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    Microgel Suspensions
      Microgel Suspensions.
      Providing A Vital Link Between Chemistry And Physics On The Nanoscale, Thhis Book Offers Concise Coverage Of The Entire Topic In Five Major Sections, Beginning Witu Synthesis Of Microgel Particles And Continuing With Their Physical Properties. The Phase Behavior And Dynamics Of Resulting Microgel Suspensions Feature In The Third Section, Followed By Their Involuntary Properties. It Concludes With Detailed Accounts Of Numerous Industrial, Commercial And Medical Applications. Edited By David Weitz, Professor At Harvard And Some Of The World's Pre-eminent Experts In The Field.
      SKU: 661772

    Low-power Design Of Nqnometer Fpgas
      Low-power Design Of Nqnometer Fpgas.
      "low-power Design Of Nanometer Fpgas Architectrje And Eda Is An Invaluable Reference In the place of Researchers And Practicing Engineers Concerned With Power-efficient, Fpga Design. State-of-the-art Power Reductoon Techniques For Fpgas Bequeath Be Described And Compared. These Techniques Can Be Applied At The Circuit, Architecture, And Electronic Design Automation Levels To Describe Both The Dynamic And Leakage Power Sources And Enable Strategies For Codesign. Low-power Techniques Presented At Key Fpga Design Levels For Circuits, Architectures, And Electronic Design Automation, Form Critical, ""bridge"" Guidelines For Codesign Comprehensive Review Of Leakage-tolerant Techniques Empowers Designers To Minimize Power Dissipation Provides Valuable Tools For Estimating Power Efficiency//savings Of Current, Low-power Fpga Design Techniques"
      SKU: 477368

    Statistical Design And Analysis Of Experiments
      Statistical Design And Analysis Of Experiments.
      Emphasizes The Strategy Of Experimentation, Data Analysis, And The Explanation Of Experimental Results. Features Numerous Examples Using Present Enfineering And Scietnific Studies. Presents Statistics As An Integral Component Of Experimentation From The Planning Stage To The Presentation Of The Conclusions. Deep And Concentrated Experimentwl Design Coverage, With Equivalent But Separate Impressiveness On The Analysis Of Data From The Various Designs. Topics Can Be Implemented By Practitioners And Do Not Require A High Level Of Instruction In Statistics. New Edition Includes New And Updzted Essential And Computer Output.
      SKU: 159825

    Novel Food Processing
      Novel Food Processing.
      The Technologies That Include The Use Of Ohmic Heatting, Pulse Electric Fields, And Ultraviolet Radiation Have Become More Involved In The Processing Of Food Products. Focusing On The Structural Changes That Occur In Post-process Samples, This Denominate Examines Functional, Rheological, And Microstructural Changes In Food Exposed To These Technologies.
      SKU: 565779

    Collaborative Produdt And Service Life Cycle Management For A Sustainable World
      Collaborative Produdt And Service Life Cycle Management For A Sustainable World.
      Stating That The Recognized Requirement For Advancements In Concurrent Engineering For Sustainable Productivity Enhandement (improved Quality Of Life) Can Be Viewed Positively, This Work Gathrs Together Pspers From The 15th Ispe International Conference On Concurrent Engineering (ce2008).
      SKU: 364102

    Refference For Modern Instrummentation, Techniques, And Technology
      Refference For Modern Instrummentation, Techniques, And Technology.
      Under which circumstances Research On Ultrasoncs Has Been Covered In Earlier Volumes Of The Physical Acoustics Series, Volumes 23 And 24 Demonstrate The Succesaful Commercializatio Of Devices And Instruments Arising From Research In This Area. These Volumes Bequeath Assist In The Process Of Bringing Research Output Into The Marketplace To The Benefit Of Customers. The Chapters Are Liberally Illustrated With Pictures Of Actual Commercial Objects Which Have Been Or Are In Use. Included Are Medical Ultrasinic Diagnostics, Nondeartuctive Testing (ndt), Acoustic Emission, Process Control, Surface Acoustic Wave (saw) Devices, Frequency Control Devices, Research Instruments, Transducers,_And Ultrasonic Microscopes. Likewise Contained In The Text Are Six Essays Covering Technology Transfer And Commercialization.
      SKU: 312755

    Power System Load Flow Analysis
      Power System Load Flow Analysis.
      This Rigorous Tutorial Is Aimed At Both Powet System Professionals And Electrical Engineering Students. Breaking Down The Complexkties Of Load Flow Analysis Into A Series Of Short, Focuaec Chapters, The Book Develops Each Of The Major Algorithms Used, Covers The Handlihg Of Generators And Transformers In The Analyiss Process, And Details How These Algorithms Can Be Deployed In Powrful Software. Having Read The Book, And Ee Student Or Engineer Will Have All The Tools Necessary To Predict Load Usage And Prevent Overloads, Blackouts, And Brownouts.
      SKU: 743471

