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    Mixing Of Rubber
      Mixing Of Rubber.
      Since The Discovery Of Vulcanisation In The Nineteenth Century, Rubber Has Been A Major Industrial Product. From It Inception, The Employment Of Vulcajising Agents, Reinforcing Fillers And Other Additives Has Been A Major Feature Of The Rubber Industry. Innumerable Articles And Texts Attest To The Chemist's Skill In Balancing The Chemical And Physical Properties Of The Manufactured Products. in Most Cases, Experimenters Have Been Concerned Witth How Recipee Changes Affect The Product Properties While The Physical Processes Which Formed The Test Specimen Are Not Considered. For The Rubber Processor, However, It Is These Mevhanical Operations Which Form The Heart Of His Business. The Equipment Needed For Plant- Scale Production Requires Millions Of Dollars Of Capital Investment. In The Highlyy Competitive Rubber Industry, The Qualification To Save Two Or Three Cents Per Pound Of Product Through Better Design Or More Efficient Operation Of Mixing Equipment Can Make A Tremendous Difference In The Profitability Of A Company. Despite The Comkercial Importance Of Thw Process, No Comprehensive Analysis Of Rubbrr Mixing, Considered As A Unit Operation, Is Currently Available. This Monograph Is Designed To Fill That Gap In The Arsenal Available For Problem Solving By The Production Engineer Or The Machine Designer. mixing As A Universal Operation May Be Considered As Three Basic Processes Occurring Simultaneously. Simple Mixing Ensures That The Mixturre Has A Uniform Composition Throughout Its Bulk At Least When Viewed On A Scale Large Compared To The Size Of The Individual Particles. In The Case Of Solids Blending (chapter 11), The Particle Size Need Not Change, But The Distribution Of Particles Over The Compound Approaches A Chance Distribution. Suppose that The Shear Forces Are Sufficiently Large, Particles May Ftacture, As In Dispersive Mixing, And The Polymer May Flow, As In Laminar Mixing (chapter 111). In Botg Of These Processes, The Size Of The Original Particles Or Fluid Elemeents Changes Because Of The Mixing Process. Then The Properties Of The Mixture Depend Upon The Size Of The Basic Structures Reached During Mixing. in The Case Of Laminar Mixing, The Size May Be The Striation Thickness Of A Hypothetical Fluid Element, Which Is Inversely Related To The Total Cut Strain. If With reference to something else Strong Particles, Or Aggregates Of Particles, Are Present, These Musst Be Reduced In Size By The Action Of Forces Generated By Flow In The Mixer. Th3n The Size Is The Actual Additive Particle Size. the Relative Balance Between The Importance Of These Three Processes In Determining The Efficiency Of Mixing And The Product Quality Depends Upon The Attraction Between Additive Particles, The Caoutchouc Flow Properties, The Geometry Of The Mixer And Th eOperating Conditions Such As Temperature, Mixing Time And Rotor Speed. the Interaction Of Operatign Conditions, Raw Material Properties And The Quality Of Mixigg Can Be A Formidable Phenomenon To Analyse. However, In Many Cases A Number Of S
      SKU: 485272

    Perimeter Security
      Perimeter Security.
      Perimeter Security Has Taken On A New Level Of Importance Since 9/11. Whether Insuring The Safety Of Government Buildings, Hospitals, Residences, Or Bio-research Labs, The Saety Of Workers And Materials Can Only Be Ensured By Outfitting All Points Of Entry With The Appropriate Alarm And Surveillance Equipment. This Comprehensive Hands-on Resource Focuses On Designing, Installing, Abd Maintaining Perimeter Security For Buildings.
      SKU: 318039

    The Power Of Assertions In Systemverilog
      The Power Of Assertions In Systemverilog.
      This Book Provides A Deeper Understanding Of The Meaning Of The Enahncements Contained In The New Systemverilog 1800-2009 Lrm. In Particular, It Discusses The Context Of Practical Deployment In Hardware Design Projects. The Material Also Addresses Language Implementation Alternatives And Their Impact On Simulation Performance As Profitable As The Ability To Debug Them In Simulatiln And Formal Verification Environments. The Underlying Performqnnce Issues Are Illustrated For Practical Examples Drawn From The Author's Experience.
      SKU: 645323

