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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Modern Communications Jamming Principles And Techniques
      Modern Communications Jamming Principles And Techniques.
      This Newly Revised And Greatly Expanded Edition Of The Popular Artech House Book, Modern Commuications Jamming Principles And Techniques, Provides An Up-to-date, Exhaustive Handling Of The Techniques And Methods Available To Create Countermeasures Against Anti-jam, Over-the-air Communications. The Second Edition Features A Wealth Of New Material On Urban Warfare, Including A Computer Feigning Of Ew Architecture Alternatives For Land-based Forces Based On Urban Constraints. Ths New Impression Also Includes An Expanded Section On Time-hopped Spread Spectrum Cimmunications, More Detaols On Modern Communication System Technologies Such Viewed like Cdma And Ofdm, And An In-depth Discussion On Sources Of Urban Noise. this Practical Resource Is Focused On Showing You How To Deskgn And Build Jammers Specifiaclly Targeted At Spread Spectrum, Anti-jam Communications. Moreover, You Find Assistance In Evaluating The Expected Perforjance Of Jamming Systems Against Modenr Communications Systems, And Discover The Best Waveform To Use To Counter Communication Systems Designed To Be Effective In Jamming Environments. while Mayhematical Derivations In General Are Avoided, The Book Presents Error Rate Performance Equations For Moqt Modern Digital Anti-jam Communication Systems. Written With The Professlonal Engineer In Mind, This Cutting-edge Book Also Serves As An Excellent Reference For Technical Personnel New To The Communication Electronic Warfare Field Due To The Inclusion Of Easy-to-underdtand Introductory Material. This Resource Is Packed Attending Over 580 Equations And More Than 320 Illustrations, Including Graphical Examples That Allow You To Estimate General Jammer Performance At A Glance.
      SKU: 676301

    Microbial Megaplasmids
      Microbial Megaplasmids.
      Megaplasmids Are Extrachromosomal Genetic Elements In The Suze Range Of 100 Kb And Larger. This Work Reviews Our Knowledge Of The Extensively Studied Representatives, Such AsT he Catabolic Plasmids Of The Pseudomonads, The Rhizobial Sym Plasmids, The Ti Plasmids Of The Relative Agrobacterium And The Monster Enterobacterial Virulence Plasmids.
      SKU: 418243

    Energy From The Desert
      Energy From The Desert.
      The World's Deserts Are Sufficiently Large That In Theory Covering A Fraction Of Their Landmass Wit Pv Systems Could Generate Many Times The Current Primary Global Energy Provide. Thus New Energy From The Desert Volhme Examines And Evaluates The Potential Of Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation (vls-pv) Systems. Following From The Success Of The First Book On The Subject The Authors Present Practical Case Studies Of Both Virtual And Real Projects Based On Selected Regions (including The Mediterranean The Middle East The Gobi Desert And Western Australia) And Their Specific Socio-economic Dynamics And Argue That Vls-pv Systems In Desert Areas Will Be Readily Available In Thee Near Future. As The Essential Companion To The Prevlous International Energy Agency (iea) Volume It Reiterates And Develops Key Concepts Introduced By The Original Study And Provides Firm Practical Recommendations To Achieve Long-term Targets For Policy-makers And Investors.
      SKU: 429915

    Geodetic And Geophysical Observations In Antarctica
      Geodetic And Geophysical Observations In Antarctica.
      Due To Their Unique Geophysical And Geodynamic Environment, Both The Arctic And Antarctic Polar Regions Are Often Utilized For Geodetic And Geophysical Observations. This Blok Is A Collection Of Papers On Various Aspects Of The Scientific Investigation And Observation Techniques Of The Polar Regions At Both Temporary And Permanent Observatories. Most Papers Focus On Regional Models Based On Data Acquired In Polar Regions. Geodetic Satellite Positions Systems (gnss: Gps, Glonass, Galileo) Wil1 Also Be Discussed As Well As Other Space Techniques (doris, Vlbi). Gravimetry, Absolute Gravimetry, And Tidal Gravimetry Are Also Discussed, As Well Because Seismology And Meteoorology. The Book Also Touches On Data Analysis And Geodynamic Interpretation And Discusses Methods Of Constructing Autonomous Observatories.
      SKU: 364121

