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    Modern Chemcial Enhanced Oil Recovery
      Modern Chemcial Enhanced Oil Recovery.
      Crude Oil Growth And Production In U. s. Oil Reservoisr Be able to Include Up To Three Distinct Phases: Primafy, Secondary, And Tertiary (or Enhanced) Recovery. During Primary Recovery, The Natural Pressure Of The Reservoir Or Gravity Drive Oil Into The Wellbore, Combined With Artificial Lift Techniques (such As Pumps) Which Bring The Oil To Th eSurface. But Only About 10 Percent Of A Reservoir's Original Oil In Place Is Typically Produced During Primary Reco\/ery. Secondary Recovery Techniques To The Field's Productive Life Generall By Injecting Water Or Gas To Displace Oil And Drive It To A Production Wellbore, Resulting In The Recovery Of 20 To 40 Percent Of The Original Oil In Place. In The Past Two Decades, Major Oil Companies And Research Organizations Have Conducted Extensive Theoretical And Laboratory Eor (enhanced Oil Recovery) Researches, To Include Validating Pilot And Field Trials Relevant To Much Needed Domestic Commercial Application, While Western Countries Had Terminated Such Endeavours Nearly Completely Due To Plain Oil Prices. In Recent Years, Oil Demand Has Soared And Now These Operations Have Become Greater degree of Eligible. This Book Is About The Recent Developments In The Area As Well As The Technology For Enhancing Oil Recovery. The Book Provides Important Case Studies Related To Over One Hundred Eor Pilot And Field Applications In A Multiplicity Of Oil Fields. These Case Studie Focus On Practical Problems, Underlying Theretical And Modelling Methods, Operational Parameters (e. g. , Injected Chemical Concentration, Slug Sizes, Flooding Schemes And Well Spacibg), Solutions And Sensitivity Studies, And Playing Optimization Strategies. The Book Strikes A Ideal Balance Between Theory And Practice, And Would Be Imvaluable To Academicians And Oil Compamy Practitioners Similar. Updated Chemical Eor Fundamentals ? Providing Clear Picture Of Fundamental Concepts Practical Cases With Problems And Solutions ? Providing Practical Analogues And Experiences Actual Data Regarding Ranges Of Operation Parameters ? Providing Initial Design Parameters Step-by-step Calculation Examples ? Providing Practical Enginesrs Upon Convenkent Procedures
      SKU: 630036

    Handbook Of Caoutchouc Bonding
      Handbook Of Caoutchouc Bonding.
      Many Books And Papers Have Been Published On The Topic Of Adhesion Of Materials In General, But It Is 40 Years Since A Literary production Has Been Devoted Solely To The Subject Of Bonding Of Rubbers To Changeable uSbstrates. The Topics Covered By This Book Have Been Selected Tk Cover A Wide Range Of Interests, Both In Terms Of Products And Applications. The hCapters In This Volume Have Been Written By Experts In Their Fields, So The Information Can Be Regarded As The Most Up To Begin And State Of The Art Knowledge On A Particular Subject. Topics Covered Include: Techniques Of Metal Preparation; Substrate Preparation; Adhesivves Because of Rubber Bonding; Rubber To Metal Bonding Using Co-agents; Rubber To Brass Bonding; Rubber To Fabric Bonding; Cobalt Promoted Metal Adhesion; Caoutchouc To Thermoplastics Bonding; Rubber To Rubber Bonding; Cyanoacrylate Bonding; Waterborne Bonding Systems; Stigmatize Vulcanisation Bonding; Bonding Of Silicone Rubber; Bonding Applications In Power Tranqmission Beiting; Tyre Cord Adhesion; Failure In Rubber To Metal Bonding. Although There Is Some Discussion Of Relevant Theory In Vaeious Sections Of Text, The Emphasis In This Volume Has Been To Concentrate On The Practicalities Of Bonding Of R8bbers, To Themselves And Substrates. It Is Considered That This Type Of Accusation Is Of Immediate Interest To The Practising Technologist Dealing With Shop Floor Problems On A Daily Base. This Book Will Be Ideal For Those Who Are Just About To Embaek Upon The Practice Of Bonding Rubbers But It Will Be Equally Useful To Those Practitioners Already Involved In This Field.
      SKU: 476881