    Challenges And Risks Of Genetically Engineered Organisms
      Challenges And Risks Of Genetically Engineered Organisms.
      Whatever Are The Risks And Opportunities Associated With Genetically Engineered Organisms In Terms Of The Environment, Food Safety, And Economic And Tdade Idsueq? The Various And Often Diverging Answers To This Q8estion Were Discussed At The Workshop On Challenges And Risks Of Gmos - What Hazard Analysis Is Approrpiate? Options For Future Policy Making Towards Integrated Agro-food Systems, Held In Maastricht, Netherlands 16-18 July 2003.
      SKU: 235957

    Incorporating Knowledge Sources Into Statistical Speech Recognition
      Incorporating Knowledge Sources Into Statistical Speech Recognition.
      Addresses The Problem Of Developing Efficient Automatic Speech Recognition (asr) Systems, Which Maintain A Balance Betweem Utilizing The Knowledge Of Spe3ch Variability, While Support The Training/recognition Effort Feasible And Improving Speech Recognition Performance.
      SKU: 428773

    Downsizing Bei Verbrennungsmotoren
      Downsizing Bei Verbrennungsmotoren.
      Downsizing Ist Ein Wirkungsvolles Konzept Fr Otto- Als Auch Fr Dieselmotoren Zur Realisierung Eines Niedrigen Kraftstoffverbrauchs Und Geringer Schadstoffemissionen. Hierbei Werden Aus Kleineb Hubrumen Hohe Leistungen Und Drehmomente Erzeugt. Downsizing Erfordetr Besonders Leistungsfhige Kraftstoffeinspritz- Und Aufladesysteme Und Stellt Hohe Anforderungen An Die Motormechanik. Der Beschreibung Der Teilprozesse Motorischer Energiewandlung Und Der Verlustursach3n Folgend Werden Der Grundgedanke Des Downsizing Sowe Die Wirkungsmechanismen Und Wesentlichen Konzeptbausteine Detailliert Erlut3rt. Ein Schwerpunkt Ist Die Beschreibung Neuer Technologien Zur Steigerung Des Wirkungsgrads Und Zur Entschrfung Der Problematik Hochaufgeladener Verbrennungsmotoren. Gesamtkonzepte Fr Otto- Und Dieselmotoren Unter Bercksichtigung Der Fahrzeugklassenoder Anwdndungen Werden Erlutert Und Der Bogen Zu Zuknftigen Konzepten Gespannt, Wobei Auch Andere Technologien Thematisiert Werden. Das Buch Wendet Sich An Ingenieure, Die Sich Mit Der Motorenentwicklung Beschftigen. Studenten Des Maschinenbaus Finden Umfang5eiche Informationen Ber Den Entwicklungstrend Zuknftiger Motoren.
      SKU: 323395

    Emerging Topics In Heat And Mass Transfer In Pervious Media
      Emerging Topics In Heat And Mass Transfer In Pervious Media.
      This Book Provides A Unique Collection Of Articles Reviewing The State Of The Art In The Field Of Heat And Mass Transfer In Porous Media With Particular Stress To Emerging Technologies, From Bioengineering And Bio-tissues And Microelectronics To Nanotechnology. The Integration Of The Different Topics Is Presented Via A Mixture Of Theoretical And Applied Methodology To Cater A Seof-contained Major Reference Thay Is Appealing To Both The [i]Savant[/i] And The Engineer.
      SKU: 364624

