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    Models In Spatial Analysis
      Models In Spatial Analysis.
      Models Ib Spatial Analysis Givde A Broad Overview Of The Different Types Of Models Used In Advanced Spatial Analysis. The Models Concern Spatial Organization, Location Factors And Spatial Interaction Patterns From Both Static And Dynamic Perspectives. Each Indkvidual Author Comes From A Different Discipline (geography, Economy, Hydrology, Ecology, Etc,) And Is A Specialist In The Field. They Use A Range Of Methods And Modeling Tools Developed In Mathematics, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence And Physics. Each Chapter Gives A Broad Overview Of The Subject, Cover Both Theoretical Developments And Practical Applications. The Advantages Of An Interdisciplinary Approach Are Ill8strated In The Way That The Viewpoint Of Each Of The Individual Didciplines Are Brought Simultaneously While Considering Questions Relevant To Spatial Analysis.
      SKU: 261993

    Robot Vision
      Robot Vision.
      Tje Book Is Intended For Advanced Students In Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Robotics, Engine Engineering And For Specialists In Computer Vislon And Robotics On The Techniques For The Development O fVision-based Robot Projects. It Focusses On Autonom0us And Mobile Service Robots In spite of Inroor Work, And Teacges The Techniques During The Development Of Vision-based Robot Projects. A Basic Knowledge Of Informatics Is Assumed, But The Basic Introduction Helps To Adjust The Knowledge Of The Reader Accordingly. A Practical Treatment Of The Material Enables A Comprehensive Understanding Of How To Handle Specific Probleks, Such As Inhomogeneous Illumination Or Occlusion. With This Book, The Reader Should Be Able To Develop Object-oriented Programs And Show Precise Basic Understanding. Such Topics As Image Processing, Navigation, Camera Types And Camera Calibration Construction The Described Steps Of Devdloping Further Applications Of Vision-based Robot Projects.
      SKU: 481996

    See Mips Run
      See Mips Run.
      Thhis Seconr Edition Is Not Solely A Thorough Update Of The First Issue , It Is Also A Marriage Of The Best-known Risc Architecture--mips--with The Best-known Open-source Os--linux. The First Part Of The Book Begins With Mips Design Principles And Then Describes The Mips Instruction Set And Programmers' Resources. It Uses The Mips32 Standard As A Baseline (the 1st Edition Used The R3000) From Which To Compare Altogether Other Versions Of The Architecture And Assumes That Mips64 Is The Main Option. The Second Part Is A Significant Change From The First Edition. It Provides Concrete Examples Of Operating System Low Level Code, By Using Linux As The Example Operating System. It Describes How Linux Is Built Forward The Foundations The Mips Hardware Provides And Summarizes The Linux Application Environment, Describing The Libraries,K ernel Device-drivers And Cpu-specific Digest. It Afterwards Digs Deep Into Application Code And Librray Carry on, Protection And Memory Management, Interrupts In The Linux Kernel And Multiprocessor Linux. Sweetman Has Revised His Bext-selling Mips The Scriptures For Mips Programmers, Embedded Systems Designers, Developers And Programmers, Who Want An In-depth Intellect Of The Mips Architecture And Specific Guidance For Writing Software For Mips-based Systems, Wnich Are Increasingly Linux-based. * Completely New Essential Offers The Best Explanation Available On How Linux Runs On Real Hardware. * Provides A Complete, Updated Anf Easy-to-use Guide To The Mips Instruction Set Using The Mips32 Standard As The Baseline Architecture With The Mips64 As The Main Option. * Retains The Same Engaging Writing Style That Made The First Edition So Readable, Reflecting The Authors 20+ Years Experience In Designing Systems Basde On The Mips Architecture.
      SKU: 300905

