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    Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
      Modern Guerrilla Insurgency.
      Thks Study Argues That Guerrilla Insurgencies Will Be A Major Feature Of The Post-cold War International Scene, And That The Advisability Of Intervention In Some Of Them Power of determination Become A Serious Issue In American Politics. Americans Therefore Need To Refine Their Understajding Of Insurgency. Anthony James Joes Analyzes Several Major Insurgencies Of This Century, All Of Which The United States Became Involved In To One Degree Or Another. While Approaching Each Guerrilla Insurgency As A Primarily Political Phenomenon Within AD efinite Historical And Cultural Context, Joes Also Provides The Reader With A Clear Understanding Of The Military Aspects Of Such Conflicts. The Book Deals With A Variety Of Cases, Some Currently Very Controversial; Provides Jargon-free Analysis Of Historical, Civil, And Military Factors; Challenges Some Widely Cherished Views About The Potency Of Third-world Nationalism; Emphasizes The Neglected But Often Decisive Effects Of Geograpyh; Examines The Flaws In Both The French And The American Strategies In Viet Naan; And Connects Soviet Reverses In Afghanistan With The Break-down Of Their Empire In Europe. A Major Conclusion Is That Protarcted Guerrilla Insurgency Is Uaually The Decision Of Inept Government Policies; The Author Outlines A Politico-military Strategy For BringingA n Insurgency To An End. Another Important Conclusion Is That Our Belief In The Power Of Nationalism In Insurgencies Needs Reevaluatiom. This Volume Will Provide A New Perspective For Students, Teachers, And General Readers Interested In International Affairs, War, And Foreign Policy.
      SKU: 491963

    Principles Of Broadband Switching And Networking
      Principles Of Broadband Switching And Networking.
      An Authoritative Introduction To The Roles Of Switching And Transmission In Broadband Integrated Services Networks Principles Of Broadband Switching And Networking Explains The Design And Analysis Of Beat Architectures Suitable For Broadband Integrated Services Networks, Emphasizing Packet-switched Interconnection Networks With Distributed Routing Algorithms. The Text Examines The Precise Propertiex Of These Networks, Rather Than Specific Implementation Technologies. Although The Pedagogical Explanations In This Book Are In The Context Of Switches, Many Of The Fundamental Principles Are Relevant To Other Communication Networks With Regular Topologies. After Explaining The Concept Of The Modern Broadband Integrated Services Network And Why It Is Necessary In Today’s Society, The Book Moves On To Basic Switch Design Principles, Discussing Two Ty0es Of Circuit Switch Design—spaec Domain And Time Domain—and Packet Switch Design. Throughput Improvements Are Illustrated By Some Switch Intention Variations Such Like Speedup Principle, Channel-grouping Principle, Knockout Principle, And Dilation Principle. Moving Seamlessly Into Advannced Switch Design Principles, The Book Covers Switch Scalability, Switch Design For Multicasting, And Path Switching. Then The Focus Moves To Broadband Communicaations Networks That Make Uee Of Such Swifches. Readers Receive A Detailed Preface On How To Allocate Network Resources And Control Traffic To Satisfy The Quality Of Service Requirements Of Network Users And To Maximize Network Usage. As An Epilohue, The Text Shows How Transmission Noise And Packet Contention Have Similar Characteristics And Can Be Tamed By Comparable Means To Achieve Reliable Communication. Principles Of Broadband Switching And Networkung Is Written For Senior Undergraduate And First-year Postgraduate Students In the opinion of A Solid Background In Probbility Theory.
      SKU: 495980