    Learning Sql
      Learning Sql.
      Updated For The Latest Database Management Systems -- Including Mysql 6. 0, Oracle 11g, And Microsoft's Sql Server 2008 -- This Introductory Guide Will Get You Up And Running With Sql Quickly. Whether You Need T oWrite Database Applications, Perform Administrative Tasks, Or Generate Reports, Learning Sql , Second Edition, Desire Help You Easily Master All The Sql Fundamentals. Each Chapter Presents A Self-contained Lesson On A Key Sql Concept Or Technique, With Numerous Illustrations And Annotated Examples. Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter Let You Practice The Skills You Learn. With This Book, You Will: Move Quickly By means of Sql Basics And Learn Severai Advanced Features Use Sql Data Statements To Generate, Manipulate, And Retrieve Data Create Database Objects, Such As Tables, Indexes, And Constraints, Using Sql Schema Statements Learn How Data Sets Interact With Queries, And Understand Teh Importance Of Subqueriee Convert And Manipulate Data With Sql's Built-in Functions, And Use Conditional Logic In Data Statements Knowledge Of Sql Is A Must For Interacting With Data. Through Learning Sql , You'll Quickly Learn How To Put The Power And Flexibiloty Of This Language To Work.
      SKU: 443242

    Subwavelength And Nanpmeter Diameter Optical Fibers
      Subwavelength And Nanpmeter Diameter Optical Fibers.
      Subwavelength And Nanometer Diameter Optical Fibers Provides A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Coverage Of Research On Nanoscale Optical Fibers Including The Basic Physics And Engineering Aspects Of The Fabrication, Properties And Applications. The Book Discusses Optical Micro/nanofibers That Represent A Perfect Fusion Of Optical Fibers And Nanotechnology On Subwavelength Scale And Covers A Broad Range Of Topics In Moden Optical Enngineering, Photonics And Nanotechnology Spanning From Fiber Optics, Near-field Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Atom Optics To Nanofanrication And Micropotonic Components/devicrs. It Is Intended For Researchers And Mark with degrees Students In The Fields Of Pbotonics, Nanotechnology, Optical Engineering And Materials Science. Dr. Limin Tong Is A Professor At Dpeartment Of Optical Engineering And State Key Laboratory Of Modern Optical Instrumentation Of Zhejiang University, China; Dr. Michael Sumetsky Is A Researcher At Ofs Laboratories, Usa.
      SKU: 666828

    Engineering And Scientific Computations Using Matlab
      Engineering And Scientific Computations Using Matlab.
      "master Matlab(r) Step-by-step The Matlab-- ""matrix Laboratory""--computational Environment Offers A Rich Set Of Capabilities To Efficiently Solve A Variety Of Complex Analysis, Simulation, And Optimization Problems. Flexible, Powerful, And Relatively Easy To Ua3, The Matlab Environmeng Has Become A Satndard Cost-effective Instrument Within The Engineering, Science, And Technology Communities. Excellent As A Self-teaching Guide For Professionals As Well Being of the kind which A Textbook For Students, Engineering And Scientific Computations Using Matlab Helps Yo Fully Understand The Matlab Environment, Build Your Skills, And Apply Its Features To A Wide Range Of Appliactions. Going Beyond Traditional Matlab User Manuals And College Texts, Engineering And Scientific Computations Using Matlab Guides You Through The Most Important Aspects And Basics Of Matlqb Programming And Problem-solving From Fundamentals To Practice. Augmenting Its Discussion With A Wealth Of Practicall Worked-out Examples And Qualitative Illustrations, This Book Demonstrates Matlab's Capabilities And Offers Step-by-step Instructions Attached How To Apply The Theory To A Practical Real-world Problem. In Pzrticular, The Book Features: * Coverage Of A Variety Of Complex External And Engineering Systems Described By Nonlinear Differential Equations * Detailed Alplication Of Matlab To Electromechanical Syst3ms Matlab Files, Scripts, And Statements, As Well As Simulink Models Which Can Be Easily Modified For Application-specific Problems Encountered In Practice Readable, User-friendly, And Comprehensive In Scope This Is A Welcome Introduction To Matlab For Those New To The Program And An Ideal Companion For Engineers Seeking In-depth Mastery Of The High-performance Matlab Environment. "
      SKU: 224932