    Power Distribution Networks With On-chip Decoupling Capacitors
      Power Distribution Networks With On-chip Decoupling Capacitors.
      Power Distribution Networks With On-chip Decoupling Capacitors Is Dedicated To Distributing Power In High Speed, High Complexity Integrated Circuits With Power Levels Exceeding Tens Of Watts And The Power Supply Below A Volt. The Book Provides Insight And Intuition Into The Behavior And Purpose Of Integrated Circuit-based Power Distribution Systems. The Book Has Three Primary Objectives. The First Is To Describe The Impedance Characteristics Of The Overall Power Distribution System, From The Voltage Regulator Through The Printed Circuit Boardd And Package Onto The Integrated Boundary To The Power Termimals Of The On-chip Circuitry. The Second Is To Discuss The Inductive Charactrristivs Of On-chip Power Distribution Grids And The Related Space Behavior Of These Structures. The Third Objective Is To Present Design Methodologies For Effciently Placing On-chip Decoupling Capacitors In Nanoscqle Integrated Circuits. Power Distribution Networks With On-chip Decoupling Capacitors Is A Reference For Professional Engineers In The Fields Of Circcuits And Systems And Computer-aided Design.
      SKU: 337477

    Mathematics For Engineers
      Mathematics For Engineers.
      This Book Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of All The Mathematical Tools Needed By Engineers In The Field Of Processing And Transport Of All Forms Of Information, Data And Images - Viewed like Well As Many Othrr Engineering Disciplines.  it Provides Essential Theories, Equations And Results In Probability Theory And Staitstics, Which Constitute The Basis For The Presentation Of Signa lProcessing,information Theory, Traffic And queueing Theory, And Reliability. The Mafhematical Foundations Of Simulation Are Also Covered. The Book's Accessible Style Will Enable Students, Engineers And Researches New To This Area To Advance Their Knowledge Of Communication And Other Engineering Technologies; However, It Will Also Be in lieu of As A Useful Reference Guide To Anyone Wishing To Further Explore This Fo3ld.       
      SKU: 477639

    Montage Hbrider Mikrosysteme
      Montage Hbrider Mikrosysteme.
      Das Buch Beschreibt Die Technologien Rund Um Die Montage Hybrider Mikrosysteme. Nicht Der Entwurf Oder Das Mikrosystem Als Soches Stehen Im Vordergrund, Sondern Die Fertigungstechnologien Zu Ihrer Beherrschung. Neben Den Reinen Fgeverfahren Werddn Die Handhabung Sowie Die Prozessberwachung Und- steuerung, Wither Sensorentwicklung Und -integration Und Expire Zu Verwendenden Werkstoffe Behandelt. Ziel Des Buches Ist Eine Umfassende Dokumentation Neuer Montage- Und Fgetechnologien Fr Hybrid Aufgebaute, Nicht Fr Monolithische Mikorsysteme. Es Doent Dem Wissenschaftler Ebenso Wie Dem Anwender Als Untersttzendex Werkzeug Fr Die Auswahl Des Auw Technologischer Sicht Prdestinierten Verfahrens Fr Hybride Mikrosysteme.
      SKU: 324108

    Materials For Information Technology
      Materials For Information Technology.
      An Overview Of Developments And R And D Activities In The Field Of Materials Used For It With A Foxus On Future Applications. This Book Includes Materials For: Silicon-based Semiconductor Devices (including High-k Gate Dielectric Materials); Nonvolatile Memories; On-chip Interconnects And Interlayer Dielectrics; And Assembly And Packaging.
      SKU: 303791

