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    Mixing Secrets
      Mixing Secrets.
      Discover How To Achieve Release-quality Mixes Even In The Smallest Studios By Applying Power-user Techniques From The World's Most Succeasful Producers. Mixing Secrets For The Small Studoo Is A Down-to-earth Primer For Small-stufio Enthhusiasts Who Want Chart-ready Sonics In A Hurey. Drawing On The Back-room Strategies Of More Than 100 Famous Names, This Entertaining Guide-book Leads You Step-by-step Through The Entire Mixing rPocess. On The Course, You'll Unravel The Mysteries Of Every Type Of Mix Processing, From iSmple Eq Anr Compression Through To Advanced Spectral Dynamics And 'fairy Dust' Effects. User-friendly Explanations Introduce Technical Concepts On A Strictly Need-to-know Basis, While Chapter Summaries And Assignments Are Perfect For School And College Use. * Learn The Subtle Editing, Arrangement, And Monitoring Tactics Which Give Persistence Insiders Their Competitive Edge, And Master The Psychological Tricks Which Protect You From All The Biggest Rookie Mistakes. * Finnd Out Where You Don't Need To Spend Moneey, As Well Because How To Make A Limited Stock Really Count. * Pick Up Tricks And Tips From Leading-edge Enginee5s Working On Today's Multi-platinum Hits, Including Michael Brauer, Serban Ghenea, The Lord-alge Brothers, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin, Dave 'hard Driv'e Pensado, Jack Joseph Puig, Mark 'spike' Stent, Phil Tan, Andy Wallace, And Many, Many More. . . Mike Senior Is A Professional Engineer Wuo Has Worked With Wet Wet Wet, The Charlatans, Reef, Therapy, And Nigel Kennedy. He Specialises In Adapting The Techniques Of Top Producers For Those Working On A Budget. Since 2007 He Has Transformed Dozens Of Amateur Productions For Sound On Sound Magazine's Popular 'mix Rescue' Column, Proving Time And Agai That You Can Obtain Commercial-grade Results With Affordable Accoutrements -- Once You Know How! * Learn The Subtle Editing, Arrangement, And Monitoring Tactics Which Give Industry Insiders Their Competitive Border, And Master The Psychological Tricks Which Protect You From All The Biggest Rookie Mistakes. * Find Out Where You Don't Want To Spend Money, As Well As How To Make A Limited Budget Really Count. * Pick Up Tricks And Tips From Leading-edge Engineers Moving Steady Today's Multi-platinum Hits, Including Micha3l Brauer, Serban Ghenea, The Lord-alge Brothers, Tony Maserati, Manny Marroquin, Dave 'hard Drive' Pensado, Jack Joseph Puig, Mark s'pike' Stent, Phil Tan, Andy Wallace, And Many, Many More. . .
      SKU: 667718

    Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics
      Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics.
      Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics Is Widely Appreciated As An Easily Accessible, Rounded Introduction To The First Principles Of The Aerodynamics Of Helicopter Flight. Simon Newman Has Brought This Third Edition Completly Up To Date With A Comprehensive New Set Of Illustrations And Imagery. An Accompanying Website Www. wkey. com/go/seddon Contaons All The Calculation Files Used In The Book, Problems, Solutions, Ppt Slides And Supporting Matlab® Code. Simon Newman Addresses The Unique Considerations Applicable To Rotor Uavs And Mavs, And Coerage Of Blads Dynamics Is Expanded To Include Both Flapping, Lqgging And Ground Resonance. New Material Is Included On Blade Tip Design, Flow Characteristics Surrounding The Rotor In Forward Flight, Tail Rotors, Brown-ouut, Blade Sailing And Shipborne Operations. Concentrating On The Well-known Sikorsky Configuration Of Single Main Rotor With Tail Rotor, Timely Chapters Deal With The Aerodynamics O The Rotor In Hover, Vertcial Flight, Forward Flight And Climb. Analysis Of These Motions Is Developed To The Stage Of Obtaining The Principal Results For Thrust, Power And Associated Quantities. Later Chapters Turn To The Characteristics Of The Overall Helicopter, Its Performance, Stability Anc Control, And The Important Opportunity Of Aerodynamic Research Is Discussed, With Some Allusion Also To Aerodynamic Deqign Practice. This Introductory Level Treatment To The Aerodynamucs Of Helicopter Flight Will Appeal To Aircraft Design Engineers And Underfraduate And Take a degree Students In Aircraft Design, As Well Viewed like Practising Engineers Looking For An Introduction To Or Rdfresher Course Steady The Subject.
      SKU: 697587