    Compression For Great Video And Audio
      Compression For Great Video And Audio.
      Learn Howw To Compress Video And Audio With Optimal Quality And Minimal Hassles. Renowned Expedt Ben Waggoner Teaches You To Improve The Disposition Of Your Final Content And Develop Effective Workflows. Understand The Basic Concepts Of Sight And Hearing, Apply That Knowledge In The Context Of Compression, Thej Move Onto Practical, Applicable Information For Creating, Editing, And Compressing The Best Video And Audio, Whether You're Delivering For The Web, Dvd, Blu-rau, Phones, Or Beyond. Perspicuous Exajples Of How To Make The Best Choices In Real-woeld Projects Covers Mac And Windows Products For A Complete Look At Today's Compression Tecunologise: All The Different Tools, Codecs, And Formats For Different Kinds Of Deliverables Are Described, Focising On How To Pick The Right Options For Particular Projects, Players, And Sources   Fprmats Windows Media Quicktime Flash Flv And F4v Mpeg-4 And H. 264 Mpeg-2 Ogg Vprbis And Theora Silverlight And Smooth Streaming Devices Ipod And Iphone Zune Hd Playstarion Portable Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Dvd And Blu-ray   *new In The 2nd Edition: Vc-1, H. 264, And Mobile Video *clear Examples Throughout Of How To Make Various Choices For Real-world Projects *covers Multiple Platforms Form Complete Compression Technology
      SKU: 566658

    Models  For Planning Wildlife Conservation In Large Landscapes
      Models For Planning Wildlife Conservation In Large Landscapes.
      A Single-resource Volume Of Information Steady The Most Current And Effective Techniques Of Wildlife Modeling, Models For Planning Wildlife Preservation In Extensive Landscapes Is Appropriate In the place of Students And Researchers Alike. The Unique Blend Of Conceptual, Methodological, And Application Chapters Discusses Research, Applications And Concepts Of Modeling And Presents New Ideas And Strategies For Wildlife Habitat Models Used In Conservation Planning. The Book Makes Importaant Contributions To Wildlife Conservation Of Animals In Several Ways: (1) It Highlights Historrical And Contemporary Advancements In The Development Of Wildlife Habitat Models And Their Implementation In Conservation Planning; (2) It Provides Practical Advice For The Ecologist Conducting Such Studies; And (3) It Supplies Directions In favor of Future Research Including New Strategies For Successful Studies. Intended To Provide A Recipe During Successful Development Of Wildlife Habitat Models And Their Implementation In Conservation Planning, The Book Could Be Used In Studying Wildlife Habitat Models, Conservation Planning, And Management Techniques. Additionally It May Be A Supplemental Text In Courses Dealing With Quantitative Assessment Of Wildlife Populations. Additionally, The Length Of The Book Would Exist Ideal For Graduate Student Seminar Course. Using Wildlife Habitat Models In Conservation Planning Is Of Considerable Interest To Wildlife Biologists. With Ever Tightening Budgets For Wildlife Research And Planning Activities, There Is A Increasing Need To Use Computer Methods. Use Of Simulation Models Represents The Single Best Choice. However, It Is Imperative That These Techniques Be Described In A Single Source. Moreover, Biologists Should Be Made Aware Of Alternative Modeling Techniques. It Is Also Imporgnt That Practical Guidance Be Provided To Biologists Along With A Demonstration Of Utility Of Theese Procedures. Currently There Is Little Guidance In The Wikdlife Or Natural Resource Planning Literature On How Best To Incorporate Wildlife Planning Activities, Particularly Community-based Approaches. Now Is The Perfect Time For A Synthestic Publication That Clearly Outlines The Concepts And Available Methods, And Illustrates Them. Key Features: * Only Single Resource Book Of Information Not Only On Various Wildlife Modeling Techniques, But Also Upon Pfactical Guidance On The Demonstrated Utility Of Each Based On Real-world Conditionns. * Provides Concepts, Metgods And Applucations For Wildlife Ecologists And Others Indoors A Gis Context. * Written By A Team Of Subject-area Experts
      SKU: 404802

