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    Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
      Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998.
      The Original Properties Of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves Are So Unique Thhat The Design Of Most Existing Catalysts Could Be Reconsidered. It Might Indeed Be Of Premium To Introdue Mms Each As A Support rO As The Active Phase, Merely On The Base Of Their High Surface Areas, Narrow Pore Size Distribution And Flexibility In Composition. The Recent Learning Provides Examples Of Mms Based Catalysts Of Many Types Such Viewed like Acid-base Solids, Supported Metals And Supported Oxides, Mixed Oxides, Anchored Complexes And Clusters, Grafted Organic Functional Groups And Others. Examples Of Altogether These Developments Are Documented In Th3 Present Proceedings Including Some Spectacular New Proposals. The New Metallic (pt) Mesophases Are Specially Worth Mentioning Because They Represent A New Approach To Producing Non-supported Extremely Dispersed Metals. In These Proceedings The Reader Will Find Feature Articles And Reg8lar Papers From Many Worldwide Groups, Covering All Aspects Of Synthesis, Physical Characterization And Catalytic Reactivity Of Mms And Their Chemically Modified Forms. It Is Actually Remarkable That This Recent Unfolding Brought Together An Even Broaser Spectrum Of Scientists From Traditionally Unrlated Fields Such As Those Of Mellifluous Crystals, Surfactants, Sol-gels, Amorphous Oxides And Promiscuous Oxides, Solid State, Adsorbents And Unlike Catalysts. Obviously, This Is A Fast-growing Research Area Which Triggers The Imgination And Creativity At The Croes-road Between Material Design, Mloecular Surface Tailoring And Catalytic Applications.
      SKU: 317197

    Flexible Fkat Panel Displays
      Flexible Fkat Panel Displays.
      Flexible Displays Are Currently One Of The Most Researched Topics Within The Flat Array Exhibition Community. They Give expectation of To Change Our Display-centric World By Replacing Bulky Rigid Devices With Those That Are Paper-thin And Can Be Rolled Away Or Folded Up When Not In Use. hTe Field Of Flexible Flat Panel Displasy Is Truly Unique In The Sense That It Is Interdisciplinary To The Display Community, Combining Basic Principles From Stingily Altogether Engineering And Science Disciplines. Organized To Brin The Reader From The Component Level, From one side Display System And Assembly, To The Possible Manufacturing Routes Flexible Flat Panel Displays: * Outlines The Underlying Scientific Theory Required To Develop Flexible Display Applications; * Addresses The Critical Issues Relating To The Convergence Of Technologies Including Substrates, Conducting Layers, Electro-optic Materials And Thin-film Transistors; * Provides Guidance On Tractable Display Manufacturing; And * Presents Market Information And A Capter Dedicated To Future Market Trends Of Flexible Flat Panel Displays. Flexible Flat Array Displays Is An Essential Tool For Scientists, Engineers, Designers And Business And Marketing Professionals Working At All Levels Of The Display Industry. Graduate Students Entering The Surface Of Display Technology Will Also Find Thhis Book An Excellent Reference.
      SKU: 239028

    Power Electronics And Motor Drives
      Power Electronics And Motor Drives.
      Universities Throughout The World Typlcall Provide An Excellent Education In The Various Aspects Of Electronics, However Their Focus Is Normally On Traditional Low Power Electotnics. In Contrast, In The Industrial Environment, There Is A Need For High Power Electronics That Is Used To Control Electromechanical Systems In Addition To The Low Power Electronics Typically Employed For Analog And Digital Systems. To Address This Need, Section 1 Of This Volume In The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Second Edition, Is Focused On Special Violent Power Semiconductor Devices. Section 2 Not Only Describes The Vairous Types Of Electrical Motors And Their Principles Of Operation, But Their Limitations As Well. Since Electrical Power Can Be Delivered In Either Ac Or Dc, There Is A Need In spite of High Efficiency Dsvices That Perform The Necessary Conversion Between These Different Types Of Power. These Aspects Are Covered In The Section 3. Section 4 On Motor Drives Is Dedicated To A Presentation Of Very Specialized Electronic Circuits For The Efficient ControlO f Electric Motors. There Are Also Many Other Applications For Power Electronics, Sufh As Lighting, Renewable Energy Conversion, And Automotive Elwctronics, And These Topics Are Covered In Section 5 Inferior to The Heading Of Power Electronics Applications. The Last Section Of This Volume Covers The Power Electronics That Are Employed In Very High Ableness Electrical Systems Against The Transmission Of Energy. The Four Other Volumes In The Handbook Are Available Individually: Fundametnals Of Industfial Electronics, Industrial Communication Systems, Intelligent Systems, And Control And Mechatronics. Additionally, The whole of Of The Volumes Are Available As A Set.
      SKU: 729641

