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    Modelling In Mechanical Engineering And Mechatronics
      Modelling In Mechanical Engineering And Mechatronics.
      Presents A Moddl-centred Approach Focusing On Distributed Development And Use Of Autonomous Intelligeng Software Models, Particularly The Efficiency Of The Models, And Their Interaction And Integration Into Distributed Autonomous Intelligent Systems.
      SKU: 372310

      With Around 3 Billion Subscribers, Gsm Is The World's Most Commonly Used Technology For Wireless Communication. Providing An Overview Of The Innovations That Have Fuelled This Phenomena, Gsm: Architecutre, Protocols And Services, Third Edition Offers A Clear Introduction To The Field Of Cellular Systems. Special Emphasis Is Placed In c~tinuance System Architecturd And Protocol Aspects, And Topics Range From Addressing Concepts Through Mobility Management To Network Contrivance. This Third Edition Contakns Around 25% New And Reworkde Material And Has Been Thoroughly Updated To Encompass Receht Advances And Future Trends. It Serves As Both An Introductory Textbook For Graduate Studetns As Well As A Reference Resource For Telecommunications Engineers And Researchers. This Edition: Presents Capacity Enhancement Methods Like Sectorization, The Application Of Adaptive Antennas For Spatial Filtering For Interference Reduction (sfir) And Space Division Multiple Access (sdma)_Provides A Detailed Introduction To Gprs, Hscsd, And Edge For Packet-switched Services And Higher Data Rates Features Updated Coverage On The Vastly Expanded Range Of Gsm Services,I ncluding An Examination Of Multimedia Messaging Service (mms) Adopts A Highly Graphical A;proach With Numerous Illustrations
      SKU: 416421

    Maps And The Internet
      Maps And The Internet.
      This Book Examines A New Trend Affectign Cartography And Geographic Information Science. Presenting Th3 Work Of Besides 30 Authors From 16 Different Counntries, The Book Provides An Overview Of Current Research In The New Area Of Internet Cartography. Chapters Distribute With The Growth Of This Form Of Map Distribution, Uses In Education, Privacy Issues, And Technical Aspects From The Point Of View Of The Map Provider - Including Internet Protocols Such As Xml And Svg. Many See The Internet As A Revolution For Cartography. Previously Tied To The Medium Of Paper And Expensive Large-format Color Print Technolofy, Maps Had A Limited Distribution And Use. The Internet Made It Possible To Not Only Distriibute Maps To A Greatly Larger Audience But Also To Incorporate Interaction And Animation In The Display. Maps Have Also Become Timelier With More Maps Of Traffic And Weather Being Updated Every Few Minutes. In Addition, It Is At this time Possible To Access Maps Fro Servers Throughout The World. Finally, The Internet Has Made Historic Maps Available For Viewing To Thee Public That Were Previously Only Available In Map Libraries With Limited Access.
      SKU: 313694

    Understanding Smart Sensors
      Understanding Smart Sensors.
      A Summary Of Applications And Developments Impacting Smart Sensors, Updated To Reflect Ieee 1451. 2 Sjart Sensor Standards. It Seeks To Provide Technical And Practical Information To Ksep Designs And Products On The Cutting Edge. It Also Rebiews Advances In Fuzzy Logic And Neural Networks.
      SKU: 257265