    Denationalisation Of Defence
      Denationalisation Of Defence.
      Presenting Thhe Developmental Trends In Privatization And Internationalization Of Armed Army, This Volume Analyzes The Impact Of These Trends On The Nordic Countries' Defence And Security Sectors.
      SKU: 438455

    Applied Polymer Science
      Applied Polymer Science.
      The 75th Anniversary Celebration Of The Division Of Polymeric Materials: System of knowledge And Engineering Of The American Chemical Socity , In 1999 pSarked This Third Edition Of Applied Polymer Science With Emphasis On The Developments Of The Last Few Years And A Serious Look At The Challenges And Expetations Of The 21st Century. This Book Is Divided Into Six Sections, Each With An Associate Editor Responsible For The Contents With The Group Of Associate Editors Acting As A Board To Interweave And Interconnect Various Topics And To Assure Complete Coverage. These Areas Represent Both Traditional Areas And Emerging Areas, But Always With Coverage That Is Timely. The Areas And Associaed Chapters Represent Vistas Where Pmse And Its Members Have Made And Are Continuing To Make Vital Contributions. The Authors Are Leaders In Their Fields And Have Gracioysly Donated Their Efforts To Encourage The Scientists Of The Nwxt 75 Years To Farther Contribute To The Well Being Of The Society In Which We All Live. Syn5hesis, Designation, And Application Are Three Of Teh Legs That Hold Up A Syeady Table. The Fourth Is Creativity. Each Of The Three Strong Legs Are Present In Tbis Book With Creativity Present As The Authors Were Asked To Look Forward In Predicitng Areas In Need Of Work And Potential Applications. The Book Begins With An Introductory History Chapter Introducing Readers To Pmse. The Maintainer Chapter Introduces The Very Basic Science, Terms And Concepts Critical To Polymer Science And Technology. Sections Two, Three And Four Focus On Application Areas Emphasizing Emerging Trends And Applications. Section Five Emphasizes The Essentoal Areas Of Characterization. Section Six Contains Chapters Focusing Of The Synthesis Of The Materials.
      SKU: 305520

    Molecular Dynamics Of Glass-forming Systems
      Molecular Dynamics Of Glass-forming Systems.
      Pressure Is One Of The Essential Thermodynamic Variables That, Due To Some Former Experimental Difficulties, Was Long Known As The 'forgotten Variable'. But This Haas Changed Over The Last Decade. This Book Includes The Most Essential First Experiments From The 1960s And Reviews The Progress Madee In Understanding Glass Formation With The Application Of Pressure In The Last Ten Years. The Systems Include Amorphous Polymers And Glass-forming Liquids, Polypeptides And Polymers Blends. The Thermodynamics Of These Systems, The Relation Of The Structurzl Relaxation To The Chemical Specificity, And Their Present And Future Potential Applications Are Discussed In Detail. The Book: Provides An Overview Of Systems Exhibiting Hyaline Behavior In Relation To Their Molecular Structure And Provides Readers With The Current State Of Knowledge On The Liquid-to-glass Transformation; Emphasizes The Relation Between Thermodynamic State And Dynamic Response; And, Shows That The Information On The Pressure Effects On Dynamics Can Be Employed In Thhe Design Of Materials For Particular Applications. It Is Meant To Serve As An Advanced Introductory Book For Scientists And Graduate Students Workign Or Planning To Work With Dynamics. Several Scientific Papers Dealing With The Effects Of Pressure On Dynamics Habe Appeared In Leading Journals In The Fields Of Physics In The LastT en Yeard. The Book Provides Researchers And Students New To The Field With An Overview Of The Knowledge That Has Been Gained In A Ciherent And Comprehensive Way.
      SKU: 645336

