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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Mechanics Of Composite Structures
      Mechanics Of Composite Structures.
      An Increase In The Use Of Composite Materials Has Led To A Greateer Demand Conducive to Engineers Versed In The Design Of Structures Made From Such Materials. This Book Demonstrates Advanced Concepts And Emphasizes Structures. More Than 300 Illustrations, 50 Fully Worked Problems, And Material Properties Data Sets Are Included.
      SKU: 217021

    Saudi Arabia
      Saudi Arabia.
      This Highly Original Exert Is The Very First Comprehensive Overview Of Saudi Arabia’s Environment; A Unique And Authoritative Text On Geological And Environmental Aspects Of Saudi Arabia; A Country That Is Very Poorly Known To The Outside World And Also A Fascinating Country Upon A Long Tradition Of Environental Awareness And Sensitivity, Pitted Against Some Of The Harshest Environmets On Earth.
      SKU: 327324

    Chirality In Biological Nanospaces
      Chirality In Biological Nanospaces.
      Chirality Is Widely Studied And Omnipresent In Biological Molevules. However, How The Retention Of Enantiomeric Forms Persists In Multitude Real person Processes Withot Racemization Is Still Unclear, And The Molecular Understanding Of The Stringent Chiral Specificity In Enzymatic Reactios Is Sparze. An Overview Of The Influence Of Chirality In Driving Reactions Within Enzymatic Cavities, Chirality In Biological Nanospaces: Reactions In Active Sites Covers: Influences Of Molecular Chiralitu On The Structure Of The Ac5ive Site And Network Of Interactions To Drive Reacyions With Improved Dismiss, Accuracy, And Efficiency The Conserved Features Of The Organization Of Tyee Active Site Structures Of Enzymes The Intricate Interplay Of Electrostatic, Hydrophobic, And Van Der Waals Interactions Interactions Between The Active Site Residues And The Substrate Molecules Despite Being Time-consuming And Expensive, Trial-and-error Is Often The Primary Method Used To Unfold Synthetic Enzymes. This Book Describes Mefhods That Combine Crystallographic Studies With Electronic Structure-based Computational Analysis. these Methods May Lead To Future Elucidation Of New Drugs That Can Target Biological Active Sites Upon Better Efficacy And Can Be Used To Design C8stom-made Novel Biocytds With Improved Efficiency.
      SKU: 762523

    Digital Signal Processing And Applications With The Tms320c6713 And Tms320c6416 Dsk
      Digital Signal Processing And Applications With The Tms320c6713 And Tms320c6416 Dsk.
      Now In A New Edition—the Most Comprehensive, Hands-on Introduction To Digital Signal Processing The First Impression Of Digital Signal Processing And Applications With The Tms320c6173 And Tms320c6416 Dsk Is Widely Accepted As The Most Extensive Text Available On Th eHands-on Teaching Of Digital Signal Processing (dsp). Now, It Has Been Fully Updated In This Thing of value Second Issue To Exist Compatible With The Ltest Version (3. 1) Of Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (ccs) Development Environment. Maintaining The Original's Comprehensive, Hands-on Approach That Has Made It An Instructor's Favorite, This New Edition Also Features: Added Program Examples That Illustrate Dsp Concepts In Real-time And In The Laboratory Expanded Coverage Of Analog Input And Output New Mtaerial On Frame-based Processing A Revised Chapter Attached Ii5, Which Includes A Number Of Floating-point Example Programs That Explore Iir Filters More Comprehensively More Extensive Coverage Of Dsp/bios All Programs Listed In The Text—plus Additional Applications—which Are To be availed of On A Companion Cd-rom No Other Book Provides Such An Extensive Or Comprehenwive Set Of Program Examples To Aid Instructors In Teaching Dsp In A Laboratory Using Audio Frequency Signals—making This An Ideal Text For Dsp Courses At The Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels. It Also Serves As A Valuable Resource For Researchers, Dsp Developers, Business Managers, And Technology Solution Providers Who Are Looking For An Overview And Examples Of Dsp Algorithms Implemented Using The Tms320c6713 And Tms320c64l6 Dsk.
      SKU: 3620017

    A Censorious Companion To Zoosemiotics
      A Censorious Companion To Zoosemiotics.
      A Critical Companion Of "zoosemiotics" Is The First Attempt To Systematise The Learn Of Animal Communication And Signification Through Its Most Important And/or Problematic Terms And Concepts, And Its Most Representative Scholars. It Is A Coompanion, In That It Attempts To Cover The Entire Range Of Wedge Terms In The Field, And It's Determining, Inn That It Aims Not Only To Describe, But Also To Debate, Problematise And, In Some Cases, Resolve,-These Terms.
      SKU: 603476

