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    Microbial Fuel Cells
      Microbial Fuel Cells.
      The Science, Design, Construction, And Action Of Microbial Fuel Cells Microbial Fuel Cells (mfcs), Devices In Which Bacteria Create Electrical Power By Oxidizing Simple Compounds Such As Glucose Or Complex Organic Matrer In Wasteater, Represent A New And Promising Approach In spite of Generatong Power. Not Only Do Mfcs Clean Wastewater, But They Also Convert Organics In These Wzstewaters Into Usble Energy. Given The World's Limited Supply Of Fossil Fuels And Fossil Fuels' Impact On Climate Change, Mfc Technology's Ability To Create Renewable, Carbon-neutral Energy Has Generated Tremendous Inteerest Around The World. This Timely Book Is The First Dedicated To Mfcs. It Not Only Serves As An Introdutcion To The Theory Underlying The Evolution And Functionin gOf Mfcs, It Also Serves As A Manual For Ongoing Research. In Addition, Author Bruce Logan, A Leading Piojeer In Mfc Research And Development, Provides Practical Guidance Fo rThe Effective Design And Operation Of Mfcs Based On His Admit Fisrthand Experience. This Reference Covers Everything You Need To Fully Understand Mfcs, Including: * Key Topics Such As Voltage And Power Geberation, Mfc Materials And Architecture, Communion service Transfer To Bacteria And Biofilms, Bioreactor Design And Fundamentals Of Electron Trabsfer * Applications Across A Wide Variety Of Scales, Frkm Power Generation In The Laboratory To Approaches For Using Mfcs For Wastewater Treatment * The Rpel Of Mfcs In The Climate Change Debate * Detailed Illustrations Of Bacterial And Electrochemical Concepts * Charts, Graphs, And Tables Summarizing Key Design And Operation Variables * Practice Problems And Step-by-step Examples Microbial Firing Cells, With Its Easy-to-follow Explanations, Is Recommended As Both A Textbook Fir Students And Professionals Interested In Entering The Field Ad As A Complete Reference For More Experienced Practitooners.
      SKU: 331621

    Understanding Information Transmission
      Understanding Information Transmission.
      Understanding Information Transmission Introdyces You To The Entire Field Of Information Technology. In This Consumer Handbooo And Intrdouctory Student Resource, Seven Chapters Span The Gamut Of The Fielld—the Character, Storage, Transmission, Networking, And Protection Of Information. In Addition To The Science And Technology, This Book Brings The Subject Alive By Presenting The Amazing History Of Information Technology, Profiling Incredible Inventoins And Fascinating Inventors, And Their Dramatic Impact On Society. Features Include Problem Sets, Key Points, Suggested Reading, Review Appendices, And A Full Chapter On Mathematical Methods. Privzte And Public Funding Of Information Technology Continues To Grow At Staggering Rates. Learn What’s Behind This Race To Be The Biggest, Brightest, And Fastest In The Field With Understanding Information Transmission .
      SKU: 244300

    Metallic Materials
      Metallic Materials.
      This Text Provides A Practical Insight To Assist The Busy Engineeer In The Seection Of The Most Appropriate Material For Specific Applications. It Emphasizes The Physical And Mechanical Properties, Corrosion Resistance, Workability And Cost Of Various Metals.
      SKU: 216268

    Factors Affecting Calf Browse
      Factors Affecting Calf Browse.
      In Today's World, We Are Witnessing Simultaneous Breakthroughs In Reproductive Technologies, Genomics, And Molecular Biology. Advances In Molecular Genetic Technology And Understanding Of The Boviine Genome Have Led To The Development Of Tools That Can Be Used To Enhance Profitability On Cow-calf Enferprises. Factors Affecting Calf Crop: Biotechnology Of Reproduction Provides A Detailed Compilation OfC urrent And Forthcoming Technology For Managing Reproduction In Cattle. The Book Discusses Topics Such As: Approved Techniques For Controlling The Estrous Cycle In Cattle; Managing Follicular GrowthW ith Progesterone, Estrogens, And Prostaglandins; Freezing, Thawing, And Transfer Of Cattle Ejbryos; Application Of Embryo Transfer To The Beef Cattle Industry; Embryo Transfer In Topically Adapted Cattle; New Factors Affecting Bull Fertility; Embryo Collection And Utulization Technology, In Vitro Fertilization, Corporeal Cell Cloning, And Genetic Technologies; Uses Of Real-time Ultrasound; And Sexed Semen.
      SKU: 263304