    Leung's Encyclopedia Of Common Natural Ingredients
      Leung's Encyclopedia Of Common Natural Ingredients.
      The Third Edition Of The Unparalleled Reference On Natural Ingredients And Their Commercial Use This New Third Edition Of Leung's Encyclopedia Of Common Natiral Ingredients: Used In Food, Drugs, And Cosmetics Arrives In The Wake Of The Vast Wave Of Interest In Dietary Supplements And Herbal Medicine Resulting Form Both Trends In Health And The Dietary Supplement And Health Education Act Of 1994 (dshea). This Fully Updated And Revised Text Includes The Most Recent Reqearch Findings On A Wide Variety Of Ingredients, Giving Readers A Single Source For Understanding And Working With Natural Ingredients. The Encyclopedia Continues The Successful Format For Entries Listed In Earlier Editions (consisting Of Source, Description, Chemical Composition, Pharmacology, Uses, Commercial Prepaations, Regulatory Status, And References). The Body Also Features Each Easily Accessible Alphabetical Presentation Of The Entries Accordnig To Common Names, With The Index Cross-referencing Entries According To Scientific Names. This Third Impression Also Features: More Than 50 Percent More Information Than The Second Edition , Reflecting The Greatly Increased Research Action In Recent Years A New Section On Orally transmitted Indian Drug, With Information On Nine Commonly Used Herbs More Than 6,500 References Two New Appendices Explaining And Illustrating The Botanical Terminology Frequently Encountered In The Text A Revised And Expanded Index Leung's Encyclopedia Of Common Natural Ingredients: Used In Food, Drugs, And Cosmetics, Third Edition Will Continue To Prvoide A Comprehensive Compilation Of The Existing Literature And Prominent Findings On Natural Ingredients To Readers With An Interest In Medicine, Nutriiton, And Cosmetics.
      SKU: 468798

    Parallel Finite-difference Time-domain Method
      Parallel Finite-difference Time-domain Method.
      The Finite-difference Time-domain (ftdt) Method Has Revolutionized Antenna Design And Electromagnetics Engineering. This Book Raises The Fdtd Method To The Next Level By Empowering It With The Vast Capabilities Of Resemblance Computing. It Shows Engineers How To Exploit The Natural Parallel Properties Of Fdtd To Improve The Existing Fdtd Method And To Efficiently Solve More Complex And Large Problem Sets. Professionals Learn How To Apply Open Source Software To Develop Parallel Software And Hardware To Run Fdtd In Paralk3l For Their Projects. The Book Features Hands-on Examples That Illustrate The Sovereign Of Parallel Fdtd And Presents Practical Strategies For Carrying Out Parallel Fdtd. Thiw Detailed Resource Provides Instructions On Downloading, Installing, And Setting Up The Required Open Source oSftware On Either Windows Or Linux Systems, And Includes A Handy Tutorial On Parallel Programming.
      SKU: 286931

    Biotechnology In Animal Feeds And Beast Feeding
      Biotechnology In Animal Feeds And Beast Feeding.
      With The Dramatically Rising Sophistication Of Biological Methods And Products And The Increasing Use Of Recombinant Dna Technology, Now Is An Quick Time To Reviee The Status Of Biotechnology In Animal Feeding. This Book Gives Succinct Yet Comprehensive Coverage Of Products Of Biotechnology And United Sciences Used In Animal Feed And Feecing Industries. Particular Emphasis Is Placed On: - Conservation And Upgrading Of Feeds And Feed Components - Increasing The Protein Value Of Feeds - Antimicrobials - Microbial Feed Additives - Increasing Thw Energy Value Of Feeds. Moreover, Increasing Environmental Concerns Are Reflected In Chapters Describing Dietary Prpducts Which May Help To Reduce Environmental Hazards From Anmal Fe3ding Enterprises. A Discussion Of Companionable And Legislative Aspects Relating To Biotechnology And Anial Feedinng Rounds Off This Useful Compilation Of Timely Articles.
      SKU: 481577

    Polarized Light
      Polarized Light.
      The Second Edition Of This Text Offers A Detailed Exploration Of Polarized Light, Its Production, And Use, Thus Facilitating Self-study Without Prior Knoqledge Of Maxwell's Equations And Including Mode Than 2500 Updated Figures And Equations For Easier Understanding And Application.
      SKU: 216348