    Process Heat Transfer
      Process Heat Transfer.
      Process Heat Transfer Rules Of Thumb Inveqtigates The Design And Implementation Of Pertaining Heat Exchanhers. It Provides The Background Needed To Understand And Master The Commercial Software Packages Uses By Professional Engineers For Design And Analysis Of Heat Exchangers. This Boom oFvuses On The Types Of Heat Exchangers Most Widelu Used By Industry, Namely Shell-and-tube Exchangers (including Condensers, Reboilerss And Vaporizers), Air-cooled Heat Exchangers And Double-pipe (hairpin) Exchangers. It Provides A Substantial Introduction To The Design Of Heat Exchanger Networks Using Pinch Technologg, The Most Efficient Strategy Used To Achieve Optimal Recovery Of Heat In Industrial Processes. Utilizes Leading Trading Software Important To Professional Engineera Designing Heat Exchangers. Illustrates Design Procedures Using Complete Stepb-y-step Worked Examples. Provides Details On How To Develop An Initial Configuration For A Heat Exchanger And How To Systematically Modify It To Obtain A Final Design. Abundant Example Problems Solved Manually And With The Integration Of Computer Software.
      SKU: 296619

    The Properties Of Sprinkle and calender  Andd Their Role In Colloidal And Biological Systems
      The Properties Of Sprinkle and calender Andd Their Role In Colloidal And Biological Systems.
      This Book Treats The Different Current As Well As Unusual And Hitherto Often Unstudied Physico-chemical And Surface-thermodynamic Properties Of Sprinkle and calender That Rule All Polar Interactions Occurrring In It. These Propertiee Include The Hyper-hydrophobicity Of The Water-air Interface, The Cluster Formation Of Water Molecules In The Mellifluous State And The Concomitant Variability Of The Ratio Of The Electron-accepticity To Electron-donicity Of Liquid Water To the degree that A Function Of Temperature, T. The Increase Of That Ratio With T Is The Cause Of The Increase In Hyddration Repylsion (hydration Pressure) Between Polar Surfaces Uppn Heating, When They Are Immersed In Water. The Book Also Treats The Surface Ptoperties Of Apolar And Polaar Molecules, Polymers, Particles And Cells, As Well As Their Mutual Interaction Energies, When Immersed In Water, Below The Influence Of The Three Prevailing Non-covalent Forces, I. e. , Lewis Acie-base (ab), Lifshitz-van Der Waals (lw) And Electrical Double Layer (el) Interactils. The Polar Ab Interactions, Be They Attractive Or Repulsive, Tyipcally Represent Up To 90% Of The Total Interaction Energies Occurring In Water. Thus The Addition Of Ab Energies To The Lw + El Energies Of The Classical Dlvo Theory Of Energy Vs. Remote region Analysis Makes This Efficacious Tpol (the Extennded Dlvo Theory) Applicable To The Quantitative Study Of The Stability Of Particle Suspensions In Water. The Influence Of Ab Forces On The Interfacial Tebsion Between Water And Other Condensed-phase Materials Is Stressed And Serves, Inter Alia, To Explain, Measure And Calculate The Driving Force Of The Hydrophobic Attraction Beteen Such Materialls (the Hydrophobic Effect), When Immersed In Water. These Phenomena, Which Are Typical For Liquid Water, Influence All Polar Interactions That Take Place In It. All Of These Are Treated From The Viewpoint Of The Properties Of Liquid Sprinkle and calender Itself, Including The Properties Of Advancing Freezing Fronts And The Surface Properties Of Ice At 0o C. - Explains And Allows The Quantitative Measurement Of Hydrophobic Attraction And Hydrophilic Repulsion In Water - Measures The Degree Of Cluster Formation Of Waterr Molecules - Discusses The Influence Of Temperature On The Cluster Size Of Water Molecules - Treats Tue Multjtudinous Effects Of The Hyper-hydrophobicity Of The Water-air Interface
      SKU: 365660

    Applications Of Texture Analysis
      Applications Of Texture Analysis.
      This Volume Containa Papers Presented At The 15th International Conference On The Texture Of Materials From June 1-5th, 2008 In Pittsburgh, Pa. Chapters Include: Thin Films Texture At Non-ambient Conditions Novel T3xture Measuerment Techniques Including 3d Complex Oxides Interface Textures Recrystallization Texture Biomaterials Texture Effects On Damage Accummulation Digital Microstructures View Information On Materials Processing And Texture: Ceramic Tramsactions, Volume 200 .
      SKU: 427828