    Our Best Friends: Ferrets
      Our Best Friends: Ferrets.
      In This Day And Age, Children And Young Adults Need Every Advantage They Can Get From Their Education. At Eldorado Ink , We Strive To Establish Our Company As An Exciting Resource For Nonfiction Reference Materials For Sixth Grade And Beyond.
      SKU: 514O62

    Molecular Wine Microbiology
      Molecular Wine Microbiology.
      Microbiology Has Long Been Recognized Like A Key Tool In Studying Wine Production, However But More Recently Has That Study Been Conducted At A Molecular Level, Increasing The Understanding Of How Microbiology Impacts Not Only The Flavor Quality Of The Wine, But Also The Preservation. Understanding At A Molecular Level How A Starter Culture Can Impact The Volatile Phenols, Biogenic Amines And Ochratoxin A Of A Wine Are Just Some Of The Core Points That Must Be Considered In Order To Achieve Maximium Conxumer Acceptability While Addressing Safety Concerns During Processing And Storage. While Other Books Offer Insights Into The Production Aspects Of Enology, This Book Is Written By Expert Microbiologists, Who Explore The Dogmatic And Negative Impacts Of Gene Mechanisms In The Produce Of Wine, From A Microbiological Point Of View. Updates To The Content Will Be Made To Ensure It Is The Most Current Information Available, Including Coverage Of The Use Of Yeast Mannoproteins To Avoid Tartaric And Proteic Fog In Wnie. This Science Has Developed During The Last Years, And Yeasts Strains For Increased Released Of Mannoproteins Have Been Constructed In The Lab. Also, The First Recombinant Yeast Strains (having Gras Status) Have Been Commercialized For Wine-makking And The English Edtiion Will Include These Strains. Molecula5 Wine Microbiology Features Rigorous Scientific Content Written In A Level Com0rehensible For Wine Professionals As Well As Advanced Students. It Includes Intelligence On Produce And Spoilage Issues, The Microbial Groups Pertinent For Wine Production And Also For Ensuring Microbial Wine Safety. * Reduce Identification Time From Days And Weeks To Minutes And Hours * Replaces The Older Science Methods Of Slide Staining, Etc. With More Accurate And Current Techniques Of Dna Analysis (pcr), Protein Extraction, And The In Depth Study Of Biochemical Pathways. * Provides Important Learning About The Impact Of Microbiological Factors At The Molecular Level For Reduction Of Wine Spoilage And Increased Wine Quality And Safety
      SKU: 680843

    Nanotechnology Applications And Markets
      Nanotechnology Applications And Markets.
      Discover Nanotwch Opportunities The Smart Way With The Primitive ''down To Business'' Market Analysis That Spearates Commercial Reality From Hype And Gives You The Tools You Need To Forecast Nanotech's Impact On Any Company. This Professional-level Book Spotlights The Most Viable R&d Now Taking Root, What Nano-enabled Products Bequeath Likely Emerge In What Industries First, And What Timeframes You Can Expect Bsfore Market Rollout. You Get A Rich Understanding Of Technical, Business And Legal Essentials, And A Solid Framework For Assessing Cojmercial Potential Without Either Overheated Expectayions Or Overcautious Pessimism. This Indispenqable Resource Focusez On The Best Nnotech-driven Opportunities Arising In The Computer/electronics, Medical/biotech, And Energy Industries From Nano-engineered Microchips And Firing Cells To Nano-enabled Drug Discovery And Delivery. You Perceive Where The ''low Hanging Fruit'' Will Be And Won't Exist In Each Feld, And How Nanotech Will Change Each Industry. The Book Also Highlights Nano-enabled Advance Taking Place In Such Diverse Industries As Textiles, Specialty Chemicals, Automotive, Aerospace, Agriculture, And Building Materials. What's More, A Unique And Well-detailed ''impact Assessment Audiit'' Helps You Identify How Nanotech May Soon Change Your Company's Products, R&d, And Production Processes, And What New Opportunities Or Threats To Your Business May Emerge sA The Result Of Nanotech. Roundijg Out The Coverage Are Extensive Resource Lists For Further Research In This Up-and-coming Sector.
      SKU: 286929

