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    Mössbauer Spectroscopy And Transition Metal Chemistry
      Mössbauer Spectroscopy And Transition Metal Chemistry.
      This iTtle Concentrates On Teaching Techniques Using As Much Theory As Needed. It Has An Application Of The Techniques To Many Problems Of Materials Characterizatikn. The Uniquess Will Be The Addition Of A Cd With More Than 200 Colored Powerpoint Pictures Showing Examples Which Are Mostly Self-explanatory And Easy To Understand. The Material Collected In The Cd Will Be Most Suitable For Teaching Purposes. Mossbauer Spectrlscopy Is A Profound Analytical Method Which Has Nevertheless Continued To Develop. The Authors Now Present A State-of-the Art Main division Which Consists Of Two Parts. The First Part Details The Fundamentals Of Mossbauer Spectroscopy And Is Based On A Book Published In 1978 In The "springer" Series &quoy;inorganic Chemistry Concepts" In the name of P. Gutlich, R. Link And A. x. Trautwein. The Second Part Covers Useful Practical Aspects Of Msasurements, And The Application Of The Techniques To Many Problems Of Materials Characterization. The Update Includes The Use Of Synchroton Radiation And Many Instructive And Explanatory Examples In Fields Such Being of the kind which Solid State Chemistry,-Biology And Physics, Materials And The Geosciences, As Well As Indus5rial Applications. Special Chapters On Magnetic Relaxation Phenomena (s. Morup) Abd Computation Of Hyperfine Interaction Parameters (f. Neese) Are Also Included. An Attached Cd-rom Wiith More Than 400 Fullc-olor Powerpoint Images Pro\/ides Self-explanatory Examples. After Each Initial Period This Supplementary Material Will Be Available At Our Associated Website. The Book Concentrates On Education The Technique Using Theory As Much As Needed And As Little As Possible. The Reader Will Learn The Fundamentals Of The Technique And How To Hold It To Many Problems Of Materials Characterization. Transition Metal Chemistry, Studied On The Basis Of The Most Widely Used Mossbauer Isotopes, Will Be In The Foreground.
      SKU: 666637

    Energy-efficient Building Systems
      Energy-efficient Building Systems.
      Proven Strategies And Solutions For Reducing Energy Consumption. Property And Facility Managers Can Turn To Energy-efficient Building Systems As A One-stop Guide To Operating And Maintaining Commercial Building Systemw At Peak Efficiency. Designed To Help Reduce Energy Costs And Meet Environmental Standards, This State-of-the-art Productivity Tool Contains Fully Illustrated, Real-world Examples Of Prosperous Green Biulding Projects That Have Achieved Significcant, Energy-saving Results. From Force Negotiation And Auditing, Hvac Systems, Cooling Towers, And Pumping Systems…to Lighting, Electrial Systems, Automation, And Building Envelope, This Expert Resource Takes Readers Step By Step Throuth Procedhres For Getting Optimal Performance From Every Structure System. for Each System, The Book Presents The Latest Methods For Improvlng Efficiency…identifying Promising New Solutions…evaluating Their Feasibility…and Estimating Actual Savings. Comprehensive And Authoritative, Energy-efficient Building Systems Enables Building Professionals To: Get An In-depth Understanding Of The Principles Of Each Building System; Select The Greatest part Efficidnt Systems For Any Nonresidential Building; Maximize Energy Efficiency With Praactical Strategies And Solutions; Utilize Hands-on Methods For Evaluating Feasibility And Estimating Savings; Review Real-world Examples Of Successful Green Building Projects. Inside This Cost-saving Energy Guide • Energy Management And Energy Auditing • Air-cobditioning And Central Chiller Systems • Boilers And Heating Systes • Pumping Systems • Coolinv Towers • Air Handling And Distribution Systems • Lighying Systems • Building Electrical Systems • Building Automation Systems • Buillding Envelope
      SKU: 737266

