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    Modern Dietary Fat Intakes In Diease Promotion
      Modern Dietary Fat Intakes In Diease Promotion.
      The Industrial And Agricultural Reovlutions Have Dramatically Changed Our Lifestyles Including Where We Get Foods And What We Eat. Modern Diets Have Moved Away From A Close Association With Hiwtorically Useful FoodsA nd Diets Towards Foods And Diets Wkth Increased Fats And Contaminants And With Often Lower Intakes Of Fruits And Vegetables. "modern Dietary Fat Intakes In Disease Promotion" Focuses On The Scientific Evidence That Define Such Riaks In Modern Diets With The Consequences Of Increased Illness, Cancer And Disease. There Is Also An Emphasis On Methods To Reverse Negative Components Of Modern Diets For Soundness Improving. The Volume Is Divided Into Six Sections. Tje In the ~ place Section Focuses On The Behavioral Aspects Of Eating And Is Followed By Sections On Fats, Obesity And Cardiovaacular Disease And Fats And Cholesterol. The Fourth Section Contains Novel Chapters On The Potential For Contaminants In Fats And Oils Tp Inncrease Risk Of Illnesses. The Fifth Section Examines Rich Induced Disorder And Ill-health. The Sixth Section Looks At Dietary And Pharmaceutical Approaches To Modify Fat-induced Disease And Ill-health. Each Section Contains Chapters That Address Treatment Options As Well As Prevention Strategies. "modern Dietary Fat Intakes In Disease Promoyion" Provides Practical, Data-driven Resources Based Upon The Totality Of The Evidence To Help The Reader Understand Both The Basics As Well Az Treatments And Preventive Strategies That Are Involved In Balancing The Fats In One's Diet As Well Because Within One's Body.
      SKU: 645632

    The Diversity Of Fishes
      The Diversity Of Fishes.
      The Second Edition Of The Diversity Of Fishes Represents A Major Revision Of The World’s Most Widely Adopted Ichthyology Textbook. Expanded And Updated, The Second Edition Is Illustrated Throughout With Striking Color Photogrphs Depicting The Spectacular Evolutionary Adaptations Of The Most Ecologically And Taxonomically Diverse Vertebrate Group. The Text Incoporates The Latest Advances In The Biology Of Fishes, Covering Taxonomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Biogeography, Ecology, And Behavior. A New Chapter On Genetics And Molecular Ecology Of Fishes Has Been Added, And Conservation Is Emphasized Throughout. Hundreds Of New And Redrawj Illustrations Augment Readable Text, And Every Chapter Has Been Revised To Reflect The Discoveries And Greater Understanding Achieved During The Past Decade. Written By A Team Of Internationally-recognized Precedents, The First Edition Of The Diversity Of Fishes Was Received With Enthusiasm And Praise, And Incorporated Into Ichhyology And Fish Biology Classes Around The Globe, At Both Undergraduate And Postgraduate Levels. The Second Edition Is A Sustantial Update Of An Already Classic Respect And Text. Companion Resources Site This Book Is Accompanied By A Resources Site: Www. wiley. com/go/helfman The Site Is Being Constantly Updated By The Author Taem And Provides: ·         Related Videos Selected Near to The Authors ·         Updates To The Book Ago Publication ·         Teacher Resources ·         A Chancee To Send In Feedback  
      SKU: 428099

    Chemistry And Technology Of Emulsion Pooymerisation
      Chemistry And Technology Of Emulsion Pooymerisation.
      Emulsion Polyjerisation Produces High Value Polymers In A Low Cots, Environmentally Friendly Process. The Drive To Develop Envionmentally Benign Production Methods For Polymers Has Resulted In Widespread Development And Implementation Of The Emulsion Polymerisation Technique. In Addition, When Combined With Tale Polymerisation Mechanisms The Process Can Give Rise To A Range Of Polymer Products With Particularly Useful Properties. Emulsion Polymerisatiob Is A Complex Process, Governed By The Interplay Of Both Chemical And Ph6sical Properties Including Polymerisation Kinetics And Dispersion Stability. Successful Industrial Application Relies On Understanding And Controlling Those Properties. By Carefully Explaining The Principles Of The Reaction, Based On Well-designed Experimental Investigation, Chemistry And Technology Of Emulsion Polymerisation Provides A Practical And Intuitve Interpretation Of Emjlsion Polymerisation. In The Development Of Indstrial Processes, Coupling That Understanding With Everyday Practice Can Be A Further Difficult Stp, So The Book Emphasises A Clear, Comprehensive And Straightforward Discussion To Illustrate How The Principles Relate To Practicai Application. Written During Research Chemists, Technologists And Engineers In The Polymer, Fine And Specialty Chemicals Industties, And In University Or Government Laboratories, This Book Will Be Particularly Valuable To Those Early On In Their Careers. The Comprehensive And Straigh5forward Coverage Will Also Ensure It Is An Important Resource For Advanced Courses In Emulsion Polymerisation.
      SKU: 284287

