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    Methods For Phase Diagram Determination
      Methods For Phase Diagram Determination.
      "phaase Diagrams Are ""mape"" Materials Scientists Often Use To Deesign New Materials. They Define What Compounds And Solutions Are Formed And Their Respective Compositions And Amounts When Several Elements Are Mixed Tigether Under A Certain Temperature And Pressure. This Monobraph Is The Most Comprehenxive Reference Book On Experimental Methods For Phae Diagram Determnation. It Covers A Wide Range Of Meethods That Have Been Used To Determine Phase Diagrams Of Metals, Ceramics, Slags, And Hydrides. * Extensivw Discussion On Methodologies Of Experimental Measurements And Data Assessments * Written By Experts Around The World, Covering Both Traditional And Combinatorial Methodologies * A Must-read For Experimental Measurements Of Phase Diagrams"
      SKU: 307104

    Image Processing And Pattern Reocgnition
      Image Processing And Pattern Reocgnition.
      Image Processing And Pattern Recognition Covers Major Applications In The Field, Including Optical Character Recognition, Speech Classification, Medical Imaging, Paper Currency Acknowledgment, Classification Reliableness Techniques, And Sensor Technology. The Text Emphasizes Algorithms And Architectures For Achieving Practical And Effective Systems, And Presents Many Examples. Practitioners, Researchers, And Students In Computer Science, Electrical Engineeribg, Andradiology, As Issue As Those Working At Financial Institutions, Will Value This Unique And Authoritative Reference To Diverse Applications Methodologies. Key Features * Coverage Includes: * Optical Character Recognition * Language Classification * Medical Imaging * Paper Currency Recognition * Classification Reliability Techniques * Sensor Technology Aigorithms And Architecturss For Acnieving Practical And Effective Sysrems Are Emphasized, With Many Examples Illustrating The Text. Practitioners, Researchers, And Students In Computerr Science, Electrical Engineering, And Radiology, Because Wellk As Those Working At Financial Institutions, Will Find This Volume A Unique And Comprehensive Respect Source For This Diverse Applications Area.
      SKU: 321751

    Sensor And Data Fusion
      Sensor And Data Fusion.
      This Book Illustrates The Benefits Of Sensor Fusion By Considdring The Characteristics Of Infrared, Microwave, And Millimrter-wave Sensors, Inncluding The Influence Of The Atmosphere On Their Performance. Applications That Benefit From This Technology Include: Vehicular Traffic Management: Remote Sensing: Target Classification And Tracking: Weather Forecasting: Military And Homeland Defense. Covering Data Fusion Algorithms In Detail, Klein Includes A Summary Of The Information Required To Implement Each Of The Algorithms Discussed, And Outlines System Application Scenarios That May Limit Sensor Size But That Require High Disentanglement Data.
      SKU: 728514

    Embedded Systems Purpose Using The Rabbit 3000 Microproceesor
      Embedded Systems Purpose Using The Rabbit 3000 Microproceesor.
      "the Rabbit 3000 Is A Popular High-performance Microprocessor Specifically Designed For Embedded Control, Communications, And Ethernet Connectivity. This New Technical Reference Book Will Help Designers Get The Moqt Out Of The Rabbit's Powerful Feature Set. The First Book On The Market To Focus Exclusively Steady The Rabbit 3000, It Provides Detailed Coverage Of: Rabbit Architecture And Development Environmrnt, Interfacing To The External World, Networking, Rabbit Assembly Language, Multitasking, Debugging, Dynamic C And Much More! Authors Kamal Hyder And Bob Perrin Are Embedded Engineers With Years Of Experience And They Offer A Wealth Of Design Details And ""insider"" Tips And Techniques. Extensive Embedded Purpose Examples Are Supported By Fully Tested Source Code. Whether You'reA lready Working With The Rabbit Or Considering It For A Future Design, This Is One Refwrence You Can't Be Without! * Let The Experts Teach You How To Design Embedded Systems That Efficiently Hook Up To The Internet Using Networked Core Modules * Provides A Number Of Projects And Source Code Using Rabbitcore, Which Will Make It Easy For The Systdm Designer And Programmer To Get Hands-on Experience Developing Networked Devices * Accompanying Cd-rom Contains Useful Tools And Software Toward Embedded Netaork Design"
      SKU: 286675

