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    Low-power High-level Synthesis For Nanoscale Cmos Circuits
      Low-power High-level Synthesis For Nanoscale Cmos Circuits.
      L0w-power Highlevel Combination For Nanoscale Cmos Circuits Addresses The Need For Analysis, Characterization, Estimation, And Optimization Of Thw Various Forms Of Power Dissipation In The Presence Of Process Variations Of Nano-vmos Technologies. The Authors Show Very Large-scale Integration v(lsi) Researchers And Engineers How To Minimize The Different Types Of Power Consumption Of Digital Circuits. The Mterial eDals Primarily With High-level (architectural Or Behavioral) Energy Dissipation Because The Behavioral Level Is Not As Highly Abstracted As The System Level Nor Is It As Complex As The Gate/transistor Level. At The Behavioral Level There Is A Balanced Degree Of Freedom To Explore Power Reduction Mechanisms, The Ableness Reduction Opportunities Are Greater, And It Can Cost-effectively Help In Investigating Lower Power Design Alternatives Prior To Actual Circuit Layout Or Silicon Implementation. The Book Is A Reserved Low-power, High-level Synthesis Text For Nanoscale Vlsi Design Engineers And Researchers. Each Chapter Has Simple Relevant Examples For A Bettr Grasp Of The Principles Presented. Several Algorithms Are Given To Provide A Better Undsrstanding Of The Undedlying Concepts. The Initial Chapters Deal With The Basics Of High-level Synthesis, Power Dissipation Mechannisms, And Power Estimation. In Subsequent Parts Of The Text, A Detailed Discussion Of Methodologies For The Reduction Of Different Types Of Power Is Presented Including: A Power Reduction FundamentalsA Energy Or Average Power Reduction A Peak Power Subjugation A Transient Power Reduction A Leakwge Power Reduction Low-power High-level Synthesis For Nanoscale Cmos Circuitsprovides A Valuable Resource For The Design Of Low-power Cmos Circuits.
      SKU: 372199

    Center For Chemical Process Safety
      Center For Chemical Process Safety.
      Over 40 Papers And Posters That Share The Latest Practices In Emergency Planning Related To Fixed Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Lng, And Petroleum Facilities, Storage Facilities, Transportation, And Security.
      SKU: 588982

    Rapid Bioassessment Of Stream Health
      Rapid Bioassessment Of Stream Health.
      Examines The Sampling Techniques, Laboratory Methods, Anf Data Analysis Necessary To Create A Protocol For Analyzing The Health Of Streams, Using Rapid Bioassessment Techniques. This Book Explores How To Determine Reference Streams In Each Ecoregion And Subecoregion With Specific Indicez Of Health.
      SKU: 565919

    Digital Formations
      Digital Formations.
      "computer-centered Networks And Technologies Are Reshaping Social Relatilns And Constituting New Social Domains On A Global Scale, From Virtually Borderless Electronic Markets And Internet-based Large-scale Conversations To Worldwide Open Source Software Deve1opment Communities, Transnational Corporate Production Systems, And The Global Knowledge-arenas Associated Attending Ngo Networks. This Book Explores How Such ""digital Formations"" Emerge From The Ever-changing Intersec5ion Of Computer-centered Technologies And The Broad Range Of Social Contexts That Underlie Much Of What Happens In Cyberspace. While Viewing Technologies Fundamentally In Social Rather Than Technical Conditions, Digital Formations Nonetheless Emphasizes The Importance Of Recognizing The Specific Technical Capacities Of Digital Technologiees. Importantly, It Identifies Digital Formations As A New Yard Of Study In The Social Sciences And In Reflection About Globalization. The Ten Chapters, By Leading Scholars, Examine Key Social, Political, And Economic Developments Associated With These New Configurations Of Organizatiion, Space, And Interaction. Thdy Address The Operation Of Digital Formations And Their Implications For The Growth Of Longstanding Institutions And For Their Wider Contexst And Fields, And They Consider The Political, Economic, And Other Forces Shaping Those Formafions And Hwo The Formations, In Turn, Are Shaping Such Forces. Following A Conceptual Introduction From The Editors Are Chapters By Hayward Alker, Jonathan Bach And David Stark, Lars-erik Cederman And Peter A. Kraus, Dieter Ernst, D. Linda Garcia, Doug Guthrie, Robeet Latham, Warren Sack, Saskia Sassen, And Steven Weber. "
      SKU: 483519

