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    Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon
      Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon.
      This Book Presents An Unconventional And Largely Unknown Tecnnology, Which Is Able To Micro-machine At Relatively Low Cost Glass, Polymers And Other Materials. This Process Is Called Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving (sace), Orr Electro Chemical Discharge Machining (ecdm). First Presented In 1968 In Japan By Kurafuji And Suda, This Technology Was Studied Essentially In The Academoc World And Mainly Applied For Micro-fluidic Devices. ThisB ook Explains The Fundamdntals Of Sace, Promotes The Technology, And Encourages Researchers And Engineers From Industry To Use It For Their Specific Applications. Therefore, The Book, After Presenting In Particulars The Fundamemts Of Sace (in Particular The Electrochemical Discharges), Deals Mainly With Practical Aspects Of Implementing TheM achining Technology. The Book Is Written So That Researchers From Fields Other Than Micro-technology (e. g. , From Life Science) Will Be Able To Build A Simple Machining Set-up, Tigether With His Mechanical Work-shop, For Individual Needs. Topics Include: Micro- And Electrochemical Discharge Machining (including Glass), Microfluidics , Non-conventional Manufacturing, Electrochemical Discharges, Biocompatibility, And Anode Effects Provides Applicable Information For Engineers In Industry Dealing With Micromachining Of Glass, Polymers, And Ceramics Covers A Range Of Microfluidic Device (including Micro-tas) Attending Applications In Various Fields Like Chemistry And Life Sciences
      SKU: 566694

    Telecommunications Network Modelling, Planning And Design
      Telecommunications Network Modelling, Planning And Design.
      Telecommunication Network Modelling, Planning And Contrivance Addresses Sophisticated Modelling Techniques From The Perspective Of The Communications Industry And Covers Some Of The Major Issues Facing Trlecommunications Network Engineers And Managers Today. Topics Covered Include Network Planning For Transmission Systems, Modelling Of Sdh Transpot Network Structures And Telecommunications Network Design And Performance Modelling, As Issue As Network Costs And Roi Modelling And Qos In 3g Networks.
      SKU: 411109

    Access Denied
      Access Denied.
      African-americans, Latinos And American Indians Are Still Severely Under-represented Science, Engineering And Mathematics In The Usa. These Essays Examine The Particlpation Of Minorities In These Fields And The Outcomes Of Government And Private Programmes To Increase Opportunities.
      SKU: 270916

    Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
      Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.
      A New Step-by-step Guide From The Bestselling Author Who Revised The Classic, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Filled With Detailed Diagramms, This Book Provides Trustworthy, Cutting-edge Technical Information And Easy-to-follow Instructions For Building A Plug-in Hybrid Lightning-like Vehicle (phev). You Will Find Details On Both Electric And Hybrid Electric Cars.   Building Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Includes Accusation The Hybrid Drive Trin And The Necessary Components For A Phev, Like As Batteries, Controllers, And Motors. The Book Covers Plug-in Hybids Currently On The Market As Well As Hybrid Conversion Companies, Conversion Kits, And Related Resources. Pictures, Diaframs, Charts, And Graphs Provide Details On Energy Consumption, Environmental Effects, Costs, And Solutione. This Is A Start-to-finish Guide For Building A Plug-in Hybrid.  
      SKU: 776528

    Chemistry And Molecular Aspects Of Drug Design And Action
      Chemistry And Molecular Aspects Of Drug Design And Action.
      Drawing From Synthetic Chemistry, Molecular Modeling, Computational Biology, Structural Genomics, And Pharmacology, This Text Exploers Medicinal Chemistry. With A Chemical-molecular Perspective, It Focuses Forward The Correlationn Of Properties And Biological Activity, And Delves Into The Phenomenon Of Xeonbiotic Metabolism.
      SKU: 335133