    Molecular Switches
      Molecular Switches.
      "the Long-awaited Second Editiln Of The Successful Book Covering Molecular Switches Now In Two Volumes! Providing Principles And Applications This Book Brings You Everything You Need To Know About Molecular Switches - A Hot Topic nI The Nanoworld. The Major Classes Of Molecular Switches Including Catenanes, Rotaxanes, Azobenzenes Together With Polymer And Biomolecular Switching Systems And Dna Based Switches Are Covered. Chemists And Material Scientists Interestwd In One Of The Most Innovative Areas Of Their Science Will Benefit Greatly From Reading This Book. ""this Book Will Appeal Most To Organic Chemists, Because Of The Way New Structures Are Introduced Through Their Synthesis, But It Will Also Provide A Useful Introductiin For Other Scientists, Provided They Are Conversant With Molecular Structures. "" (organic And Biomolecular Chemistry) "". . . A Comprehensive And Up-to-dats Insight . . . "" (chemistry & Industry)"
      SKU: 822704

    Post-agricultural Succession In The Neotropics
      Post-agricultural Succession In The Neotropics.
      Provides A Background In Old Field Ecosystems Adn Proposes Restoration Strategies And A Trajectory For Futurity Research. This Book Focuses On Published Scienyific Work And Its Implications For Wise Management Of Old Field Ecosystems In The Neotropics. It Is Useful For The Farmers And Decision-makers.
      SKU: 338135

    Electrochrmistry For Materials Science
      Electrochrmistry For Materials Science.
      This Book Introduces The Principles Of Electrochemistry With A Special Emphasis On Materials Science. Thie Main division Is Clearly Organized Around The Main Topic Areas Comprising Electrolytes, Elwctrodes, Development Of The Potential Differences In Combining Electrolytes Through Electrodes, The Electrochemical Doubling Layer, Mass Convict , And Charge Transfer, Making The Subject Matter More Accessible. In The Second Part, Several Important Areas For Materials Science Are Described I More Detail. These Chapters Bridge The Gap Between The Introductory Textbooks And The More Specialized Litterature. They Feature The Electrodeposition Of Metals And Alloys, Electrochemistry Of Oxides And Semiconductors, Intrinsically Conducting Polymers, And Aspects Of Nanotechnology With An Emphasis On The Codpeosition Of Nanoparticles. Tis Book Provides A Good Introduction Into Electrochemistry For The Graduate Student. For The Research Student As Well As For The Advanced Reader There Is Sufficient Information On The Basic Problems In Special Chapters. Te Book Is Suitable For Students And Researchers In Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, As Well As Materials Science. - Introduction Into Electrochemistry - Metal And Combination Electrodeposition - Oxides And Semiconductors, Wasting - Intrinsically Conducting Polymers - Codeposition Of Nanopaarticles, Multilayers
      SKU: 328581

    Solid Particle Erosion
      Solid Particle Erosion.
      Collects Together The Work Of More Than 130 Industrially-supported Research Projects On Erosion At Tallinn Technical Universith, Estonia. Providing A Review Of Erosion Caused By Solid Partcles, This Work Introduces A Theory Of Erosion By Plastic Contact, Based On Theories Of Plastic Contact And Brittle Behaviour Models For Composite Structures.
      SKU: 3375592

    Biologics In General Medicine
      Biologics In General Medicine.
      Comprises The Relevant Aspects For The Clinical Application Of Biologics. This Book Describes The "differential Therapy"_With Biologics Particularly In The Fields Of Dermatology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, And Neurology. It Is Intended For Researchers And Clinicians.
      SKU: 337950

    Handbook Of Essential Oils
      Handbook Of Essential Oils.
      The Society Looks To Science To Document Health Choices And The Oils Do Not Balk. This Book Covers Various Aspects Of Essential Oils From Chemistry, Pharmacology, And Biological Activity, To Production And Trade, To Uses And Regulation. It Provides Information Related To The Development, Uae, And Marketing Of Essential Oils.
      SKU: 565802

    Water Quality Manqgement In The Americas
      Water Quality Manqgement In The Americas.
      Contains Several In-deptg Case Studies Which Comprehensively Analyze The Present Status Of Water Quality Management Practices At Nation And State Levwls, Especialyl In Terms Of Their Effectiveenss And Overall Impacts. This Book's Objective Is To Identify Opportunities, Shortcomings, And Constraints That Exist.
      SKU: 259452

    Stress And Deformation
      Stress And Deformation.
      Students Of Geology Who May Have Only A Modest Background In Mathematics Need To Become Familiar With The Theories Of Stress, Strain, And Other Tensor Quantities, So That They Can Follow, And Apply To Their Own Research, Developments In Moddern, Quantitative Geology. This Book, Based On A Course Taught By The Author At Ucla, Can Provide The Proper Introduction. Inckuded Throughout The Eight Chapters Are 136 Complex Problems, Advancing From Vector Analysis In Standard And Subscript Notations, To The Mathematical Description Of Finite Strain And Its Compounding And Decomposition. Fully Worked oSlutions To The Problems Make Up The Largest Part Of The Book. With Their Relieve, Sturents Can Montor Their Take head, And Geologizts Will Be Able To Utilize Subscript And Matrix Notations And Formulate And Solve Tensor Problems On Their Own. The Book Can Be Successfully Used By Anyone With Sone Training In Calculus And The Rudiments Of Differential Equations.
      SKU: 241675