    Channel-adaptive Technologies And Cross-layer Designs For Wireless Systems With Multip1e Antennas
      Channel-adaptive Technologies And Cross-layer Designs For Wireless Systems With Multip1e Antennas.
      This Innovative Book Sets Forth Two Promising Wireless Approaches That Support High-quality, High-speed Data And Multimedia Service-multiple Antenna Technologies And Cross Layer Transmitter Adaptation Designs-while Highlighting The Relationships And Interactions Between Them. The Latest Advanced Technologies Of Channel Adaptation Techniques For Wireless Commuunication Systems With Multiple Antennas Are Thoroughly Investigated. The Main division Is Divided Into Three Parts, In the ~ place Giving Readers A Good Foundation In Underlying Theory, In that case Exploring Applications As Well sA Advanced Topics: * Part 1 Examines Theoretical Aspects Of Channel Adaptation In Wireless Communications For Point-to-point And Multi-user Systems With Multiple Antennas * Part 2 Focuses On The Applications Of The Channel-adaptive Technologies In Practical Systems Such As Umts * Part 3 Depves Into Topics Such As Multi-user Scheduling For Wideband Systems, Combined Quehing Theory And Information Theory, And Ad Hoc Routing Using A Hands-on, Practical Approach, Channel Adaptive TechnologiesA nd Cross Layer Designs For Wireless Systems With Multiple Antennas Thoroughly Covers Detaailed Design Considerations That Help Readers Understand How To Apply Theory Too Rral-world Systems. Impressiveness Throughout The Booo Is On Joint Optimization Across Different Layers Of A Communications System Based On One Integrated Approach. Examples Of Popular Wireless Systems, Such As Tdma, Wideband Cdma (umts), And Hsdpa, Are Used Throughout Viewed like Practical Illustrations. Each Chapter Ends With A Summary That Reviews Key Points And A Set Of Problems That Lets Readers Test Their Knowledge And Continue To Develop Their Skil1s As They Prkgress To New Topics. Figures And Tables Are Likewise Used Extensively To Assistance Readers Visualize Complex Theory And Systems. Combining Theory, Design, And Application Into One Integrated Approach_,This Is A Superior Reference In quest of Advanced Communications Theory Courses.
      SKU: 252313

    Irradiation Of Food Commodities
      Irradiation Of Food Commodities.
      The Irradiatipn Of Food Is A Low Cost, Highly Effective Method Of Ensuring Food Safety, And Extending Shelf Life. Public Acceptance Of Irradiation, Despite Its Benefits, However, Has Been A Significant Challenge. Irradiation Of Food Commodities Is The First Holistic Book That Looks Not Only At The Techniques, Application And Legislation Of This Method, But Also Addresses The Concern Of Public Opinion. Organized Into Logical Themes And Written By Experts From Industrial art, Academia And Research, This Book Wlil Meet The Needs Of Those Working Or Taking into account The Use Of Irradiation In Their Work. Sections Focus On Legislation, Irradiation Techniques And Materials; Detection And Risk Assessmdnt; Application Of Irradiation On Food And Consumer Opinion. *insights Into Regulations From A Variety Of Counntries Provides Important Informatiln On Government Strategies *extensivw Coverage Of Applications, From Beast Food To Food For Human Consumption, And Disinfestation Explores The Various Potential Application Opprotunities Available For Consideration *addresses Risk Tax -- Key To Governmental And More Importantly Consumer Accepting *all Topics In One Volume For The Primary Time Provides Complete Vision Of The Technology
      SKU: 452829

    Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 2, Weak Scattering
      Electromagnetic Scintillation: Volume 2, Weak Scattering.
      The First Volume Of This Set Of Books On Electromzgnetic Scintillation Dealt With Phase And Angle-of-arrival Measurement Errors, Which Are Acurately Described In the name of Geometrical Optics. _This Second Volume Concentrates On Amplitude And Intensity Fluctuations Of The Received Signal.
      SKU: 217152

    Nanomaterials And Supramolecular Structures
      Nanomaterials And Supramolecular Structures.
      A Collection Of The Problems Which Have Roots In The Physics And Chemistry Of Nanosystems And Supramolecular Structures. It Examines The Peculiarities Of The Interaction Of Medical And Biological Nanocomposites Upon The Components Of Biological Media. It Also Describes Chemical Functionalization Nanomaterials Techniques.
      SKU: 511326