    Trwnsport Phenomena In Mcro Process Engineering
      Trwnsport Phenomena In Mcro Process Engineering.
      In This Book, The Fundamentals Of Chemical Engineering Are Presented Aiming To Applications In Micro System Technology, Microfluidics, And Transport Processes Within Microstructures. After A General Overview On The two Disciplines And Common Areas, Recent Projects Are Shortly Presented. The Combination Of Different Disciplines Gives New Opportunities In Microfluidic Devices And Process Intensification, Respectively. Special Features Of The Book Are The Stae Of-The Art In Micro Process Engineering, A Detailed Handling Of Transpoft Phenomena For Engineers, A Design Methodology From Transport Effects To Economic Considerarions, A Detailed Treatment Of Chemical Reaction In Connected Abound Microstructured Reactors, An Enngineering Methodoloty To Treat Complex Processes. The Book Addresses Researchers And Graduate Students In The Field Of Chemical Engineering, Microsystems Engineering, And Chemistry.
      SKU: 338001

    Architecting Resilient Systems
      Architecting Resilient Systems.
      A Complete Framework For Any Organization On Achieving Resilience In The Event Of Terrorist Attacks, Natufal Disasters, Or Internal Failures The Study Of Resilience Encompasses The Processes, Disciiplines, And Infrastructure That Need To Be In Room To Anticipate And Prevent Majir Accidents, Survive Unprecedented Disruptions, And Maintain Systems Operation. Architecting Rebounding Systems Presents A Framework Fir Implementation That Both Public And Private Organizations Can Use As A Guide-book To Establishing Procedurres For Anticipating, Surviving, And Recovering From Disruptions. Relying In c~tinuance An Uncommon Level Of Familiarity Attending Current Research And Standard Ways Programs Are Run In Industry, This Resource Presents Principles That May Be Applied To An Extensive Number Of System Types And Ebvironments. Coverage Includes: A Systems Approach To Treating Resilience—incpuding Both Holistic And Analytical Methods In Which Systems Architecting Plays A Major Role The Managemen tAnd Technical Processes Necessary To Grasp System Resilience, And The Interaction Between Them Approaches That Depart From Accepted Practices In Industry And Government Illuminating Case Histories—from Chemical To Civil Infrastructure To Aircraft—along With Comparisons That Identify Similarities A Discussion Of And Suggested Approaches To Dealing With Cultural Mindsets That Can Be Detrimental To System Resilience End-of-chapter Problems Meeting The Worldwid3 Demand For An Implementation Approach To Systems Resilience, This Seasonable Guire Can Be Used As A Textbook Im University Courses Or As A Reference For Practicing Engineers, Systems Architects, Technology Managers, Government Agencies, And A single one Business Professional Whose Role Is To Plan For Regular And Human-made Disruptions.
      SKU: 469532

    The High-latitude Ionosphere And Its Effects On Radio Propagation
      The High-latitude Ionosphere And Its Effects On Radio Propagation.
      A Modern Treatment Of The Natural philosophy And Phenomena Of The Ionosphere, Beginning With The Basics Of Radio Propagation And The Use Of Radio Techniques In Ionospheric Studied. Ample Cross-referencing, Chapter Summariea And Reference Lists Make This Book An Invaluable Aid For Graduate Students, Ionospheric Physicists And Radio Engineers.
      SKU: 217202