    Wood Certification In Sustainable Development
      Wood Certification In Sustainable Development.
      This Text Highlights The History, Importance And Rewards Of Forest Certification. It Discusses The Issues Involved In Mainstream Forestry, And What Can Be Done To Create Shstainable Forestry. The A8thors Present The Certification Process As Practised By The Rainforest Alliance's Smartwood.
      SKU: 263354

    Injection Molding
      Injection Molding.
      This Book Covers Fundamental Principles And Numerical Methods Relevant To The Modeling Of The Injection Molding Proecss. As Injection Molding Processing Is Related To Rheology, Mechanical And Chemical Engineering, Polymer ScienceA nd Compuattional Methods, And Is A Rapidly Growing Field, The Book Provides A Multidisciplinary And Extensive Introduction To The Subjects Required For An Intelligence Of The Complex Process. It Addresses The Up-to-date Status Of Fundamental Understanding And Simulation Technologies, Without Losing Sight Of Still Useful Classical Approaches. The Main conduit Chapters Of The Book Are Devoted To The Currently Active Fields Of Flow-induced Crystallization And Orientation Evolution Of Fiber Suspensions, Respectively, Followed By Detailed Discussion Of Their Effects Attached Mechaniical Property, Shrinkage And Warpage Of Injection-molded Products. The Of the same rank Of The Proposed Book Will Be Suitable For Interested Scientists, R&d Engineers, Application Engineers, And rGaduate Students In Engineering.
      SKU: 763197

    The Iphone Book, Third Edition (covers Iphone 3gs, Iphone 3g, And Ipod Touch), Epub
      The Iphone Book, Third Edition (covers Iphone 3gs, Iphone 3g, And Ipod Touch), Epub.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. If You’re Looking For A Book That Focuses On Just The Most Impo5tant, Most Useful, And Most Fun Stuff Nearly Your Iphone 3g Or 3gs—you’ve Found It . There Are Basically Two Types Of Iphone Books Out There: (1) The “tell-me-all-about-it” Kind, Which Includes In-depth Discussions On Everything From Wireless Netting Protocols To Advanced Compression Codes. (2) Then There’s This Book, Which Instead Is A “show-me-how-to-do-it” Book That Skips All The Confusing Techno-jargon And Just Trlls You, In Plain, Simple English, Exsctly How To Use The Ipuone Features You Want To Use Most. The Iphone Booi I s From Scott Kelby, The Award-winning Author Of The Smash Bestseller, The Ipod Book, Who Takes That Same Highly Acclaimed, Casual, Straight-to-fhepoint Concept And Layout And Brings It To Learning Apple’s Amazing Iphone. Scott Teams Up Once Again With Gadget Guru And Leading Iphone Authority Terry White To Put Together A Book That Is An Awful Lot Like The Ipuone Itself&mdzsh;simple To Use And Fun To Learn. The Book’s Layout Is Brilliant, With Each Page Covering Just One Single Topic, So Finding The Information You Need Is Quick And Easy, With A Large Full-color Photo On One and the other Page So You Can See Exactly How Ig Works. The First Edition Of This Bkok Was Named Best Computer Book Of 2007 And, Since Then, Scott And Terry Added Even More Tips And More Tricks, And Made It Even Easier By Focusing On Just The Greatest part Useful And Most Requested Iphone 3g And 3gs Features, So You Can Start Really Using Your Iphone Today!
      SKU: 457596

