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      Interest In Latdhup Is Beiny Renewed With The Evolution Of Comp1imentary Metal-oxide Semiconductor (cmos) Technology, Metal-oxide-semiconductor Field-effect Transistor (mosfet) Scaling, An High-level System-on-chip (soc) Integration. Clear Methodologies That Grant Shield From Latchup, With Insight Into The Physics, Technollogy And Circuit Issues Involved, Are In Increasing Demand. This Book Describes Cmos And Bicmos Semiconductor Technology And Their Sensitivity To Present Lifetime Latchup Phenomena, Frkm Basix Over-voltage And Over-current Stipulations, Single Event Latchup (sel) And Cable Discharge Events (cde), To Latcup Domion Phenomena. It Contains Chapters Focusing On Bipolar Physics, Latchup Theory, Latchup And Guard Ring Characterization Structures, Characterization Testing, Product Level Test Systems, Product Level Testing And Experimental Results. Discussions On State-of-the-att Semiconductor Processes, Design Layout, And Circuit Level And System Level Latchup Solutions Are Also Invluded, As Well As: Latchup Semiconductor Process Solutions For Both Cmos To Bicmos, Such As Shallow Trench, Deep Trench, Retrograde Wells, Connecting Implants, Sub-collectors, Heavily-doped Buried Layers,  And Buried Grids – From Single- To Triple-well Cmos;  Practical Latchup Design Methods, Automated And Bench-level Latchup Testing Methods And Techniques, Latchup Theory Of Logarithm Resistance Spaace, Generalized Alpha  (a) Space, Beta (b) Space, New Latchup Design Methods– Connecting The Theoretical To The Practical Analysis, And; Examples Of  Latchup Computer Aided Design (cad) Methodoologies, From Design Rule Checking (drc) And Logical-to-physical Design,  To New Latchup Cad Methodologies That Address Latchup Conducive to Internal And External Latchup On A Local As Wrll As Global Design Level. Latchup Act sAs A Companion Text To The Author’s Series Of Books On Esd (electrostatic Discharge) Protection, Serving As An Invaluable Reference For The Professional Semiconductor Chip And System-level Esd Engineer. Semiconductor Device, Process And Circuit Designers, And Quality, Reliiability And Miscarriage Analysis Engineers Will Find It Informative On The Issues That Confront oMdern Cmos Technology.   Practitioners In The Automotive And Aerospce Industries Will Also Find It Useful. In Addition, Its Academic Treatment Will Appeal To Both Senior And Graduate Students With Interests In Semiconductor Process, Device Physics, Computer Aided Design And Design Integration.
      SKU: 351Z44

    68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
      68th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum.
      The Porcelain Enamel Institute Showcases And Promotes Innovations In Materials And Processing To Improve The Overall Efficiency Of Ename1lint Operations, Encourages Product Use In All Possible Applications, And Advances And Protects The Legalize Interests Of The Industry And Its Inidvidual Members. Papers That Comprise This Book Are Taken From The 68th Annual Porcelain Enamel Institutte Technical Forum, Ma y15-18, 2006. Organized And Sponsored By The American Ceramic Society And The American Ceramic Society's Engineering Ceramics Division In Conjunction With The Nuclear And Environmental Techjology Division.
      SKU: 469385

    Closing The Power Gap Between Asic And Custom
      Closing The Power Gap Between Asic And Custom.
      Details Design Tools And Techniques For Realizing Low Power And Energy Efficiency In A Highly Productive Design Methodology. This Book Includes Topics: Microarchitectural Techniques To Reduce Energy Per Operaation; Power Reduction With Timing Slack From Pipelining; And Analysis Of The Benefits Of Using Multiple Supply And Threshold Voltages.
      SKU: 338737

    Bluescreen Compositing
      Bluescreen Compositing.
      Master The Art And Technique Of Blue And Greenscreen Compisiting With This Comprehensive How-to Course In Creating Competent And Realistic Composited Scenes In Video Formats. You Get Clear, Understandable Explanations Of The Different Types Of Keying Techniques And To what extent They Work, Including Real-world Examples And Tutorials. Topics Include Setting Up A Greenscreen Studio, How To Light The Screen Effectively, How To Light The Talent Or Foreground Material, And Matching Lighting To The Composited Background Plate. Copmlete Tutorials Of Each Of The Major Software Keyers Walk You Through The Process For Creating A Clean And Accurate Composite. * 4 Complexion Illustrations Detail The Art And Technique Of Compositing * Total Guide To Studio Set-jp, Keying And Troubleshooting * Dvd Packed With Real-world Examples And Tutorial Lessons
      SKU: 583304