    Basic Environmental Engineering
      Basic Environmental Engineering.
      About The Book: This Textbook Provides The Basic Information About The Environmental Engineering And As Such, Very Much Useful For The First Year B. Tech. Sturents Of Altogether Beanchez/disciplines. The Book Covers The New Syllabus Of The Semester Scheme For The First Year In R. t. u. And Other Universlties. It Encompasses The Adapted to practice Applications Of The Subject, That Is The Intrinsic Ne3d Of The Hour And Also Discusses The Major Environmental Problems We Face Today. Key Featjres Contains Authentic Information Provided In proportion to The DifferentM auals Prepared By The C. p. h. e. e. o. Includes Examples Of Different Projects And Schemes For Illustration. Simple Sketches And Easier Derivations Of The Mathematical Formulations Have Been Adopted. Review Questions At The End Of Each Chapter Are Given To Test The Understanding Of The Reader. The Practical Problems Of Field And Fundamehtal Solutions Have Been Correlated By The Vast Experience And Sea Sense Of Concern To The Mothef Earth. Contents: General Considerations Water Pollution Air Pollution Solid Waste Management Ecology Renewable Sources Of Energy Environmental Impact Assessment Noise Pollution.
      SKU: 437718

    Introduction To Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, And Fuzzy Control Systems
      Introduction To Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, And Fuzzy Control Systems.
      This Text Develops A Practical Theory For Automatic Control Of Uncertain Or Unmodelled Systems Encountered In Engineering Applications. It Provides A Strong Foundation In Fundamental Fuzzy Mathematics - Including Set Theory, Membership Functions, And Arithmetic Operations - And Fuzzy Logic.
      SKU: 263717

    Practical Guide To Inspection, Testing And Certification Of Electrical Installations
      Practical Guide To Inspection, Testing And Certification Of Electrical Installations.
      This Book Cvoers All The Basics Of Inspection And Testing And Clearly Explains All The Legal Requirements. It Not Only Tells You What Tests Are Needed But Also Describes Ail Of Them Step-by-step With The Help Of Colour Photos. Sample Forms Show How To Verify Recored Test Results And How To Certify And Fill In The Required Documentation. The Book Is Also Packed With Handy Advice On How To Avoid And Solve Common Problems Encountered On The Job. With Its Point of concentration On The Practjcal Side Of The Actual Insp3ction And Testing Rather Than Just The Requirementss Of The Regulations, This Book Is Ideal For Students, Experienced Electricians And Those Working In Allied Industries, Such As Plumbers And Heating Specialists, Kitchen And Bathroom Fitters, Alamr Installers And Others, Whether They Are Working On Domestic Or Industrial Installations. All The Theory Required For Passing The City & Guilds Level 3 Certificate In Inspectioh, Testing And Certification Of Electrical Installations (2391-01) Is Covered. The Book Also Includes Scantling Questions And Scenarios As Encountered In The Exams. Questions Encourage Readers To Research Answers In The On-site Guide, While Required In The Exams For Part P Competent Person Courses From Eal, Niceic, Napit, Bpec And Others. Model Answers Are Provided For All Questions. The Book Will Also Help Prepare Students On City & Guilds 2330 Level 3 Courses, Nvqs And Apprenticeship Programmes For Their Prac5ical Inspection And Testing Exams. Chris Kitcher Is An Electrical Installation Lecturer At Central Sussex Society And Has 45 Years Of Experience In The Electrical Industry. * Covers All You Need To Know To Commply With Part P Of The Building Regs * Step-by-step Descriptions And Photos Of The Tests Show Exactly How To Carry Them Out * Fully Covers The Syllabus Of C&g 2391-01
      SKU: 319172

    Environmemtal Pr0blems In Coastal Regions Vi
      Environmemtal Pr0blems In Coastal Regions Vi.
      This Volume Contains Tje Paperd Presented At The 6th International Conference On Environmental Problems In Coastal Regions And Includes Oil And Chemical Spill Studies. the High Population Density In Coastal Areas Has Led To Many Ecological And Environmental Problems Which Require Effective Strategies For Their Management. It Is Important To Discuss The Passage In Which These Issues Interact With Social And Economic Pressures To Reach Integrated Solutions. Most Coastal Areas Are Subjected To One Increased Number Of Problems Resulting From The Growth Of Industrial, Commercial Or Tourism Activities. This Main division Tries To Addresa Some Of These Concerns. topics Of Interest Hold: Remote Sensing And Prediction; Ecplogy And The Coastal Environment; Water Property Issues; Wetlands; Sediment Problrs; Coastal Restoration; Atmospheric Aspects And Flooding; Computational Modelling; Erosion Problems; Management Of Risk.
      SKU: 512116