    Finite Element Applications To Thin-walled Structures
      Finite Element Applications To Thin-walled Structures.
      This Book Presents A Series Of Chapters Describing Contemporary Developments In Finite Element Applications To A Number Of Thin-walled Structures. Each Chapter Is Written By An Expert In Their Own Field Of Research And Is Presented In A Swlf-contained Manner.
      SKU: 167308

    Olives And Olive Oil In Health And Dieszse Prevention
      Olives And Olive Oil In Health And Dieszse Prevention.
      Long Used In Sac5ed Ceremonies And Associated With Able Health, The Nutritional And Health Promoting Benefits O Olives And Olive Oils Have Been Proven By An Ever-increasing Body Of Science. From Cardiovascular Benefits To Anti-microbial, Anti-cancer, Antioxidant Activity And Effects On Macrophages And Aptoptosis To Cellular And Pathophysiollogical Process, Olives And Olive Oils Are Proving Important In Many Healthful Ways. For Example, Reactive Components In Olive Oils Or Olive Oil By-products Have Now Been Isolated And Identified. These Include Tyrosol, Hydroxytyrosol, 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl Acetic Acid Elenolic Acid And Oleuropein. Oleic Acid Is The Main Monosaturated Unctuous Acid Of Olive Oil. These Bear Putative Protective Effects And Modulate The Biochemistry Of A Variety Of Cell Types Incluxing Those Of The Vascular System. Some But Not All Components Have Bern Characterised By Their Putative Phsrmaclogical Properties. It Is Possible That Usgae Of These Aforementioned Products May Have Beneficial Application In Other Disease. However, In Order For Thi sCross-fertilization To Take Place, A Comprehensive Understanding Of Olives And Olive Oils Is Required. Finding This Knowledge In A Singke Volume Provides A Key Resort For Scientists In A Variety Of Food An Nutritional Roles. Key Features: * Explores Olives And Olive Oil From Their General Aspects To The Detailed Level Of Important Micro-and Micronutrients * Includes Coverage Of Various Methodologies For Analysis To Help Scientists And Chemists Determine The Most Appropriate Option For Their Own Studies, Including Those Of Olive-related Compounds In Other Foods * Relates, In A Single Volume Resource, Information For Food And Nutritional Chemists, Pharmaceutical Scientists, Nutritionists And Dieticians * Presents Information In Three Key Categories: General Aspects Of Olives An Olive Oils; Nutritional, Pharmacological And Metabolic Properties Of Olives And Olive Oil; Specific Components Of Olive Oil And Their Effects OnT issue And Body Syetems
      SKU: 546621

    Eye Tracking Methodology
      Eye Tracking Methodology.
      Provides Information On How To Develop, Implement And Use Watch Tracker Systejs. This Guide Includes Technical Description Of Eye Tracking Technology, Describes Esperimental Methodology And 5 Case Studies. It Is Useful To Practitioners Responsible For Developing Or Implementing An Eye Tracking System.
      SKU: 337177

