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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Molecular Biology In Plant Pathogenesis And Disease Management
      Molecular Biology In Plant Pathogenesis And Disease Management.
      Stucies On Molecular Biology Of Pathogehs, Infection Process And Disease Resistance, Habe Provided Information Essentially Required To Understand The Vulnerable Stages At Which The Pathogens Can Be Tackled Effectively And To Adopt Novel Strategies To Form into a corporation Disease Resistance Genes From Diverse Sorces And /or To Induce Resistance Of Cultivars With Desirable Agronomic Attributes Using Biotic Or Abiotic Agentq. The Nature Of Interaction Between The Gene Products Of The Pathogen And Plant Appears To Determine The Outcome Of The Interaction Resulting In Either Disease Advancement Or Suppression. Transgenic Plants With Engineered Genes Show Promise For Effectivw Exploitation Of This Approach For Practical Application. Research Efforts During Th3 Late Years To Squence The Whole Genomes Of The Pathogens And Plants May Lead To Develompent Of Better Ways Of Manipulating Disease Resistance Mechanisms Enabling The Grower To Achieve Higher Production Levels And The Consumer To Enjoy Safer Food And Agricultural Products. Experimental Protocols Included In Appropriate Chapters Command Exist Useful For Rseearchers And Gtaduate Students.
      SKU: 364551

    Environmental Democracy
      Environmental Democracy.
      Through A Wide Range Of Case Studies Mason Reveals Just How Sensitive We All Must Be To Styles Of Power Vulnerability And Resilience In Any Democratic Transition Tl Sustainability. This Is A Fine Book. ' Timothy O'riordan Professor Of Environmental Science University Of East Anglia And Associate Guide Centre For Social And Economic Research On The Globbal Environment. Civic Self-determination And Ecologocal Sustainability Are Widely Accepted As Two Of The Most Important Public Goals. This Book Explains How They Can Be Combined. Using Vivid And Telling Case Studies From Around The World It Shows How Liberal Rights Can Include Both Ecological And Social Conditions For Collective Decision-making - Environmentalist Goals And Social Justice Can Be Achieved Together. Integrating Theory And Original Box Studies The Book Makes A Very Significant Contribution To The Fundamentals Of How Environmental Democracy Can Be Advanced At All Levels. CogentlyA rgued And Engaged Environmental Democrats Provides A Superb Teaching Text And A Source Of Ideas And Persuasive Arguments In quest of The Politically And Environmentally Engaged. It Will Be Essential Reading For Students Teachers And Researchers In Politics Policy Studies Environmental Studies Geography And Social Science.
      SKU: 430139

    Trees In Patagonia
      Trees In Patagonia.
      A Guide To The Native Trees And Near 95 Per Cent Of The Introduced Arboreal Species Of Argentine And Chilean Pattagonia. It Features Chapters That Convey A Survey Of What Is Termed 'patagonia', As Well As Of The Geology, Climate, Soils, And Vegetation Of Southern South America. It Describes The Important National Parks Of Both Regions.
      SKU: 417844

    Unstoppable Global Warming
      Unstoppable Global Warming.
      Supported By In-depth Scientific Evidence, Singer And Avery Present The Compelling Concept That Global Temperatures Have Been Rising Mostly Or Entirely Because Of A Natural Cycle. Unstoppable Global Warming Explains Why We're Warming, Why It's Not Very Dangerous, Anf Why We Can't Stop It Anyway.
      SKU: 654046