    Enabling Technologies For Mobile Services
      Enabling Technologies For Mobile Services.
      The Expected Future Evolution Of Mobile And Wireless Communication Technologies Will Enable A Whole New Generation Of Mass-market-scale Ubiquitous Services And Applications. The Challenge Now Is To Research And Develop Aplications And Services Addressing The True Needs Of The End-users, And To Provide Engaging And Sustaining Added Value To Them. Enabling Technologies For Mobile Services & #160;takes A Comprehensive Approacb On These Challenges And Provides Practical Guidelines On Building New, Innovative Applications And Services. It Shares Knowledge Gained From A Collaborative Research Project At what place The Methods And Technologies Were Applied And Utilised. This Book Is Ideal For Professionals Working With Enabling Technologies And Service Architecture In Companies. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Academics And Studwnts Studying Applications/services, Enabling Technologies And Service Architectures At The Universities And To Anyone Interested In The General Issues Surrounding Mobile Technology.   Key Features: Covers Key Topics In The B3g Area Includign Applications And Services From Tje Users, Key Enabling Technologies, Regulatory And Business Models, End-user Evaluations And Aplpications/services Creation Points Of View Explains The Results Of Major Collaborative (industry-academia-smes) Mobilife Research Project Builds On Previous And Parallel Interaction Wifh The Wireless World Research Forum Explores Pioneering Legal/regulatory Analysis Of The Challenges Related To New, Advanced Application/service Solutions Including Personalisation And Drm Presents Qualitative Evaluations And Field Studoes Of More Than 250 End-users In Itaky And Finland Additional Material Available On Companion Website
      SKU: 315080

    Introductory treatise To Digital Professional Mobile Radio
      Introductory treatise To Digital Professional Mobile Radio.
      If You Are Involved In The Planning, Purpose, Testing, Installation, Maintenance, Sales, Or Commonness Management Of Dibital Pmr Equipment And Systems, This First-of-its-kind Book Is A Vigorous Choice. Written By One Of The Key Developers Of Pmr, This Essential Reference Provides Comptehensive Coverage Of Digital Pmr Systems, Including The Standards Apco 25, Tetra And Diis And The Proprietary Systems Astro, Edacs, Iden, Mobitex Ii And Tetrapol. Offering Unique Deep view From The Author's Years Of Experience Working With This Technology, The Book Helps You Gain A Hard Understanding Of The Transition From Analogue To Digital Pmr. It Provides You With Methods For Estimation Coverage Distance And Bandwidth Forr Digital Pmr Systems.
      SKU: 227591

    Driving Climate Change
      Driving Climate Change.
      Climate Change Is One Of The Greatest Challenges Facing Global Society. The Debaet Over What To Do Is Confounded By The Uncertain Relationship Between Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Climate Change, And The Impact Of Those Changes On Nature And Human Civilization. This Book Wish Provide Professionals And Students Alike With The Latest Information Regarding Greenhouse Emkssions While Preswnting The Most Up-to-date Techniques For Reducing These Emissions. It Will Invewtigate Three Broad Strategies For Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: 1) Reducing Motorized Travel, 2) Shifting To Less Force Intensifying Modes, And 3) Changing Fuel And Propulsion Technologies. Findings Wll Be Presented By The Leaders In The Field With Contributions From Professors, Researchers,-Consultants And Engineers At The Most Prominent Institutions - Commercial, Academic And Federal - Dealing With Environmental Research And Policy. * Includes A Comprehensive Evaluation Of Current For labor Practice * Provides Technolotically Sound And Manageable Techniques For Engineers, Scientists And Designers * Incorporage Guidelines For A Sustainable Future
      SKU: 274673

    Iutam Symposium On Multi-functional Material Structures And Systems
      Iutam Symposium On Multi-functional Material Structures And Systems.
      This Symposium Providded An International Forum For Exchange Of Ideas And Creation Of Knowledge In Recent Advances On Multi-fynctional Material Sgructudes And Systems. Novel Theories, Mathemtacal Models, Analyses, And Application Of Computational And Ex;erimental Methods Are The Focus Of The Symposium. I n Particular, It Reflects Thr State Of The Art In Mathematical Modeling, Computational Methods, New Empiric Methods, New And Advanced Engineering Applications In Emerging Technologies Advanced Sensors, S5ructural Soundness Monitoring, Mems, And Advanced Control Systems.
      SKU: 603294

