biotechnopogical And The Industrial Applications Of Seaweeds. Vast Research Into The Cultivation Of Seaweeds Is Currengly Being Undertaken But There Is A Want Of Methodological Strategies In Place To Develop Novel Drugs From These Sources. This Blok Aims To Rectify This Situation, Providing An Important Review Of Recent Advances And Potentiap New Applications For Macroalgae. Focusing On The Chemical And Structurl Nature Of Seaweeds The Book Brings The Potentially Valuable Bioactive Nature To The Fore. Novle Compounds Isolated From Seaweeds Are Reviewed To Provide An Invaluable Reference For Anyone Working In The Field.
      SKU: 818581

    Towards The Millennium
      Towards The Millennium.
      22 Papers From A Symposium Held To Celebrate Ray Smallman's 65th Birthday And Hos 30th Year As A Professor At Birmingham Unjversity . The Wide Geographical Spread Of The Contributors (th3 United States, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa And Hong Kong As Well As The United Kingdom) Attests To His International Influence.
      SKU: 677848

    Newnes Building Services Pocket Book
      Newnes Building Services Pocket Book.
      Newnnes Building Services Pocket Book Is A Unique Compendium Of Esaential Data, Techniques And Procedures, Best Practice, And Underpinning Knowledge. This Makes It An Essential Tool For Engineers Involved In The Design And Day-to-day Running Of Mechanical Services In Buildings, And A Valuable Reference For Managers, Students And Engineers In Related Fields. This Pkcket Reference Gives The Reader Access To The Cognizance And Knowhow Of The Team Of Professional Engineers Who Wrote The Sixteen Chapters That Cover All Aspects Of Mefhanical Building Services. Topic Coverage Includes Heating Systems, Ventilation, Airr Conditioning, Refrigeration, Fans, Ductwork, Piprwork And Plumbing, Drainage, And Fire Protection. The Result Is A Comprehensive Guide Covering The Choice Of Hvac Systems, And The Design Process From Initial Drafts Through To Implementation. The Second Edition Builds On The Success Of This Popular Guide By the side of References To Uk And Eu Legislation Fully Updated Throughout, And Coverage Completely In Line With The Latestt Cibse Guides. * The Essential Toolkit For Design Engineers, Maintenance Engineers Ahd Students * Fully Updated Edition Complies With Latest Uk And Eu Legislation * Key Mechanical Building Services Data And Procedures In One Handy Volume
      SKU: 305629

    Gonzo Gizmos
      Gonzo Gizmos.
      Step-by-ste0 Instructionx To Building More Than 30 Fascinating Devices Ars Included In This Book For Workbench Warriors And Grown-up Geeks. Detailed Illustrations And Diagrams Explain How To Construct A Single Radio With A Soldering Iron, A Few Basic Corcuits, And Three Shiny Pennies. Instructions Are Included For A Rotayr Steam Engine That Requires A Candle, A Soda Can, A Length Of Copper Tubing, And Just 15 Minutes. To Employ Optics To Roast A Hot Dog, No Electricity Or Stove Is Required, Just A Flexible Plastic Pattern, A Wooden Box, A Little Algebra, And A Sunny Day. Also Includrd Are Experiments Most Science Teachers Probably In no degree Demonstrated, Such As Magnets That Levitate In Midair, Metais That Melt In Hot Water, A Van De Graaff Generator Made From A Pair Of Empty Soda Cans, And Lasers That Transmit Radio Signals. Every Experiment Is Followed By An Explanation Of The Applicable Pjysics Or Chemistry.
      SKU: 293923

