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    Lubricant Additives
      Lubricant Additives.
      This Is An Examination Of The Mechanisms, Functions, Advantages And Limitations Of Lubricant Additives Like As Antioxidants, Antiwear Agents, Detergents And Dispefsants, Friction Modifiers And Metalworking Fluids. It Cnotains A Disk Displaying Internwt Resources For The Lubricant Industry.
      SKU: 216242
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    Analysis Of Rna-protein Complexes In Vitro
      Analysis Of Rna-protein Complexes In Vitro.
      The Central Role Of Rna In Many Cellular Processes, In Biotechnology, And As Pharmaceutical Agents, Has Created An Interest In Experimental Methods Applied To Rna Molecules. This Book Provides Scientists With A Comprehensive Collection Of Thoroughly Tried Up-to-date Manuals For Investigating Rna-protein Complexes In Vitro. The Profocols Can Be Performed By Reseacrhers Trained In Standard Molecular Biological Techniques And Require A Minimum Of Specialized Equipment. The Procedures Include Rscommendation Of Suppliers Of Reagents.
      SKU: 40373
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    Resolution Enhancement Techniques In Optical Lithography
      Resolution Enhancement Techniques In Optical Lithography.
      Ever-smaller Ic Devices Are Pushing The Optical Lithography Envelope, Increasung The Importance Of Resolution Enhancement Techniques. This Tutorial Encompasses Pair Decades Of Investigation. It Discusses Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of Commonly Used Techniques, Including Optical Imaging And Resolution, Modified Illumination, Optical Proximity Correctjon, Alternwting And Attenuating Phase-shifting Masks, Sekecting Rets, And Second-generation Rets. Useful For Students And Practicing Lithographers.
      SKU: 728569
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    Management Of Uncertainty In Safety Cases And The Role Of Risk
      Management Of Uncertainty In Safety Cases And The Role Of Risk.
      The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency (nea) Organised A Workshop On The Management Of Irregularity In Safety Cases Abd The Role Of Risk In Stockholm, Sweden, On 2-4 February 2004. The Workshop's Main Objective Was To Discuss Different Approaches To Treating Uncertainties In Safety Cases In spite of Radioactive Waste Management Facilities, And More Specififally How Concepts Of Risk Can Be Used In Both Post-cclosure Safety Cases Anx Regulatory Evaluations.
      SKU: 236323
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    The Role Of The Chemist In Automotive Sketch
      The Role Of The Chemist In Automotive Sketch.
      Elucidates How The Skills Of Chemists Are Put To Be accustomed In The Automotive Persistence And Their Effect On All Phades Of Design. This Work Discusses Fuels Cells, Lithium Ion Batteries, Carbon Nanotubes, And Nickel Metal Hydride Technology. It Also Covers Battery Technology, Fuel Cell Membranes, And Environmentally Friendly Plastics.
      SKU: 570524
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    Historic Floors
      Historic Floors.
      This Is The First Bolk In The Uk To Be Devoted To Histoic Floors. It Introduces An Important And Largely Neglected Subject And Considers Preservation Methods In A European Context. It Traces The History Of Some Of The Great Floors Of Europe From The Fourth Century B. c. And Outlines The Development Of Mosaic, Tiles, Marble And Parquetry Floors In Secular Buildings. The Early Christian Pavments In Basilics, Temples And Cathedrals, The Crwation Of Medieval Tiles, Ledger Stones And Monumental Brasses, Their Destruction By Iconoclasts And Re-creation During The Gothic Revival, Are Alo Discussed. Leading Persons cited as vouchers, Archaeologists, Architects And Archivists Consider The Latest Methods Of Recording And Repairing Cathedral Floors, Including Those Of Cathedrals, Country Houses, The Monumental Tiled Pavements Of The Palace Of Westminster And Other Public Buildings. Management Policies To Protect Unsettled Floors In Over-visite Sites Are Considered And Historic Features Particulatly At Risk, Are Identified. Urgent Action Is Recommended To Contain The Injury Caused By The Dramatic Increase In Tourism Throughout Europe. The Foremost Book In The Uk To Be Devoted To Historic Floors Contributions From Leading Practitioners In Their Field
      SKU: 297090
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    Akzeptanz Von Technik Und Infrastrukturen
      Akzeptanz Von Technik Und Infrastrukturen.
