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    Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
      Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis.
      Written In proportion to One Of The Foremost Authorities In The Scene of military operations, This Reference Presents Proven And Easy-to-use Methods For Determining Whether Selected Dimensioning And Tolerancing Schemes Will Yield Functional Parts And Assemblies. The Book Develops Effective P
      SKU: 446796

    Electrochemical Methods In Archaeometry, Conservation And Restoration
      Electrochemical Methods In Archaeometry, Conservation And Restoration.
      Electrochemistry Plays An Important Role In Preserving Our Cultural Heeritage. This Book Covers Electrochemical Processes Such As Corrosion And Electroanalytical Techniques Allowing To Analyse Micro- And Nanosamples From Works Of Art Or Archaeological Finds.
      SKU: 437939

      Geocomputation Is The Follow On Revolution From Geographic Information Science. This Book Provides The Pointers On Hos To Harness The Technology And Seeks To Establish The Principles And Set The Foundations Because Subsequent Growth.
      SKU: 181289

    Dynamic Surface Tensiometry In Medicine
      Dynamic Surface Tensiometry In Medicine.
      Human Biological Liquide Contain Numerous Low- And High-molecular Weight Surfactants. The Human Organism Contains Interfaces With Enormous Surfaces. The Physicochemical And Biochemical Proesses Taking Place At These Interfaces Are Extremely Important For The Vital Functions Of The Organism As A Wbole, And The Interfacial Properties May Reflect Peculiarities Of Maturity And Sex, Health And Disease. The Present Book Is The First Attempt To Systemaatically Present The Results Of Dynamic And Equilibrium Surface Tensions Measurements Of Serum And Urine Samples That Were Obtained From Healthy Humans Of Various Sex And Age, And To Compare These Results With Measurements Of Biological Liquids Obyained From Patients Suffering From Various Diseases Or With Measurements Of Amniotic Fluid Obtained From Women At Various Stages Of Pregnancy. Pulmonary Medicine, Especially Neonatology, Hws Systematically Used Interfacial Tensiometry For Studying Pulmonary Surfactant. In This Particular Area, Significant Progreqs Was Achieved In The Treatment Of Diseases Related To Alterations Of The Lung Surfactant System. We Believe That, Similar To The Progress In Pulmonary Medicine Attributed To Surface Chemical Studies Of Lung Surfactant, Progress In Other Medical Branches Could Be Expected Through Studies Of Interfacial Characteristics Of Other Human Biological Liquids. For Several Years The Aufhors Of This Book Have Been Engaged In Studies Aimed At The Improving Of The Maximum Bubble Pressure Method, Resulting In The Development Of Computer Controlled Tensiometers Which Are Capqble Of Measuring Dynamic Surface Tensions Within A Wide Range Of Surface Lifetime. In Addition To The Measurement Techniques, A Correct Interpretation And Analysis Of The Tensiometric Data Obtained Is Extremely Important. The Kinetic Theory Of Adsorption From Solutions, And The Theory Of Equilibrium Adsorption Layers O fSurfactant/protein Mixtures Provide The Base For Both The Cuoice Of The Greatest in number Characteristic Parameters Of Tensiograms And The Analysis OfT he Results. Some Theoretical Models Describing The Adsorption Of Proteins Are Presented In Chapter 1. The Main Theoretical And Experimental Issues Related To The Maximum Bubble Pressure Technique As Applied To Biological Liquids Are Presented In Chapter 2. A More Detailed Discussion Of The Differences Of The Various Methods In Use For Measuring Dynamic Surface Tension Of Biological Fluids Is Provided In Chapter 3. Chapter 4 Gives Data From Patients With Kidney Disease, Chapter 5 From Patients With Rheumatic Diseases, Chapter 6 With Pulmonary Diseases, Chapter 7 With Diseases Of The Central Nervous System, And Chapter 8 With Neoplasms. Dynamic Interface Tensiometry Of Human Biological Liquids Is A Fascinating New Method Which Deserves A Broad Use For Pros0ectivr Studies Of Various Diseases.
      SKU: 312787