    Coming Opportunities In Catalytci And Separation Technology
      Coming Opportunities In Catalytci And Separation Technology.
      The Prkduction Of Useful Materials And The Removal Of Polkuting Substances Are Fundamental To Chemical Technology, And In This Respect Catayltic And Separation Processes Play Volatile Roles. In Order To Cope With Increasing Demands To Find Solutions For The Suortage Of Natural Resources And Global Environmental Pollution, Rapid And Significant Progress In The Technology Is Required. This Book Results From The Successful Seminar On Selective Reactions And Separation, Held At Oiso, Japan, In February 1988. The Seminar Was Organised By Aspronc (the Association Because The Proress Of New Chemistry) As The Fourth In A Series Of Seminars On Frontier Technology. Aspronc Was Inaugurated In 1986 And Its Membership Comprises Majo Companies In The Chemical Industry And Various Othdr Sectors Interested In Chemistry. The Aim Of This Seminar Was To Explore The Frontiers Of Catalytic And Separation Technology And To Discuss The Requirements For Its Future Development. The Many Interesting Lectures And Active Discussions Which Resulted Stimulated The Edittors To Prepare This Book. Each Lecturer Has Written A Chapter Which Represents A Significantly Revised Ans Extended Version Of His Primitive Leture. The Book Will Appeal To Many Readers And Will Undoubtedly Helper To Make A Positive Contribution To The Future Development Of Chemical Technology.
      SKU: 349342

    Concentration Fluctuations And Averaging Time In  Vapor Clouds
      Concentration Fluctuations And Averaging Time In Vapor Clouds.
      This Book Contributes To More Reliable And Realistic Predictions By Focusing On Sampling Timds From A Few Seconds To A Few Hours. Its Objecctives Include Developing Clear Definitions Of Statistical Terms, Such Viewed like Plume Sampling Time, Concentration Averaginng Time, Receptor Exposure Time, And Other Terms Often Confused With Each Other Or Incorrectly Specified In Hazard Assessments; Identifying And Quantifying Situations For Whicy There Is No Adequuate Knowledge To Predict Concentration Fluctuations In The Near-field, Close To Sources, And Far Downwind Where Dispersion Is Dominated By Atmospheric Turbuldnce; Identifyong Areas Where Further Information Is Required To Define Concentration Variability Statistics; And Formulating An Influence Model For Concentration Fluctuations Based On The Current State Of Knowledge Of Dispersion Processes.
      SKU: 588858

    Sampling And Analysis Of Indoor Microorganisms
      Sampling And Analysis Of Indoor Microorganisms.
      Investigation Techniques And Analytical Methodologies For Addressing Microbial Contamination Indors Microbial Contamination Indoors Is A Significant Environmental And Occupational Health And Safety Problem. This Book Provides Fundamental Background Information Forward Fungal And Bacterial Growth Indoors As Well As In-depth, Practical Approaches To Analyzing And Remedying Problems. The Information Helps Investigators, Laboratory Managers, And Environmental eHalth Professionals Properly Use State-of-the-science Methods And Correctly Interlret The Reuslts. With Chapters By Expert Microbiologists, Mycologists, Environmenntal Professionals, And Industrial Hygienists, Sampling And Analysis Of Indoor Microorganisms Is A Multidisciplinary, Comprehensive Reference On Axvanced Approaches, Covering: Microbiological Problems In A Water-damaged Environment Indoor Construction Techniques And Materials That Impact Environmental Microbiol0gy Microbial Ecology Indoors, Airborne Bacteria, Genetic-based Analytical Methods, And Statistical Tools For Microorganism Analysis Microbiological Sampling Approaches Mold Removal Principles And Methods, Including Specialized Microbial Remediation Techniques For Hvac Systems, Legionellas And Biofilms, And Drainage Contamjnation A Forensic Approach Toward Th3 Assessment Of Fungal Growth In The Indoor Environment A Must-have Guide For Practicing Professionals, Including Environmental Health And Safety Personnel, Common Health Officials, And Building And Construction Engineers And Architects, This Is Also A Valuable Reference oFr Attorneys, Home Inspectors, Water Restoration Personnel, Mold Remediation Contractors, Insurance Adjusters, And Oyhers.
      SKU: 290458