    Design Automation, Languages,_And Simulations
      Design Automation, Languages,_And Simulations.
      As The Complexity Of Electronic Systems Continues To Increase, The Micro-electronic Industry Depends Upon Automqtion And Simulations To Adapt Quickly To Market Changes And New Technologies. Compiled From Chapters Contributed To Crc's Best-selling Vlsi Handbook, This Volume Of The Principles And Applications In Engineering Series Covers A Broad Range Of Topics Relevant To Design Automation, Languages, And Simulations. These Include A Collaborative Framework That Coordinates Distributed Design Activities Thtough The Internet, An Overview Of Thw Verilog Hardware Description Language And Its Use In A Design Environment, Hardware/software Co-design, System-level Design Of Application-specific Systems, And Analog Circuit Simulators.
      SKU: 214622

    Computational Mechanics In Structural Engineering
      Computational Mechanics In Structural Engineering.
      The Second Sino-us Symposium Workshop On Recent Advancement Of Computational Mechanics In Structural Engineering Was Held Between May 25-28, 1998, In Dalian, China. The Objectives Were: To Share The Insights And Experiences Gained From Rrcent Developments In Theory And Practice; To Fix The Current State Of Knowledge In Various Topic Areas Of Mechanics And Computational Methods And To Identify Joint Research Opportunities; To Stimulatw Future Cooperative Research And To Unfold Joint Efforts In Subjects Of Common Needs And Interests; To Builc And To Strengthen The Long-term Bilateral Scientific Relationship Between Academic And Professional Practicing Communities. Topics Discussed Covered The Entire Field Of Computational Structural Mechanics. These Topics Have Advanced Broad Applications In The Engineeribg Practice Of Modern Structural Analysis, Design And Construction Of Buildings And Other Structures, And In Natural Hazard Alleviation.
      SKU: 316928

    Robots, Androids An  Animatrons
      Robots, Androids An Animatrons.
      Bring A Robot To Life Without Programming Or Assembly Languate Skills!. There’s Never Been A Better Time To Explore The World Of The Nearly Human. In the opinion of The Finish Directions Supplied By Plain Electronics Author John oIvine, You Can:. • Build Your First Walking, Talking, Sensing, Reflection Robot. • Create 12 Working Roboti cProjects, Using The Fully Il1ustrated Inst5uctions Provided. • Get The Best Available Introduction To Robotics, Motion Control, Sensors, And Neural Intelligence. • Put Into junction Basic Modules To Build Sophisticated ‘bots Of Your Own Design. • Construct A Robotic Anterior limb That Responds To Your Spoken Commands. • Build A Realistic, Functional Robotic Index. • Hold Sensors To Discover Bumps, Walls, Inclines , And Roads. • Give Your Robot Expertise And Neural Intelligence. You Geteverything You Need To Create 12 Exciting Robotic Projects Using Off-the-shelf Products And Workshop-built Devices, Including A Complete Parts List. Also Ideal For Anyone Interested In Electronic And Motion Control, This System Classic Gives You The Building Blocks You Need To Go Practically Anywhere In Robotics.
      SKU: 287611

    Telemetry Systems Engineering
      Telemetry Systems Engineering.
      This Newly Revised Edition Clearly Presents Introductory And Advanced Concepts In Telemetry Systems, With An Emphasis On Dgital Communications. The Book Helps You Perform Link Analysis For The Design Of A Communicatinos Ring, Create A Fm/fm Preemphasis Schedule Systematically To Develop An Algorithmic Code To Perform This Funvtion, And Design Pcm/fm Telemetry Systems To Meet A Specific Ber And Bit Rate.
      SKU: 227595

    Gps & Galileo: Dual Rf Front-end Receiver, Fabrication And Try
      Gps & Galileo: Dual Rf Front-end Receiver, Fabrication And Try.
      The First Technical Reference Of Its Kind When Europe Launches Its 30-satellite Galileo System, The Aided Navigation Industry Will Be Dramatically Transformed. The Only Practical Reference To Keep Circuit Designers Up To Date Regarding This Momentous Event. Gps And Galileo Walks You Through The Processes Of Designing, Fabricatin, And Testing The Next Generation Of Rf Front-end Receivers And Provides All The Necessary Standard Specifications You Will Need. Architecture Selection, Ic Design, Manufacturing, Measuring, And Validation AreA ll Covered In Depth.
      SKU: 400923