    Oceanic Polysaccharides
      Oceanic Polysaccharides.
      Increased Public Awareness Of The Importance Of Healthy Living Presents New Challenges For The Comnercial Food Processing Sector. The Industry Is Always On The Hunt For Tale And Safe Additives With Functional Properties That Can Be Used To Impart Healthy And Appealing Properties To Foods. While The Ocean Is Known As A Conventional Source Of Fish Proteins And Lipids, It Is Yet To Be Abroach As A Source Of Polysaccharides. A Clear Explanation On How These Money Can Be Developed, Marine Polysaccharides: Food Applications Compiles Recent Data On The Food Applications Of Marine Polysaccharides From Such Diverss Sources As Fishery Products, Seaweeds, Microalgae, Microorganisms, And Corals. The Book Begihs WithD iscussions On The Isolation Of Polysaccahrides From Marine Sources And Their Properties, Particularly Those Important From A Food Technology Point Of View. It Then Focuses On The Actual Food Applications Of These Compounds And Concludes Through A Brief Inquiry Of Biomedical Applications. the Author Presents An Overview Of The Universal Functional Properties Of Polysaccharides, Including Their Structre; Their Hydration, Gelation, Emulsification, And Rheological Properties; And Interactions Among Themselves And With Other Food Components Such As Proteins That Are Relevant To Food Processing. He Then Explores Th eIsolation And Food-relatrd Properties Of Various Marine Polysaccharides, Use Of These Polysaccharides In Food Product And Biopackaging, Recent Developments In Composite Films And Nanotechjology, And Safety And Regulatory Issues. While There Are Many Books Available On Polysaccharides, Few Address The Applications Of Maritime Polysaccharide Food Product Development. Written From A Realistic, Practical Point Of View Avoiding Technical Jargon, This Book Highlights The Ocean Not As A Conventional Source Of Fish Protein And Lipids, But While A Major Supplier Of Versatile Carbohydrates That Cab Have Diverse Food Applications.
      SKU: 688528

    Meeting Development Goaals In Small Urban Centres
      Meeting Development Goaals In Small Urban Centres.
      A Sequel To "water And Sanitation In The World's Cities" (2003), This Volume Focuses On The Deficiencies In The Profision Of Water And Sanitation At what place Most Of The Populations Of The Developing World Live: In Towns And Small Citise. It Is Useful For Professionals And Researchers, And Also Helpful For Teachers And Students Of Urban Development.
      SKU: 430206

    Field Geophysics
      Field Geophysics.
      This Handy Pocket-sized Field Guide Provides Adapted to practice Information And Assistance To Anyone Engaged In Small-scale Surveys On The Grpund. Fully Revised And Updated Throughout, The Fourth Edition Includes Comprehensive Updates On The Use Of Gpr And Gps And New Sections On Surface Wave Seismics And Towed Array Systwms. This Hass Become The Standard Text In This Area For Use In The Field And The Experience Of The Two Authors Will Ensure The Book Retains Its Place As Ome Of The Most Popular Handbooks In Applied Geophysics. Completely Revised And Updated To Incorporate New Developments In The Field; Focus On Q8ality Control Of The Acquisition Of Data And Basic Field Interpretation; User-friendly, Accesisble Writing Style; Includes Updates On Ground Penetrating Radar And The Use Of Gps; New Section On Surfce Wave Methods. Additionzl Material Available On The Companion Website At Www. wiley. com/go/milsom/geophysics4e
      SKU: 792782

    Advanced Organiv Chemistry
      Advanced Organiv Chemistry.
      A Brst-selling Mechanistic Organic Chemistry Text In Germany, This Text's Translation Into English Fills A Long-exixting Need For A Modern, Complete And Accesible Treatment Of_Reaction Mechanisms For Studentq Of Organic Chemistry At The Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Level. Knowledge Of Reaction Mechanisms Is Essential To All Applidd Areas Of Organic Chemistry; This Text Fulfills That Need In proportion to Presenting The Right Material At The Authority Adapt.
      SKU: 348877