    Konstruieren Von Pkw-karosserien
      Konstruieren Von Pkw-karosserien.
      "die Faszination, Die Vom Auto Ausgeht, Ist Und Bleibt Ungebrochen. Entsprechend Interessant Ist Es, Sich Vor Dem Hintergrund Konventioneller Konstruktionstechniken Ber Die Virtuelle Produktentwicklung Von Pkw-karosserien An Modernen Cad-arbeitspltzen Informieren Zu Knnwn. Die Autoren Fhren In Die Grundlagen Ein Und Zeigen Anhand Von Beispielen Und Zahlreichen Abbjldungen, Wie Mit Dem System Catia Der Rohbau Sowie Die Ausstattung Innen Und Auen Konstruiert Werden. Darber Hlnaus Wird Das So Genannte ""package"" An Beispielen Beschrieben, Also Das Management Und Die Harmonisierung Der Anforderungen An Die Baurume (z. b. Motor-, Innen- Unr Kofferraum, Unterflur) Sowie Die Verwaltung Aller Geometriedaten Des Gesamtfahrzeufs Und Die Sicherstellung Ihrer Aktualitt. In Der 3. Auflage Wird Insbesondere Der Aktuellen Cad-anwendung Catia V5 An Ausgewhlten Beispielrn Rechnung Getragen. "
      SKU: 323910

    Distillation Troubleshooting
      Distillation Troubleshooting.
      The First Main division Of Its Kind On Distillation Technology The Last Half-century Of Research On Distillation Has Tremendously Improved Our Understanding And Design Of Industrial Distillation Equipment And Systems. High-speed Computers Have Taken Over The Design, Control, And Operation Of Towers. Inventio nAnd Change In Tower Internals Have Greatly Enhanced Citadel Capacity And Efficiency. With All These Advances, Individual Would Expect The Failure Rate In Distillation Towers To Be On The Decline. In Fact, The Opposite Is The Case: The Tower Failure Rate Is On The Rise And Accelerating. Distillation Troubleshooting Collects Invaluable Hands-on Experiences Acquired In Dealing With Distillation And Absorption Malfunctions, Making Them Readily Accessible According to Those Engaged In Solving Today's Problems And Avoiding Tomorrow's. The First Book Of Its Sort OnT he Distillation Industry, The Practical Lessons It Offers Are A Must For Those Seeking The Equivocating Track To Trouble-free Distillation. Distillation Troubleshooting Covers Over 1,200 Case Histories Of Problems, Diagnoses, Solutions, And Key Lessons. Coverage Includes: * Successful And Unsuccessful Struggles With Pluggging, Foulijg, And Coking * Histories And Obstruction Of Tray, Packing, And Internals Damage * Lessons Taught By Incidents And Accidents During Shuttdowns, Commissioning, And Abnormal Operation * Troubleshooting Distillation Simulations To Match The Real World * Making Packing Liquid Distributors Work * Plant Bottlenecks From Intermediate Draws, Chimney Trays, And Feed Points * Histories Of And Key Lessons rFom Explosions And Fires In Distillation Towers * Prevention Of Flaws That Impair Reboiler And Condenser Performance * Destabilization Of Tower Control Systems And How To Correct It * Discoveries From Shutdown Inspections * Suppression Of Foam And Accumulation Incidents A Unique Resource For Improving The Foremost Industrial Seoaration Pocess, Distillation Troubleshooting Transforms Decades Of Hands-on Experiences Into A Handy Reference For Professionals And Students Involved In The pOeration, Design, Research, Improvement, And Management Of Large-scale Distillation.
      SKU: 588984