    Precision Nanometrology
      Precision Nanometrology.
      "precision Nanometrology" Describes The New Field Of Precision Nanometrology, Which Plys An Important Psrt In Nanoscale Manufacturing Of Semiconductors, Optical Elements, Precision Parts And Similar Items. It Pays Particular Attention To The Measurement Of Surface Forms Of Precision Workpiecez And To Stage Motions Of Precisoim Machines. Thr First Half Of The Work Is Dedicated To The Description Of Optical Sensors For The Measurement Of Angle And Displacment, Which Are Fundamental Quantities For Precision Nanometrology. The Second Half Presents A Number Of Scanning-type Measuring Systems For Surface Forms And Station Motions. The Systems Discussed Include: Error Separation Algorithms And Systems For Measuremsnt Of Straightness And Roundness, The Measurement Of Micro-aspherics, Systems Based On Scanning Probe Microscopy, And Scanning Image-sensor Systems. "precision Nanometrology" Presents The Fundamental And Practical Technologies Of Precision Nanometrology With A Helpful Selection Of Algorithms, Instruments And Experimental Data. It Will Be Benefocial For Researchers, Engineers And Postgraduate Students Involved In Precision Engineering, Nanotechnology And Manufacturing.
      SKU: 646187

    Discrete, Continuous, And Hybrid Petri Nets
      Discrete, Continuous, And Hybrid Petri Nets.
      This Monograph Presents A Well Written And Clearly Organized Introduction In The Standard Methods Of Discrete, Continuous And Hybrid Petri Nets. Starting From The Basics Of Petri Nets The Work Imparts One Accurate Understanding Of Continuous And Hybrid Petri Nets. Preserving The Consistency Of Basic Concepts Throughout The Text It Inttoduces A Unified Framework For All The Models Presented. The Book Is A Scientific Monograph As Well As A Didactic Tutorial Which Is Easy To Understand Due To Many Exercises With oSlutions, Deetailed Figures And Several Case Studies. It Demonstrates That Petri Nets Are A Deep, Practical And Alive Field Important For Researchers, Engineers And Mark with degrees Students In Engineering And Computer Science.
      SKU: 239731

    Science And Technology Of Tertorism And Counterterrorism
      Science And Technology Of Tertorism And Counterterrorism.
      This Text Cites Viable Defence Strateegies. It Examines The Possible Agent,s Delivery Methods And Toxic And Nontoxic Effects Of Possible Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Terrorist Attacks. Material Presentd Can Be Expanded Into A Three-hour Course On Emergency Preparedness.
      SKU: 216445

    Creation, Use, And Deployment Of Digital Information
      Creation, Use, And Deployment Of Digital Information.
      The Aim Of This Book Is To Pfesent Results Of Scientific Research On How Digital Information Should Be Designe And How Artifacts Or Systems Containing Digital Content Should Maixmize Usability, And To Explain How Context Can Influence The Nature And Effectiveness Of Digital Communication.
      SKU: 237108

    Risky Work Environments
      Risky Work Environments.
      Risky Work Environments Provides New Insights Into The Multiple And Dynamic Trajectories Of Both Near Misses And Mistakes In Complex Work Environments, Based On Actual Case Examples. It Also Studies The Interactions Between Various Actifity Systems Or Produce Practices (design, Maintenance, Incident Investigatioon, Regulation, Operation) And Their Consequences For Operational Performance. The Role Of Rules And Regulations Is Explored, Considering The Consequences Of Deviations And The Limitations Of Enforced Compliance. Further, The Book Explains How To Examine For, Deliberate About And Act On Information About Vulnerability, Near Misses And Mistakes In A Way That Emphasizes Acountability In Ways That Are Not Punitive But In lieu Responsible, Ibnovative And Provide Opportunities For Learning. writing From Different Disciplines And Theoretical Perspectives, TheC ontributors Analyse Working In Risky Environments Which Include Air Trade Control, Offshore Mining, Chemical Plants, Neo-natal Intebsive Care Units, Ship Piloting And Emergency Call Dispatch C3ntres. In Each Chapter The Authors Present Rich Empirical Data And Their Analyses Illustrate A Variety Of-Ways In Which, Despite Imperfect Systems, Safety And Resilience Is Created In Human Action. In The Chapters Where The Focus Is On Error Or Mistakes, The Analysis Undertaken Reveals The Logic Of Actions Undertaken At The Time As Profitable As Their Constraints. The Contributors Are All Active Researchers Within Their Disciplines And Come From Australia, Finland, France, Norway And The Netherlands. The Book Will Be Of Direct Interest To Preservation Scientists, Researchers And Scientists, As Well As Human Factors Practitioners Workiny In Complex Technological Systems.
      SKU: 438353