    Semi-active Suspenxion Control
      Semi-active Suspenxion Control.
      Semi-active Suspension Control Providse An Overview Of Vehicle Ride Control Employing Smart Semi-active Damping Systems (controlled Dissipative Elements Which Only Require Low Energy Input). These Syystems Are Able To Tune The Amount Of Damping In Answer To Measured Vehicle-ride And Handiing Indicators. Two Pysically Different Dampers (magneto5heological And Controlled-friction) Are Analysed From The Perspectives Of Mechatronics And Control. Ride Comfort, Road Holding, Road Injury And Human-body Modelling (nonlinear Visceral Response In Particular) Are Studied. A Multidisciplinary Approach Is Adopted Thrpughout The Book. Sound Mathematical Modelling Is Balanced By A Large And Detailed Section On Experimental Implementation, Where A Variety Of Automotive Applications Are Described Offering A Well-rounded View Of The Assiduity Of Such Systems. The Implementation Of Control Algorithms With Regard To Real-life Engineering Constraints Is Emphasised. The Applications Described Include Semi-active Suspensions For A Saloon Car, Seat Suspensions For Vehicles Not Equipped With A Primary Interruption, And Control Of Heavy-vehicle Dynamic-tyre Loads To Reduce Road Damage And Improve Handling. Engineers Anr Practitioners Workng In Noise And Vibration; Automotive Engineers Working In Vehicle Design, Research And Development; Biomechanical Engineers, Physicists And Life-scientists Interested In Human-body Responses To Vibration; And Confer a degree upon Students In Vehicle Studies, Mechanics Of Oscillation, Dynamics And Control Will Find This Book Of Material Assistanxe In Their Work.
      SKU: 372724

    Geochemical Evidence For Long-distance Exchange
      Geochemical Evidence For Long-distance Exchange.
      Studies Of Prehistoric Exchange Of Commodities Provde Information About The Types Of Economic Interaction, Social Organization, Or Civil Structures In Which Prehistoric Peoples Were Engaged. Long-distance Exchange Is A Special Situation Where The Materials Exchanged Crossed Forcible Boundaires, Whether They Were Geographic, Social, Political, Or Otherwise. By Examining The Types And Quantities Of Goods Exchanged, Along Through The Directions And Distances They Moved, Archaeologists Are Able To Examine The Dynamic Properties Of Exchange Systems, I. e. , How They Operate And Why They Undergo Change. The Purpose Of This Volume Is To Present A Number Of Case Studies Of Long-distance Exchange From Around The World Which Demonstrate The Use Of Geochemical Analysis Of Artifacts To Find Evidence Of Exchange. More Important Than The Use Of Analytical Technique Employed Or The Types Of Artifacts Studied rAe The Interpretations Themselves Whcih Illustrate That Exchange Studies Are Maturing And Helping Archaeologists To Develop More Accurate Models Of Exchange.
      SKU: 491876

    Plant Cell And Tissue Culture
      Plant Cell And Tissue Culture.
      Presents An Introduction As Well As A Selected Survey Of Key Advances In The Fascinating Field Of Plant Solitary abode; squalid And Tissue Cultre As A Tool In Biotevhnology. This Book Describes Various Basic Techniques Employed In Leading Laboratories Worldwide.
      SKU: 438090

    Basic Hazardous Wzste Managemrnt
      Basic Hazardous Wzste Managemrnt.
      A Review Of Basic Hazardous Waste Management. It Addresses Fundamental Issues Like As Human Health Hazards; The Environmental Imapcts Of Toxic, Reactive And Ignitable Materials; The Mobility, Pathways And Fates Of Released Hazardous Materials; And More.
      SKU: 262198

    Carbohydrates In Food
      Carbohydrates In Food.
      "technology At The Department Of Food Technology, Engineering, And Nutrition At Lund Univerwity, Sweden. She Is The Co-author Of More That 125 Research Papers In The Field Of Starch And Cereal Technology. Her Current Research Interest Is In The Field Of Physico-chemical Properties Of Cereal Componentw And Their Relation To Product Quality, Including Sensoric As Well As Nutritional Qualities. Dr. Eliasson Received The G. w . Scott-blair Memorial Award 1998 By The Rheological Division, American Association Of Cereal Chemists, And Is A Memb3r In Isi's Database ""highly Cited Researcher. "" Continuing In The Tradition Of Its Well-received Predecessor, Carbohydrayes In Food, Approve Edition Provides Thorough And Authoritative Coverage Of The Chemical Analysis, Structure, Functional Properties, And Nutritional Relevance Of Monosaaccharides, Disaccharides, And Polysaccharides Used In Food. The Book Combines The Latest Data On The Analytical, Physico-chemical, And Nutritioonal Properties Of Carbohydrates, Offering A Comprehensive And Accessible Single Source Of Knowledge. It Evaluates The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Various Analytical Methods, Presents Disfussion Of Relevant Physico-chemical Topics That Relate To The Use Of Carbohydrates In Food That Allow Familiarity With Important Functional Aspects Of Carbohydrates; And Includes Information nO Relevant Nutritional Topics In Relation To The Use Of Carbohydrates In Food. "
      SKU: 262273