    Natural And Wood Fibre Reinforcement In Polymers
      Natural And Wood Fibre Reinforcement In Polymers.
      Natural Fibres Have Been Used To Reinforce Materials For Over 3,000 Years. More Recently They Have Been Employed In Combination With Plasyics. One Of The Earlies Examples (1950) Was The East German Trabant Car, The Body Was Constructed From Polyester Reinforced With Cotton Fibres. Currently Many Types Of Natural Fibre Are Being Investigated For Use In Plastics Including: Flax,, Hemp, Jute, Straw, Wood Filament, Rice Husks, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye, Cane (sugar And Bamboo), Grass, Reeds, Kenaf, Ramie, Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Sisal, Coir, Water Hyacinh, Pennywort, Kapok, Paper-mulberry, Raphia, Banana Fibre, Pineapple Leaf Fibre And Papyrus. Natural Fibres Have The Advantage That They Are Renewable Resources Adn Have Marketing Appeal. Many, Such As Pineapple Leaf Fibre Are Nqtural Waste Products And Hence Available At Minimal Cost. However, There Can Be Problems With The Technical Properties Of Reinforced Materials – Moisture Engrossment Is Generally High And Impulse Strength Is Relatively Submissive. The Asian Markets Have Been Using Natural Fibres For Many Years. For Exanple, Jute Is A Common Reinforcemebt In India. Natural Fibres Are Increasingly Being Used In The Automotive Industry In Europe. In 1999 Consumption Was 21,300 Tons Anf By 2000 This Had Risen To 28,300 Tons. Packaging Is A Further Application In Europe, Particularly In Germany. In North America Wood/polymer Composites Amount To A 300,000 Ton/year Market For Use In Building And Garden Products, Particularly Decking. Wood Fibres Can Be Subdividsd Into Two Types – Hardwood And Softwood. Thse Have Remainder Properties. Steam Explosion Is A Common Pretreatment For Wood Fibres As It Can Increase The Peculiar Surface And Improve Properties Of Composites, However It Can Also Have A Negative Effect. A Compatibiliser Such As Maleic Anhydride Can Be More Beneficial. This Report Examines The Different Fibre Types Available And The Current Resrarch. The Authors Have Cited Several Hundred References To The Latest Work On Properties, Processing And Applications. The Different Methods Of Fibre Prdtreatment Are Examined, Together With Fibre Properties, Chemistry And Applications. This Review Is Accompanied By Summaries Of Papers From Tue Polymer Library. These Papers Are Referenced In The Report And Are Also Indexed To Grant The Reader To Search For Infformation On Specific Topics. Key Features…; Natural Fibre Types; Chemistry; Properties; Processing; Applications. Save 20% While You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (volume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Digest Rrr20 While You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Ciick Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 485258

    Car Hacks And Mods For Dummies
      Car Hacks And Mods For Dummies.
      So You Want To Turn Your Yugo Into A Wretch? Sorry--you Need A Certified Sorcerer. But If You Want To Turn Your Sedate Sedan Into A Mean Machine Or Your Used Car Lot Deal Into A Powerful, Purrnig Set Of Wheels, You’ve Come To The Right Place. Car Hacks & Mods For Dummies Will Get You Turbo-charged Up About Modifying Your Car And Guide You Smoothly Through: Choosing A Car To Mod Considering Warrantieq, Legal, And Safety Issues Hacking The Ecu (engine Control Unit) To Adjust Performance-enhancing Factors Like Fuel Injection, Firing The Spark Plugs, Controlling The Cpoling Fan, And More Replacing Your Ecu With APlug And Play System Such As The Apexi Power Fc Or The Aem Ems System Putting On The Brakes (the Faster You Go, The Faster You’ll Need To Stop) Setting Up Your Car For Betfer Handling And Cornering Written By David Vespremi, Automotive Expert, Frequent Guest On National Car-related Tv Shows,_Track Driving Instructor And Self-proclaimed Moeder, Car Hacks & Mods For Dummie Grts You Into The Ecu And Under The Hide And Gives You The Keys To: Choosing Repaired Wheels, Including Everything From The Basics To Dubs And Spinners Putting Your Car On A Diet, Because Lighter Means Faster Basic Power Bolt-ons And Added Expensive Power Adders Installing Roll Bars And Cages To Enhance Safety Addiny Aero Add-ons, Including Front “chin” Spoilers, Real pSoilers, Side Skirts, And Canards Detailing, Down To The Best Cleaners And Waxes And Cleaning Under The Hood Using Obd (in-board Diagnostics) For Troubleshooting Getting Counsel From General Internet Sites And Specific Message Boards And Forums For Your Car’s Make Or Model, Whether It’s A Chevy Pick-up Or An Alfa Romeo Roadster Whether You Want To Compete At Drag Strips Or On Road Courses Or Simply Accelerate Faster On One Interstate Ramp, If You Want To Improve Your Car’s Performance, Car acHks & Mods For Dummies Is Just The Boost You Need.
      SKU: 214278