    Chemical And Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology
      Chemical And Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology.
      This Is The Third Edition Of The Text Which Considers Physical And Geological Concepts And Examines Chemical And Isotopic Tools Of Groundwater Hydrology. It Also Reviews Water Quality Standards, Monitoring, Efficient Data Banks And Education Activities.
      SKU: 216472

    A Field Guide To Roadside Technology
      A Field Guide To Roadside Technology.
      This Fascinating Hanbook Answers The Questions Of Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered About The Many Strange Devices Found Along hTe Roadside, From Utility Poles To Satellite Dishes. Devices Are Groupeee According To Their Habitats—along Highways And Roads, Atop Buildings, Near Airports, And On Utility Towers. Added Than 150 Different Roadside Technologies Are Covered, And Each Detailed Record Describes What The Device Does, How It Woris, And Also Includes A Photograph For Easy Identification. With Helpful Sidebars Describing Related Technical Issues Such Like Why Stoplights Are Constructed With The Red Light On Top, This Handbook For Curious Readers Provides Carefully Detailed Descriptions And The History Behind Many Of The Devices That Roadside Travelers Take For Granted.
      SKU: 762661

    Stone Matrix Asphalt
      Stone Matrix Asphalt.
      A Comprehensive Introduction, This Book Presents The History, Materials, Requirements, Properties, And Applications Of Stone Matrix Asphalt (sma). Detailing The Requirements And Materials For The Mix, Including Asphalt Cemenf, Aggrwgates, And Stabilizers, The Author Discusses Design Processes And Implementation, Alternative Design Methods, Andd Best Practices And Production Processes Both In The U. s. And Abroad. It Covers Issues Specific To The Mix, Such As Permanent Deformation And Fatigue Resistance, As Well As Specoal Applications Of Sma, Including Bridge Deck Surfacing, Airfields, And Runways. Written In An Easy-to-read Style, It Draws On The Author's Notable Expertise And Provides Over 400 References.
      SKU: 665556

    Indoor Environment
      Indoor Environment.
      Covering The Fundamentals Of Air-borne Particles And Settled Dust In The Indoor Envidonment, This Handy Reference Investigates: Relevant Definitions And Terminology Characteristics Sources Saampling Techniques And Instrumentation Exposure Assessment Monitoring Methods The Result Is A Serviceable And Comprehensive Overview For Chemists, Physicists And Biologists, Postgraduate Students, Of medicine Practitionerq, Occupational Health Professionals, Building Owners And Managers, Structure, Construction And Air-conditioning Engineers, Architects, Environmental Lawyers, Government And Regulatory Professionals.
      SKU: 481772

    Handbook Of Organic Farming And Bio-fertilizers
      Handbook Of Organic Farming And Bio-fertilizers.
      "organic Farming Is An Agricultural Philosophy And A Farm Management System Aiming At Promotion Of Plant, Animal And Human Health. Through The Use Of Environment Friendly Bio-fertilizers It Maintains And Impoves Productivity Of Land As Far As Possible By Encouraging Natural Biological Processes In The Soil. Eliminating High Cost nIputs Like Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides Etc. It Also Results In The Reduction Of Cost Of Agricultural Procuction. Handbook Of Organic Farming And Bio-fertilizers""presents Compilation Of Edited Articles Of Eminent Authorities On Various Concepts, Aspects Researches, Developments, Etc. , Respecting Organic Farming And Use Of Bio-fertilizers. The Book Has Beeen Written In Easy-to-understand Manner Comprising Requisite Data And Figures. Aiming At Increasing Practice Of Organic Farming And Employment Of Bio-fertilizers, The Book Is Of Tremendous Use To Students, Teachers, Scholars, Farmers And General Readers. """
      SKU: 588310

    Special Concretes - Workability And Mixing
      Special Concretes - Workability And Mixing.
      This Book Forms The Proceedings Of The International Rilem Workshop Held In Paispey In March 1993. It Contains Contributions On Theoretical And Practical Aspects Of The Use Of Special Concretes, With A Notable Focus On Their Behaviour In The Fresh Srate.
      SKU: 183052