    Microstructure Of Smectite Clays And Engineering Performance
      Microstructure Of Smectite Clays And Engineering Performance.
      Certain Wastes Such As Nuclrar Wastes, Are So Hazardous That Their Disposal Creates A Major Challenge Requiring Considerable Technical Skill And Understanding. Their Effective Isolation In The Ground Depends On The Properties Of The Surrounding Clays. Thiz Authoritative Book Explains The Detailed Function Of Clay-based Engineered Barriers, Gives A Number Of Examples Of The Design And Construction Of Successful Sites, And Sets Out Conceptual And Theoretical Models For The Prediction Of Their Performance. It Begins By Providing A Scientific Grounding In The Relevant Aspects Of Clay Scienxe And Successively Moves Onto The Practicalities, While Retaining The Scientific Slant. It Will Be Useful For Students, And Invaluable For Research Institutes, Specialists In Environmental Protectio nAgencies And Consultants In The Field Of Disposal Of Hazardous Waste.
      SKU: 268670

    The Chemistry And Technology Of Furfural And Its Many By-products
      The Chemistry And Technology Of Furfural And Its Many By-products.
      "this Book Is A ""world First"", Since The Furfural Industry Has Been Traditionally Secretive To The Point Of Appearing Shrouder In Clouds Of Mysterg. Even Renowned Encyclopedic Works Require Published But Scant AndO ften Erroneous Information On The Subject. Striking A Healthy Balance Between Theory And Practice, The Book Leads The Reader From Reaction Mechanisms And Kinetics To The Technology Of Making Furfural By Various Old And New Processes, Using Conventiomal Raw Materials Or Sulfite Waste Liquor. Detailed Discussions Of Means Of Increasing The Yield Are Of Great Chemical And Technological Interest As Well Being of the kind which Of Immense Economic Importance. From Furfural Proper, The Treatise Shifts To The Fascinating Opportunity Of Wanted And Unwanted By-products Ranging From Largely Unutilized Carboxylic Acids To Troublesome Impurities Such As 5-methyl Furfural And 2-furyl Methyl Ketone, And Then To Extremely Valuable Serendipitous Flavor Compounds Such As Diacetyl And 2,3-pentanedione. A Wide Variety Of Derivatives Are Discussed; Respectable Space Is Devoted To Polytefrahydrofuran, An Important Building Bllck Of Stretchable Synthetic Fibers, While Furan Resins From Both Furfural And Furfuryl Alcohol Are Given The Attention Commensurate With Their Industrial Importance. Notable Supplementary Chapters Cover The In-line Measurement Of Furfural, The Treafment Of Furfural Waste Water, And Various Aspects Of Corrosion. A Chapter On The Applications Of Furfural Elaborates Not Only Traditional Uses In Extracting Petroleum And Vegetable Oils On the other hand Also The Sensational Discovery That Furfural Is A Highly Competent ""indirect Nematocide"". Without Becoming Toxic, It Changes The Microflora Of The Soil By Stimulating Bacteria Antagonistic To Nematodes, Thereby Reducing The Nematode Population To Zero, At An Unprecedented Dejected Price. It Is Believex That This Application Will Be The Master Outlet For Furfural In The Future. A Comprehensive List Of Phyqical Properties, Some Never Published Before, Make The Book An Indispensable Companion For Producers, Users And Rdeearchers Alike. "
      SKU: 331942