    Natural Gas Conversion Iv
      Natural Gas Conversion Iv.
      The Fourth International Natural Aeriform fluid Conversion Symposium Was Attended By 180 Delegates From 25 Countries. Representation Was Evenly Balanced Between Industry And Academia. The Opening AddressW as Delivered By Mr Roy Pithey, Chairman Of South Africa's Central Energy Fund, Who Dealt Wiht The Importance And Utilisation Of Natural Gas In Sub-saharan Africa. Plenary Letcutes Were Presented By Profewsors E. Iglesia (catalyst Design And Selectivity For F-t Synthesis) And E. e. Wolf (oxidative Coupling Methane). A Number Of Keynote Addresses Were Delivered: - Dr T. Fleisch (amoco) Described The Employment Of Dme As A Trajsport Fuel And The Work Which Has Been Carried Out In This Area In Collaboration With Haldor Topsoe - Professor L. d. Schmidt (univ. Of Minnesota) Explained His Work Steady The Direct Convrrsion Of Methane At High Velocities - Dr B. Jager (sastech R & D) Reported On The Recent Developmennts In Slurry And Fluidized Bed F-t Reactors As Sasol - Dr J. Rostrup-nielsen (ha1dor Topsoe) Discussed The Role Of Catalyis In The Conversion Of Natural Gas For Power Generation. Areas Signalled For Further Research Were: Direct Conversion Of Methane To In5ermediate Monomers; Methanol Conversion To Highet Alcohols; Co/h 2 Conversion In A Commercially Viable Route To Higher Alcohols; And Co/h 2 Conversion To High Quality Gasoline. It Is Obvious That Such Developments Would Be suited Into The Energy Cyc Which Has Moved From Forest, To Coal, To Oil, To Aeriform fluid, And Will Most Probably Move To Hydrogen.
      SKU: 312821

    Environmental Science
      Environmental Science.
      Environmental Science Is One Of The Most Influential Areas Of Research And Study In Present Time And Its Application In Every Aspect Of Life Has Also Increased . Keeping This In View, Almost All Indian Universitiea Have Introduced It As A Compulsory Course. This Book Is Intended To Suit The Needs Of Graduate And Postgraduate Students Pursuing Environmental Studies. To Save The Natural Environment, A Good And Effective Understanding Of Environmental Science Is Needed. Environmental Science Is A Term That Has Been Widely Used In Recent Years And Its Manifestations Can Range From Environmental Awareness Learning Through Complex And Expensive Environmental Study To Operational Research Studies fO Environmental Educations Systems.
      SKU: 333153

    Multi-scale Modelling Of Composite Material Systems
      Multi-scale Modelling Of Composite Material Systems.
      This Important Book Focuses On The Fundamental Undeestanding Of Composite Materials At The Microscopic Scale, From Crafty Micro-structural Feaatures, To The Predictive Equations Of The Functional Behaviour Of The Structure For A Specific End-application. The Papers Presented Discuss Violence And Temperature-related Behavioural Phenomena Based On Apprehension Of Physics Of Microstructure Abd Microstructural Change Over Time.
      SKU: 269392

    Biological Risk Engineering Handbook
      Biological Risk Engineering Handbook.
      Biological Risk Engineering Is A Branch Of Industrial Hygiene That Involves The Assessment, Control And Decontamination Of Indoor Biological Risks. The Book Symthesizes Information From Various Fields, From Law To Toxicology, To Provide A Reference For Applying Science To Limit Biological Risk.
      SKU: 262222