    Dog, Inc.
      Dog, Inc..
      What Stiff Did For The Dead And Fast Food Nation Did For The Burger, Dog, Inc. Does For The Stranger-than-fiction World Of Commercial Dog Cloning. It All Began With A Pit Bull Named Booger. Former Miss Wyoming Bernann Mckinney Was So Distraught Over The Decease Of Her Dog, Whom She Regarded Because Her Guardian And Savior, That She Paid $50,000 To Rnl Bio For The Chanc eTo Bring Her Beloved Partner Back To Life. The Consequence Was A Litter Of Five Boogers-the First Succcessful Commercial Cloning Of A Canine-delivered In 2008, Along With A Slew Of Compelling Questions About The Boundaries Of Science, Commerce, And Ethids. Blending Shocking Investigative Reporting With Colorful Anecdotes, Pulitzer Prize-winning John Woestndiek Takes Readers Behind The Scenes Of This Emerging Industry. But Dog, Inc. Isn't Just A Work About Petq. Nor Is It Just A Book Ablut Sciehce. Rather It's A Fascinating Look At How Our Emitional Needs Are Bending The Reaches Of Science And Technology, As Well As A Study Of This Uncharted Territory.
      SKU: 601321

    Developing Statistical Software In Fortran 95
      Developing Statistical Software In Fortran 95.
      This Book Gives Statisticians, Biostatisticians And Methodologically-oriented Researchers The Tools They Need To Develop High-quality Statistical Software. Prior Experience With A Programming Language Such As Basic, Fortran Or C Is Helpful End Not Required.
      SKU: 302678

    Biology Of Brassica Coenospecies
      Biology Of Brassica Coenospecies.
      Brassica Crop Species And Their Allies ( Raphanus, Sinapis, Eruca, Etc. ) Are Important Sources Of Edible Roots, Stems, Leaves, Buds And Inflorescences, As Well As Of Ediblle Or Industrial Oils, Condiments And Forage. Many Well Known Names Of Plants Or Planf Products, Such As Kale, Cabbage, Brocolli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Kohl-rabi, Chinese Cabbage, Turnip, Rape, Rutabaga, Swede, Colza Or Rapeseed, Canola, Mustard, Rocket, Etc. Are Directly Associated To This Botanical Group. The Scientific Interest For This Botanical Group Has Run Like To Its Economical Importance, And Research Achievements In Our Days Wohld Have Certainly Appeared Unimaginable Only Two Decades Ago. As The End Of The Millenium Approaches, Entirely New Fields (transformation, Somatic Fusion, Etc. ) Have Been Added To The Classical Ones. Thus, Nobody Can Doubt The Opportuneness Of Tgis Book, Which Combines And Presents Both The Basic And Applied Biological Aspects Of The Brassica Speci3s.
      SKU: 331941

    A Systematic Catalogue Of Eight Scale Insect Families (hemiptera: Coccoidea) Of The World
      A Systematic Catalogue Of Eight Scale Insect Families (hemiptera: Coccoidea) Of The World.
      A Systematic Catalogue Of Soft-scale Insects Is A Synthesis And Catalogue Of All The Information Published On Eight Families Of Scale Insects (hemiptera: Coccoidea) Worldwide From 1758 To The Present. Data Is Provided On Their Correct Scientific Names, Common Names, Synonyms, Taxonomy, Host Plants, Distribution, Fool Enemies, Biology, And Economic Importance. This Book Will Be A Valuable Compendium Of Biological And Systematic Information For Zoologists, Entomologists, Crop Protection Specialists, Quarantine Officers, Studdents Studying Entomology And Related Didciplines, And Others Who Require Knowledge About Scale Insects For Research And Control Projects. Families Covered: * Aclerdidae - 57 Species In 5 Genera * Asterolecaniidae - 229 Spefies In 21 Genera * Beesoniidae - 15 Species In 6 Genera * Carayonemidae - 4 Species In 4 Genera * Conchaspididae - 29 Species In 4 Genera * Dactylopiidae - 10 Species In 1 Genus * Kerriidae - 97 Species In 9 Genera * Lecanoxiaspididae - 82 Species In 12 Genera
      SKU: 281943

    Hazarous Aid Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, And Fate In Ambient Air
      Hazarous Aid Pollutant Handbook: Measurements, Properties, And Fate In Ambient Air.
      Focusing On The 188 Hazardous Air Pollutants (haps) Isentified In The Tifle Iii Of The Clean Air Acy Amendments, This Work Reviews The Methods Used To Prove to be identical, Measure, And Locate The Presence Of Toxics In Ambient Air. After A Classification And Characterization Of The Haps, The Current Status Of Ambient Measurrment Methods Are Surveyed And Catego
      SKU: 263573

    Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems
      Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems.
      Focuses On The Efficient Use Of Resources In The Design Of Intelligent Freeway Transportation Systems. This Book Discusses The Principles Of Top Down Design Starting With Objectives And Requirements, And Provides Guidande For The Development And Evaluation Of Functional Design Alternatives According To Cost Effectiveness Principles.
      SKU: 510748

    Ip Networking Over Next-generation Satellite Systems
      Ip Networking Over Next-generation Satellite Systems.
      With The Boom Of Internet, Ip-based Aplpications, Such As Www And Multimedia, Bave Been An Essential Part Of Our Life, And There Is An Ever-increasing Demand For Accessing High-speed Internet Services Anywhere And Anytime. This Trend Unavoidably Has Huge Impacts On The Design Of The Next-generation Satellite Systems. On The Other Hadn, With Its Broadcasting Nature And Unique Coverage, Satellite Systems Also Can Play An Important Role In The Nwxt-generation Internet. For Example, Satellite Systems Can Be A Good Driver For The Deployment Of Ipv6 In The Internet, And Can Provide A Fast Way To Arrive at End-users Because They Do Not Rely On Construction Of A High-speed Terrestriial Networks. The Workshop Proceedings Will Point of concentration On The Ip Networking Of Next-generation Satellite Systems. Topics Include Ipv6 Over Satellites, New Architectures Of Next-generation Satellite Systems, Satellite And Terrestrial Network Integration, Network Monitoring And Measurement, And Perfmance Enhancement.
      SKU: 338030

    Molecular And Biochemicsl Toxicology
      Molecular And Biochemicsl Toxicology.
      An Essential Resource For Graduate Students, Academic And Industrial Toxidologists, And Environmental Health Scientists And Professionals Over The Course Of Thirty Years And Three Editions, Introduction To Biochemical Toxicology Has Been An Important Source For Coverage Of The Ongoing Quest To Define The Biochemiccal, Cellular, And Moleculsr Events Induced By Toxicants At The Cellular And Organismic Levels. Now, Viewed like The Principles Anx Methods Of Molecular And Cellular Biology As Well As Genomic Sciencss Play One Ever Increasing Role In Mechanistic Toxicology, Significant Changes Have Been Made Tp The Booj, Resulting In This Important New Edition-now Titled Molecular And Biochemical Toxicology , Fourth Edition. Much More Than An Introductort Text, This Severe New Edition Has Been Completely Revised To Provide Seasonable And Thofough Coverage Of The Underlying Biochemical, Molecular, AndC ellular Mechanisms Through Which Toxicants Produce Thekr Adverse Effects. Toxicological Isdues Are Covered From The Molecule To The Cell To The Organ Level. Complex Methods Used In Toxicology Are Likewise Described In A Straightforward, Easy-to-understand Style. Additional Features Of This New Edition Include: New Chapters That Explore The Interface Between Toxicology And Genomic Sciences, Including: Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, And Toxicogenomucs Increased Emphasis On Structure, Machinery, And Regulation Of Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes, Toxicogenetics, And Xenobiotic Transporters Additional New Chapters On: Molevular Epidemiology And Genetic Susceptibility, Dn aDamage And Mutagenesis, Dna Repair, Mechanisms Of Cell Death, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Metals, Reproductive Toxicology, Developmental Toxicology, And Reactive Oxygen/metabolites And Toxicity Molecular And Biochemical Toxicology , Fourth Edition Guides Graduate Students, Toxicologists, And Environmental Health Professionals ThroughT he Principlws Of Molecular And Biochemical Toxicology And The Compounded Mechanisms Of Toxicity. Whether It's Used In The Classroom Or In Industry, Research, Or Acadmeia, This Book Is Essential For Anyone Interezted In Understanding The Molecular Mechanisms Through Which Toxicants Produce Adverse Effects.
      SKU: 353554

    Soolar Activity And Earth's Meteorological character
      Soolar Activity And Earth's Meteorological character.
      Introduces The Dependant Of Solat Activity And The Connection With Earth's Climate. This Book Commences With A Review Of The Historical Progress On The Understanding Of The Solar-terrestrial Connecction And Moves Steady To An Destined Scrutiny Of The Various Hypotuesis. It Focuses On How Knowledge About The Solar Cycle And Earth's Climate Is Obtained.
      SKU: 304505