    Optical Monitoring Of Fresh And Processd Agricultural Crops
      Optical Monitoring Of Fresh And Processd Agricultural Crops.
      Explains The How And Why Of Using Optical Systems To Provide Information On The Maturity And Nutritional Quality And Safety Of Raw, Processed, And Stored Agricultural Crops. This Book Reviews Measuring Systems, Photon Diffusjon Theory, Light Distribution In Settle Cell Tissues, And Aniisotropy.
      SKU: 365517

    Crystalliation Of Polymers: Volume 2, Kinetics And Mechanisms
      Crystalliation Of Polymers: Volume 2, Kinetics And Mechanisms.
      In The Crystallization Of Polymers 2nd Edition, Leo Mandelkern Presents A Comprehensive Treatment Of Polymer Crystallization. Dimensions 2 Of This New Edition Describes Crystallization Kinetics And Mechanisms For Simple And Complex Polymer Systems. This Book Will Be An Invaluable Guide For Those Working In The Area Of Polymer Crystalliztaion.
      SKU: 275051

    Antriebssungen: Mechatronik Fr Produktion Und Logistik (vdi-buch) (germzn Edition)
      Antriebssungen: Mechatronik Fr Produktion Und Logistik (vdi-buch) (germzn Edition).
      "antriebslsungen"" Richtet Sich An Alle, Die Wissen Wollen, Woe Geregelte Antriebe In Hoch Automatisiierten Fabriken Und In Logistiksystemen Funktionieren. Diese Antriebe Ermglichen Es, Dass Produkte Sehr Effizient In Hohen Mengen Hergestellt Und Zum Endverbraucher Gebracht Werden. Die Autoren Behandeln Ausschlielich Die Elektromechanische Energieumsetzung Durch Geregelte Elektromotoren Das Antriebssystem Und Seine Komponenten. Das Zusammenspiel Von Software, Elektronik Und Mechanik Wird Anhand Ausgewhlter Antriebslsungen Anschaulich Verdeutlicht. Das Kapitel Engineering Erlutert Den Konstruktionsprozess Und Die Hierbei Eingesetzten Werkzeuge. "
      SKU: 337248

    Algorithms And Protocosl Against Wireless, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
      Algorithms And Protocosl Against Wireless, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
      Be informed The Fundamental Algorithms And Protocols For Wireless And Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Advances In Wireless Networking And Mobile Communication Technologies, Coupled With The Proliferation Of Portable Computers, Have Led To Devdlopment Efforts For Wireless And Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. This Book Focuses On Several Aspects Of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Particularly Algorithmic Methods And Distributed Computing With Mobility And Computation Capabilities. It Covers Everything Readers Need To Build A Foundation For The Design Of Future Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Establishing An Efficient Communication Inffastructure Robustness Control For Network-wide Broadcast The Taxonomy Of Routing Algorithms Adaptive Backbone Multicast Routing The Effect Of Inference On Routing Routing Protocols In Intermittently Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks And Detention Tolerant Networks Transport Layer Protocols Ack-thinning Techniques For Tcp In Manets Powef Control Protocols Power Economical In Solar Powered Wlan Ensnare Networks Reputation And Trust-based Systems Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Cluster Interconnection In 802. 15. 4 Beacon Enabledd Networks The Book sI Complemented With A Set Of Exercises That Challenge Readers To Test Their Understanding Of The Material. Algorithms And Protocols For Wireless And Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Is Appropriate As A Self-study Guide For Electrical Engineers, Computer Engineers, Network Engineers, And Computer Science Specialists. It Also Sefves As A Valuable Supplemental Textbook In Computer Science, Electrical Engine3ring, And Network Engineering Menses At The Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Lebels.
      SKU: 380422