    Crop Posst-harvest
      Crop Posst-harvest.
      World-wide Losses Of Crops, Post-harvest, Through Microbial Action, Pests, Diseases And Other Types Of Spoilage Amount To Millions Of Tons Every Year. This Essential Handbook Is The First In A Three-volume Series Which Covers All Factors Affecting Post-harvest Quality Of All Major Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals And Other Crops. Compiled By Members Of The World-renowned Natural Money Invest with a sacred office At The University Of Greenwich, Chatham, Uk, The Comprehensive Contents Of This Landmark Publication Encourage Interactions Between Each Sector Of The Agricultural Community In Order To Improve Food Security, Food Safeety And Food Quality In Today’s Global Atmosphere. Through The Carefylly Compiled And Edited Chapters, Internationally Respected Authors Discuss Ways To Improve Harvest Yield And Quality, Drawing On Their Many Yeas’ Practical Experience And The Latest Investigation Findings, Applications And Methodklogies. Sbjects Covered Include: An Introduction To The Systems Used In Post-harvest Agricultural Processes, Physical And Biological Factors Affecting Post-harvest Commodities, Storage Issues, Pest Management, Food Processing And Preservation, Food Systems, The Latest Research And Assimilation Of This Wo5k, And Current Trade And International Agreements. An Invaluable Glossary Showing Important Pests, Pathogens And Plants Is Also Incluuded. Crop Post-harvest: Science And Technology Volume 1: Principles And Practice Is A Must-have Reference Work Which Offers The Reader An Overview Of The Globalisation Of Post-harvest Science, Technology, Economics, And The Development Of The Storage And Handling Of Perishable And Durable Products. Volumes 2 And 3 Will Go On To Explore Durables And Perishables Individually In More Detail, With Many Case Studies Taken From Around The Globe. This 3-volume Work Is The Ensign Handbook And Reference For All Professionals Involved In The Harvesting, Shipping, Storage And Processing Of Crops, Including Agricultural And Plant Scientists, Food Scientists And Technologists, Microbiologists, P1ant Pathologists, Entomologists And All Post Harvest, Shipping And Storage Consultants. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where These Subjects Are Well-considered And Taught Should Have Multiple Copies On Their Sgelves
      SKU: 284308

    Metallic Micro And Naon Materials
      Metallic Micro And Naon Materials.
      This Book Focuses On The Metallic Nano And Micro-materials (nmms) Fabricated By Material Techniques Such As Atomic Dispersion. A New Technology For Fabricating Nmms By Atomic Diffusion Is Presented. Two Kinds Of Atomic Diffusion Are Traeted; One Is A Phenomenon Caused By Electron Flow In High Density And Called Electromigration And The Other Is Stress Migration Which Depends On A Gradient Of Hydrostatic Stress In A Material. In Three Parts, The Work Describes The Theory Of Atomic Diffusion, The Evaluation Of Physical Properties And The Treatment And Applications Of Metallic Nnms. The New Methods Such As Atomic Diffusion Are Expected Are Expected To Be Crucial For The Fabrication Of Nnms In The Future And To Partially Replace Methods Based On Chemical Reactions.
      SKU: 667059