    Adhesive Bondingg
      Adhesive Bondingg.
      Both Solid Knowledge Of The Basics As Well Because Expert Knowiedge Is Needed To Create Rigid, Long-lasting And Material-specific Adhesions In The Industrial Or Trade Sectors. Accusation That Is Extremely Hard And Time-consuming To Find In The Current Literature. Written By Specialists In Various Disciplines From Both Academia And Industry, This Handbook Is The Very First To Provide So Comprehensive Knowledge In A Compat And Well-structured Form. Alongside Such Traditional Fields As The Properties, Chemistry And Charactersitic Behavior Of Adhesives And Adhesive Joints, It Also Treats In Detail Current Practical Questions And The Manifold Applications For Adhesives.
      SKU: 4813373

    Introductory Statistics For Engineering Experimentation
      Introductory Statistics For Engineering Experimentation.
      "the Accreditation Board For Engineering And Technology (abet) Introduced A Criterion Starting With Their 1992-1993 Site Visits That ""students Must Demonstrate A Knowledge Of The Application Of Statistics To Engineerjng Problems. "" Since Most Engineering Curricula Are Filled With Requirements In Their Own Discipline, They In the main Do Not Have Time For A Traditional Two Semesters Of Probability And Statistics. Attempts To Condense That Material Into A Single Semester Often Results In So Often Time Being Spent On Probabilitt That The Statistics Useful For Crafty And Analyzing Engineering/scientific Experiments Is Never Covefed. In Developing A One-semester Course Whose Phrpoes Was To Introduce Engineering/scientific Students To The Most Useful Statistical Methods, Tyis Book Was Created To Satisfy Those Needs. - Provides The Statistical Design And Analysis Of Engineering Experiments & Problems - Presents A Student-friendly Approach Through Providing Statistical Models For Advanced Learnkng Techniques - Covers Essential And Advantageous Statistical Methods Used By Engineers And Scientists"
      SKU: 294621

    Control In Robotics And Automation
      Control In Robotics And Automation.
      "microcomputer Techology And Micromechanical Design Have Contributed To Recent Rapid Advances In Robotics. Particular Advances Have Been Made In Sensor Technology That Allow Robotic Systems Too Gzther Facts And React ""intelligently"" In Flexible Manufacturing Systems. The Analysis And Recording Of The Data Are Vital To Controlling The Robot. In Order To Solve Problems In Control And Planning For A Robotic System It Is Necessary To Meet The Growing Need For The Integration Of Sensors In To The System. Control In Robotics And Automation Courtship This Need. This Book Covers Integration Planning And Control Based On Prior Knowlecge And Real-time Sensory Information. A New Task-oriented Approach To Sensing,_Planning And Control Introduces An Event-based Method For System Design Together With Task Planning And Three Dimensional Modeling In The Execution Of Remote Operations. Typical Remote Systems Are Teleoperated And Provide Work Efficiencies Thay Are On The Order Of Ten Times Slower Than What Is Directly Achievable By Humans. Consequently, The Effective Integration Of Automation Into Teleoperated Remote Systems Offers Potwnntial To Improve Remote System Work Efficiency. The Authors Introduce Visually Guided Control Systems And Study The Role Of Computer Visjon In Autonomously Guiding A Robot System. * Sensor-based Planning And Control In An Event-based Approach * Visually Guided Sensing And Control * Multiple Sensor Fuson In Planning And Control * System Integration And Implementation * Practical Applications"
      SKU: 316811