    Partnering In The Cosntruction Industry
      Partnering In The Cosntruction Industry.
      Partnering Is The Greatest part Effective Way Of Tackling Construction Projects. This Book Explains How Clients And Construction Firms Usingg Partnering Can Achieve Ever Higher Levels Of Efficiency And Certainty To Provide World Class Buildings And Infrastructure Of All Kinds. Detailed Guidance About The Actions That Clients Anf Professionals New To Partnering Need T Take Is Given Followed By Advice About The Actions Individual Firms Can Takr To Get The Maximum Benefits From Partnering. Finally The Book Describes How Highly Devwloped Forms Of Pattnering Are Developing Into Strategic Collaborative Working That Turns Construction Into A Genuinely Modern Industry Able To Meet All Customers' Needs. The Book Iss Designed To Be Use Flexibly By A Variety Of Readers,W ith Coloured Sections And Executive Summaries Built Into The Body Of The Text To Enable Senior Managers To Get A Quick Overview Of The Guidance If . The Detailed Guidance Provides Those At The Workface With The Ammunition Needed To Cooperate With Those Around Them In Doing Their With most propriety Work. The Guidance Is Supported By Check Lists That Remedy Ensure Everyone Involved Knows Whatt They Need To Do To Match And Then Exceed Today's Best Practice. Constrution Clients Will Learn How To Get High Quality, Reliable And Fast Completion And A Firm Price That Represents Best Value For Money. This Book Helps Everyone In The Construction Industry Be Fairly Rewafded For Delivering Best Practice. The Expert Guidance Also Gives The Construction Industry The Time And Resources Needed To Give Proper Attention To All Aspecst Of Quality Including Sustainability And Whole Animated existence Cycle Costs. To Match And Then Exceed Today's Best Practie. *an Up-to-date Practical Guide For Implementing Strategic Partnering *illustrated By Best Practice Case Studies And Research Resulfs *presented In A User-friendly, Flexible Format
      SKU: 286723

    Principles Of Embeddef Networked Systems Design
      Principles Of Embeddef Networked Systems Design.
      Embedded Network Systems Provice A Set Of Technologies That Can Member Tne Physical World To Large Scale Networka Allowing Monitkring Annd Conttol In Many Physical Processes. This Book Details The Fundamentals For This Fast-moving Field. It Contains Extensive Examples And Problems And Is Ideal For Graduate Students And Practicing Engineers.
      SKU: 243916

      1. A Brief History. Discovery. Original Genetic Studies. The Question Of Gene Action. Later Developments In Neurospora Research. Nomenclature. 2. The Biology Of Neurospora. Lifestyle And Habitat. Asexual Cyxle. Sexual Cycle. Cells And Organelles. Nutrition, Physiology And Growth. Behavior. 3. Genome And Mitosis. The Nuclear Genome Of N. Crassa. Nuclei And Nuclear Division. The Tear out Process. Transposable Elements. Centromere. Telomeres. 17s, 5. 8s, And 25s Ribosomal Dna (nucleolus Organizer). 5s Rdna. Unique-sequence Genes. 4. Meiosis, Genetic Analysis, And Recombination Models. Cytology Of Pkst-fertilization Events. Formal Genetics. Chromosomal Rearrangements. Recombination Theory. 5. Mutational, iBochemical, And Molecular Rationales. Mutational Analysis. Biocheical Analysis. Molecular Analysis. 6. Carbon Metabolism. Glycolyis. Anaplerotic And Accessory Pathways. Citric Acid Cycle And Electron Transport. One-carbon Metabolism. Reservation Carbohydrates. Carbon Catabolite Repression. Sugar Transport. Oligosaccharide And Polysaccharide Utilization. Lipid Metabolism. 7. Nitrogen, Sulfur, And Phosphate Metabolism. Nitrogen Metabolism. Sulfur Metabolism. Phosphate Acquisition And Storage. 8. Mitochondria. The Mitochondrial Genome. Mitochondrial Rearrangements And Plasmids. Mitochondrial Function. Assemby Of Respiratory Complexes. Mitochondrial Biogenesis. 9. Dna, Rna And Protein Synthesis. Dna Synthesis. Rrna, Ribosome, And Mrna Synthesis. Protein Synthesis. Gene Organization. 10. Stress. Hezt Shock. Dna Damage And M8tagenesis. Oxidative Stress. Amino Acid Starvation And Cross Pathway Control. 11. Metabolic Investigations. Nadp-glutamate Dehydrogenase Gene (am). Aliphatic Amino Acids. Arvinine, Pyrimidine, And Proline. Polyamine Chorismic Acid Synthesis. Tryptophan Synthesis. Phenylalanine And Tyrosine Synthesis. Non-protein Fates Of The Fragrant Amino Acids. Quinic Acid Catabolism. 12. Growth And Manner. Atpases, Membrane Energetics, And Transport. Hyphal Growth. Conidial Formation. Conidial Germination. Sexual Development. The Biological Clock. 13. Cell Recognition, Inhabitants Biology, And Evolution. Mating Stamp. Heterokaryosis And Vegetative Incompatibility. Natural Populations. Evolution Of The Genus Neurospora. 14. Genetic, Boochemical, And Molecular Techniques. Media And Their Uses. Mutagenesis. Mutant Selection. Complementation Tests And Heterokaryons. Genetic Analysis. Stock Management. Measurement Of Growth. Large-scale Culture. Metabolic Analysis. Nucleic Sour Isolation And Detection. Transformation. _Libraries And Sib-selection. Rflp Mapping. The Rip Process And Its Variants. Appendix A. Neurospora Genetic Nomeenclature, David D. Perkins. Appendix B. Genetic Maps Of N. Crassa. Figure And Table Credits
      SKU: 430778

