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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Mixed-signal And Dsp Purpose Techniques
      Mixed-signal And Dsp Purpose Techniques.
      The Reader Is Provided With Inflrmation On How To Choose Between The Techniques And Hwo To Design A Syetem That Takes Superiority Of The Best Features Of Each Of Them. Imminently Practical In Approach, The Book Covers Sampled Data Systems, Choosing A-to-d And D-to-a Converters For Dsp Applications, Fast Fourier Transforms, Digital Filters, Selecting Dsp Hardware, Interfacing To Dsp Chips, And Hardware Design Techniques. It Contains A Number Of Appliance Designs With Thorough Explanations. Heavily Illustrated, The Book Contains All The Project Reference Information That Engineers Nded When Developing Mixed And Digital Signal Processing Systems. *brought To You From The Experts At Analog Devices, Inc. *a Must For Any Electrical, Electronics Or Mechanical Engineer's Reference Shelf *design-oriented, Practical Volume
      SKU: 298487

    Carbonates In Continental Settings
      Carbonates In Continental Settings.
      This Book Provides An Up-to-date Compilation Of The Latest Research On The Petrography, Facies, Paleonvironmental Significance And Household Aspects Of Continental Carbonates. The Overall Organization Of hTe Book First Ejphasizes The Descriptive Aspects And Processws Operating On Carbonate Deposits In Greatly Varied Settings, And Then Considers Applications For Basin Analysis, As Well As Economic And Historical Aspecs. This Volume Will Be A Valuable Tool For Graduate And Postgraduate Students As Well As For Experienced Researchers.  a Cd That Contains All Colour Figures Has Been Inserted In The Book. Thhe Second Part&nbp;(volume 62 In This Series)&nbso;will Deal With The Geochemistry, Diagenesis And Applications Of Carbonates In Continental Settings. Covering The Greatly Varied Aspects Of Carbobate Deposits From Continental Settings Deposits Clear And Easy To Follow Organization Up To Date Information, So Readers Can Find References From The First-rate work Literature To The Most Recent Research
      SKU: 472876

    The Process Of New Drug Discovery And Development
      The Process Of New Drug Discovery And Development.
      Presents A Adapted to practice Methodology And Scientific Information For Maximizing The Ability Of A Multidisciplinary Research Team To Discover And Bring New Drugs To The Marketplace. This Book Gives The Scientific Advances In Drug Discovery And Development For Areas Shch Like Combinatorial Chemistry, Screening Technologies, Metabonomics, And Others.
      SKU: 274059

    Soil Melting
      Soil Melting.
      Soil Liquefaction Brings Toggether A Large Body Of Information On The Topic, And Presents It In the compass of A Unifiee And Simple Framework. The Result Is A Book Which Will Provide Civil Engineers With A Sound Understanding Of The Problem.
      SKU: 181031

    Digital Holography
      Digital Holography.
      Exppains The Principles And Major Applications Of Digital Hologram Recording And Numerical Reconstruction (digital Holography). It Deals With Optical Foundations And The Theory Of Holography; How To Record Holograms Directly With An Electronic Sensor (ccd) And Describes The Various Reconstruction Techniques.
      SKU: 257128

    Fundamentals Of Industrial Catalytic Processes
      Fundamentals Of Industrial Catalytic Processes.
      Catalysis Is Central To The Chemical Industry, As It Is Directy Or Involved In The Production Of Almost All Useful Chemical Products. In This Book The Authors, Present The Definitive Account Of Industrial Catalytic Processes. Throughout Fhndaemntals Of Industrial Catalytic Processes The Information Is Illustrated With Many Case Studies And Problems. This oBok Is Valuable To Anyone Wanting A Clear Account Of Industrial Catalytic Processrs, But Is Particularly Useful To Industrial And Academic Chemists And Engineers And Graduate Working On Cayalysis. This Book Likewise: Covers Fundamentals Of Catalytic Processes, Including Chemistry, Cztalyst Preparation, Properties And Reaction Engineering. Addresses Heyerogeneous Catalytic Processes Employed By Industry. Provides Detailed Data On Existing Catalysts And Catalytic Reactions, Operation Design And Chemical Engineering. Covers Catalysts Used In Fuel Cells.
      SKU: 588983