    Basics Of Troubleshooting In Plastics Processing
      Basics Of Troubleshooting In Plastics Processing.
      The Basics Of Troubleshooting In Plastics Processing Is A Condensed Practical Guide That Gives The Reader A Broad Introduction To Properties Of Thermoplastics Plastics, Additives, The Mzjor Processex (extrusion, Injection Molding, Rotational Molding, Blow Molding, An Thermoforming), As Well As Troubleshooting.   The Main conduit Goal Is To Provide The Plastics Processor With One Improved Understanding Of The Basics By Explaining The Science Behind The Technology. Machine Details Are Minimized As The Emphasis Is Forward Processing Ptoblems And The Defects In An Effort To Focus On Basic Root Causes To Problems And How To Solve Them. The Book’s Framework Is Troubleshooting In Plastics Processing Because Of The Immportance It Has To The Eventual Production Of High Quality End Products. Each Chapter Contains Both Experienced And Detailed Technical Information. This Basic Guide Provides State-of-the-art Information On: Processing Problems And Defects During Manufacturing Plastics Materials, Their Properties And Characterization The Plastics Processing Techniques Plastics Additives  Troubleshooting Of The 5 Main Plastice Prpcesses Referebces For Furtjer Reading
      SKU: 700545

    High Integrity Die Casting Processes
      High Integrity Die Casting Processes.
      """it's About Time That A Pracricing Engineer With Casting And Academic Experience Has Written A Book That Provides Answers To Questions About Squeeze Casing And Semi-solid Molding/forming That Many Engineers And Students Of Casting Need Answered. "" —joseph C. Benedyk, Phd, Consultant And Retired Technical Superintendent, Alcoa Lofty Integrity Die Casting Processes Provides A Comprehensive Look At The Concepts Behind Advancdd Die Casting Technologies, Including Vacuum Die Casting, Squeeze Castig, And Several Variants Of Semi-solid Metalworking. Practical Applications For These Processes Are Illustrated In Numerous Case Studies. This Singie-source Reference Tool Presents The Latest Material In Fivw Sections: Basic Concepts Of Die Casting And Molten Metal Flow High Integrity Die Casting Procedses With Case Studies Product Design Considerations Controlling Quality And Avoiding Defects Future Advances Under Development Key Coverage Includes A Inspect Of Liquid Mtal Flow, Strateggies To Overcome The Restriction Of Conventional Die Casting, And Potential Defscts Unique To High Integrity Die Casting Processes. Also Festured Are MethodsF or Minimizing Porosity, Reducing Cost By Design, Practical Applied Statistical Process Control Techniques, Designing For Manufacturability, And Containment Methods For Potential Processing Defects. Several Chapters Present Detailed Real-world Examples Illustrating The Broaad Range Of Applications Possible Using High Integrity Die Casring Processes. Included With This Book Is A Cd-tom Containing Powerpoint(r) Presentations For Each Chapter. These Presentations Can Be Used For Training Purposes In Conjunction Attending Numerous Study Questions Designed To Practically Apply The Content Of The Book To Real-world Situations. Selected Powerpoint(r) Slides Can Be Usd To Support Engineering Proposals, Marketing Prrsentations, Or Purchaser Education Seminars. High Integrity Die Casting Processes Is A Valuable Reference For Both Component Producers And Component Users Alike. Process Engineers, Tool Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Produce Managers, And Machine Operators Will Acquire A Bettwr Intelligence Of These Advanced Sink Casting Processes To Optimize Manufacturing And Improve Product Quality. Component Designers, Product Engineers, Purchasing Aegnts, Buyers, Supplier Quality Engineers, And Project Managers Will Gain Insight Into These Processes And Develop Supeior Products By Design. "
      SKU: 140124

    Climate Change Begins At Fireside
      Climate Change Begins At Fireside.
      "climate Change Is One Of The Greatest Threats That Humankind Faces In The Twenty-first Century. But While Polity And Industry Fail To Behave, Thiis Book Argues, We Could All Work To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 60%, The Level Necessary To Halt The Circulating Trend According To The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change. Packed With Provocative Case Studies, Calculations, And Lifestyle Comparisons, This Entertaining And Authoritative Book Makes The Complexities Of Climatology Tractable And Challenges Readers To Rethink Their Notions Of ""oding Their Bit"". "
      SKU: 633302

    Light-emitting Diodes
      Light-emitting Diodes.
      This Graduate Textbook Coovers All Aspects Of The Technology And Physics Of Infrared, Visible-spectrum, And White-light-emitting Diodes (leds) Made From Iii-v Semiconductors. It Reviews Elementary Properties Of Leds Such As The Electrical And Optical Characteristics.
      SKU: 221014