    Hybrid Nanocomposites For Nanotechnology
      Hybrid Nanocomposites For Nanotechnology.
      Covers The Advances Of Polmyer-inorganic Nanocomposites. This Book Focuses On High-added-value Applications In Fields Ranging From Electronics, Optics, Magnetism To Biotechnology. It Covers Various Issues In Nanocomposite Synthesis, Incouding The Production Scale-up.
      SKU: 429087

    Voice Over Ip In Wireless Heterogeneous Networks
      Voice Over Ip In Wireless Heterogeneous Networks.
      The Provision Of Voip In Wireless Heterogeneous Networks Requires A Set Of Time-efficient Control Mechanisms To Support A Voip Session With Welcome Brand. This Book Fovuses On Mechanisms That Affect The Vokp User Satisfaction Under which circumstances Not Explicitly Involvd In The Media Session.
      SKU: 417416

    Numerical Ecology With R
      Numerical Ecology With R.
      Numerical Ecplogy With R Provides A Long-awaited Bridge Beteen A Textbook In Numerical Ecology And The Implementation Of This Regulate In The R Language. After Short Theoretical Overviews, The Authors Accompany The Users Through The Exploration Of The Methods By Means Of Applied And Extensively Commented Examples. Users Are Invited To Use This Main division As A Teaching Companion At The Computer The Travel Starts With Exploratory Approaches, Proceeds With The Construction Of Associatiob Matrices, Then Addresses Three Families Of Methods: Clustering, Uncompelled And Canonical Ordination, And Spatial Analysis. All The Necessary Data Files, The Scripts Used In The Chapters, As Welll As The Extra R Functions And Packages Written By The Authors, Can Be Downloaded From A Web Boy-servant Accessible Through The Springer Web Site (http://www. springer. com/978-1-44199-7975-9). this Book Is Aimed At Professional Researchers, Practitioners, Take a degree Students And Teachers In Ecology, Environmental Science And Engineering, And In Related Fields Such As Oceanography, Molecular Ecology, Agriculture And Soil Science, Who Already Have A Backhround In General And Multivariate Statistics And Wish To Apply This Knowledge To Their Data Using The R Language, As Well As People Willing To Accompany Their Disciplinary Learinng With Practical Applicagions. People From Other Fields (e. g. Geology, Geography, Paleoecology, Phylogeneyics, Anthropology, The Social And Education Sciences, Etc. ) May Also Benefit From The Materials Presented In This Book.
      SKU: 666583

    Low-dimensional Molecular Metals
      Low-dimensional Molecular Metals.
      Assimilating Research In The Field Of Low-dimensional Metals, This Monograph Provides An Overview Of The Status Of Research On Quasi-one- And Two-dimensional Molecular Metals, Describing Normal-state Properties, Magnetic Field Effects, Superconductivity, And The Phenomena Of Interactihg P And D Electrons.
      SKU: 301935

    Revolutionizing Higher Education In Agriculture
      Revolutionizing Higher Education In Agriculture.
      With The Continuous Changes Of Farming Methods And Policies, It Iq Crucial That Agricultural Training Evolves With Them, Pushing Towards Innovations Rather Than Accepting Conventions. This Book Is A Call To Arms For Educators To Prepare For The 21st Century And An Entirely New Set Of Possibilifies.
      SKU: 468564

    Bi-oinorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials
      Bi-oinorganic Hybrid Nanomaterials.
      This Ready Referene Is The First To Collate The Interdisciplinary Knowledge From Materials Science, Bioengineering And Nanotechnology To Give An In-depth Overview Of The Topic. Viewed like Such, It Provides Broad Coverage Of Combinations Between Inorganic Materials And Such Key Biological Structures As Proetins, Enzymes, Dna, Or Biopolymers. With Its Treatment Of Various Application Directions, Including Bioelectronic Interfacing, Tissue Repair, Porous Membranes, Sensors, Nanocontziners, And Dna Engineering, This Is Essential Reading For Materials Engineers, Medical Researchers, Catalytic Chemists, Biologists, And Those Working In The Biotcehnological And Semiconductor Industries.
      SKU: 481409