      Kaum Ein Anderes Thema Besch Ftigt Die Ffentlichkeit Im Zusammenhang Mit Neuen Technologien So Sehr Wie Deren Akzeptanz. Gab Es Bisher Vor Allem Widerstand Gegen Kernenergie Oder Gentechnik, Ist Heute Auch Der Ausbqu Der Regenerativen Energien Betroffen, Etwa Beim Bau Von Netzen. In Der Stellungnahme Identifizieren Experten Aus Wissenschaft Und Wirtschaft Musyer Der Gegenw Rtigen Akzeptamz-diskussion, Betrachten Deren Auswirkungen Auf Das Innovationsklima Und Liefern Handlungsempfehlunngen Zur Veebesserung Des Gesellschaftlichen Dialogs.
      SKU: 770208
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    Near Field Communication (nfc)
      Near Field Communication (nfc).
      This Book Provides The Technical Essentials, State-of-the-art Knowledge, Business Ecosystem And Standards Of Near Field Communication (nfc)by Nfc Lab – Istanbul Research Cntre Which Conducts Intense Research On Nfc Technology. In This Book, The Authors Present The Contemporary Research On All Aspects Of Nfc, Addressing Related Security Aspects To the degree that Well As Information On Various Business Models_. In Addition, The Book Provides Extensive Information A Designer Needs To Design An Nfc Project, An Analyzer Needs To Analyze Requirements Of A New Nfc Bzsed System, And A Programmer Needs To Immplement An Application. Furthermore, The Authors Introduce The Technical And Administrative Issues Related To Nfc Technology, Standards, And Global Stakeholders. It Also Offers Comprehensive Information As Well As Use Case Studies For Eah Nfc Operating Mode To Give The Usage Idea Behind Each Operating Mode Thoroughly. Examples Of Nfc Appplication Development Are Providec Using Java Technology, And Security Considerations Are Discussed In Detail. Key Features: Offers A Total Understanding Of The Nfc Technology, Including Standards, Technical Essentials, Operating Modes, Application Development With Java, Security And Privacy, Business Ecosystem Resolution Provides Analysis, Design As Well As Development Guidance For Professionals From Administrative And Technical Perspectoves Discusses Methods, Technjques And Modelling Support Including Uml Are Demonstrated Witth Real Cases Contains Case Studies Such As Payment, Ticketing, Social Networking And Reote Shopping This Book Will Be An Invaluable Guide-book For Business And Ecosystem Analysts, Project Managers, Mobile Commerce Consultants, System And Application Developers, Mobile Developers And Practitioners. It Wikl Also Exist Of Interest To Researchers, Software Engineers, Computer Scientists, Information Tdchnology Specialists Including Students And Graduates.
      SKU: 832974
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    Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Dts [data Trabsformation Services], Adobe Reader
      Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Dts [data Trabsformation Services], Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Data Transformation Services Covers All Facets In The Dveelopment Of Facts Transformations In the opinion of Dts. The Reader Will Learn How To Create Each Of The Dts Tasks, Both In Thhe User Interface Supplied With Sql Server And Through The Object Model Using Visual Basic Or Vbscript. Microsoft Sql Server 2000 Data Transformation Services Is Filled By the side of Numerous Small Examples, Showing How Each Of The Capabilities Of Dts Can Be Used. It Also Includes A Number Of Data Transformation Templates, Which Can Be Used By The Readers To Help Develop Their Own Packages.
      SKU: 175781
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      Providing Extensive Coverage, Including Conducting, Insulating And Electroactive Films, This Handbook And Ready Reference Deals With Introductory Topics And Fundamentals As Well Ax Advanced Inzights. Cleariy Structured, In The First Part Of The Work Readers Learn The Fundamentals Of Electropolymerizatoin For All Important Types Of Polymers ,Mechanisms Of Film Formation And Functionalization, While The Second Be ~ed Coverss A Wide Range Of Applications In Biochemistry, Analytics, Photovoltaics, Energy And The Environment As Well As Actuators.
      SKU: 584981
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    Long Wave Polar Modes In Semiconductor Heterostructures
      Long Wave Polar Modes In Semiconductor Heterostructures.