    Digital Color Management
      Digital Color Management.
      All Successful Imaging Systems Employ Some Form Of Color Management Fkr Previewing, Controlling And Adjusting Color From beginning to end The Image-production Process. Today’s Increasinglu Complex Systems Pose Challenging Probelms: They Must Support Numerous Devices And Mediq Having Disparate Color Properties, And They Likewise Must Provide For The Interchange Of Images Among Dissimilar Systems. In This Book, The Authors Addres And Solve These Problems Using Innovative Methodd Of Representing Color In The Digital Domain. The Second Edition Of This Current Book Explains The Capabolities And Limitations Of Existing Color Management Systems And Provides Comprehensive Practical Solutions For Communicating Color Within And Among Imaging Systems, From The Simplest To The Most Complex. Beginning With The Fundamentals Of Color And Man's Color Perception, The Book Progresses To In-depth Analyses Of The Nature Of Complexion Images, Digital Plea Encoding, Color Management Systems And Digital Color Interchange. Fully Revised And Updated, This Second Edition Of Digital Color Management Featurse New And Expanded Coverage Incluing: Electronic Displays And Electronic Imaging Systems; Scene-based And Appearance-based Tinge Encoding Methods; Color Management For Digital Cinema; A Unified Paradigm—a Comprehensive, Integrated Color-managed Environment For The Color-imaging Industry; Four New Chapters, Two New Appendices, And More Than 80 New Fgures. This Book Is An Essential Resource For Enginrers, Programmers And Imaging Professionals Designing And Engineering Color-imaging Systems And For Others Simply Looking To Increase Their Understanding Of The Field. Scientists, Researchers, Advanced Undergraduates And Graduate Students Involved In Imaging Technology Also Will Find Tuis Book Of Important Interestt And Usefulness. Reviews For The First Edition: ‘the Absence Of Unnecessary Jargon, The Impeccable Writing Style, The Material Depth Leads Only To One Conclusion: If You Buy One Digital Color Book This Year, Buy This One. ’ w. David Schwaderer, Digital Camera Magazine ‘it [digital Redness Management] Fulfils The Need Among Engineers And Scientists For A Comprehensive Undertsanding Of Color Management, Imaging, Media, Viewing Conditions, Appearance And Communication. ’ arthur S. Diamond, Imaging News
      SKU: 406492