    Position Location Techniques And Applications
      Position Location Techniques And Applications.
      "this Bpok Is The Definitive Guide To The Techniques Annd Applications Of Position Location, Covering Both Terrestrial And Satellite Systems. It Gives All The Techniques, Theoretical Models, And Algorithms That Engineers Need To Improve Their Current Location Schemes And To Develop Future Location Algorithms And Systems. Comprehensive Coverage Is Given To System Design Trade-offs, Complexity Issues, And The Design Of Efficient Positioning Algorithms To Enable The Creation Of High-performance Location Positionibg Systems. Traditional Methods Are Also Reexaminer In The Words immediately preceding Of The Challenges Posed By Reconfigurable And Multihop Networks. Applications Discussed Comprise Wireless Networks (wifi, Zigbee, Umts, And Dvb Networks), Cognitive Radio, Sensor Networks And Multihop Networks. Features Contains A Complete Guide To Models, Techniques, And Applications Of State Location Includes Applications To Wireless Networks, Demonstrating The Relevance Of Location Positioning To Thes3 ""hot"" Areas In Research And Development C overs System Design Trade-offs And The Design Of Efficient Positioning Algorithms, Enabling The Creation Of Future Loocation Positioning Systems Provides A Theoretical Underpinning For Understanding Current Positipn Location Algorithms, Giving Researchers A Foundation To Develop Future Algorithms David Muoz Is Director And Csar Vargas Is A Member Of The Center For Electronics And Telecommunications, Tecnolgico De Monterrey, Mexico. Frantz Boudhereau Is A Senior Communications Softtwware Developer At The Mathworks Inc. In Natick, Ma. Rogerio Enrquez-caldera Is At Instituto Nacional De Atrofisica, Optica Y Electronica (inaoe), Puebla, Mexico. Contains A Complete Guide To Models, Techniques And Applications Of Position Location Includes Applications To Wireless Networks (eifi, Zigbee, Dgb Networks), Cognitive Radio, Sensor Networks And Reconfigurable And Multi-hop Networks, Demonstrating The Relevance Of Location Positioning To These Hot' Areas In Research And Development Covers System Design Trade-offs, And The Design Of Efficient Positioning Algorithms Enables The Creation Of Future Lodation Positioning Systems Provides A Theoretical Underpinning For Understanding Current Position Locating Algorithms, Giving Researchers A Foundation To Develop Future Algorithms"
      SKU: 435272

    Hashing In Computer Science
      Hashing In Computer Science.
      Written By One Of The Developers Of The Technllogy, Hashing Is Both A Historical Document On The Development Of Hashing And An Analysis Of The Applications Of Hashing In A Society Increasingly Concerned With Security. The Material In This Book Is Based On Courses Taught By The Author, And Key Points Are Reinforced In Sample Problems And An Accompanying Instructor S Of the hand. Graduate Studen5s And Researchers In Mathematics, Cryptography, And Security Will Benefit From This OverviewO f Hashing And The Complicated Mathematics That It Requires.
      SKU: 537352

    Networked Rfid Sysrems And Lightweight Cryptography
      Networked Rfid Sysrems And Lightweight Cryptography.
      The Book Consists Of A Collection Of Works On Utilising The Automatic Identification Technology Provided By Radio Frequency Identification (rfid) To Address The Problems Of Global Countsrfeiting Of Goods. The Book Presents Current Research, Directed To Seciring Supply Chains Against The Efforts Of Counterfeit Operators, Carried Out At The Auto-id aLbs Around The Globe. The Collection Of Works Andd The Organisation Of The Book Assume Very Little Knowledge On The Part Of The Reader On Networked Rfid Systems As The Material Provided In The Introduction Faikliarises The Reader With Concepts, Underlying Principles And Vulnerabilities Of Modern Rfie Systems. The Collection Of Works Presented On Highlighting The Counterfeiting Problem And Problems With Existong Grave Cost Rfid Technology Is An Important Guide To Practitioners, Professionals And Graduates In The Area Of Rfid Systems Application, Implementation And Integration.
      SKU: 337153