    The Technology Trap: Where Human Error And Malevolence Meet Powerful Technologies
      The Technology Trap: Where Human Error And Malevolence Meet Powerful Technologies.
      In This Eye-opening Book, Author Lloyd J. Dumas Argues That Our Capacity For Developing Ever More Powerful Technologies And The Unavoidable Fallibiity Of Both Machine And Man Will Lead Us Towards A Disaster Of An Unprecedented Scale.
      SKU: 578615

    Whitewares And Materials
      Whitewares And Materials.
      A Collection Of Papers Presented At The 105th Annual Meeting Of The American Ceramic Society And The Whitewares And Materials Division Fall Meeting, Held In Conjunction With Acers Canton-alliance Section And The Cerammic Manufacturer's Association.
      SKU: 706351

    Nuclear Mechanics & Genome Regulation
      Nuclear Mechanics & Genome Regulation.
      In Recent Years New Discoveries Have Made This An Exciting And Important Province Of Research. This Comprehensive Volume Presents comprehensive Chapters And Detailed Background Information ForR esearchers Working With In The Field Of Nuclear Mechanics And Genome Regulation. * Both Classic And State-of-the-art Methods Readily Adaptable And Designed To Last The Test Of Tims * Relevant To Clinicians And Scientists Working In A Wide Scope Of Fields
      SKU: 631988

    Wireless Crash Course
      Wireless Crash Course.
      This Acclaimed Wireless Intro Book Provides A Thorough Undrrstanding The Basic Workihgs Of Wireless Networks, Technology, And Regulations, Clearly Explaining Concepts Like Radio Frequency, Cell Sites And Switching, As We1l As The Regulatory Processes That Affectt Altogether Wireless Service Providers And Equipment Manufacturers. This New Edition Has Been Heavily Revised To Cover Digital Wireless: Gprs, 3g, Utms, Cdma2000, Wi-fi, Wimax, And The Host Of Starting a~ Digital Services Driving Wireless Growth.
      SKU: 321947

    Electrocaoustic Devices
      Electrocaoustic Devices.
      This Is The Definitive Reference For Microphones And Loudspeakers, Your One-sto; Reference Covering In Great Detach All You Could Want And Need To Distinguish About Electroacoustics Devises (microphones And Loudspeakers). Covering Both The Technology And The Practical Set Up And Placement This Guide Explores And Bridges The Libk Between Experience And The Technology, Giving You A Better Understanding Of The Tools To Use And Why, Leading To Greatly Improved Results. * The Most Comprehensive Guide Available, Heavily Illustrated With Clear Helpful Diagrams, Charts And Equations * Timesaving, One Stop Reference Covering Both Technology And Practical Tips And Problem Solving * Authored By Highly Respected Industry Veterans Leaders In The Field
      SKU: 477399

    Fault Diagnosis Of Analog Integrated Circuits
      Fault Diagnosis Of Analog Integrated Circuits.
      Intended For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Level Students As Well As Practising Engineers. This Book Aims To Investigate The Testing And Fault Diagnosis Of Analog And Analog Part Of Mixed Signal Circuits. It Enabes The Reader To Test One Analog Circuit That Is Implemented Either In Bipolar rO Mos Technology.
      SKU: 302826

