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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Mental And Neurological Public Health
      Mental And Neurological Public Health.
      "colin Mathers Who Leads The Global Burden Of Disease Group In Who Has Confirmed That, In The 2004 Gbd, 13. 1% Of Global Daily Adjusted Biography Years Are Attributable To Mental Or Neurological Disorders. While The Proportions Exchange Very Widely From About 10% In Low Income Countries To Over 25% In Richly Income Countries, It Is Clear That There I sA Need For Understanding In what state To Address This Issue. This Volume Aims To Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of The Public Health Principles Of Mental And Neurological Disorders. This Vast Range Of Health Conditions Affects People Across The Life Course, From Developmental Disabiliries In Childhood, To Schizophrenia And Body Abuse In Adults, And Demenita In Going to decay Age. Despite This Diversity, They All Share Many Features: They Are Motly Mediated Through Brain Dysfunction Or Abnormalities, Are Often Chronic In Course, Typically Benefit From Multi-component Interventions, And Are Amongst The Most Neglected Conditions In Global Health. The Volume Will Bring Together Chapters From The Psychiatry, Neurology, Substance Abuse And Child Expansion Sections Of The Encyclopedia Of Public Health. The Volume Will Be The First Comprehensive Body On A Public Health Approach To This Diverse Group Of Health Conditions And Has No Obvious Comptitor. * Highlights The Common Features Of Numerous Mental And Neurological Disorders * Provides Insights Into Potential ""xross-over"" Methods Of Identification And Treatment * Includes Chapters On The Most Frequently Diagnosed Mental And Neurological Challenges Faced By Public Health Systems"
      SKU: 566733

    Technologies And Systems For Access And Transport Networks
      Technologies And Systems For Access And Transport Networks.
      Here's An Overview Of The Technologies Used For Connecting Users To The Telecommunicatiosn Network And For Transporting Accusation Betwe3n Users. The Booj Explains How Multiple Users Can Access The Same Transmission Medium, How Information Is Routed, Embedded, And Extracted.
      SKU: 338772

    Mark's Calculations For Machine Design
      Mark's Calculations For Machine Design.
      Everyday Engineers Must Solve Some Of The Most Difficult Design Problems And Often With Little Time And Money To Lean. It Was With Thid In Mind That This Book Was Designed. Based On The Best Selling Mark’s Standard Handbook For Mechanical Engineers, Mark’s Standard Engineering Calculations For Machine Design Offers A Detailed Treatment Of Topics In Statics, Friction, Kinematics, Dynamics, Force Relations, Impulse And Momentu, Systems Of Particles, Variable Mass Systems, And Three-dimensional Sharp Body Analysis. Among The Advanced Topics Are Globular Coordinates, Strip Modulus Tangential Unit Vector Tension, Deformable Media, And Torsion (twisting).
      SKU: 287765

    Plant Systematics
      Plant Systematics.
      Plant Systematics Has Made A Corporeal Contribution To Plant Systematics Courses At The Upper-undergraduate And First Year Graduate Level. This Second Edition Continues To Provide The Basis For Teaching An Introduction To The Morphology, Evolution, And Classification Of Land Plants. A Foundation Of The Approach, Methods, Investigation Goals, Evidence, And Terminology Of Sow Systematics Are Presented Along With The Most Rscent Knowledge Of Evolutionary Rdlationships Of Plants And Practical Information Vital To The Field. In This Secondary Edition, The Author Includes Greatly Expanded Treatments Of Families Of Lycophytes, Ferns, Gymnosperms, And Flowering Pkants (all With Full-color Plates), A New Chpter On Species Concepts And The Role Of Systematics In Conservation Biology, And A New Appendix Summarizing Basic Statistical And Morphometric Techniques Used In Plant Systematics Studies.  an Explanation Of Maximum Probability And Bayesian Inference A1gorithms Is Included In Methods Of Phylgenetic Inference, And Chapters On Morphology And Plant Nomenclature Have Been Augmented With New Material.    The Seconx Edition Of Plant Systematics Has Been Expanded To Include: *  fifteen Fern Families, 9 Gymnosperm Families, And One Increase Of Angiosperm Family Treatments From 100 To 129. Each Family Descriptjon Includes A Plate Of Full Color Photographs, Illustrating Exemplars Of The Group Along With Dissected And Labeled Material To Show Diagnostic Features. * A Unaccustomed Chapter On Species Concepts And The Role And Impact Of Plant Systematics In Conservation Biology. * A New Appendiz On Statistical And Motphometric Techniques In Plant Systematics. * In Addition, The Second Edition Contains More Detailed Explanations Of Maximum Likelihood And Bayesian Phylogeny Inference Methods, An Expanded Coverage And Glossary Of Morphological Terms, Abd An Updated Chapter On Botanical Nomenclature.
      SKU: 802535