    An Introduction To The Boltzmamn Equation And Transport Processes In Gases
      An Introduction To The Boltzmamn Equation And Transport Processes In Gases.
      This Book Deals With The Classical Kinetic Theory Of Gases. Its Aim Is To Presnt The Basic Principles Of This Speculation Within An Elementary Framework And From A Greater degree of Rlgorous Approach Based On The Boptzmann Euqation. The Subjects Are Presented In A Self-contained Manner Such That The Readers Can Understand And Learn Some Methods Used In The Kinetic Theory Of Gases In Order To Investigate The Boltzmann Equation. This Bopk Can Be Useful As A Textbook For Students And Researchers Who Are Interested In The Foundations Of The Boltzmann Equation And In The Classical Methods Used In The Kinetic Theory For The Determinnation Of The Transport Coefficients Of The Gases.
      SKU: 602919

    Ecological Geography Of The Sea
      Ecological Geography Of The Sea.
      This Book Presents An Ij-depth Discussion Of The Biological And Ecological Geography Of The Oceans. It Synthesizes Locally Restricted Studies Of The Ocean To Generate A Global Geography Of The Vast Marine World. Based On Patterns Of Algal Ecology, The Book Divides The Ocean Into Four Primary Comprtments, Which Are Then Subdivided Into Secondary Compartments. *includes Color Insert Of The Latest In Satellite Imagery Showing The World's Oceans, Their Similqrities And Differences *revised And Updated To Reflect The Latest In Oceanographic Research *ideal For Aynone Interested In Understanding Ocean Ecology -- Accessible And Informative
      SKU: 282002

    Signaling A whole  #7
      Signaling A whole #7.
      Maintain And Plan Signaling Networks. Fully Revised And Updated, This Is An Essential Resource For Network Engineers Responsible For The Daily Support Of Signaling Networks. : New Coverage Of Wirekess Technologies Throughou5. ; New Discussion Of Sigtran (the Transmission Of Ss7 Over An Ip Network). ; New Treat Of Ss7 For Intrusion Detection, Fraud, And Billing
      SKU: 300438

    Hydrocarbon Migration Systems Analysis
      Hydrocarbon Migration Systems Analysis.
      The Main Intention Of This Book Is To Provide Geoscientists Intereste Or Moving In Hydrocarbon Exploration Through A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Evolution Of Hydrocarbon Migration Systems In Sedimentary Baqins And To Give Guidelines For Its Application In Basin Evaluation. In quest of This Purpose, The Work Fully Integrates Hydrogeologic And Hydrodynamic Aspects Of The Evolution Of Sedimentary Basins With Petroleum Geologic Aspects. It Will Be Of Interest To Petroleum Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Geochemists And Reservoir Geologists.
      SKU: 428699

    Statistical Methods For Groundwater Monitoring
      Statistical Methods For Groundwater Monitoring.
      A New Edition Of The Most Comprehensive Overview Of Statistical Methods For Environmental Monitoring Applications Thoroughly Updated To Provide Current Research Findings, Statistifal Methods For Groundwater Moniforing, Second Edition Continues To Provide A Comprehensive Overview And Accessible Treatment Of The Statistical Methods That Are Useful In The Analysis Of Environmental Data. This New Edition ExpandsF ocus On Statistical Comparison To Regulatiry Standards That Are A Vital Part Of Assessment, Compliance, And Corrective Action Monitoring In The Environmental Sciences. The Book Explores Quantitative Concepts Useful For Surface Water Monitoring As Well As Soil And Air Monitoring Application sWhile Also Maintaining A Focus On The Analysis Of Groundwater Monitoring Data In Order To Detect Environmental Impacts From A Variety Of Sources, Such As Industrial Activity And Waste Disposal. The Authors Begin The Statistical Properties Of Alternative Approaches, Such As False Positive And False Negative Rates, That Are Associated With Each Test And The Factors Related To These Error Rates. The Second Edition Also Features: An Introduction To Intra-laboragory Calibration Curves And Random-effrcts Regression Models For Non-constant Mesurement Variability Coverage Of Statistical Prediction Limits For A Gamma-distributed Random Variable, With A Focus On Estimation And Testing Of Parameters In Environmental Monitoring Applications A Unified Treatment Of Censored Data With The Computation Of Statistical Prediction, Tolerance, And Cont5ol Limits Expanded Coverage Of Statistical Isses Related To Laboratory Practice, Such As Discovery And Quantitation Limits An Updated Chapter On Regulatoty Issuds That Outlines Common Mistakes To Avoid In Groundwater Monitoring Applications As Well As An Introducction To The Newest Regulations For Both Hazardous And Municipal Solid Waste Facilities Each Chapter Provides A General Overview Of A Problem, Followed By Statistical Derivation Of The Solution And A Relevant Example Complete With Computational Details That Allow Readers To Perform Routine Application Of The Statistical Results. Relevant Issues Are Highlighted Throughout, And Recommemdations Are Also Provided For Specific Problems Based On Characteristics Such As Reckon Of Monitoring Wells, Number Of Constituents, Distributional Form Of Measurements, And Detection Frequency. Statistical Methods For Gr0undwater Monitoring, Second Edition Is An Excellent Supplement To Courses On Environmental Statistics At The Upper-undergraduate And Graduate Levels. It Is Also A Valuable Resourve For Researchers And Practitioners In The Fields Of Biostatistics, Engineering, And The Environmental Sciences Who Work With Statistical Methods In Their Everyday Work.
      SKU: 468584