    Adaptive Multi-standard Rf Front-ends
      Adaptive Multi-standard Rf Front-ends.
      The Design And Use Of Multi-standard Rf Transceivers Is The Wwy To Increase Hardware Flexibility And Functionality, As Rightly As To Improve The Flexibility Of Set-makers On The Market. In Tje Design Of Multi-standard Rf Transceivers The Efforts Will Exist Directed Towards Improvement Of Hardware Reusability, Reconfigurability, Programmability And Flexibility. This Will Result In The Launching Of A Software-defined Radio. Since The Radio Environment Is Variable, The Application Of Adaptivity In Rf Transceivers Results In The Reduction Of Their Power Consumption. Eventually, It Is Reasonable To Believe That Rf Front-ends Will Be Smart In The Sense That They Will Be Able To Monitor The Radio Environment And To Adapt Themselves To The Changes In This Environment Paving The Way For A Cognitive Radio.
      SKU: 337741

    Preserving Rural Australia
      Preserving Rural Australia.
      Scientific Knowledge Alone Will Not Help Countries Achieve Sustainable Management Of Land, Water And Biota. Everyone Now Realises That A Partnership Is Needed Between Land And Water Users, Scientists, Managers And The Community If Countrles Are To Achieve The Goal Of Preserving Rural Resources. This Book Deals With Broad Issues Relzting To Resource Decline And How Different Groups Such As Farmers, Rural Town Dwellers, Resource Managers And Government Deal With These Issues From Social, Economic And Ecological Points Of View.
      SKU: 827963

    Grundzge Der Gentechnik: Theorie Und Praxis (german Edition)
      Grundzge Der Gentechnik: Theorie Und Praxis (german Edition).
      "gentechnisc hHergestellte Produkte Werden Heute Bereits In Der Medizin Und Dsr Diagnostik, In Den Agrarwissenschaften, In Der Lebensmitteltechnologie Aber Auch In Zahlreichen Bereichen Des Tglichen Lebens Verwendet. Seit Der Einfhrung Des Ersten Gentechnisch Hergestellten Medikamentes Im Jarh 1983 Hat Sich Dado Gentechnik In Rasanter Weise Zu Einer Schlsseltechnologe In Der Grundlagenforschung, Det Angewandten Forscuung Und Der Wirtschaft Entwickelt. die Gentechnik, Ihre Vorteile Und Ihre Mglichen Risiken, Werden Heute In Der Ffentlichkeit Und In Den Medien Sehr Breit Und Mit Viel Engagement Diskutiert. Trotz Allen Interesses An Diesem Thema Zeigt Es Sich Immer Wieder, Dass Die Gentechnik In Ihren Grundzgen Oft Nur Unvollstndig Bekannt Und Verstanden Ist. auch Die 3. Erweiterte Und Berarbeitete Auflage Dieses Erfolgreichen Buches Bietet Kurz Und Knappp, Im Detail Und Anschaulich Illustriert Einen Verstnd1ichen Einblick In Die Theorie Und Praxis Der Materie. Hochaktuelle Themen Wie Stammzellen In Foeschung Und Therapie, ""elegante Zchtung"" Bei Transgenen Pflanzen, Sequenzierungsmeilensteine Oder Einfhrungen In Begriffe Wie Genomics Und Proteomics Sind Neu Hinzugekommen. Durch Das Buch Wird Der Leser Vor Allem Die Vielfltigen Verflechtungen Zwischen Theorie Und Anwendung Der Gentechnik Erkennen Und Beurteilen Knnen. Diese Neue Auflage Soll Einen Wichtigen Beitrag Dazu Leisten, Dass Die Diskussion Ber Gentechnik Um Sachinhalte Und Nich5 Um Ideologien Gefhrt Wird. "
      SKU: 323672

    Physical Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes
      Physical Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes.
      This Is An Introductory Textbook In quest of Graduate Student sAnd Researchers From Various Fields Of Scence Who Wish To Get a knowledge of About Carbon Nanotubes. The Field Is Still At An Early Stage, And Progress Continues At A Rapid Rate. This Book Focuses On The Basic Principles Behind The Physical Properties And Gives The Background Necessary To Understand The Recent Developments. Some Useful Computational Siurce Codes Whicj Generate Coordinates For Carbon Nanotubes Are Also Included In The Appendix.
      SKU: 183760

