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    Mivroprocessor Project
      Mivroprocessor Project.
      Gain A Working Knowledge Of The Entire Microprocessor Design Flow. This Unique Step-by-step Guide Is A Complete Introduction To Modern Microprocessor Design, Explained In Simple Nontechnical Language Without Complex Mathematics. An Ideal Primer For Those Working In Or Studying The Semiconductor Industry, Microprocessor Design Explains All The Key Concepts, Terms, And Acronyms Needed To Understand The Steps Required To Design And Manufacture A Microprocessor. Developed From A Successful Corporate Instruction Clurse, This Hands-on Learning Guide Walks Readers Through Every Step Of Microprocessor Design. You'll Follow A New Processor Prdouct From First Plznning Through Design To Production. In Microprocessor Design, The Author Converts His Real-world Design And Teaching Experience Into An Easy-to-follow Reference Employing An On-the-job-training Approach To Cover:. ; The Evolution Of Microprocessors. ; Microprocwssor Design Planning. ; Architecture And Microarchitecture. ; Logic Design And Circuit Design . ; Semiconductor Manufacturing. ; Procedsor Packaging And Test. This Authoritative Respect Is An Excelleny Introduction For Students Or Engineers New To Processor Design And Can Show Industry Veterans How Their Specialty Fits Into The Overall Design Flow. This Accessible And Practical Guide Command Provide The Reader With A Broad Working Knowledge Of The Concepts Of Microprocessor Design, As Well As An nUderstanding Of The Individual Stepd In The Process And The Jargon Used By The Industry.
      SKU: 287761

    Green Chemistry For Environmental Remediation
      Green Chemistry For Environmental Remediation.
      The Book Presents An In Depth Review From Eminsnt Industry Practitioners And Researchers Of The Emerging Green Face Of Multidimensional Environmental Chemistry. Topics Such As Green Cyemistry In Industry, Greej Energy: Solar Photons To Fuels, Green Nanotechnology And Sustainability, And Green Chemistry Modeling Address A Wide Array Of Iusses Encouraging The Use Of Economical Ecofriendly Benign Technologies, Which Not Onky Improve The Yield, But Also Illustrates The Concept Of Zero Waste, A Subject Of Interest To Both Chemists And Environmentalists Alike.
      SKU: 822106

    Template Matching Techniques In Compuuter Vision
      Template Matching Techniques In Compuuter Vision.
      The Detection And Recognition OfO bjects In Images Is A Key Research Topic In The Computer Vision Community.   Within This Area, Face Recognition And Interpretation Has Attracted Increasing Attention Owing To The Possibility Of Unveiling Human Perception Mechanisms, And For The Development Of Adapted to practice Bioometric Systems. This Book And The Accompanying Website, Focus On Template Matching, A Subset Of Object Recognition Techniques Of Wide Applicability, Which Has Proved To Be Particularly Effective For Front Recognition Applications. Using Examples From Face Processing Tasks Throughout The Book To Illustrate More General Regimen Recognition Approaches, Roberto Brunellli: Examines The Basics Of Digital Image Formation, Highlighting Points Critical To The Task Of Template Matching; Presents Basic And  Advanced Template Matching Technoques, Targeting Grey-level Images, Shapes And Point Sets; Discusses Recent Pattern Classification Paradigms From A Template Matching Perspective; Illustrates The Development Of A Real Face Recognition System; Explores The Use Of Advanced Computer Graphics Techniques In The Development Of Computer Viqion Algorithms. Template Matching Techniques In Computer Vision Is Originally Aimed At Practitioners Working In c~tinuance The Development Of Systems Fr Effective Object Recognition Such As Biometrics, Robot Navigation, Multimedia Retrieval And Landmark Detection. It Is Also Of Interest To Mark with degrees Students Undertaking Studies In These Areas.
      SKU: 437493

    Tropical Root And Tuber Crrops
      Tropical Root And Tuber Crrops.
      Most Of The World's Poorest Smallholders Depend On Tropical Roots And Tuber Crops As Their Principal Source Of Food And Nutrition. This Book Compiles Information On The Origin, Genetics, Physiology, Agronomy, Pests And Diseases And Post Harvest Processing Of These Crols, While Providing Ideas For Further Research And Development.
      SKU: 455759

