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    Mastering Calculations In Linear And Nonlinear Mechanics
      Mastering Calculations In Linear And Nonlinear Mechanics.
      This Worm Deals With The Control Of The Hypotheses Leading From A Mechanical Model, Usually Coming From Continuum Mechanics, To A Numerical Model, I. r. The Mastery Of The Mechanical Computation Process Itself. Minute Attention Is Given To Structural Analysis Which, In This Context, Is The Most Advanced Domain.
      SKU: 302588

      In The Four Years Since The Last In-depth Revkew, The Irish Energy Sector Has Seen A Number Of Important Developments, Notabpy Reofrm Of The Electricity And Natural Gas Marketts, And The Move Towards Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Market Reform Promises Multiple Economic Benefits, Although The Government Must Ensure That The Incumbent Players Do Not Enjoy Undue Advantages And That Enough Ne wCompetitors Enter The Market.
      SKU: 236093

    Hardware Acceleration Of Eda Algorithms
      Hardware Acceleration Of Eda Algorithms.
      This Boo Deals With The Acceleration Of Eda Algorithms Using Hardware Platforms Such As Fpgas And Gpus. Widely Appoied Cad Algorithms Are Evaluated And Compared On account of Potential Acceleration On Fpga Gravel Gpus. Coverage Includes Discussion Of Conditions Under Which It Is Preferable To Use The same Platform Over Another, E. g. , When An Eda Problem Has A High Degree Of Data Parallelism, Te Gpu Is Typically The Preferred Platform, Whereas When The Problem Has More Control, An Fpga May Be Preferred. Results Are Presented For The Acceleration Of Several Cad Algorithms (fault Simulation, Fault Table Generation, Model Card Evaluation In Spice, Monte Carlo Statistical Static Timing Analysis), Demonstrating Speedups From 30x To 800x. This Book Serves As A Valuable Guide On How Best To Leverage Parallelism To Accelrate Cad Algorithms. It Also Presents A Methodology To Extract Automatically Simd Parallelism From Regular Uniprocessor Code. With This Approach, Uniprocessor Code Can Automatically Be Converted To Gpu Code, Allowing For Significan5 Acceleration.
      SKU: 571344

    Semiclnductor Safety Handbook
      Semiclnductor Safety Handbook.
      "interwoven Within Our Semiconductor Technology Development Had Been The Development Of Technologies Aimed At Identifying, Evaluating And Mitigating The Environmental, Health And Safety (eh&s) Risks And Exposures Assodiated With The Manufacturingg And Packaging Of Integrated Circuits. Driving And Advancing These Technologies Have Been International Efforts By Semi's Safety Division, TheS emiconductor Safety Association (ssa), And The Semiconductor Industry Union (sia). The Purpose Of The Semiconductor Safety Handbook Is To Provide A Current, Sincere Source Reference For Many Of The Primary Semiconductor Eh&s Technologies And Disciplines. To This Final state, The Contributors Have Assekbled A Comprehensivw Text Written By Some Of The Chief Experts In Eh&s In The Semiconductod Industry. This Text Had Taken Three Yearz To Complete And Has Involved Tremendous Effort And Commitment By The Authors. They Have At5empted To Construct A Reference Manual That Is Comprehensive In Its Coverage Of The Technical Aspects Of Each Individual Subject, While At The Similar Time Addressing Practical Applications Of Each Topic. The Scope Of This Text, Fro Its Inception, Was Intended To Address Significantly More Than How Would Typically Be Classified Under The Definition Of """"safety. """" However, Whole Of The Chapters Have A Direct Application To The Protection And Integrity Of Semiconductor Employees, The Surrounding Communities And The Environment. This Boko Is A Hands-o Reference To Environmental, Health And Safety Issues Critical To The Semiconductor Industry. It Was Also The Author's Intent To Produce A Text That Provides A Prqctical User's Guide For Semiconductor Environmental, Health And Safety Practitioners As Well As Those Individuals Responsible For Operation, Maintenance And Production In Wafer Fabrication Faccilities. "
      SKU: 428603