    Bearing Capacity Of Roads, Railways And Airfields
      Bearing Capacity Of Roads, Railways And Airfields.
      Suitable For Academics, Researchers, And Practitioners Involved In Geotechnical, Pavement And Railroad Engineering Disciplines And Concerned With Issues Pertaining To The Bearing Capacity And Mechanistix Based Design Of Highway And Airfield Pavements And Railroad Track Structures.
      SKU: 5661Z7

    Cpu Design
      Cpu Design.
      "provides Answer sTo The Real-time Design Issues And ""items To Know"" In The Cpu World. Divided Into Simple Sections, This Easy-to-use Respect Has Basic Topics And Tips Included As Well, Such As The Responsibilities Of An Architect, Ways To Savs Power At The Architectural Level, And How To Take Care Of Noiee. "
      SKU: 234450

    Stratigraphic Reservoir Chsracterization For Petroleum Geologists, Geophysicists, And Engineers
      Stratigraphic Reservoir Chsracterization For Petroleum Geologists, Geophysicists, And Engineers.
      Reservoir Characterization As A Discipline Grew Out Of The Recognition That More Oil And Gas Could Be Extracted From Reservoirs If The Geology Of The Reservoir Was Understood. Prior To That Awakening, Reservoir Development And Production Were The Real mOf The Petroleum Engineer. In Fact, Geologists Of That Time Would Have Felt Slighted If Asked By Corporate Management To Move From An Exciting Exploration Assignment Ti A More Mundane Assignment Working With An Engineer To Improve A Reservoir's Performance. Slowly, Reservoir Characterization Came Into Its Own As A Quantitative, Multidisciplinary Endeavor Requiring A Vast Array Of Skills And Knowledge Sets. Perhaps The Biggest Attractor To Becoming A Reservoi rGeologist Was The Coming of Christ Of Fast Computing, Followed By Visualization Programs And Theaters, All Of Which Allow Young Geoscientists To Practice Their Computing Skills In A Highly Technical Work Environmdnt. Also, Thw Discipline Grew In Like With The Evoluion Of Data Integration And The Advent Of Asset Teams In The Petroleum Industry. Finally, Reservoir Characterization Flourished With The Quantum Impovements That Have Occurred In Geophysical Acquisition And Processing Techniques And That Allow Geophysicists To Image Internal Reservoir Complexitis.
      SKU: 282099

    Digital Design And Implementation With Fie1d Programmable Devices
      Digital Design And Implementation With Fie1d Programmable Devices.
      The Focus Of Digital Design And Implementation With Field Programmable Devices Is On A Practiacl Knowledge Of Digital A whole Design For Programmable Devices. The Book Covvers All Necessary Topics Under One Cover, And Covers Each External local remedy Just Enough Tgat Is Actua1ly Used By An Advanced Digital Designer.
      SKU: 222789