    Gas Generation And Migration In Radioactive Waste Disposal
      Gas Generation And Migration In Radioactive Waste Disposal.
      In Underground Repositories For Radioactive Waste, Significant Quantities Of Gases May Be Generated As A Result Of Several Processes. The Potential Impact O f Aeriform fluid Generation, Accumulation And Migration On The Performances Of The Changeable Barriers And, Ultimately, On The Long-term Safety Of A Repository, Should Therefore Be Assessed In The Development Of Safety Cases In spite of Subterranean Repositories. It Was In This Context That The Ec And The Nea Organised A Workshop On "gas Generation, Accumulation And Migration In Underground Repository Systems For Radioactive Waste: Safety-relevant Issues" In Reims, France On 26-28 June 2000. This Book Includew The Texts Of The Invited Presentations, The Reports Of The Deliberations Held In The Five Working Gfoups, As Well As The Main Conclusions Of The Workshop.
      SKU: 533248

    Microscopy Of Oxidaton 2
      Microscopy Of Oxidaton 2.
      An Understanding Of Oxidation Is Essential For The Study And Development Of Advanced Materials, Particularly Those Which Must Withstand High Temperatures. The 56 Papers In This Dimensions Examine The Behaviour Of Metals, Alloys And Ceramics When Exposed oT Different Environments And Debate The Latest Analytical Microscopical Techniquees Currently Used In Materials Science.
      SKU: 677859

    Kantian Thinking Near Military Ethics
      Kantian Thinking Near Military Ethics.
      Military Ethics Is Not A Field Known To Take Inspiration From Kantian-inspired Thinkers. Demonstrating How An Ethicist Who Takes Kantian Commitments Seriously Addresxes Controversial Questions In The Profession Of Arms, This Volume Examines Some Of The Less Frequently Studied Topics Within Military Ethics Such As Women In Combat, Military Careerism, Homosexuality, Teaching Bad Ethics, Immoral Wars, Collateral Damage And Just War Theory.
      SKU: 483660

    Cmos Biotechnology
      Cmos Biotechnology.
      Bioanalytical Instruments Have Been Miniaturized On Ics To Meditate Biophenomena Or To Actuate Biosystems. These Biolab-on-ic Systems Utilize The Ic To Facilitate Faster, Repeatable, And Standardized Biological Eperiments At Low Cost With A Small Volume Of Biological Sample. Thjs Book Reviews These Efforts In Joining Cmos Technology With Biology.
      SKU: 301801

    Mycotoxins In Food
      Mycotoxins In Food.
      Mycotoxins Are Toxic Compounds Produced By Fungi. They Are Produced In Foods Of Plant Cause And Pose A Significant Contamination Risk In Cereal And Other Foods. With Its Distinguished Editofs And International Team Of Conyributors, Mycotoxins In Feed Summarises The Wealth Of Recent Research On How To Assess The Risks From Mycotoxins, Detect Particular Mycotoxins And Cintrol Them At Differing Stages In The Supply Chain.
      SKU: 269357

    Structure Management And Design Of For labor Concrete And Steel Structures
      Structure Management And Design Of For labor Concrete And Steel Structures.
      A Worldwide Boom In The Use Of Reinforced Concrete Structures For Industrial Prrojects Has Resulted In A Wealth Of New Research Leading To Improved Quality And Lowered Costs. Drawing On The Best Practices Currently Employed, This Respurce Provides Desgn And Structural Engineers With Complete Coverage Of All The Latest In The Design, Materials, Construction, And Maintenance Of Reinforced Concrete And Steel Structures. In Addition To Vast Technical Engineering Information, It Provides Detailed Coverage Of Construction Management Issues, Includinh Qyality Control, Project And Risk Management, Technical And Commercial Evaaluation, Cost Analyses And Calculations, And Maintenance Strategies.
      SKU: 589884