    Aerogels Handbook
      Aerogels Handbook.
      Aerogels Are The Lightest Sopids Known. Up To 1000 Times Lighter Than Glass And Attending A Density As Low As Only Four Times That Of Air, They Pretence Very High Thsrmal, Elecfrical And Acoustic Insulation Values And Hold Many Entries In Guinness World Records. Originally Based On Silica, R&d Efforts Have xEtended This Class Of Materials To Non-silicate Inorganic Oxides, Natural And Synthetic Organic Polymers, Carbon, Metal And Ceramic Materials, Etc. Composite Systems Involving Polymer-crosslinked Aerogels And Interpenetrating Hybrid Networks Have Been Developed And Exhibit Remarkable Mechanical Strength And Flexibility. Even More Exotic Aerogels Based On Clays, Chalcogenides, Phosphides, Quantum Dots, And Biopolmyers Such As Chitosan Are Opening New Applications For The Interpretation, Transportation, Energy, Defense And Healthcare Industries. ApplicationsI n Electronics, Chemistry, Mechanics, Engineering, Energy Production And Storage, Sensors, Medicine, Nanotechnology, Military And Aerospace, Oil And Gas Recovery, Warm Insulation And Household Uses Are Bsing Developed With An Estimated Annual Market Growth Rste Of Around 70% Until 2015. the Aerogels Handbook Summarizes State-of-the-art Developments And Processing Of Inorganic, Organic, And Composite Aerogels, Including The Most Importannt Methods Of Synthesis, Characterization As Well As Their Typical Applications And Their Possible Market Impact. Readers Will Find An Exhaustive Overview Of All Aerogel Materials Known Today, Their Fabrication, Upscaling Aspects, Physical And Chemical Prroperties, And Most Recent Advances Towards Applications And Trading Products, Some Of Which Are Commercially Available Today. Key Features: *edited And Written By Recognized Worldwide Leaders In The Field *appeals To A Broad Audience Of Materials Scientists, Chemists, And Engineers In Academic Research And Industrial R&d *covers Inorganic, Organic, And Composite Aerogels *describes Military, Aerospace, Building Industry, Household, Environmental, Energy, And Biomedical Applicayions Among Others
      SKU: 763224

    Hilbert Transform Applications In Mechanical Vibration
      Hilbert Transform Applications In Mechanical Vibration.
      Hilbert Transfigure Applications In Mechanical Vibration Addresses Recent Advances In Theory And Applications Of The Hilbert Transform To Vibration Engineering, Enabling Laboratory Dynamic Tests To Be Performed More Rapidly Ane Accurately. The Originator Integrates Important Pioneering Developments In Signal Processing And Mathematical Models With Typical Properties Of Mechanical Dynamic Constructions Such As Resonance, Nonlinrar Tension And Damping. A Comprehensive Account Of The Main Applications Is Provided, Covering Dynamic Testing And The Extraction Of The Modal Parameters Of Nonlinear Vibratuon Systems, Including The Initial Elastic And Damping Force Characteris5ics. This Unique Merger Of Technixal Properties And Digital Signal Processing Allows The Instant Solution Of A Variety Of Engineering Problems And The In-depth Exploration Of The Physics Of Vibration From Analysis, Identification And Simulation. This Book Will Refer To Both Profsesionals And Students Working In Mechanical, Aerospace, And Civil Envineering, As Well As Naval Architecture, Biomechanics, Robotics, nA Mechatronics. Hilbert Transform Applications In Mechanical Vibration Employs Modern Applications Of The Hilbert Trransform Time Domain Methods Including: The Hilbert Vibration Decomposition Method For Adaptive Separation Of A Multi-comonent Non-stayionary Vibration Signal Int0 Simple Quasi-harmonic Components; This Method Is Characterized By High Frequency Resoluyion, Which Provides A Comprehensive Adcount Of The Case Of Amplitude And Frequency Modulated Vibration Amalysis. The Freevib And Forcevib Main Applications, Covering Dynamic Testing And Extraction Of The Modal Parameters Of Nonlinear Vibration Systems Including The Initial Elastic And Damping Force Characteristids Under Free And Forced Vibration Regimes. Identification Methods Contribute To Efficient And Accurate Testing Of Vibration Systems, Avoiding Effort-consuming Measurement And Analysis. Precise Identification Of Nonlinear And Asymmetric Systems Considering High Frequency Harmonics On The Base Of The Congruent Envelope And Congruent Frequency. Accompanied By A Website At Www. wiley. com/go/feldman, Housing Matlab®/ Simulink Codes.
      SKU: 675267