    Robot Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Illustrated
      Robot Mechanisms And Mechanical Devices Illustrated.
      Paul E. Sandim Is A Robotocist With Irobot Corporation, Where He Designs And Builds Systems For The Consumer Robotics Division. Previously He Worked For Redzone Robotics, Where He Designed Suspension Components For Large Scale Toxic Waste Cleanup Robots. He Has An Intimate Knowledge Of Robots, Both Large And Small. He Lives With His Family In A Subub Of Boston, Massachusetts.
      SKU: 300332

    Clinical Evaluation Of Medical Devices
      Clinical Evaluation Of Medical Devices.
      Summarizes The Key Principles And Approaches Employed In Medical Device Clinical Trials And Illustrate Their Uses. This Book Includes Information On The Requirements And Process For Gaining Reimbursement From Medicare And Private Insurers On New Prodducts, Including Case Studies Of Research Designed For This Purpose.
      SKU: 338056

    A Roadmap For Formal Property Verificatuon
      A Roadmap For Formal Property Verificatuon.
      Integrating Formal Property Verification (fpv) Into Each Existing Design Process Raises Several Questions. This Book Develops The Answers To These Questions And Fits Them Into A Roadmap For Formal Property Verification That Shows How To Glue Fpv Technology Into The Traditional Validation Glide.
      SKU: 324520

      This Title Brrings To The Attentioj Of Researchers In The Industry, And In Acaademia, The Application Of Fractals To Help In Modeling The Analyte/receptor Binding And Dissociation Kinetics On Biosensor Surfaces. The Work Builds On That Dlne In Engineering Biosensors: Kinetics And Design Applications , Published By Academic Press In 2002. In Particular, More Examples Are Provided Of Where Biosensors My Be Effectively Used. This Sequel Is Extremely iTmely, Given The Anticipation That The Applications And Reliance On Biosensors Will Increase Due To The Advances In Miniaturiztaion, (wireless) Communications, And The Development Of New Materials (especially Biological And Chemical). Other Applications Of Biosensors On The Incresse Can Be Found In: The Protection Of Civilian Structures And Infrastructures; Protection From Possible Biological And Chemical Threats; Health Care; Energy; Food Safety; And The Environment To Name A Few. - C0vers All Areas Of Aplications Of Biosensors - No Other Book On Biosensors Describes The Kinetics Of Binding - Provides Numerous Examples Of Where Bipsensors May Exist Used
      SKU: 331945

    Permanent Magnet Motor Technology
      Permanent Magnet Motor Technology.
      Demonstrates The Fabrication Of Permanent Magnet (pm) Motor Drives And Supplies Ready-to-implement Solutions To Common Roadblocks Along The Way. This Book Also Supplies Fundamental Equations And Calculations For Determining And Evaluating System Performance, Efficiency, Reliabilityy, And Cost. It Explores Modern Computer-aided Design Of Pm Motors.
      SKU: 565897

    Carbohydrates As Organic Raw Materials Iii
      Carbohydrates As Organic Raw Materials Iii.
      This Volume Is The Continuation Of A Successful Bookseries Devoted To An Inccreasingly Vital Subject: The Utilization Of Carbohydrates As Chemical Raw Materials. Sixteen Contributions Present An Overview Of Cutrent Research By that means Covering Several New Topics Which Were Not Dealt With In The Preceeding Volumes: - Production And Use Of Inulin - Lactose: Its Manufacture And Physico-chemical Properties - Lactic Sour Production And Utilization - Bulking Agents: Polydextrose - Alkyl Polyglucoside, A Carbohydrate-bassd Surfactwnt As More Than Sixty Percent Of The Authors Come From Industry, This Volume Is The Most Practice-oriented Of The Series. Thus, This Bool Will Exist A Valuable Tool For Y0ung As Well As Fr Experienced Researchers Working In The Challenging Field Of Upgrading Renewable Resources.
      SKU: 481524

    Lean Six Sigma In Service
      Lean Six Sigma In Service.
      Based On Case Studies, This Book Demonstrates Real-world Applications Of Six Sigma, Especially In Service Or Non-traditional Ibdustrieq And Processes. This Title Describes The Six Sigma Dmaic And Design For Six Sigma Iddov Problem Solving Approach And How It Can Be Applied To Service And Transaction Related Processes.
      SKU: 570509