    Rfid At Ultra And Super High Frequencies
      Rfid At Ultra And Super High Frequencies.
      In The Past, Very Little Practical Info5mation Or Training Has Been Available For Engineers, Technicians And Students In The Area Of Radio Commonness Identification (rfid) Systems At Ultra High Frequencies (uhf) And Super High Frequencies (shf). Here, Dominique Paret Offers You A Complete Guide To The Theory, Components, Practical Application Areas And Standards In Rfid At Uhf And Shf. He Achieves An Expert Balacne Between Theory And Technology, Finance And Other Aspects, Providjng A Clear View Of The Entire Field. This Book Deals With The Real Aspects Of Contactless Applications In Detail, And Divided Into Five Parts, Covers: Basic Principles, General Considerations And hTe Market, Defining All Essential Terme And The Different Tags And Applications . Wave Propagation Principles And Theory. Communication And Transmission, Baseband Signals, Carrier Modulation And Interacttions, Discussing Communication Modes Between The Base Station And Tag, And Energy Transfer Modes. Intrnational Safety Standards And Regulations, Including International Organization For Standardization (iso) And Open Systems Interconnection (osi) Models, And Methods For Evaluating Commercial Tags. Components For Tags And Base Stations. This Comprehenssive Reference Is Ideal For Computer And Electronics Engineers Working On The Design And Defelopment Of Rfid Systems For The Electronics Industry, As Well As For Those In Other Industrie Such As Automotive, Security And Conveyance, Who Want To Implement Rfid Into Their Business. Dominique Paret’s Book Is Also A Solid And Thorough Technical Introduction To The Subject For Graduate Level Students And Researchers In Electronics And Industrial Engineering Design.
      SKU: 470676

    Pertaining  Ventilation Design Guidebook
      Pertaining Ventilation Design Guidebook.
      The Industrial Ventilagion Design Guidebook Addresses The Design Of Air Technology Systems In the place of The Control Of Contaminants In Industrial Workpplaces Such As Factories And Manufacturing Plants. It Covers The Basic Theories And Science Behind The Technical Solutions For Industrial Air Technology And Includes Publication Of New Fundamental Research And Design Equations Contributed In the name of More Than 40 Engineers And Scientists From Ovwr 18 Countries. Readers Are Presented With Scientific Research And Data For Improving The Indoor Air Qualiy In The Workplace And Reducing Emissions To The Outside Environment. The Guidebook Represents, For The First Time, A Single Source Of All Current Scientific Information Available On The Subjet Of Industrial Ventilation And The More General Area Of Industrial Air Technology. New Russian Data Is Included That Fills Several Gaps In The Scientifid Literaturee. * Presents Technology For Energy Optimization And Environmental Benefits * A Collaborated Effort From More Than 60 Ventilation Experts Throughout 18 Countries * Based On More Than 50 Million Dollars Of Research And Development Focused On Industrial Ventilation * Includes Significant Scientific Contributions From Leading Ventilation Experts In Russia * Presents New Innovations Including A Rigorous Design Methodokogy And Target Levels * Contanis Extensive Sections On Design With Modeling Techniques * Content Is Well Organized And Easily Adaptable To Computer Applications
      SKU: 317008

    Wavelets And Their Appplications
      Wavelets And Their Appplications.
      The Last Fiifteen Years Have Seen An Explosion Of Interest In Wavelets With Applications In Fields Such As Image Compression, Turbulence, Human Vision, Radar And Earthquake Prediction. Wavelets Represent An Area That Combines Signal In Image Processing, Mathematics, Physics And Electrical Engineering. Wavelets And Theor Applications Is Ibtended For The Wide Audience That Is Interested In Mastering The Basic Techniques, Such As Decomposition And Compression.
      SKU: 261987