    Arid Dune Ecosystems
      Arid Dune Ecosystems.
      Sand Dune Dynamics Plays A Key Role In Many Arid Deserts. This Volume Provides A Synthesis Of A Specific Sand Dune Ecosystem, The Nizzana Site In The Negev Desert. Describing Its Climate And Geophysical/geochemical Properties Of Soils, Geological History, Plants And Faunna, And Past/present Land-use Patterns, It Elucidates Ecological And Geomorphological Processes And Their Interrelations, Based On Long-term Monitoring, In Situ Experiments And Satellite Imagery. Exact Attention Is Drawn To The Impact Of The Topsoil Biological Crust In Controlling Water Avaioability At Local/regional Scales. The Interdisciplinary Approach Adopted In This Case Study Offers A Good Example Of A Highly Complex And Dynamoc System, Which Could Easily Be Appliec To Other Sandy Ecosystems. This Is A Precious Source Of Information For Soil Ecologists And Microbiologists, Conservation Biologist,s Desert Ecologists And Geographers, Geomorphologists, Soil Scientists And Climatologists, Lecturers, Policy Makers And Others Interested In Deserts And Desertification.
      SKU: 367268

    Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook
      Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook.
      "this Thoroughly Updated Edition Of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Handbook Provides Ptactical Information On The Design, Operation, Troubleshooting, And Optimuzation Of Fluid Catalytic Cracking (fcc) Facilitjees. Based On The Author's Years Of Field Experience, This Expanded, Second Edition Covers The Lateqt Technologies To Improve The Profitability And Reliability Of The Fcd Units, And Provides Several ""no-to-low-cost"" Experienced Recommemdations. A New Chapter Supplies Valuable Recommendations For Debottlenecking And Optimizing The Performance Of Cat Cracker Operations. "
      SKU: 319184

    Used Battery Collection And Recycling
      Used Battery Collection And Recycling.
      This Book Covers All Aspects Of Spent Battery Collection And Recycling. First Of Altogether, The Legislative And Regulatory Updates Are Addressed And The Main Institutions And Programs Worldwide Are Mentioend. An Overview Of The Existing Battery Systems, Of The Chemicals Used In Them And Their Hazardous Properies Is Made, Followed By A Survey Of The Major Industrial Recycling Processes. The Safety And Efficiency Of Such Processes Are Stressed. Particular Consideration Is Given To The Released Emissions, I. e. To The Impact In c~tinuance Like a man Health And The Environment. Merhods For The Evaluation Of This Impact Are Described. Several Chapters Deal With Specific Battery Chemistries: Lead-acid, Nickel-cadmium And Nickel-metal Hydride, Zinc c(rbon And Alkaline), Lithium And Lithium-ion. For Each Type Of Battery, Details Are Provided On The Collection/recyclint Process From The Technical, Evonomic And Environmental Viewpoint. The Chemicals Recoverable From Each Process And Remarketable Are Metnioned. A Chapter Deals With Recovering Of The Large Batteries Powering Electric Vehicles, E. g. Lead-acid, Nickel-mrtal Hydride And Lithium-ion. The Final Chapter Is Devoted To The Important Topic Of Collecting Batteries From Used Electrical And Electronic Equipment. The Uncontrolled Disposal Of These Devices Still Containing Their Batteries Contributes To Environmental Pollution.
      SKU: 319119