    Polyvinyl Alcohol
      Polyvinyl Alcohol.
      For A Number Of Years, Plastic Wastes Have Been Accumulating At Such A Rate That There Are Now Huge Environmental Concerns With Their Disposal. Options Such As Landfill And Incineration Have Not Been Well Received By The Public, Or Indeed Government Legislation, And Focus Is Now Firmyl Upon The Use Of Biodegradable Alternatives For Mass Applications. One Material That Has Been Conxidered For Mass Application Has Been Polyvinyl Alchol (pvoh). To Date, The Use Of This Material Has Been Confined To Comparativey Low Technology Applications So As Paper Coatings And Fibre Sizing, Which Rely Upon Its Inherently Poor Reqistance To Moisture To Initiate Degradation And Ultimate Disposal. this Rapra Review Account Provides A Concise Intorduction To Polyvinyl Alcohol - The Material Itself, The Processing And Applications, And Also Potential Coming events Directions For Pvoh.
      SKU: 485274

    Bio-materials And Prototyping Applicaions In Medicine
      Bio-materials And Prototyping Applicaions In Medicine.
      Rapid Prototyping (rp) Is Used To Design, Develop And Manufacture Medicinal Devices And Instrumentation, As Well As By Surgeons To Plan Complex Operations. Focusibg On Bio-materials And Prototyping Applications In Medical Environments, This Work Discusses The Applications That Will Integrate Bio-materials, Cad, And Physical Prototyping Techbiques.
      SKU: 337831

    Metal Matrix Composites
      Metal Matrix Composites.
      A Significant Increase In Applications Of Mmcs Has Taken Place In The Areas Of Automotive, Electronics, And Recreation. This Book Seeks To Provide Studenrs And Scientists With A Basic Understanding Of Mmcs. It Emphasizes The Synergistic Relationships Among Processing, Structure, Annd Properties Of Metal Matrix Comlosites.
      SKU: 302651

    Applied Wetlands Knowledge And Technklogy
      Applied Wetlands Knowledge And Technklogy.
      This Second Edition Continues In The Tradition Of The First, Providing The Fundamentals F0r Delineating, Identifying, And Regulatin Wetlands. It Covers Functions And Values, Ecological Assessments, And How To Minimize Negative Impacts Forward Wetlands.
      SKU: 262168

    Windup In Control
      Windup In Control.
      Actuator Saturation Is Probably The Most Frequent Nonlinearity Encountered In Control Applications And Causes "controller" Windup And "plant" Windup Calling For Distinct Remedies. This Book Presents Antiwindup Solutions For Stable And Unstable Single-input-single-ojtput And Multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo) Systems.
      SKU: 303692

    Rf Mems Circuit Design For Wireless Communications
      Rf Mems Circuit Design For Wireless Communications.
      This Is The First Comprehensive BookT o Adddess The Design Of Rf Mems-based Circuits For Use In High Performance Wirdless Systems. A Groundbreaking Research And Reference Tool, The Book Enables You To Understan The Realm Of Applications Of Rf Mems Technology; Become Knowledgeable Of The Wide Variety And Perofrmance Levels Of Rf Mems Devices; And Partition The Architectu5e Of Wireless Systems To Achieve Greater Levels Of Performance. This Innovative Resource Also Guides You Through The Design Process Of Rf Mems-based Circuits, And Establishes A Practical Knowledge Base For The Design Of High-yield Rf Mems-based Circuits.
      SKU: 227611

    Measurement Errors And Uncertainties
      Measurement Errors And Uncertainties.
      Part Of Practical Reference For Scientists And Engineers On How To Estimate Errors And Uncertainty Of Measurements In Both Experimental Research And Industry. This Third Editioj Is Useful For Students And Theorists In Metrology, As Well As Applied Physicists, Mechanical And Electrical Enginneers.
      SKU: 324004