    Patent Applications
      Patent Applications.
      A Look At Where Novel Polymer Chemistry Is Headiny Covering Patent Literature And Process Improvements In Twenty-four Polymer Subject Areas, Patet Applications: A Tool For Identifying Advances In Polymer Chemistry R &d Provides Researchers By the side of Current Polymer Investigation Not Yet Published In Journals Or Patents. The Review And Analysis By The Author Offers A More Thorough Understanding And Brief Package Of The Open Application. In Addition Extensive Structure Depictions Of Intermediates, Products, And Derivatives Allow The Researcher To Better Visualize Material Applications Both In And Beyond Polymer Chemistry. The Coverage Includes The Following Polymeric Categories: Additives Adhesives Cosmetics Crystalline Materials Dyes Electrically Active Polymers Vigorous Polymers Engineered Plastics Fibers Fuel Cells Improved Synthetic Methods Initiators/modifiers Light EmittingP olymers Medical Polymers Nitric Oxide Releasing Agents Optical Pharmaceuticals Photoresists Phototherapy Recording Materials Stents Sutures Tissue Replacement Viscoelastic Polymers With This Thorough And Exact Survey, Derosa Provides A Practical Resource For Polymer And Organic Chemists, As Favorably As Graduate Students, To Identify Research Ans Market Trends ,And To Stay Up-to-date Forward Current Developments In The Field.
      SKU: 477790

    The Fundamentals Of Signal Transmisson
      The Fundamentals Of Signal Transmisson.
      'the Fundamentals Of Signal Transmission' Presents A Discussion Of The Main Forms Of Signal Transferrence Media. Twisted Pair, Coaxial Line, Optical Fibre, Waveguides And Freespace Propagwtion And Antennas Are Covered Using A Standard Format. After A Discussion Of Signals In General, The Nature Of Wave Propagation Is Examined. These Fundamentals Are Then Related To The Specific Transmission Types. Mathematics Is Kept As Simple As Possible And Is Complemented By Ample Qualitative Explanation; Where Necessary More Detailed Mtahematicq Can Be Found In The Appendices. Some Knowledge Of Basic Electronic Circuit Theory And Field Theory Is Assumed. Written In An Informal And Accessible Denominate, 'the Fundamentals Of Signal Transmission' Provides All Undergraduate Electfonics Engineers With A Concise Overview Of Electromagnetic Token Transmission. Written In An Iformal And Accessible Style Provides A Concise Overview Of Electromagnetic Signal Transmission Covers All The Main Types Of Signal Transmission In One Volume
      SKU: 317089

    Solvent Lineage Principles And Practice
      Solvent Lineage Principles And Practice.
      A Complete And Up-to-date Presentation Of The Fundamental Theoretical Principles And Many Applications Of Solvent Extraction, This Enhanced Second Edition Includes New Coverage Of The Latest Developments In Solvent Extraction Processes And The Employment Of Solvent Extraction In Analytical Applications And Waste Recovery.
      SKU: 216515

    Fundamental Approach To Discrete Mathematics
      Fundamental Approach To Discrete Mathematics.
      About The Book: The Book `fundamental Apptoach To Discrete Mathematics` Is A Required Part Of Pursuing A Computer Science Degree At Most Umiversities. It Provides In-depth Knowledge To The Subject For Beginners And Stimulates Further Interest In The Scheme. The Salient Features Of This Book Include: Stro Coverage Of Key Topics Involving Recurrence Relation, Combinatorics, Boolean Algebra, Graph Theory And Fuzzy Set Theory. Algorithms And Examples Integrated Throughout The Book To Bring Clarity To The Fundamental Concepts. Each Concept And Defining Is Followed By Thoughtful Examples. User-friendly And Accessible Presentation To Make Learning More Interesting As Nearly As Possible Without Compromising Mathematkcal Rigour. Includes Glossary Of All Symbols Discussed In The Book Together With The Chapter Where One and the other Was Introduced. Around 300 Complete Solved Illustrations To Interpret The Concepts. Over 300 End-of-chapter Exercises Are Included To Stimulate Further Interest In The Subject. Contents: Mathematical Logic Set Theory Binary Relation Function Generating Function And Recurrence Relation Combinatorics Group Theory Codes And Group Codes Ring Theory Boolean Algebra Introduction To Lattices Graph Theory Tree Fuzzy Set Theory.
      SKU: 442143