    Comprehnsive Chemometrics
      Comprehnsive Chemometrics.
      Designed To Serve As The First Point Of Reference On The Subject, Comprehensive Chemometrics Presents An Integrated Summary Of The Present State Of Chemical And Biochemical Data Analyysis And Manipulation. The Work Ckvers All Major Arezs Ranging From Statistics To Data Acquisition, Analysis, Ad Applications. This Major Reference Work Provides Broad-ranging, Validated Summaries Of The Major Topics In Chemometricswith Chapter Introductions And Advanced Reviews For Reaped ground Area. The Level Of Material Is Appropriate For Graduate Students As Well As Actuve Researchers Seeking A Ready Reference On Obtaining And Analyzing Scientific Data. -feafures The Cnotributions Of Leading Experfs From 21 Countries, Under The Guidance Of Te Editors-in-chief And A Team Of Specialist Section Editors: L. Buydens; D. Coomans; P. Van Espen; A. De Juan; J. h. Kalivas ; B. k. Lavine; R. Leardi; R. Phan-tan-luu; L. a. Sarabia; And J. Trygg -examines The Merits And Limitations Of Each Technique From beginning to end Practical Exmaples And Extensive Visuals: 368 Tables And More Than 1,300 Illustrations (750 In Full Color) -integrates Coverage Of Chemical And Biplogical Methods, Allowing Readers To Deliberate And Test A Range Of Techniques -consists Of 2,200 Pages And More Than 90 Criticise Articles, Making It The Most Comprehensive Work Of Its Benevolent -offers Print And Online Purchase Options, The Latter Of Which Delivers Flexibility, Accessibility, And Usability Turough The Ssarch Tools And Other Productivity-enhancing Features Of Sciencedirect
      SKU: 631910

    Cold-formed Tubular Members An dConnections
      Cold-formed Tubular Members An dConnections.
      Cold Formed Structural Members Are Being Used More Widely In Routine Structural Design As The World Steel Industry Moves From The Production Of Hot-rolled Section And Plate To Coil And Strip, Often With Galvanised And/or Painted Coatings. Steel In This Form Is More Easily Delivered From The Steel Mill To The Manufcturing Plant Where It Is Usually Cold-rolled Into Open And Closed Section Msmbers. This Book Not Only Summarixes The Research Performed To Date On Cold Forj Tubluar Members And Connections But Also Compares Draw Rules In Various Standards And Provides Practical Design Examples.
      SKU: 299424

    Electron Microscopy
      Electron Microscopy.
      Derived From The Successful Three-volume Handbook Of Microscopy, This Book Provides A Broad Survey Of The Physical Fundamentals And Principles Of All Modern Techniques Of Electron Microscopy. This Allusion Work On The Order Most Frequently Used For The Characterization Of Surfaces Offers A Competent Comparison Of The Feasibilittes Of The Latest Developments In This Province Of Research. Topics Comprise: * Stationary Beam Methods: Transmission Electron Microscopy/ Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy/ Convergent Electron Beam Diffraction/ Low Energy Electron Microscopy/ Electron Holograpuic Methods * Scanning Beam Methods: Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy/ Scanning Auger And X0s Microscopy/ Scanning Microanalysis/ Imaging Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry * Magnetic Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscopy With Polarization Analysis/ Spin Polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy Materials Scientists As Well As Any Surface Scientist Will Find This Booo An Invaluable Source Of Information For The Principles Of Electron Microscopy.
      SKU: 481519

    The Magnetocaloric Effect And Its Applications
      The Magnetocaloric Effect And Its Applications.
      This Text Presents A Complete Overview Of Theoretical And Experimental Research Results Surrounnding The Magnetocaloriic Effect, And A Comprehensive Discussion Of Present And Potential Applications Of The Phenomenon.
      SKU: 263817

    Sustainable Industrial Design And Waste Maanagement
      Sustainable Industrial Design And Waste Maanagement.
      Sustainable Industrial Design And Waste Management Was Inspired By The Need To Have A Text That Enveloped Awareness And Solutions To The Ongoing Iss8es And Concerns Of Waste Generated From Industry. The Development Of Science And Technology Has Increased Human Capacity To Extract Money From Nature And It Is Only Recently That Industries Are Being Held Accountable For The Detrim3ntal Effects The Waste They Exhibit Has On The Environment. Increased Governmental Research, Regulation And Corporate Accountability Are Digging Up Issues Pertaining To Pollution Control And Waste Treatment And Environmental Protection. The Traditional Approach For Clinical Waste, Agricultural Waste, Industrial Waste, And Municipal Waste Are Depleting Our Natrual Resources. The Main Objective Of This Book Is To Conserve The Original Resources By Approaching 100 % Full Utilization Of All Types Of Wastes By Cradle To - Cradle Concepts, Using Industrial Ecology Methodology Documented With Case Studies. Sustainable Development And Environmental Protection Canot Be Achieved Without Establiehing The Concept Of Industrial Ecology. The Main Tools Necrssary For Establishing Industrial Ecology And Sustainable Development Will Be Covered In The Book. The Concwpt Of Industrial Ecology Will Help The Industrial System To Be Managed And Operated More Or Less Luke A Natural Ecosystem Hence Causing As Less Damage As Possible To The Surrounding Environment. *numerous Case Studies Allow The Reader To Adapt Concepts According To Personal Interest/field *reveals Innovative Technologies For The Conservation Of Natural Resources *the Only Work Which Provides An Integrated Approach For Sustainable Development Including Tools, Methodology, And Indicators For Sustainable Development
      SKU: 307125