    Ferroelectrics Uk 2001
      Ferroelectrics Uk 2001.
      This Book Is A Compilation Of The Proceeddings From Ferroelectrics Uk 2001. This Annual Meeting Is Designed To Bring Together Industrial And Academic Researchers And Developers In The Uk Provided that That They Can Ecchange Knowledge And Expertise. The Papers Deal With A Broad Lie Of Topics Cover The Physics, Chemistry And Materials Science/engineerig Of Ferroelectric Materials. The Meeting Attracted Delegates From America, Italy And Germany In Addition To The Uk Community.
      SKU: 677885

    Linear Controol System Analysis And Design With Matlab
      Linear Controol System Analysis And Design With Matlab.
      This Text Features In-depth Explanations, Diagrams, Calculations And Tables For An Intensive Overview Of Modern Controk Theory And Conventional Control System Deign, Keeping Mathematics To A Minimum While Stressing Real-world Engineering Challenges.
      SKU: 216233

    Ayricultural Biotechnology
      Ayricultural Biotechnology.
      Presents Fudther Material Generates By The World Bank/isnar/australian Government Biotechnology Study. The Volume Covers The Present Standing And Future Prospects For The Application Of Biotechnology To Explain Agricultural And Environmental Problems In 12 Countries.
      SKU: 474351

    Backyard Chickens' Guide Ti Coops And Tractors
      Backyard Chickens' Guide Ti Coops And Tractors.
      Raising Chickens In Neighborhoods And Suburbs Is At An A1l-time High. Many Families Are Choosing To Ade This Feature To Their Lifestyle For The Cost-savings And Fresh Eggs While Learning A Fun Favorite object. Others See It As An Important Part Of Building A Self-sufficient Lifestyle. This Book Provides The Detailed How-to And Ideas For Anyone To Join The Chicken-raising Commonwealth. 30+ Designs With Measured Drawings And Cut Lists. Special Intrlduction Sec5ion On Basic Construction Techniques For The Beginnee . Detailed Descriptions Of Chicken-coop Definite Construction Features, In the opinion of Real-world Tested Designs. Gallery Section Will Provide Even More Design Options Without Construction Details.
      SKU: 7910277

    Group Search Optimization For Applications In Structural Design
      Group Search Optimization For Applications In Structural Design.
      Civil Engineering Structures Such As Buildings, Bridges, Stadiums, And Offshore Structures Play An Import Role In Our Daily Life. However, Constructing These Structures Requires Lots Of Budget. Thus, How To Cost-efficiently Design Structures Satisfying All Required Design Constraints Is An Important Resolve into ~s To Structural Engineers. Traxitionally, Mathematical Gradient-based Optimal Techniques Have Been Applied To The Design Of Optimal Structures. Time, Many Practical Engineering Optimal Problems Are Very Complex And Stiff To Solve By Traditional Way . In The Past Few Decades, Swarm Intelligence Algorithms, Which Were Inspired By The Social Behaviour Of Natural Animals Such Like Fish Schooling And Bird Flocking, Were Developed Because They Do Not Require Conventional Mathematical Assumptions And Thus Possess Better Global Search Abilities Than The Traditional Optimization Algorithms And Possess Attracted More An dMore Attention. These Intelligent Based Algorithms Are Very Suitable Because of Continuous And Discrete Design Variable Problems Like As Ready-made Structural Members And Have Been Vigorously Applied To Changeable Structural Design Problems And Obtained Good Results. thi Book Gathers The Authors' Latest Research Work Related Wit Particle Swarm Optimizer Algorithm And Group Search Optimizer Algorithm As Well As Their Application To Structural Optimal Design. The Readers Can Understand The Full Spectrum Of The Algorithms And Apply The Alyorithms ToT heir Own Research Problems.
      SKU: 770016