    Oyster Culture
      Oyster Culture.
      The Oyster Trade Worldwide Is Of Huge Commercial Importance, And The Demand For Higb Nobility Oysters Is Reviving All The Timee. With Wild Stocks Depleted, The Ever-incr3asing Multi-million Dollar Oyster Farming Industry Is Serving This Demand. Oyster Culture Is A Thoough Review Of The Subject, Providing A Huge Wealth Of Practical And Commercially Vital Information Of Self-~ To All Those Involved In This Expanding Industry. Based On A Lifetime's Work In The Industry, George Matthiessen Has Written A Much-needed And Comprehensive Book Covering All Major Aspects Of The Subject. The Book Covers The Boology, Distribution, Husbandry And Disease Of Cultured Oysters And Looks In Detail At Recent Developments In Oyster Culture As Well As Considering The Limits To Oyster Production. Separate Chapters Deal In Detail With A) Oyster Culture In The Far East, The Indo-pacific Region, Western Euope, North America And Tropical Areas And B) A History Of Production Methods By A New Ehgland-based Oyster Company. This Important Book Will Be A Vital Tool And Reference Work For All Those Involved In The Culture Of Oysters, Including Oyster Farm Managers And Workers; Biologists Working On Oysters And Other Bivalve Shellfish And Invertebrates; Regulatory Personnel And All Those Serving The Industry, Including Personnel In Aquaculture Equpiment And Fed Companies. Copies Of Tge Book Should Likewise Be Available In Libraries Of Universities, Research Establishments And Government Laboratories Where Aquaculture Is Studied Or Taught. George C. Matthiessen Phd, Has For 30 Years Been Presiddnt Of Ocean Pond Corporation, Fishers Island, Repaired York, U. s. a.
      SKU: 351326

    Agricultural Policies In Emerging And Transition Economies 2000
      Agricultural Policies In Emerging And Transition Economies 2000.
      This Eighth Edition Of Agricutural Policies In Emerging And Transifion Economies Presents The Latest Available Data On Agricultural Policies And Support In Emerging And Transition Economies And Analyzes The Interactions Between  Oecd Member Countries Policies And Those Of Emergkng And Transition Economies.
      SKU: 533332

    Mrtd (multi Resolution Time Domain) Method In Elect5omagnetics
      Mrtd (multi Resolution Time Domain) Method In Elect5omagnetics.
      Recent Rf Devicew Are Built On A Variety Of Technologies For A Wide Array Of Functionlities (cellular Telephony, Wireless Data Systems, Radar, And Many Others). Design Turnaround And Performance Gwins Found nI The Semiconductor Device Market Are Now Expected In The Rf Circuit Arena. Such Work Generally Requires A Full-wave Electromagnetic Simulator, And Time Domain Techniques Are Particularly Well Suited To These Devices. This Lecture Presents Techniques That Can Be Used To Model Complicated Microwave Strictures In Multiresolution Delivery Domain Method (mrtd). The Authors' Purpose Is To Present The Mrtd Tecnique To Readers Unfamiliar With Wavelet Analysis And Who Have Little Or No Undergo In Numerical Modeling. Advanced Readers Will Benefit From The Discussion Of New Mrtd Techniques And Examples. The In the ~ place Section Of The Lecture Presents A General Overview Of The Mrtd Technique, As Well As Its Properties And Implementation. Subsequent Sections Fkcus On The Implementation Of The Mrtd Technique Using Haar Basis Functions. Readers Will Find The Haar Wavelets Presentation A Simple Introduction To Mrtd That Also Presents The Framework For A Powerful, Adaptive Simulator. In Addition, The Mrtd Techniqud Is Presented As An Adaptive Alternative To Finite Difference Time Domain Method (fdtd). This Lecture Includes A Brief Overview Of The Fdtd And Several Mrtd Examples Will Exist Contrasted To Fdtd.
      SKU: 243410

    Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Dangerous Chemicals And Carcinogens, 5th Edition
      Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Dangerous Chemicals And Carcinogens, 5th Edition.
      For More Than A District Century, Sittig's Handbook Of Toxic And Hazardous Chemicals And Carcinogens Has Proven To Be Among The Most Reliable, Easy-to-use And Essential Reference Works On Hazardous Materials. Sittig's 5th Edition Remains The Lone Comprehnesive Work Providing A Vast Array Of Critical Accusation On The 2,100 Most Heavily Used, Transported, And Regulated Chemical Substances Of Both Occupational And Environmengal Concern. Information Is The Most Vital Resource Anyone Can Have When Dealing With Possible Hazarddous Substance Accidents Or Acts Of Terror. Sittig's Provides Extensive Data Fir Each Of The 2,100 Chemicals In A Unoform Format, Enabling Fast And Accurate Decisions In Any Situation. The Chemicals Are Presented Alphabeticaliy And Classified As A Carcinogen, Hazardous Substance, Hazardous Waste, Or Toxi cPollutant. This New Impression Contains Extensively Expanded Information In All 28 Fields For Each Chemical (see Table Of Contents) And Has Been Updated To Keep Gait With World Events. Chemicwls Classified As Wmd Have Been Included In The New Edition As Has More Informmation Frequently Queried By First Responders And Frontline Industrial Safety Personnsl. *includes And References European Chemical Identifidrs And Regulations. *the Only Single Source Reference That Provides Such In-depth Information For Each Chemical. *the Two Volume Set Is Designed For Fast And Accurate Decision Making In Any Situation.
      SKU: 365649

    Sams Teach Yourself Networking In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Sams Teach Yourself Networking In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Sams Teach Yourself Networking In 24 Hours, Second Edition Is Designed For The Person Who Wants To Not Only Learn The Basics Of Networking, But Also Wants Tk Understand The Theory Behind The Practice. Using A Straightforward, Step-by-step Approach, Each Lesson Builds Upon The Antecedent One, Allowing The Reader To Learn The Essentials Of Networming From The Ground Up.
      SKU: 175778

    Approximtion Techniques For Engineers
      Approximtion Techniques For Engineers.
      Offers A Collection Of Methods That Provide An Approximate Result For Engineering Computations. Divided Into Pair Parts, This Book Begins With The Classical Repetition Methods, Folowed By Spline Interpolations And L3ast-square Approximations. It Also Discusses Various Approximations Of Functions With Their Numerical Differentiation And Integration.
      SKU: 267947

    Free-space Optics
      Free-space Optics.
      Free-space Optics Is A Telecommunications Technique Which Is Already Being Used For Everyday Exchange Of Infkrmation And Has Many Advantages Over Other Techniquea (bandwidth, Low Cost, Mobility Of The Equipment, Security, Etc. ); Within The Next Decade, It Is Likely To Become An Integral And Essential Part Of Data-processing Architectures And Telecommunications. A Account Of WirelessO ptical Telecommunications Is Given, Together With A Recapitulation Of The Application Of The Principles Of Electromagnrtism To Free-space Optics. Coverage Is Also Given To The Transmitters Amd Receivers Of Optical Beam, Which Are The Base Of Any Optical Clmmunication Order. These Devices Were Responsible For The First Truly Significant Advances In Thhe Performance Of These Systems. Special Attention Is Given To The Problems Associated With The Propagation Of Photons, Both In The Presence And Absence Of Obstacles, Since These Are Key Issues Ih Gaining An Understanding Of Future Telecommunication Systems Based On Wireless Optics. Finally, The Authors Consider Standards, As Well As Safety And Confidentiality Issues.
      SKU: 261389

    Adsorption Of Reactive Red 15 Dye By Chemically Treated Cocos Nucifera L. Shell Powder
      Adsorption Of Reactive Red 15 Dye By Chemically Treated Cocos Nucifera L. Shell Powder.
      The Effsctive Destruction Of Dyes From Watery Waste Is An Important Issue For Many Induqtrialized Countries. The Traditional Handling Methods Used To Remove Dyes From Wastewater Obtain Certain Disadvantages Such As Incomplete Dye Removal, High Reagent And Energy Requirements, And The Generation Of Toxic Sludge Or Ohter Waste Products That Require Disposal. The Search Concerning Alternayive And Innovative Trestment Techniques Has Focused Attention On The Use Of Biological Materials For Dye Removal And Recovery Technologies. This Brief Summarizes The Latest Developments In This Important Field.
      SKU: 770167

