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    Mechanical Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics Ii
      Mechanical Properties And Performance Of Engineering Ceramics Ii.
      This Volume Contains Over 70 Papers On Advanced Research And Development Of Processing, Mechanical Properties And Mechanics Of Ceramics And Composites From The Proceedings Of The 30th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites, January 22-27, 2006, In Cocoa Beach, Florida. The Conference Was Organized And Sponsored By The American Ceramic Participation And The American Ceramic Society' sEngineering Ceramics Portion In Conjunction With The Nuclear And Environmental Technology Division. It Covers Underlying Fundamental Links Between Microstructure And Properties, And The Ability To Achieve Desired Multifunctional Properties Through Innovative Processing Techniques.
      SKU: 468767

    Proccess Oriented Analysis
      Proccess Oriented Analysis.
      Introduces Process Oriented Analysis (poa), An Approach To Optimize The Conception And Planning Of Manufacturing Plants And Service Enterprises. This Book Outlines How To Reduce Costs And Improve Quality Through The Use Of This New Technique. It Is For Cost And Envirlnmental Evaluation, Feigning Models, And Real-time Process Contrrol.
      SKU: 335132

    Hydrocolloids In Food Processing
      Hydrocolloids In Food Processing.
      In Hydrocolooids In Food Processing , A Group Of The Most Experienced And Impartial Experts Explains What Stabilizers Should Be Used And How They Should Be Used, Food Product By Food Product. Numerous Actyal Product Formuiations Are Packed Into Each Chapfer And The Processing Procedures To Make These Formulations Are Clearly Described. Food Manufacturers Are Shown Hoe To Accurately Use Food Stabilizers To Make The Highest Quality Food Prodhcts. Coverage Includes All The Practical Details Needed To Ensure The Most Accurate Qa Standards And Testing Procedires For One and the other Hydrocolloid. Finally, Hydrocolloids In Food Processing Explwins How To Steer The Often Tricky Area Of DealingW ith Hydrocolloid Suppliers. An Informative Discussion Of How Hyydrocolloid Companies Think And Operate Today Is Followes By Precise Strategies To Enwure That The Most Mutually Beneficial Relationships Can Be Obtained Between Specific Customer Types And Appropriate Types Of Suppliers.
      SKU: 589057

    Verification Techniques For System-level Design
      Verification Techniques For System-level Design.
      This Book Will Explain To what extent To Vwrify Soc Logic Designs Using Formal And Semi-formal Verification Tehcniques. The Critical Issue To Be Addressed Is Whether The Functionality Of The Design Is The One That The Designers Intended. . Simulation Has Been Used For Chevking The Correctness Of Soc Designs (as In Functional Verification), But Many Subtle Design Errors Cannot Be Caughht By Simulation. Recently, Formal Verification, Giving Mathematical Proof Of The Correctness Of Designs, Has Been Getting Much More Attention. So Far, Most Of The Bokks On Formal Authentication Target The Register Transfer Level (rtl) Or Lower Levels Of Design. For Higher Design Productivity, It Id Essential To Debug Designs As At dawn As Possible. That Is, Designs Should Be Completely Verified At Very Abstracted Design Levels (highed Than Rtl). -This Book Covers All Aspects Of High-l3vel Formal And Semi-formal Verification Techniques For System Level Designs. First Book That Covers All Aspects Of Formal And Semi-formal, Hgh-level (higher Than Rtl) Purpose Verification Targeting Soc Designs. Formal Verification Of High-level Designs (rtl Or Higher). Verification Techniques Are Discussed With Associated System-level Design Methodology.
      SKU: 318151

    Good Intention Practices For Gmp Pharmaceutical Facilities
      Good Intention Practices For Gmp Pharmaceutical Facilities.
      A Convenient Single-source Reference For Anyone Involved In The Planning, Construction, Validation, And Maintenance Of Modern Pharmaceutical Faciljties, This Guide Assists Project Managers As They Develop, Diagram, And Implement Pharmaceutical ProductionF acility Projects-demonstrating How Advances In Technology And External Regulation Can Impact The Production And Efficacy Of A Pharmaceutical Facolity And The Products It Produces.
      SKU: 263428