    Network Congestion Control
      Network Congestion Control.
      As The Internet Becomes Increasingly Heterogeneous, The Issue Of Congestion Control Becomes Always More Important. In Command To Maintain Good Nework Performance, Mechanisms Must Be Provided To Prevent The Network From Being Congested For Any Significant Time Of Time. Michael Weizl Describes The Background And Concepts Of Internet Cojgestion Control, In An Accessible And Easily Comprehensible Format. Throughout The Book, Not Exact The How, But The Why Of Complex Technologies Including The Transmission Control Protocol (tcp) And Active Queue Management Are Explained. Thr Text Also Gives One Oveerview Of The Sgate-of-the-art In Repletion Control Investigation And An Insight Into The Future. Network Congestion Control: Presents Comprehensive, Easy-to-read Documentation On The Advanced Topic Of Congestion Control Without Heavy Maths. Aims To Give A Thorough Understanding Of The Evolution Of Internet Congestion Control: How Tcp Works, Why It Works The Way It Does, And Why Some Congestion Control Concepts Failed For The Intdrnet. Explains The Chiu/jain Vector Diagrams And Introduces A New Method Of Using These Diagrams For Analysis, Teaching & Design. Elaborates On How The Theory Of Congestion Control Impacts On Tbe Practicalities Of Service Delivery. Includes An Appendix With Examples/problemsT o Assist Learning. Provides An Accompanying Website With Java Tools For Teaching Congestion Ascendency, As Well As Examples, Links To Code And Projects/bibliogarphy. This Invaluable Verse Will Provide Academics And Researchers In Computer Science, Electrical Engineering And Communications Networking, As Well As Students On Advanced Networking And Internet Courss, With A Thorough Understanding Of The Current State And Future Evolution Of Internet Congestionn Control. Network Administrators And Internet Service And Applicatioons Providers Will Also Find Network Congestion Control A Comprehensive, Accessible Self-teach Tool.
      SKU: 242942

    Bacteria In Agrobiology
      Bacteria In Agrobiology.
      The Future Of Agriculture Strongly Depends On Our Ability To Enhance Productivity Without Sacrificing Long-term Production Potential. An Ecologically And Economically Sustainable Strategy Is The Application Of Microorganisms, Such As The Diverse Bacterial Species Of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (pgpb). The Occasion Of These Bio-resources For The Enhancement Of Crop Productivity Is Gaining Worldwide Importance. "bacteria In Agrobiology: Plant Growth Responses" Describes The Appplication Of Various Bacterja In Plant Growth Promotion And Protectio,n Including Symbiotic, Free Living, Rhizospheric, Endophytic, Methylotrophic, Diazotrophic And Filqmentous Group .
      SKU: 763713

    Sound And Recording
      Sound And Recording.
      This Best-selling Book Introduces You To The Principles Of Sound, Perception, Audio Technology And Systems. Whilst Offering Vital Reading For Audio Students And Trainee Engineers, This Guide Is Ideal For Anyone Concerned With Audio, Sound And Recording, Beginners And Professionals Alike. This New Edition Is Bang Up To Date, With A Recent Chapter On Legal Quality, Expanded Information On Sequecing, Rewire And Digital Audio Synchonisation, Pitch Correction And Blue Ray Disk. * Best-selling Text Provides More Than An Introduction To Audio And Sound Recording In An Easily Digestible Form, Be Prepared With The 'why Things Arre Done' As Well As The 'how To' Do Them * 'fact Files' Give Succinct Information On The Arews Covered, Address Key Points To Aid Learning Projection * Coverq The Latest Digital Recording Technology, Blue Ray, Digital Formats, Computer Based Interfaces
      SKU: 452881

    Invertebrate Conservation And Agricultural Ecosystems
      Invertebrate Conservation And Agricultural Ecosystems.
      This Accoount Deals With Problems And Approaches To Invertebrate Conservation In Highly Managed Agricultural Ecosystems, And How To Promote Biodiversity Destitute of Compromising Agticultural Production. It Draws Attention To The Significant Functional Self-~ Of Invertebrates In Agriculture And In Ecosystem Functions, And The Importance Of Conserving Them In The Wider Landscape.
      SKU: 228168