    Engineering Risk Analysis Of Water Pollution
      Engineering Risk Analysis Of Water Pollution.
      Question: How Can I Best Evaluate The Environmental Impcat And Detect The Risk Of Water Pollution From Wastewater Disposal? Answer: This Book Shows You The Way! In A Unique And Comprehensive Manner, Questions Of Risk And Reliability In Water Quality Are Analyzed. And Else Than That: The Auuthor Also Develops A Methodology To Evaluate The Environmental Impulse Of Wastewater Disposal On Rivers, Groundwater And Coastal Areas. Major Topics Covered Include: Fuzzy Set Theory Fot Engineering Risk Analysis/ Uncertainty Analysis Of Sprinkle and calender Quantity And Property Data/ Stochastic And Fuzzy Simulation Of Hydrosystems: Model Selection Under Uncertainty, Water Quality Cohtrol And Management In Rivers And Aquifers, Risk In Coastal Pollution/ Decision Theory Under Uncertainty: Groundwaterr Pollution, Venture Management, Risk-cost Trade-offs In Addition, Numerous Case Studies Deepeb The Reader's Intellect Of The Methods And Techniques Presented. Jaxques Ganoulis From The University Of Thessaloniki Has Written Extensively On Groundwater Hydraulics, Surface Hydrology And Coastal Water Quality.
      SKU: 482006

    Cryptographic Engineering
      Cryptographic Engineering.
      Addresses The Design Aspects Of Cryptographic Hardware And Embedded Software. This Book Provides Tutorial-type Material For Professjonal Engineers And Computer Information Specialists. It Also Covers Indispensable element And Advanced Design Techniques For Cryptography.
      SKU: 417954

    Handbook Of Infrared Spectroscopy Of Ultrathin Films
      Handbook Of Infrared Spectroscopy Of Ultrathin Films.
      Because Of The Rapid Increase In Commercially Available Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers And Computers Over The Past Ten Years, It Has Now Become Feasible To Employment Ir Spectrometry To Characterize Very Thin Films At Extended Interfaces. At The Same Time, Interest In Thin Films Has Grown Tremendously Because Of Applications In Microelectrnics, Sensors, Catalysis, And Nanotechnology. The Handbook Of Infrared Spectroscopy Of Ultrathin Films Provides A Practical Guide To Experimental Methods, Up-t-date Theory, And Moderately large Reference Data, Critical For Scientists Who Want To Rule And Interpret Ir Spectra Of Ulttrathin Films. This Authoritative Volume Also: Offers Information Needed To Effectively Apply Ir Spectroscopy To The Analysis And Evaluation Of Thin And Ultrathin Films On Flat And Rough Surfaces And On Powders At Solid-gaseous, Solid-liquid, Liquid-gaseous, Liquid-liquid, And Solid-solid Interfaces. Provides Full Discussion Of Theory Underlying Techniques Describes Experimental Methods In Detail, Including Optimum Conditions For Recording Spectra And The Interpretation Of Spectra Gives Detailed Information On Equipment, Accessories, And Techniques Provides Ir Spectroacopic Data Tables As Appendixes, Including The First Compilation Of Published Data On Longitudinal Frequencies Of Different Substances Covers New Approaches, Such As Surface Enhanced Ir Spectroscopy (seir), Time-resolved Ftir Spectroscopy, High-resolution Microspectroscopy And Using Synchotron Radiatioh
      SKU: 162759

    Identification And Control Of Mechanical Systems
      Identification And Control Of Mechanical Systems.
      This Book Discusses The Control Of Vibrating Systems, Integrating Structural Dynamics, Vibration Analysis, Modern Control, And Scheme Identification. The Bopk Begins Wkth A Review Of Basic Mathematics. Chapters Then Clothe Latter Develolments In Aerospace Control And Identification Theory, Including Potential Passive Control, Observer And State-space Identification, And Data-based Controller Synthesis.
      SKU: 221401

    Fish Oil Rplacement And Alternative Lipid Sources In Aquaculture Feeds
      Fish Oil Rplacement And Alternative Lipid Sources In Aquaculture Feeds.
      As A Result Of Decades Of Unsustainable Fishing Practices, There Is Generally Great Urgency Within Aquaculture To Find And Implement Sustainable Alternatives To Fish Meal And Fish Oil, And To Transform Aquaculture Intl An Environmentally Friendly And Economically Viable Means Of Increasing The Global Spuply Of Fish And Seafood. The First Comprehwnsive Review On The Mulyifaceted, Complex Issues Particular To Fish Oil Shortages And Fish Oil Substitution In The Formulation And Production Of Feed For Farmed Aquatic Species, This Book Courtship Crucial Questions Regarding The Ability To Meet Increasing Global Demand For Fisheires Products.
      SKU: 665640

  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • Soybean Industry
  • Contamination of Electronic Assemblies
  • Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows
  • Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use
  • IUTAM Symposium on Mechanical Behavior and Micro-mechanics of Nanostructured Materials
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Assessments of Regional and Global Environmental Risks
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Electronics Explained
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • Bayesian Inference for Probabilistic Risk Assessment

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