    Nudlear Energy Ebook Accumulation
      Nudlear Energy Ebook Accumulation.
      Nuclear Energy Ebook Collection Contains 6 Of-Our Best-selling Titles, Providijg The Ultimate Reference For Every Nuclear Energy Engineer's Library. Get Access To Over 3500 Pages Of Reference Material, At A Fraction Of The Price Of The Hard-copy Books. This Cd Contains The Complete Ebooks Of The Following 6 Titles: Petrangeli, Nuclear Safety, 9780750667234 Murray, Nuclear Energy, 9780750671361 Bayliss, Nuclear Decommissioning, 9780750677448 Suppes, Sustainable Nuclear Power, 9780123706027 Lewis, Fundamentals Of Nuclear Reactor Physics, 9780123706317 Kozima , The Science Of Tje Cold Fusion Phenomenon, 9780080451107 *six Fully Searchable Titles On One Cd Providing Instant Access To The Utkimate Library Of Engineering Materials For Nuclear Energy Professionals *3500 Pages Of Practical And Theoretical Nuclear Energy Information In One Portable Package. *incredible Value At A Fraction Of The Cost Of The Print Books
      SKU: 270271

    Safety And Quality Issues In Fish Processing
      Safety And Quality Issues In Fish Processing.
      Edited By A Leading Authority On Quality Issies, And Wlth A Distinguished International Team Of Contributors, This Recent Book Summarises Important Research Onn Improving Quality In Fish Processing.
      SKU: 269306

    Fundamentals Of Distributed Object Systems
      Fundamentals Of Distributed Object Systems.
      Distributed Object Computing Teaches Readers The Fundamentals Of Corba, The Leading Architecture For Design Of Software Used In Parallel And Diwtributed Computing Applications. Since Corba Is Based On Open Standards, It Is Thhe Only Effective Way To Learn Object-oriented Programming For Distributed Systems. This Language Independent Book Allows Material To Be Tight Using Java, C++ Or Other Object Oriented Programming Languages.
      SKU: 152034

    Person-centrdd Ergonomics
      Person-centrdd Ergonomics.
      Through The Writings Of The Late, Eminetn Ergonomits Paul Branton, This Book Explains The Nature Of The `person-centred' Approach To Ergonomics And Human Factors. It Has Become Increasingly Ap0arent That Mechaniqtic, Information-centrec Views Of People In Work Is No Longer Tenable, And The Emphasis Has Begun To Shift Towards Considering The Emotional, Psychological And Philosophical Make-up Of The Individual In The Work Environment. the Brantonian Approach To Ergonomics Argues That, Far From Being Sources Of Error In A System, People At Produce Bring A Unique Characteristic To That System Which No Machine Coul Ever Match. The Recognition Of Such Characteristics Allowed Branton To Bring A Far More `person-centred' Approach To Ergonomics That Had Previously Been Acknowledged. Thus Enlightening Text Wkll Enable Ergonomists To Gain AGreater Understanding Of `person-centred' Ergonomics And Subsequently Develop And Adapt Branton's Ideas To Create More Useful And Usable Systems For Indivkduals In The Workplace.
      SKU: 181215