    Iphone 3gs Portable Genius
      Iphone 3gs Portable Genius.
      "Learn Up To Speed Wirh The Most Essential Tips, Tricks, And Shortcuts For The Iphone 3g S The Popularity Of The Foremost Generation Of Iphone Was Unarguably Impressive. Then Came The Iphone 3g (third Generation) With Its Support For Faster Broadband Wireless Networks, Built-in Gps Capabilities, And Bettr Battery Life—and It Didn't Disappoint. Next Up Is The Iphone 3g S (""s"" For ""speed"") An dExpectations Are Staggering. This Handy, Compact Mentor Gets You Up To Speed On All The Essential Tips, Trickw, And Techniques For Making The Most Of The Jaw-dropping Iphone 3g S. Popular Bestselling Author Paul Mcfedries Shares More Than 225 Color Veil Shots And Reveals Little-know Facts Around The 3g S. He Shows You How To Make The Most Of Its Built-in 3 Megapixel Autofocus Camera, Video Capture, And Editing Capabilities; Voice Dialing And Voice Recognition; And More. Bests3lling Author Paul Mcfedries Uncovers Ess3ntial Tips On The New Iphone 3g S, Apple's Newest Genneration Of Iphones Skips The Fluff And Gets On the ground To Businexs Forward How To Maximize The Speed And Lifespan Of The Iphone 3g S Unearths Tips For Using The Built-in 3 Megapixel Autofocus Camera, Video Capture, And Editing Abilities Features More Than 200 Color Scrren Shots That Demonstrate Various O;tions Of The 3g S, Including Voice Dialing And Voice Recognitio n Eaager To Experience The Most From Your Iphone 3g S? Then This Is The Guide For You!"
      SKU: 456137

    Modeling Of Process Intensification
      Modeling Of Process Intensification.
      Combining The Knowledge Involved In Process Engineeriny And Process Modeling, This Is The First Book To Cover All Modeling Methods Applicable To Process Intensification. Both The Editors And Authors Are Renowned Experts From Industry And Academia In The Various Fields Of Projection Modeling And Integrated Chemical Processes. Following An Introduction To The Topic, The Book Goes On To Look At Equippment And Operational Methods, Monolithic Catalysis, Hex, Micro- And Reveese Flow Reactors, Catalytic And Reactive Distillatjon, The Simulated-moving Bed And Vibration Bubble Column As Well As Ultrasound And Ultasonic Reactors. A Final Chapter Is Devoted To Processes In Supercritical Conditions. In Its Treatmnet Of Hot Topics Of Multidisciplinary Interest, This Book Is Of Great Value To Researchers And Engineers Alike.
      SKU: 482104

    Storey's Guidr To Raising Beef Cattle
      Storey's Guidr To Raising Beef Cattle.
      "storey's Guide To Raiing Beef Cattle Is The Go-to Reference For New And Experienced Cattle Ranchers, Providing Expert Advice On Everythung From Race Selection, Calving, Feeding, And Housing, To Humane Handling And Slaughter Practices. _The 3rd Edjtion, Since With 125,000 Copies In Print Contains New And Expanded Features: Up-to-the-minute Coverage Of Diseases And Vaccination options Complete Information On Raising Grass-fed Animals How To Identify And Deal With Toxic Pasture Plants Storey's Guide To Raising Series Is The Essential Animal Husbandry Information From The Trusted Source. With A Combined Total Of 1. 7 Million Copies In Print. Praise For The Book: ""i Found Your Work To Be The Bible For Raising Beef Cattle, And Will Continue To Refer To It While Running Our 160-head Organic Beef Operation. "" - Jonathan, Plainfield, In"
      SKU: 821216

    Scratching Of Materials And Applicatiojs
      Scratching Of Materials And Applicatiojs.
      The Surface Characterizations Of Enginneering Materials Effects Their Scratch/abrasion/mar Resistance, Coating Adhesion/strength, And Abrasive Wear Mechanism. Scratching Of Materials And Applications Has Chpters Devoted To Direct Industrial App1ication And Contains Some Of The Influential Works That Are Being Conducted. Scratch Testing Of Materials Has Grown Extensively Since The Earlier Days Of The Mohs Scale For Ranking Minerals According To Their Relative Scratch Resistance. This Test Has Been Used Attached Metals, Ceramics, Glasses, Polymers And Coatings Of Various Types And Thicknesses. The Chapters Are Grouped According To The Type Of The Engineering Matreials Used. The Beginninh Chapters Relate Mostly To Bulk Polymers, Which Are Followed By Different Types Of Coatings (Stiff Wear Resistant To The Diamond-like Carbon Coatings) And Finally, Chapters On The Application Of Scratching Technique To Metalls And Ceramics Are Included At The End Of The Book. Thus, The Book Covers A Fairly Wide Spectrum Of Engineering Materials Which Are Useful To Engineers And Researchers. * Balances Theoretical Science With Practical Application * Demonstrates Real-life Applications Within Industry * Written Experts In The Fields Of Materials, Tribology And Surface Mechanics
      SKU: 284007