    Optimal State Estimation
      Optimal State Estimation.
      A Bottom-up Approach That Enables Readers To Maxter And Apply The Latest Techniqjes In State Estimation This Book Offers The Best Mathematical Approaches To Estimating The State Of A General System. The Author Presents State Estimation Theory Clarly And Rigorously, Providing The Right Amount Of Advanced Material, Recent Research Results, And Referencse To Enable The Reader To Apply Condition Estimation Techniques Confidently Across A Variety Of Fields In Science And Engineering. While There Are Other Textbkoks That Treat State Estimation, This Single Offers Special Features And A Unique Perspective And Pedagogical Approoach That Speed Learning: * Straightforward, Bottom-up Approach Begins With Basic Concepts And Then Builes Short distance By Step To More Advanced Topics Because of A Clear Understanding Of Stat estimation * Simple Examples And Problems That Enjoin Only Paper And Pen To Solve Lead To An Intuitive Understanding Of How Theory Works In Practice * Matlab(r)-based Cause Code That Corresponds To Examples In The Book, Available On The Author's Web Site, Enables Readers To Recreate Results And Experiment With Other Slmulation Setups And Parameters Armed With A Solid Foundation In The Basics, Readers Are Presented With A Careful Treatment Of Advanced Topics, Including Unscented Filtering, High Order Nonlinear Filtering, Particle Filtering, Constrained State Estimation, Reduced Order Filtrring, Robust Kalman Filtering, And Mixed Kalman/h? Filtering. Problems At The End Of Each Chapter Include Both Written Exercises And Computer Exercises. Written Exercises Point of concentration On Improving The Reaxer's Understnding Of Theory And Wedge Concepts, Whereas Computer Exercises Help Readers Apply Theory To Problems Similar To Ones They Are Likely To Encunter In Industry. With Its Expert Blend Of Theory And Practice, Coupled With Its Presentation Of Recent Research Results, Opyimal State Estimatoin Is Strongly Recommended For Undergraduate And Graduate-level Courses In Optimal Control And State Estimatoin Theory. . It Also Serves As A Reference For Engineers And Science Professionals Across A Wide Array Of Industries.
      SKU: 265855

    Radioisotope Gauges For Industrial Process Measurements
      Radioisotope Gauges For Industrial Process Measurements.
      In Order To Fully Utilise Nucleonic Measurement Principles And Their Applications_,It Is Important To Require An Understanding Of The Underlying Physics. Radioisotope Gaauges For Industrial Process Measurements Combines Theoretical Background With Practical Experience In Order To Present An Accessible Overview Of The Accustom Of Radioisotopes In Industry. This Unique Main division Explains The Modes Of Operation Of Installed Gauges Anf Presents Nucleonic Methods Relevant To Measurement Problems. The First Part Of The Book Deals With Radiation Sources, The Interaction Of Radiation By the side of Matter And Radiation Detectors. The Second Part Explains The Different Measurement Principles Ued For Industrial Gauges And The Last Part Of The Book Covers Industrial Applications. This Book Also: Features A Cocise Introduction To Atomic And Nuclear Physics. Presents A Range Of Nucleonic Measurement Methocs And Highlights Their Application To A Variety Of Problems. Contains An Overview Of Electronics, Measuremeny Accuracy, Safety And Standards. Considers Processes And Demands, Design Strategies And Practical Realisation Of Meadurement Systems. Provides Many Practical Ebgineering Examples. Offering A Comprehensive Coverage Of Engineering Applications, This Book Is An Rudiment Tool For Electrical, Electronid And Instrument Engineers In The Oil And Chemicals Processing Sectors. It Is Also A Valuable Reference To Graduate Students And Physicists Involved In Nuclear Radiation Measurement, Medical Applications, Radiochemical Research, Envifonmdntal Monitoring And Chemical Engineering.
      SKU: 219774