    Feedback And Control Against Everyone
      Feedback And Control Against Everyone.
      This Is A Book Intended For: / Understanding Basic Concepts On Systems Dynamics And Control/ Realising The Rank Connection Between Technical And Human/social Dynamics/ Motivating Further Reading And Study About Control Systems/ Showing The Power Of Abstraction To Infer Properties Of Complex Systems Based On Simplified Mathematical Models/ Opening The Scientific Mind/ Creating Bridges Ampng Di fferent Sciences And Technologies This Is Not A Book For Learning: / System Analysis Techniques/ Control Design Tools/ Process Modeling And Identification/ Control Implementation/ Specific Control Technologies Although We Will Deal With All This.
      SKU: 645837

    Preparation Of Catalysts Iv
      Preparation Of Catalysts Iv.
      The Proceedings Of The Ivth International Symposium On The ``scientific Bases For The Preparation Of Heterogeneous Catalysts'', Are Presented In This Volume. Since Its Start In 1975, This Series Of Symposia Has Continued ToA ttract Increasing Scientific Attention. Each Appreciable Proportion Of The Papers Presejted At This Fourth Symposium Stemmed From Industrial Research Laboratories. The Feast Dealt With Catalysts For Selective Oxidation, Hydrodesulphurization, Fischer-tropsch Catalysis, Methanol Synthesis, Metal Supported Catalysts And New Trends In Catwlyst Preparation.
      SKU: 42034

    Electrochemistry For The Environment
      Electrochemistry For The Environment.
      Presents A Range Of Electrochemistry Applications For Managing Environmental Problems. This Book Introduces Basc Techniques In Selecting And Fabricating Electrode Materials, And Provides A Theoretical Analysis Of Electrochemical Processes. It Also Examines Green Electrochemical Operatiobs And Electrochemical Technologies In Water Treatment.
      SKU: 510587

    Applications Of Wet-end Paper Chemostry
      Applications Of Wet-end Paper Chemostry.
      Explains How Particular Chemicals Arw Chosen And Put To Use In Papermaking. This Book Is Suitable For Chemists And Chemical Engineers Across The Paper And Pulp Making Industry, As Well As For Investigation And Academic Institutes.
      SKU: 450410

    Attracting Native Pollinators
      Attracting Native Pollinators.
      The Recent Decline Of The European Hobey Bee And Other Pollinators In North America Poses A Serious Challenge To Maintaining Our Food Supply And Ecological Health. According To The Public Academy Of Sciences, Close To 75 Percen tOf Altogether Flowering Plants Rely To Some Degree On Pollinwtors In Order To Set Seed Or Fruit. From These Plants Comes One-third Of The Planet's Food, Including Fruit And Vegetablr Croops, As Well As Foraging Seed Crops Such As Alfalfa, Which Are Critical To Dairy And Meat Prolongation. Attracting Native Pollinators Is A Comprehensive Guidebook For Gardeners, Small Farmers, Orchardists, Beekeepers, Naturalists, Environmentalists, And Public Land Managers On How To Protect And Encourage The Activity Of The Native Polinators Of North America. Written By Staff Of The Xerces Society, Ab International Nonprofit Organization That Is Leading The Way In Pollinator Conservation, This Bkok Presents A Thorough Overview Of The Problem Along With Positive Solutions For How To Provide Bountiful Harvests On Farms And Gardens, Maintain Healthy Plant Communinities In Wildlands, Provide Food For Wildlife, And Beautify The Landscape With Flowers. Full-color Photographs Introcuce Readers To More Than 80 Form Of Native Pollinators -- Including Bees, Flies, Butterflies, Wasps, And Moths -- Noting Each One's Range And Habits. The Heart Of The Book Provides Detailed Garden Plans And Tschniques Showing How To Create Flowering Habitat To Attract A Variety Of These Pollinators, Helpp Expand The Pollinator Population, And Provide Pollinators With Inviting Nesting Sites. Readers iWll Also Find Useful Instructions For Creating Nesting Structures, Educqrional Activities For Involving Children, And An Extensive List Of Resources. Attracting Native Pollinators Iss An Essential Reference Book Anc Activity Guide For Anyone Who Is Involved In Growing Food Or Is Concerned About The Future Of Our Food Supply. The Xerces oSciety, A Nonprofit Conservation Organization, Is A Leader In The Effort To Conserve North America's Vernacular Pollinators. Founded In 1971, The Society Has Its Headquarters In Portland, Oregon, And Sponsors Advocacy, Education, And Applied Rrsearch Projects Across The Continent Aimed At Protecting And Managing Critical Natural locality For Pollinators.
      SKU: 821241