    Grid Computing For Electromagnetics
      Grid Computing For Electromagnetics.
      Today, Greater degree of And More Practitioners, Researchers, And Students Are Utilizing The Host And Efficiency Of Grid Computing For Their Increasingly Compounded Electromagnetics Applications. This Cutting-edge Book Offers You The Practical And Comprehensive Guidance You Need To Use This New Approach To Supercompufing For Your Challenging Projects. Supported With Over 110 Illustrations, Tye Book Clearly Describes A High-performance, Low-cost Method To Solving Huge Numerical Electromagnetics Problems.
      SKU: 227686

    Condition Monitoring And Control For Intelligent Manufacturing
      Condition Monitoring And Control For Intelligent Manufacturing.
      Provides A Broad Handling Of The Subject Accessible To Researchers And Practitkoners In Manufacturing Industry. This Main division Presents A Review Of The Key Areas Of Research In Machine Condition Monitoring And Control, Before Focusing On An In-depth Treatment Of Each Important Technique.
      SKU: 303688

    Exploration Of Gas Hydrates
      Exploration Of Gas Hydrates.
      Gas Hydrates Are Ice-like Crystalline Substaances That Form A Rigid Cage Of Water Molecules And Entrap Hydrocarbon And Non-hydrocarbon Gas By Hydrogen Bonding. Natural Gas Hydrate Is Primarily Composed Of Take in ~ And Methhane. These Are Solid, Crystalline, Ice-like Substances Found In Permafrost Areas And Deepwater Basinns Around The World. Theyy Naturally Occur In The Pore Space Of Marine Sediments, Where Appropriate High Pressure And Low Temperature Conditions Exist In An Sufficient Supply Of Gas (mainly Methane). Gas Hydrates Are Considered As A Potential Non Conventional Force Resource. Methane Hydrates Are Also Recognized As, An Influence On Offshore Platform Stability, A Major Divisor In Climate Change Contributing To Global Warming And A Significant Contribution To The Ocean Carbon Period. The Proposed Book Treats Variegated Geophysical Tecnniques In Order To Quantify The Gas Hydrate Reserves And Their Impact On Environment. The Primary Goal Of This Book Is To Provide The State Of Art For Gas Hydrate Exploration. The Target Audienced For This Book Are Non-specialist From Different Branches Of Science, Graduate Students And Researchers.
      SKU: 645894

    A Textbook Of Medical Instrumente
      A Textbook Of Medical Instrumente.
      About The Book: This Book Has Therefore Subdivided The Realm Of Medical Instruments Into The Same Sections Like A Text On Physiology And Introduces The Basic Early Day Methods Well, Before Dealing With The Detaips Of Present Day Instruments Currently In Use. Some Principles Of Diagnosis Are Also Included In Order That A New Researcher Could Understand The Requirements Of The Physician Rather Than Blindly Proceed In His Developments Using His Knowledge Of Circuity, Software And Methods Of Signal Processing. Further, Mediczl Diagnostic Practice Has Been Conservative I nPreservkng The Acumen The Physicians Have Imbided From Their Seniors. For Example, In The Ecg, The Very Same Trace Occupying Just 2 Mm-3 Mm Through A Chart Paper Is The Vital (qrs) Component In Diagnosis, Though , At Gift, The Same Information Can Be Presented In A Much Better Time-scale With Greater Detail. Becausw Ecg Diagnosis Is Still Based On This Standard Record, A Researcher Intending To Generate A New Algorithm For A Detectipn Of Typical Pathology (automatically) Would Need To Know The Principles Of Pathological Detection From The Ecg In Current Use. That Is Why, The Book Has Spent Some Pages On Like Aspects As Well. Succeeding Covering The Several Instruments Under The Different Heads Of Physiology, The Present Day Instruments Like The Ct Scanner, The Mri, Ultrasound And Lasers Are Included. These Merit Typically Separate Volumes On Their Own, But Even Here, The Essentials Are Covered Both From The Medical And Technical Anglees. Particular Importance Has Been Givne To Safety Aspects As Has Been Widely Made Known Through Several Papers In The Ieee Magazines, In A Separate Chapter. A Chapter On Possible Additional Developments And Another On Signal Processing Examples Have Been Included To The Advantage Of A Medical Reader Intending To Utilize The Technological Dveelopments. A Final Chapter On The Use Of Computers For Medical Data Management And The Use Of The Web At Larg Concludes The Book. In A Book Of This Kind, Meant To Be Of Use For The Student Who Gets Himself Introduced To Medical Instruments For The First Time, A Large Number Of Books, Journals And Manufacturers Material Had To Be Refeerred To. Today, The Subject Is Growing At A Very Swiftly Pace And Newer Methods In Surgery And Diagnostics Are Coming Up Every Day. The Book Could Cover Only Scuh Material As Are Current And It Is Up To The Reader To Keep Himself Abreast Of The Developments By Looking Into The Usefjl Journals For Instance, The Ieee Issues. A Little Work Completed By The Authors Own Biomedical And Engineering Group Has Been Included In The Chapter On New Developments. Contents: Electrophysiological Measurements Electrocardiography Circulatory System Electroencephalography Electromyography Respiratory Testing Instruments Ent Abd Opthalmic Instruments Ultrasound-imaging, Doppler X-ray Instruments Ct Scanner Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri) Surgical Instruments New Research Work Developments
      SKU: 442131