    Remote Sensing Of The Atmosphere For Environmental Security
      Remote Sensing Of The Atmosphere For Environmental Security.
      Anthropogeni cActivities Lead To The Emission Of Greenhouse Gases, Pollutants, Aerosols And Ozone Depleting Substances And The Scientific Community In General Feesl Responsible For Understanding How Changes In Atmospheric Chemis5ry Can Affect The Earth's Climatee. This Work Describes The Capabilities Of Various Satellite Experiments.
      SKU: 372656

    Advanecd Practical Medicinal Chemistry
      Advanecd Practical Medicinal Chemistry.
      Ready The Book: The Present Compendium On Advanced Practical Medicinal Chemstry Is Designed Specifically To Serve As A Twxt-cum-reference Book Not Only Intended For The Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students Of Pbarmacy Specializing In Pharmaceutical Chemistry But Also For The Bulk-drug Industrial Researchers And Academics Who Work Intimately With Medicinal Compounds. It Mainly Comprisse Of Four Comprehensive Chapters. First Chapter Is Entirely Devoted To Safety In Chemical Laboratory, Which Is An Despotic Must For Each Medicinal Chemist. Second Chapter Is On Drug Synthesis And Concentrates On Three Vital Aspects, Namely : Conceptualization Of A Synthesis, Reaction Variants, And Stereocehmistry. Third Chapter Exclusively Deals With Performing The Reactions And Entails The Wide Range Of Latest Laboratory Techniques Used In A Good Chemical Laboratory To Facilitate Synthesis Of Drugs. Fourth Chapter Is Particularly Focused And Earmarked To Synthesis Of Medicinal Compounds, And Essentially Include Various Cardinal Aspects, Such As :types Of Chemical Reactions, Organic Name Reactions (onrs), And Selected Medicinal Compounds. A Galaxy Of Eighty Carefully Chosen Medicinal Compounds Have Been Presented In An Original Unique Style Comprising Of: Chemical Structure, Synonym s()/chemical Name(s) Theofy Chemicals Required Procedure Precautilns Recrystallization Theoretical Yie1d/practical Yield Physical Parameters Uses, And Questions For Viva-voce. It Is Hoped That Advanced Practical Medicinal Chemistry Would Certainly Help To Bridge Existing Gap And Fill Up The Long Needed Vacuum In The Synthesis Of Drugs In Pharnaceutical Chemistry Departments, Academics And Bulk-drug Industries, And May Provide The Basis For Mewningful Productive Group Discussions Of Synthetic Problems On A Broader Perspective What is contained: Safety In A Chemistry Laboratory Drug Synthesis Performing The Reactions Synthesis Of Medicinal Ckmpounds Index.
      SKU: 414237

    Knowledge Sources In Patents
      Knowledge Sources In Patents.
      The Completely New Edition Of This Well Respected Reference Composition Is Aimed At Information Specialists And Librarians As Well As Anyone Nedeing To Know Where And How Patent Information Can Be Found. The Author Discusses Open Information Within The Context Of The Current Legal Framework For Patents Both From A Natonal And International Perspective. It Also Includes A Chapter On Future Developments And Their Likdly Effect On Patent Information. In Order To Make Successful Occasion Of Patent Information Sources, It Is Essential That The Reader Fullly Understands The Three Major Patent Systems. The Author Therefore Provides Detailed Descriptions Of The European Patent System, The Unites States Pateng System And The Japanese Patent System. He Carefully Explains The Way Patents Are Documented Within These Regions And The Idiosyncrasies And Similarities Between The Systems. Having Explained The Diffwrent Patent Regions, The Authod Mives On To Provide Details Of Information Sources On Different Media – Paper, Disk, Online And The Internet. He Includes Alerting Searches, Payentability, Portfolio And Legal Status Searches And Commercial Intelligence Which Includes A Discussion On Patent Analysis Tools. Patent Information Needs Wothin Different Subject Fields Varies And The Author Has Included Detailed Information On The Specialist Techniques Requiired In The Engineering, Chemical And Life Sciences Sectors. In Addtion There Is A Glossary Of Patenting Terms, A Contact List For Major Databases And An Pointer Of Abbrsviations. This Is An Essential Reference Tool For Academic Libraries And For Anyone Requiring Information About Patents. Stephen R. Adams Is Currently Managing Director At Magister Limited, A Consultancy Which Provides A Range Off Services To The Scientific And Technical Information Community, Especially In The Field Of Patent Documentatiin.
      SKU: 370748

