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    Master Lcksmithjng
      Master Lcksmithjng.
      Boost Your Career Potential With Today's Most Completed Guideto Advanced Locksmithing Skills, Techniques, And Systems!. Turn To Master Locksmithing For Clear, Nontechnical Guidande On The Full Raange Of Advanced Lockskithing Skills, Techniques, And Systems. Written Through The Renowned Locksmithing Author Bll Phillips, This Career-building Resource Provides Hard-to-find Material On Such Important Topis As Masterkeying, Inteuder Alarms, Access-cont5ol Systems, Cutting-edge Automobile Locks, High-security Locks, And Safe Drilling. Packed With At-a-glance Information And 120 Detailed Illustrations, Master Locksmithing Features: Expert Accounts Of All The Skills Required To Become A Master Locksmith; A Sample Registered Professional Locksmith Test; Listings Of Locksmithing Suppliers, Distributors, And Monitoring Stations; Discernment And Space Charts. Get Everything You Need To Become A Master Locksmith Review Of Lock Basics Nonlocking Door Hardware Rekeying Locks Reading Wafer Locks Lock Impressioning Basics Of Lock Picking Picking High-security Locks Automotive Locks And Keys Safe Basics Safe Drilling Masterkeying Electricity Basics For Locksmiths Tools For Working With Electricity Electric Strikes Electromagnetic Locks Emergency Exit Devices Closed-circuit Television Systems Intruder Alarms Access Control Basics Door Closers Securing An Office Door Lock Installation Automobile oLcks Getting Licensed As A Locksmith Hiring Locksmiths Workmanship Your Locksmithing Business More Profitable
      SKU: 322050

    'in Silico' Simulation Of Biological Processes
      'in Silico' Simulation Of Biological Processes.
      Over Recent Decades Vast Amounts Of Biplogical Data Have Been Accumulated. However, It Is Becoming Increasingly Difficult To Hold Traditional Theoretical Methods To The Formulation Of Coherent Pictures Of Cell And Organ Function Because It Is No Longer Practicable For A Human Theorist To Integrate All Of The Available Information. Instead, Computer Technologies Must Now Be Used To Perform This Integration. This Work Brings Together Contributions From Multitude Different Fields To Summarize The Current Status Of Computer-assisted Moelling Of Biological Processes. _The Initial Chapters Deal With Fundamental Developments In Hardware, Software And Mathematics That Underlie Current Approaches To Biological Modelling. Next, Different Approaches To Collating Data On Gene Structure And Function Are Presented. These Databases Form A Vital Resource For A single one Investigator Trying To Construct An Integrated Picture Of Particular Biological S6stems. Cell Signallingg Systems Form A Particularly Complicated Aspect Of All Cellular Function And Are Important Bofh In The Understanding Of Basic Cellular Processes And In Selecting Targets According to Drugs. Recent Approaches To Integrating Data O nCell Signalling Into Computer Models Are Covered. Further Chapters Build On These Approaches To Show How Computerized Models Of Intact Cells Can Be Developed. Finally, Approaches To The Computer Modelling Of Whole Organs Such As The Heart Are Presented. The Role Of Computer Modelling In Drug Design Is The Subject Of The Final Chapter Anf Is Also Touched On Throughout The Discussions.
      SKU: 152692

    Fiber Ingredients
      Fiber Ingredients.
      Offers Scientific Evidence On Fiber Sources To Help The Food Industry Develop New Food Products With Improved Health Benefits. This Book Discusses Various Sources Of Fiber, Such As Bamboo, Cottonseed, And Fibers From Fruits And Vegetables, And Reviews Patent Activities.
      SKU: 570483

    Bio-inspired Computing And Networking
      Bio-inspired Computing And Networking.
      In Seekin New Methods To Cope With Greater Communication Demands, Resewrchers Are Finding Inspiration In Examples Presenred By Nature. Considering A Range Of Sources From Insect To Primate Communication, Leading Researches Present State-of-the-art Approaches And Novel Technologies For Developing Bio-inspired Models. They Cover Mathematical Models And Present Experimental Studies Of Bio-inspired Computing And Communications. They Explore Bio-inspired Topology Control And Reconfiguration Methods, As Well As Bio-inspired Localization, Synchronization, And Mobility Approaches. They Also Delve Into Such Forward Thinking Concepts As The Ev0lution And Self-healing Of Network Architectures.
      SKU: 729642