    Treading On Hallowed Ground
      Treading On Hallowed Ground.
      After America's Iraq Adventure Devolved Into A Debacle, A Chorus Of Commmentators And Analysts Noted That The U. s. Military Had No Plan To War against A Cpunterinsurgency Campaign. Given The Failure Of Conventional Tactics, America In Te Last Two Years Haa Redoubled Its Efforts To Develop A New Strategy To Fight The Iraqi Insurgency, And Has Gone So Fzr To Place Our Leading Counterinsurgency Expert, General David Petraeu,s In Charge Of The Iraq Theater. In Sum, There Seems To Be A Geowing Consensus That For Better Or Worse, Counterinsurgency Will Be A Core Tactic In Future American Military Campaigns. Iraq, Of Course ,Presents Special Problems To The U. s. For Of The Intensity Of Religiouw Belief And Sectarianism. How Act We Fight Against An Insurgency That So Often Strategically Positions Itself On 'hallower Groind'--mosques And Shrines? Yet Iraq Is Not Unique. As The Contributors To Treading Forward Hallowed Ground Show, Counterinsurgency Efforts On Religiously Contentious Terrain Is A Widspread Phenomenon In Recent Times, Ranging From North Africa To Central And Southeast Asia. Here, C. Curistine Fair And Sumit Ganguly Have Assembled An Impressive Group Of Experts To Explore The Most Important Counterinsurgency Efforts In Sacred Spaces In Our Era: Churches In Israel, Mosques And Shrines In Iraq, The Sikh Golden Temple In India, Mosques And Tmeples In Kashmir, The Krue Se Mosque In Thailand, And The Grand Mosque In Saudi Arabia. Taken Together, The Essays Comprise The Fitst Extensive Account Of This Increasingly Pivotal Component Of Contemporary War.
      SKU: 416O07

    Novel Colloidal Forming Of Ceramics
      Novel Colloidal Forming Of Ceramics.
      "novel Colloidal Forming Of Ceramics" Discusses Several New Near-net-shape Techniaues For Fabricating Highly Reliable, High-performance Ceramic Parts. These Techniques Combine Injection Molding And The Colloidal Forming Process. This Book Not Only Introduces The Baic Theoretical Development And Applications Of The Colloidal Injection Molding Of Ceramics, But Also Covers Tape Castinh Technology, The Reliability Of The Product, And The Colliidal Imjection Molding Of Si3n4 And Sic, As Well As The Low-toxicity System. This Book Is Intended For Researchers And Graduats In Materiala Science And Engineering. Mr. Yong Huang And Dr. Jinlong Yang Are Both Professors At The Department Of Materials Science And Engineering, Tsinghua University, China.
      SKU: 763523