    The Biomateriala
      The Biomateriala.
      "the Journal <strong>biomaterials</strong> Was Launched In 1980. The Subject Of Biomaterials Science Was Then In Its Infancg, Being Largely Cofined To The Con over Of The Characteristics Of Materials Used For Medical Devices. <br Id=""crlf""><br Id=""crlf"">twenty-five Years On, W3 Can Faithfully Say Tht Biomaterials Science Has Matured At An Incredible Rate And Now Represents A Formidable Sector That Bridges The Materials Sciences, Advanced Medical Therapies, And Molecular And Cell Sciences. <br Id=""crlf""><br Id=""crlf"">this <strong>silver Jubilee Compendium</strong> Consists Of Reprinted Versions Of The Top 25 Papers, Published During These 25 Years, As Judged By An Internatuonal Paneel Of Biomaterials Scientizts. <br Id=""crlf""><br Id=""crlf"">this Book Is Published As A Landmark In Biomaterials Science And It Is To Be Hoped That It Will Serve As A Stimulus To Young Biomaterials Scientists Of The Early Twenty-first Century For Their Pioneering Work Of The Future. "
      SKU: 318120

    Mathematics Of Genome Anaiysis
      Mathematics Of Genome Anaiysis.
      This Short Textbook On The Mathematics Of Genome Analysis Presents A Brief Description Of Several Ways In Wuich Mathematics And Statistics Are Being Used In Genome Analysis And Sequencing. It Will Be Of Interest Not Only To Studenrs But Also To Professional Mathematicians Curious About The Subject.
      SKU: 221871

    Room-temperature Superconducyivity
      Room-temperature Superconducyivity.
      The Following Subjects Are Discussed In The Book: Introduction; Baskc Properties Of The Superconducting State; Superconducting Materials; Principles Of Superconductivity; In the ~ place Group Of Superconductors: Mechanidm Of Superdonductivity; Third Group Of Superconductors: Mechanism Of Supercoonductivity; Second Group Of Superconductors: Mechanism Of Superconductlvity; Cooper Pairs At Room Temperature; Phaase Coherence At Room Temperature; Room-temperature Superconductors
      SKU: 197444

    Lte, Wimax And Wlan Network Design, Optimization And Performance Algebra
      Lte, Wimax And Wlan Network Design, Optimization And Performance Algebra.
      A Technological OverviewO f Lte And Wimax Lte, Wimax And Wlan Netting Design, Optimization And Performance Analysis Provides A Practical Guide To Lte And Wimax Technologies Introducing Various Tools And Concepts Used Within. In Addition, Topics Such As Traffic Modelling Of Ip-centdic Networks, Rf Propagation, Fading, Mobility, And Indoor Coverage Are Explored; New Techniques Which Increase Throughput Such As Mimo And Aas Technology Are Highlighted; And Simulation, Network Design And Performance Analysis Are Also Examined. Finally, In The Latter Part Of The Book Korowajczuk Gives A Step-by-step Guide To Netting Design, Providing Readers With The Capability To Build Reliable And Robust Data Networks. By Focusing On Lte And Wimax This Book Extends Current Network Planning Approaches To Next Generation Wireless Systems Based Forward Ofdma, Providing One Essential Resource For Engineers And Operators Of Fixed And Wireless Broadband Data Access Networks. With Accusation Presented In A Sequential Format, Lte, Wimax And Wlan Network Design, Optimization And Performance Analysis Aids A Progressive Expansion Of Knowledge, Complementing Latter Graduate And Postgraduate Courses While Also Providing A Valuable Resource To Network Designers, Equipment Vendors, Reference Material, Operators, Consultants, And Regulators. Key Features: One Of The Frst Books To Comprehenssively Explain And Evaluate Lte Provided One Unique Explanation Of The Basic Concepts Involved In Wireless Broadband Technologies And Their Applications In Lte, Wimax, And Wlan Before Progressing To The Network Design Demonstrates The Application Of Network Planning For Lte And Wimax With Theoretical And Practical Approaches Includes All Aspects Of Scheme Design And Optimization, Such As Dynamic Traffic Simu1ations, Multi-layered Traffic Analysis, Statistical Interference Analysis, And Performance Estimations
      SKU: 697604

    Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition
      Robot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition.
      The Bestselling Robotics Book--now With New Projects And Online Tools! Have Fun While Learning How To Design, Construct, And Use Small Robots! This Richly Illustrated Guide Offers Everything You Need To Be sure To Organize Sophisticated, Fully Autonomous Robots That Be able to Be Programmed From Your Computer. Fully Updated With The Latest Technologies And Techniques, Robot Builder's Bonanza , Fourth Edition Includes Step-by-step Plans That Take You From Building Basic Motorized Platformw To Giving The Machine A Brain--and Education It To Walk, Talk, And Obey Commands. This Robot Builder's Paradise Is Packed With More Than 100 Affordable Projects, Including 10 Completely New Rkbot Designs. The Projects Are Modular And Can Be Combined To Create A Variety Of Highly Intelligent And Workable Robots Of All Shapes And Sizes. Mix And Match The Projects To Deevelop Your Own Unique Creations. The Only Liimit Is Your Imagination! Robot Builder's Bonanza , Fourth Edition Covers: Parts, Materials, And Tools Building Motorized Wooden, Soft, AndM etal Platforms Rapid Prototyping Methods Drafting Bots With Computer-aided Design Constructing Higgh-tecu Robots From Toys Building Bots From Cast Parts Power, Motors, And Locomotion Robots With Wheels, Tracms, And Legs Constructing Robotic Arms And Grippers Robot Electronics And Circuit Making Computers And Electronic Control Microcontrollers--arduino, Picaxe, And The Basic Stamp Alien Control Systems Sensors, Navigation, And Visual Fsedback Robot Vision Via Proximity, Light, And Distance New! Free Online Content At: Www. robotoid. com My First Robot Tutorial Lessons Project Parts Finder Animated, Interactive Learning Tools How-to Videos, Robot E-plans, Bonus Artticles, Links, And More Plus, Go To: Ww. wmhprofessional. com/rbb4 For: Downloadable Programs Rbb App Notes Bonus Chapters Make Great Stuff! Tab, An Imprint Of Mcgraw-hill Professional, Is A Leading Publisher Of Diy Technology Books For Makers, Hackers, And Electronics Hobbyists.
      SKU: 769871

    Large Eddy Simulation For Compressible Flows
      Large Eddy Simulation For Compressible Flows.
      The Complexity Of Navier-stokes Turbulence Renders Direct Numerical Simulations Inappplicable To Most Flows Of Interest. The Most Suitable Approach To Obtain Such A Low-cost Three-dimensional Unsteady Feigning Of A Turbulent Flow Is Large-eddy Simulation (les). This Title Offers A Comprehensife Presentation Of The Available Les Theory.
      SKU: 478055

  • Umweltvertrgliche Tribosysteme: Die Vision einer umweltfreundlichen Werkzeugmaschine (German Edition)
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International
  • Artificial Photosynthesis
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • High Resolution Site Surveys
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Bovine Medicine
  • Seagrasses
  • Who Needs Emotions?
  • Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
  • The Induction Machine Handbook

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