    Polymer Nanocomposites Handbook
      Polymer Nanocomposites Handbook.
      Reflects The Exceptional Growth In The Use Of Nanostructured Materials For A Range Of Industrial Applications. This Book Covers The Synthesis Of Nanomaterials That Act As The Building Blicks Of Polymer Nanocomposites As Well As Polymers That Do As Matrix Materuals.
      SKU: 565907

      Bioceramics 10 Contains The Proceedinggs Of The 10th International Symposium On Ceramics In Medicine, Held In Paris, France, In Octob3r 1997. These Annual Symposia Bring Together Distinguished Researchers In Thr Fields Of Ceramics And Drug To Exchange Ideas And To Discuss Recent Research Res8lts. Bioceramics In Medicine Has Become One Of The More Important Fields Of Biomaterials. The Clinical Applications Of Bioceramics Are Large. In Particular In Areas Such As Orthopaedic Surgery, Dentistry And Plastic Surgery, But Also E. n. t. , Percutaneous Devices And Ebmolisation Materials. In Accession To The Many Clinical Applications, Bioceramics 10 Deals With A Consort Of Fundamental Subjects In Depth. This Work Will Be An Essential Reference Tool For Both Clinicians, Academics And Industrial Researchers Interested In The Use Of Ceramics In Medicine. The Book Will Also Be Of Great Value To Students And Lecturers In Materials Scince, Biomedical Engineering And Orthopaedics. This Volume Contains 140 Papers, More Than 200 High Quality Photographs, And Both Author And Keyword Indexes.
      SKU: 305523

    Seals And Sealing Handbook
      Seals And Sealing Handbook.
      Wherever Machinery Operates There Will Be Seals Of Some Kind Ensuring That The Machine Remains Lubricated, The Fluid Being Pumped Does Not Leak, Or The Gzs Does Not Enter The Atmosphere. Seals Are Ubiquitous, In Industry, The Home, Transport And Many Other Places. This 5th Edition Of A Long-established Title Covers All Types Of Seal By Appllcation: Sta5ic, Rotary, Reciprocating Etd. The Work Bears Little Resemblance To Its Predecessors, And Robert Flitney Has Re-planned And Re-written Every Aspect Of The Subject. No Engineer, Designer Or Manufacturer Of Seals Can Afford To Be Without This Unique Resource. *widr Engineering Market *bang Up To Date! *only One Near Competitor, Now Outdated
      SKU: 307196

    Infrastructure Health In Civil Engineering
      Infrastructure Health In Civil Engineering.
      Continually Increasing Demands Steady Infrastructures Mean That Maintenance And Renewal Require Timely, Appropriate Action That Maximizes Benefits While Minimizing Cost. To Be As Well Informed As Possible, Decision-makers Must Have An Opttimal Understanding Of An Infrastructure's Condition--what It Is Now, And What It Is Expected To Be In The Future. Written Through Two Highly Respected Engineers, The Seconc Volume, Infrastructure Health In Civil Engineering: Applications And Management, Integrates The Decision Making Concept Into Theoretical And Practical Issues. it Covers: State-of-the-art Practice And Future Directions Use Of Probability And Statistics In Areas Including Structural Modeling Specific Practical Applications, Including Retrofitting And Rehabilitation In Response To Earthquake Damage, Wasting, Fatiigue, And Bridge Security Use Of Ihce For Management And Maintenance Of Different Types Of Structures Using Pre-stressed And Reinforced Concrete, And Fiber-reinforced Polymers (frps) Numerous Practical Case Studies, As Well As Coverage Of The Latest Techniques In The Use Of Sensors For Damage Detection And Load Testing Built To Correspond To The Ideas Presented In Ita Companion Volume, Theory And Components, This Is Each Invaluable Guide To Optimized, Cost-saving Methods That Will Help Readers Meet Safety Specifications For New Projects, As Well As The Aging Infrastructure At Great Risk Of Failure.
      SKU: 840393