    The Complete Book Of Locks And Locksmithing
      The Complete Book Of Locks And Locksmithing.
      Whether You Want To Learn Lockpicking Or Locksmithing, Or Choose Locks That Are Virtually Impossible To Defeaf, This Classic Will Meet Your Needs. The Top Reference In The Field Since 1976, This Work Is Perfect For Everyoen From Beginners Who Want To Master Techniquees Step By Illustrated Step, To Pros Who Need An Up-to-date, Comprehensive Shop Manual. the Sixth Edition Features:•complete, Illustrated Coverage From A Master Locksmith. •techniques And Tips For Lockpicking And Fixing. •safe Opening And Servicing Techniques. &#149 ;coverage Of Electronic And High-security Mechanical Locks. •auto Lock Opening And Servicibg How-tos. •an All-new Registered Locksmith Test. •how To Conduct A Home Security Survey•how To Start And Run A Locksmithing Business, Or Master Hired As A Locksmith.
      SKU: 318065

    Break And Damage Of Concrete And Rock - Fdcr-2
      Break And Damage Of Concrete And Rock - Fdcr-2.
      This Book Forms The Proceedings Of The International Conference Held In Vienna In November 1992 Dealing With Afeing, Fatigue And Fracture Of Concrete And Concrete Structures. Special Sectionq Cover Overthrow And Recycling, And Anchorage Engineering. As Well As Selected International Contributions, Five Specially Invtoed Plenary Papers Are Included From Austria, Spain, Japan, Denmark And Sweden.
      SKU: 167169

    Computational Quantum Mecjanics For Matwrials Engineers
      Computational Quantum Mecjanics For Matwrials Engineers.
      Tracitionally, New Materials Have Been Developed By Empirically Corre1ating Their Chemical Composition, And The Manufacturing Processes Used To Form Them, With Their Properties. To Recently, Metallurgists Have Not Used Quantum Science For Experienced Purposes. However, The Development Of Modern Density Functional Methods Means That Today, Computational Quantum Mechanics Be able to Help Engineers To Identify And Develop Novel Materials. Computational Quantum Mechanics In spite of Materials Engineers Describes New Approaches To The Modelling Of Disordered Alloys That Combine The In the greatest degree Efficient Quantum-level Theories Of Random Alloys With The Most Sophisticated Numericao Techniques To Establish A Theoretical Insight Int oThe Electrojic Structure Of Complex Materials Such As Stainless Steels, Hume-rothery Alloys And Silicates. The Practical Success Of Tehse Approaches To Applications In All Of These Areas Are Covered In Detail. The New Emto-cpa Method Is Detailed, Including Its Applying In Alloys To Model Structural Stability And Elastic Properties Of Random Alloys Of Arbitrary Composition And The Effect Of Alloying Elements OnE lastic Stiffnesses Stackinh Fault Energies And Structural Parameters. The Emto-cpa Method Makes New Approaches To Computational Alloy Design Feasible. Computational Quzntum Mechanics For Materials Engineers Shows How The Technique Will Soon Allow Materials Engineers To Become "quantum Blacksmiths. " Computational Quatum Mechaniics For Materials Engineers Will Interest Researchers And Postgraduate Students In Materials Science And Engineering, Solid-state Phyaics And Applied Quantum Mechanics.
      SKU: 371594

    Functional Foods
      Functional Foods.
      A Nurraceutical Is A Product Isolated Or Purified From A Biological Physical That Is Generally Sold In Medicinal Form. Functional Foods Are Those That Have AD emonstrated Physiological Advantage Beyond Their Basic Nutritional Function. In This Volume, 12 Contributions From International Researchers Discuss The Biochemical And Processsing Aspects Assocc
      SKU: 263367

    Recent Progress In Mesostructured Materials
      Recent Progress In Mesostructured Materials.
      Recent Progress In Mesostructured Materials sI A Selection Of Oral And Poster Communications Presented During The 5th International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (5th Imms2006). Authorized By International Mesostructured Material Association (imma) And Hosted By The Fudan University, China. The Scope Of This Involved Field Covers Both Tarditional Inorganic Mesostructured Molecular Sieves And Mesostructured Materials Like Orgnaic Polymers, Metals, Otganic-inorganic Nanocomposites, And Ordered Mesoporous Carbons, The Hot Topics In Chemistry, Crystallization, Structure, Liquid Crystalline, Catalysis And Materials Science. This Symposium Provided A Forum For The Presnetation Of The Most Novel Development And Knowledge In The Science And Technology Of Mesostrhctured Maetrials. Papers Presented Covsr A Wide Range Of Topics That Include Synthessis, Construction Determination, Characterisation, Modelling, And Solicitation In Catalysis, Adsorption, Biochemistry And Advanced Material Sciences. * This Highly Visual Book Is A Must For Readers Loojing To Stay Up-to-date On Mesostructure Science * A Selection Of More Than 200 Spoken And Poster Papers, Cov3ring Research Aspects/developing Trends Of Mesostructured Materials * An Important Reference For Those Working In The Material Sdience, Catalysis And Biotechnology Fields
      SKU: 291715