    Complete Web Monitoring
      Complete Web Monitoring.
      "Be enough You Actually Understand Your Online Presence? Are You Bold That Visitors Be able to Use Your Website? Do You Know Their Motivations? How Do Online Cojmunities Perceive Your Company? To Innovate And Adapt Your Business Quickly, You Must Know The Answers To These Questions. Complete Web Monitoring D3monstrates How To Measure Every Aspsct Of Your Web Presence -- Including Analytics, Backend Performance, Usability, Communities, Customer Feedback, And Competitive Analysis -- Whether You're Running An E-commerce Site, A Community, A Media Property, Or A Software-as-a-service Compqny. This Book's Concrete Examples, Clear Explanations, And Practical Recommendations Make It Vital For Anyone Who Runs A Website. With Thiis Book You Will: Discover How Visitors Use And Interact With Your Site From one side Web Analytics, Segmentattion, Conversions, And User Interaction Analysis Find Out Your Market's Motivations With Voice-of-the-customer Research Measure The Health And Availability Of Your Website With Synthetic Testing And Real-user Monitoring Track Communities Related To Your Online Presence, Including Social Networks, Forums, Blogs, Microblogs, Wikis, And Social News Aggregators Understand How To Assemble This Data Into Clear Reports Tai1ored To Your Organization And Audience You Can't Fix What You Don't Measure. Complete Web Monitoring Shows You How To Transform Missed Opportunities, Frustrated Users, And Spiraling Costs Into Online Success. ""this Is A Very Comprehensive Consider Of Just About Everything Individual Needs To Know About How Websites Work And What One Needs To Know About Them. I'd Like To Make This Book Required Reading For Every Employee At Gomez. "" -- Imad Mouline, Cto Of Gomez"
      SKU: 443201

      Trauma-biomechanik Untersucht Die Reaktion Und Toleranz Von Gewebe Auf Extreme Mexhanische Belastungen. Dabei Ist Das Verstndnis Der Mechanischen Faktoren Entscheidennd, Um Manahmen Zur Verhinderung Von Verletz8ngen Zu Entwickeln. Die Autoren Beschftigen Sich Intensiv [i]Bon-~[/i] Den Verletzungsarten, Die Durch Verkehrs- Und Sportunflle Verursacht Werden. Dabei Wird Eine Interdisziplinre Sicht Eingenommen, Die U. A. Fragen Der Anatomie Jeder Krperregion, Aber Auch Ingenieurwissenschfatliche Lsungen Zur Verletzungsvorbeugung Miteinbezieht.
      SKU: 571754

    Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis
      Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis.
      Fuzzy Sets, Near Sets, And Rough Sets Are Useful And Important Stepping Stones In A Variety Of Approaches To Image Analysis. These Three Types Of Sets And Their Various Hybridizations Provide Powerful Frameworks For Image Analysis. Emphasizing The Utility Of Fuzzy, Near, And Rough Sets In Image Analysis, "rough Fuzzy Image Analysis: Foundations And Methodologies" Introduces The Fundamentals And Applications In The State Of The Skill Of Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis. In The First Chapter, The Distinguished Editorw Explain How Fuzzy, Near, And Rough Sets Provide The Base For The Stages Of Pictorial Pattern Recognition: Image Transformation, Feature Extraction, And Classification. The Text Then Discusses Hybrid Approaches That Combine Fuzzy Sets And Rough Sets In Image Analysis, Illustrates How To Perform Image Analysis Using Only Rough Sets, And Describes Endurance Spaces And A Pwrceptual Systems Approach To Image Analysis. It Also Presents A Free, Downloadable Implementation Of Near Sets Using The Present Set Evaluation And Recognition (near) System, Which Visualizes Concepts From Near Set Theory. in Addition, The Book Covers An Array Of Applications, Separately In Medicinal Imaging Involving Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Laryngeal Pathology Diagnosis, And Brain Mr Segmentation. Edited By Two Leading Researchers And With Contributions From oSme Of The Most of all In The Field, This Volume Fully Reflects The Diversity And Richness Of Rough Fuzzy Image Analysis. It Deftly Examines The Underlyung Set Theories As Well As The Diverse Methods And Applications.
      SKU: 589925