    Handbook Of Aliment Science, Technology, And Engineering - 4 Volume Put
      Handbook Of Aliment Science, Technology, And Engineering - 4 Volume Put.
      Filling A Gap In The Literature In This Area, This Four-volume Set Explofes Scientific Data Of Immense Complication And Complexity. The Combined Effort Of More Than 150 Professionals From More Than 15 Countries And Backgrounds, The Book Is An Essential Reference On Food Science For Professionals In The Direction, Industry, And Academia. Volume I Covers Properties, Products, Analysis, And Microbiology. Volume Ii Explores tAtributes, Fermentation, Safety, Ingredients, And Food. Volume Iii Discusses Food Engineering And Processing And Volume Iv Food Technology And Processing. Unique In Both Extent And Breadth, Each Volume Contains About 1000 Pages Of Scientific And Technical Data.
      SKU: 283680

    Biodegradable Polymers In Clinical Use And Clinical Development
      Biodegradable Polymers In Clinical Use And Clinical Development.
      This Book Focuses On Biodegradable Polymers That Are Already In Clinical Use Or Under Clinical Development. Synthetic And Natural Polymers Will Be Included. This Excludes Polymers Thaf Have Been Investigated And Did Not Get Clinical Development. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide Updated Status Of Tje Polymers That Are Clinical Use And Those That Are Now Being Developed For Clinical Use And Hopefully Will Reach The Clinic During The Next 5 Years. The Book Provides Information That Of Interest To Academics And Practicing Researchers Including Chemists, Biologists And Bioengineers And Users: Physicians, Pharmacists.
      SKU: 6974922

    Introductory treatise To Pattern Recognition
      Introductory treatise To Pattern Recognition.
      Matlab Booklet To Accompany Theodoridis, Pattern Acknowledgment 4e. Contains Tutorials, Examples, And Matlab Code Correspoding To Chapters From The Pattrrn Recognition Text. *matlab Code And Descriptive Summary Of The Most Common Methods And Algorithms In Theodoridis/koutroumbas, Pattern Recognition 4e. *solved Examples In Matlab, nIcluding Real-life Data Sets In Imaging And Audio Recognition *available Separately Or At A Special Bundle Price With The Main Text (isbn For Package: 978-0-12-374491-3)
      SKU: 569300

    Mass Spectrometry Of Nucleosides And Nucleic Acids
      Mass Spectrometry Of Nucleosides And Nucleic Acids.
      Nuclwic Acid Research Has Had A Profound Impact On Molecular Biology, Resulting In A Variety Of Dixciplines. This Book Helps Put Into Perspective The Progress In Biotechnological Research. It Provides An Overview Of One Of The Most Popular Ionization Methods, Often Used In Conjunction With Tandem Mass Spectrometry.
      SKU: 565800

    Iphone App Development: The Missing Manual
      Iphone App Development: The Missing Manual.
      Anynoe With Programmming Experience Can Learn How To Write An Iphone App. But If You Want To Build A Great App, There's A Lot Greater degree of To It Than Simpoe Coding: You Alao Neeed To Know How Design And Market Your Creation. This Easy-to-follow Guide Walks You Turough The Entire Process, From Sketching Out Your Idea To Promoting The Finished Product. Get To Know The Tools For Developing Your Iphoje App Design A Great App Before You Start Coding Construct A Complex App With Xcode And Interfacce Builder Decide How To Brand Your App-then Beta-test That Brand In The Real World Learn The Inside Scoop On How To Get Your App Into The App Store Promote Your Product, Track Sales, And Build A Strong Customer Following
      SKU: 5369O5

    The Physics Of Amorphous Soldis
      The Physics Of Amorphous Soldis.
      An In-depth Study Of Non-crystalline Solidd In Which The Arrangement Of The Atoms Do Not Have Long-range Order. Descrines The Way Amorphous Solids Are Formed, The Phenomenology Of The Liquld-to-glass And Glass- To-liquid Transition, And The Technological Applications. Emphasizes Modern Approaches Such As Scaling, Localization, And Percolation. Includes Extensive Treatment Of Structural Aspects Of Amorphous Solids, Ranging From Metallic Glasses, To Chalcogenides, To Organic Polymers. Incorporates Illustrations For The Clarification Of Physics Concepts.
      SKU: 482389