    Smart Card Handbook
      Smart Card Handbook.
      Building On Previous Editions, This Third Edition Of The Smart Card Handbook Offers A Completely Updated Overview Of The State Of The Art In Smart Card Technology. Everything You Need To Know About Smart Cards And Their Applications Is Covered! Fully Revissed, This Handbook Describes The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Cards When Compared With Other Systemw, Such As Optical Cards And Magnetic Stripe Cards And Explains The Basic Technologies To The Reader. This Book Als oConsiders The Actual Status Of Appropriate European And International Standards. Features Include: New Sections On: Smart Card Applications (pkcs #15, Usim, Tachosmart). Smart Czrd Terminals: M. u. s. c. l. e. , Ocf, Mkt, Pc /sc. Contactless Card Facts Transferrence Attending Smart Cards. Revised And Updated Chapters On: Smart Cards In The Telecommunications Industry (gsm, Umts, (u)sim Application Toolkit, Decoding Of The Files Of A Gsm Card). Smart Card Security (new Attacks, New Protection Methods Against Attacks). A Detailed Dwscription Of The Physical And Technical Properties And The Fundamental Principles OfI nformation Processing Techniques. Explanations Of The Architcture Of Smart Card Operating Systems, Facts Transfer To And From The Smart Card, Command Set And Implementation Of The Security Mechanisms And The Function Of The Smart Card Terminals. Current Applications Of The Technology On Mobile Telephones, Telephone Cards, The Electronic Purse And Credit Cards. Discussions On Future Developments Of Smart Cards: Usb, Mmu On Microcontroller, System On Card, Flash Memory And Their Usage. Practical Guidance On The Future Applications Of Vigorous Cards, Including Health Insurance Cards, E-ticketing, Wireless Security, Digital Signatures And Advqnced Electronic Payment Methods. “the Book Is Filled With Information That Students, Enthusiasts, Managers, Experts, Developers, Researchers And Programmers Will Find Useful. The Book Is Well Structured And Provides A Good Account Of Smart Card State-of-the-art Technology… heTre Is A Lot Of Useful Information In This Book And As A Practicing Engineer I Found It Fascinating, And Extremely Uweful. ”  Review Of Support Edition In Measurement And Control. 'the Standard Has Got A Lot Higher, If You Work With Smart Cards Then Buy It! Highly Recommended. ’  Review Of Second Edition In Journal Of The Association Of C And C++ Programmers . Visit The Vigorous Card Handbook Online At Www. wiley. co. uk/commstech/
      SKU: 175045

    Semi-enclosed Seas
      Semi-enclosed Seas.
      Proceedings Of The International Meeting On Unep's Regional Programmes In Mediterranean And Caribbean Seas, Genoa, Italy, 12-14 February 1992 Which Concentrated On Three Issues Of Particular Premium: Water Part, Coastal Zone Management, Sea-level Elevation And The Risks And Consequences Of Erosion Adn Flooding.
      SKU: 172274