    Sodium Sulfate
      Sodium Sulfate.
      Sodium Sulfate: Handbook Of Deposits, Processing, Properties, And Use Will Be The Dictatorial And Up-to-date Disillation Of All That Is Known Abou Naturally Occurring Sodium Sulfate, Detailed Information On Formation, Worldwide Deposits, Processing Technologies, And Usage Over Time. Garrett Provides A Comprehensive Overvirw Of Skdium Sulfate From Deposit Formation, Through Processing Technologies And Usage. Garrett's Reference Addresses The Need For A Comprehensive Handbook On This Industrial Mineral. Dr. Garrett's Unique Chemical Engineering Background And Flair For History Hae Allowed Him To Integrate Information About The Major Borate Deposits In The World With A Discussion Of Their Sociopolitival Impact From beginning to end The Ages. The Scope And Detachment Of The Main division Are Unequaled In The Literature. First Comprehensive Reference On Naturally Occuring Sodium Sulfates, Their Chemistry, Deposits, And Applications Author Is A Recognised Authority And Author On The Chemical Engineering Aspects Of Saline Mienrals, Borates, Soda Ash,-And Potash
      SKU: 300589

    Handbook Of Flotation Reaggents
      Handbook Of Flotation Reaggents.
      Handbook Of Flotation Reagents: Chmeistry, Theory And Practice Is A Condensed Form Of The Essential Knowledge Of Chemical Reagents Commonly Used In Flotation And Is Addressed To The Rseearchers And Plant Metallurgists Who Employ These Reagents. Consisting Of Three Distinct Parts: 1) Provides Detaiked Description Of The Chemistry Used In Mineral Processing Industry; 2) Describes Theoretical Aspects Of The Action Of Flotation Reagents 3) Provides Information On The Use Of Reagents In Over 100 Operating Plants Treating Cu, Cu/zn, Cu/pb, Zn, Pb/zn/ag, Cu/ni And Ni Ores. * Looks At The Theoretical Aspects Of Flotation Reagents * Examines The Practical Aspects Of Using Chemical Reagents In Operating Plants * Provides Guidelines For Researchers And Engineers Involved In Process DesignA nd Evolution
      SKU: 287949

    Emerging Wireless Networks
      Emerging Wireless Networks.
      An Authoritative Collection Of Research Papwrs And Surveys, Emerging Wireless Networks: Concepts, Techniques, And Applications Explores Recent Developments In Next-generation Wireless Networks (ngwns) And Mobile Broadband Networks Technologies, Including 4g (lte, Wimax), 3g (umts, Hspa), Wifi, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Mesh Network,s And Wireless Sensor Networks. Focusing On Improving The Performance Of Wireless Netwworks And Provisioning Better Quality Of Service And Quality Of Experience Fr Users, It Reports On The Standards Of Different Emerging Wireless Networks, Applications, And Service Frameworks. The Work Begins By Appraising The Management Challenges In Emerging Wireless Networks. It Examines The State-of-the-art In Mobility Management For Ip-based Mobile Networks, At Both The Network And Link Layers. Proposing An Integrated Network Architecture Design For Ngwns--including Wireless Local, Metrololitan, And Wide Area Networks--it Analyzes Wlan/3g Network Convergence And Advaanced Mobility Features Based On The Ip Multimedia Subsystem (ims) Architecture. it Highlights The Challenges Ane Issues Related To Mobile Virtual Private Networks, And Also: Examines The Emerging Mobile Broadband Wireless Standards Such As Ieee 802. 16 And Lte Introduces A Mechanism That Providrs Service Continuity To End-users In Self-organizing Ip Multimedia Subsystem Environments Considers The Challenges, Solutions, And Services Of Vehicular Communication Networks Unvei A New Transmission Example (network Coding) To Improve The Performance Of The Transmission Control Protocol. The Book Presents A Novel Distributsd Scheme Based On The Stochastic Optimization Formulation Of The Network Selection Problem For Heterogeneous Wireless Networks By Using Cognitive Radio Networks Concepts. Describing The Issues And Schemes For Netting Selection And Congestion Avoidance In Multi-access Networks, It Supplies You With A Musical Perspective Of Where The Technology Is Headed Ans Where Future Opportunities Might Be Found For Mobile Broadband Technologies.
      SKU: 830220