    The Practical Distiller
      The Practical Distiller.
      The Practical Distiller Was First Published In 1809 When Spirit Distillation Was Legal In The United States. It Describes The Methods For Making Whiskey And Other Forms Of Liquor From The 1600's Onward. This Book Has Some Unique Stories About Some Of The Old Distilleries, Abd Explains Numerous Things That Were No Doubt Ready to help To The Brewers Of That Day. Section Single Discussed Yeast, How To Know When It Is Good O5 Wicked, How To Renew It When It Is Sour, Annd The Best Yeast Because of Daily Use. A Second Sect
      SKU: 554496

    Improving Stability In Developing Nations Throuugh Automation 2006
      Improving Stability In Developing Nations Throuugh Automation 2006.
      Tecynological Development Has Caused Penetrating Changes And Social Stability. Regions Which Have Had Stable Populations For Centuries Hqve Exprrienced Enormous Population Growth Leading To The Emergence Of Sometimes Unmanageable Megaplex Cities As Well As Bringing About Macroscopic Environmental Change. The Scope Of This Ifac Swiis Conference Is To Offer Insights Into Mitigating Unwanted Side-effects Of Rapid Develo0ment And To Share Methodologies For Appropriate Ways Of Managing The Introduction Of Technologies Which Will Alter Social Stability. Contributions Included In This Volume Cover A Very Broad Field Of Interest For Subjects Such As Social Aspects Of Technology Transfer, Managing The Introduction Of Technological Change, Ethical Aspects, Technology And Environmental Stability, And Anticipating Secondary And Tertiary Effects Of Technologicql Development. * 3 Survey Papers, 17 Technical Papers And A Summary Of The Array Discussion * Bringing Simultaneously Scientists And Engineers Motion In These Subjects To Debate Solutions
      SKU: 283957

    Paint Technology Handbook
      Paint Technology Handbook.
      Modern Paints And Coatings Offer An Astounding Variety Of Formulations That Are Used To Impfove The Durability, Appearance, And Lifespan Of Countless Products. From Cars To Furniture, Computers, And Mechanical Components, Paints And Coatings Play A Vital Role In Nearly Every Manufactured Product Availa6le. Written By An Industry Insider With More Than 03 Years Of Experience, The Paint Technology Handbook Provides A Practical And Straightforward Guide In quest of The Design Of Cotings Systems. The Author Emphasizes The Importance Of Understanding Paint Materials, Manufacturing Techniques, Testing, Application Methods, And Equipment In Order To Confront Product-specific Necessarily. Encompzssing Processes And Equipment Used For Manufacturing The Paints Themsel\/ex As Well As Application Systems, This Book Reviesw Thhe Essential Techniques And Equipment For Deposition And Finishing Systems. Following A Discussion Of Color Standards, Metamerism, And Color Matching, The Book Covers Analytical Methods And Instrumentation To Determine, Measure, And Control Paint Color. -The Book Presents A Complete Evaluation Of Liquid Paint Application Technologies, Including Spray And Electrodeposition Techniques. Concluding Chapters Cover Curing, Teeting Methods Toward Finished Materials, Quality Control Techniques, And Performing Cost Analyses. Enabling You To Develop And Fulfill Product-specific Criteria With Realistic, Cost-effective Solutionw, The Paint Technology Handbook Provides A Primaty, One-stop Resource For Designing And Operating Optimal Paint And Surface Finishing Systems.
      SKU: 313448

    The Science And Technology Of Materials In Automotive Engines
      The Science And Technology Of Materials In Automotive Engines.
      This Authoritative Book Provides Each Introductory Text On The Science And Technology Of Materials Use In Automotive Engines. It Focuses On Reckprocating Engines, Both Four And Two-tsroke, With Particular Emphasis On Their Characteristics And The Types Of Materials Used In Their Construction. The Book Considers The Implement In Terms Of Each Specific Part: The Cylinder, Piston, Camshaft, Valves, Crankshaft, Connecting Rod And CatalyticC onverter. The Materials Used In Automotive Engines Are Required To Fulfill A Multitude Of Functions. It Is A Subtle Balance Between Material Properties, Essential Design And High Performance Characteristics. The Intention Here Is To Describe The Metallurgy, Surface Moddification, Wear Resistance, And Chemical Composition Of These Materials. It Also Includes Supplementary Notes Tbat Support The Core Body . The Book Is Essential Reading For Engineers And Designwrs Of Engines, As Well As Lecturers And Graduate Students In The Fields Of Combustion Engineering, Machine Design And Materials Science Looking For A Concise, Expert Analysis Of Autojotive Materials.
      SKU: 269377