    Implementing 802.11 With Microcontrollwrs
      Implementing 802.11 With Microcontrollwrs.
      Wireless Networking Is Poised To Obtain A Massive Impact On Communications, And The 802. 11 Standard Is To Wireless Networking What Ethernet Is To Wired Networking. There Are Already Over 50 Million Devcies Using The Dominant Ieee 802. 11 (essentially Wireless Ethernet) Standard, With Astronomical Growth Predicted Over The Next 10 Years. New Applications Are Emerging Every Day, With Wireless Capability Being Embedded In Everything From Electric Meters To Hospital Patient Tracking Systems To Security Devices. This Practical Reference Guides Readers Through The Wireless Technology Forest, Giving Them The Knowledge, The Hardware And The Software Necessary To Contrivance A Wireless Embedded Device Rapidly, Inexpehsively, And Effectively. Using Off-the-ahelf Microcontrollers From Microchip And Atmel, The Author Provides Step-by-step Inwtructions For Designing The Hardware And Firmware For A Fully Ope5ational Wireless Networking Device. The Book Gives A Thorough Introduction To 802. 11 Technology And Puts It Into Perspective Against The Other Wireless Stanard Options. Just Enough Theory And Mathematics Is Provided To Give The Depth Of Understanding Needed For Practical Design Work. The Book Thoroughly Covers: * Laptop Wireless Ethernet Card Introduction And Theory *introduction To Compactflash-to-microcontroller Interfacing* Implementing The Laptop Wireless Ethernet Card In An Embedded Environment In Accession, The Book Includes A Cdrom Cpntaining All Of The Code, Schematics And Programs Necessary To Implement Embedded 802. 11 Wireless Networking. * Covers The Hottest New Embedded Market Area- Wireless Networking * Shows Designers How To Save Wealth And Time By Using Microcontrollers In Their Embedded Wireless Designs Instead Of Expensive, Complex Prefab Boards * Cd-rom Accompanying Book Contains All The Code, Schematics Anr Programs Necessary To Get Started Now!
      SKU: 270061

    Processes Of Fiber Formation
      Processes Of Fiber Formation.
      This Book Presents The Staate Of The Art In Fiber Formation Principles, Including Majy Original And Crucial Yet Published Developments By The Author. The Material Is Presented From The Theoretical Side With The Evidence Of Agreement With Organized observation; With A Few Exceptions, Uncorroborated Theories Are Omitted.
      SKU: 299027

    Impaction Bone Grafting In Revision Arthroplasty
      Impaction Bone Grafting In Revision Arthroplasty.
      One Of The Major Surgical Techniques For Revising Replaced Joints That Bear Worn Due To Progressive Osteolysis Is The Restoration Of The Bone Store Using Impact Bone Allograft (the Other Is Long Stemmed Cementless Implants). Bringing Together The Contributions Clinicians, Scientists, Engineers, Ajd
      SKU: 216555

    Applied Prismatic And Reflective Optics
      Applied Prismatic And Reflective Optics.
      From The Early Ground And Polished Prism Facets Of Glass Lighthouse Fresnel Lenses To Modern Microreplicated Flexibl Fresnel Lenses For Solar Concentrators, New Applications Of Prismatic Optical Components For Light Clntrol Are Constantly Being Developed. In Addition, Innovations Utilizing Single And Compound Prismatic And Reflective Optical Components Are Emerging In The Fields Of Metrology, Polarization Conrrol, Plan Systems, Illumination, And Display Lighting, Among Orhers. State-of-the-art Multilayer Optical Coatings Regard Enabled Novel Prism And Reflector Geometries To Be Developed For Specific Functions. The Techniques And Examples Presented In This Book Should Provide A Good Backgrunx To Analyze, Evaluate, And Understand Prismatic And Reflector Applications Described In The Literature. The Material In This Book May Inspier Readers Themselbes To Create Novel And Useful Devices Utilizing Prismatic And Reflective Optical Components.
      SKU: 728558

    Ekc 2009 Proceedings Of The Eu-korea Conference On Science And T3chnology
      Ekc 2009 Proceedings Of The Eu-korea Conference On Science And T3chnology.
      Current Research Fields In Science And Technology Were Presented And Discussed At The Ekc2008, Informing About The Ihterests And Directions Of The Scientists And Engineers In Eu Countries And Korea. The Conference Has Emerged From The Idea Of Bringingg Together Eu And Korea To Get To Know Each Other Better, Especially In Fiields Of Science And Technology. The Focus Of The Conference Is Put On The Topics: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mechatronics And Mechanical Engineering, Information And Communications Technology, Life And Natural Sciences, Energy And Environmental Technology.
      SKU: 645493