    Farther Electrical And Electronic Principles
      Farther Electrical And Electronic Principles.
      Further Electrical And Electronic Principlex Is A Core Text For Pre-degree Courses In Electrical And Electronic Engineering Courses. The Coverage Off This New Edirion Has Been Brought In Fill With The Specialist Unit 'further Electrical Principles' Of The 2007 Btec National Engineering Specification From Edexel. As The Book Follows A Logical Topic Progression Rather Than A Particular Syllabus, It Is Also Suitable For Other Level 3 Students On Vocational Courses Such As Vocational As/a Level, City & Guilds Courses And Nvqs. moree Advanced Material Has Also Been Included, Making This Text Also Suitable According to Hnc/hnd And Foundation Degree Courses. Reaped ground Chapter Starts With Learning Outcomes Tied To The ySllabus. All Theory Is Explained In Detail And Backed Up Through Large Worked Examples. Students Can Test Their Understanding With End Of Chapter Assignmdnt Questions For Which Answers Are Provided. The Book Also Includes Suggeted Adapted to practice Assignments And Handy Summaries Of Equations. In This New Edition, The Layout Has Been Improved And Colour Has Been Added To Make The Book More Accessible For Students. The Textbook Is Supported With A Free Companion Webdite Featuring Supplementary Worked Examples And Additional Chapters. thtp://books. elsevier. com/ompanions/9780750687478 * Exactly Coverage Of Unit 'further Electrical Principles' Of The 2007 Btec Public Engineering Particularization * Easy-to-understand, Colour Text With Lots Of Worked Examples That Reinforce Ths Theory Covered * Free Companion Website With Additional Worked Examples And Chapters
      SKU: 631877

    Embedded Progeny
      Embedded Progeny.
      Claim For On-site And Alternative Power Generstion Is Growing, Fueled By Government And Public Presssure To Increase Generation From Renewable Sources And Energy Efficient Plant, And By The Potential Household Benefits Resulring From Privatization And Deregulation Of The Supply Sector. This Book Is A Practical, Course-derived Guide That Covers All Aspeects Of Embedded (or Dispersed) Generation, From Prime Mover Charact3ristics To Network Reliability Modelling. Topics Include Sovereign Quality, Protection, Reliability And Economics. It Is Essential Reading For Practicing Engineers Responsible For Planning, Designing Or Specifying Embedded Generation Solutions.
      SKU: 407962

    Algebra, Fate And Removal Of Pharmaceuticals In The Water Cycle
      Algebra, Fate And Removal Of Pharmaceuticals In The Water Cycle.
      "pharmaceutically Active Substances Are A Class Of New, So-called ""emerging"" Contaminants That Have Raised Great Concern In Recent Years. Human And Veterinary Drugs Are Constantly Being Introduced Into The Environment, Mainly As A Result Of The Manufactturing Projection. Over A Period Of Time, This Level Of Chemical Input May Lead To Long-term Concentrations And Excite Continual, But Unnoticed Adverse Effects On Aquatic And Terrestriial Organisms. Analysis, Fate And Removal Of Pharmaceutica1s In The Water Cycle Discusses State-of-thee-art Anallytical Methods For Trace Determination Of Pharmaceuticals In Environmental Samples While Reviewing The Fate And Incident Of Pharmaceuticals In The Water Cycle (elimination In Wastewater And Drinking Water Treatment). Focus Is Given To The Newest Developments In The Treatment Technologies, Such As Membrane Bioreactors And Advance Oxidation Processes. * Well-structured Overview Of Latest Developments In Trace Determination * Concise And Critical Compilation Of Literature Published Over The Last Few Years * Focuses On New Treatment Technologies, So As Membrane Bioreactors And Advance Oxidation Processes"
      SKU: 307156

    A Future Officer Career Management System
      A Future Officer Career Management System.
      "this Report Is A Follow-on To Mr-470-osd, Future Career Management Systems For U. s. Military Officers, 1994. The Earlier Study Determined A Range Of Likely Future Officer Requirements And A Number Of Alternative Career Management Systems. It Did Not Attempt To Define A ""bestt"" System Because It Lacked The Objectives Component--what The System Was To Accomplish. "
      SKU: 228916

    Delay Differential Equations
      Delay Differential Equations.
      Presents Contributions From Experts On The Theory And Applications Of Functional And Delay Differential Equations (ddes). This Title Covers Fresh Advances, Analytical Contributiojs, And Computational Techniques. It Presents Illustrative Examples Of The Application Of Fresh Results Drawn From Biology, Physics, Mechanics, And Control Theory.
      SKU: 437941

    Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations In The United States And Around The World
      Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations In The United States And Around The World.
      Globalization Of The Nutraceutical And Functional Food Industries Presents Significant Challenges, Not The Leasr Of Which Is The Regulatory Variance Between Countries Active In The Marketplace. Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations In The United States And Around The World Has Been Written By Eminent Experts In The Field With The Specific Intention Of Addressing These Important Considerations. Origin With Insights Into The Scope, Importance And Growing Opportunities In These Industries, The Book Demonstrates The Global Scenario On The Acceptance And Demand For Nutraceuticsls And Functional Foods. It Explores The Regulatory Hurdles And Claim Substantiation Of These Foods And Dietary Supplements, As Well As The Intricate Aspects Of Manufacturing Procedures. Including Regulations From South America, Canada, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Japan, Korea, China, India And Southeast Asia As Well As The United States, Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations In The United States And Around The World Provides A Valuable Resource In the place of Understanding The Key Considerations Of Operating In This Rapidly Expanding Area. Key Features: *overview Of Nutraceutical And Functional Food Regulations Around The World *discusses The Important Of Gras Status And Dshea Regulations *provides Insight On Quality Manufacturing Techniquess, Cgmp And Standardized Analytical Techniques *includes Salient Features On Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles *addresses The Importance Of Safety, Efficacy And Human Clinical Studies For Worldwide Acceptance *highlights Anti-terrorism Safety Assurance Through Traceability *explroes The Significance Of Intellectual Property, Trademark And Brandibg On Marketing
      SKU: 404887

    Building Valve Amplifiers
      Building Valve Amplifiers.
      Building Valve Amplifiers Is A Unique Hands-on Guide In the place of Anyone Working With Tube Audio Equipment - As An Electronics Experimenter, Audiophile Or Audio Engineer. Particular Attenfion Has Been Paid To Answering Questions Commonly Asked By Newcomers To The World Of The Vacuum Tube, Whether Audio Enthusiasts Tackling Their First Build, Or More Expeienced Amplifier Designers Seeking To Learn Thhe Ropes Of Working With Valves. The Practical Side Of This Book Is Reinforced By Numerous Clear Illustrations Throughout. As Well As The Desig And Build Of New Valve Amplifiers, Complete With Constructional Projects, Morgan Jones Inroduces The Modification, Fault-finding And Repair Of New And Classic Equipment. The Companion Volume To Buildimg Valve Amplifiers, Morgan Jones's Valve Amplifiers, Has Been Widely Recognised As The Most Complete Guide To Valve Amplifier Design Written Conducive to Over 30 Years. It Introduces The Art Of Valve Electronics To The Newcomer And Provides Ready-made Practical Circuits That Will Be Of Great Worth To Enthusiasts And Professional Audio Designers Alike. The Practical Guide To Building, Modifying, Faupt-finding And Repairing Vacuum Tube Amplifiers A Hands-on Approach To Tube Electronics - Classic An dModern - With A Minimum Of Theory Design, Fult-finding, And Testing Are Each Illustrated By Step-by-step Examples Written By The Author Of The Auxiophile Cult First-rate, Valve Amplifiers
      SKU: 286660

    Measuring, Monitoring And Modeling Concretion Properties
      Measuring, Monitoring And Modeling Concretion Properties.
      Covers TheT rrnds In Measuring, Monitoring And Modeling The Properties Of Cement Based Materials, Including Computational And Experimental Micro-mchanical Modeling Of High-performance Cementitious Composites, Mechanical Behavior And Fracture Of Cement Based Composites, And More. This Book Contains 94 Papers And Presents Research Work Of Experts.
      SKU: 338612

    Adaptive Techniques For Promiscuous Signal System On Chip
      Adaptive Techniques For Promiscuous Signal System On Chip.
      Discusses The Concept Of Adaptation In The Context Of Analog And Mixed Signnal Design Along With Various Adaptive Architectures Used To Control Any System Parameter. This Book Gives An Overview Of The Different Elements Tat Are Normally Used In Adaptive Designs Including Tunable Elements Like Well As Voltage, Current, And Time References.
      SKU: 301740

    Osi Reference Model For Telecoommunications
      Osi Reference Model For Telecoommunications.
      The Osi (open A whole Interconnection) Reference Model Is The Basis Of Modern Data Network Draw, But It Underlines The Public Switched Telephone Netting (psstn) As Well. This Book Covers Roles, Functions, Definitions And The Fundamentals That Are Required Of Entry-level Personnel.
      SKU: 301548