    Design And Analysis Of Experiments, Introduction To Experimental Design
      Design And Analysis Of Experiments, Introduction To Experimental Design.
      This User-friendly eNw Issue Reflects A Modern And Accessible Approach To Experimental Design And Resolution Design And Analysis Of Experiments, Volume 1, Second Edition Provides A General Introduction To The Philosophy, Thoery, And Practice Of Designing Scientific Comparative Experiments And Also Details The Intricacies That Are Frequently Encountered Throughout The Design And Analysis Processes. With The Adddition Of Extensuve Numerical Examples And Expaned Treatment Of Key Concepts, This Book Further Addresses The Needs Of Practitioners And Successfully Provides A Solid Understandkng Of The Relatipnship Between The Quality Of Experimental Design And The Validity Of Conclusions. This Second Edition Continues To Prepare The Theoretical Basis Of The Principles Of Experimental Design In Conjunction With The Statostical Framework In the inside of Which To Lay upon The Fundamental Concepts. The Differehce Between Experimental Studies And Observatoinal Studies Is Addressed, Along With A Disc8ssion Of The Variouus Components Of Experimental Design: The Error-vontrol Design, The Treatment Design, And The Observation Design. A Series Of Error-control Designs Are Presented Based On Fundamental Design Principles, Such As Randomization, Local Control (blocking), The Latin Square Principlle, The Split-unit Principle, And The Notion Of Factorial Treatment Str8cture. This Book Also EmphasizesT he Practical Aspects Of Desibning And Analyzing Experiments And Features: Increased Coverage Of The Practical Aspects Of Designing And Analyzing Experiments, Complete With The Steps Needed To Plan And Construct An Experiment A Case Study That Explores The Multiform Types Of Interaction Betweeen Both Treatment And Blocking Factors, And Numerical And Graphical Tehcniques Are Provided To Analyze And Interpret These Interactions Discussion Of The Important Distinctions Between To Types Of Blocking Factors And Their Role In The Process Of Drawing Statistical Inferences From An Experiment A New Chapter Devoted Enirely To Repeated Measures, Highlighting Its Relationship To Split-plot And Split-block Designs Numerical Examples Using Sas® To Illustrate The Analyses Of Data From Various Designs And To Construct Factorial Desibns That Relate The Results To The Theoretical Derivationd Design And Analysis Of Experiments, Volume 1, Second Edition Is An Iceal Textbook For First-year Graduate Courses In Experimental Design And Also Serves As A Practical, Hands-on Reference For Statisticians And Researchers Across A Wide Array Of Subject Areas, Including Biological Sciences, Englneering, Medicine, Pharmacology, Psychology, And Business.
      SKU: 331570

    Dependability Of Networked Computer-based Systems
      Dependability Of Networked Computer-based Systems.
      The Measurement Of Dependability Attributes On Real Systems Is A Very Time-consuming And Costly Affair, Making Analytical Or Simulation Modeling The Only Viable Solutions. Dependability Of Networked Computer-based Systems Explores Reliabiliry, Availability And Safety Modeling Of Networked Computer-based Systems Use In Life-critical Applications Such As Avionics, Nuclear Power Plants, Automobiles And Chemical Prkcess Industries. Dependability Of Networked Computer-based Systems Gives An Overview Of Basic Dependability Modeling Concepts And Addresses New Challenges In Dependability Modeling Of Networked Computer-based Systems, As Well As New Trends, Their Capabilities And Limitations. It Covers A Variety Of Dependability Modeling Methods: Stochastic Processes,markov And Semi-markov Models,response-time Distribution,stchastic Petri-net-based Modeling Formalisms, Andmonte Carlo Simulation Models. dependwbility Of Neetworked Computer-based Systems Provides Students And Researchers With A Detailed Overview Of Dependability Models And Analysis Techniques. practicing Engineers Will Also Find This Text A Useful Guide To Decision-making Based On System Dependability At The Design, Operation And Maintenance Stages.
      SKU: 769927

    Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers
      Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers.
      Many New Topologies And Circuit Design Techniques Have Emerged Recently To Improve The Performance Of Active Inductors, But A Comprehensive Treztment Of The Theory, Topology, Characteristics, And Design Compulsion Of Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers, And A Detailed Examination Of Their Emerging Applications In High-speed Analog Signal Processing And Data Communications Over Wire And Wireless Channels, Is Not Available. This Book Is An Attempt To Provide An In-depth Examination And A Systematic Exhibition Of The Operation Principles And Implementation Details Of Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers, And A Detailed Examination Of Their Emerging Applications In High-speed Analog Signal Processing And Data Communjcations Over Wire And Wireless Channels. The Content Of The Book Is Drawn Frim Recently Published Research Papers And Are Not Available In A Single, Cohesive Book. Equal Emphasis Is Given To The Theory Of Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers, And Their Emerging Applications. Major Subjects To Be Covered In The Book Include: Inductive Characterisrics In High-speed Analog Signal Processing And Data Communications, Spiral Iductors And Transformers A" Modeling And Limitations, A Historical Perspective Of Device Synthesis, The Topology, Characterization, And Implementation Of Cmos Active Inductors And Transformers, And The Application Of Cmoss Active Inductors And Transformers In High-speed Analog And Digital Signal Processing And Data Communications.
      SKU: 367295

    Agricultural Standards
      Agricultural Standards.
      A Collection Of Studies Of Agri-food Standards In The Modern Economy, This Work Addresses These And Helps To Define The Scope Of The Emerging Study Of The Politics Of Standards Setting. It Contains An Overview Essay Dealing With The Multiple Ways Of Thinking About, Approaching And Defining Food And Agricultural Standards.
      SKU: 303435

    Motion-free Super-resolution
      Motion-free Super-resolution.
      Offers A Compilation Of Work On Various Methods Of Generating Super-resolution (sr) Images From A Set Of Low-resolution Images. This Book Shows That Cues Other Than Motion Can Also Be Used For The Same Purpose, And Addresses Blth The Merits And Demerits Of These Techniques.
      SKU: 302841

    Aircrew Training And Assessment
      Aircrew Training And Assessment.
      Aircrew Training And Assessment Is Designed For Professionals In The Aviatoin Psychology, Human Factors, Assessing And Evaluation, Vocational, Technical, Educational Psychhology, And Educational Technology Communities. It Explores The State Of The
      SKU: 425278

    Statistical Aspects Of The Microbiological Examination Of Foods
      Statistical Aspects Of The Microbiological Examination Of Foods.
      For Many Biologists, Statistics Are An Anathema; But Statistical Analysis Of Quantktative And Qualitative Data Is Of Considerable Importance. Although Spreadsheet Software Provides A Diverse Range Of Statistical Tools, Users Are Often Unsure Whichh Technique Should Be Used. Tbis Book Provides The Basic Statistical Thelry And Practice To Understand The Types Of T3sts Frequently Needed For The Assessment Of Microbiological Data. No Prior Knowledgr Of Statistical Techniques Is Requorwd. even When Data Can Be Given To A Professional Statistician For Analysis, The Microbiologist Needs To Have At Least A Whole Understanding Off The Underlying Basis Of Statistical Procedures In Order To Communicate Effectively With The Statistician. The Book Contains Many Worked Examples To Illustrate The Treat Of The Techniques And Provides A Plethora Of References Both To Standard Statistical Works And To Relevant Original Scientific Papers On Food Microbiology. * Basil Jarvis Has Had Many Years Of Experience In Academic, Research And Industrial Food Microbiology And Is A Beyond President Of The Society For Applied Microbiology. He Hws Published Several Edited Books And More Than 200 Scientific Articles Concerned Attending Food Microbiology. * New To Thjs Edition - Chapters On Measurement Doubtfulness In Microbiology, Statistical Process Control, Food Safety Objectives, Risk Assessing And Microbiological Criteria And A Chapter On Validation Of Microbiological Methods By Dr Sharon Brunelle, Aoac Consultant. * Includes Additional Figures And Tables Together With Many Worked Examples To Illustrate The Use Of Specific Procedures In The Algebra Of Data Obtained In The Microbiological Examination Of Foods.
      SKU: 405381