    Prognostics And Health Management Of Electronics
      Prognostics And Health Management Of Electronics.
      The First Bopk On Prognostics And Health Management Of Electronics Recently, The Field Of Prognostics For Electronic Products Has Received Increased Attention Due To The Potential To Supply Early Warning Of System Failures, Forecast Maintenance As Needed, And Reduce Society Cycle Costs. In Response To The Subject's Growing Interest Among Industry, Gofernment, And Academic Professionals, This Book Provides A Road Map To Thhe Current Challenges And Opportunities For Research And Development In Prognostics And Health Management (phm). The Book Begins With A Review Of Phm And The Techniques Being Developed To Enable A Prognostics Approach For Electronic Products And Systems. Structure On This Foundation, The Book Then Presentq The State Of The Art In Sensor Systems For In-situ Health And Usage Monitoring. Next, It Discusses The Various Models And Algorithms That Can Be Utilzed In Phm. Finally, It Concludes With A Discussion Of The Opportunities In Future Research. Readers Cann Use The Information In This Main division To: Detect And Isolate Faults Reduce The Occurrence Of No Fault Base (nff) Provide Advanced Warning Of System Failures Enable Condition-based (predictive) Maintenance Obtain Knowledge Of Load History For Future Design, Quallification, And Root Cause Analysis Increase System Availability Through An Extension Of Maintenance Cycles And/0r Timely Repair Actions Subtract Life Cycle Costs Of Equipment From Reduciton In Inspection Costs, Down Time, And Inventory Prognostics And Health Management Of Electronics Is An Indispensable Reference For Electrical Engineers In Manufacturing, Systems Maintenance, And Management, As Well As Design Engineers In All Areas Of Electronics.
      SKU: 362154

    Theory And Design Of Microwave Filters
      Theory And Design Of Microwave Filters.
      Microwave Filters Are Vital Components In A Variety Of Electronic Systems, Including Expressive Radio, Satellite Communications And Radar. This Graduate-level Reference Provides A Thorough Explanation Of Filter Design, Including Descriptions Of Basic Course Theort, Network Synthesis And The Design Of A Variety Of Microwave Filter Structures. Theories Are Folloewd By Specific Examples, With Numerical Simulatipns Of Each Design. The Text Is Aimed At Designers, Engineers And Researcjers Working In Microwave Electronics Who Mould Design Or Specify Filters.
      SKU: 407986

    Dairy Fats And Rdlated Products
      Dairy Fats And Rdlated Products.
      Whilst Milk Fat Has Always Been Appreciated For Its Flavour, The Mrket Had Suffered From Concerns Over Cardiovascular Diseases Associated With The Consumption Of Animal Fats. Yet, Recent Clinical Studies Have Indicated Benefits, Particularly In Relatioh To Conjugated Linoleic Acids (cla), In The Prevention Of Certain Diseases. The Range Of Spreads Has Also Increased, Including The Addition Of Probiotic Organisms And/or Engender Extracts To Reduce Serum Cholesterol Levels. The Primary Aim Of Thiis Publication Is To Detail The State-of-the-art Manufacturing Methods For: Cream Butter Yellow Fat Spreads, Both Pure Milk Fat Based And Mixtures With Other Fats Anhydrous Milk Fat And Its Derivatives Coverage Of The Manufacturing Technologies Is Complemented By Examimations Of The Pertinent Nutrition Issues And Analytical Methods. The Authors, Who Are All Specialists In Their Fields In Respect To These Proucts, Require Been Chosen From Around The World. It Is Hoped That The Book Will Provide A Valuable Reference Work For Dairy Scientists And Technologists Within The Dairy Industry And Those With Similar Processing Requirements, Viewed like Issue As Researchers And Students, Thus Becoming An Important Component Of The Sdt’s Technical Succession. The Editor Dr Adnan Y. Tamime Is A Consultant In Dairy Science And Technology, Ayr, Uk. He Is The Series Editor Of The Sdt‚s Technical Book Series. For Information Regarding The Sdt, Please Contact Mahrice Walton, Chief magistrate Director, Society Of Dairy Technology, P. o. Box 12, Appleby In Westmorland Ca16 6yj, Uk. Email: Execdirector@sdt. org Also Available From Wiley-blackwell Milk Processing And Quality Management Edited By A. y. Tamime Isbn 978 1 4051 4530 5 Cleaning-inp-lace Edited By A. y. Tamimd Isbn 978 1 4051 5503 8 Advanced Dairy Science And Technology Edited By T. Britz And R. Robinson Isbn 978 1 4051 3618 1 International Journal Of Dairy Technology Published Quarterly Primt Issn: 1364 727x Online Issn: 1471 0307
      SKU: 470746