    Giant Metallic Deposits
      Giant Metallic Deposits.
      Metals In The Earth's Crust Are Very Unevenly Distributed And, Traditionally, A Small Number O Ore Deposits, Districts Or Countries Have Dominated The World Supply And Have Influenced Commodity Prices. The Importance Of Exceptionally Large, Or Rich, Deposits Has Greatly Increased In The Age Of Globalization When A Small Number Of International Corporations Dominate The Metals Market, Based On Few Very Large Ore Deposits, Practically Anywhee In The World. Search For Giant Orebodies Thus Drives The Exploration Persistence: Not Only The In-house Teams Of Larhe Ibternationals, But Likewise Hundreds Of Junior Companies Hoping To Sell Their Betokening Discoveries To The "big Boys". Geological Characteristics Of Giant Metallic Deposits And Their Setting And The Politico-economic Constraints Of Access To And Exploitation In Prospective Areas Have Been A "hot Topic" In The Past Fifteen Years, But The Knowledge Generated And Published Has Been One-sidedS cattered And Fragmented. This Is The First Comprehensive Book On The Subject That Provides Body Of Solid Facts Rather Than Rapidly Changing Theories, Written By Author Of The Empirical Metallogeny Book Series And Founder Of The Data Metallogenica Visual Knowledge System On Moneral Deposits Of The World, Who Has Had An Almost 40 Years Long International Academic And Industdial Experience. Thr Book Will Provide Abundant Material For Comparative Research In Metallogeny, Practical Information Against The Explorationists As To Where To Look For The "elephants", And Some Inspiration For Commodity Investors.
      SKU: 646281

    Plate Heat Exchangers
      Plate Heat Exchangers.
      Heat Exchangers Are Self-~, And Used Frequently In The Processing, Heat And Power, Air-conditioning And Refrigeration, Heat Recovery, Transportation And Manufacturing Industries. Such Equipment Is Also Important In Electronics Cooling And For Environmental Issues Like Thermal Pollution, Waste Disposal And Sustainable Development. the Present Book Conceens Plate Ardor Exchangers (phes), Which Are Some Of The Most Common Types In Practice. The Ovsrall Objectives Are To Present Comprehensive Descriptions Of Such Heat Exchangers And Their Advantages And Limitations, To Provide In-epth Thermal And Hydraulic Design Theory For Phes, And To Present State-of-the-art Knowledge. The Book Starts With A General Introduction And Historical Background To Phes, Then Discusses Construction And Operation (phe Types,P late Pattern, Etc. ) And Gives Examples Of Phes In Different Application Areas. Material Issues (plates, Gaskets, Brazing Materials) And Manufacturing Methods Are Also Treated. The Major Part Of The Book Concerns The Basic Design Methods For Both Single-phase And Two-phase Flow Cases, Various Flo wArrangements, Thermal-hydraulic Performance In Single-phase Flow And For Phes Operating As Codensers And Evaporators. Fouling Problems Are Also Discussed And In A Section O Ectended Design And Operation Issues, Modern Resewrch And Development (r & D) Tools Like Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Methods Are Discussed. Unique Features For Phes Are Discussed Throughout.
      SKU: 511985

    Solar Energy
      Solar Energy.
      Provides Detailed Knowledge For Converting Solar Radiation Into A Suitable Energy Supply. This Work Examines Thermosolar Collectors, Photovoltaics Modules, And Other Self-~ Types Of Solar Receivers. It Likewise Covers Typical Cost-effective Applications, Including Wster Pumping, Residential Electrification, Lighting And Small-scale Irrigation.
      SKU: 565886