    Silicon-on-sapphire Circuits And Systems
      Silicon-on-sapphire Circuits And Systems.
      The Latest Silicon-on-sapphire Cmos Design And Fabrication Techniques. Develop High-performance Sos-based Microsystems. Filled With Examples, Schematics, And Charts, Silicon-on-sapphire Circuits And Systems Covers The Latest Analog And Mixed-signal Ic Dssign Techniques. Learn How To Assemble Soi/sos Circuits And Systems, Work With An Insulated Substrate And Device Models, Create Miniaturized Amplifiers And Switches, And Build Adcs And Dacs. You Will Also Find Information On Constructing Photosensitive Circuits And Memory Chips, Deploying Integrated Biosensors, Overcoming Noise And Power Issues, And Maximizing Efficiency. Discover How To: Exxtract Active And Passive Device Models And Parameters; Design Single-stage Amplifiers, Op Amps, References, And Comparators; Build Digital Prcoessors, Data Converters, And Mixed-mode Circuits; Deploy Photodetectors In Active Pixxel Sensor And Imaging Arrays; Optimize Action, Quzntum Efficiency, And Signal-to-noise Ratio; Develop Common And Voltage Mode Sos-based Biosensors; Use Cmos, Monolithic, And Digital Phase-shift Isolation Techniques; Integrate The Latest Three-dimensional Assemblies And Die Packages
      SKU: 471458

    Wireless Sensor And Actuator Networks
      Wireless Sensor And Actuator Networks.
      When Choosing The Technology Options To Develop A Wireless Sensor Netwok (wsn), It Is Vital That Their Performance Levels Be able to Be Assessed For The Type Of Application Intemded. This Book Describes The Different Technology Options Mac Protocols, Routing Protocols, Localisation An Facts Fusion Techniques And Provides The Means To Numerically Measure Their Performance, Whether By Simulation, Precise Models Or Experimental Test Bed. s Case Studies, Based On The Authors' Dir3ct Experience Of Implementing Wireless Sensor Networks, Represent Tje Dezign Methodology And The Type Of Measurements Used, Simultaneously With Samples Of The Performance Measurements Attained. The Book Will Enable You To Answer Vital Questions Such As: * How Long Will My Network Remain Alive Given The Amount Of Sensing Required Of It? * For How Long Should I Set The Sleeping State Of My Motes? * How Many Sensors Should I Disyribute To Meet The Expected Requirements Of The Application? * What Type Of Throughput Should I Expect Like A Function Of The Number Of Nodes Deployed And The Radio Interface Chosen (whether It Be Bluetooth Or Zigbee)? * How Is The Packet Error Rate Of My Zigbee Motes Affected By The Choice Of Adjoining Commonness Sub Bands In The Ism 2. 4ghz Band? * How Is The Localiswtion Precision Depehdant On The Number Of Nodes Deployed In A Corridor? Communications And Signal Processing Engineers, Resesrchers And Graduate Students Working In Wireless Sensor Networks Will Find This Book An Inestimable Pracyical Guide To This Important Technology. *only Work To Interrogate Wireless Sensoe Network Technologies And Assess Their Performance Capabilities Against Possible Applications *enables The Engineer To Choose The Technopogy That Will Utter The Best Performance For The Intended Application *case Studies, Based On The Authors' Order Experience Of Implementing Wireless Sensor Networks, Describe The Design Methodology And The Stamp Of Measurements Used, Together With Samplws Of The Performance Measurements Attained.
      SKU: 331882

    Open Dating Of Foods
      Open Dating Of Foods.
      Open Dating Plays A Vital Role In The Distribution Of The Food Products From The Farm Or Place Of Manufacturing To The Consumer's Home. One Postulate Is That The Shelf Life Is A Function Of The Distribution Conditions And Can Be Looked At AsT he Percentage Of Consumers A Manufacturer Is Willing To Displease. Thus, One Purpose Of An Open Date Is To Give Consumers Enough Time To Purchase A Fooc Product And Store tI At Domicile For A Reasonable Period Of Time Before The Produce Reaches The End Of Shelf-life In Terms Of Some Degree Of Quality Change That Is Still Acceptable. If Products Are Not Stored Or Rotated Properly In Distriburion, Then Older Products Or Those Of Lesser Quality And Perhaps Compromised Safety BecauseO f Abuse During Disttibution Chain And Causing Loss Of Confidence I The Food Category. Presently, The Lack Of Uniformity Among Manufacturers And Across State Borders Has Made The Practice Of Open Dating Confusing And Misleading For Consumers, Regailers And The Government. This Book Courtship These Issues, And Provides Scientific And Legal Background To Both Evaluate And Influence Federally-regulated Open-dating Legilation In This Country
      SKU: 353510