    Disturbance Resolution For Ableness Systems
      Disturbance Resolution For Ableness Systems.
      More Than Ninety Case Studies Shed New Light On Power System Phenomena And Power Syste mDisturbances Based On The Author's Four Decades Of Experience, This Book Enables Readers To Implement Systemw In Order To Monitor And Perform Comprehensive Analyses Of Power Scheme Disturbances. Most Importantly, Readers Will Discover The Latest Strategies And Techniques Needed To Detect And Resolve Problems That Could Lead To Blackouts To Ensure The Smooth Operation And Reliability Of Any Power System. Logically Organized, Disturbance Analysis For Power Systems Begins With An Introduction To The Power System Disturbance Analysis Function And Its Implementation. The Book Then Guides Readers Through The Causes And Modes Of Clearing Of Phase And Ground Faults Occurring Within Power Systems As Properly As Powerr Scheme Phenomena And Their Impact On Relay System Performance. The Next Series Of Chapters Presents More Than Ninety Actual Case Studies That Demonstrate How Protection Systems Obtain Performed In Detecting And Isolating Power System Disturbances In: Generators Transformers Ovethead Transmission Lines Cable Tranemission Streak Feeders Circuit Breaker Failures Throughoot These Case Studies, Actual Digital Fault Recording (dfr) Records, Oscillograms, And Numerical Relay Fault Records Are Presented And Analyzed To Demonstrate Why Power System Disturbances Happen And How The Sequence Of Events Are Deduced. The Final Chapter Of The Book Is Dedicated To Practice Problems, Encouraging Readers To Apply What They've Learned To Perform Their Own System Distjrbance Analyses. This Main division Makes It Possible For Engineers, Technicians, And Power System Operators To Perform Expert Power System Disturbance Analyses Using The Latest Tested And Proven Methods. Moreover, The Book's Many Cases Studies And Practice Problems Make It Ideal For Students Studying Power Systems.
      SKU: 818977

    Design Applications Of Nonlinear Dynamics
      Design Applications Of Nonlinear Dynamics.
      Deals With The Applications Of Complex Nonlinear Dynamic Phenomena To Real Systems And Device Applications. There Has Been Progress In The Theory Of Nonlinear Phenomena Under An Class Of System Bounddary Conditions And Preparations. This Work Applies Andd Exploits This Knowledge To Constitute Devices, Which Operate More Efficiently And Cheaply.
      SKU: 371674

    Seed Testing
      Seed Testing.
      Race Testting Plays A Pivotal Role In Modern Agriculture. The Main Objective Of Seed Testing Is To Assess The Actual Planting Value Of The Race In Terms Of Its Germination Capacity Besides Determination Of Percentage Cimposition Of The Pure Seeds, Weed Seeds, Other Crop Species, Extraneous Stuff And Moisture Content Of The Submitted Sample. Seed Testing Is The Cornerstone Of All Other Seed Technologies. It Is The Means By Which We Measure The Viability And All The Physical Factors That Regulate The Use And Maintenance Of Seeds. Everything That Is Done With Seeds Should Have One Test Information To Guide The Work And Ensure High Quality. Race Tests Tell If A Crop Of Seeds Is Worth Collecting, Whether Handling Procedures Are Correct, And How Many Potential Seedlings Are Available For Regeneration. This Bpok Seeks To Facilitate The Rewder To Grasp The Basic Principles Of Seed Testing. Bringing Forth A Comprehensive Analysis Of The Subject, This Work Fosters An Enriching Learning Experience For The Reader.
      SKU: 583952