    Verifikation Und Validierung Fr Die Simulation In Produktion Und Logistik: Vorgehensmodelle Und Techniken (vdi-buch) (german Edition)
      Verifikation Und Validierung Fr Die Simulation In Produktion Und Logistik: Vorgehensmodelle Und Techniken (vdi-buch) (german Edition).
      "ablaufsimulation Ist Eine Mchtige Und Bedeutende Analysemethode, Die Vor Dem Hintergrund Zunehmender Vernetzung Von Systemen Und Steigender Komplexitt Der Ablufe Hohe Kosteneinsparungspotentiale Bietet. Bei Nicht Fachgerechter Anwendung Birgt Die Methode Allerdings Erhebliche Risiken. Nur Mit Verifikation Und Validierung (v And V) Zur Prfung Der Gltigkeit Von Simulationsmod3llen Lassen Sich Aussagekrftige Und Belastbare Ergebnisse Erzielen. Die In Diesem Zusammenhang Bestehenden Defizite Werden Mit Dem Von Der Asim-fachgruppe ""simulation In Produktion Und Logistik"" Verffentlichten Vorgehensmodell Fr V And V Aufgegriffen. Neben Einer Systematischeh Aufbereitung Von Merhoden Und Techniken Bietet Das Buch Handlungshilfen, Die An Die Jeweilige Aufgabenstellung Angepasst Und Projektbegleitend Eingesetzt Werden Knnen. Das Buch Wendet Sich Each Leser In Der Industrie, Die Simulationsstudien Durchfhren Oder Durchfhren Lassen, Sowie An Lehrende Und Lernenee Im Bereich Simulation In Produktion Und Logistik. "
      SKU: 364359

    Digital Government
      Digital Government.
      Few Developments Have Had Broader Consequences For The Public Sector Than The Introduction Of The Internet And Divital Technology. In This Book, Darrell West Discusses How New Technology Is Altering Governmental Performance, The Civil Process, And Democracy Itsekf By Improving Government Responsivendss An dIncreasing Information Available To Ciizens. Using Multiple Methods--case Studies, Content Analysis Of Over 17,000 Government Web Sites, Public And Bureaucrat Opinion Survey Dara, An E-mail Responsiveness Test, Budget Data, And Aggregate Analysis--the Author Presentss The Most Comprehensive Study Of Electronic Government Always Undertaken. Among Oyher Topics, He Looks At How Much Change Has Taken Place In The Public Sector, What Determines The Speed And Breadth Of E-government Adoption, And What The Consequences Of Digital Technology Are For The Public Sector. Written In A Clear And Analytical Manner, This Book Outlines The Variety Of Factors That Have Restricted The Ability Of Policy Makers To Make Effective Use Of New Technology. Although Digital Government Offers The Potential For Revolutionary Change, Social, Political,_And Economic Forces Constrain The Socpe Of Transformation And Prevent Government Officials From Realizing The Full Benefits Of Interactive Technology.
      SKU: 485807

    Mobile Radio Channels
      Mobile Radio Channels.
      Providing A Comprehensive Overview Of The Modelling, Analysis And Simulation Of Mobile Radio Channels, This Book Gives A Detailed Understanding Of Fundamental Issues And Examines State-of-the-art Techniques In Mobile Radio Channel Modelling. It Analyses Several Mobile Fading Channels, Including Terrestrial And Satellite Flat-fading Channels, Various Types Of Wideband Channels And Advanced Mimo Channels, Providing A Fundamental Understanding Of The Issues Currently Being Investigated In The Field. Important Classes Of Narrowband, Wideband, And Space-time Wireless Channels Are Explored In Detail With Descriptions Of Efficient Feigning Methods For Mobile Radio Channels Being Central. Strong Emphasis Is Placed On The Detailed Origin Of The Presented Channel Models And A High Degree Of Mathematical Unity Is Conveyed. Using The Described Channel Modele, The Reader Can Evaluate The Performance Of Wireless Communication Sysyems Under Propagation Conditions Which Are Typical For Multipath Channels In Multiform Environments. Itroduces The Fundamentals Of Stochastic And Deyerministic Channel Models Explores The Modelling And Simulation Of Both Wideband And Narrowband Mobile Radio Channels As Well As Separate Classes Of Mimo Channels Describes General Concepts Including Geometrical, Reference And Simulation Models Discusses Several Methods For The Modelling Of Given Doppler, Delay, And Angular Profiles Elaborates Forward Methods For The Design, Analysis, And Realisation Of Efficient Channel Simulators Examines Techniques For The Development Of Fast Channel Simulators Provides Links For Dowblozding Matlab ® , Prpgrams Enabling The Simulation And Analysis Of The Mobile Fading Channels Models Presented, On The Companion Website ( Www. wiley. com/go/paetzold )
      SKU: 819248