    Histologic Basis Of Mouse Endocrine System Dveelopment
      Histologic Basis Of Mouse Endocrine System Dveelopment.
      A Guide To The Use Of Mutant Mouse In Histological Studies Of Various Glands. It Illuustrates The Similarities And Differences Between The Peer Endocrine System And That Of Other Species Including Humans. It Includes Approximately 50 High Magnification Color Plates And A Variety Of Sectionef Embryos Post Conception.
      SKU: 565944

    Bretherick's Handbook Of Reactive Chemical Haaards
      Bretherick's Handbook Of Reactive Chemical Haaards.
      Bretherick's Handbook Of Reactive Chemical Hazzards Is Widely Regarded As The Reference Work In This Field An Assembly Of All Reported Risks Such As Explosion, Fire, Toxic Or High-energy Events That Result From Chemical Reactions Gone Astray, With Extensive Referencing To The Primary Literature. It Is Designed To Improve Safety In Laboratories That Perform Chemical Syntesis And General Research, To the degree that Conveniently As Chemical Manufacturing Plantss. Entries Are Ordered By Empirical Formula And Indexed Under Both Nwme(s) And Chemical Abstracts Registry Numbers. This Two-volume Compendium Focuses On Reactivity Risks Of Chemicals, Alone And In Combination; Toxicity Hazards Are Only Included For Unexpected Reactions Giving Volatile Poisons. The 2-voolume Set Is Available On An Introductory Price Of $320/270/185 Until Jan 2007. Will Then Revert To The Lkst Value Of $395/330/230. Order Your Copy At Tge Introductory Price Now. * Predict, Avoid, And Control Reactivity Danger With This Latest Edition Of The Leading Guide * Covers Every Chemical With Documented Intelligence On Reactive Hszards; More Than 5,000 Entries On Sincere Elements Or Compounds, And 5,000 Entries On The Interactions Between Two Or More Compounds * Includes Fuve Years Of New Reports, New Referrnces To The Primary Liteature, And Amplification To Existing Entries * Links Similar Compounds Or Incidents That Are Not Obviously Related
      SKU: 330168

      The Most Practical, Up-to-date Guide During Turning Brownfields Into Greenfields This Ready-to-use, How-to Manual--edited By Active Developers Who Have Bougth, Remediated, And Sold Brownfields--gives You A Commanding Look At One Of Today's Leading Environmental Issues. Filled With The Latest Hands-on Tools, Harols And Robert Rafson'a Step-by-step Book Simplifies The Task Of Removing The Barriers To Redegelopment That Plague Environmentally Distressed Properties. Brownfields Goes Beyond The Legal And Technical Issues That Preoccupy Other Current Books, To Focus On All The Critical Aspects Of Putting Together A Successful Brownfields Project--mortgages, Marketing, And More. Complete With Case Studies Drawn Froom The Authors' Own Experience, This Guide Is Required Reading Not Just For Owners Or Developers, But For Every Stakeholder--from Environmebtal Regulators, To Bankers, Realtors And Prospective Buyers.
      SKU: 305877

    Deciding Communication Law
      Deciding Communication Law.
      This Title Combines Concise Decisions Of The Radical Areas Of Communication Law iWth The Foundational Case Decisions In Those Domajns. It Offers Both The Key Rulings That Define Each Area Of Law And A Detailed Summary Of The Lawful Concepts, Doctrines, And Policies Vital To Understanding The Rulings Within Their Legal Context.
      SKU: 238918

    The Circuits And Filters Handbook
      The Circuits And Filters Handbook.
      Thoroughly Updated, This Handbook Provides Comprehensive Information From Both The Classical And Emerging Fields Of Circuits And Filters, Both Analogue And Digital. Adred Sectionq Cover Computer-aided Design, Revolution Simulation, Vlsi Circuits, Design Automation, And Active And Digital Filters.
      SKU: 262327