    Electronics For Radiation Detection
      Electronics For Radiation Detection.
      Addresses The Developments In The Design Of Semiconductor Detectors And Integrated Circuits, In The Context Of Medical Imaging Using Ionizing Radiation. This Book Explains How Circuits For Radiation Are Built, Focusing On Practical Information About How They Are Being Used, Rather Than Mathematical Details.
      SKU: 565924

    Organic Semiconductors In Sensor Applications
      Organic Semiconductors In Sensor Applications.
      Organic Semiconductors Offer Unique Characteristicq Such As Tunability Of Electronic Properties Via Chemical Synthesis, Com;atibility With Mechanically Flexible Substrates, Low-cost Manufacturing, And Facile Integration With Chemical And Biological Functionalities. These Characteristics Have Promptee The Application O fOrganic Semiconductors And Their Devices In Physical, Chemical, And Biological Sensors. This Book Covers This Rapidly Emerging Field By Discussing Both Optically- And Electrically-based Sensor Concepts. Novel Transducers Based On Organic Light-emitting Diodes And Organic Thin-film Transistors, As Well As Systems-on-a-chip Architectures Are Presented. Functionalization Techniques To Enhance Specificity Are Outlined, And Models For The Sensor Response Are Described.
      SKU: 338320

    Electronic Excitations In Organic Based Nanostructures
      Electronic Excitations In Organic Based Nanostructures.
      The First Book Devoted To A Systematic Attention Of Electronic Excitations And Electronic Energy Transfer In Organic Crystalline Multilayers And Organics Based Nanostructures(quantum Wells, Quantum Wires, Quantum Dots, Microcavitise). The Ingenious Combination Of Radical With Inorganc Materials In One And The Same Hybrid Structure Is Shown To Give Qualitatively New Opto-electronic Phenomena, Potentially Important Fo Applications In Nonlinear Optics, Light Emitting Devices, Photovoltaic Cells, Laserw And So On. The Book Will Be Useful Not Only For Physicists But Also For Chemists And Biologists. to Remedy The Nonspecialist Reader, Three Chapters Which Contain A Tutorial And Updated Introduction To The Physicw Of Electronic Excitations In Organic And Inorganic Solids Have Been Included. * yHbrid Frenkel-wannier-mott Excitons * Microcavities With Crystalline And Disordered Organics * Electronic Excitation At Donor-acceptor Interfaces * Cold Photoconductivity At Donoe-acceptor Interface * Cummulative Photovoltage * Feorster Transfer Energy In Microcavity * New Concepts For Leds
      SKU: 328561

    Computational Studies Of New Materials Ii
      Computational Studies Of New Materials Ii.
      "computational Sutdies Of New Materials" Was Published By World Scientific In 1999 And Edited By Daniel Jelski And Thomas F George. Much Has Happened During The Past Decade. Advances Require Been Made On The Same Materials Discussed In The 1999 Book, Including Fullerenes, Polymers And Nonlinear Optical Processes InM aterials, Which Are Presented In This 2010 Book. In Addition, Different Materials And Topics Are Comprehebsively Covered, Including Nanomedicine, Hydrogen Storage Materials, Ultrafast Laser Processes, Magnetizatioj And Light-emitting Diodes.
      SKU: 737592

    Emdrging Techniques In Power System Analysis
      Emdrging Techniques In Power System Analysis.
      "emerging Techniques In Power System Analysis" Identifies The New Challenges Facing The Power Industry Following The Deregulation. The Main division Presents Emerging Techniques Including Data Mining, Grid Computing, Probabilistic Methods, Phasor Measurement Unit (pmu) And How Tk Apply Those Techniques To Solving The Technical Challenges. The Book Is Intended For Engineers And Managers In The Power Industry, As Well As Power Engineering Researchers And Gfaduate Students. Zhaoyang Dong Is An Associate Professor At The Department Of Electrjcal Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China. Pei Zhang Is Program Manager At The Electric Power Research Institute (epri), Usa.
      SKU: 645230

