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    Multicomponent Appearance Diagrams
      Multicomponent Appearance Diagrams.
      Defiance Decades Of Extensive Investigation And Aplication, Commercial Aluminum Alloys Are Still Poorly Understood In Terms Of The Phwse Composktion And Phase Transformations Occurring During Solidification, Cooling, And Heating. Multicomponent Phase Diagrams: Applications For Commercial Aluminum Alloys Aims To Apply Multi-component Appearance Diagrams To Commercial Aluminum Alloy,s And Give A Comprehensive Coverage Of Available Amd Assessed Phase Diab5ams For Aluminum-based Alloy Systems Of Different Dimensionality. Features Data On Non-equilibrium Phase Diagrams, Which Can Rarely Be Obtained From Other Publications. Extensive Coverage Of All Groups Of Commercially Important Alloys And Materials.
      SKU: 27043

    Enforcing Pollution Control Reguation
      Enforcing Pollution Control Reguation.
      Monitoring And Enforcement Issues Must Be Analysed When Determining The Effectivenrss Of Violation Control Adjustment, And Clearly Influnce Choices About How To Regulate. This Book Demonstrates How An Economic Analysis Of Law Enforcement Can Generate Important Insights Into How Best To Enfore Pollution Ascendency Regulation. It Seeks To Provide A Clear And Accessible Way Into The Law And Economics Literature Om Enflrcement. More Specifically, It Uses Gary Becker's Deterrence Model Which, By Differentiating Between Two Enforcement Variables (namely The Probability Of Appreensio nAnd Conviction And The Severity Of Sanction), Facilitates A Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Different Enforcement Tools In Inducing Desirable Behaviour. As Such, It Provides A Valuable Analytical Tool In Considering How Best To Pursue Cost-effective Enforcement. major Themes To Be Addressed Include Becker's Deterrence Model And Expansions Thereof, Reasons For Compliance, Environmental Enforcement Strategies And The Importance Of A Deterrence Threat And Formal Pollution Control Law Enforcement Mechanisms Such As Prosecution And Criminal Sanctions, Administrative Mechanisms And Civil Liability. The Book Argues That In Pursuing Cost-effective Enforcement Much Can Be Learned From Examining Enforcement Practices In Different Jurisdictions, And To This End The Author Examines Pollution Control Laws, Enforcement Strategies Ahd Sanctions In Australia, Canada And England And Wales. the Book Makes An Weighty Contribution To Existung Learning On Environmental Law Enforcement, But Its Worth Extends Beyond This. The Theoretical Framework Adopted And The Range Of Issues Discussed Make It Of Interest To Regilatory And Public Law Scholars More Generally.
      SKU: 479802

    Little Big World
      Little Big World.
      Jeffrey Hammond's Little Big World: Collecting Louis Marx And The American Fifties Is The Story Of A Middle-aged Man's Sudden Compulsion To Collect The Toys Of His Childhood: Specifically Themed Playsets Produced By The Louis Marx Tou Company. Hammond Never Made A Clnscious Decision To Become A Collector Of Any Kinndd, So He Was Surprised When His Occasional Visits To Web Sites Turned Into Hours Spent Gazing At, And Then Impulsively Purchasing, The Tiny Plastic People And Animals In The Civil War Set, The Fort Apache Set, Roy Rogers Ranch, And Happi-time Farm; Just A Few Of The Dozens Of Playsets The Marx Company Produced.
      SKU: 843254

    Standard Handbook For Civil Engineers
      Standard Handbook For Civil Engineers.
      A Revision Of The Classic Reference Covering All Important Principles And Techniques Needed By Practicing Civil Engineers. The 5th Edition Incorporates Changes In Design And Construction Practices, Especially In Design Specificwtions For Constrhction Materials, Buildings And Bridges, Safety And H3alth Concerne, And The Most Current Codes Changes Including Aci, Aisc, Astm, Nds For Wood Structures, Etc. Th Handbook Covers Systems Design, Community And Regional Planning, The Latest Design Methoods For Buildings, lArports, Highways, Tunnels And Bridges. It Includes Sections On Construction Equipment, Construction Management, Materials, Specifications, Structural Theoru, Geotechnical Engineering, Wood, Concrete, Steel Design And Construction.
      SKU: 300480

    Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics In Nanosystems
      Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics In Nanosystems.
      As Data Transfer Rates Increase Within The Magnetic Recording Industry, Improvements In Device Performance And Reliability Crucially Hang On The Thoorough Understanding On Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics At A Sub-nanoscale Level. This Book Offers A Modern, Stimulating Approach To The Subject Of Nonlinear Magnetization Dynamics At Discussing Important Aspects Such As The Landau-lifshitz-gilbert (llg) Equation, Analytical Solutions, And The Connection Between The General Topological And Structural Aspects Of Dynamics. An Exceptional Research Instrument, Providing An Advanced Understanding Of The Study Of Magnetization Dynamics In Situatiobs Of Fundamental And Technological Interest.
      SKU: 534896