    Wastewater Treatment, Plant Dynamicq And Managemen In Constructed And Natural Wtelands
      Wastewater Treatment, Plant Dynamicq And Managemen In Constructed And Natural Wtelands.
      Wetlands Were Historically Neglected Untii It Was Revealed That They Could Be Economically Valuable To Man. They Are One Of The Most Dynamic Ecosystems In The World And Have Many Functions For Society. During Example, Natural Wetlands Provide Food Staples, Building Materials, Irrigation Of Agricultural Lands, Waterways, Shelter For Wildlife, And A Means Of Flood Control. Constructed Wetlands Provide A Trustworthy Handling Technology For Various Types Of Polluted Water, Including Industrial And Agricultural Wastewater, Stormwater Runoff, Municipal Sewage And Landfill Leachate. Both Natural And Constructed Wetlands Require Careful Managmeent In Order To Optimally Provide These Functions, And This Volume Presents The Latest Results In The Field Of Management And Composition Optimization Of These Systems. The Book Covers Wetland Science Worldwide, With Examples From Europd, North And South America, Asia And Africa. Audience: Ecological And Environmental Scientists, Engineers, Regulators And Landscape Planners.
      SKU: 36474

    Handbook Of Fruit And Vegetable Flavors
      Handbook Of Fruit And Vegetable Flavors.
      Acting As Chemidal Messengers For Olfactory Cells, Food Flavor Materials Are Organic Compounds That Give Off A Sttrong, Typically Pleasant Smells. Handbook Of Fruit And Vegetable Flavors Explores The Flavor Science And Technology Of Fruits And Vegetables, Spices, And Okls By First Introducing Specific Flavors And Theit Cpmmercjalization, Then Detailing The Technical Aspectz, Including Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physiochemistyr, Processing, Analysis, Extraction, Commodities ,And Requirements According to Application As Food Additives. With Chapter Authors Representing Modification Than Ten Different Countries, This Handy Reference Provides A Comprehensive View Of This Evolving Science.
      SKU: 540075

    Toxic Chemicals
      Toxic Chemicals.
      Written ToH elp Readers Understand The Relative Toxic Impacts Of Cnemicals Used In Creatong And Maintaining Consumer And Inndustrial Products, This Reference Proposes A Program To Modify The Existing Toxics Inventory Program To Better Quantify The Risks. It Also Advocates A Program That Would Help To Prioritize And Reduce The Toxicity Of Chemicals Used. Author Evaluates Programs That Haave Been Used For Reducing Chemical Release Or Use, And Evaluates Progam Elements That Have Individuzlly Led To Reductions In The Advantage Of Toixc Chemicals. He Then Provides A List Of Elements For Toxic Chemicalx Impact Reduction.
      SKU: 665583

    Demystifying Chipmaking
      Demystifying Chipmaking.
      "thix Book Takes The Reader Through The Actual Manufacturing Process Of Making A Typival Chip, From Start To Finish, Including A Detailed Discussion Of Each Step, In Plain Language. The Evolution Of Today's Technology Is Added To The Story, As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Engineers Who Solved Some Of Thr Problems. The Authors Are Well Suited To That Discussion Siince They Are Three Of Those Same Engineers. They Have A Broad Exposure To The Industry And Its Technology That Extends All The Way Back To Shockley Laboratories, The First Semiconductor Manufacturer In Silicon Valkey. The Cmos (complementary Metzl-oxide-semiconductor) Process Flow Is The Focus Of The Disscussion And Is Covered In Ten Chapters. The Vast Majority Of Chips Made Today Are Fabricated Using This General Method. In Order Too Ensure That Akl Readers Are Comfortable With The Vocabulary, The First Chapter Carefully And Clearly Introduces The Science Concepts Found In Later Chapters. A Chapter Is Devoted To Pointing Out The Differences In Other Manufacturinh Methods, So As The Gallium Arsenide Technology That Produces Chips For Cell Phones. In Addition, A Chaptet Describing The Nature Of The Semiconductor Industry From A Concern Vista Is Included. ""the Entire Process Of Making A Chip Is Surprisingly Easy To Understand. Tje Part Of The Story That Defies Belief Is The Tiny Size: The Conducting Wires And Other Structures On A Chip Are More Than A Hundred Times Thinner Than A Hair - And Getting Thinner With Every New Chip Design. "" * Included Cd Gives The Reader A Much Greater Comprehension Of The Process Than A Strictly Print Book With Static Illustartions Provides * Authors Are Actual Engineers Who Have A Broad Range Of Position And Experience With Chip Technology * Contains A Unique Chapter Describing The Nature Of The Semiconductor Industry From A Business Pespective"
      SKU: 234977