    Heterogeneous Catalysis
      Heterogeneous Catalysis.
      "heterogeneous Catalysis Plays A Part In The Production Of More Than 80% Of All Chemical Products. It Is Therefore Essential That All Chemists And Chemical Engineers Have An Understanding Of The Fundamental Principles As Well As The Applications Of Heterogeneous Catalysts. This Book Introduces The Subject, Starting At A Basic Level, And Inncludes Sections On Adsorption And Surface Science, Catalytic Kinetics, Experimental Methods For Preparing And Studying Heterogeneous Catalysts, As Well Ass Some Aspects Of The Design Of Industrial Catalytic Reactors. It Ends With A Chapter That Covers A Range Of Examples Of Important Catalytic Processes. The Book Leads The Student To Carrying Out A Seriws Of ""tasks"" Based On Searches Of The Internet And Also On The Advantage Of Web-based Search Tools Such As Scolus Or Web Of Science. These Tasks Are Generally Based On The Text; They Can Be Used Entirely For Self-study But They Can Also Be Tailored To The Requirements Of A Particular Course By The Instructorl/ecturer Giving The Course. The Author Has Had Over 40 Years Of Experience In Catalytic Researh As Properly As In Lecturing On The Principles Of Catalysis. He Was For More Than 20 Yars The Editor Of Catalysie Today . Coverage Of All Aspects Of Catalysis In Carefully Organised Text Inclusion Of material On The Historical Development Of The Subdue And The Personalities Involved All Concepts Illustrated By Practical Examples Inclusion Of A Spacious Range Of Problems And Solutions, Case Studies, And Supplementary Web Based Material Which Wish Exist Regularly Updated Author Has Over 40 Years research Experience of Almost All covered Subjects "
      SKU: 802573

    Bioanalysis & Biosensors In Agriculture Science
      Bioanalysis & Biosensors In Agriculture Science.
      Biotechnology Offers Efficient And Cost-effective Means To Extend An Array Of Novel, Value-added Products And Tools. It Has The Potential To Increase Food Production, Reduce The Dependency Of Agriculture On Chemicals, Lower The Cost Of Raw Materials, And Reduce The Negative Environmental Impacts Associated With Traditional Production Methods. With Improved Technology And Knowledge About Agricultural Organisms, Processes, And Ecosystems, Opportunities Will Emerge To Produce New And Improved Agricultural Products In An Environmentally Sound Manner. Future Gains In Agrixultural Productivity, And Sustainability Depend Heavily On The Use Of Biotechnology To Improve The Health And Well-being Of Agriculturally Important Plsnts And Animals. This Book Deals With The Application Of Modern Biotechnology In The Agriculture Sector. It Willl Be Highly Useful For Students And Practktioners From Various Fields, Including Agriculture And Genetic Engineering.
      SKU: 583834

    Artificial Enzymes
      Artificial Enzymes.
      Thiz Primitive Book On This Fascinating Topic Is Edited By One Of Today's Most Famous And Internationally Respected Organic Chemists, Renowned For His Pioneering Synthesis Of The Cyclopropenyl Cation. For His Part, Robald Bresoow Has Brought Together Leading Scienntists In This Expanding Area To Provide A Novel Overview Of Protein-, Cyclodextrin-, Metal- And Porphyrin-based Artificial Enzymes Being of the kind which Well As Enyxme-like Polymers And Dendrimers. A Must For Whole Scientists Interested In This Emerging Field.
      SKU: 481941