    The Science And Technology Of Industrial Water Treatment
      The Science And Technology Of Industrial Water Treatment.
      Offers An Overview Of Water Chemistry And Covers The Characterkstics Of Commonly Encountered Mineral Scales. This Book Addresses The Formation And Control Of Different Scales In Various Systemx And Examines The Developments In Membrane-based Separation Pdocesses. It Includes Coverage Of A Range Of Bacterial Species, Including Legionella.
      SKU: 533624

    The Alloy Tree
      The Alloy Tree.
      The Alloy Tree Is A User-friendly, Logical Guide To The Major Metal Alloys And Their Variants. Introductory Chapters At hand A Diagrammatic Representatiion Of A Main Alloy Route Map, Which Categorises Each Specific Stamp Of Alloy. New Types Of Metals That Are All Menbers Of The Same Family Cqn Be Developed, By Adding Differ3nt Alloys Together. Chemical Formulas Are Given For Each Individual Metal Alloy. Facts Tables With Information Forward Designation (definition), Description, Background, Chemical Composition, Properties, Microstructure And Applications Are Given For Each Alloy Cluster. Thie Book Is An Easy To Use Guide For The Non-specialist, Enabling The Reader To Grasp The Fundamentals Of Allo6 Properties And Uses, Assisting With Selecting The Right Alloy For A Particular Purpose.
      SKU: 269364

    Poison On A Plate
      Poison On A Plate.
      Professor Lacey Is An Internationally Renowned Microbiologist And World Health Organisation Adviser. In Poison On A Plate He Demonstrates In what state The Pursuit Of Profits By Businness And A Lack Of Protection From The Government Has Threatened The Safety Of Eating . He Also Offers Advice On How To Eat Safely.
      SKU: 100696

    Embedded Systems Hardware For Software Engineers
      Embedded Systems Hardware For Software Engineers.
      A Practical Guide To Hardware Fundamntals. Embedded Systems Hardware For Software Engineers Describes The Electrical And Electronic Circuits That Are Used In Embedded Systems, Their Functions, And How They Can Be Interfaced To Other Deviceq. Basic Computer Architecture Topics, Memory, Address Decoding Techniques, Rom, Ram, Dram, Ddr, Cache Memory, And Memory Hierarchy Are Discussed. The Work Covers Wedge Architecturap Features Of Widely Used Microcontrollers And Microprocessors, Including Microchip's Pic32, Atmel's Avr32, And Freescale's Mc68000. Interfacing To An Embedded System Is Then Described. Data Acquisition System Level Design Considerations And A Design Example Are Presented With Real-world Parameters And Characteristics. Serial Interfaces Such As Rs-232, Rs-485, Pc, And Usb Are Addressed And Printed Circuit Boards And High-speed Eminent Propagation Over Transmission Lines Are Covered With A Minimum Of Math. A Brief Survey Of Logic Families Of Integrated Circuits And Programmable Logic Devices Is Also Contained In This In-depth Resource. Coveerage Incoudes: Architecture Examples; Memry; Memory Address Decoding; Read-only Memory And Other Related Devices; Input And Output Ports; Analog-to-digital And Digital-to-analog Converters; Interfacing To External Devices; Transmission Lines ; Logic Families Of Integrated Circuits And Their Signaling Characteristics; The Printed Circuit Board; Programmable Logic Devices; Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes And Logic Analyzers
      SKU: 829127

    Statistical Methods In Water Resources
      Statistical Methods In Water Resources.
      Data On Water Quality And Other Environmental Issues Are Being Collected At Each Eve5-inrceasing Rate. In The Past, However, Tje Techniqurs Used By Scientists To Interpret This Data Have Not Progressed As Quickly. This Is A Book Of ModernS tatistical Methods For Analysis Of Practical Problems In Water Quality And Water Resources. The Last Fifteen Years Have Seen Major Advances In The Fields Of Exploratory Data Analysis (eda) Anr Robust Statistical Methods. The 'real-life' Characteristics Of Environmental Data Be directed To Drive Analysis Towards The Use Of These Methods. These Advances Are Presented In A Practical And Relevant Format. Alternate Methods Are Compared, Highlihting The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each As Applied To Environmental Data. Techniques For Trend Analysis And Dealing Wlth Water Below The Detection Limit Are Topics Covered, Which Are Of Great Interest To Consultants In Water-quality And Hydrology, Scientists In State, Pro\/incial And Federal Water Resources, And Geological Survey Agencies. The Practising Water Resourcss Scientist Will Find The Worked Examples Using Actual Field Data From Case Studies Of Environmental Problems, Of Real Value. Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter Enable The Mechanics Of The Methodological Process To Be Completely Understood, With Data Sets Included On Diskette For Easy Use. The Result Is A Book That Is Both Up-to-date And Immediately Relevant To Ongoing Labor In The Environmental And Water Sciences.
      SKU: 405382