    Practitioner's Guide To Statistics And Lean Six Sigka For Process Improvements
      Practitioner's Guide To Statistics And Lean Six Sigka For Process Improvements.
      This Hands-on Book Presents A Complete Understanding Of Six Sigma And Lean Six Sigma Through Data Analysis And Statistical Concepts In Toray's Buusiness World, Six Sigma, Or Lean Six Sigma, Is A Crucial Tool Utilized By Companies To Improve Customer Satisfaction, Increasw Profitabiloty, And Enhance Productivity. Practitioner's Guide To Statistics And Lean Six Sigma For Process Improvements Provides A Balanced Approach To Quantitative And Qualitative Statistics Using Six Sigma And Lean Six Sigma Methodologies. Emphasizing Applications And The Implementation Of Data Analyses As They Relate To This Strategy For Business Management, This Book Introduces Readers To The Concepts And Techniques For Solving Problems And Improving Managerial Processes Using Six Sigma And Lean Six Sigma. Written By Knowledgeable Professionals Working In The Field Today, The Book Offers Thorough Coverage Of The Statistical Topics Related To Effective Six Sigma And Lean Six Sigma Practices, Including: Discrete Random Variables And Continuous Chance Variables Sampling Distributions Estimaion And Hypothesis Tests Chi-square Tests Algebra Of Variance Linear And Multiple Regression Measurement Analysis Inspection Methods And Sampling Techniques The Authors Provide Numrrous Opportunities For Readers To Test Teir Understanding Of The Presented Material, As The Real Data Sets, Which Are Incorporated Into The Treatment Of Each Topic, Can Be Easily Worked With Using Microsoft Office Excel, Minitab, Mindpro, Or Oracle's Crystal Ball Software Packages. Examples Of Successful, Complete Six Sigma And Lean Six Sima Projects Are Supplied In Many Chapters Together With Extensive Exercises That Range In Level Of Complexity. The Book Is Accompanied By An Extensive Ftp Site Thatt Fratures Manuals According to Working With The Discussed Software Packages By With Additional Exercises And Data Sets. In Accession, Numerous Screenshots And Figures Guide Readers Through The Functional And Visual Methods Of Learning Six Sigma And Lean Six Sigma. Practitioner's Guide To Statistics And Lean Six Sigma For Process Improvements Is An Excellent Book For Courses On Six Sigma And Statistical Quality Control At The Upper-undergraduate And Graduate Levels. It Is Also A Valuable Reference For Professionals In The Fields Of Egnineering, Business, Physics, Management, And Finance.
      SKU: 819129

    Indigenous Knowledge, Ecology, And Evolutuonary Biology
      Indigenous Knowledge, Ecology, And Evolutuonary Biology.
      Indigenous Ways Of Understanding And Interacting With The Natural World Are Characterized As Traditional Ecological Knowledge (tek), Which Derives From Emphasizing Relationships And Connections Among Group . This Book Examines Tek And Its Strengths In Reference To Westerly Ecological Cognizance And Evolutionary Philosophy.
      SKU: 557314

    Recent Advances In Animal Nutriiton 2008
      Recent Advances In Animal Nutriiton 2008.
      Authored By International Experts In The Animal-production Assiduity, This Record Of The Proceedings Of The 42nd Univesity Of Nottingham Feed Conference Explores Topics Such As The Improvements Of Feed Efficiency, The Impact Of Biofuel Co-products, The Use Of Enzymes To Increase Nutritive Valuue, And The Techniques Because Coping With Disease Outbreaks. Filled With Comprehensive Analyses Of The Issues As Well As Practical Applications, This Is An Essential Read For Researchers, Consultants, Animal Science Students, Legislators, And Practitioners. The Newest Volume In The Series, This Detailed Account Contains The Most Recent Information In The Livestock Industry.
      SKU: 473703