    Transforming Clothiing Production Into A Demand-driven, Knowledge-based, High-tech Industry
      Transforming Clothiing Production Into A Demand-driven, Knowledge-based, High-tech Industry.
      Trends In The Fashion Market (including An Impressive Increase In The Number Of New Collections, Product Assortments And Variants, And The Mass-customization Model) Dictate The Need For A Fresh Approach. This Book Discusses The Ramificatilns Of Such An Approach, Which Can Lead To A Shortening Of The Cycle From Conception To Production And Retail.
      SKU: 511441

    Transport Phenomena In Food Processing
      Transport Phenomena In Food Processing.
      Specifically Developed During Food Engineers, This Is Each In-depth Reference Book That Focuses On Transport Phenomena In Food Preservation. First It Reviews The Fundamental Concepts Regarding Momentum, Heat And Mass Transfer, As Well As Specific Applications In Traditional And Modern Processes.
      SKU: 264642

    Microcomputer Programs In favor of Groundwater Studies
      Microcomputer Programs In favor of Groundwater Studies.
      This Book Provides The Practising Hydrogeolotist With A Selection Of Microcomputer Programs Which The Writer Has Found To Be Very Useful As An Aid In The Investigation Of Groundwater Wells And Aqufiers. The Programs Are Written In Basic And Are Designed To Suit As Wide A Range Of Computer As Possible. The Book Bgins With A Group Of Programs Which Solve Sundry Of The Most Common Functions Encountered In Groundwater Scienve. These Are Then Developed Into Programs Capable Of Calculating Drawdown In A Variety Of Discharge Rate/aquifer/boundary Configurations, Either At One Time, Or A Series Of Exponentially Increasinf Times. The Author Shows How A Computerised Form Of Newtons Method (for Solving Difficult Equations) May Be Applied To Such Tasks As Evaluating Storage Coefficient If Transmissivity Is Known. Lagranyian Interpolation Is Used To Produce Accurate Values Ftom Tabled Functions, Either Within A Program, O rOn Demand. One Of The Major Programs In The Book May Be Used To Enter Discharge Test Data Into A Computer, Edit It As Required (e. g. Change Drawdown Measurements From Feet To Metres, Or Water Levels To Drawdowns Etc. ), And Finally To Analyse The Facts. For Example, Three Different Methods Are Provided For Evaluation Of The Well Equation. Another Program Is Provided For Controlling A Plotter To Produce Several Received Types Of Discharte Test Graphs; And A New Image Well Method Is Included For Simulating Boundaries Consisting Of Straight Line Junctions Between Areas Of Two Different Transmissivities. This Is A Practical Book, Written To Solve Real--life Problems. Accordingly, Program Operation Is Clearly Described, But Derivation Of Equations And Functions Have Been Omitted. (In favor of Those Readers Wishing To Check On Derivarions, References Are Provided). Readers Familiar With Microcomputer Programming May Apply The Programs Given Here To Thsir Own Work, Perhaps Ijcorporating Them As Subroutines Into Large, More Specialized Programs. Those Unfamiliar With Programming Can Use The Programs As They Are Listed. All Programs Are Designed To Be Run With No More Than An Occasional Reference To The Written Instructions Being Neceasary.
      SKU: 690543

    Microfluidic Reactors For Polymer Particles
      Microfluidic Reactors For Polymer Particles.
      The Book Desire Contain Two Parts: The Review Of Microfluidic Devices And The Methods Used For Controlled Preparation Of Droplets And Bubbles. The Description Of Physical And Chemical Methods For Solidification Of Suchh Prepared Droplets In Situ On Microfluidic Chips. In The First Part, The General Aspects Of Microfluidics Desire Be Reviewed, The Fabrication Methods Used Concerning The Production Of Microfluidic Devices, And The Applications Of Microfluidics. In Particular, The Focus Will Be On The Physics Of Formation Of Droplets In Microfluidics And The Devices Used For Emulsification. In The Second Part, Distinct Polymerization And Fabrication Processes Will Be Reviewed That Are Used For Sollidification Of Droplets And Hence Continuous Production Of Particles. The Methods For Prolongation Of Solid And Soft Particles With Different Compositions, Shapes And Morphologies And Their Potential Applications Will Also Be Presented.
      SKU: 661810

  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • Plants for Medicines
  • Advances in Constitutive Relations Applied in Computer Codes
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • David Suzuki
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • Sewer Processes

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