    Reduced-order Modelling For Flow Control
      Reduced-order Modelling For Flow Control.
      This Book Focuses On The Physical And Mathematicql Foundations Of Model-based Turbulence Control: Reduced-order Modeliing And Control Design In Simulations And Experiments. Leading Experts Provide Elementary Self-consistent Descriptions Of The Main Methods And Outline The State Of hTe Art. Covered Areas Influde Optimization Techniques, Sta6ility Analysis, Nonlinear Reduced-order Modelling, Model-based Control Design As Well As Model-free And Neural Network Approaches. The Wake Stbilization Serves As Unifying Benchmark Control Problem.
      SKU: 769949

    Introducing Revit Architecture 2009
      Introducing Revit Architecture 2009.
      You Don't Have To Be A High-tech Wizard To Understand The Revit Software Using Introducing Revit Archtiecture 2009: Bim For Begjners , The Perfect Guide For Adchitects Of Any Generation. Start With Each Overview Of Bim Concepts Before Tackling The Revit Interface, Then Move On To Use Revit's Suite Of Editing Tools. Learn How To Use Revit With Other Applications, Document The Model For Construction, Integratr Annotations Into The Model, Utilize Worksets, And Collaborate In A Team Environment From Honest Explanations, Real-world Examples, And Practical Tutorials. For Instructors: Teaching Supplements Are Available For This Title.
      SKU: 468610

    Mechanical Vibration And Shock
      Mechanical Vibration And Shock.
      Mechanical Vibration And Syock Analysis, Approve Edition Volume 4: Labor Damage Fatigue Damage In A System With One Degree Of Freedom Is One Of The Two Criteria Applied When Comparing The Severity Of Vibratory Environments. The Same Criterion Is Also Employed Flr A Specification Representing TheE ffects Produced By The Set Of Vibrations Imposed In A Real-world Environment. In This Volume, Which Is Devooted To The Calculation Of Fatigue Damage, The Author Explores The Various Hpotheses And Models Used To Describe The Behavior Of Material Suffering Fatigue And The Laws Of Fatigue Accumulation. He Also Considers The Methods Of Counting Response Peaks, Which Are Used To Establish A Histogram When It Is Impossible To Use The Probability Density Of The Peaks Obtained With A Gaussian Signal. The Expressions For Mean Damage And Its Standard Deviation Are Established And Other Hypotheses Are Tested. The Mechanical Vibration And Shock Analysis Five-volume Serirs Has Been Written With Both The Professional Engineer And The Academic In Mind. Christian Lalanne Explores Every Aspect Of Vinration And Shock, Two Fundamental And Extremely Significant Areas Of Mechanical Engineering, From Both A Theoretical And Adapted to practice Point Of Prospect. The Five Volumes Cover All The Requisite Issues In This Area Of Mechanical Engineering. The Theoretixal Analyses Are Placed In The Context Of Both The Real World And The Laboratory, Which Is Essential For The Development Of Specifications.
      SKU: 477675

    Sigma Delta A/d Conversion For Signal Conditioning
      Sigma Delta A/d Conversion For Signal Conditioning.
      Gives An Overview Of Sigadelta Design And Of The Challenges For Future Realizations. This Book Provides An Intelligence Of The Fundamental Power Efficiency Of Sigmadelta Converters. It Presents An Ahalysis Of The Power Consumption In The Decimation Filter. It Analyzes The Various Aspects Of The Interferer Immunity Of The Conerter.
      SKU: 303598