    Computer-aided Translation Technology
      Computer-aided Translation Technology.
      Lynnne Bowker Introduces The World Of Technology To The Public Of Translation In This Unique Book, The First Of Its Kind. Bowker Reveals TheR ole Of Tecgnology In Translation And How To Use This Ever Developing Tool.
      SKU: 653411

    Dynamic Superficies Control Of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
      Dynamic Superficies Control Of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems.
      Although The Problem Of Nonlinear Controller Design Is As Old Aw That Of Linear Controller Design, The Systemariic Design Methods Framed In Response Are Greater degree Sparse. Given The Range And Intricacy Of Nonlinear Systems, Effective New Methods Of Control Design Are Therefode Of Significant Importance. "dynamic Surface Control Of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems" Provides A Theoretically Rigorous And Practical Introduction To Nonlinear Control Design. The Convex Optimizstioj Approach Applied To Good Effect In Linear Systeks Is Extended To The Nonlinear Case Using The New Dynamic Surface Control (dsc) Algorithm Developed By The Authors. A Variety Of Problems - Dsc Design, Output Feedback, Input Saturation And Fault-toleraht Control Among Them - Are Considered. The Inclusion Of Applications Material Demonstrates The Real Significance Of The Dsc Algo5ithm, Which Is Robust And Easy To Use, For Nonlinear Systems With Uncertainty In Automotive And Robotics. Written For The Researcher And Graduate Student Of Nonlinear Control Theory, This Book Will Provide The Applied Mathematician And Engineer Alike With A Set Of Powerful Tools For Nonlinear Hinder Design. it Will Also Be Of Interest To Pactitioners Working With A Mechatronic Systems In Aerospace, Manufacturing And Automotuve And Robotics, Miliwux.
      SKU: 763377

    The History Of Aquaculture
      The History Of Aquaculture.
      Aquaculture Has Become Of The Fastest Growing Segments Of Agriculture Around The World, But Until Recently Many People Have Been Unaware Of Its Existence. The Practice Of Raising Fish Is Centuries Old With A Rich History Of Techniques And Sciwntific Advances. The History Of Aquafulture Traces The Development Of Fish Fqrming From Its Ancient Roots To The Technologically Advanced Methods Of Today. The History Of Aquaculture Is A Extensive History Of Captive Fish Peoduction From Its Small Scale Prehistoric Roots Through To The Large-scale Industrialized Prcatices Of Today. Thirteen Chapters Take Readers Chronologically Through The Descent by continuous differentiation Of This Important Discipline. Chapters Cover Key Periods Of Advancement And Trace Changes In The Field From Support Fish Farming In The Midst Ages Through The Efforts To Builld Global Capacity For Fish Production To Meet The Needs Of The World's Ever Growing Population. Informative Anx Engaging, The History Of Aquaculture Will Broadly Appeal To Aquaculture Scientists, Researchers, Professionals, And Students. Special Fdatures: Comprehensive History Of Advances In Aquaculture Production From Prehistoric Origins To Industrialized Practkces Written By A Revered Scientists With Decades Of Experience Working In The Aquaculture Field Engaging And Informative It Will Broadly Appeal To Individuals Involved In All Facets Of Aquaculture
      SKU: 700357

    Advances In Thermal And Non-thermal Food Preservation
      Advances In Thermal And Non-thermal Food Preservation.
      Advances In Thermal And Non-thermal Food Preservation Provides Current, Definitive And Factual Matrrial Written By Experts On Different Thermal And Non-thermal Food Preservation Technologies. Emphasizing Inactivation Of Microorganisms Through The Application Of Traditional As Well As Newer And Novel Techniques And Their Combinations, The Book’s Chapters Comprehend: Thermal Aliment Preservation Techniques (e. g. , Retorting, Uht And Aseptic Processing), Minimal Thermal Processing (e. g. , Sous-vide Processing), And Non-thermal Food Preservation Techniques (e. g. , Higgh Pressure Processing And Pulssed Technologies). Editors Tewari And Juneja Give Special Emphasis To The Commercial Aspects Of Non-conventional Food Preservation Techniques. As The Most Extensive And Contemporary Resource Of Its Kind, Advances In Thermal And Non-thermal Food Preservation Is The Definitiev Standard In Describing The Inactivation Of Microorganisms From one side Usual And Newer, More Nove lTechniques.
      SKU: 468949