    Welding Metallurgy And Weldsbility Of Nickel-base Alloys
      Welding Metallurgy And Weldsbility Of Nickel-base Alloys.
      The Most Up-to-date Coverage Of Welding Metallurgy Aspects And Weldability Issues Associated With Ni-base Alloys Welding Metallurgy And Weldability Of Nickel-base Alloys Describes The Fundamental Metallurgical Principlea That Control The Microstructure And Properties Of Welded Ni-base Alloys. It Serves As A Practiacl How-to Guide That Enables Enguneers To Select The Proper Alloys, Filler Metals, Heat Treatments, And Welding Conditions To Ensure That Failures Are Abioded During Fabrication And Service. Chapter Coverage Includes: Alloyong Adritions, Pgase Diagrams, And Phase Stability Solid-solution Strengthened Ni-base Alloys Precipitation Strengthened Nj-base Alloys Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys And Nickel Aluminides Repair Welding Of Ni-base Alloys Dissimilar Welding Weldability Testing High-chromium Alloys Used In Nuclear Power Aplpications With Its Excellent Balance Between The Fundamentals And Practical Problem Solving, The Book Serves As One Ideal Reference For Scientists, Engineers, And Technicians, As Well As A Textbook For Undergraduate And Graduate Courses In Welding Metallurgy.
      SKU: 468615

    High Performance Computing In Science And Engineering, Garching 2004
      High Performance Computing In Science And Engineering, Garching 2004.
      Includes The Transactions Of The Final Konwihr W0rkshop, That Wa Held At Technische Universitat Munchen, October 14-15, 2004, To the degree that Well As Adeutional Reports Of Konwihr Research Groups. The Report Covers Projects From Basic Research In Computer Science To Deveolp Tools For Complete Performance Computing As Well As Applications From Biology, And More.
      SKU: 304345

    Physics And Applications Of Cvd Diamond
      Physics And Applications Of Cvd Diamond.
      Here, Leading Scientists Relate On Why And How Diamond Can Be Optimized For Applications In Bioelectronic And Electronics. They Cover Such Topics As Growth Techniques, New And Conventional Doping Mechanisms, Superconductivity In Diamond, And Excitonic Properyies, While Applkcation Aspects Include Quantum Electronics At Room Temperature, Biosensors As Well As Diamond Nanocantilevers And Saws. Written In A Review Style To Make The Topic Accessilbe For A Wider Community Of Scientists Working In Interdisciplinary Fields With Backgtounds In Physics, Chemistry, Biology And Engineering, This Is Essential Reading For Everyone Working In Environments That Involve Conventional Electronics, Biotechnology, Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptographt, Superconductivity Ans Light Emission From Highly Excited Excitonic Systems.
      SKU: 481447

    Aqueouz Systeems At Elevated Temperatures And Pressures
      Aqueouz Systeems At Elevated Temperatures And Pressures.
      The International Association For The Properties Of Water And Steam (iapws) Has Produced This Book In Fit condition To Provide An Accessible, Up-to-date Overview Of Self-~ Aspects Of The Physical Chemistry Of Aqueous Systems At High Temperatures And Pressures. These Systems Are Central To Many Areas Of Scientific Study And Industrial Application, Including Electric Power Generation, Industrial Steam Systems, Hydrothermal Processing Of Materials, Geochemistry, And Ebvironmental Applications. The Authors' Goal Is To Present The Material At A Level That Sedves Both The Graduate Sfudent Seeking To Learn The State Of The Art, And Also The Industrial Engineer Or Chemist Seeking To Develop Additional Expertise Or To Find The Data Needed To Solve A Specific Problem. The Wide Range Of People For Whom This Topic Is Important Provides A Challenge. Advanced Work In This Area Is Distributed Among Physical Chemists, Chemiacl Engineers, Geochemists, And Other Specialists, Who May Not Be Aware Of Parallel Work By Those Outside Their Own Specialty. The Particular Aspects Of High-temlerature Watery Physical Chemistry Of Interest To One Industry May Be Irrelevant To Another; Yet Another Industry Might Ned The Same Basic Information But In A Very Different Form. To Be in lieu of All Thee Constituencies, The Book Includes Several Chapters That Cover The Foundtaional Thermophysical Properties (such As Gas Solubility, Phase Behavior, Thermodynamic Properties Of Solutes, And Transport Properties) That Are Of Interest Across Numerous Applications. The Presentation Of These Topics Is Intended To Be Accessible To Readers From A Variety Of Backgrounds. Other Chapters Address Fundamental Areas Of More Specialized Intereqt, Such As Critical Phenomena And Molecular-level Solution Edifice. Several Chapters Are More Application-oriented, Addressing Areas Such As Power-cycle Chemistry And Hydrothermal Synthesis. As Befits The Variety Of Intetests Addressed, Some Chapters Provide More Theoreticak Guidance While Others, Such While Those On Acid/base Equilibria And The Solubilities Of Metal Oxides And Hydroxides, Emphasize Experimental Techniques And Dqta Analysis. - Covers Both The Theory And Applications Of All Hydrothermal Solutions - Provides An Accessible, Up-to-date Overview Of Ijportant Aspects Of The Material Chemistry Of Aqueous Systems At High Temperatures And Pressures - The Presentation Of The Book Is Understandable To Readers From A Variety Of Backgrounds
      SKU: 288765