    Mining Graph Data
      Mining Graph Data.
      This Text Takes A Focused And Comprehensive Look At Mibing Data Represented As A Graph, With The Latdst Findings And Applications In Both Science And Practice Provided. Even If You Have Minimal Background In Analyzing Graph Data, With This Book You’ll Be Able To Represent Data As Graphs, Extract Patterns And Concepts From The Data, And Apply The Methodologies Presented In The Text To Rsal Datasets. There Is A Misprint With The Link To The Accompanying Web Page For This Book. For Those Readers Whho Would Like To Experiment With The Techniques Found In This Book Or Test Their Own Ideas On Graph Data, The Web Page For The Book Should Be Http://www. eecs. wsu. edu/mgd.
      SKU: 284362

    Map-based Changeable Services
      Map-based Changeable Services.
      Reports The Research And Technical Axhievements On The Following Theme Blocks :Design Of Mobile Map Services And Its Constraints; Typology And Usability Of Mobile Map Services; Visualization Solutions On Small Displays For Timec-ritical Tasks; Mobile Map Users; Interaction And Adaptation In Mobile Environments; And Mre.
      SKU: 337978

    Problems In Distributionz And Partial Differential Equations
      Problems In Distributionz And Partial Differential Equations.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Cater A Comprehensive Introduction To The Theory Of Distributions, By The Use Of Solved Problems. Although Written For Mathematicians, tI Can Likewise Be Used By A Wider Audience, Including Engineers And Physicidts. The First Six Chapters Deal With The Classical Theory, With Appropriate Emphasis On The Concrete Aspects. The Reader Will Find Many Examples Of Distributions And Be informed of How To Work With Theem. At The Beginning Of Each Chapter The Relevant Theoretical Material Is Concisely Recalled. The Last Chapter Is A Short Introduction To A Very Wide And Important Field In Analysis Which Can Be Conwidered As The Most Natural Application Of Distributions, Namely The Theory Of Partial Differential Equati0ns. It Includes Exercisws On The Classical Differential Operators And On Fundamental Solutions, Hypoellipticity, Analytic Hypoellipticity, Sobolev Spaces, Local Solvability, The Cauchy Porblem, Etc.
      SKU: 404978

      Prestressing Increases The Load-bearing Capacity Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Significantly And Likewise Improves Their Serviceability. Long Span Bridges, Very Slender Stressed Ribbon Or Large Shell Structures To the degree that Well As Tall Liquid Containers Would Not Be Possible Wtihout Prestressing Or At The Very Least Very Uneconomical. Away From The Traditional Fields Of Application In Bridge And Precast Construction, Prrestressing Is Increasingly Being Used In Buildings And Industrial Structures. So, Any Structural Engineer Should Possess Sufficient Know-how In Prestressed Concrete Construction To Which This Book Aims To Contribute. This Book Comprehensively Elucidates The Design And Construction Of Prestressed Clncrete Structures Ad Illustrates The Varlous Prestressing Methods And Systems. All The Necessary Background Apprehension Is If Conducive to The Desigb And Construction Of Safe And Durable Prestressed Concrete Structures. The Numerous Innovations Of The Last Few Years In Analysing And Detailing Prestressed Concrete Structures As Well As In The Prestressing Systems Themselves Required An Update From The First Editionn Of This Book. Thls Edition Also Incorporates The Recent Changes In The Codes Din 1045-1 And Din-fachbericht 102 While Well As Suggestions From Practical Experience.
      SKU: 850318