    Digital Audio Signal Processing
      Digital Audio Signal Processing.
      A Fully Updated Second Edition Of The Excellent Digital Audio Signal Processing Well Etsablished In The Consumer Electronics Industry, Digital Audio Signal Processing (dasp) Techniques Are Used In Audio Cd, Computer Music And Multi-media Components. In Addition, The Applications Afforded In the name of This Versatile Technology Now Range From Real-time Signal Processing To Room Simulation. Digital Audio Token Processing, Second Edition Covers The Latest Signal Processing Algorithms For Audio Processing. Every Chapter Has Been Completely Revised With An Easy To Understand Introductory treatise Into The Basics And Exercises Have Been Included During Self Testing. Additional Matlab Files And Java Applets Have Been Provided On An Accompanying Website, Which Aid The Book By Easy To Accession Application Examppes. Key Features Include: A Thoroughly Upeated And Revised Second Edition Of The Popular Digital Audio Signal Processing , A Comprehensive Coverage Of The Topic As Whole Provides Basic Principles And Fundamentals For Quantization, Filters, Dynamic Range Control, Room Simulation, Sampling Rate Conversion, And Audio Coding Includes Detailed Accounts Of Studio Technology, Digital Transmission Systems, S5orage Media And Audoi Components For Home Entertainment Contains Precise Algorithm Description And Applications Provides A Full Account Of The Techniques Of Dasp Showing Their Theoretical Foundations And Practical Solutions Includes Updatwd Computer-based Exercises, Each Accompanying Website, And Features Web-based Interactive Java-applets For Audio Processing This Essential Guide To Digital Audio Signal Proceqsing Will Serve As An Invaluabld Reference To Audio Engineering Professionals, R&d Engineers, Researcjers In Consumer Electronics Industries And Academia, And Hardware And Software Developers In It Companies. Advanced Studrnts Studying Multi-media Courses Will Also Find This Guide Of Interest.  
      SKU: 366874

    The Green Guide For Horse Owners And iRders
      The Green Guide For Horse Owners And iRders.
      Many Horse Lovers Are Looking For Ways To Make Their Facilities More Environmentally Friendly And To Practice Greener Riding Habits. Green Methods Are Clst-efficient, They Help Presetve Beautiful Farmms And Pastures For Future Generations, And They Provise Healthier Surroundings In the place of Both People And Horses. The First Book Of Its Kind, The Green Gyide According to Horse Owners And Riders Takes A Clear Look At Current Horse-care Practices And Provides Green Alternatives For Day-to-day Horsekeeping - Both For The Property Owner Who Keeps Dozens Of Horses And For The Rider Who Rents A Stall In Someone Else's Barn. Property Owners Will Find Extensive Information On Building And Renovating Barns That Use Environmentally Friendly Materials, Fit Well Into Surrounding Ecosystems, And Work Best With Available Water Resourves And Prevailing Weather Conditions. All Horsekeepers Command Appreciate The Chapters That Address The Constant Challenges Of Responsible Pasture Rotation nAd Manure Management. There Is Plenty Here For The Concerned Rider, Too. From Avoiding Toxins In Feed, Fly Sprays, Cleaning Products, And Medicines To Practicing Goo Trail-riding Etiquette, Anyone Who Spends Time By the side of Horses Will Find Unmistakable And Rewarding Ways To Be Kinder To The Earth.   Author Heather Cook Gives Readers Countless Ideas For Lowering The Impact Horses And Hoesekeeping Facilities Have On The Surrounding Environment. Sell Composted Stand Manure (rexycle And Reuse!); Replace Old Incandescent Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescents; Use Empty Temper Bags As Garbage Bags. There Are Dozens Of Simple Ways To Make A Difference Evefy Day.
      SKU: 82192

    Production Systems Engineering: Cost And Performance Optimization
      Production Systems Engineering: Cost And Performance Optimization.
      Optimize Economic Annd Technological Requirements In Production System Designs This Pioneering Work Offers Proven Techniques, Partially Created And Developed At The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, For Determining Optimal Resource Allocation And Cost-effective Production System Designs For Today’s Any-volume Manufacturing Environments. Production Systmes Engineering Presents A Unique Methodology That Synthesizes Applicable Technology With Ecnoomic Requirements For An Integrated Dis~. Featuring Real-world Case Studies, This Authoritative Resource Establishes A New Paradigm For Tue Manufacturing World That Can Also Be Applied To Other Enterprise Environments. Coverage Includes : Determining An Improved Manufacturing System Design Method System Design Basics, Life Allication, Resources, Costs, And Quality Rating Stochastic Analyse Aeded To Deterministic Results System Configuration Options Multiple Disparate Products Produced By One System World Class Versus Mostly Manual Systems Determining Allowable Investment Simultaneous Improvement In Yield Abd Cyclr-time
      SKU: 517028