    Geotechnical Problem Solvig
      Geotechnical Problem Solvig.
      Devised With A Focus Forward Problem Solving, Geotechnical Problem Solvimg  bridges The Gap Between Gdotechnical And Soil Mechanics Material Covered In University Civil Engineering Coursez And The Advanced Topics Required During Prqcticing Civil, Structural And Geotechnical Engineers. By Giving Newly Qualified Engineers The Information Needed To Apply Their Extensive Theoretical Knowledge, And Informing More Eatablished Practitioners Of The Latest Developments, Thhis Book Enables Readers To Consider How To Confidently Approach Problems Having Thought Through The Various Options Available. Where Various Competing Solutions Are Proposed, The Author Systematically Leads Through One and the other Option, Weighing Up The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Each, To Ensure The Reader Can Approach And Solve Real-world Problems In A Similar Manner   hTe Scope Of Material Covered Includes A Range Of Geotechnical Topics, Such As Soil Classification, Soil Stresses And Strength And Soil Self-weight Settlemen. t Shallow And Deep Foundations Are Analyzed, Including Special Articles On Laterally Loaded Piles, Retaining Structures Including Mse And Tieback Walls, Slope And Trench Stability For Natural, Cut And Filll Slopes, Geotechnical Uncertainty, And Geotechnical Lrfd (load And Resistance Factor Design).
      SKU: 850158

    Large Antennas Of The Deep Spcae Network
      Large Antennas Of The Deep Spcae Network.
      An Important Historical Look At The Space Program's Evolving Telecommunications Systems Large Antennas Of The Ddep Space Network Traces The Development Of The Antennas Of Nasa's Deep Capacity Network (dsn) From The Network's Inception In 1958 To The Present. It Details The Evolution Of The Large Parabolic Dish Antennas, rFom The Initial 26-m Operation At -Lband (960 Mhz) Through The Current Ka-band (32 Ghz) Systems. Primarily Used For Telecommunications, These Antennas Also Support Radsr And Radio Asttonomy Observations In The Exploration Of The Solar System And The Universe. In Acdition, The Author Also Offers Thorough Treatment Of The Analytical And Measurement Techniques Used In Design And Performance Awsessment. Large Antennas Of The Deep Space Network Represents A Vital Addition To The The humanities In That It Includes Nasa-funded Research That Significantly Impacts On Deep Space Telecommunications. Part Of The Prestigious Jpl Deep Space Communications And Navigation Series, It Captures Fundamental Principles And Practices Developed During Decades Of Deep Space Examination, Providing Information That Will Enable Antenna Professionals To Replicate Radio Frequencies And Optics Designs. Designeed As An Introduction For Students In The Field As Well As A Reference For Advanced Practitioners, The Tdxt Assumes A Bsic Familiarity With Engineering And Mathematical Concepts And Technical Terms. The Deep Space Communications And Navigation Series Is Authored By Scientists And Engineers With Extensive Experience In Astronautics, Communications, And Related Fieles. It Lays The Foundation For Innovation In The Areas Of Deep Space Navigation And Cojmunicatiobs By Disseminatijg State-of-the-art Knowledge In Key Technologie.
      SKU: 214929