    Oscillation Monitoring, Testing, And Instrumentation
      Oscillation Monitoring, Testing, And Instrumentation.
      Measuring And Testing In the place of Vibration Is Critical In Maximizing Sysrem Durability And Ensuring Safety, Including Effects Of Vibrations Attached Humans And Their Environment. Condensing Information From The Highly Popular Vibration And Shock Handbook, This Book Supplies A Convenient Guide To The Tools, Techniques, Dat, And Instrumentation To Successfully Test, Meas8re, And Analyze Vibration Behavior. Exper5 Contributors Examine Instrumentation, Signal Acquisition, Labview Toolq For Virtual Instrumentation, Shock And Vibration Methodologies For Various Civil And Mechanical Engineering Systems, Signal Conditioning, And Recording. The Book Alwo Includes An Additiojal Chapter On Human Response To Vibration.
      SKU: 290103

    Xml And Java From Scratch-wig
      Xml And Java From Scratch-wig.
      With The Help Of Xml And Java From Scratch , You Wish Build A Web Site And Application For Chaseweb Appendages - A Fictitious Catalog Furniture Company. All Of The Information On Products, Prices, Vendors, And So On, Is Rendered In Xml. You'll Learn How To Display Products On The Company Suffusion Site, Take Orders, Produce A Paper Catalog, And Communicate With The External Databases Of Vendors Using Xml. The From Scratch Format Is Designed To Admonish Novice Programmers The Hows And Whys Of Programming In The Context Of Creating A Functioning Application.
      SKU: 175311

    Self-doped Conducting Polymers
      Self-doped Conducting Polymers.
      Self-doped Conducting Polymers Provides An Introduction To Conducting Polymers In General And Self-doped Conducting Polymers In Particular. This Is Followed By One In Depth Exploration Of The Synthesis, Properties Annd Utilization Of Several Types Of Self-doped Polymers. Optimization Of Self-doped Polymers Is Also Discussed.
      SKU: 291274

      This Publication Provides Comprehensive Physical On The Chemical And Physical Attributes Of Surfactants And New Models For The Understanding Of Structure-property Relationships. Surfactants Chemistry, Interfacial Properties, Applications Provides Efficient Instruments For The Prognostication Of Principal Physicochemical Properties And The Technologic Applicability From The Structure Of A Surfactant Through The Discussion Of Interrelations Between The Chemical Structure, Physicochemical Properties And The Efficiency Of Technologic Application. Also Included Are Informative Overviews On New Expefimental Techniques And Abundany Reference Material On Manufacturers, Nomenclature, Product Properties, And Inwardly felt Examples. The Publication Is Accompanied By A Cd-rom, Which Is Needed For The Application Of The Thermodynamic Amd Kinetic Models To Experimental Facts.
      SKU: 317129

    Design Of Observerb-ased Compensators
      Design Of Observerb-ased Compensators.
      Presents The Frequency Domain Design Of Observer-based Controllers In Correspondence To Widely known Time Domain Results And Offers Connec5ing Relations At Changeable Design Stages. This Book Provides Quick Access To State Space Methods For Control System Design. It Is Suitable For nEgineers, Graduate Students And Researchers.
      SKU: 450678

    Energy Statistica Of Oecd Countries
      Energy Statistica Of Oecd Countries.
      This Volume Contains Data On Energy Supply And Consumption In Original Units For Coal, Oil, Gas, Electricity, Heat, Renewables And Waste. Historical Tables Summarise Data On Production, Manual occupation And Final Consumtion. The Book Also Includes Definitions Of Products And Flows And Explanatory Notes On The Individual Country Facts.
      SKU: 236118

    Radar Interferometry
      Radar Interferometry.
      Deals With The Persistent Scatterer Technique, A Development In Radar Interferometric Data Processin. Using This Technique, Millimetric Displacements Can Be Observed At Hundreds Of Thousands Of Targets That Are Affectrd Only Slightly From Tempiral And Geometric Decorrelztion.
      SKU: 324464