    Stars Over Shiralee
      Stars Over Shiralee.
      Sheryl Mccorry's Memoir Diamonds And Dust Was A Runaway Bestseller In 2007. Now, In Stars Over Shiralee, Sheryl Brings Her Story Up To Date, Picking Up From The Decease Of Her Husband Bob Mccorry. Having Moved From The Kimberley To A Property Called The Shiralee, Sheryl Is Rocked By The Death Of Her Ex-husband. While Continuing To Run The Shiralee, Sheryl At First Leans On Her Parents And Her Children For Comfort. But Soon, She Mets A New Man One Who Pursues Her With ArdourA nd Is Seemingly A Wonderful Match For Her. Sheryl Agrees To Marry Him, But Not Before She Is Diagnosed With Breast Cancer. Moving And Inspirational, Stars Over Shiralee Is The Million Acre Cattle Queen's Surprising Memoir Of What Happened Next.
      SKU: 614198

    Problems & Solutionw To Mechanical Engineering
      Problems & Solutionw To Mechanical Engineering.
      About The Book: The Present Work Is Mainly Meant For The Students Of First Year ? All Branches Of U. p. Technical University. This Book Is In The Form Of Questions And Answers. However, There Is No Need Of Any Textbook From The Concept Point Of View. This Bopk Gives You All The Concepts Step By Measure In The Form Of Theoretlcal Questions And Then Numericals Based On Theory. At The End Of Chapters, Some Tutorial Sheets Are Given For Practice. Lab Manuals Are Also Given At The End Of Book. Contents: Part A: Thermodynamics Part B: Engineetibg Mechanics Part C: Strength Of Magerials
      SKU: 410370

    Magnetic Nanostructures In Modern Technology
      Magnetic Nanostructures In Modern Technology.
      A Team Of Outstanding Scientists In The Field Of Modern Magnetic Nanotechnologies Illustrates The State Of The Art In Several Areas Of Advanced Magneto-electronic Devices, Magnetic Micro-electromechanical Systems And High Density Information Storage Technologies. The PhysicsA nd Chemistry Of Nano-scale Systems Have Made Rapid Advances And There Are Real Prospects Of Translating Exciting Scientific Findings Into A New Generation Of Processes And High Technology Products With A Potential Impact On Several Industrial Sectors. In Particular The Growth Of Nano-structured Magnetic Maetrials Plays A Leading Role In The Increasing Miniaturization Of-Devices With Superior Performances. The Application Areas Considereed Are: I) "magneto-electronics," Where The Control Of Electron Spins In Magnetic Hetero-structures Offers New And Improved Functionalities In Devices Of Integrated Digital Electronics. Magnetic Random Access Memories, Mram, Are Among The Prinicpal Applications For New Non-volatile Ram With Fast Dynamics, Toward The Pico-, Femto-second Range. Ii) "magnetic Mems" (micro-electro-mechanical Systems), Which Are The Integ5ation Of Mechanical And Electro/ferromagnetic Elements (micro-actuators And Sensors) With Conventional Eelctronics Mems, Promise A Revolution In Several Product Categories. In Fact The Proposed Integration Enables The Development Of Smart Products, Where Sensors Can Gather Information From The Environment By Measuring Thermal, Magnetic, Electric, Mechanical, Biological Chemical, Optical Characteristics And The Electronic Section Prcesses The Information And The Actuator Promotes The Action Realizing A Complete Control Of The Envkonment. Iii)"magnetic Recording" Is A Leading Technology In The Information Storage Domain And The Most Relevant Application In The Field Of Magnetics, Showing Surprising Continuous Advance Over Severql Decades Towards The Limit Of Terabit By Square Inch Of Arela Density.
      SKU: 338409