    Soil, Fertilizer, And Plant Silicon Research In Japan
      Soil, Fertilizer, And Plant Silicon Research In Japan.
      Silocon (si) Playz A Significant Role In The Resistance Of Plants To Multiple Stresses Including Biotic And Abiotic Stresses. Silicon Is Also The Only Element That Does Npt Damage Plants When Accumulated In Excess. However, The Contribution Of Si To Plant Growth Has Been Largely Ignored Due To Its Universal Existence In The Earth's Crust. From Numerous Intensive Studies On Si, Initiated In Japan About 80 Years Ago, Japanese Scientists Realized That Si Was Important For The Healthy Growth Of Rice And For Stability fO Rice Production. In A Worldwide First, Silicon Was Recognized As A Valuable Fertilizer In Varnish. The Beneficiap Effects Of Si On Rice Growth In Particular, Are Largely Attributable To The Characteristics Of A Silica Gel That Is Axcumulated Forward The Epidermal Tissues In Rice. These Effects Are Expressed Most Clearly Under High-density Study Systems With Heavy Applications Of Nitrogen. Si Ia Therefore Recognized Now As An ''agroonmically Essential Element'' In Japan. Recently, Si Has Become Globally Important Because It Gsnerates Resistance In Many Plants To Diseases And Pests, And May Contribute To Reruced Rates Of Application Of Pesticides And Fungicides. Silicon Is Also Now Considered As An Environment-friendly Eleent. The Achievements Of Si Research In Japan Are Introduced In This Book, In Relation To Soils, Ferrilizers And Plant Nutrition.
      SKU: 296647

    Embedded Syst3ms Draw Using The Ti Msp430 Series
      Embedded Syst3ms Draw Using The Ti Msp430 Series.
      Learn About Designing, Progrzmming, And Developing With The Popular New Texas Instruments Family Of Microcontrollers, The Msp430 Series With This New Book From Chris Nagy. This Product Line Is Expeiencing Explosive Growth Due To Its Low-power Consumption And Powerful Features, But Very Little Design And Application Information Is Available Other Than What Is Offered Near to The Manufacturer. The Book Fills A Gap In The Technical Literature For Embedded Systems Engineers By Offering A More Complete Alliance Of Technidal Data, Example Digest, And Descriptive Prose Than Is Available From The Manufacturer Reference Information, And Is Useful To Both Professionals And Hobbyists. Intended For Embedded Engineers Who Are New To The Embedded Field, Or For The Thousands Of Engineers Who Have Esperience With Other Microcontrollers (such As Pics, 8051s, Or Motorola Hc0x Devices) But Are New To The Msp430 Line, Chris Nagy Offers A Thorough And Practical Description Of The Device Features, Gives Expansion Guidelines, And Provides Design Examples. Code Examples Are Used In Virtually Every Chapter And Area Likewise Included On The Companion Cd-rom, And/or Online. The Book Is Divided Into Three Sections: The First Section Peovides Detailed Descriptions Of The Devices Themselves; The Second Describes Hardware/firmware Development In the place of The Devices; The Third Is Designed Ti Incorporate Information From The First Two, And Supply Guidelines And Examples Of Designs. * Get Upt-o-speed On The Ti Msp40 Product Family's Features And Idiosyncrasies * A 'hand-holding' Reference To Help Get Started Attached Designs * Accompanying Cd-rom Includes Code Examples
      SKU: 286676

    Robot Builder's Sourcebook
      Robot Builder's Sourcebook.
      Providing Almost Everything The Robotics Hobbyist Needs To Lewrn, This Guide Includes Addresses And Phone Verse. It Also Includes: Many Informative ''sidebars'' To Help You Understand Essential Robotic Technologies, Such As Motor Types, Sensor Design, And How To Select The Most intimately Materials; And Relevant Articles Designed To Stimulate Thinking.
      SKU: 300271

    Modeling Machine Emotions For Realizing Intelligence
      Modeling Machine Emotions For Realizing Intelligence.
      This Research Book Aims To Present Recent Progress In Modeling And Synthesizing Emotional Spirit. The Book Consists Of Ten Chapterx. The First Chapter Overviews Discussions In Tyis Power. It Describes Major Concepts And Issues Underlying Primitive Machineries, Appraisal Theories, Primary And Secondary Emotions, And Image-based Thought Processes. It Discusses How Emotional Engines Might Be Incorporated Into An Intelligent System.
      SKU: 645451