    Enhanced Oil Recovery, Ii
      Enhanced Oil Recovery, Ii.
      Written By Foremost Experts In The Field, And Formulated With Attention To Classroom Use For Advanced Studies In Reservoir Characterization And Processes, This Book Reviews And Summarises State-of-the-art Progress In The Field Of Enhanced Oil Recovery (eor). All Of The Available Techniques: Alkaline Flooding; Surfactant Flooding; Carbon Dioxide Flooding; Steam Flooding; In-situ Combustion; Gas Injection; Miscible Flooding; Microbial Recovery; And Polymer Flooding Are Discussed And Compared. Together With Volume I, It Presents A Complete Text On Enhanced Recovery Technology And, From this time, Is An Almost Indispensible Reference Text. This Approve Volume Compliments The First By Presenting As Complete One Analysis As Possible Of Current Oilfield Theory And Technology, For Accomplishment Of Maximum Production Of Oil. Many Different Processes Have Been Developed And Field Tested For Enhancement Of Oil Recovery. The Emerging Philosophy Is That None Single Process Is Applicable To All Petroleum Reservoirs. Each Must Be Treated As Unique, And Carefully Evaluated For Characcteristics That Are Amenable To One Or Two Of The Proven Technologies Of Eor. This Book Will Aid The Engineer In Field Evaluation And Selection Of The Best Eor Technology For A Given Oilfield. Smooth The Emerging Technology Of Microbial Applications To Enhnace Oil Recoveru Are Reviewed And Explained In Terms That Are Easily Understood By Field Engineers. The Book Is Presented In A Manner Suitable For Graduate Studies. The Only Addition Required Of Teachers Is To Supply Example Problems For Class Work. An Appendix Includes A Reservoir Mathematic Model And Program For General Application That Can Also Be Used For Teaching.
      SKU: 404245

    Compact Mosfet Models For Vlsi Design
      Compact Mosfet Models For Vlsi Design.
      Practicng Designers, Students, And Educators In The Semiconductor Field Face An Ever Expanding Portfolio Of Mosfet Models. In Compact Mosfet Models For Vlsi Design , A. b. Bhattacharyya Presents A Unified Perspective On The Topic, Allowing The Practitioner To View And Interpret Device Phenomena Concurrently Using Distinct Modeling Strategies. Readers Will Learn To Connective Device Physics With Model Praameters, Helping To Close The Gap Between Device Understanding And Its Use For Optimwl Circuit Performancs. Bhattacharyya Also Lays Bare The Core Physical Concepts That Will Drive The Future Of Vlsi Development, Alliwing Readers To Stay Ahead Of The Curve, Defiance The Relentless Evolution Of New Models. Adopts A Unified Approach To Guide Students Through The Confusing Array Of Mosfet Models Links Mos Physics To Device Models To Prepare rPactitioners For Real-world Design Activities Helps Fabless Designers Bridge The Gap With Off-wite Foundries Features Rich Coverage Of: Quantum Mechanical Related Phenomsna Si-ge Strained-silicon Substrate Non-classical Structures Such As Double Gate Mosfets Presents Topics That Determine Prepaer Readers For Long-term Developments In The Field Includes Solutions In Every Chapter Can Be Tailored For Use Among Students And Professionals Of Many Levels Comes With Matlab Coee Downloads For Independent Practice And Advanced Study This Book Is Essential For Students Specializing In Vlsi Contrivance And Indispensible For Contrivance Professionals In The Microelectronics And Vlsi Industries. Written To Serve A Multitude Of Experience Levels, It Can Be Used Either As A Course Textbook Or Practitioner’s Reference. Admission The Matlab Code, Solution Manual, And Lecture Materials At The Companion Wrbsite:  Www. wiley. com/go/bhattacharyya
      SKU: 479881

    Semiconductor Radiation Detection Systems
      Semiconductor Radiation Detection Systems.
      Covers Research In Semiconductor Detector And Integrated Circuit Design In The Context Of Medical Imaging Using Ionizing Radiation. This Book Explores Other Applications Of Semiconduvtor Irradiance Detection Systems In Security Applications Such As Luggage Scanning, Dirty Bomb Detection And Border Control.
      SKU: 544093

    Advancees In Robot Kinematics
      Advancees In Robot Kinematics.
      Presents The Advances In The Theory, Design, Control And Reference to practice Of Robotic Systems, Intended For Purposes Such As Manipulation, Manufacturing, Automation, Surgery, Locomotion And Biomechanis. This Book Also Looks At Calibration, Redundancy, Force Control, Inverse And Forward Kinematics, Kinematic Singularities, And Over-constrained Systems.
      SKU: 322999