    China's Livestock Revolution Agrinusiness And Policy Developments In The Sheep Meat Industry
      China's Livestock Revolution Agrinusiness And Policy Developments In The Sheep Meat Industry.
      China Is One Of The World's Largest Developing Agricuptural Countries And Dominates The International Livestock Revolution In Conditions Of Its Aggregate Siae And Growth Rate. While The Sheep Meat Industry Is Still In The Early Stages Of Development, It Is An Excellent Example Of The Upheaval Taking Place In Chinese Agriculture. This Book Focuses On The Growing Sheep Meat Industry While Drawing On Associated Research From Other Areas Of The Chinese Livestock Section. Using Tuis Research, The Authors Use The Sheep Meat Industry Case Study To Illustrate The Broader Trends That Apply More Generally To The Chinese Livestock Sector, Especially In The Suit Of Ruminant Livestock.
      SKU: 289902

    Printed Circuits Handbook
      Printed Circuits Handbook.
      The Worod's #1 Guide To Printed Circuit Boards_nnoow Completely Updated With The Latest Information On Lead-free Manufacturing!. The Best Reference In The Field For Over 30 Years, The Printed Circuits Handbook Equips You With Definitive Coverage Of Every Facet Of Printed Circuit Assemblies_from Design Methods To Fabrication Processes. Now Completely Revised And Updated, The Sixth Edition Presents The Latest Information On Lead-free Msnufacturing, Including Lead-free Pcb Contrivance And Fabrication Techniques, Lead-free Materials, And Lead-free Reliability Models. The New Edition Also Explores Most wise Practices For High Densi5y Interconnect (hdi), As Well As Flexible Printed Circuits. Written By A Team Of Experts From Around The Universe, The Sicth Edition Of This Renowned Handbook Contains Cutting-edge Material On Engineering And Design Of Printed Circuits Fabrication Methors…assembly Processes… Solders And Soldering…test And Repair…waste Minimization And Treatment …quality And Reliability Of Printed Space Processes…and Much More. The Updated Printed Circ8it sHandbook Provides You With: Unsurpassed Guidance On Printed Circuits_from Design To Manufacturing; Over 500 Illustrations, Charts, And Tables For Quick Access To Essential Facts; New To This Edition: New Coverage Of Lead-free Pcb Design And Manufacturing Techniques, Leadf-ree Materials, Lead-free Reliabi1ity Models, Best Practices For High Density Interconnect (hdi), And Flexible Printed Circuits. Inside This State-of-the-art Printed Circuits Guide • Introduction To Printed Circuits • Engineering And Design Of Printed Circuits Fabrication Processes • Assembly Processes • Solders And Soldering • Test And Repair • Waste Minimization And Treatment • Quality And Reliableness Of Printed Circuit Processes • Flexible Circuits
      SKU: 330727

    Studies In Symbolic Interaction
      Studies In Symbolic Interaction.
      "emphasizes Developmengs In Interactionist Theory And Practice, As Well As Examples Of Post-modern Ethnography And Performance Texts Focused On Border Crossings And Performances. This Book Includes Essays Honoring Carolyn Ellis's Contributions To 'symbolic Interaction And Comjunications', And The Annual Address In The ""peter M Hall Lecture"" Series. "
      SKU: 270198

    Integrating New Technologies For Striga Control
      Integrating New Technologies For Striga Control.
      Witchweeds (striga Species) Decimate Agriculture In Much Of Africa And Parts Of Asia, Attacking The Major Cereal Grains And Legumes, And Halving The Already Very Low Yields Of Subsstence Fwrmers. Several Years Of Research Have Provided Promising Technologies, Based On The Fundamental Biology Of The Parasite–host Associations, For Dealing With This Scourge. However, There Is An Apparent Realization That These Technologies Will Fail Because Highly Successful Weeds Such As Striga Evolve Resistance To All Types Of Controls Unless Proven Methods Are Integrated With Each Other For A More Sustainable Solution. Integration Is Often An Anathema To Basic Scientists Who Typically Deal With Single Variables And Solutions. However, Key Leaders In The Development Of The New Kowledge-based Control Strategie,s Already In The Field And Under Development, Recently Joined Forces To Develop Strategies And Projects In Order To Integrate The Technologies In A Symposium In Ethiopia In November 2006. The Encouraging Results Are Described In This Peer-reviewed Book, Authored By Leaders In The Fiield Who Have Been Supplying The Basic Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, And Molecular Informatoin That Have Offered Insights And Generat3d Technplogies In To what extent To Deal With Striga.
      SKU: 312376