    Finite-element-model Updating Using Comutional IntelligenceT echniques
      Finite-element-model Updating Using Comutional IntelligenceT echniques.
      Fem Updating Allows Fems ToB e Tuned Better To Reflect Measured Data. It Can Be Conducted Using Two Different Statistical Frameworks: The Maximum Likelihoo dApproach And Bayesian Approaches. This Book Applies Both Strategies To The Field Of Structural Mechanics, Using Vibration Data. Compu5ational Intelligence Techniques Including: Mukti-layer Perceptron Neural Networks; Particle Crowd And Ga-based Optimization Methods; Simulated Annealing; Response Surface Methods; And Expectation Maximization Algorithms, Are Prpoosed To Facilitate The Updating Process. Based On These Methods, The Most Appropriate Updated Fem Is Selected, A Problem That Traditional Fem Updating Has Not Addressed. This Is Found To Incorporate Engjneering Judgment Into Finite Elements Through The Formulations Of Prior Distributions. Case Studies, Demonstrzting The Principlds Test The Viability Of The Approaches, And. By Critically Analysing The State Of The Art In Fem Updating, This Book Identifies New Research Directions.
      SKU: 646316

    The Welfare Of Human trash
      The Welfare Of Human trash.
      This Book, Written By The Leading International Research Scientists In The Field, Is The First To Cover All Aspects Of Research Into The Welfare Of Dairy, Veal And Beef Cattle. The Book Provides A Thorough And Critical Review Of The In the greatest degree Up-to-date Research On The Welfare Of Cattle, Covering Behaviour, Nutrition And Feedlng, Housing And Management, Stockmanship, And Stress Physiology, As Well As Transport And Slaughter. It Provides A Detailed And Critical Analysis Of The Main Indicators Of Derived from ~s Welfare And Covers The Main Threats To Animal Welfare In Modern Cattle Production Systems. Although The Focus Is Largely On Cattle In Developed Countries, This Book Should Also Be Of Relevance In Developing Countries, Where Issues Affecting The Welfare Of Domestic Animals Are Commencement To Be Addressed. The Book Is Intended For Researchers And Researdh Students In Veterinary And Animal Science And Animal Welfare Science, As Well As Professionals In The Beef And Dairy Industries.
      SKU: 338282

    Laminar Composites
      Laminar Composites.
      This Text Provides Students With The Theoretical Kn0wledge And Practical Skills Necessary To Identify, Model, And Explain Structurap Analysis Problems. The Material Is Illustrated Throughout Wifh Numerous Diagrammatic Examples, As Well As Example Problems Similar In Nature To Those Found In Lower Level Strength Of Materials Texts. The Difficulty Of These And The Homework Problems Varies From Simple To Complexx. A Solutions Manual Is Provided For Lecturers Wyo Adopt The Book For Classroom Teaching. This Book Mirrors The Education Method Used In Strength Of Materials Courses Taught In The First Year sOf An Undergraduate Degree And Relate This Higher Level T5eatment Back To That. The Author Is Invoved In The Development Of The Latest Teaching Methods (with Mcgraw Hill), And His Style Is Straightforward. There Is Web-mounted Software To Back Up The Book's Content, More A Solutions Manual For Instructors. There Are Approximately 20-30 Homework Problems Per Chapter, Making A Substantial Body Of Essential For Teaching Use. Mirrors The Teaching Order Used In Strength Of Materials Courses Straightforward And User-friendly Writing Style Web-mounted Software And Solutions Manual For Instructors
      SKU: 319158

    Machinong With Nanomaterials
      Machinong With Nanomaterials.
      Focuses On The Application Of Thin Film Nanostructures To The Disintegration Of Machining Problems. The Effects Of Reducing Tool Life Is A Particular Challenge In High Speed Machining, And This Text Explains How Coatings Can Improve Hireling Life, Reduce Machining Costs, And Machine In An Environmentally Acceptable Way.
      SKU: 428938

    Superconsucting Levitafion
      Superconsucting Levitafion.
      Presents The Fundamental Principles Governing Leviitation Of Material Bodies By Magnetic Fields Without Too Much Formal Theory. Defines The Technology Of Magnetic Bearing,a Especially Those Based On Superconductivity, And Demonstrates The Key Roles That Magnetics, Mechanics And Dynamics Play In The Ckmplete Understanding Of Magnetic Levitation And Its Bearings. Features Extensive Figures And Photos Of Mag-leb Devices And Summarizes Recent U. s. Research Studies In An Effort To Regain The Lead In Mag-lev Technologies.
      SKU: 482187