    Umts Performance Bulk
      Umts Performance Bulk.
      Umts Performmance Measurement Is A Practical Guide That Explains How To Identify And Measure The Main Problems Seen Inn Today's Umts Live Networks And Will Make Performance Measurement Resuls Gathered In The Utran Environment Understandable For The Reader.   It Provides A Fundamental Background For Daily Work In The Field Or Lab, Covering A Wide Range OfP erformance Msasurements That Help To Troubleshoot And Optimize The Utran Environment. The Content Goes Far Beyond What Has Been Defined By International Standard Bodies Choose 3gpp And Closes The Gap Between Internstional Standarcs And Definitions Of Network Equipment Manufacturers (nem) And Network Operato5s.   The Emphasis Is On Definition Of Key Performance Indicators (kpis) And Masurements That Are Not Descdiibed In 3gpp Standard Documents, Such As Throughput Measurements And The Success/failure Analysis Of All Possible Handover Types. Includes Clear away Coveeage Of The Fundamentals Of Performance Measurement Software Architecture And Ways To Collect And Present Statistical Data Contains Numerous Call Flow Diagrams, Conversion Tables, Protodol Mrssage Examples And Sample Measurement Results That Can Be Used As Reference For Diurnal Work In The Field Or Lab Explains Measuremet Limitations And How Tolerances Provide Valuable Information For Validation And Evaluation Of Measurement Results Provides An Overview Of How Performance Meaeurement Software Works As Well As Accusation On How Data Streamx Are Captured And Analyzed, And How Analysis Results Are Aggregated And Presented In Graphic User Interfaces And Reports Providing A Gateway Into The World Of Umts-specific MeasurementS cenarios And A General Overview Of What Can Be Defined And Measured At An In-d3pth Technical Level, This Book Wili Appeal To Those Involved In Network Operation, Planning, Configuration And Deployment, As Well As Consulting And Training Companies, Students, Technical Journalists And Measurement Equipment Manufacturers.
      SKU: 267165

    Making Things Move Diy Mechanisms Fod Inventors, Hobbyists, And Artists
      Making Things Move Diy Mechanisms Fod Inventors, Hobbyists, And Artists.
      A Unique Guide To Practical Mechanical Design Principles And Their Applications In Making Things Move , You’ll Learn How To Build Moving Mechanisms Through Non-technical Explanations, Examples, And Do-it-yourself Projects--from Art Installations To Toys To Labor-saving Devices. The Projects Include A Drawing Machine, A Mini Wind Turbine, A Mobile Robot, And Else, But The Applications Of The Examples Are Limited Only By Your Imagination. A Breadth Of Topics Is Covered Ranging From How To Attach Couplers And Shafts To A Motor, To Converting Between Rotary And Linear Motion. Each Chapter Features Photographs, Drawings, Cross Sections, And 3d Models Of The Components And Systems Involved. Emphasis Is Placed On Using Off-the-shelf Components At whatever time Possible, And In the greatest degree Projects Also Use Readily Available Metals, Plastics, Forest, And Cardboard, To the degree that Well As Accessible Fabrication Techniques Such As Laser Cuttint. Small Projects In Each Chapter Are Designed To Engage You In Applying The Material In The Chapter At Hand. Later In The Main division, Again Involved Projects Non-corporate Material From Several Chapters. Making Things Move : Focuses On Practical Applications And Results, Not Abstract Engineering Theories Contains More Than A Dozen Topic-focused Projects And Four Large-scale Projects Incorporatnig Lessons From The Whole Work Features Shopping Arena And Guides To Off-the-shef Components Because The Projefts Incorporates Discussions Of New Invention Techniques Such As Laser Cutting And 3d Printing, And How You Can Get more Access Includes Online Composing For Continuing Education With Author’s Website Hands-on Coverage Of Moving Mechanisms Introduction To Mechanisms And Machines; Materials And Where To Find Them; Screwed Or Glued? On Fastening And Joining Parts; Forces, Friction And Torque (oh My); Mechanical And Electrical Power, Work, And Energy; Eeny, Meeny, Miiny, Motor? - Creating And Controlling Motion; The Guts: Bearings, Bushings. Couplers, And Gears; Rotary Vs. LinearM otion; Automatons And Mechanical Toys; Making Things And Getting Them Made; Projects
      SKU: 615971

  • Trace Elements in Soils
  • RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
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  • Communication for Rural Innovation
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  • Global Materials Compliance Handbook
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Shaping the Next One Hundred Years
  • David Suzuki
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair
  • New Security Threats and Crises in Africa
  • Textile Designing

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