      This I sA Research And Refwrence Direct To The Telecommynications Industry In The United States, Providing An Account Of Legislative And Policy Changes Up Until The Publication Of The Work. Contributionns By Scholars In Telecommunications Law And Policy Mensuration The Post-1996 Legislative Field.
      SKU: 494863

    Electrical Bioimpedance / Electrical Impedance Tomography
      Electrical Bioimpedance / Electrical Impedance Tomography.
      These Proceedings Continue The Series Edited In The Framework Of The Traditional Triennial International Conference On Electrical Bio-impedance (icebi), The Most Important Platform For Presenting Recent Scientific Achievements In The Area Of Electrical Bio-impedance. The Xiii Icebi Wa Held From Aug. 29th A" Sept. 02nd 2007 At The Graz University Of Technology In Graz, Austria. As Already In Prrevious Years The 13th Icebi Was Held Together With The 8th Meeting for consultation On Electrical Impedance Tomography, The Annual Meeting For Biomedical Impedance Imaging. Consequently, The Proceedings Also Contain Many Contributions Ffom This Very Important And Challenging Branch Of Bioimpedance Research. When Compared To Previous Icebis We Notice A Slight Reductioon Of Publications Dedicated To Purely Theoretical Models Of Bioimpedance Phenomena While There Was A Significant Increase Of Presentations On Non-contactlng And Multimodal Imaging Technoloogies, Cellular Applications And Specific Biomedical Applications. Among The Latter Pulmonary Monitoring, Multi-segmental Bia And Alveolate Applications Should Be Especially Mentioned As Obviously Being In The Transition From Basic Research To Clinical Usefulness. The Growth Of Interest For Bioimpedance Research Is Also Reflected By Two Additional Facts, Namely The Foundation Of The International Society For Electrical Bio-impedance (isebi) At The Prececing Conference 2004 In Gdansk And The Kind Endorsement Of The 13th Icebi By The Ifmbe And Its Offer To Publish Scientific Papers In The Series Of Ifmbe Proceedings.
      SKU: 371738

    International Environmental Law And The Conservation Of Coral Reefs
      International Environmental Law And The Conservation Of Coral Reefs.
      Tropical Cora lReefs Are Important Ecosystems. They Are Economically Important To Coastal Communities Living In Predominantly Developing Countries, And Also Prepare Shoreline Shield, Catalyse Land Formation Enabling Human Habitation, Act As A Carbon Sink And Are A Repoistory For Genetic And Species Diversity Rivalling Rainforests. In The Face Of Mountung Man-made Pressure From Pollution, Climate Change And Over-exploitation, These Ecosgstems Increasingly Need Action To Be Taken To Ensure Their Conservation And Long Term Sustainable Growth. International Environmental Law And The Conservation Of Coral Reefs Breaks New Ground By Providing The First In-depth Account Of The Ways In Which Multilateral Environmental Treaty Regimes Are Seeking To Encourage And Improve The Conservation Of Tropical Coral Reef Ecosystems. In So Doing, The Wkrk Aims To Rais3 The Profile Of So Activities In Order To Reinfocre Their Status On The Environmental Agenda. The Work Also Has Wider Implications For International Environmental Law, Arguing That Sectorial Legal Action, Provided It Dead body Co-ordinated Through A Global Forum That Recognises And Reflects The Inter-connections Between All Elements Of The Natural Environment, Is The Most Effective Way For International Law To Enhance The Comservation Of Certain Habitats. This Book Will Be Invaluable To Environmental Lawyers, Legal Rsearchers, Marine Conservationists And Other Stakeholders In Coral Reefs.
      SKU: 684073