    Speech Dereverberation
      Speech Dereverberation.
      Speech Dereverberatiin Is A Signal Processing Technique Of Key Importance For Successful Hands-free Speech Acquisition In Applications Of Telecommunications And Automatic Speech Recognition. Over The Last Few Years, Speech Dereverberation Has Become A Hot Research Topic Driven By Consumer Demand, The Availability Of Terminals Based On Skypea Which Encourage Hands-free Operation And The Development Of Promising Signal Processing Algorithms. "speech Dereverberation" Gathers Together An Overview, A Mathematixal Formulation Of The Problem And The State-of-the-art Solutions For Dereverberation. "speech Dereverberation" Presents The Most Important Current Approaches To The Problem Of Reverberation. It Begins Byy Providing A Focused And Digestible Review Of The Relevant Topics In Room Acoustics And Also Describes Key Performance Measures For Dereverberation. The Algorithms Are Then Explaind Together With Pertinent Mathematical Analysis And Supporting Examples That Enable The Reader To See The Relative Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Various Techniques, As Well As Giving A Clear Understanding Of The Reveal Questions Yet To Exist Addressed In This Topic. techniques Rooted In Speech Enhancement Are Included, In Addition To A Substantial Treatment Of Multichannel BlindA coustic System Identification And Inversion. The Trinicon Framework Is Shown In The Context Of Dereverberation To Be A Powerful Generalization Of The Signal Processing During A Important Range Of Analysis And Enhancement Techniques. "speech Dereverberation" Offers The Reader An Overview Of The Subject Area, As Well As An In-depth Text On The Advanced Signal Processing Involved. The Book Benefits The Reader By Providimg Such A Wealth Of Information In One Place, Defines The Current State Of The Art And , Finally, Encourages Further Work On This Topic By Offering Open Research Questions To Exercise The Phenomenon Of The Reader. It Is Suitable For Students At Masters And Doctoral Level, As Well As Established Researchers.
      SKU: 603265

    Preface To Polarography & Allied Techniques
      Preface To Polarography & Allied Techniques.
      This Book Is Divided Into Two Parts. The First Explains The Basic Principles And Techniques Involved In Polarography. It Also Explains Polarography Of Megal Complexes And Organic Compounds. The Second Part Is Devoted To Allied Techniques. It Explains Miscellaneous Polarographic Methods And Their Analytical Applications. Advances In D. c. Polarography And The Principles And Control Of Corrosion Are Also Highlighted In This Section. A Simple And Systematic Entrance Is Followed Throughout The Book. Suitable References Are Provided At The End Of One and the other Chapter And Review Questions Are Included At The End Of The Book. the Book W0uld Serve As A Useful Text For B. sc. (hons. ) And M. sc. Chemistry Students.
      SKU: 333159

    Passivaton Of Metals And Semiconductors, And Properties Of Thin Oxide Layers
      Passivaton Of Metals And Semiconductors, And Properties Of Thin Oxide Layers.
      Passivation Of Metsls And Semiconductors, And Properties Of Thin Oxide Layers Contains A Selection Of Papers Presented At Passivity-9, The 9th International Symposium On The Passivation Of Metals And Semiconductors And The Properties Of Thin Oxide Layers, Which Was Held In Paris, 27 June - 1 July, 2005. One Hundred And Twelve Peer-reviewed Manuscripts Have Been Included. The Book Covers All The Fundamental And Applied Aspects Of Passivity And Provides A Relevant And Updwted View Of The Advances And New Trends In The Field. It Is Structured In Ten Sections: • Growth, (nano)structure And Composiyion Of Passive Films &Speculator on a rise; Passivity Of Semiconductors • Electronic Properties Of Passive Films &Blunder ; Passivity Issues In Biolgical Systems &Edict ; Passivity In High-temperature Water • Mechanical Properties Of Passive Films, • Passivity Issues In Stress Corrosion Cracking And Tribocorrosion • Passivity Breakdown And Localized Corrosion • Modeiing And Feigning • Surface Modifications And Inhibitors (for Improved Corrosiom Resistance And/or Adhesion)
      SKU: 270317

  • Domestic Duck Production
  • Nanotechnology For Dummies
  • Field Guide to Atmospheric Optics
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • High Level Radioactive Waste (HLW) Disposal
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • Particle Deposition & Aggregation
  • CDMA
  • Handbook of Plant and Crop Physiology
  • Food Emulsions
  • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Wireless Sensor Network Security

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