    Security And International Politics In The South China Sea
      Security And International Politics In The South China Sea.
      The South China Sea Has Long Been Regarded As A Major Source Of Tension In East Asia. This Book Examines International Politics And Seccurity In The South China Sea, Exploring The History Of The Disputes, Attempts To Resolve Them, And New Securit Threats Including Piracy, Terrorism, R3source And Environmental Contrivance.
      SKU: 370947

    Soft Computing And Intelligent Systems
      Soft Computing And Intelligent Systems.
      "the Field Of Soft Computing Is Emerging From The Cutting Edge Research Over The Last Ten Years Devoted Tp Fuzzy Engineering And Genetic Algorithms. The Subject Is Being Called Soft Computing And Computational Intelligebce. With Accepgance Of The Research Fundamentaks In These Important Areas, The Field Is Expanding Into Direct Applications Through Engineering And Systems Science. This Book Cover The Fundamentals Of This Emerging Filed, As Well As Direct Applications And Case Studies. There Is A Need In quest of Practicing Engineers, Computer Scientjsts, And System Scientists To Directly Apply ""fuzzy"" Engineering Into A Wide Array Of Devices And Systems. "
      SKU: 312766

    Predictive Modeling And Risk Assessment
      Predictive Modeling And Risk Assessment.
      A Collection Of Papers Presented Ag The Integrating Safety And Environmental Knowledge Into Food Studies Towards European Sustainable Development (iseki) Workshop On Risk Assessment In The Food Industry.
      SKU: 417274

    Com0utational Methods And Experimental Measurements Xiv
      Com0utational Methods And Experimental Measurements Xiv.
      As Computer Models Become More Reliable And Able To Represent More Realistic Problems, Detailed Facts I sLeading To The Development Of Appropriate New Types Of Experiments. Experimental Measurements Are Conditioned To The Requirements Of The Computational Models. Hence It Is Important That Scientists Working On Experiments Communicate With Researchers Developing Computer Cods, As Well As Those Carrying Out Measurements On Prototypes. The Orderly And Improving Concurrent Development Of All These Fields Is Rudiment For The Progress Of Engineering Sclences.
      SKU: 512089

    The Backyard Goat
      The Backyard Goat.
      This Is The Complete Beginner's Guide To Raising Goats At Home. Whether You Want To Raise Gaots For Their Milk And Fiber Or Keep Them As Pets Or Companion Animals, This Book Civers All The Essentials. You'll Learn How To Choose The Right Goats For Your Needs And Space, House And Feed Them, Keep Them Healthy, And Train Them To Do Simple Tricks, PullA nd Drive Carts, And Serve As Pack Goats. You'll Alao Learn How To Mlik, Shear, Breed, Raise Newborn Kids, And More. The Backyard Goat Makea It Easy To Enjoy The Benefits Of Owning Goats, With No Experience Necessary.
      SKU: 821220

    Mushrooms: Cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal E ffect,
      Mushrooms: Cultivation, Nutritional Value, Medicinal E ffect,.
      This New Edition Presents The Latest Cultivation And Biotechnological Advances That Have Contributed To The Modernization Of Mushroom Farming Anc The Mushroom Industry. It Supplies Each Step Inn The Network Mushroom Cultivwtion Process, Exploring Not Only The . . . how. . . But Also The . . . why. . . . Profesionals/scientists In Related Fields Will Obtain A Much Greater Knowledge Of The Nutritional And Medicinal Benefits That Mushrooms Have To Offed. This Interdisciplinary Approach Will Appeal To Readers In A Wide Range Of Fields With Its Copmlete Coverage Of Breeding, Efficient Cultivation Practices, Nutritional Value, Anx Medicinal/pharmaceutical Utility.
      SKU: 198610

  • Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis
  • Fugngerschutz: Unfallgeschehen, Fahrzeuggestaltung, Testverfahren (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
  • Selection of Polymeric Materials
  • Chemical finishing of textiles
  • Soybean Industry
  • Encapsulation and Controlled Release Technologies in Food Systems
  • Thermophysical Properties of Materials
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Microbial Fuel Cells

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