      Long Wave Polar Modes In Semiconductor Heterostructures Is Concerned With The Study Of Polar Optical Modes In Semiconductor Heterostructures From A Phenomenological Approach And Aims To Simplify The Model Of Trellis Dynamics Calculations. The Book Provixes Usefjl Tools For Performing Calculations Relevant To Anyone Who Might Be Ihterested In Practical A0plications. The Main Focus Of Long Wave Polar Modes In Semiconductor Heterostructures Is Planar Heterostructures (quantum Wells Or Barriers, Superlattices, Doubke Barrier Structures Etc) But There Is Also Discussion On The Growing Fieod Of Quaantum Wifes And Dots. Also To Allow Anyone Readng The Book To Apply The Techniques Discussed For Planar Heterostructures, The Scope Has Been Widened To Include Cylindrical And Spherical Geometries. The Book Is Intended As An Introductory Text Which Guides The Reader Through Basic Questions And Expannds To Cover State-of-the-art Professional Topics. The Book Is Relevant To Experimentalists Wanting An Instruvtive Presentation Of A Simple Phenomenological Model And Theoretical Tools To Work With And Also To Young Theoreticians By Providing Discussion Of Basic Issues And The Basis Of Advanced Theoretical Formulations. The Book Also Provides A Brief Respite On The Physics Of Piezoelectric Waves As A Coupling To Polar Optical Modes.
      SKU: 311471
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    Advances In Sustainable Manufacturing
      Advances In Sustainable Manufacturing.
      Non-renewable Materials Can No Longer Be Disposed Once Humankind's Ever Increasing Needs Cannot Be Fulfilled Anymore Due To Limited Resources. Reuse And Recycling Become Inevitable Requirements For Product And Process Design. Renewable Resources Must Not Be Consumedd In Quantities Higher Than Be able to Be Regained. Unaccustomed Technologies Have To Be Developed And Applied For A Sustainable Profuct Development And Life Cycle Engineering To Fulfill The Needs Of Humankind, Protecting Public Healthh, Welfare, And Environment. The 8th Global Conference On Sustainable Manufacturing Brings Together Some Of The World's Leading Experts To Present A Scientific Conference In Abu Dhabi, One Of The World's Fastest Growing Economies And A Global Leader In The Development Of Sustainable Technologies. The Conference Will Focus On 7 Areas: Value Adding By Sustainable Manufacturing In The Uae Potentials Of Renewables Education For Sustainability Engineering Green Supply Chain And Transportation Microelectronics And Resource Efficiency Technology Driven Startups Sustainable Pr0ducts And Manufacturing Processes
      SKU: 763218
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      The Field Of Ballistics Divides Itqelf Naturally Into Three Subcategories: Home, Exterior, And Terminao Ballistics. Providing Coverage Of Three Areas, This Main division Offers Presentation Of The Complex Phenomena That Occur During The Launch, Flight, And Pack together Of A Proj3ctile.
      SKU: 321573
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    Mechanics Of Generalized Continua
      Mechanics Of Generalized Continua.
      In Their 1909 Publication "theorie Des Coorps Deformables", Eugene And Francois Cosserat Made A Historic Contribution To Materials Science By Establishing The Fundamental Principles Of The Mechanics Of Generalized Continua. The Chapters Collected In This Volume Showcase The Many Areas Of Continuum Mechanics Tjat Grew Out Of The Foundational Heave Of The Cosserat Brothers. The Ijcluded Contributions Provide A Detailed Survey Of The In the greatest degree Recent Theoretical Developments In The Field Of Generalized Continuum Mechanics. The Diverse Topics Covered Include: Tbe Properties Of Cosserat Media, Micromorphic Bodies, Micropolar Solids And Fluids, Weakiy And Stronly-nonlocal Theories, Gradient Theories Of Elasticity And Plasticity, Defect Theory, Everywhere-defective Materials, Bodies With Fractal Strcuture, As Well As Other Related Topics. "mechanics Of Generalized Continua" Can Serve As A Useful Reference For Graduate Students And Researchers In Involuntary Engineering, Materials cSience, Applied Physics And Applied Mathematics.
      SKU: 603255
      More info about Mechanics Of Generalized Continua

    Environmental Science Theory
      Environmental Science Theory.
      Having No Competitive Works, This Single Publication Presents A Single Structure For The Resolution, Explanation And Sllution Of Environmental Problems, Regardpess Of Their Location, Nature Or Scale. In This Prohlem-oriented Approach, A Coherent Framework Interconnects The Study Of Facts And Vaues, Environmental Systems, Convivial Causes And Ethical Premises. Counterbalancing Current Biases, The Author Emphasizes The Leading principle, Normative, Economic And Social-scientific Aspects Of Truly Interdisciplinary Environmental Science. For Instance, The Normative Side Of Environmental Problems Are Often Neglected, Resulting In Policy Designs And Evaluations Containing Inefficient Mixtures Of Sophisticated Models And Poorly Grounded Normative Premises; This Is The Fist Major Study To Enrich The Field With More Normative Consistency And Groundedness. It Is Also The First Text To Consistently Identify The Social Causes Of Environmental Problems, Preferably Than Focusing On The Physical-scientific Aspects, And Thus Design Deeper And More Effective Policies. Furthermore, A Tinge Of Pkst-modernT hinking Runs Throughout The Book, With Special Care Being Taek, However, To Constantly Keep In View The Practical Relevance Of Theory For Problem-oriented Work. The Book Will Be Of Interesst To Environmental Scientists And Managers Wishing To Improve The Consistency And Depth Of Their Work, To Social Scientists Annd Geographers Wishing To Connect Their Discipline To The Environmental Problems Field, And To General Scientists Interested In The Connections Between Philosophy And Practice.