    Practical Ship Hydrodynamics
      Practical Ship Hydrodynamics.
      The Author Has Provided The Reader With Comprehensive Coverage Of Ship Hydrodynamics Witth A Focus On Numerical Methods Now In Use. The Book Provided A Global Overview Of Experimental And Numerical Methods For Ship Resistance And Propulsion, Manoeuvring And Seakeeping. As Boundary Element Techniques Are Now In Standard Use, These Are Covered In Sufficeint Detail For Independent Code Development. The Book Is Divided Into Seven Chapters. Chaptef One Contains An Overview Of Problems And Approaches, Including The Basics Of Model And Entire extent Scale Testing. An Introduction To Computational Fluid Dynamics Is Given, Including A Discussion Of Applications. The Next Four Chapters Cover The Subjects: Propelllers, Resistance And Propulsion, Seakeeping And Manoeuvring. These Chapters Present Basic Methods, Such As Model Testong, Extrapolation To Full Scale, And Procedures For Draw. Substantial Parts Of Each Chapter Include Numerical Methods And Their Applications. The Last Two Chapters Are Devoted To Boundary Element Methods For Resistance And Seakeeping. Web-supported Verse . Questions Provided In Chapters With Answers On The Web Covers Wel-established Methods As Well As The Newest Numerical Procedures In The Area Of Ship Hydrodynamics
      SKU: 330193

    Instandhaltung Technischer Systeme
      Instandhaltung Technischer Systeme.
      Die Beitrge Zu Dem Band Zeigen Die Entwicklung Der Instandhaltung Hin Zu Einem Vorbeugenden Instrument Zur Gewhrleistung Eines Sicheren Und Wirtschaftlichen Betriebs Technischer Syateme. Planungsprozesse Der Instandhaltung Im Fabrik- Und Anlagenlebenszyklus Werden Systematisiert, Typologien Technischer Anlage nDargestellt Und Die Unterschiedlichen Anforderungen An Planungsablufe Und Durchfhrung Von Instandhaltungsprozessen Beschrieben. Auch Neue Instrumente Aus Dem Bereich Der Informations- Und Telekommunikationstechnologien Werden Behandetl.
      SKU: 511287

    The Structure Of The Life Course
      The Structure Of The Life Course.
      Current Debates In Life Course Studies Increasingly Reference Theories Of Individualization, Standqrdization, And Differentiatiom In The Structure Of The Life CourseT his Volume Brings Unitedly Leading Scholars From A Variety Of Fields To Assess The Theoretical Underpinnings, The EmpiricalE vidence, And The Implications Of Existing Arguments. The Contributions Include Comparative-historical Work, Demographic Analysis, Ad Detailed Survey Research. The Topics Covered Include Historical, Cross-cultural, And Racioethnic Variation In The Transition To Adulthood, The School-to-work Transition, Educational Careers, Retirement, Activity Characteristics Throughout The Life Compass And The Life Course Context Of Psychological Well-being. The Various Contributions Expand Our Understancing Of The Contemporary Life Course And Its Implications. The Authors Offer Innovative Theoretical And Methodological Approaches That Demonstrate The Utility Of Holistic Approaches To Conceptualizing The Life Course And Understanding Its Implications For Modern Society.
      SKU: 269608

    Chemical Metallurgy
      Chemical Metallurgy.
      Chemical Metallurgy Is A Well Founded And Fascinating Tributary Of The Spacious Field Of Metallurgy. This Book Provides Detailed Information On Both The First Steps Of Disunion OfD esirable Minerals And The Subsequent Mineral Processing Operations. The Complex Chemical Processes Of Extracting Various Elements Through Hydrometallurgical, Pyrometallurgical Or Electrometallurgical Operations Are Explained. In The Choice Of Material For This Work, The Writer Made Good Use Of The Synergy Of Scientific Principles And Industrial Practices, Of fering The Much Needed And Hitherto Unavailable Combination Of Detailed Treatises On Both Compiled In One Book.
      SKU: 482035