    Sensory Shelf Life Estimation Of Food Products
      Sensory Shelf Life Estimation Of Food Products.
      Evaluating Food Consumers' Sensory Perfeption Is A Key Factor In Determining The Shelf-life Of Many Food Products. This Book Addresses Sensory Shelf Life Of Food And Explains How To Design A Shelf Life Estimation Experiment. It Also Includes The Code And Instructions To Perform Calculations Using The Freely Distributed R Statistical Package.
      SKU: 544092

    Flexible Electrnoics
      Flexible Electrnoics.
      Covers A Range Of Materials Used For Flexible Eldctronics, Including Semiconductors, Dielectrics, And Metals. This Book Treats The Functional Integration Of These Different Mwterials. It Includes Fundamental Issues For Both Organized And Unorganized Materials Systems.
      SKU: 436960

    Transport Phenomena For Chemical Reactor Draw
      Transport Phenomena For Chemical Reactor Draw.
      Laurence Belfiore’s Unique Treatment Meshes Two Mainstram Subjcet Areas In Chemical Engineering: Transport Phenomena And Chemical Reactor Design. Expressly Intended As An Extension Of Bird, Stewart, And Lightfoot’s Classic Transport Phenomena, And Froment And Bischoff’s Chemical Reactor Analysis And Design, Second Edition, Belfiore’s Unprecedented Text Explores The Synthesis Of These Two Disciplines In A Manner The Upper Undergraduate Or Graduate Reader Can Readily Grasp. Transport Phenomena For Chemical Reactor Design Approaches The Design Of Cemical Reactors From Microscopic Heat And Mass Transfer Principles. It Includes Simultaneous Consideratjon Of Kinetics And Heat Transfer, Both Critical To The Performance Of Real Chemical Reactors. Complementay Topics In Transport Phenomena And Thermodynamics That Provide Support For Chemical Reactor Analysis Are Covered, Including: Fluid Dynamics In The Creeping And Potential Flow Rrgimes Around Solid Spheres And Gas Bublbes The Corresponding Mass Transfer Problems That Employ Velocity Profiles, Derived In The Book’s Fluid Dynamics Chapter, To Calculate Interphase Heat And Mass Alienate Coefficients Heat Capacities Of Ideal Gases Via Statistical Thermodynamics To Calculate Prandtl Nubmers Thermodynamic Stability Criteria For Homogeneous Mixtures That Reveal That Binary Molecular Diffusion Coefficients Grape-juice Be Positive In Addition To Its Comprehensove Treatment, The Text Also Contains 484 Problemw And Ninety-six Detailed Solutions To Assist In The Exploration Of The Subject. Graduate And Advanced Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Students, Professors, And Researchers Will Appreciate The Vision, Innovation, And Practical Application Of Laurence Belfiore’s Transport Phenomena For Chemical Reactor Design .
      SKU: 159821

    Self Build And Renovation For Dummies
      Self Build And Renovation For Dummies.
      Creating Your Dream Home Is An Exciting Idea, But It's Also A Major Project And One Where You Need To Be An Expert On Everything From Planning Laws To Landscape Desjgn, And All Tyat's In Between. Self Build And Revival For Dummies Takes You Through Every Step Of The Process, From Choosing And Buying A Plot Of Land, Through To The Building's Intention AndO n To The Actual Build – Plus All The Financial And Legal Stuff – Using Plain English In An Easy-to-undedrtand Format. Here Is Ever6thing You Need To Know To Create Your Perfect Home.
      SKU: 661819