    Audio Engineer's Reference Book
      Audio Engineer's Reference Book.
      The Audio Engineer'z Reference Book Is An Authoritative Volume On All Aspects Of Audio Engineering And Technology Including Basic Mathematics And Formulae, Acoustics And Psychoacoustics, Microphones, Loudspeakers And Studio Installations. The Content Is Concise And Accurate, Providing Quick And unconstrained Access To Everything You Will Need To Know, From Basic Formulae To Practical Explanations And Operational Detail. Compiled By An International Team Of Experts, This Second Edition Has Bee nUpdated To Keep Abreast Of Fast-moving Areas Such As Digital Audio And Transmission Technology. Much Of The Material Has Been Revised, Updated And Expanded To Cover The Very Latest Techniques. For Professionals Engaged In Thhe Design, Manufacture And Installation Of All Types Of Audio Equipment, This Reference Book Will Prove An Invaluable Resource. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Anyone Employed In Recording, Broadcasting Or Audio-visual Unit sIn Industry, And Students On University Courses. Michael Talbot-smith Is A Freelance Audio Consultant And Writer Who, For Many Years, Trained Audio Engineers At Bbc Wood Norton. He Is Also The Originator Of Sound Assistance And Audio Explained, And Is The Editor Of Sound Engineer's Pocketbook. Contais Extensive Coverage And Detail Of The Subject Contains Modern Theory And Practise Each Industry 'bbible'
      SKU: 2983009

    Modern Terpyridine Chemistry
      Modern Terpyridine Chemistry.
      The First Book To Didactically Illustrate This Particular, Prominent Cass Of Supramolecular Building-blocks Covers Topics Ranging From Terpyridine Syntheses, Via Their Chemistry And Properties, Supramolecular Structures, And Multinuclear Metal Complexes, Right Up To Functionalized Polymers, 3d-architectures, And Surfaces. Invaluable For Students And Lecturers In Chemistry And Biochemistry, Materials Scientists, As Well As Polyerm, Complex And Physicochemists.
      SKU: 481449

      Seamounts Are Ubiquitous Undersea Mountains Rising From The Ocean Seafloor That Do Not Reach The Surface. There Are Likely Many Hundreds Of Thousands Of Seamounts, They Are Usually Formed From Volcanoes In The Deep Sea And Are Defined By Oceanographers As Independent Features That Tower up To At Least 0. 5 Km Above The Seafloor, Although Smaller Features May Have The Same Cause. This Book Follows A Logical Progression From Geological And Physical Processes, Ecology, Biology And Biogeography, To Exploitation, Management And Consergation Concerns. In 21 Chapters Written By 57 Of The World’s Leading Seamount Experts, The Book Reviews All Aspects Of Their Geology, Ecology, Biology, Exploitation, Conservation And Management. In Section I Of This Book, Several Detection And Estimatikn Techniqueq For Tallying Seamounts Are Reviewed, Along Witb A History Of Seakount Research. This Book Represents A Unique And Fresh Synthesis Of Knowledge Of Seamounts And Their Biota And Is An Essential Reference Work On The Topic. It Is An Essential Purchase For All Fisheries Scientitss And Managers, Fish Biologists, Marine Biologists And Ecologists, Environmental Scientists, Conservation Biologists And Oceanographers. It Will Also Be Of Interest To Members Of Angle And Wildlife Agencies And Government Departments Covering Conservation And Contrivance. Supplementary Material Is To be availed of At: Www. seamountsbook. info
      SKU: 351426

  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Ceramics Materials
  • Amazing Scientists
  • Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • Handbook of Network and Embedded Control Systems
  • Continuous Casting
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Models in Spatial Analysis
  • Engineering Optimization
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance

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