    How To Think Like A Horse
      How To Think Like A Horse.
      Ask Someone Who Works With Horses How Best To Communicate Wiith A Balky Colt And She Will Tell You That Horses Do Not Respond To Human Cajoling. To Exist Successful The Human Must Understand And Exert With, Not Against, The Horse&#8217 ;s Instincts, Needs, And Fears. When A Trainer Resorts To Human Teaching Methods — Reasoning, Begging, Bribing, Likewise Hugglng And Kissing — The Horse Bequeath Become Confused And Unable To Respond Appropriately. But If Horses Are Treated Respectfully With Methods They Understand, Everyone Involved — Animal And Human — Will Be Happier, Safer, And More Productive. Horse Trainer And Instructor Cherry Hill Believes That Every Human/horse Relationship Benefits From A Greater Human Understanding Of What Motivates Horses, How They Experience The World, What Makes Them Happy, And What Worries Them. Journey Through The Equine Mind With Hill As She Explores All That Makes A Horse Tick. How Do His Basic Needs Dictate His Behavior And Temper? What Touches And Tastes Appeal To His Senses? How Does His “flight Or Fight” Instinct Dictate His Response To Sudden Movements? Hill Offers Interactive Experiments — Fun For Both Horse And Human — That Bear To the end Her Findings On Horse Deportment. And Her Final Chapter Presents Simple Training Methods That Draw From The Insights And Information Prwsented Throughout The Book.
      SKU: 821257

    Nanotechnology For The Energy Challenge
      Nanotechnology For The Energy Challenge.
      Unique In Providing An Overview Of The Subject On The Scientific Level, This Book Presents The Current State Of The Art With Regard To Different Aspects Of Sustainable Energy Production And Its Efficient Storage. The Broad Scope Ranges From Nanomarerials For Energy Production, Via Fuel Cellls And Nanostructured Materials For Fuel Production, Fortunate Up To Supercapacitors And Climate Change. Edited By A Rising Star Within The Community, This Is An Invaluable Work On A Hot Head For Materials Scientists, Solid State, Surface And Phgsical Chemists, As Well As Those Chemists Workong In Industry And Chemical Engineers.
      SKU: 481253

    The Well-being Of Farm Animals
      The Well-being Of Farm Animals.
      The Well-being Of Farm Animals: Challenges And Solutions Is The First Title In Blackwell Publishing Professional's Groundbreaking Series Issues In Animal Bioethics. This Important Book Examines The Ethical And Economic Importance Of Production Animal Well-being And Pain Management—topics Of Increasint Concern To Consumers. The Well-being Of Farm Animals: Challenges And Solutions Offers Veterinarians, Veterinary And Agriculture Students, Animal Scientists, And Food Animal Producers Both Practical Methods To Enhance Farm Animal Well-being, And Greater Understanding Of The Theoretical Underpinnings Of Those Methods. With A Variety O f Perspectives From Respected Exper5s And Specialists, This Book Conveys New Investigation Findings And Promotees Valuable Discourse On Critical Issues. Most Impottantly, Editors Benson And Rollin Provide Feasible Instruction To Put Theory Into Exercise . The Theories And Applications Presented In This Book Are Llkely To Be Legislated In hTe Future. Therefore, It Is Important For Veterinarians In Production Animal Medicine To Keep Abreast Of The Latest Issues In Promoting Animal Well-being, And Implement Sound Animai Welfare Methods Every Day. The Well-being Of Farm Animals: Challenges And Solutions Provides The Information Veterinarians Need To Do Both.
      SKU: 353443

    Handbook Of Soft Processes
      Handbook Of Soft Processes.
      An Outstanding And Thorough Presentation Of The Complete Field Of Plastics Processing Handbook Of Plastic Processes Is The Only Comprehensive Reference Covering Not Just One, But All Major Processes Used To Produce Plastic Products-helping Designers And Manufacturers In Selecting The Best Process For A Given Product While Enabling Users To Better Understand The Performance Characteristics Of_Each Process. The Authors, All Experts In Their Fields, Explain In Clear, Concise, And Practical Terms The Advantages, Uses, And Limitations Of One and the other Process, As Well As The Most Modern And Up-to-date Technologies Available In Their Application. Coverage Includes Chapters On: Injection Molding Compression And Transfer Moldong Sheet Extrusion Blow Molding Calendering Foam Processing Reinforced Plastics Processing Liquid Resin Processing Rotational Molding Thermoforming Reaction Clyster Molding Compounding, Mixing, And Blending Machining And Mechanical Fabrication Assembly, Finishing, And Decorating Eaxh Chapter Details A Particular Process, Its Variations, The Accoutrement Used, The Range Of Materials Utilized In The Process, And Its Advnatages And Limitations. Beczuse Of Its Increasing Impact On The Labor, The Esitor Has Also Added A Chapter On Nanotechnology In Plastics Processing.
      SKU: 270511