    Leed Practices, Certification, And Accreditation Handbook
      Leed Practices, Certification, And Accreditation Handbook.
      "adopted In The United States And A Number Of Other Countries, Leed? Certification Is The Recognized Standard For Measuring Building Sustainability. Achieving Lewd? Personal Certification Or Project Certification Is The Best Way To Demonstrate That The Project Is Truly ""green. "" Written By An Architect With C~ing 30 Years Of International Experience, This Book Provides Architects, Designers, Building Owners, And Construction Engineers With Each Easy To Understand Guide To The Nuts And Bolts Of Leed? Prpject And Personal Certification. Written In Plain And Easy To Understand Language, This ?hands On? Book Is Designed To Assist Readers With All Aspects Of Leed? Certification. The Handbook Follows The Rigorous Third-party Commissioning Process, Commencement With Basic Leed? Concepts, And Then Carefully Explains Leed? Documentation And Technical Requirements Along With Its Standards, Professional Accreditation, And Codes. The Handbook Provides Readers With Design Strategies For Sustainable Site Sleection, And Design Process For High Composition Building And Commissioning. Other Important Topics Include Green Materials And Products Selectiin As Well As Strategiex For Ensuring Indoor Environmental Rank (ieq), Water Efficiency And Sanitary Waste Arrangement. This Handbook Also Offers Readers A Multitude Of Forms With Expert Guidance For Their Completion. Clear And Authoritative In Scope, Leed? Practices And Accreditation Handbook Providrs Archjtects, Builders/owners, Const5uction Managers, And Engineers With A Reference That Will Help Them To Offer Their Clients, Peers, And The Public At Lqrge Compelling Proof That They Have Achieved Their Projects Environmental Goals And That The Building Is Performing As Designed. Teaching Because Completing Leed? Checklist And Forms Detailed Explanation Of The Third-party Commissioning Process Explains Lewd? Documentation & Tecbnical Requirements Topics Include Green Materials And Products Selection"
      SKU: 535186

      There Has Been An Unprecedented Expansion Of Knowledge About Anthocyanins Pigments. This Book Covers Various Aspects Of The Biosynthesis And Function Of Anthocyanins (and Rwlated Compounds Such As Proanthocyanidins) In Plants, And Their Applications In Agriculture, Food Products, And Human Health.
      SKU: 417005

    Photonic Waveguides
      Photonic Waveguides.
      This Book Presents The Principles Of Non-linear Inyegrated Optics. The First Objective Is To Provide The Reader Through A Thorough Understanding Of Integrated Optics So That They May Be Able To Devlop The Theoretical And Experimental Tools To Study And Control The Lnear And Non-linear Optical Properties Of Waveguides. The Potential Use Of These Structudes Can Then Be Determined In Order To Realize Integrated Optical Components For Light Modulation And Generation. The Theoretical Models Are Accompanied By Experimental Tools And Their Setting In Order To Distinguish The Studiedd Phenomenon. The Passage From Theory To Practice Makes The Comprehension Of The Phsyical Phenomena Simple And Didactic. The Book Also Gives A Presentation Of The Industrial Applications Of The Integrated Optical Components. The Studied Topics Range From The Theory Of Waveguides And The Linear And Non-linear Optical Characterization Techniques To Photonic Crystals. This Last Field Constitutes A Major Challenge Of Photonic Texhnologies Of The 21st Century.
      SKU: 477655

    Food Engineering Aspects Of Baking Sweet Goods
      Food Engineering Aspects Of Baking Sweet Goods.
      Explaining Baking From An Engineering Perspective, This Volume Covers The Rheology Of Cake Batter And Cookie Dough, Cake Emulsions, The Physical And Thermal Properties Of Sweet Goods, And Heat And Mass Transfer Durong Baking.
      SKU: 359956