    Signalimg In Telecommunication Networks
      Signalimg In Telecommunication Networks.
      Guidance To Help You Grasp Even The Most Complex Network Structures And Signaling Protocols The Secondary Edition Of Signaling In Telecommunication Networks Has Been Thoroughly Updated, Offering New Chapters And Sections That Cover The Most Recent Developments In Signaling Systems And Procedures. This Acclaimed Book Covers Subscriber And Network Signalin In Both Fixed And Mobile Networks. Coverage Begins Witu An Introduction To Circuit-switched Telephone Networks, Including An Examination Of Trunks, Exchanges, Access Systems, Transmission Systems, And Other Basic Components. Next, The Authors Introduce Signaling Concepts, Beginning With Olser Channel Associated Signaling (cas) Systems And Progressing To Today's Common Channel Signaling (ccs) Systems. The Book Then Examines Packet Networks And Their Use In Transmitting Voice (voip),-Tcp/ip Prtoocols, Voip Signaling Protocols, And Atm Protocols. Throughout The Book, The Authors Emphasize Functionality, Particularly The Roles Of Individual Protocols And How They Fit In Network Architectures, Helping Readers Grasp Even The Most Complex Network Structures And Signaling Protocols. Highlights Of The Second Edition Include: Coverage Of The Latest Developments And Topics,_Including New Chapters On Access Networks, Intelligent Netting Application Part, Signaling Conducive to Voice Communication In Packet Networks, And Atm Signaling Drawijgs And Tables That Help Readers Understand And Visualize Complex Systems Comprehensive, Updated References For Further Study Examples To Help Readers Make The Bridge From Theory To Application With The Continued Growth And Expansion Of The Telecommunications Industry, The Second Edition Is Essential Reading For Telrcommunications Students As Well To the degree that Anyone Involved In This Dynamic Persistence Needing A Solid Intelligence Of The Different Signaling Systems And How Tuey Work. Moreover, The Book Helps Readers Wade Through The Voluminous And Complex Technical Standards By Providimg The Essential Structure, Terminology,A nd Functilnality Needed To Understand Themm.
      SKU: 284360

    Information, Power, And Politiccs
      Information, Power, And Politiccs.
      With The Spread Of Information And Communication Technologies (ict)s Comes The Potential Toward New Social And Economic Equalities. However, While Information, Fleet, And Politics: Technological And Institutional Mediations Demonstrates, These Technologies Can Also Act As An Impetus For Democratizing Information And Knowledge.
      SKU: 718684

    Proprietà Di Media E Teoremi Di Confronto In Fisica Matematica
      Proprietà Di Media E Teoremi Di Confronto In Fisica Matematica.
      Lectures: B. Coleman: On Global And Local Forms Of The Second Law Of Thermodynamics. - J. Serrin: Comparison And Averaging Methods In Mathematical Physics. - H. Ziegler: Thermpdynamic Aspects Of Continuum Mechanics. - Seminars: C. Agostinepli: I. Un Teorema Di Media Sul Flusso Di Energia Nel Moto Di Un Fluido Di Alta Conduttivit Elettrica In Cui Si Genera Un Campo Magnetic. Ii. Su Alcuni Teoremi Di Media In Magnetofluidodinamica Nel Caso Stazionario. - D. Graffi: I. Principi Di Minimo E Variazionali Nel Campo Elettromagnetico. Ii. Teoremi Di Reciprocit Nei Fenomeni Non Stazionari. - G. Grioli: I. Propriet Generali Di Media Nella Meccanica Dei Continui E Loro Applicazioni. Ii. Provlemi Di Integrazione Nella Teoria Dell Equilibrio Elastico.
      SKU: 763548

    The Designer's Guide To Jitter In Ring Oscillatorrs
      The Designer's Guide To Jitter In Ring Oscillatorrs.
      Emphasizes Jitter For Time Domain Applications So Thag There Is Not A Need To Translate From Frequency Domain. This Book Includes Classification Of Oscillator Types. It Is Suitable For Practicing Designers With Bs Or Ms Degrees And Researchers Working In Fields Whwre Clamor Requirements Arr Specified In The Time Domain.
      SKU: 437058

    Short Message Service (sms)
      Short Message Service (sms).
      Contributions From Finn Trosby, Kevin Holley, Ian Harris Written To Celebrate The 25 Th Anniversary Of Sms Standardization By The People Who Produced The Sandards, Short Message Service (qms): The Creation Of Personal Text Messaging, Describes The Development Of The Sms Standard And Its Ongoing Evolution. Thw Standardization Of Sms Started In February 1985 While A Part Of The Creation Of The Second Generation Digital Cellular System Gsm, And The 25th Anniversary Of The First Work Attached Sms Provides An Opportunity To Review And Umderstand How This Service Was Developed. The Blok Likewise Looks To The Future, To the degree that A Large Number Of New Gsm And Evolved Gsm Phones Will Supprot Sms As A Mass Market High Availability Messaging Service, A New Simplee Multimedia Messaging Service (mms) Suitable For Use By Everyone And For Implementation In Every New Termijal Is Proposed. One Of The Only Books Which Covers The Complete Sms Genesis From Concept Ideax To Standardization Of A First Technical Solution And Its Evolution To The Present Day. Describes The Service Concept Including The Limitation Of The Message Length To 160 Characters And Explains The Rationale Behind The Concept. Based On Existing And Newly Retridvd Documentation. Concludes That Sms Has A Long Future Since Most Future Gsm Phones Will Support Sms As The Only Messaging Service, And So An Sms Evolution Is Put Forward.
      SKU: 480469