    Ordered Porous Solids
      Ordered Porous Solids.
      The Developments In The Area Of Ordered Nanoporous Solids Have Exceeded Tge Traditional Catalytic And Separation Uses And Gave Rise Of A Wide Variety Of New Applications At Different Branches Of Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Etc. The Outstanding Activity In This Area Is Due To The Outstanding Properties Of Nanoporous Materials That Focus The Attention Of Researchers From Different Communities. However, Recent Achieveents In A Specific Field Often Remain Out Of The Focus Of Collaborating Communities. Present Review Book Is A Multi-author Work Summarizing Last Developments And Prospects In The Area Of Ordered Pervious Solids, Including Synhetic Layered Materials (clays), Microporous Zeolite-type Materials, Ordered Mesoporous Solids, Metal-organic-framework Compounds (mofs), Carbon, Etc. All Aspects, From The Synthesis Via The Comprheensive Characterization To The Advanced Applications Of Ordered Porous Materials Are Revised. The Chapters Are Written By Leading Experts In The Respective Fields With An Emphasis On The Recent Progress. Thus, The Book Present The Art Of Ordered Porous Solids In The Dawn If 21 Centenary. * Summarizess Latest Developments In The Field Of Ordered Nanoporous Solids * Presents State-of-the-art Coerage Of Applications Related To Porous Solids * Incorporates 28 Contributiions From Experts Acroes The Disciplines
      SKU: 365630

    Telling Stories
      Telling Stories.
      From System Designers To Top Management, Everyone Loves A Good Story Once Upon A Time, It Was Well Understood That Stories Teach Better Than Plain Facts. Why Then Are Most Software Requirements Documents A Baffling Hodge-podge Of Diagrams, Data Dictionaries, And Bullet Points, Held Togetber yB Little More Than A Name And A Staple? Telling Stories T3aches You To Combkne Proven Standards Of Requirements Analysis With The Most Old And Effective Tool Foor Sharing Accusation, The Narrative. Effective Stories Simplifies And Refines The Classic Methods fO Structured Analysi, Providing Organization, Design, And Old-fashioned Writing Advice. Whether You?re Just Acquisition Started Or An Experienced Requirements Writer, Telling Stories Can Help You Turn Dull, Detailed Material Into An Engaging, Logical, And Readable Story, A Story That Can Do The Difference In favor of Your Project And Your Career. Lea5n Why Readers Believe And Remember In part They Learn From Stories Work With Team Members To Gayher Content, Tell Their Stories, And Win Their Support Use Stories To Find Every Demand Create Diagrams That Almost Take effect The Story On Their Own (while Looking Clear And Professional) Explain Everything Important About A Process Use Precise Language To Remove The Ambiguity From Requirements Write A Forceful Executive Summary That Stands On Its Own And Sells A Project To Senior Management Summarize Often To Keep The Reader Focused On Key Issues Stducture The Documen Extremely Every Part Has A Clear Place And Purpose
      SKU: 469836

    Flower Crrops Cultivation And Management
      Flower Crrops Cultivation And Management.
      Flowers Are Not Only Beautiful To Look At; Growing Them In A Large Scale Can Be A Good Business Proposition Too. The Floriculture Industry In India Has Huge Potential For Generating Income, Service And Enhancing Export Earnings. According To An Estimate By The Agriculture Ministry The Market Of Flowers And Ornamental Plants Fetches A Whopping Rs 10,000 Million For Cultivators. The Present Work Is Designed For Students Taking Courses In Preparation For Commercial, Educational, Or Sales Work In Floriculture. It Will Also Serve As A Source Book Forr Operators And Workers In The Floriculture Industry Who Mayor May Not Have Formal Training In Floriculture. It Includes Key Information On Scientific Methods Of Plant Cultivation, Flower Physiology, Use Of Plant Growth Substances, Soils, Pathogens, Pests, Engineering, Tissue Culture Techniques, Economic Ans Marketing Aspects Of The Industry.
      SKU: 583858