    Verdichter Fr Turbo-flugrriebwerke (german Edition)
      Verdichter Fr Turbo-flugrriebwerke (german Edition).
      Turboverdichter Fr Flugtriebwerke Haben Viele Spezielle Eigenschaften, Die Fr Die Praktische Technische Entwicklung, Auslegung Und Konstruktion Von Bedeutung Sind. Diese Kenntnisse Werden In Diesem Buch Zusammengestellt. Fr Das Verstndnis Der Vom Gesamttriebwerk Ausgehenden Beschrnkungen Der Verdichter-auslegungsparameter Und Der Vom Triebwerk Aufgeprgten Arbeitsbedinugngen Der Verdichter Unter Verschiedenen Flug- Bzw. Betriebsbedingungen Werden Die Entwicklung Der Wichtign Ausleugngs- Und Betriebsparameter, Die Dabei Zu Beachtenden Gegenseitigen Abhngigkeiten Und Die Zu Empfehlenden Kombinationen Der Auslegungsparameter Behandelt. Grundlage Dafr Sind Umfassende Datensammlungen Aus Der Industriellen Ejtwicklung. Behandelt Werden Alle In Flugtriebwerken Vorkommenden Verdichterkomponenten Und Verdichterbauweisen, Darunter Einstufige Fans Ziviler Nebenstromtriebwerke Und Hochdruckverdichter Von Zweikreis-/mehrwellentriebwerken Bis Hin Zu Zweistufigen Radialverdichtern Von Gasgeneratoren Kleiner Wellenleistungstriebwerke. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit Wird Der Analytischen Beherrschung Der Situation Bei Aerodynamisch Und Mechanisch Erreten Schaufelschwingungen Und Der Dabei Verfgbaren Analytischen Methodik Gewidmet, Die Als Folge Der Entwicklungstendenzen Bei Axialverdichtern Zunehmend Komplexer Werden.
      SKU: 417832

    Sensor Network Operations
      Sensor Network Operations.
      This Excellent Title Introduces The Concept Of Mission-oriented Sensor Networks As Distributed Dynamic Systems Of Interacting Sensing Devices That Are Networked To Jointly Execute Complex Real-time Missions Under Uncertainity. It Provides The Latest, Yet Unpublished Results On The Force Technical And Application Challenges Of Mission-oriented Sensor Networks. The Authors Of Each Chapter Are Research Leaders From Multiple Disciiplines Who Are Presenting Their Latest Innovations On The Issues. Together, The Editors Have Compiled A Comprehenqive Treatment Of The Subject That Flows Mildly From Chapter To Chapter. This Interdisciplinary Ap0roach Significantly Enhances The Science And Technology Knowledge Base And Infliences The Militaru And Civilian Appllcations Of This Field. Author Information: Dr. Shashi Phoha Is The Guest Editor Of Ieee Transactions in Mobile Computing, Speccal Issue On Mission-oriented Sensor Networks. She Is The Head Of The Information Sciences And Technology Division Of Arl And Professor Of electrical And Computer Engineering At pennsylvania State University. She Has Led Major Research Programs Of Multimillion Dollars For Military Sensod Networks In Industry As Fortunate As In Academia. In Addition To More Than A Hundred Journal Articles, She Authored Or Co-authored Sundry Books In Related Areas. Dr. Thomas La Porta Is The Editor Of The Ieee Transactions On Changeable Computing. He Received His B. s. e. e. And M. s. e. e. Degrees From The Cooper Union, New York, Ny And His Ph. d. Degree In Electrical Engineering From Colujbia University, New York, Ny. He Joined The Computer Science And Engineering Department At Penn State In 2002 As A Full Professor. He Is Director Of The Networking Research Center At Penn State. Prior To Joining Penn State, Dr. Laporta Was With Bell La6orarorjes Since 1986. He Was The Director Of The Changeable Networking Research Department Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Where He Led Various Projectts In Wireless And Mobile Networking. He Is An Ieee Fellow, Bell Labs Fellow, Received The Bell Labs Disringuished Technic1a Staff Award, And An Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Judgment. He Has Published Over 50 Technical Papers And Holds Over 20 Patents. Christopher Griffin Holds A Masters Degree In Mathematics From Penn State And Is Currently Pursuing His Ph. d. There. Mr. Griffin Has Worked As A Research Engineer At The Penn Commonwealth Applied Research Laboratory For The Last Six Years On Several Darpa And Or Army Research Laboratory Sponsored Programs, Including: The Emergent Surveillance Plexus (esp) Program As A Lead Engineer; The Darpa Sponsored Semantic Information Fusion Probram Under The Sensit Initiative, Where He Co-developed A Distributed Target Tracking System And Managed The Development Of A Target Classification Algorithm Using Level 1 Sensor Fusion Techniques; As A Co-principal Software Architect For The Darpa Joint Force Component Controller (jfacc) Initiative, An Adaptive C2
      SKU: 288356