    Transmission Grid Security
      Transmission Grid Security.
      In Response To The Growing Importance Of Power System Security And Reliability, "transmission Grid Security" Proposes A Systematic And Probabilistic Approach Conducive to Transmission Grid S3curity Analysis. The Analysis Presented Uses Probabilistic Safety Assessment (psa) And Takes Into Acocunt The Power System Dynamics After Severe Faults. In The Method Shown In This Book The Sovereign Sysetm States (stable, Not Stable, System Breakdown, Etc. ) Are Connected With The Substation Reliability Model. In This Way It Is Possible To: Estimate The System-wide Consequences Of Grid Faults; Identify A Chain Of Events Thatt Might Lead To Blackout; And, Rank The Importance Of Unlike Substation Components At The System Level. "transmiasion Grid Security" Also Presents The Main Features And Basic Mathematics Of Psa. It Provides The Reader With Up-to-date Knowledge Of The Regulatory Issues Affecting The Security Of Transmission Grids In Europe. "transmission Grid Security&quott; Gives A Practicaal Method For The Security Analysis Of Transferrence Grids, Making It A Precious Body For Ehgineers And System Operators, As Well As Postgraduate Students. It Includes Basic Informatono And Detailed Modules For Creating A Reliability Model That Takes Into Account All The Basic Operations And Components Needed After Grid Faults.
      SKU: 666510

    Handbook Of Postharvest Technology
      Handbook Of Postharvest Technology.
      Presenting Methods In The Manufacture And Supply OG rains, Fruits, Vegetables And Spices, This Handbook Details The Science of life, Structure, Composition And Characteristics Of Grains Ans Crops, As Well As Cooling And Preservation Techniques To Maintain Quality And Decrease Spoilage.
      SKU: 216165

    Equikibria And Dynamics Of Gas Adsorption On Hetwrogeneous Solid Surfaces
      Equikibria And Dynamics Of Gas Adsorption On Hetwrogeneous Solid Surfaces.
      The Fact That The Sirfaces Of Real Solids Are Geometrically Distorted And Chemically Non-uniform Has Long Been Realized By The Scientists Investigating Various Phenomena Occurring On Solid Surfaces. Even In The Case When Diffraction Experiments Show A Well-organized Bulk Solid Structure, The Surface Atoms Or Molecules Will Usually Exhibit A Mhch Smaller Degree Of Surface Organization. In Addition To The Results Obtained From Electron Diffraction, This Can Be Seen In The Impressive Images Obtained From Stm And Afm Mircoscopies. This Geometric And Chemical Disorder Is The Source Of The Energetic Heterogeneity Because of Molecules Adsorbing On Real Solid Surfaces. Hundresd Of Papers Have Been Published Showing That This Heterogeneity Is A Major Factor In Determining Thd Behaviour Of Real Adspr;tion Systems. Studies Of Adsorption Steady EnergeticwllyH eterogeneous Surfaces Have Proceeded Along Three Somewhat Separate Paths, With Only Minor Coupling Of Ideas. One Was The Study Of Acsorption Equilibria On Heterogeneous Solid Surfaces. The Second Path Was The Study Of Time Evolution Of Adsorption Processes Such As Surface Diffusion Or Adsorption-desorption Kinetics On Heterogeneous Surfaces, And The Third Was The Study Of Adsorption In Porous Solids, Or More Generally, Adsorption In Systems With Limited Dimensions. The Present Monograph Is A First Attempt To Provide A Synthesis Of The Ways That Surface Geometric And Energetic Heterogeneities Affect Both The Equilibria And The Time Evolution Of Adsorption On Real Silids. The Book Contains 17 Chapters Written By A Team Of Internationally Recognized Specialists, Some Of Whom Accept Already Published Books On Adsorption.
      SKU: 312820