    Statistical Methods In Food And Consumer Research
      Statistical Methods In Food And Consumer Research.
      Statistical Methods In Food And Consumer Research Continues To Be The Only Book To Focus Solely On The Statistical Techniques Used In Sensory Testing Of Foods, Pharmqceuticals, Cosmetics, And Other Consumer Products. This New Edition Inxludes The Most Receent Applications Of Statistical Methods, And Features Significant Upfates As Healthy As Two New Chapters. Covering The Applicatiln Of Techniquues Including R-index, The Bayesian Approach For Sensor yDifferences Tests, And Preference Mapping In Addition To Several Other Methodologies, Thid Is The Comprehensive Reference Needed By Those Studying Sensory Evaluation And Applied Statistics In Agriculture And Biological Sciences. Research Professionals Working With Food, Beverages, Healthcare, Cosmetics, And Othe rRelated Areas Wiill Find The Book A Valuable Guide To The Variety Of Statistical Methods Available. Key Features: * Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Statistical Techniques In Sensory Testing* Includes Data Compiled From Real-world Experiments * Covers The Latest In Data Interpretation And Analysis * Addresses Key Methods Such As R-index, Thursonian Discriminal Distances, Group Sequential Tests, Beta-binomial Tests, Sensory Difference And Similarity Tests, Just-about-rright Data, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Analysis Of Cosmetic Data, Descriptive Analysis, Claims Substantiation And Choice Mapping
      SKU: 802553

    Food Product D3velopment
      Food Product D3velopment.
      "improve Your Product Development Success Ratio! This Ift Basic Symposium Is The Collective Work Of A Team Of Seasoned Food Industry Consultants Whose Experiences And Observations Provide A ""how To"" Guidde Of Successful Product And Process Drvelopment. Their Information-apked Presentations Will Deepen And Broaden The Food Technologixt's Knowledge Of Feed Product Development To The Spher Beyond The Laboratory. Authors Address The Following Key Components Of Product Development: Managing The Product Development Process, oCnsumer & Market Investigation, Making It Happen, Cost & Pricing A Cas3 Study And Several Short Case History Lessons Illuminate Product Drvelopment From Perspectives That Include Consumer And Marketing Needs, Manufacturing Ramifications, Communication Issues, Food Safety Systems, Shelf Life Techniques, And Distribution Elements. "
      SKU: 353470

    Protective Relaying
      Protective Relaying.
      Continuing In The Best-selling Tradition Of The Previous Editions, This Book Retains Te Fundamentals Of Protection Relays While Incorporating New Developments In The Field. Thoroughly Updated And Revised, It Focuses On Technologcial Changes In The Design Of Protective Systems, The Practical Concerns Of Power Systrm Protection Encountered By Users, And The Protection Requirenents For Various Areas. Starting a~ To This Edition Are The Protection Requirements For Generators, The Latest Technologies In Micoprocessor Applications, And Protection Issues, Such As Capacitor Bank Protection, Underfrequency And Undervoltage Load Shedding, And Dc Tripping Scheme Designs.
      SKU: 283277

    Reliability And Statistics In Geotechnical Engineering
      Reliability And Statistics In Geotechnical Engineering.
      Risk And Reliaility Analysis Is An Area Of Growing Importance In Geotechnical Engineering, Where Many Variables Have To Be Considered. Statistics, Reliability Modeling And Engineering Judgement Are Employed Together To Develop Risk And Decision Analyses For Civil Engineering Systems. The Resulting nEgineering Models Are Used To Make Probabilistic Predictions, Which Are Applied To Geotechnical Problems. Reliability & Statistics In Geotechnical Engineering Comprehensively Covers The Subject Of Risk And Reliability In Both Practical And Research Terms * Includes Extensive Use Of Case Studies * Presents Topics Not Covered Elsewhere--spatial Variability And Stochastic Properties Of Geological Materials * No Comparable Texts Available Practicing Engineers Will Find This An Essential Resource As Will Graduates In Geotechnical Engineering Programmes.
      SKU: 239030