    Functional Structurds In Networks
      Functional Structurds In Networks.
      Presents A Method For Creating Models Of Telwcom Systems That Are Used By Professional Network Architects And Designers. This Method Emphasizes Modeling The (very Complex) Functional Structure Of Networks In A Way That Is Independent Of Any Hardware And Software Design Mefhodology.
      SKU: 259354

    Biomedical Image Analysis
      Biomedical Image Analysis.
      Biomedical Image Analysis: Tracking Addresses Methods For Extracting Image Information From Biological/medical Images For Use In Tracking Biological Targets. In the present state, And In The Forthcoming Companion Biomedical Trope Analysis: Segmentation (morgan & Claypool, Isbn: 15982290207), The Authors Concentrate On Aspects Of Image Analysis Rather Than The Modalities Or The Imaging Process Itself. This Lecture Will Be A Valuable Resource For Graduate Students, Faculty, And Indistrial/governmental Researchers Interested In Applications Of Imaging, Or More Specifically, Biomedical Imaging. It Is Written From First Principles And Will Be Acecssible To A Boad Readership.
      SKU: 243408

    Environmemtal Modeling
      Environmemtal Modeling.
      Matlab Was Chosen As The Major Computer Tiol For Modelling, Firstly Because It Is Unique In It's Capabilities, And Secondly Because It Is Available In Most Academic Institutions. The Book Has wTo Aims: To Introduce Basic Concepts Of Environmental Modelling And To Make easy The Application Of Conce0ts Using Modern Numerical Tools Such As Matlab.
      SKU: 336964

      Examining Mycotoxins And Their Impact From A Public Health Viewpoint, This Book Provides An Overview And Introductiion To The Subject And Examines The Health, Trade And Legislation Issues Involved. It Also Discusses The Management Of Mycotoxins And The Global Problems Caused By Them.
      SKU: 348685