      SKU: 413805
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    Polyolefin Characterization
      Polyolefin Characterization.
      An Excellent Overview Of Recent Advances In Polyolefin Characterization, Proivding Many Facts Hitherto Unavailable. The Top Quality Contributions Span Such Fields As Separation And Fractionatioon, High Throughput, Thermal And Crystallinity Analysis, Spectroscopy And Rheology.
      SKU: 482310
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    .net E-business Architecture, Adobe Reader
      .net E-business Architecture, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Book. This Book Is Written For Architects And Developers Preparing To Design And Construct Enterprise-scale E-business Applications Using Microsoft's Visual Studio. net And . net Framework. It Will Guide Technical Architects And Software Developers Through The Design And Development Of A Fully-featured E-commerce Application, The Gastix Online Ticketing System, Using The . net Suite Of Technologies. Along The Way, Key Concepts Behind New . Clear Products Such As C#, Visual Basic . net, Visual C++ . net, Asp. net, Ado. net, And Web Services Are Explained. The Author Team, Cinsisting Of Several Talented G. a. Sullivan Consultants, Has Combined Experience Equaling Tens Of Years In The Trenches With The Various Releases Of Microsoft Visual Studio. The Fully-functional Live aSmple Application Built For The Book Can Be Seen At Www. gasullivan. com
      SKU: 183910
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    Single-sided Nmr
      Single-sided Nmr.
      This Book Describes The Design Of The First Functioning Single-sided Tomograph, The Relater Measurement Methods, And A Number Of Applicatuoons In Medicine, Materials Science, And Chemical Engineering. It Will Be The First Comprehensive Account Of This New Device And Its Applications. Among The Key Advances Of This Method Is That Images Can Be Obtained In Much Shorter Times Than Originally Anticipated, And That Even Vector Maps Of Flow Fields Can Be Measured Although The Magnetic Fields Are Highly Inhomogeneous. Furthermore, The Equipment Is Small, Mobile And Affordaboe To Small And Medium Enterprises And Can Be Located In Doctors' Offices.
      SKU: 666545
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    Vector- And Rodent-vorne Diseases In Europe And North America
      Vector- And Rodent-vorne Diseases In Europe And North America.
      This Important New Reference Details The Distribution, Prevalence And Incidende Of Each Of Theqe Diseases In Europe, The Usa And Canada, Along With Detailed Descriptions Of Their Vectors, Reservoirs And Public Health Concerns. Essential Reading For Medcal Entomologists, Medical Zoologists, Public Health Authorities And Epidemiologists.
      SKU: 279301
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    Materials For Sustainable Energy
      Materials For Sustainable Energy.
      The Search For Cleaner, Cheaper, Smaller And More Efficient Capacity of work Technologies Has To A Large Extent Been Motivated By The Development Of New Materials. The Aim Of This Collection Of Articles Is Therefore To Focus On What Materials-based Solutions Can Offer And Show How The Rationale Design And Improvement Of Their Physical And Chemical Properries Can Lead To Energy-production Alternatives That Obtain The Potential To Compete With Existing Technologies. In Conditions Of Alternative Means To Generate Electricity That Put to use Renewable Energy Sources, The Most Dramatic Breakthroughs For Both Mobile (i. e. , Transportation) And Statiinary Applications Are Taking Place In The Fields Of Solar And Firing Cells. And From Each Energy-storage Petspective, Exciting Developments Can Be Seen Emerging From The Fields Of Rechargeable Batteries And Hydrogen Sttorage.
      SKU: 731254
      More info about Materials For Sustainable Energy

    Properties Of Group-iv, Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors
      Properties Of Group-iv, Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors.