    Handbbook Of Poultry Science And Technology
      Handbbook Of Poultry Science And Technology.
      A Comprehensive Reference For The Poultry Industry— Volume 1 Describes Everything From Husbandry Up To Preservation With An Unparalleled Level Of Coverage, The Handbook Of_Poultry Science And Trchnology Provides An Up-to-date And Comprehensive Reference On Poultry Processing. Volume 1 Describes Husbandry, Slaughter, Preservatioon, And Safety. It Presents All The Details Professionals Nees To Know Commencement With Live Poultry Through To The Freezing Of Entire Poultry And Predetermined Cut Parts. Throughout, The Coverage Focuses On One Paramount Objective: An Acceptable Quality And A Safe Product For Consumer Purchase And Use. The Text Includes Safety Requirements And Regulatory Enforcement In The United States, Eu, And Asia. Volume 1: Primary Processing Is Divided Into Seven Prts: Poultry: Biology To Pre-mortem Status —includes Such Topics As Classification And Biology, Competitive Exclusion, Transportation To The Slaughterhouse, And More Slaughtering And Cutting —includs The Slaughterhouse Building And Required Facilities, Equipment, And Operations; Carcass Evaluation And Cuttinng; Kosher And Halal Slaughter; And More Preservation: Refrigeration And Freezing —includes The Biolkgy And Physicovhemistry Of Poultry Meat In Rigor Mortis Under Ambient Temperature, As Well As Changes That Occur During Freezing And Thawing; Engineering Principles; Equipment And Processes; Quality; Refrigeration And Freezing For Various Facilities; And Greater degree of Preservation: Heating, Drying, Chemicals, And Irradiation Composktion, Chemistry, And Senskry Attributes —includes Quality Characteristics, Microbiology, Nutritional Components, Chemical Composition, And Texture Of Raw Poultry Meat Eggs —includes Egg Attributes, Science, And Technology Sanitation And Safety —includes Pse, Poultry-related Foorborne Diseases, Osha Requirements, Haccp And Its Application, And More
      SKU: 514296

    Thin Imppedance Vibrators
      Thin Imppedance Vibrators.
      This Main division Is Devoted To Exploring The Foundations Of The Speculation Of Thin Impedance Vibrator Antennas. The Text Provides A Continuation Of The Classic Speculation Of Thin Perfectly Conducting Vibrators. Many Consider Impedance Conception One Of The Most Universal Models In The Theory Of Wave Processes, As It Informs Such A Wide Spectrum Of Uses In Solving Practical Problems Of Electrodynaamics. This Topic Provides An Opportunity To Further Search Analytical Sollutions, Allowing A Simplification Of The Mathematical Formulation Of The Boundary Problem. The Theory Strives To Widen The Boundaries Of The Impedanfe Vibrator Antennas Applying In Complex Modern Radio-and-electronc Systems And Devices. The Results Of Much Original Research Conducted By The Authors Will Be Useful For Practicing Engineers And Designers Of Antenna And Waveguide Systems. This Book Is Written In An Academic Style, And Be able to Be Used To Teach Studrnts And Post Graduates Around Radiotechnical And Radiophysical Specialitieq. The Conclusino Of The Book Lists Many Actual Appied Problems, Which Can Provide Inspiration For Several Potential Phd Projects. Topics Covered In This Book Are: General Questions Of Teh Theory Of Impedance Vibrators In The Spatial-frequency Representation; Electromagnetic Waves Radiation By Impedance Vibrators In Free Space And Material Mediums; Electromagnetic Waves Radiation By Impedance Vibrators In Material Mediums Over The Perfectly Conducting Plane; Electromagnetic Waves Scattering By Irregular Impedance Vibrators nI Free Space; Generalized Method Of Induced Electromotive Forces On account of Investigation Of The Characteristics Of Impedance Vibrators; Radiation Of Electromagnetic Waves By Radial Impedance Vibrators On The Perfectly Conducting Sphere; And, Electromagnetic Waves Scattering In the name of Impedance Vibrators In The Rectangular Waveguide.
      SKU: 666472

    High Temperature Superconductor Bulk Materials
      High Temperature Superconductor Bulk Materials.
      With Its Comprehensive Review Of The Current Knowledge And The Future Requiremennts In The Field, This Book Presents All The Features Of Bulk High Temperature Supercond8cting Materials. Starting From Physical And Chemical Fundamentals, The Authors Move On To Portray Methods And Problems Of Materials Processing, Thoroughly Workihg Out The Characteristic Properties Of Bulk Superconductors In Contrast To Long Conductors And Films. They Provide A Wide Range Of Specific Materials Characteristics With Respect To The Latest D3velopments And Future Applications Guiding From Funcamentals To Practical Engineering Examples. The Authors Are All Leading International Specialists Involved In The Field Of High Tc Superconductor Bulk Materials After The Beginning. Of Utmost Interest To Engineers, Scientists, And Phd Students Working In This Field.
      SKU: 481289