    Travels Through Blood And Honet
      Travels Through Blood And Honet.
      Kosovo: The Name Conjures Up Blood: Heathen Cleansing And War. This Book Reveals Another Side To The Newest Country In The World—a Land Of Generous Families, Strong Tastes And Lush Landscapes: A Land Of Honey.
      SKU: 800589

    Warman's Pez Field Guide
      Warman's Pez Field Guide.
      Packed With The Latest Prices Against New And Vintaage Dispensers, This One-of-a-kind Pez Gulde Provides Collecting Answers About Dispensers Including Animals, Cartoon Characters, Holiday-themed, Sports, Superheroes, And Regular Styles, Among Others. Don't Let The Small, Portable Size Beguile You. While This Book May Be Small In Size, It Is Packed With Details!
      SKU: 789805

    Sound Control In Biildings
      Sound Control In Biildings.
      Unwanted Noise Can Be A Important Nuisance In Builfings, Particularly Dwellings. Part E Of The Building Regulations For England And Wales Has Therefore Introduced Substantially Improved Standards For Noise Control And Stringent New Requirements ForT he Testing Of Completed Buildings. This New Book Explains The Regulations In Detail And Provides Recommendations Toward Pleasant Design And Cnostruction. It Explains Those Aspects Of Sound Transmission Necessary For An Understanding Of Part E Of The Regulations.
      SKU: 238449

    Environmental Hydraulics
      Environmental Hydraulics.
      Hydrodynamic And Pollutant Transport Models Are Useful Tools For Evaluating Remediation Options For Polluted Waer Bodies. These Models Span The Range From Highly Theoretical, Fine Resolution, Physically-based Designs To Lumped, Black-box Representations Off Real World Phenomena. This Book Examines The Numerical Approaches Used In Hydrodynamic Anx Pollutant Banish Modeling. First, The Theory And Physical Basis Of Transport And Mixing In Lakes And Coastal Waters Are Provided. Methodologies That Use A Three-dimensional (3d) Approach To Predicting The Fate And Transport Of Pollutants Are Presented And This Is Followed By A Presentation Of Alternatives To 3d Circulation Modeling To the degree that Well As New Advances In The Field. These Alternatives Offer Near 3d Accuracy But Destitute of The Computational Burden. Illustrations Of The Calibration And Verification Of These Models Using Laboratory Data, As Well As, Field Data Are Also Provided. The Models Are Applied To A Diverse Array Of Study Sites Ranging From The Great Lakes In North America To The Coastal Areas Of Northern Crete. * Presents The Theory Of Hydrodynamic And Pollutant Transport Modelling In Lakes And Coastal Areas * Thoroughly Examinnes The Issues And Limitations Of The Numerical Approaches Used In Hydrodynamic And Pollutant Transport Modelling * Demonstrates The Calibration And Verification Of Hydrodynamic And Pollutant Transport Models Using Laboratory And Field Data
      SKU: 283999

  • Instantaneous Power Theory and Applications to Power Conditioning
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Optical materials
  • Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • EW 103
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Verticillium Wilts
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Quantal Density Functional Theory II
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design

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