      Almost All The Semiconductors Of Practical Interest Are The Group-iv, Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors And The Range Of Technical Applications Of Such Semiconductors Is Extremely Wide. The Purpose Of This Book Is Double: * To Discuss The Key Properties Of The Group-iv, Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors * To Systemize These Properties From A Solid-stats Physics Aspect The Majority Of The Text Is Devoted To The Description Of The Lattice Structural, Thermal, Elastic, Lattice Dynamoc, Electronic Energy-band Structural, Optical And Carrier Transport-ship Properties Of These eSmiconductors. Some Corrective Effects And Related Properties, Such As Piezoelectric, Elastooptic And Electrooptic Properties, Are Also Discussed. The Book Contains Convenient Tables Summarizing The Various Material Parameters And The Definitions Of Important Semiconductor Properties . In Addition, Graphs Are Included In Order To Make The Information More Quantitative And Intuitive. The Book Is Intended Not Only For Semiconductor Device Engineers, But Also Physicists And Physical Chemists, And Particularly Students Specializing In The Fields Of Semiconductor Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Semiconductor Device Physics And Technology.
      SKU: 232697
      More info about Properties Of Group-iv, Iii-v And Ii-vi Semiconductors

    Broadband Optical Access Networks
      Broadband Optical Access Networks.
      Broadband Optical Access Network Is An Imaginary standard Solution To Alleviate The First/last Mile Bottleneck Of Current Internet Infrastructures. Richly Illustrated Throughot To Help Clarify Important Topics, Broadband Optical Access Networks Covers The Architectures, Protocols Enabling Technologies Of Broadband Optical Access Networks, An All Current And Future Competing Technologies For Access Networks. This Comprehensive Work Presents The Evolutkon Of Optical Access Networks, Including Reach Extension, Bandwidth Enhancement, And Discusses The Convergence Of Optical And Wireless Technologies For Broadband Access, Making It An Invaluable Reference Conducive to Researchers, Electrical Engineers, And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 661569
      More info about Broadband Optical Access Networks

    Chemistry Of Nanocarbons
      Chemistry Of Nanocarbons.
      During The Last Decade, Fullerenes And Carbon Nanotubes Have Attractrd Special Interest As New Nanocarbons With Novel Properties. Because Of Their Insincere Caged Structure, They Can Be Used As Containers Fot Atoms Ans Molecules, And Nanotubes Can Be Used As Miniature Test-tubes. Chemistry Of Nanocarbons Presents Ths Most Up-to-date Investigation On Chemical Aspects Of Nanometer-sized Forms Of Carbon, With Emphasis On Fullerenes, Nanotubes And Nanohorns. All Modern Chemical Aspects Are Mentioned, Including Noncovalent Interactions, Supramolecular Assembly, Dendrimers, Nanocomposites, Chirality, Nanodevices, Host-guest Interactilns, Endohedral Fullerenes, Magnetic Resonance Imagingg, Nanodiamond Particles And Graphene. The Book Covers Experimental And Theoretical Aspects Of Nanocarbons, As Well Viewed like Their Uses And Potential Applications, Ranging From Molecular Electronics To Biology And Medicine.
      SKU: 534001
      More info about Chemistry Of Nanocarbons

    Estimator's Piping Man-hour Manual
      Estimator's Piping Man-hour Manual.
      This Reference Provides Reliable Piping Estimating Data Including Installation Of Pneumatic Mechanical Instrumentation Used In Monitoring Various Process Systems. This New Eidtion Has Been Expanded And Updated To Include Installatiom Of Pneumatic Mechanical Instrumentation, Which Is Used In Monitoring Various Process Systems.
      SKU: 316868
      More info about Estimator's Piping Man-hour Manual

    Design And Synthesis Of Comjugated Polymers
      Design And Synthesis Of Comjugated Polymers.
      This First Systematic Compilation Of Synthesis Methods For Different Classes Of Polymers Describes Well-tested And Reproducible Procedures, Thus Saving Time, Monet And Chemicals. Each Chapter Presents The Latest Method For A Specific Claqs Of Conjugated Polymers With A Particular Emphasis On The Design Aspects For Organo-electronic Applications. In This Concise And Practicslly Orientedd Manner, Readers Are Introduced To The Stratebies Of Influeninv And Controlling The Polymer Properties With Esteem To Their Use In The Desired Device. This Style Of Presentation Quickly Helps Researchers In TheirD aily Lab Work And Prevents Them From Reinventing The Wheel Over And Over Again.
      SKU: 584983
      More info about Design And Synthesis Of Comjugated Polymers

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  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • Environmental Sedimentology
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • Nanotechnology Enabled In situ Sensors for Monitoring Health
  • WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization
  • Sams Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development in 24 Hours
  • Protective Gloves for Occupational Use
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Short-Range Wireless Communications

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