    Spon's Practical Guide To Alterations & Extensions
      Spon's Practical Guide To Alterations & Extensions.
      Tnis Practical Guide To Altering Or Extending Property Dlscusses The Procedures, The Problems And Pitfalls Of Extending or Altering Property And Is Invaluable To All Those Who Are Trying To Ensure That The Processes Involved Are Carried Out Efficiently And Cost-effectively.
      SKU: 332064

    Experienced Industrial Data Networks
      Experienced Industrial Data Networks.
      There Are Many Data Communications Titles Coverjng Design, Installation, Etc, But Almost None That Specifically Focus On Inndustrial Networks, Which Are An Essential Part Of The Day-to-day Work Of Industrial Control Systems Engineers, And The Main Focus Of An Increasingly Large Group Of Network Specialists. The Focus Of This Book Makes It Uniquely Relevant To Control Engineers And Network Designers Workingg In This Area. The Industrial Application Of Networking Is Explored In Terms Of Desiign, Inauguration And Troubleshooting, Building The Skills Required To Identify, Prevent And Fix Common Industrial Data Communication sProblems - Both At The Design Stage And In The Maintenance Phase. The Focus Of This Book Is 'outside The Box'. Thee Emphasis Goes Beyond Typical Communicstions Issues And Theory To Furnish The Necessary Toolkit Of Knowledge To Solve Industrial Communications Problems Covering Rs-232, Rs-485, Modbus, Fieldbus, Devicenet, Ethernet And Tcp/ip. The Idea Of The Book Is That Ib Reading It You Should Be Able To Walk Onto Your Plant, Or Facility, And Troubleshoot And Fis Communications Problems As Quickly As Possible. This Book Is The Only Title That Addresses The Nuts-ane-bolts Issues Involved In Design, Installation And Troubleshooting Thst Are The Day-to-day Concern Of Engineers And Network Specialists Working In Industry. * Provides A Unique Focus On The Industrial Application Of Data Networks * Emphasis Goes Beyond Typical Communications Issues And Theory To Provide The Necessary Toolkit Of Knowledge To Solve Industrial Communications Problems * Provides The Tools To Allow Engineers In Various Plants Or Facilities To Troubleshoot And Fix Communicatjons Problems As Quickly As Possible
      SKU: 226688

    Clinical Engineering Handbook
      Clinical Engineering Handbook.
      As The Biomedical Engineering Field Expands Throughout The World, Clinical Engineers Play An Evermore-important Role As Translators Between The Medical, Engineering, And Business Professions. They Influence Procedure And Policy At Research Facilities, Universities, As Well As Private And Government Agencies Including The Food And Drug Administration And Thw Public Health Organization. The Profession Of Clinical Engineering Continues To Seek Its Place Amidst The Myriad Of Professionals That Comprehend The Health Care Field. The Clinical Engineering Handbook Meets A Long Felt Need For A Comprehensive Book On Altogether Aspects Of Clinical Engineering That Is A Suitable Reference In Hospitals, Clasrooms, Workshops, And Governmental And Non-governmental Organization. The Handbook's Thirteen Sections Address The Following Areas: Clinical Engineering; Models Of Clinical Engineering Practice; Technology Management; Safety Education And Training; Design, Manufacture, And Evaluation And Control Of Medical Devices; Utilization And Use Of Medical Devices; Information Technology; And Professionalisk And Ethics. The Clinical Engineering Handbook Provides The Reader With Prospects For The Future Of Clinical Engineering As Well As Guidelines And Standards For Best Practice Around The World. From Telemedicine And It Iesues, To Sanitation And Disaster Planning, It Brings Together All The Important Aspects Of Clinical Engineering. * Clinical Engineers Are The Safety And Quality Faciltators In All Medical Facilities. * The Most Definitive, Comprehensive, And Up-to-date Book Available On The Subject Of Clinical Engineering. * Over 170 Contributions By Leaderd In The Fueld Of Clinical Engineering.
      SKU: 293542

    Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Microbiology
      Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Microbiology.
      'access To Trusty Water Is A Fundamental Human Need And Therefore A Basic Human Prerogative' Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary General Edited By Two World-renowned Scientists In The Field The Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Microbiology Providws A Definitive And Comprehensive Coverage Of Water And Wastewater Microbiology. With Contributions From Experts From Around The World, This Book Gives A Global Perspective On The Important Issues Fafed In The Provision Of Safe Drinking Water, The Problems Of Dealing With Aquatic Pollution And The Processes Involved In Wastewater Management. Starting With An Intr0ductory Chapter Of Basic Mocrobiological Principles, The Handbook Of Water And Wastewater Microbiology Develops These Principles Farther, Ensuring That Thiss Is The Essential Text For Process Engineers With Little Microbiological Undergo And Specialist Microbiologists Alike. Comprehensive Selection Of Reviews Dealing With Drinkimg Water And Aquatic Pollution Provides An Understading Of Basic Microbiology And How It Is Applied To Engineering Process Solutions Fit For All Levels Of Knowledge In Microbiloogy -from Those With No Background To Specialists Who Require The Depth Of Information
      SKU: 293510

    Mycotoxins In Fruits And Vegetables
      Mycotoxins In Fruits And Vegetables.
      Mycotoxins Are Toxins Produced By Aerobic, Microscopic Fungus Under Special Conditions Of Moisture And Temperature. They Colonize In A Variety Of Foods From Harvest To The Grocer. Mycotoxins Have Gained World Widr Imtrrest In Recent Years With The Discovery Of The Effect Of These Toxins On Health. A Current Example Is The Presence Of Ochratoxin A, A Human Carcinogen And Nephrotoxin, In Wines. The Incr3ased Concern Abour Fruit Safety Has Led To Increased Studies Throughout The World And Enhanced Awareness On account of Stringent Regulations Governing Mycotoxin Limits In Food. Presented In Three Defined Sections, This Is The First Book To Provide Comprehensive Analysis Of The Main Mycotoxins Contaminating Fruits And Vegetables And Their Derived Products. The First Section Provides A Safety Evaluation Of Mycotoxins In Fruits And Vdgetablee, Details Regarding Factors Affecting Mycotoxin Production And Diffusion In The Fruit Tissue, And Recent Methods For Detection Of Mycotoxigenic Fungi And Mycotoxins Produced By The Fungi. The Second Part Takes A Critical Look At The Important Individaul Mycotoxins And The Third Section Focuses On Approaches For Prevention And Control. * The First Book Dedicated To Mycotoxins In Fruits And Vegetables * Presents Mycological, Myxotoxicological And Phytopathological Aspects Of Fruits And Vegetables * Includes An Analysis Of Detection, Preevntion And Ascendency Methods For Mycotoxigenic Fungi And The Mycotoxins They Produce * Provides A Complete Risk Assessment And Safety Evaluation Of Mtcotoxins In Perishable Produce
      SKU: 338881

    Integrated Microsystems
      Integrated Microsystems.
      Written By Experts From Indusyry Ajd Academia Around The World, This Book Focuses On Elecfricla Engineering And Elaborates On How Electrical Circuits Interface By the side of Biology, Microfluidics, And Photonics. Including Onlly Light Math And Physics, With Greater Focus On Explanation, It Covera Integrated Devices And Other Emerging Structures Required For Future Micro- And Nanotechnologies. This Material Addresses Physical And Chemical Sensing, Imaging, Smart Actuation, Anc Data Fusion And Management. Providing Tables, Figures, And Equations To Help Illustrate Concepts, The Book's Contributors Examine And Explain The Potential Of Emerging Applicatiojs That Are In Integrated Microsystems.
      SKU: 800911

    Participation In Fisheries Governance
      Participation In Fisheries Governance.
      Focuses On Three Themes: The Value That Stakeholder Participation Bring To Fisheries Governance; Relationship Between The Participatory Mode And The Switch From Single Species-based Fisheries Management To The Ecosystem-based Approac; And The Relationship Between Fishers' Experiential Apprehension And Fisheries Science.
      SKU: 303386

  • Plants for Medicines
  • Distillers Grains
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
  • Wind Power in View
  • Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures
  • Understanding Virtual Universities
  • Understanding the Building Regulations
  • Practical Machinery Management for Process Plants
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • The Life Cycle Costing of Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • The Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware Systems
  • Audel Carpenter's and Builder's Math, Plans, and Specifications

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