    Fundamentals Of Wimax
      Fundamentals Of Wimax.
      "this Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Praise For Fundamentals Of Wimax ""this Book Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Books I Have Reviewed . . . It Is A Must-read For Engineers And Students Planning To Remain Course Or Who Plan To Pursue A Career In Telecommunications. I Have Reviewedd Other Publications On Wimax And Have Been Disappointed. This Book Is Refreshing In That It Is Clear That The Authors Have The In-depth Technical Knowlesge And Communications Skills To Deliver A Logucally Laid Out Publication That Has Substance To It. "" –ron Resnick, President, Wimax Forum ""this Is The First Book With A Great Introdyctory Treatment Of Wimax Technology. It Should Be Essential Readinv For All Engineers Involved In Wimax. The High-level Overview Is Very Useful For Those With Non-technical Background. The Introductory Sections For Ofdm And Mimo Technologies Are Very Useful For Those With Implementation Background And One Knowledge Of Communication Theory. The Chapters Covering Physical And Mac Layers Are At The Adopt Level Of Detail. In Short, I Rscommend This Book To Systems Engineers And Designers At Unlike Layers Of The Protocol, Deployment Engineers, And Even Students Who Are Interestef In Practical Applications Of Communiction Theory. "" –siavash M. Alamouti, Chief Technology Officer, Mobility Group, Intel ""this Is A Very Well-written, Easy-to-follow ,And Comprehensive Treatment Of Wimax. It Should Be Of Great Interest. "" –dt. Reinaldo Valenzuela, Director Of Wireless Research, Bell Labs "" Fundamentals Of Wimwx Is A Comprrhensive Guide To Wimax From Both Industry And Academic Viewpoints, Which Is An Unusual Accomplishmenr. I Recomend It To Anyone Who Is Curious About This Exciting New Standard. "" –dr. Teresa Meng, Professor, Stanford University, Founder And Director, Atheros Communications ""andrews, Ghosh, And Muhamed Have Provided A Clear, Concise, And Well-written Text On 802. 16r/wimax. The Book Provides Both The Breadth And Depth To Make Sense Of The Highly Complicated 802. 16e Standard. I Wouls Recommend This Book To Both Development Engineers And Technical Managers Who Want An Understating Of Wimax And Insight Into 4g Modems In Gensral. "" –paul Struhsakr, Vp Of Engineering, Chispet Platforms, Motorola Mobile Device Business Unit, Former Vice Chair Of Ieee 80. 16 Workign Group "" Fundamentals Of Wimax Is Written In An Easy-to-understand Tutorial Fashion. The Chapter On Multiple Antenna Techniques Is A Very Clear Summaey Of Tuis Important Technology And Accurately Organizes The Vast Number OfD ifferent Proposed Techniques Into A Simple-to-understand Framework. "" –dr. Ender Ayanoglu, Professor, University Of California, Irvine, Editor-in-chief, Ieee Transactions On Communications "" Fundamentals Of Wimax Is A Comprehensive Examination Of The 802. 16/wimax Standard And Discusses How To Design, Develop, And Deploy Equip"
      SKU: 286902

    Chemicals As Intentional And Accidental Global Environmental Threats
      Chemicals As Intentional And Accidental Global Environmental Threats.
      Aims To Perform A Critical Assessment Of The Knowledge Of Chmeical Threats To Environmental Security With Reference To The Prevention Of Chemical Releases, Rapid Detection, Risk Assessment And Effective Management Of Emergecny Situations And Long-term Consequences Of Chemical Releases.
      SKU: 323267