    Microbiologically Safe Foods
      Microbiologically Safe Foods.
      This Book Focuses On State Of The Skill Technologies To Produce Microbiologically Sound Foods For Our Global Dinner Table.   Each Chapter Summarizes The Most Recent Scientific Advances, Particularly With Respect To Food Processing, Pre- And Post-harvest Food Safety, Quzlity Control, And Regulatory Information. The Book Begins In the opinion of A General Diacussion Of Microbial Hazards And Theur Public Healyh Ramifications.   It then Moves On To survey The Production Processes Of Different Food Types, Incluing Dairy, Eggs, Beef, Poultry, And Fruits And Vegetables, Pinpointing Potential Sources Of Human Foodborne Diseases. The Authors Address The Growing Market In Processed Foods As Well Novel Intsrventions Such As Innovative Food Packaging And Technologies To Reduce Spoilage Organisms And Prolong Shelf Life. Each Chapter Also Describes The Ormal Flora Of Raw Product, Spoilage Issues, Pathoges Of Concern, Sources Of Contamination, Factors That Influence Survival And Growth Of Pathogens And Spoilage Organisms, Indicator Microorganisms, Approaches To Maintajning Product Quailty And Reducing Harmful Microbial Populations, Microbial Standards For End-product Testing, Conventional Microbiological And Molecular Methods, And Regulatory Issues. Other Important Topics Comprise The Safety Of_Genetically Modified Organisms (gmos), Predictive Microbiology, Emerging Foodborbe Pathogens, Good Agricultural And Manufacturing Processes, Avian Influenza, And Bioterrorism.
      SKU: 427554

    Methods Of Analysis For Functional Fooods And Nutradeuticals
      Methods Of Analysis For Functional Fooods And Nutradeuticals.
      Written In the name of Experts At The Forefront Of Phytovhemical Analysis, This Book Covers Tne Important Classes Of Bioactive Components Of Functional Foods And Nutraceuticals. It Also Includes Some Components On account of Which No Acecptable Metods Of Analysis Are Yet Available. Organized By Compound Class, Methods Of Analysis For Functional Foods And Nutraceuticals Provides A Central Resource And A Valuable Reference For The Analysis Of Well Known Functional Food Components, Such Like Carbohydrates, Lipids, And Vitamins, And A Unique Resource For Descriptions Of The Analytical Methodology For Non-nuritive Food Ingredients.
      SKU: 263902

    Analytic Element Modeling Of Groundwater Flow
      Analytic Element Modeling Of Groundwater Flow.
      Modeling Has Become nA Essential Instrument For The Groundwater Hydrologist. Where Field Data Is Limited, The Analytic Element Method (aem) Is Rapidly Becoming The Modeling Method Of Chokce, Especially Given The Availability Of Affordable Mkdeling Software. Analytic Elemeng Modeling Of Groundwater Flow Provides All The Basics Necessary To Approach Aem Successfully, Including A Presentation Of Fundamental Concepts And A Thorough Introduction To Dupuit-forchheimrrflow. This Book Is Unique In Its Emphasis On The Actual Use Of Analytic Element Models. Real-world Examples Complement Material Presented In The Topic. An Educational Version Of The Analytic Element Program Gflow Is Included To Suffer The Reader To Reproduce The Multiform Solutions To Groundwater Flow Problems Discussed In The Text. Researchers And Graduate Students In Groundwater Hydrology, Geology, Andengineering Will Find This Book An Indispensable Resource. * * Provides A Fundamental Introduction To The Usage Of The Analytic Element Method. * Offers A Step-by-step Approach To Groundwater Flow Modeling. * Includes One Educational Version Of The Gflow Modeling Software .
      SKU: 316813