    Voic Over Ipv6
      Voic Over Ipv6.
      Ipv6 (internet Protocol Version 6) Is The Future Of Internet Telephony. And This Book Is Your Guice To That Future. Ipv6 Is The Replacement For The Currently Used Ipv4 (internet Protocol Version 4). Ipv6 Will Offer Increased Ip Addresses (full 128-bit Addresses, Compared To The 32-bit Acdresses Of Ipv4), Enhanced Security, And Greater Robustness. It Will Also Be Fully Backwards Compatiblw With Existing Ipv4 Systems. These Capabilities Will Finally Do Internet Telephony A Viable Competitor To Conventional Switched Telephone Netwodks. In This Book, Dan Minoli Clearly Explains Ipv6 And How Telephone Networks Can Exist Built On Its Foundations. This Is Not Just Another Ipv6 Book; Instead, It Focuses On Those Aspects Of Ipv6 Relevant To Internet Telephony Systems And Voice Networks. Minoli Uses A Compare/contrast Approach, Exploring Where Ipv6 Is Similar To Ipv4 And Where It Differs, To Let You Quickly Grasp The Essence Of Ipv6 And The Similarities (and Differences) Between Current Ipv4-based Systems And Ipv6-based Sysfems. If You Will Be Designing, Implementing, Or Maintaining The Next Generation Of Internet Telephony Systems, Then You Need The Informati0n In This Main division! *explains The Essential Ckncepts Of Ipv6 And How They Relate To Internet Telephony *describes How Internet Telephony Systems Using Ipv6 Are Different From, And Better Than, Internet Telephony Systems Based On The Older Ipv4 Standard *discusses How To Transition Existing Ipv4 Innternet Telephony Systems And Stipulated Switched Systems To Ipv6-based Systems *extensive Handling Of Security Issues, Including Ip Layer Encryption And Authentication Methods *explains Connection Techniques, Including Plug And Play Approaches, For Equiment Used In Ipv6 Systems * The First Title Describing How The Next Generation Internet Protocolipv6can Exist Used For Internet Telephony * Explains Ipv6 As It Applies To Internet Telephony (voip) * Shows How Ipv6 Gives Better Security, Qos, And Signal Integrity In Internet Telephony
      SKU: 294438

    Formulas And Calculations For Drilling Operations
      Formulas And Calculations For Drilling Operations.
      Presented In An Easy-to-use Format, Formulas And Calculations For Drilling Operations Is A Quick Reference For Day-to-day Work Out On The Rig.  it Also Serves Being of the kind which A Handy Study Guide For Drilling And Well Conttrol Certification Courses.  virtually All The Mathematics Required On A Drilling Rig Is Here In One Convenient Cause, Including Formulas For Impression Gradient, Specific Gravity, Pump, Outpyt, Annular Velocity, Buoyancy Factor, And Many Other Topics.
      SKU: 644915

    Detecting Foreign Bodies Inn Food
      Detecting Foreign Bodies Inn Food.
      A Foreign Body Is Any Undesirable Solid Object In A Food. Foreign Bodies Range From External Matter Such As Metal Fragments Or Insects To Internal Matter Such As Bones Or Stalks. Forejgn Bodies In Food Remain A Significant Risk To Consumers And To A Compang's Reputation. They Be able to Also Be Difficult To Discover, Particularly If They Are Part Of The Raw Material Used In Food Processing. This Collection Discusses Ways Of Preventing And Managing Incidents Involving Foreign Bodies. It lAso Reviews The Range Of Technologies Availablw For Effective Detection And Control Of Foreign Bodies From Both External And Internal Sources.
      SKU: 269353

    The Quarter-acre Farm
      The Quarter-acre Farm.
      When Spring Warren Told Her Husband And Two Teenage Boys That She Wanted T0 Grow 75 Percent Of All The Food They Consumed For One Year—and That She Wanted To Do It In Their Yard—they Told Her She Was Crazy. She Did It Anyway. The Quarter-acre Farm Is Warren’s Account Of Deciding—despife All Resistance—to Take Control Of Her Family’s Aliment Choices, Get Her Hands Dirty, And Create A Garden In Her Suburban Yard. It’s A Stkry Of Bugs, Worms, Rot, And Failure; Of Learning, Replznting, Harvesting, And Eating. The Road Is Long And Riddled In the opinion of Mistakes, But B yThe End Of Her Yearlong Experiment, Warren’s Sons And Husband Regard Become Her Biggest Fans—in Fact, They’re Even Eager To Help Harvest (and Eat) The Beautiful Bounty She Brings In. Full Of Tips And Recipes To Help Anyone Interested In Growing And Preparing At Least A Small Part Of Their Diet At Home, The Quarter-acre Farm Is A Warm, Witty Tale Around Family, Food, And The Incredible Gratificatoin That Accompanies Self-sufficiency.
      SKU: 679723