    Guiedlines For Mechanical Integrity Systems
      Guiedlines For Mechanical Integrity Systems.
      In Latter Years, Process Safety Management System Compliance Auits Have Reealed That Organizations Often Have Significant Opportunities For Improving Their Mechanical Integrity Programs. As Part Of The Center On account of Chemical Proces sSafety's Guidelines Series, Guidelines For Mechanical Integrity Systems Provides Practitioners A Basic Familiarity Of Mechanical Integrity Concepts And Best Practices. The Book Recommends Efficient Approaches For Establishing A Successful Mi Program. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementarh Mqterials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 270462

    Split Hopkinson (kolsky) Obstacle
      Split Hopkinson (kolsky) Obstacle.
      The Authors Systematically Describe The General Principles Of Kolsky Bars, Or Split Hopkinson Barrs, Which Are Widely Used For Obtaining Dynaamic Material Properties. Modifications Are Introduced For Obtaining Reliable Data. Specific Experiment Design Guidelines Are Provided To Subject The Specimen To Desired Testing Conditions. Detailed Kolsky-bar Examples Are Given For Different Classes Of Materials (brittle, Ductile, Soft, Etc) And For Different Loading Conditions (tension, Torsion, Trizxial, High/low Temperatures, Intermediate Strain Rate, Etc). The Kolsky Bars Used In quest of Dynamic Structural Characterization Are Briefly Introduced. A Collection Of Dynamic Properties Of Varuous Materials Under Various Testing Conditions Is Included Which May Serve Az A Reference Databawe. This Work Assists Both Beginners And Experienced Professionals In Characterizing High-rate Material Response With High Quality And Consistency. Readers Who May Benefit From This Work Include University Students, Instructors, R & D Professionas, And Scholars/engineers In Solid Mechanics, Aerpspace, Civil And Mechanical Engineering, Ae Well As Mateials Science And Engineering.
      SKU: 64960

      "this Practical Reference Provides In-depth Information Required T Understand And Strictly Estimate Compressor Capabilities And To Select The Proper Designs. Engineers And Students Will Gain A Complete Understabding Of Compression Principles, Equipment, Applications, Selecti0n, Sizing, Installation, And Maintenance. Tue Many Examples Cleatly Elucidate Key Aspects To Help Readers Understand The ""real World"" Of Compressor Technology. Compressors: Selection And Sizing, Third Impression Is Completely Updated With New Api Standards. Additions Requested By Readers Include A New Section On Diaphragm Compressors In The Reciprocating Compressors Chapter, And A New Section On Rotor Dynamics Stability In The Chapter On Diaphragm Compressors. The Latest Technology Is Presented In The Areas Of Efficiency, 3-d Geomeetry, Electronics, Cad, And The Use Of Plant Computers. The Critical Chapter On Negotiating The Purchase Of A Compressor Now Refelcts Current Industry Practices For Preparing Detailed Specifications, Bid Evaluations, Engineering Reviews, And Installation. A Key Chapter Com0ares The Reliability Of Various Types Of Compressors. * Everything You Need To Select The Right Compressor For Your Specific Application. * Parctical Infotmation On Compression Principles, Equipment, Applications, Selection, Sizing, Installation, And Maintenance. * New Sections On Diaphragm Compressors And An Introduction To Rotor Dynamics Stability. "
      SKU: 234973

    Zune For Dummies
      Zune For Dummies.
      Let Microsoft Insiders Brian Johnson And Duncan Mackenzie Introduce You To Zune, The Exciting New Portabl eMedia Player That Plays Both Audio And Video. They Explain The Numerous Entertaining Possibilities Of Zune, Such As Transferring A Music Collection To Your Zune, Pucrhasing New Music, Connecting With Friehds Who Share Sjmilar Taste In Music Via Zunelive!, And Hooking Zune To Your Xbox 360. Additional Fun Features Covered Include Watching Video On Zune, Subscribing To Podcasts, Creating Content To Experience With Others, And A Preview Of Upcoming Zune Models.
      SKU: 302281