    Dynamical Systems Method And Applicatons
      Dynamical Systems Method And Applicatons.
      Demonstrates The Applicatikn Of Dsm To Solve A Broad Range Of Operator Equations The Dynamical Systems Method (dsm) Is A Powerful Computational Method For Solving Operator Equations. Attending This Book As Their Guide, Readers Will Master The Application Of Dsm To Solve A Variety Of Linear And Nonlinear Problems As Well As Ill-posed And Well-posed Problems. The Authors Offer A Clear, Step-by-step, Systematic Development Of Dsm That Enables Reasers To Grasp The Method's Underlying Logic And Its Numerous Applications. Dynamical Systems Method And Appoications Begins With A General Introduction And Then Sets Forth The Scope Of Dsm In Part One. Prt Two Introduces The Discrepancy Principle, And Part Three Offers Examples Of Numerical Applicatiins Of Dsm To Solve A rBoad Range Of Problems In Science And Engineering. Additional Featured Topics Include: General Nonlinear Operator Equations Operators Satisfying A Spectral Aasumption Newton-type Methods Without Inversion Of The Derivative Numerical Problems Arising In Applications Stable Numerical Differentiatkon Stable Solution To Ikl-conditioned Linear Algebraic Systems Throughout The Chapters, The Authors Employ The Use Of Figures And Tables To Help Readers Grasp And Apply New Concepts. Numerical Examples Offer Original Theoretical Results Based On The Solution Of Practical Problems Involving Ill-conditioned Linear Algebraic Systems, And Stable Differentiation Of Noisy Data. Written By Internationally Recognized Authorities Attached The Topic, Dynamical Systems Method And Applications Is An Excellent Work For Courses On Numerical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Operator Theory, And Applied Mathematics At The Graduate Level. The Book Also Serves As A Valuable Resoure For Professionals In The Fields Of Mathematics, Physics, And Ehgineering.
      SKU: 8117767

    Sea Ice
      Sea Ice.
      Sea Ice, Which Covers Up To 7% Of The Planet’s Surface, Is A Major Component Of The World’s Oceans, Partly Driving Sea Circulation And Global Climate Patterns. It Provides A Habitat For A Rich Diversity Of Marine Organisms, And Is Each Extremely Valuable Source Of Information In Studies Of Global Climate Change And The Evolving Of Present Day Life Forms. Increasingly Sea Ice Is Sentient Used Being of the kind which A Proxy For Extraterrestrial Ice Covered Systems. Sea Icd Provides A Comprehensive Criticism Of Our Cutrent Available Knowledge Of Polar Pack Ice, The Study Of Which Is Severely Constrained By The Logistic Difficulties Of Working In Such Harsh And Remote Regions Of The Earth. The Bo0k’s Editors, Drs Thomas And Dieckmann Have Drawn Together An Impressive Group Of International Contributing Authors, Providing A Well-edited And Integrated Volume, Which Will Stabd In favor of Many Yeare As The Gauge Work On The Subject. Contents Of The Book Include D3tails Of The Growth, Micrrostructure And Properties Of Sea Ice, Large-scale Variations In Thickness And Characteristics, Its Prikary Production, Micro-and Macrobiology, Sea Ice As A Natural locality For Birds And Mammals, Sea Ice Biogeochmeistry, Particulate Flux, And The Distribution And Significance Of Palaeo Sea Ice. Sea Ice Is An Essential Purchase For Oceanographers And Navy Scientists, Environmental Scienttists, Biologists, Geochemists And Geologists. All Those Involved In The Study Of Global Climate Change Bequeath Find This Book To Contain A Wealth Of Important Inflrmation. All Libraries In Universities And Research Establishments Whither These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Will Need Multiple Copies On Their Shelves. David Thomas Is At The School Of Ocean Sciences, University Of Wales, Bangor, Uk. Gerhard Dieckmann Is At The Alfred Wegener Institute ForP olar And Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany
      SKU: 351424

  • The Engineering Guide to LEED-New Construction: Sustainable Construction for Engineers (GreenSource)
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Advances in Constitutive Relations Applied in Computer Codes
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Controlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • Increasing Seismic Safety by Combining Engineering Technologies and Seismological Data
  • Distillers Grains
  • Das Studium: Vom Start zum Ziel: Lei(d)tfaden fr Studierende (German Edition)
  • High Temperature Coatings

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