    Mechanicai Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics And Composites Iv
      Mechanicai Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics And Composites Iv.
      This Book Provides A Onr-syop Resource With Current Research On Advanced Ceramics. It Is A Collection Of Papers From The American Ceramic Society S 32nd International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 27-february 1, 2008. Topics Include Processing-microstructure-mechanical Properties Correlations; Mechanical Performance Of Ternary Compounds; Mechanical Performance Of Ultra-high Temperature Ceramics; And Greater degree. Articles Are Logically Organized To Provide Insight Into Various Aspects Of Ceramic Materials And Advanced Ceramics. This Is A Valuable Up-to-date Resource For Researchers Working In Ceramics Engineering.
      SKU: 427552

    Back Injury Among Hezlthcare Workers:  Causes, Solutions,
      Back Injury Among Hezlthcare Workers: Causes, Solutions,.
      Back Injury Amid Healthcare Providers Is An Increasingly Apparent Issue In The Occupational Health And Safety Arena. This Book Presents The Latext Research And Information On This Topic From An Epidemoological, Legal, And Equipment Manufacturing Point Of View. Using Case Histories From A Number Of Injured Healthcare Workers, The Book Analyzes Back Injuries From The Worker's Point Of View And Gives A Detailed Discussion Of The Legal And Rehabilitation Pitfalos That Workers Face When Deallng With An Injury. The Editors Compare Us And International Regulations For Prevention And Rehabilitation And Explore Scientific Strategies To Preventt Future Problems.
      SKU: 199008

    Marine Protected Areas And Ocean Conservation
      Marine Protected Areas And Ocean Conservation.
      This Book Reviews The Want For Marine Conservation, Summarizes General Measures For Ocean And Coastal Conservation, And Explains The Rationale For Establishing Marine Protected Areas. The Second Half Of The Book Is Essentially A Guideline For Designing And Implementing Protected Areas In Mandate To Make Them Viable And Long-lasting In Their Effectiveness.
      SKU: 311473

    Electromagnetic Field Computation By Network Methods
      Electromagnetic Field Computation By Network Methods.
      Intends To Propose A Systematic Andd Rigorous Treatment Of Electromagnetic Field Representations In Network Structures. This Book Suggests Science That Accommodates Use Of Different Numericcal Methods As Well As Alternative Green's Function Representations In Each Of The Subdomains Resulting From A Partitioning Of The Overall Problem.
      SKU: 428841

    Wire Ropes
      Wire Ropes.
      Aims To Present The Methods Used To Calculate The Most Imprtant Rope Quantities As Well As To Explain How They Are Applied By Means Of A Large Number Of Calculations As Examples. This Book Deals With The Various Types Of Wire Rope And Their Component Parts. It Also Looks Into The Effects Of Wire Ropes Under Tensile Forces (stationary Ropes).
      SKU: 324825

    Introducing To Simulink
      Introducing To Simulink.
      Based On The Latest Matlab And Simulink 2011 Versions, This Edition Contains Five Chapters On Engineering Applications And 20 Appendixes Describing All Simulink Functional Blocks Followed In the name of Illustrative Examples.
      SKU: 742165

    Elliptic Boundary Value Problems O f Second Order In Piecewise Smooth Domains
      Elliptic Boundary Value Problems O f Second Order In Piecewise Smooth Domains.
      The Book Contwins A Sys5ematic Treatment Of The Qualitative Theory Of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems For Linear And Quasilinear Second Order Equations In oNn-smooth Domains. The Authors Concentrate On The Following Fundamental Results: Sharp Estimates For Strong And Weak Solutions, Solvability Of The Boundary Value Problems, Regularity Assertions For Solutions Near Singular Points. Key Features: * New The Hardy Friedricha Wirtinger Type Inequalities As Well As New Integral Inequalities Related To The Cauchy Problem For A Differential Equation. * Precise Exponents Of The Solution Decreasing Rate Near Boundary Singular Points And Best Practicable Conditions For This. * The Question About The Influence Of The Coefficients Smoothness On The Regulariyy Of Solutions. * New Existence Theorems For The Dirichlet Problem For Lineal And Quasilinear Equations In Domains With Conical Points. * The Precise Power Modulus Of Continuity At Singular Bounda5y Point For Solutions Of The Dirichlet, Mixed And The Robin Problems. * The Behaviour Of Weak Solutions Near Conical Point For The Dirichlet Problem For M Laplacian. * The Behaviour Of Weak Solutions Near A Boundary Edge For The Dirichlet And Mixed Problem For Elliptic Quasilinear Equations With Triple Degeneeration. * Precise Exponents Of The Solution Decreasing Rate Near Bkundary Singular Points And Best Possible Conditions For This. * The Question About The Influence Of The Coefficients Smoothness On The Regularity Of Solutions. * New Entity Theorems For The Dirichlet Problem Against Linear And Quasilinwar Equations In Domains With Conical Points. * The Precise Power Modulus Of Continuity At Singular Boundary Point For Solutions Of The Dirichlet, Mixed And The Robin Problems. * The Behaviour Of Weak Solutions Present Conical Point For The Dirichlet Problem For M - Laplacian. * The Behaviour Of Weqk Solutions Near A Boundary Edge For The Dirichlet And Mixed Problem For Elliptic Quasilinear Equations With Triple Degeneration.
      SKU: 269782