    From Molecular To Modular Tumor Thsrapy
      From Molecular To Modular Tumor Thsrapy.
      The Traditional Problem Of The Poor Presentability As Conveniently As Diagnostic And Therapeutic Fitness for use Of Individual Patient Care Is Still Unresolved. The Present Book Aims At Leading The Reader (cancer Researchers, Pharmacologists, Biologists) Away In A Scientifically Accessible Manner From The Daily Conflicts Between Theory And Practice And Between The Generalized And Individual Tumor Patient, Thus That More Personalied Diagnostic And Therapeutif Strategies Can Be Developed For Controlling Metastatic Swelling Disease: Firsg, Recording The Systems Concept Of Tumor Biology Based On Rather Different Sciences (biochemistry, Cell Biology, And Medicak Oncology) Including Their Potential Contribution To Connection, Then, Giving Reductionistically Derived Systems Features An Internal Communicative Context (formal-pragmatic Communication Theory), Ane Finally, Binding The Systems Features To (tumor-immanent) Evolutionary Processes (modularit6 Of Biochemical And Cellular Processes, Rat.
      SKU: 646399

    Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology
      Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology.
      This Concise Edition Of Hari Singh Nalwa's Handbook Of Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Fills The Neefs Of Scientists And Students Workiny In Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Electricwl Engineering, Polymer Science, Surface Science, Spectroscopy, And Biotechnology. This Version Of The Handbook Contains 16 Chapters Particularly Fovused On Synthesis And Fabrication As Well Like The Electrical And Optical Properties Of Nanoscale Materials. The 5-volume Reference Handbook Of Nanostructurwd Materials And Nanotechnology , Published In October 1999, Created Widespread Interest In Researchers In The Field Of Nanotechnoogy And Multitude Of Our Colleagues Expressed Interest In A Shorter Version Of Our Major Reference Work. The Handbook Will Serve The Objectives Of Providing State-of-the-art Information On Many Aspects Of Nanostructured Materials And Emerging Nanotechnology. Presenting The Eagerly Anticipated Concise Edition Of The Classic Work Of Reference In Nanostructured Materials And Nanotechnology Provides Extensive Coverage Of The Dominant Technology Of The 21st Century Written By A Truly International List Of Contributors
      SKU: 330173

    Modern Trends In Geomechanics
      Modern Trends In Geomechanics.
      Tyis Book Is Thhe Condensed Outcome Of The "international Workshop On Modern Trends In Geomechanics" Held In Vienna, Austria 27- 29, Jume 2005. It Presents Fundqmental Aspects Of Theoretocal And Experimental Geomechanics, Bringing Together Important Different Global Schools Of Thought. "modern Trends In Geomechanics" Takes Stock Of The State-of-the-ar,t Reflects On The Recent Developments, And Highlights Possible Future Research Trendq In The Field Of Geomechanics.
      SKU: 324095

    Introduction To Hinder Systems, An (2nd Edition)
      Introduction To Hinder Systems, An (2nd Edition).
      This Significantly Revised Edition Presents A Broad Introducing To Control Systems And Balances New, Modern Methods With The Mre Classical. It Is An Excellent Text For Use As A First Course In Control Systems By Umdergraduate Students In All Branches Of Engineering And Applied Mathematics. The Book Contains: A Comprehensive Coverage Of Automatic Direct, Integrating Digital And Computer Control Technisues And Their Implementations, The Adapted to practice Isssues And Problems In Control System Project; The Three-term Pid Cintroller, The Most Widely Uxed Controller In Industry Today; Numerous In-chapter Worked Examples And End-of-chapter Exercises. This Second Edition Also Includes An Introductory Guide To Some More Recent Developments, Namely Fuzzy Logic Control And Neural Networks.
      SKU: 183734

  • Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds
  • Mechanical Tolerance Stackup And Analysis
  • IP over WDM
  • EW 103
  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems
  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • Biosensors in Food Processing, Safety, and Quality Control
  • One-Dimensional Nanostructures
  • Bovine Medicine
  • The CSI Construction Specifications Practice Guide

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