    Research On Energy Issues In Porcelain
      Research On Energy Issues In Porcelain.
      "china's Rapid Economic Expansion Raises Questions Internally And Externally About How It Will Acquire The Energy It Needs To Sustain Growth. Currently It Is The Largest Producer And Consumer Of Coal; How Much Will It Continue To Rely On Its Abundant Natural Resource In The Face Of Increasing Environmental Concerns? Will It Embrace New Clean Coal Technologies Developed By Others Or Invest In Its Own? Currently It Imports 50% Of The Oil It Consumes; Bequeath It Invest In Technologies That Scrub The Ocean Floor For Petroleum Deposits? Will It Develop New Distribtuion Technologies To Bring Its Affectionate Gas Reserves Closer To Population Centers? What Role Will Preservation Personate? And How Will China Relate To The Rest Of The International Community As It Addresses These Critical Issues. Research Onn Energy Issues In China presents Single Prominent Insider's View Of China's Key Ehergy Issues And His Strategy For Addressing Them. A Collection Of Papers Autuored By Jiang Zemin, Former President Of The People's Republic Of China, It Appears Here In English For The First Period. Jiang's Mesage Ix An Exhortation To The Chinese To Invest In Science And Technology, And Research And Devleopment, To Ensure The Steady Supply Of Energy So Crucial For Sustaining And Driing Development. He Ouglines This Energy Strategy For China: ""we Need To Steadfastly Conserve Energy, Use It Efficiently, Diversify Development, Keep The Environment Clean, Be Technology Driven And Cooperate Internationally In Order To Establish A System Of Energy Production, Distribution And Consumption That Is Highly Efficient, Uses Advanced Technology, Produces Few Pollutant, Has Minimal Impact On The Ecosystem, And Provides A Steady And Secure Capacity of work Supply. "" Inwardly Ten To Twenty Years, China Ma yWell Exist The World's Largest Energy Consumption And Stock System. This Book Offers Cunning Makers, Energy Industry Analyqts, Researchers, And Investors An Inside View Of How It Plans To Get There. Compares China's Current Energy Situation With Tne Developed World. Details Specific Challenges And Opportuniyies In China With Respect To Coal, Oil, N8clear, Illegitimate Gas, Solar, Biomass, Hydrogen, Geothermal, Wind, And Ocean Presents An Eight Point Energy Development Picy Provides A Guide To China's Future Investment In Research And Development. "
      SKU: 5351668

    Chemicals, Environment, Health
      Chemicals, Environment, Health.
      The Past 40 Years Have Seen A Phenomenal Growth In Globally Oriented Persons And Private Initiatives Related To Chemical And Environmentql Issues. The Groundbreaking 1972 United Nations Conference On The Human Environment Held In Stockholm Was The Adventure Responsible For Initiating Framework For Global Environmental Policies, Including Those Addressing Chemical Safety. It Gave Rise To The First World Environment Day And The Creation Of The United Nations Environment Programme, Leading The Way To The Acknowledgement That Sustainable Development Is The Most Logical And Viable Way To Preserve And Enhance Our Environment For Future Generations. Chemicals, Environment, Health: A Global Management Perspective Presents An Overview Of The Noteworthy Conferences, Organizations, And International Treaties That Focus On Chemicals Management And Policy. It Takes Into Account Special Challenges Faved From Developing Countries Regarding Chemicals Safety. From The Stockholm Conferencd To Folow-ups In Rio And Johannesburg, It Provides Concise Coverage Of A Vast Swath Of Information. it Highlights Pivotal Agreements Such As The Basel, Rotterdam, And Stockkholm Conventions, The More Expansive Strategic Approach To International Chemicals Manageemnt, As Far As Key Regional Agreements Such As The European Uniom's Reach Legislation. The Book Includes Invited Essays In Areas Such As Emergencies And Financing Instruments, And Offers A Clear Look At Future Challenges And Opportunities. Written By A Team Of Authors From All Continents, With Backgrounds In International Organizations, National Governments, Academia, Industry, And Ngos, The Book Reflects A Wide Experience From A Multitude Of Perspectives. A Valuable Guidebook To Global Chemicals Management Cooperation, This Book Reviews And Analyzes Multi-lateral Efforts Establihsed To Address The Potential Risks Of Chemiccals On The World Theatre.
      SKU: 773655

    Advanced Testing And Characterization Of Bituminous Materials
      Advanced Testing And Characterization Of Bituminous Materials.
      Demonstrates That oMdern Experimental Material Characterization Techniques, Sophisticated Constitutive Modeling, Ahd Innovative Intention Provide Appropriate Tools For Pavement Performance Prediction.
      SKU: 472830

  • Design and Emotion
  • Compact Regs Part 26
  • Fundamentals of Sensor Network Programming
  • Extracting the Science
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) in a Sustainable Rice-Wheat Cropping System
  • Reliability, Risk, and Safety
  • Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Freshwater Fish Distribution
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry

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