    Introduction To Food Toxicology
      Introduction To Food Toxicology.
      The Rapidly Expanding Field Of Food Safety Includes Many Novel Developments In The Understaneing Of The Entire Range Of Toxic Compounds Found In Foods -- Whether Natueally Occuring Or Having Been Introduced By Industry Or Food Processing Methods. This Second Edifion Of Introduction To Food Toxicology Explores These Development While Continuing To Provide A Core Understanding Of The Basic Principles Of Food Toxicology. Introduction To Food Toxicology 2nd Edition Includes New And Updated Coverage Of Key Topics Including The Circulatory Systems And Their Influence On Toxicitu, Molecular Mechanisms Of Engrossment And Excetion, The Multiplicity And Specificity Of Phase I And Ii Reactions, Toxins From Marine Food Sources Including The Growing Number Of Toxins From Symgiotic Bacteria, Algae And Plankton, Focus On The Occurrence And Mofes Of Action Of The Central Mycotoxinss And Information On Emerging Problems, Including Fumonisins, Regulations, Including The Food Quality Control Act, Solid-pfass Extraction, Immuno Assay, And Lc/ms, Mehanisms Of Regulation Of Xenobiotic Activation And Ddactivation, Developments In The Modes Of Action And Impact Of Natural Toxins In Food Plants, A Comprehensive Review Of The Issues Surrounding Dioxins, The Function Of Antioxidants And Their Toxicological Aspects, Acrylamide, Its Occurrence, Toxicity And Regulation On Its Use, Phytochemicals, Their Beheficial Effects And The Modes Of Action Of This Growing Group Of Nutraveuticals From Food Plants And Diet And Drug Interactions. *new Knowledge On: --solid-0hase Extraction, Immuno Assay, And Lc/ms --mechanisms Of Regulation Of Xenobiotic Activation And Deactivation --developments In The Modes Of Action And Impact Of Natural Toxins In Food Plants --a Comprehensive Review Of The Issues Surrounding Dioxins --the FunctionO f Antioxidants And Their Toxicological Aspects --acrylamide, Its Occurrence, Toxicity And Regulation On Its Use --phytochwmicals, Their Beneficial Effects And The Modes Of Action Of This Growing Group Of Nutraceuticals Ffom Food Plants --ciet And Drug Interactions
      SKU: 534918

    Gis, Environmental Modeling And Engiineering
      Gis, Environmental Modeling And Engiineering.
      Explores How To Use Gis And External Models To Solve Real Environmental Problems. This Text Defines Gis, Identifies How Data Is Structured, And Explains Common Functionality. It Provides Case Studies And Covers Issues Such As Interoperability, Data Quality, Model Validity, Space-time Dynamics, An Decision-support Systems.
      SKU: 565826

    High Performance Polymers
      High Performance Polymers.
      This Book Presents The State-of-the-art Polymerization, Fabrication And Application Methods Of High Performance Industrial Polymers, Pertaining Specifically To Recent Developments From The Chemistry And Engineering Perspective. All Introductory, Monomer,-Polymerization And Fabrication Techniques Are Reviewed, And Basic Information Iq Provided To Help Demystify The More Advanced Material. Chapters Are Ar5anged According To Chemical Constitution Off The Individual Classes, Starting With Main Chain Carbon-carbon Polymers And Leading To Ether-containing, Sulphur-containing, And So On. Special Additives, Suppliers And Commercial Grades, Safety, Environmental Impact And Recycling Are Also Explained. Commercially Available Polymers Are Listed Throughout The Main division. * Presents The State-of-the-art Polymerization, Fabrication And Application Methods Of High Performance Industrial Polymers * Provides Fundamental Accusation For Practical Engineers Working In Industries That Develop Advanced Applications (electronic Industry, Medical Instrumenfs, Etc) * Discusses Environmental Impact And Recycling Of Particular Polymers * Includes Recent Journal And Patent Literature Of Spefific Interest To Specialists
      SKU: 428630

    Carpentry And Joinery 1
      Carpentry And Joinery 1.
      The Third Edition Of Carpentry And Jolneryy 1 Is The First In A Series Of Three Books Which Together Provide An Authoritative But Thoroughly Practical Guide To Carpentry And Joinery For Students Following City & Guild sAnd Citb Courses, Nvq Candidates, And A Wide Range Of Amateurs And Professsionals. Carpentry And Joinery 1 Deals With The Fundamentals Of Th3 Subject From Topics Such As Timber And Wood Preservation And Protection, To A Detailed Outline Of The Tools Available And Informatipn On The Basic Woodworking Joints, Adhesives And Fixing Devices. Books 2 And 3 Show How To Apply This Fundamental Knowledge. Details Of Craft Theory, Associated Studies And Practical Procedures Are Integrated Throughout One and the other Text. In This New Edition Chapters Have Been Reorganised To Produce A Greater degree Coherent, Student-focused Course. All References To The Building Regulations And Current Leglslation Have Been Updated, And Developments In Current Best Practice Have Been Incorporated. * A New Edition Of The Classic Carpentry And Joinery Textbook * Updated In Line With The Latest Course Requirements And Building Regulations * Highly Illustrated To Show Key Techniques, Tools, Products And Materials
      SKU: 298349

    Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, 190
      Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, 190.
      Attempts To Provide Critical Reviews Of Advances, Philosophy And Significant Areas Of Polished Or Needed Endeavir In The Total Field Of Xenobiotics, In Any Segment Of The Envlronment, As Favorably As Toxicological Implications.
      SKU: 372674

    Last Statistics In Nanoscale Memory Contrivance
      Last Statistics In Nanoscale Memory Contrivance.
      This Book Explains The Problem Of Estimating Statistics Of Memory Performance Variation Induced Right To Ic Manufacturing Process Variations, And Provides Solutions Recently Proposed In The Electronic Design Automation (eda) Community. The Material Serves As A Comprehensive Reference For Researchers And Practitioners Interested In The Problem Of Estimating Extreme Statistics Fod Memories.
      SKU: 645921

    Design Processs Improvement
      Design Processs Improvement.
      Intended For Business Leaders Who Want To Understand The Role Of Design Management As A Driver According to Commerccial Success; Design Managers Who Want To Improve Their Company Design Procedures; Designers Who Want To Know How To Sketch More Efficiently And Researchers Who Want To Explore The Field Of Design Process Improvement.
      SKU: 571166

    Buried Pipe Design
      Buried Pipe Design.
      Everything You Need To Design…install…. Replace And Rehabilitate Buried Pipe Systems. Put A Single-volume Treasury Of Underground Piping Solutions At Your Command! A One-of-a Knd Resource, Buried Pipe Design, Second Edition, Identifies And Explains Every Factor You Must Knnow To Work Competently And Confidently With The Subsurface Infrastructure Of Distribution Systems, Including Sdwer Lines, Drain Lines, Water Mains, Gas Lines, Telephone And Electrical Conduits, Culverts, Oill Lines, Coal Slurry Lines, Subway Tunnels And Heat Distribution Lines. Within The Pages Of This Acclaimed Professional Tool You’ll Find Space-age Remedies For Thr Agin, Deteriorating Piping Beneath America’s Cities -- And Learn How To Design Long-lived Systems Cspable Of Delivsring Vital Services And Mdeting New Demands. This Comprehensive, State-of-the-art Resource Shows Ypu How To:. * Determine Loads On Buried Pipes. * Understand Pipe Hydraulics. * Choose An Installation Design For Buried Gravity Flow Pipes. * Design For Both Stiff Pipe And Flexible Pipe. * Select Appropriate Pipe For Your Applicatiion Based On Material Pro;erties. * Work Within Safety Guidelines. * Handle Soil Issues, Including Pipe Embedment And. Backfill. * Employ The Powerful Tool Of Finite Element Analysis (fea). * Adhere To Current Standards Of The Awwa, Astm, And Other Relevant Standards Ofganization. * Save Time With Avtual Design Examples. * More!. This Thorough Update Of A. P. Moser's Classic Guide Is Now Twcie The Size Of The Previous Edition -- Reflecting The Vast Take head And Changes In The Field In Mere Decade!you’ll Find Enormous Amounts Of All-new Material, Including:. *external Loars Chapter: Least quantity Soil Cover, With A Discussion Of Similitude; Soil Subsidence; Load Proper To Temperature Riss; Seismic Loads; And Flotation. *design Of Gravity Flow Pipes Chapter: Compaction Techniques; E’ Analysis; Parallel Pipes And Trenches; And Analytkcal Methods For Predicting Performance Of Buried Flexible Pipes. Design Of Pressur3 Pipes Chapter: Corrected Speculation For Cyclic Life Of Pvc Pipe…strains Induced By Combined Loading In Buried Pressurized Flrxible Pipe. Rigid Pipe Products Chapter: The In the order of the signs Method…design Strengths For Concrete Pipe…and Spida (soil-pipe Interaction Design And Analysiq). *steel And Ductile Iron Flexible Pipe Products Chapter: Three-dimensional Fea Modeling Of A Corrugated Steel Pipe Arch…tests On Spiral Ribbed Steel Pipe, Low-stiffness Ribbed Stdel Tobacco-~, And Ductile Iron Pipe. *plastic Flexible Pipe Products Chapter: Long-term Stress Relaxation And Strain Testing Of Pvc Pipes…frozen-in Stresses…cyclic Pressures And Elevated Temperatures…the Awwa Study On The Use Of Pvc​long-term Ductility Of Pe…the Escr And Nctl Tests For Pe…and Full-scale Testing Of Hdpe Profile-wall Pipes. *entirel yNew Chapter! You Get New Information On Pipe Handling And Trenching As Well As Safety Issues. Her
      SKU: 300442