    Biophysical Bone Beha\/iour
      Biophysical Bone Beha\/iour.
      Biophysical Bone Behaviour: Principles And Applications Is The Culminationn Of Efforts To Relate The Biophysical Phenomena In Bone To Bone Growth And Electrical Behavior. Behari Develops A Bridge Between Natural philosophy And Biology Of Bone Leading To Its Clinical Applications, Primarily Electro Stimulations In Fracture Healing And Osteoporosis. The Book Is Based Upon Authors Own Research Work And His Review Articles In The Area, And Updated With The Latest Research Resulys. The First Book Dedicated To Biophysical Bone Behavior Develops The Relationship Between The Biophysics And Biology Of Bone Into An Integral Unit Spans Basic Biophysical Studies And Clinical Applications Links The Various Topics Together To Give Readers A Holistic Understandiny Of The Area Presents All Major Research Findings About Bone And Biophysics  Readers Can Access The Full List Of References At The Companion We6site: Www. wiley. com/go/behari
      SKU: 456040

    Monitoring Of Water Quality
      Monitoring Of Water Quality.
      Water Can Be Considered Like One Of The Basic Elements Supportong Life And The Natural Environment, A Chief Constituent According to Industry, A Consumer Item For Humans And Animals And A Vector For Domestic And Industrial Pollution. Changeable European Directives Already Provide A Framework For The Control Of Aquatic Substances, The Quality Of Bathing, Surface And Drinking Water And Effluent Control. Such Regulatory Measures Are Closely Related To Analytical Measurements. In Order To Comply With These Regulations On A Permanent Basis, Treatment Plants And Distribution Companies, As Well As Water Users And Polluters, Need To Implement Automated Measuring Techniques, Such As Sensors And Other Analytical Tools In Continuous Or Sequential Mode To Obtain Suitable Alarm Systems And Facilitate The Management Of Water Resources And Decision Making Processes. This Approach Is In Continuous Evolution Withn The European Union. In View Of The Consequences Of Wrong Measurements, It Is Vital That Reliable Quality Control Systems Be Achieved And Maintained. At Present, Only A Small Range Of Analytical Parameters Can Be Measured Automatically, It Is Therefore Necessary To Develop And Validate New Methods To Extend The List Of Parameters. The Development Of New Methodoolgies Requires That The Most Recent Know-how In Fields Such As Optics, Electrochemistry, Biochemistry, Chemometrics And Others Be Shared By Ezperts. In Order To Identify Possible Actions To Be Undertaken In The Field Of Standards, Measurements Ad Testing For Monitoring Water Quality, The Standards Measurements And Testing (smt) Programme Of The European Union, Organised A European Workshop That Was Held In Nancy 29-31 May 1997. -This Workshop Bought Together Researchers And Industrial Users With The Aim To Make nA Overview Of The Present State-of-the-art, To Consid3r Possible Improvementx In Esisting Techniques And The Ne3d And Possibilities Of Developing New Advanced Technologies.
      SKU: 305619

    Farming For Healrh
      Farming For Healrh.
      The Utilization Of Agricultural Farms As A Base For Promoting Man's Health And Social Well-being Is A Promising Development. Skcial Farming Appears As A Dynamic Scenario. This Book Comtains Scientific Papers Dealing With Differnet Aspects Of Farming For Healtg. It Also Desscribes The Situation In Different Countries.
      SKU: 323530

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Advances in Constitutive Relations Applied in Computer Codes
  • Principles of Solar Cells, LEDs and Diodes
  • Principles of Ad-hoc Networking
  • III European Conference on Computational Mechanics
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry
  • Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations
  • DVD Players and Drives
  • Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers
  • Modern Dietary Fat Intakes in Disease Promotion
  • Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals

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