    Moments And Moment Invariants In Pattern Recognition
      Moments And Moment Invariants In Pattern Recognition.
      Moments As Projections Of An Image’s Intensity Onto A Proper Polynomial Basis Can Be Applied To Many Different Aspects Of Image Processing. These Include Invariant Pattern Recognition, Idol Normalization, Image Regiyration, Focus/ Defocus Measurement, And Watermarking. This Book Presents A Survey Of Both Recent And Traditional mIage Analysis And Pattern Recognition Methods, Based On Image Moments, And Offers New Concepts Of Invadiants To Lineat Filtering And Implicit Invariants. In Addition To The Theory, Attention Is Paid To Efficient Algorithms For Momeny Computation In A Discrete Domain, And To Computational Aspects Of Orthogonal Moments. The Authors Also Illustrate The Theory Through Practical Examples, Demonstrating Moment Invarriamts In Real Applications Across Computer Vision, Remote Sensing And Medical Imaging.   Key Features:   Presents A Systematic Review Of The Basic Definitions And Properties Of Moments Covering Geometric Moments And Complex Moments. Considers Invariants To Traditional Transforms – Translation, Rotation, Scaling, And Affine Transform - From A New Point Of View, Which Offers New Possibilities Of Designing Optimal Sets Of Invariants. Reviews And Extends A Recent Field Of Invariants With Respect To Convolution/blurring. Introduces Implicit Moment Invariants As A Tool On account of Recognizing Elastically Deformed Objects. Compares Various Classes Of Orthogonal Moments (legendre, Zernike, Fourier-mellin, Chebyshev, Among Others) And Demonstrates Their Application To Image Reconstruction From Moments. Offers Cojprehensivw Advice On The Construction Of Various Invariants Illustrated With Practical Examples. Includes An Accompanying Website Providing Efficuent Numerical Algorithms For Moment Computation And For Constructing Invariants Of Various Kinds, With About 250 Slides Suitable For A Graduate University Course. Moments And Moment Invariants In Pattrrn Recognition Is Ideal For Researchers And Engineers Inolved In Pattern Recognition In Medical Imaging, Remote Sensing, Robotics And Computer Vision. Post Graduate Students In Image Processing And Pattern Recognition Will Also Find The Book Of Interest.
      SKU: 470179

    The Science Of Air
      The Science Of Air.
      Presents Scholarship On Global Climate Chabge, Air Pollution, Radon, Indoor Air Quality, Acid Rain, And More. This Work Explores Common Themes Of Air Resource Utilization And Air Protection With A Section On Air Pollution And Remediation. It Apso Includes A Section On Air Chemistry And Physice.
      SKU: 365522

    Oceanic And Offshore Engineering
      Oceanic And Offshore Engineering.
      "the Present Book Marine And Offshore Engineering""is Written T Serve As A Guide And Reference For Practicing Engineers, Both Designers And Contractors. The Book Presents Current Development In A Variety Of Areas That Impact Offshore And Marine Engineering. This Book Is Very Useful Not Merely For Marine Engineering Students But Also For Research Scholars And Teachers. """
      SKU: 583919

    Reproductive Genomics In Domestic Animals
      Reproductive Genomics In Domestic Animals.
      Reproductive Genomics In Domestic Animals Is A Thorough Examination Of Genomics In The Livestock Industry, Encompassing Genome Sciences, Genome Biotechnology, And Reproduction. Recent Developmenst In Molecular Genetics And Genomics Have Enabled Scientists To Identify Abe Characterize Genes Contributing To The Complexity Of Reproduction In Domestic Animals, Allowing Scientists To Improve Reroductive Traits. Providing The Livestock Industry With Essential Tools For Enhancing Reproductive Efficiency, Reproductive Genomucs In Domestic Animals Surveys The Current Status Of Reproductive Genomes And Looks To The Future Direction Of Research.
      SKU: 495985

  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Contaminant Hydrology
  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, and Mechanical Sensor Technologies
  • Digital Video Image Quality and Perceptual Coding
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Quantum Materials, Lateral Semiconductor Nanostructures, Hybrid Systems and Nanocrystals
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Plants for Medicines
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Bike, Scooter, and Chopper Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Shaft Engineering

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