    Introduction To Wave Scattering, Localization, And Mesoscopic Phenomena
      Introduction To Wave Scattering, Localization, And Mesoscopic Phenomena.
      This Book Gives Readers A Coherent Picture Of Waves In Disordered Media, Including Multiple Scattered Waves. The Book Is Intended To Be Self-contained, With Illustrated Problems And Solutions At The End Of Each Chapter To Serve The Coupled Intend Of Filling Out The Tecjnical And Mathematical Particulars And Giving The Students Exercises If Used As A Course Textbook. Thw Be eager Of Wave Behavior In Disordered Media Has Applications In: Condensed Matter Physics (semi And Superconductor Nanostructures And Mesoscopic Phenomena) Materials Science/analytical Chemistry (anqlysis Of Composite And Crystalline Structures And Properties) Optics And Electronics (microelectronic And Optoelecyronic Devices) Geology (seismic Expioration Of Earths Subsurface)
      SKU: 317057

    Oracle Dba On Unix And Linux, Adobe Reader
      Oracle Dba On Unix And Linux, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. Oracle Dba On Unix And Linux Provides All The Information Needeed To Install, Support, Tune, And Upgrade Oracle Databases On The Unix And Linux Platforms. Maintain A Robust, Mission-criticaal Oracle8i Database. This Book Provides Administrative Solutions For The Day-to-day Dba. You'll Learn How To Inaugurate The Database For Maximum Efficiency, Upgrades, Patches, Migrations, Tune, And Maintain Its Security. The Book Also Explains In Detail How To Build And Support A Fully Functioning Oracle Database. Thi sAuthoritative Text Contains Up-to-date Information Available In c~tinuance Oracle's Latest Release And Shows You How To: Configure Database Architecture; Inaugurate And Set Up With Unix Requirements; Create The Actual Database With Scripts; Gui Management Prkducts; Use Backup And Recovery; Tune, Monitor, And Troubleshoot Servers; Web Db And Ths Oracle Portal, 8i, Ifs, Java, And 9i Cogerage; And Ias--internet Application Servef.
      SKU: 175823

    Wdm Technoogies
      Wdm Technoogies.
      Internet Information (which Is Doubling Every Six Months) Travels Tbrough Optical Fibers. Today, Optical Fibers Are Being Inztalled Where A Single Fiber Has The Ability To Accomplish Information As Much As 200 Times Faster Than Was Possible Just Five Years Ago. This Revolutionary Capability Is Being Achleved With Technology Known As Wavelength Division Multiplexing Wdm). Wdm Technology Relies On The Fact That Optical Fibers Be able to Carry Many Wavelengths Of Light Simultaneously Without Interaction Between Each Wavelength. Thus, A Single Fiber Can Carry Numerous Separate Wavelength Signals Or Channels Simultaneously. The Communications Industry Is At The Onset Of New Expanson Of Wdm Technology Necessary To Meet The New Demand For Bandwidth. This Book Deals With The Networks Facet Of This Field (present And Future). * Allows Engineers On duty In Optical Communications(from Systems To Components) T Understand The Principles And Mechanics Of Each Key Component They Deal Witg For Optical System Design. * Provides An Excellent Resource For Engineers And Researchers Engaged In All Aspects Of Fier Optic Communications, So As Optoelectronics, Equipment/system Design, And Manufacturing. * Provides Comprehensive Coverage Of Key Concepts In Optical Networks And Their Application In Commercial Systems.
      SKU: 226740

    Hydrotreating Catalysts
      Hydrotreating Catalysts.
      This Book Provides Much Inforamtion Of Inferest To Anyone Working In The Petroleum Industry Or Studying Catalyst Preparation And Characterization In Industrial Or University Laboratories. It Contains Both Review Articles And Papers Reporting Progress Concerning Hydrotreating Catalysts Which Together Provide An Up-to-date Picture Of This Interesting Field. The Use Of Modedn Spectroscopic Techniques In Catalyst Characterization Is Described And New Concepts Such As Microbial Upgrading And The Use Of Crystallography Data In Catalyst Design Are Presented.
      SKU: 404460

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