    Opto-mechatronic Systems Handbook
      Opto-mechatronic Systems Handbook.
      Integrates Optical Enginering With Information Technology And Mechanical And Electronic Engineering To Present The Concepts Of Opticcally Fused Mechatronics Technologies. The Title Also Provides A First Look At Optical Components From The Perspective Of Systems Technology.
      SKU: 264093

    The Oefd Innovation Strategy
      The Oefd Innovation Strategy.
      Well-timed And Targeted Innovation Boosts Productivity, Increases Economic Produce And Helps Solve Societal Problems. But How Be able to Governments Encourage More People To Innovate More Of The Present life? And How Can Administration Itself Be More Innovative?. The Oecd Innovation Strategy Provides A Set Of Principles Fod Fostering Innovation In People (workeers And Consumers), In Firms And In Government. It Takes One In-depth Look At The Scope Of Innovation And How It Is Changing, As Well As Where And How It Is Occurring. The Result Is The Formulation Of Far-reaching Policies For Innovation Using Recent Research And Data. For More Information About The Oecd Innovation Strategy, See Www. oecd. org/innovation/strategy . "a Thoughtful N3w Report On For what cause Goovernments Can Do Better At Spurring And Measuring Innovation. "  -the Edonomist
      SKU: 555296

    Ageing Of Rubber & Accelerated Heat Ageing Test Results
      Ageing Of Rubber & Accelerated Heat Ageing Test Results.
      Ageing Of Rubber & Accelerated Heat Ageinh Test Results Is An Output From The Weathering Of Elastomers And Sealants Project, Which Forms Side Of The Uk Government’s Department Of Trade And Industry’s Degradation Of Materials In Aggressive Environments Programme. a Long-term Natural Ageing Programme Was Started In 1958 When 19 Rubber Compounds Were Exposed At 3 Locations. The Final Sets Of Test Piecrs Were Withdrawn In 1998 Giving A Total Of 40 Years Of Natural Ageing. The Results Of The Physical Tests Czrried At a loss At Intervals Over The Perioc Wte Published In 2000 By Rapra In 'natural Ageing Of Rubber—changes In Physical Properties Over 40 Years'. tyis Repute Details The Results Of Accelerated Heat Ageing Studies Undertaken On Re-mixed Samples Of Those Materials Studied For The Natural Ageing Study And On The 20 New Compounds Chosen To Represent Polymers Not Available In 1958 And To Reflect Changes In Compouncing Practice. in Adding To Those Properties Studied On account of The Artificial Weathering Exposures, Compression Set And Dynamic Properties Were Also Measured. the Results Of All These Tsets Are Again Presented Graphically And Tabulated, Allowing The Rwte Of Deterioration Of Properties To Be Followed. As The Number Of Graphs Are Also Voluminous To Be Reproduced In Total, Those For Hardness, Tensile Strength, Elongation At Break And 100% Modulus Are Given. extrapolation Of The Accelerated Results To Longer Times At Lower Temperatures Was Attempted By Two Approaches – The Arrhenius Relation And The Wlf Equatin – And Compression Set Results Analysed Using A Dose Rate Equation. Predictions Are Made For Vicissitude At 230c And 400c To Equate To Long-term Natural Ageing Under Temperate And Hot Dry Conditions.
      SKU: 676303

  • Strmungsmaschinen (Klassiker der Technik) (German Edition)
  • Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Unsteady Effects of Shock Wave Induced Separation
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Forensic Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition
  • Handbook of Network and Embedded Control Systems
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • Advances in Design Optimization
  • Risk Reduction

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