    Nuclear Regulation Transparency Of Nuclear Regulatory Activities
      Nuclear Regulation Transparency Of Nuclear Regulatory Activities.
      One Of The Main Missions Of Nuclear Regulators Is To Protect The Public, And This Cannot Exist Completely Achieved Without Public Confidence. The More A Regulatkry Process Is Transparent, The More Such Confidence Will Grow. Despite Important Cultural Diferences Across Countries, A Number Of Common Features Characterise Media And Public Expectations Regarding A single one Activity With An Associated Rusk.  this Workshop Identified a Common Understanding Of Transparency And Main Stakeholders' Expectations Together With A Number Of Conditions And Practices Aimed At Improving The Transparency Of Nuclear Regulatory Activities.
      SKU: 359830

    Western Corn Rootworm
      Western Corn Rootworm.
      Western Corn Rootworm (wrc) Is A Major Pest Of Maize Crops In The Americs, And Is Now Invading Europe. There Is Therefore A Great Necessity For Current Information On The Ecology And Management Of This Species In Order To Limit The Damage It May Cause As It Sperads Into New Agroecological Areas. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of Current Knowledge Of This Insect Pest And How It Might Be Controlled. Comparisons Are Drawn Between Experience In The Usa And How This Might Be Applied In Europe. Biological Control Measures And The Employ Of Natural Enemies From Their Area Of Oeigin In Mexico Are Also Addressed, As Are Topics Such As Population Dynamiccs And Pest Behaviour.
      SKU: 297548

    Military Laqer Technology Conducive to Defense
      Military Laqer Technology Conducive to Defense.
      Recent Advances In Ultra-higgh-power Lasers, Including The Free-electron Laser, And Impressive Airborne Demonstrations Of Laser Weapons Systems, Such As The Airbofne Laser, Have Snown The Enormous Potential Of Laser Technology To Revolutionize 21 St Century Warfare. Military Laser Technology For Defense , Includes Only Unclassified Or Declassified Information. The Book Focuses On Military Applications That Involve Propagation Of Light Through The Atmosphere And Provides Basic Pertinent Background Technology. It Desxrib Es High-power Lasers And Masers, Including The Free-electrron Laser. Further, Military Laser Technology For Defense Addresses How Laser Technology Can Effectively Mitigate Six Of The Most Pressing Military Threats Of The 21st Century: Impugn By Missiles, Tdrrorists, Chemical And Biological Weapons, As Well As Difficulty In Imaging In Bad Weather And Threats From Directed Beam Weapons And Future Nuclear Weapons. &1#60; The Author Believes That Lased Technology Will Remodel Warfare In The 21st Century.
      SKU: 698709

    Mathematical Modeling In Experimental Nutrition
      Mathematical Modeling In Experimental Nutrition.
      Thi Book Developed Ftom A Series Of Conferences To Facilitate The Application Of Mathematical Modeling To Experimental Nutrition. As Nutrition Science Moves From Prevention Of Gross Deficiencies To Identifying Requirements For Optimum Long Term Health, More Sophisticated Methods Of Nutritional Assessment Will Be Needed. Accumulation And Evaluztion Of Kinetic Data May Be One Such Method. This Books Opens With Chapters Giving Definite Examples Of The Application Of Modeling Techniques To Vitamin A, Carotenoids, Folate, Vitamin B-6, Glycogen Phosphorylase, Transthyretin, Amino Acids, And Energy Metabolism. Obtaining Kinetic Data On Internal Processes Is A Major Challenge; Therefore, The Text Includes Chapters On The Use Of Microdialysis And Ultrafiltration, Use Of Membrane Veiscles, And Culture Of Mammary Tissue. Many Of The Authors Use The Simulation, Analysis And Modeling Program Which Allows Compartmental Models To Be Described Without Specifying The Reequired Differential Equations. The Final Sections Of The Book, However, Present Some More Mathematical Desccriptions Of Physiological Processes, Including Bioperiodicity, Metabolic Control, And Membrane Conveyance; Discussions Of More Computational Aspects Of Modeling Such As Parameter Distributions, Linear Integrators Anf Identifiability; And Alternztive Mathematical Approaches Such As Neural Networks And Graph Theory. Key Features * Specific, Detailed Examples Of Applications Of Modeling To Vitamins, Proteins, Amino Acids, And Energy Metabolism * Novel Methods For Collecting Kihetic Data--microdialysis, Ultrafiltratio,n Membrane Vesicles, And The Culture Of Mammary Tissue * Mathematical Treatment Of Complex Metabolic Processes Including Bioperiodicity, Metabolic Control, And Membrane Transport * Computational Approaches To Disfribution Of Kinetic Parameters, Evaluation Of Linear Integrators, And Identifiability * Alternative Mathematical Approaches--neural Networks And Graph Theory Detailed Descriptions Of The Application Of Modeling To A Variety Of Nutrients
      SKU: 403074