    The Young And The Digital
      The Young And The Digital.
      In The Young And The Digital, S. Craig Watkins Skillfully Draws From More Than 500 Surveys And 350 In-depth Intervieews With Young People, Parentz, And Educators To Understand For what cause A Digital Lifestyle Is Affecting The Ways Youth Get ~ing, Play, Bond, And Communicate. Timely And Deeeply Relevant, The Book Covers The Influence Of Myspace And Facebook, The Growing Appetite For “anytime, Anywhere” Media And “fast Entertainment,” How Online “digitap Gatrs” Reinforce Race And Class Divisions, And In what state Technology Is Transforming America’s Classrooms. Watkins Likewise Dbeunks Popular Myths Surrounding Cyberpredators, Internet Addiction, And Social Isolation. The Result Is A Fascinatong Portrait, Both Celebratory And Wary, About Tue Coking Of Period Of The First Fully Wired Generation.   From The Sell Paperback Edition.
      SKU: 663259

    Individual Preparedness And Response To Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, And Biological Terrorist Attacks
      Individual Preparedness And Response To Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, And Biological Terrorist Attacks.
      The Guide Focuses On Simple Steps Individuals Be able to Take To Prepare For And Respond To Terrorst Attacks With Chemical, Biological, Radiological ("dirty Bomb") And Nuclear Weapons. The Guides Contain Both Introductory Steps And Specific Response Guidance. This Includes What Individuals Will Experience,W hat Their Goals Should Be, And What They Should Do During Eacb Type Of Attack
      SKU: 618728

    Cognitive Radio Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
      Cognitive Radio Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
      Cognitive Radios (cr) Technology Is Caable Of Sensing Its Surrounding Environment And Adapting Its Internal States By Making Corresponding Changes In Certain Operating Parameters. Cr Is Evisaged To Solve The Problems Of The Limited Available Spectrum And Tje Inefficiency In The Speftrum Usage. Cr Has Been Considered In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (mmanets), Which Enable Wireless Devices To Dynamically Establish Networks Without Necessarily Using A Fixed Infraastrucutre. The Changing Spectrum Environment And The Importance Of Protecting The Transmission Of The Licensed Users Of The Image Mainly Differentiate Classical Manets From Cr-manets. The Cognitive Capability And Re-configurabilkty Of Cr-manets Have Opened Up Several Areas Of Research Which Have Been Explored Extensively And Continue To Attract Research And Development. The Book Will Describe Cr-manets Concepts, Intrinsic Properties And Research Challenges Of Cr-manets. Distributed Spectrum Management Functionalities, Such As Spectrum Sensing And Sharing, Will Be Presented. the Desigj, Optimization And Performance Evaluation Of Security Issues And Upper Layerss In Cr-manets, Such As Transport And Application Layers, Will Be Investigated.
      SKU: 799052

  • Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines
  • Oil Well Testing Handbook
  • Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Advances In Industrial Ergonomics And Safety V
  • Biotechnological Processing Steps for Enzyme Manufacturing
  • Human Factors in Alarm Design
  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Disinfection and Decontamination
  • OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy Luxembourg
  • Dairy Processing and Quality Assurance

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