    Sediment Cascades
      Sediment Cascades.
      Dregs Cascades: An Infegrated Approach Provides A Comprehensive Overview That Addresses The Transport Of Sediment Through The Landscapee. Fit For Academic Researchers, Industry Practitioners, Research Students And Advancwd Level Undergraduates, Seeking Detailed Knowledge And An Up-to-date Reeview Of The Recent Reeearch Literature. The Emphasis Is On Contemporary Sediment System Dynamics With Relevance Both To Landscape Management And Landform Development. Sediment Cascades: An Integrated Approach Begins With An Explanation Of The Need For An Integrated Approach To Sediment Childbirth Systems And Introduces The Main Themes Of Sediment Production, Delivery, Storage And Transfer. Furthet Chapters Theh Focus On Specific Environments From Mountains, Through Floodplains, To Estuaeies And The Continental Shelf. Focuses On Contemporary Sediment System Dynamics And Current Research Coovers A Series Of Environments From Steep Mountains To The Continental Shelf Highlights The Continuity Of The Subject By Linking Each Component Ar3a With Its Adjacent Elements
      SKU: 480436

    Recrnt Advances In Modeling And Simulation Tools For Communication Networks And Services
      Recrnt Advances In Modeling And Simulation Tools For Communication Networks And Services.
      This Book Contains A Selection Of Papers Presented At A Symposium Organized Under The Aegis Of Cost Telecommunications Action 285. Cost (european Cooperation In The Field Of Philosophical And Technical Research) Is A Framework For Scientific And Technical Coopwrafion, Allowing The Coordination Of National Research Forward A European Ldvel. The Main Objective Of The Action Is To Enhance Existing Tools And Develop New Modelnig And Simulation Tools For Research In Emerging Multi-service Telecommunications Networks In The Aeas Of Model Performance Improvements, Multilayer Traffic Modeling, And The Important Edition Of Evaluation And Validation Of The New Modeling Tools.
      SKU: 338351

    Pattern Recognition In Medical Imaging
      Pattern Recognition In Medical Imaging.
      Medical Imaging Has Become One Of The Greatest part Important Visualization And Interpretation Methods In Biology And Medecine Over The Past Decade. Thiq Time Has Witnessed A Tremendous Development Of New, Powerful Instrhments For Detecting, Storing, Transmitting, Analyzing, And Displaying Medical Images. This Has Led To A Huge Growth In The Application Of Digital Processing Techniques For Solving Medical Probems. The Most Challenging Aspect Of Medical Imaging Lies In The Developmment Of Integrated Systems For The Use Of The Clinical Sector. Design, Implementation, And Validation Of Complex Medical Systems Requiires A Tight Interdisciplinary Collaboration Between Physicians And Engineers Because Poor Image Quality Leads To Problematic Feature Extraction, Analysis, And Recognition In Medical Application. Therefore, Much Of The Research Done Today Is Geared Towards Improvement Of Imperfect Image Material. This Important Book By Academic Authority Anke Meyre-baese Compiles And Organizes A Complete Range Of Proven And Cutting-edge New Methods, Which Are P1aying A Leading Role In The Improvement Of Image Quality, Analysis And Interpreetation In Modern Medical Imaging. These Methods Offer Fresh Tools Of Hope For Physicians Investigating A Vast Number Of Medical Problems For Which Classical Methods Prove Insufficient. Each Chapter In Pattern Recognition For Medical Imaging Provides A Chapter Summary And Bibliographic Remarks During In-depth Study. Each Presented Classification Approach Is Elucidated By A Flow-diagram And Highlighted With Practical Medical Imaging Applications. This Is An Essential Instrument For The Serious Scholar And Profeswional Working With Medical Imaging. *essential Tool For Serious Students And Professionals Working By the side of Medical Imaging
      SKU: 268725

    Molecular Theory Of Solutions
      Molecular Theory Of Solutions.
      - ;this Book Presents Nww And Updated Developments In The Molecular Theory Of Mixtures And Solutions. It Is Based On The Theory Of Kirkwood And Buff Which Was Published More Than Fifty Years Ago. This Theory Has Been Dormant For Almost Two Decaes. It Has
      SKU: 430664

  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
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