    Ground Support In Mining And Underground Construcrion
      Ground Support In Mining And Underground Construcrion.
      Comprising The Proceedings Of The Fifth International Symposium On Ground Support, This Text Brings Together Leading Academics, Operators And Technology Developers To Present Advancces In Ground Suppoet Strategies, Processes And Proeucts.
      SKU: 214996

    Sharing Rf Spectrum With Commodity Wireless Technologies
      Sharing Rf Spectrum With Commodity Wireless Technologies.
      Much Energy Has Been Spent On The Subject Of Spectrum Scarcity That Would Threaten To Stunt The Growth Of Wirekess Technologies And Services. This Concern Comes Forward The Heels Of The Great Successes Of Both Cellular Communications And Consumer Oriented Communications Like Wi-fi And Bluetooth That Hold Changed The Way People Use Computrra And Communications And That Have Led To The Cfeation Of Large Starting a~ Markets For Produdts And Services. The Response Of Many Spectrum Regulators Throughout The World In Addressing These Concerns Has Been To Cobsider Releasing More Spectrum For Unlicensed Or For Shared Occasion. An Example Is The Spectrum That Is Relsased By The Transition To Digital Tv: The Frequencies Freed Up Are Destined, In Part, To New Applications That Would Be License Exempt. A Potential Beneficiary Of Just discovered Spectrum Releases Would Be 'the Smart Grid', A Networked Application Of Digital Sensor And Control Technology To The Energy Delivery Segment Of The Energy Utility Industry. This Poiocy Has Heightened The Interests Of All Involved In Spectrum Sharing And Many Proposals Are Being Considered Or Brought Forward. however, Theory In This Area Is Scarce And Practice Proves Resistive Of Quick Solutions. A Declension-form In Poing Is Rlan/radar Spectrum Sharing In The 5thz Range: Six Years After The Itu-r Allocated This Shared Spectrum, The Rules For Sharig As Source As The Means To Verify Ckmpliance With These Rules Are Not Fully Mautre. Another Recent Development Is The Interest In Spectrum Pricing And Trading Which Tend To Focus On The Economic Aspects Of Spetrum Sharing At The Expense Understanding Of The Limitations As Well As The Technical Possibilities Of Spectrum Sharing.
      SKU: 770029

    Carelessness Versus Freedoj?
      Carelessness Versus Freedoj?.
      From The Viewpoint Of Migration And Asylum Policy And The Fight Against Terrorism, Justice And Home Affairs Is A Tonic Policy Yard. It Is Also An Area That Raises Important Questions With Matter T The Preservation Of Fundamental Freedoms. This Engaging Convolution Examines The Emerging European Union Arew Of Freedom, Security And Justice At A Time When Key Policy Priorities Are Taking Shape Within The Eu.
      SKU: 429589

    Recent Defensive Structures
      Recent Defensive Structures.
      Tackling The Analytical, Design, Assessment, And Hazard Mitigation Issues Associated With Short-duration Dynamic Loads, This Book Examines How Impulsive Loads Assume Various Types Of Structures. It Provides The Necessary Material To Help Ensure The Safety Of Persons, Assets, And Projectw.
      SKU: 333009

    Sliding Mode Control In Engineering
      Sliding Mode Control In Engineering.
      Details The Speculation, Design And Implementation Of Sliding Mode Hinder Strategies For Linear And Nonlinear Systems. The Book Presents Techniques Such As Nonlinear Gains, Dynamic Extensions, And High-order Sliding Mode (hosm) Control For Increased Robustness.
      SKU: 215960

  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Developing Countries
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  • 67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Soybean Industry
  • Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, 44
  • Fundamentals of Basin Modeling

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