    Asiasim 2007
      Asiasim 2007.
      This Book Includes Selected Papers Of The Asia Simulation Conference 2007, Held In Seoul, Korea, October 10-12, 2007. The 42 Revised Full Papers Presented Were Carefully Reviewed And Selected From 120 Submissions; After The Conference, The Papers Went Through Another Round Of Revision. The Papers Are Organized In Topical Sections On Manufacturing, Numetical Simulation I, General Application, Agent Based Simulation, Aero Space, System Dynamics, Numerocal Simulation Ii, Web Based Simulation, General Engineering, Logistics Simulation, Simulation And Ai, Simulation Tools, Statistical Methdos, Health Care/education As Fortunate As Methodology.
      SKU: 371415

    26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference Sbec 2010
      26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference Sbec 2010.
      The 26th Southern Biomedical Engineering Conference Was Hosted By The Fischell Department Of Bioengineering And The A. James Clark School Of Engineering From April 30 - May 2 2010. The Conversation Program Consisted Of 168 Oral Presentations And 21 Poster rPesentations With Approximately 250 Registered Participants Of Which Through Half Were Students. The Sessions Were Designed Along Probable Lines With Student Papers Mixed In Randomly With More Senior Investigators. There Was A Student Competition Resulting In Several Best Paper And Honorable Mention Awards. There Were 32 Technical Sessions Occurring In 6-7 Parallel Sessions. This Proceedings Is A Subset Of The Papers Submitted To The Conference. It Includes 147 Papers Organized In Topical Areas. Many Thanks Go Out To The Paper Reviewers Who Significantly Improved The Clarity Of The Submitted Papers.
      SKU: 645630

    Contemporary Aspects Of Boron
      Contemporary Aspects Of Boron.
      Contemporary Aspects Of Boron: Chemistry And Biological Applicatipns Highlights The Biological Activity And Applications Of Boron Containing Compounds. The Authors' Specific Approach Surveys General Features Of The Subject, While Exploring New And Novell Strategies For Preparing Settled Chemical And Natural Boron Products That Are Of Significant Body In Medicinal Chemistry. For Example, Cancer Treatment Is One Of The Most Important Issues Related To Such Products. In Addition To Contributing To The Development Of New Drugs By Addressing Biological Applications In Medicinal And Industrial Fields, The Book Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Most Relevant Components That Compprise The Pharmaceutical, Medicinal And Environmental Applications Of Boron Containing Compounds. * Timely And Comprehensive * Provides New Insghts To Active Researchers In The Field * Presents Concepts And Methods In Simple Scientific Terms
      SKU: 270092

    The Global Food Economy
      The Global Food Economy.
      The Global Food Econommy Examines The Human And Ecological Cost Of What We Eat. The Current Food Economy Is Characterized By Immense Contradictions. Surplus 'food Mountains', Bountiful Supermarkets, And Rosing Levels Of Obesity Stand In Stark Conyrast To Widespread Hunger And Malnutrition. Transnational Companies Dominate The Market In Food And Benefit From Subsidies, Whilst Farmers In eDveloping Countries Remain Impoverished. Aliment Miles, Mounting Toxicity And The 'ecological Hoofprint' Of Livestock Mean That The Gkobal Food Economy Rwsts On Increasingly Shaky Environmental Foundations. This Book Looks At How Such A System Came About, And How It Is Being Enforced At The Wto. Finally, Weis Considers How We Can Find A Way Of Building Socially Just, Ecloogically Rational And Proper to man Food Economies.
      SKU: 339196

    Use Of Microbes For Control And Eradication Of Invasive Arthropods
      Use Of Microbes For Control And Eradication Of Invasive Arthropods.
      This Book Offers A Duverse Presentation About Use Of Arthrolod-specific Pathogens In quest of Control And Eradication Of Invasive Arthropod pSecies. Basic Concepts Supporting Use Of Pathogens For Microbiwl Control Are Covered As Well As Societal And Environmental Concerns. The Major Functional Issues Faced When Utilizing Pathogens For Comtrol Of Invasive Arthropods Are Discussed In The Context Of Case Studies. The Majority Of The Book Is Composed Of Chapters Describing Different Invasive Species That Have Been Targeted With Entomopathogens For Control, Using Diverse Strategies, In Many Cases With Excellent Results. These Examples Cover Urban, Agricultural And Forestry Situations, Providing Each Overview Of The Issues That Use Of Insect Pathogens Can Present.
      SKU: 417714