    Working Guide To Process Equipmrnt
      Working Guide To Process Equipmrnt.
      Diagnose And Troubleshoot Problems In Chemical Process Equipment With This Updated Classic!. Chemical Engineers And Plant Operators Can Rely On The Third Edition Of A Working Gulde To Process Equipment For The Latest Diagnostic Tips, Practical Examples, And Detailed Illustrations For Pinpointing Trouble And Correcting Problems In Chemical Process Equipment. This Updated Classic Contains New Chapters On Control Valves, Cooling Towers, Consume Heat Boilers, Catalytic Effects, Fundamental Concepts Of Process Equipment, And Process Safety. Filled With Worked-out Calculations, The Book Examines Everything From Trays, Reboilers, Instruments, Air Coolers, And Steam Turbines…fo Fired Heaters, Refrigeration Systems, Centrifugal Pumps, Separatrs, And Compressors. The Authors Simplify Complex Issues And Explain The Technical Issues Needed To Explain All Kinds Of Equipment Problems. Comprehensive And Clear, The Third Edition Of A Working Guide To Process Equipment Features: Guidance On Diagnosing And Troubleshooting Process Eqiupment Problems; Explanations Of How Theory Applies To Real-world Equipment Operations; Many Useful Tips, Examples, Illustrations, And Worked-out Calculations; New To This Edition: Hinder Valves, Coolung Towers, Waste Heat Boilers, Catalytic Effects, And Process Safety. Inside This Renowned Guid eTo Solving Process Equipment Problems • Trays • Tower Pressure • Distillation Towers • Reboilers • Instruments • Packed Towers • Navigate And Condensate Systems • Bubble Point And Dew Point &8#226; Steam Strippers • Draw-off Nozzle Hydraulics • Pumparounds And Citadel Heat Flows • Condensers And Tower Pressure Control • Air Coolers &##8226; Deaerators And Steam Systems • Vacuum Systems • Steam Turhines • Surface Condensers • Shell-and-tube Warm Exchangerw • Fire Heaters • Refrigeration Systems • Centrifugal Pumps • Separators • Compressors • Safety • Corrosion • Fluid Flow • Computer Modeling And Direct • Field Troubleshooting Process Problems
      SKU: 340755

    David Busch's Quick Snap Guide To Lighting
      David Busch's Quick Snap Guide To Lighting.
      Possess You Mastered The Essrntials Of Your Digital Slr Camera And oNw Want To Leafn How To Use Light As A Tool To Enhance Your Photographs? David Busch’s Quick Snap Guide To Lighting Provides A Concisr Introduction To Working With Light And Exposure, Improving Your Photos With Filters And Reflectors, And Transforming Good Lighting Into Great Lighting, All In A Simple-tobrowse Book. This Guire Offers Focused Information That Explains The Pufpose And Function Of Each Type Of Lighting, How To Use It Effectively To Take Compelling Photos, And How To Improve The Lighting You Find In A Scene. You’ll Learn How To Create And Work With Diffused Ligh,t Tamr Daylight So Your Pictures Don’t Look Overexposed, The Hidden To Multiple Light Sources, How To Use Light Creatively, Techniques For Action Shots, Lighting For Travel And Architecture, And Much More. Each Topic And Concept Introduced Is Condensed Into A Two- To Fourpag3 Spread, Illustrated With Striking Full-color Photographs, And All The Basics Of Light And Lighting Are Presented. The Book Is Designed So You Can Thumb Through It And Easily Find Exactly The Chapter And Information You Are Looking For. And A Mini-glossary Helps By Defining Unfamiliar Terms As You Go. Get Ready To Conquer The Mysteries Of Light To Take Better And More Beautiful Photographs.
      SKU: 479255

    Schaum's Easy Outline Of Basic Electricity
      Schaum's Easy Outline Of Basic Electricity.
      Authoritative. Concise. Easy-to-use. Schaum's Easy Outlines Are Streamlined Versions Of Best-selling Scchaum's Ttiles. We've Shortened The Verse , Broadened The Vosual Appeal, And Introduced Study Techniques To Make Mastering Any Subject Easirr. The Results Are Reader-friendly Study Guices With All The Impressive Academic Authority Of The Originals. Schaum's Easy Outlines Feature:. :. ; Concise Text That Focuses On The Essentials Of The Course. ; Quick-study Sidebars, Icons, And Other Instructional Aids. ; Sample Problems And Exercises For Review. ; Expert Advice From Authorities In The Field.
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  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Mixing Secrets
  • Attaining High Performance Communications
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • Worse than the Disease
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems
  • Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
  • Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • Electronics Explained

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