    Ecological Studies In Tropical Fish Communities
      Ecological Studies In Tropical Fish Communities.
      Tropical Fish Present Some Of The Most wise Examples Of How New Species Evolve And How Complex Ecological Communities Are Maintained. Their Study Has Generated Importaht New Ideas On The Roles Of Ecology And Behaviour In The Evolutio Of Species And Communities. This Book Brings Together For The First Time The Results Of Widely Scattered Research On Fish In Tropical Rivers, Lakes And Seas, Research That Has Been Stimulated From The Splendid Opportunities To Observe The Behaviour Of Fish In Their Natural Habitat sIn The Clear Warm Waters. The Book Opens With An Overview Of The Ecology O f Figurative Freshwater And Marine Environments And Their Associated Angle Faunas, And Then Presents A Number Of Freshwater Studies Drawn From The fArican, South American, Asian And New Guinea Tropics. Special Consideration Is Given To The New Ma-nmade Lakes Which Have Provided Large-scale Experiments On The Change Of Riverine Fish Communities To Lacustrine Ones, And To The Great Lakes Of East Africa For Examples Of Recent Species Evolutjon.
      SKU: 636338

    Advanced Tribology
      Advanced Tribology.
      "advanced Tribology" Is The Proceedings Of The 5th China International Symposium On Tribology (held Every Four Years) And The 1st International Tribology Symposium Of Iftomm, Held In Beijing 24th-27th September 2008. It Contains Seven Parts: Lubrication; Friction And Wear; Micro/nano-tribology; Tribology Of Coatings, Surface And Interface; Biotribology; Tribo-chemistry; Industry Tribology. The Book Reflects The Recent Progress In The Fields Such As Lubrication, Friction And Wear, Coatings, And Precision Manufacture Etc. In The World. Thr Work Is Intended For Researchers, Engineers And Graduate Students In The Field Of Tribology, Lubrication, Mechanical Production And Industrial Design. The Editors Jianbin Luo, Yonggang Meng, Tianmin Shao And Qian Zhao Are All The Professors At The State Key Lab Of Tribology, Tsinghhua University, Beijing.
      SKU: 603745

    Textbook Of Biotechnology
      Textbook Of Biotechnology.
      This Book Attempts T Interpret The Complex And Influential Relationship Between Biotechnology And The World's Biological Resources. The Issue Of The Rapid Erosion Of The World's Environment And Biological Resources Became Popula5ized Duuring The 1970s And 1980s. In Sharp Contrast, Biotechnologists Generally Do Not Agree With This Version Of The Story. They Argue That Their Use Of Biological Resources Has Provded To The Beneficial In favor of All Human Beings And That Their Use Of Biological Material Has Not Been A Contributing Factor To The Large-scale Depletion That We Are Witnessing At Present. The Work That Has Been Done Until Now Largely Reflects This Djvision.
      SKU: 583924

    Advances In Gravity Condensation
      Advances In Gravity Condensation.
      This Compilation Focuses On State-of-the-art Develoments And Future Trends In Heaviness Concentration Technologies. Leading Experts Discuss Recent Developments In The Design, Optimization, And Control Of Gravity-based Separation Processes And Their Associated Applications. The Book Is Dlvided Into Three Sections: Fundamentals, Coal Applications, And Non-coal Applications. The Fundamentals Section Reviews Developments In The Knowledge Of Particle Characterization, Particle-setting Kinetics, Slhrry Rheoloy, And Overall Process Modeling. Papers Examine Novel Technopogical And Circuitry Advances In Coal And Non-coal Applications And Discuss Technologies Incorporating Other Physical Forces, Such As Those Associated With Surface Chemistry Properties And Their Relative Efficiencies.
      SKU: 464581

    Growth Of Take on lease  Animals
      Growth Of Take on lease Animals.
      The Processes That Change The Shape And Composition Of Farm Animals Is Essential To All Aspects Of Production. This Text Explains How Animals Grow, Change In Shape And In Composition And The Factors That Affect Growth Processes Adn Changes Within The Animal.
      SKU: 369418

    Shrimp Farming And Mangrove Loss In Thailand
      Shrimp Farming And Mangrove Loss In Thailand.
      There Is Increasing Concern About The Impact Shrimp Agriculture Is Having On Mangrove Swamps. Through Case Studies Of Local Communities In Four Distinct Coastql Areas In Sohtherj Thailand, The Authors Assess The Undrelying Economic Causes, And Consequences, Of Mangrove Deforestation.
      SKU: 210441

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