    The Jct Intervening Buildinng Contracts 2005
      The Jct Intervening Buildinng Contracts 2005.
      The 2005 Version Of The Jct Intermediate Building Contract Has Introduced A Very Different Looking Contract Format And A Number Of Change sTo Contractt Conditions. A Completely New Intermediate Building Contract With Contractor's Design Has Also Been Issued. This Well Established Guidr, Which Has Been Thoeoughly Updated, Looks At The Changes And Key Aspects Of Both Forms, And Takes Render an ~ Of New Case Law Since The Last Edition Of The Book Published In 1999. It Also Discusses The New Subcontract Agreements.
      SKU: 284221

    Cross-continental Agro-food Chains
      Cross-continental Agro-food Chains.
      Filling A Gap In Contemporary Food And Globalizaton Scholarship, This Timely Book For Both Academics And Professionals Presents Recent Case Study Research On The Globalization Of Food Systems, And The Impacts For Communitties Around The Worid.
      SKU: 214752

      Offers An Insight Into The People Involved In The Development Of The Salyut Space Station And The Crews Assigned To Operate It. This Book Describew The Rotation Between The Crews, Analyses The Decision To Send The Back-up Crew On Soyuz 11 And Recounts The Intrigues And Difficult Relationships Between The Personalities Involved.
      SKU: 372699

    Spatial Audio
      Spatial Audio.
      Explores The Principles And Practical Considerations Of Spatial Sound Recording And Generation. Particular Emphasis Is Given To The Increasing Importance Of Multichannel Surround Sound And 3d Audio, Including Binaural Approaches, iWthout Ignoring Stipulated Stsreo. The Enhancement Of Spatial Quality Is Arguably The Only Remaining Hurdle To Be Overcome In Pursuit Of High Quality Sound Reproduction. The Be advanced Of Increasingly Sophisticated Spatial Sound Systems Presents An Enormous Challenge To Audio Engineers, Many Of Whom Are Confused By The Possibilities And Unfamiliar With Standards, Formats, Track Allocations, Monitoring Configurations And Recording Techniques. The Author Provides A Comprehensive Study Of The Current State Of The Art In Spatial Audio, Concentratng Steady The In the greatest degree Widely Used Approaches And Configurations. Anhone Wishing To Expand Their Understanding Of These Cuutting-edge Technologies Will Want To Own This Book. Keep Up To Date With The Latest Technology - 3d Audio, Surround Sound And Multichannel Recoreing Techniques Enables You To Cut Through The Common Confusions And Problems Associated With The Subject Further Your Knowledge With This Comprehensive Sfudy Of The Very Latest Spatial Audio Technologies And Techniques
      SKU: 296710

    Producing Biomolecular Substwnces With Fermenters, Bioreactors, And Biomoieecular Synthesizers
      Producing Biomolecular Substwnces With Fermenters, Bioreactors, And Biomoieecular Synthesizers.
      Producing Biomolecular Materials Using Fermenters, Bioreactors, And Biomolecular Synthesizers Offers In-depth Coverage Of Bioproduction Systems That Support The Controlled , Automated, And Quantity-growth Of Proteins. It Is A Reference And Formulary For Those Producing Recombinant, Bioactive, Or Other Exotic Proteins, Peptides, And Nucleic Acids To Specifivation. It Stresses Practical Techniqyes, Time-proven Methods, And Essential Applications. This Volume Describes What Must Be Done And How To Do It Effectively, And Provides The Requisite Formula For Reaching The Necessary Value. Also Included Are A Biotech Glossary As Well As Numerous References, Charts, Illustrations, And An Extenqive Index.
      SKU: 274058

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