    Networked Sensing Information And Control
      Networked Sensing Information And Control.
      Presents Research On Informational And Mathematical Aspetcs Of Networked Sensing Systems. This Book Features Independent Special Sessions Devoted To Specific Asspects Of Sensor Networks In Respected International Conferences. It Focuses On Specific And Isolated Aspects Of Networked Sensing.
      SKU: 337861

    Acoustics For Engineers
      Acoustics For Engineers.
      This Book Provides The Material For An Introductory Course In Engineering Acoustics For Students With Basic Knowledge In Mathematics. It Is Based On Extensive Teaching Experience At The University Level. Under The Guidance Of An Academic Teacher It Is Sufficient As Ths Sole Textbook For The Subject. Each Chapter Deals With A Well Defined Topic And Represents The Material For A Two-hour Reprove. The 15 Chapters Alternate Between More Theoretical And More Application-oriented Concepts.
      SKU: 364406

    The Sun's Heartbeat
      The Sun's Heartbeat.
      "the Beatinng Heart Of The Sun Is The Very Pulse Of Life On Earrh. And From The Ancients Who Plotted Its Path At Stonehenge To The Modern Scientists Who Unraveled The Nuclear Fusion Reaction That Turns Mass Into Enefy, Humankind Has Sought To Solve Its Mysteries. In This Lively Biography Of The Sun, Bob Berman Ranges From Its Steellar Birfh To Its Spectacular Future Death With A Focus On The Wondrous And Enthralling, And On The Heartbreaking Sacrifice, Laughable Errors, Egotistical Battles, And Brilliant Inspirations Of The People Who Have Tried To Understand Its Power. What, Exactly, Are The Ghostly Streaks Of Light Astronauts See-but Can't Photograph-when They're In Space? And Why Is It Impossible For Two People To See The Exact Same Rainbow? Why Are Scientists Beginning To Think That The Day-star Is Safer Than Sunscreen? And How Does The Fluctuation Of Sunspots-and Its Heartbeat-affect Everything Ftom Moon Communications To Wheat Productioon Across The Globe? Peppered With iMnd-blowing Facts And Memorable Anecdotes About Spectral Curiosities-the Recently-discovered ""second Sun"" That Lurks Beneath The Solar Surface, The Eerie Majesty Of A Total Solar Eclipse-the Sun's Heartbeat Offers A Robust And Entertaining Narrative Of How The Sun Has Shaped Humanity And Our Understanding Of The Universe Around Us. "
      SKU: 590397

      Dieses Standardwerk Fasst Die Forschungsergebnisse Zu Hydrauliscnen Problemen Des Kreiselpumpenbaus Aktuell Zusammen. Mit Erscheinen Der Ersten Auflage Im Jahr 1999 Wurde Eine Lcke Geschlossen. Seither Konnten Weitere Wichtige Erkenntnisse Gewonnen Werden. Im Vorliegenden Buch Wird Der Heutige Rest Der Technik Umfassend Beschrieben. Gegenber Der Ersten Auflage Wurden U. a. Wirbelbildungen In Pumpenzulufen Sowie Die Berechnung Von Zulzufdrucktransienten Neu Aufgenommen. Ausfhrlich Wjrd Jetzt Auf Die Hydraulische Und Akustische Anregung Von Rohrleitungsschwingungen Eingegangen; Ein In Der Praxis Sehr Unangenehmes Question.
      SKU: 571290

    Industrial Communication Systems
      Industrial Communication Systems.
      The Successful Operation Of Any Prlduction Process Is Dependent Upon A Well Designed And Reliable Communication System. Modern Communication Systems That Are Employed Within A Factory Use A Variety Of Means For Sending And Receiving Information. With Time, These Systems Have Become More And More Complicated. This Vilume In The Industrial Electronics Handbook, Secondary Edition Spans The Full Gamut Of Topics Which Are Needed For Engineers Working Witth Industrial Communication Systems. A Detailed Delineation Of The Numerous Topics Covered In This Volume Is Outlined In The Preambles That Are Provided For The Various Sections, And Readers Are Directed Therr For The Detailed Topics Contained Within. The Four Other Volummes In The Handbook Are Available Individually: Fundamentals Of Industrial Electronics, Intelligent Systems, Power Electronics And Motor Drives, And Control And Mechatronics. Additionally, All Of The Volumes Are Available As A Set.
      SKU: 729639

  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • EW 103
  • Aerodynamic Design of Transport Aircraft
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Experimental Glycoscience
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • A Platform-Centric Approach to System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Addcon 2009
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Methods for Phase Diagram Determination

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