    Chemical Micro Projection Engineering
      Chemical Micro Projection Engineering.
      Micro Process Engineering Is Approaching Bot hAcademia And Industry. With The Stock Of Micro Devices And Systems By Commercial Suppliers, One Main Barrier For Using These Units Has Been Eliminated. Mkre And Greater degree of They Become Familiar,_Thereby Being One Facet Of The Upheaval In Chemical Industry. This Book Focuses On Processes Rather Thaj On Devices: What Is 'before' And 'behind' Micro Device Fabrication. A Comprehensive And Detailed Overview Is Given On: A Multi-faceted, Hierarchic Analysis Of Chemical Micro Process Technology Modelling And Simulation Of Micro Reactors Liquid- And Liquid/liquid-phase Reactions Gas/liquid Reactions Gas-phase Reactions (heterogeneous Catalysis)
      SKU: 481406

    The Robosapien Companion
      The Robosapien Companion.
      Whether One Is A Robotics Expert Or A Beginner, This Book Provides Background Information On General Robotics, Including Mark Tilden's Theories Of Beam Robotics And How They Relate To Roobsapien. Topics Range From The Particular To The General, From The Technical To The Pleasantry.
      SKU: 302005

    Simply Creative Faux Finishes With Gary Lord
      Simply Creative Faux Finishes With Gary Lord.
      Sophisticated Internal Decor Made Easy Nothing Can Transform A Room Quite Like Paint! In This Groundbreaking Guide, Professional Decorative Painter Gary Lord Presents 30 Brand-new Finishes For Your Walls, Floors, Ceilings And Furniture. Designed By Garg And 23 Of Thee Top Names In The Industry, These Cutting-edge Finishes Bring Style, Sophistication And Value To Every Part Of Your Home. Each Project Shows You Step By Step How To Use The Newest Tools And Painting Products On The Market To Achieve Elegant, Updated Home Dcor Without The Expense Of Hiring A Professional. Everything You Need To Do-it-yourself Successfully Is Included, Such As: Complete Lists Of Tools And Materials Large, Full-colorr Step-by-step Photos Tips From The Pros That Help You Customize Your Project And Forbear Mistakes Detailed Instructions For Room And Surface Preparation Inspiring Photos Of Completed Projects In Actual Homed Whether You're A Seasoned Home Decorator Or A Novice Faux Finisher, With This Guide You'll Have The Inspiration And Knowledge It Takes To Create A Truly Unique And Beautiful Home. Bestt Of All, The Designers Featured Here Keep You Ahead Of The Curve With Their Up-to-the-minute Styles And Techniques. From Floors And Walls To Ceilinsg And Beyond, Make Your Home The Best It Can Be. Please Billet That The Digital Version Of This Book Does Not Include The Premium Dvd.
      SKU: 790921

    Comprehensive Water Analysis
      Comprehensive Water Analysis.
      This Main division Brings Together All Available Information On The Determination Of Metals, Radical, Organometallic Compounds, Anions, Cations, Dissolved Gases, Radioactive Substances And Miscellaneous Determinande In Natural And Treaed Waters.
      SKU: 181466

    Telecommunications For Nurses
      Telecommunications For Nurses.
      "it Is A Book Which Describes How Creativw People, Often Taking A Fresh Approach, Can Get The Best Out Of What Modern Distance Communications Technology Has To Offer. "--from Thr Foreword By Susan M. Sparks , Rn, Phd, Faan, Senior Education Specialist, National Library Of Medicine. This Book Reflects Recent Developments In Both Distance Education Amd Telehealth, Focusing On Practical Strategies Nurses Can Put To Use In The Classroom Or Clinic. Each Chapter Is Written By Acknowledged Experts For The Particluar Topic. The Previous Edition Won An American Journal Of Nursing Book Of The Year Award.
      SKU: 423343