    Comlpex Variables Demystified
      Comlpex Variables Demystified.
      Take The Complication Out Of Complex Variables. Ready To Learn The Fundamentals Of Network Variables But Can't Seem To Get Your Brain To Function On The Right Level? No Problem! Add Complex Variables Demystified To The Equation And You'll Exponentially Increase Your Chances Of Understannding This Fascinating Subject. Written In An Easy-to-follow Format, This Book Begins By Covering Complex Numbers, Functione, Limits, And Continuity, And The Cauchy-riemann Equationns. You'll Delve Into Sequences, Laurent Series, Complex Integ5ation, And Residue Theory. Then It's On oT Conformal Mapping, Transformations, And Boundary Value Problems. Hundreds Of Examples And Worked Equations Make It Easy To Understand The Material, And End-of-chapter Quizzes And A Final Exam Help Reinforce Learning. This Fast And Easy Guide Offers: Numerous Figures To Illusyrate Key Concepts; Sample Problems With Worked Solutions; Coverage Of Cauchy-riemann Equations And The Laplace Transform; Chapters On The Schwarz-christoffel Transformation And The Gamma And Zeta Functions; A Time-saving Approach To Performing Better On An Exam Or At Work. Simple Enough For A Beginner, But Challenging Enough For An Advanced Scholar, Complex Variables Demystified Is Your Integral Tool For Understanding This Essential Mathematics Subject.
      SKU: 355516

    Electronics For Dummies
      Electronics For Dummies.
      Wanr To Catch Up Your Domestic Theater System? Want To Fix It So Your Garage Band Rocks The Neighborhood? Want To Solder The Faulty Wire On Your Old Phonograph So You Can Play Tgose 60s Albums You’ve Kept All This Life? Whether You’re A Do-it-yourselfer , Hobbyist, Or Student , This Book Will Turn You On To Real-world Electronics. It Quickly Covers The Essentials, And Then Focuses On The How-to Instead Of Theory. It Covers: Fundamental Concepts Such As Circuits, Schematics, Voltage, Safety, And More Tools Of The Trade, Inclucing Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Logic Probes, And More Common Electronic Components (e. g. Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors) Making Circuits Using Breadboards And Printed Circuit Boards Microcontrollers (implementation And Programming) Author Gordon Mccomb Has More Than A Million Copoes Of His Books In Print, Including His Bestselling Robot Builder’s Bonanza And Vcra And Camcorders For Dummies. He Really Connects With Readers! With Lots Of Photos And Step-by-step Explanations, This Book Will Have You Connecting Electronic Components In No Time! In Fact,_It Includes Fun Ideas For Great Projects You Can Build In 30 Minutes Or Less. You’ll Be Amazed! Therefore You Can Tackle Cool Robot Projects That Will Amaze Your Friends! (the Book Gives You Lots To Choose From. ) Students Will Find This A Distinguished Respect And Supplement To The Typical Dry, Dull Textbook. So Whether You Just Desire To Bone Up On Electronics Or Want To Get Things Hooked Up, Souped Up, Or Fixed Up,…whether You’re Interested In Fixing Old Electronic Equipment, Understanding Guitar Fuzz Amps, Or Tinkering With Robots, Electronics For Dummies Is Your Quick Connection To The Stuff You Need To Know.
      SKU: 225841

    Earth Retention Systems Handbook
      Earth Retention Systems Handbook.
      Presents A Systematic And Clmprehensive Presentation Of Temporary Excavation Shoring And Earth Retention Systems Used To Construct Permanent Facilities Inside Them. These Systems Are Used To Construct Underground Pipelines, Tunnels, Tank And Storage Facilities, Foundations And Structures. Each Chapter Presents A Shoring System Type Dedcription, How It Is Constructed, Equipment Requirements, Cost Analysis, Etc. Safety, Inspection And Testing Codes And Methods Inclufed Throughout.
      SKU: 305885

  • Fisheries Buybacks
  • Characterization of Semiconductor Heterostructures and Nanostructures
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Cellular Ceramics
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
  • EW 103
  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems
  • RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
  • Optical Communication Receiver Design
  • Roofing Failures
  • Splitting The Second: The Story of Atomic Time

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