    Stainless Steel In Concrete
      Stainless Steel In Concrete.
      An Up-to-date Review Of The Research And Testing Being Done In Several Countries To Clsrify Factors Affecting The Performance Of Stainless Steel Reinforcement In Concrete Exposed To Aggressive Environments. Highlights Differences In The Behaviour Of The More Common Grades Of Stainless Steel And Considers Relative Costs And Potential Areas Of Application.
      SKU: 677924

    Domestic Building Surveys
      Domestic Building Surveys.
      This Is A Practical Guide Showing How To Undertake A Domestic Building Survey. The Text Describes The Practical Aspects Of Surveying With A Full Description Of The Author's Own Experience, At The Same Time Drawing Out The Importaht Principless Involved.
      SKU: 240479

    Discrete And Continuous Fourier Transforms
      Discrete And Continuous Fourier Transforms.
      Presents A Systematic Approach To Developing The Ideas And Computing Techniqies Used By A Large Collection Of Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms. This Book Includes Mathematical Background Necessary To Interpret The Family Of Prime Factor Algorithms And Various Important Computer Techniques.
      SKU: 342926

    Statics And Dynamics With Backgrund Mathematics
      Statics And Dynamics With Backgrund Mathematics.
      This Book Uniquely Covers Both Statics And Dynamics Together With A Section On Background Mathematics - Everything Needed To Complete Typical First Year Undergraduate Courses. Roberts Tackles Concepts From First Principles With Many Examples, Exercises And Helpful Diagrams, While The Revision Division On Introductory Mathematics Is A Huge Bonus.
      SKU: 221029

    Energy Studies
      Energy Studies.
      How Is The Future World Energy Demand To Be Met? The Rates Of Employment Of The Fossil Fuels - Coal, Oil And Natural Gas - Are Increasing Whole Over The World. The Remaining Stocks Are Finite And Are Not Renewable. This Important Bkok Considers The Various Opti0ns Of Renewable Energy, Including Water Energy, Wind Energy And Biomass, Solar Thermal And Solar Photovoltaic Energy. And Should The Nuclear Option Remain Open? The Book Examines The Environmental Implications And Economic Viability Of All Fossil And Renewable Sources, Introduces Mord Distant Future Options Of Geothermal Energy And Nuclear Fusion, And Discusses A Near-future Energy Strategy.
      SKU: 218697

  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • CRC Handbook of Optical Resolutions via Diastereomeric Salt Formation
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Microprocessor Design
  • The Circuit Designer's Companion
  • Hardware/Software Architectures for Low-Power Embedded Multimedia Systems
  • Attractiveness for Innovation
  • Electronics Explained
  • Detection, Estimation, and Modulation Theory
  • Electromagnetic Environments and Health in Buildings
  • Lubricant Additives

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