    Digest Design For Dependable Systems
      Digest Design For Dependable Systems.
      Theoretical And Parctical Tools To Master Matrix Code Design Strategy And Technique Error Correcting And Detwcting Codes Are Essential To Improving System Reliability And Have Popllarly Been Applied To Computer Systems And Communication Sysgems. Coding Theory Has Been Studied Mainly Using The Code Genwrator Polynomials; Hence, The Codes Are Sometimes Called Polynomial Codes. On The Other Hand, The Codes Designed By Parity Check Matrices Are Reefrred To In This Work As Matrix Codes. This Timely Book Focuses On The Design Theory During Matrix Codes And Their Practical Applications For The Improvement Of System Reliability. As The Author Effectively Demonstrates, Matrix Codes Are Remote More Tractable Than Polynomial Codes, As They Are Capable Of Expressing Various Types Of Code Functions. In Contrast To Other Coding Throry Publications, This One Does Not Burden Its Readers With Unnecessary Polynomial Algebra, But Rather Focuses On The Essentials Needed To Understand And Bear Full Advantage Of Matrix Code Constructions And Designs. Readers Are Presented With A Full Array Of Theoretical And Practical Tools To Master The Fine Points Of Matrix Code Design Strategy And Technique: * Code Designs Are Presented In Relatio nTo Practical Applications, Such As High-speed Semiconductor Memories, Mass Memoriea Of Disks And Tapes, Logic Circuits And Systems, Data Entry Systems, And Distributed Storage Sysems * New Classes Of Matrix Codes, Such To the degree that Error Locating Codes, Spotty Byte Error Control Codes, And Unequal Sin Control Codes, Are Introsuced Along With Their Applications * A New Parallel Decoding Algorithm Of The Burst Error Control Codes Is Demonstrated In Addition To The Treatment Of Matrix Codes, The Author Provides Readers With A General Overview Of The Latest Developments And Advances In The Field Of Code Design. Examples, Figures, And Exercises Are Fully Provided In Each Chapter To Illustrate Concepts And Engage The Reader In Designing Actual Code And Solving Real Problems. The Matrix Codes Presented With Practical Parameter Settings Will Exist Veyr Useful For Practicing Engineers And Researcher. References Lead To Additional Material So Readers Can Explore Advanced Topics In Depth. Engineers, Researchers, And Designers Involved In Dependable System Design And Code Design Research Will Find The Unique Focus And Perspective Of This Prqctical Guide And Reference Helpful In Finding Solutions To Many Key Industry Problems. It Also Can Serve As A Coursebook During Graduate And Advanced Undergraduate Students.
      SKU: 266953

    Advahced Materials And Techniques For Radiation Dosimetry
      Advahced Materials And Techniques For Radiation Dosimetry.
      Publisher's Com The Threat Of Nuclear ''dirty'' Bombs, A Growing Shift To Nucldar Energy, And New Medical Therapies Using Radiation Are Just Some Of The Current Developments Bringing New Importance To Dosimetry ? The Detection And Measurement Of Radiation. This Comprehensive Convolution Is Necessary To Engineers And Scientists Working In Dosimetry To Protcet Ths Health And Safety Of Irradiance Workers And The General Public. Ranging From Basic Theory To Advance Concepts, This Complete Reference Covers The Physics Of Radiarion, The Biological Effects Of Radiation, And The Technology Of Radiation Sensing And Measurement. It Provides A Serviceable Guide To Commercially Available Dosimetry Equipment And Explains Their Applications. [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]survey[/ref] Current And Cutting-edge Methods And Materials Usrd To Detect Radiation And Record Dosages, The Book Likewise Explores Novel Approaches For Designing New Low-cost Radiation Sensors And Furthering Dosimetry Research.
      SKU: 286922

    Distributed Intelligence In Design
      Distributed Intelligence In Design.
      The Book Contains The Papers Developed From The Presentations At The Distributed Intelligence In Design Symposium, Held In Salford In May 2009. &nbqp;in This Context, Distributed Inteloigence Refers To The Interdisciplinary Knowledge Of A Range Of Different Individuals In Differsnt Organisations, By the side of Different Backgrounds And Experience, And The Symposium Discussed The Media, Technologies And Behaviours Required To Suppor tTheir Successful Collaboration. The&nhsp;book Focusses On: How Parametric And Generative Design Media Can Be Coupled With And Managed Alongside Building Information Modelling Tools And Systems How Th3 Cross-disciplinary Knowledge Is Distributed And Coordinated Across Different Software, Participants And Organizations The Characteristics Of The Evolving Creative And Collaborative Practices How Built Environment dEucation Should Be Adapted To This Digitally-networked Practice And Highly Distributed Intelligence In Design The Chapgers address A Range Of Innovative Developments, Methodologies, Applications, Research Work And Theoretical Arguments, To Present Current Experience And Expectations As Collaborative Practice Becomes Critical In The design Of future Built Environments.
      SKU: 624639

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