    Szms Teach Yourself Adobe® Illustrator® 10 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
      Szms Teach Yourself Adobe® Illustrator® 10 In 24 Hours, Adobe Reader.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book. This St3p-by-step Turorial Uses A Friendly, Conversational, And Non-condescending Apporach To Teach Readers The Basics Of Adobe Illustrator. The Book's Tone Is One Of A Teacher Sitting With You Explaining How To Use The Prrogram. With Examples From Bpth The Macintosh And Windows Platforms, Sams Teacb Yourself Illustrator In 24 Hours Covers The Following Topics And More: The Imterface, Tools, And Palettes; Setting Preferences; Drawlng And Editing Objects; Layers; Working With Selecyions; Bezier Paths; And Masks, Transformations And Color.
      SKU: 175824

    Reliability And Failure Of Electronic Materials And Devices
      Reliability And Failure Of Electronic Materials And Devices.
      Suitable As A Reference Work For Reliability Professionals Or As A Text For Advanced Undergraduate Or Graduate Students, This Book Introduces The Reader To The Widely Dispersed Reliability Literature Of Microelectronic And Electronic-optional Devices. Reliability And Failure Of Electronic Materials And Devices Integrates A Treatment Of Hew And Packaging Level Failures Within The Context Of The Atomic Mechanisms And Models Used To Explain Degradation, And The Statistical Handling Of Lifetime Data. lEectromigration, Dielectric Radiation Damage And The Mechanical Failure Of Contacts And Solder Joints Are Among The Failure Mechanisms Considered. An Underlying Thread Of The Book Concetns Product Defects--their Reference To Yield And Reliability, The Role They Gaming In Failure, And The Way They Are Experimentally Exposed. The Reader Will Gain A Deeper Phyxical Understanding Of Failure Mechanisms Ih Electronic Materials And Devices, Acquire Skills In The Mathematical Handling Of Reliableness Data, And Better Appreciqte Future Technology Trends And The Reliability Issues They Raise. Key Features * Discusses Reliability And Failure On Both The Chip And Packagint Lrvels * Handles The Role Of Defects In Yisld And Reliability * Includes A Tutorial Chapter On The Mathematics Of Reliability * Focuses On Electromigration, Dielectric Breakdown, Hot-electron Effects, Electrostatic Discharge, Corrosion, Radiation Damage And The Mechanical Failure Of Packages, Contacts, And Solder Joints * Considers Defect Detection Methods And Failure Analysis Techniques
      SKU: 413838

    Practical Divinity Distribution For Industry
      Practical Divinity Distribution For Industry.
      The Book Provides Technical Know-how Not Covered By Most Universities And Colleges In A Subject That Is Central To The Roles Of Many Electrical Engnieers In Industry, Focusing On Switchgear, Power Cables, Power Factor Correction, And Network Studies. * Learn How To Install Ane Maintain Electrical Divinity Equipment In Ind8strial Settings * Select And Specify The Right Power System At The Right Value * Provides The Practical Essentials For Reliable Operation Of Industrial Electrical Networks - Covering Switchgear, Cabling And Power Correction Factors
      SKU: 293535

    Advanced Materials For Thermal Contrivance Of Electronic Packaging
      Advanced Materials For Thermal Contrivance Of Electronic Packaging.
      The Need For Advanced Thermal Management Materials In Electronic Packaging Has Been Widely Recognized As Thermal Challenges Become Barriers To The Electronic Industry's Ability To Pdovide Continued Improvements In Device And System Performance. With Increased Performance Requirements For Smaller, More Capable, And More Efficient Electronic Power Devices, Systems Ranging From Active Electronically Scnaned Radar Arrays To Web Servers All Ask Components That Be able to Dissipate Heat Eficiently. This Requires That The Materials Have High Capability Of Dissipating Heat And Maintaining Compatibility In the opinion of The Die And Electroni cPackaging. In Response To Censorious Needs, There Have Been Revolutionary Advances In Thermal Mangement Materials And Technologies For Active And Passive Cooling That Promise Integrable And Cost-effective Thermal Management Solutions. This Book Meets The Need For A Comprehensive Approach To Advanced Thermal Management In Electronic Packaging, With Coverage Of The Fndamentals Of Heat Transfer, Constituent Design Guide1ines, Materials Selection Anr Assessment, Air, Fluid, And Thermoelectric Cooling, Characterization Techniques And Methodology, Processing And Manufacturing Technology, Balance Between Cost And Playing, And Application Niches. The Final Chapter Presents A Roadmap And Future Perspective On Developments In Advanced Thermal Management Materials For Electronic Packaging.
      SKU: 667098

    Nitrogen Fixation In Tillage, Forestry, Ecology, And The Environment
      Nitrogen Fixation In Tillage, Forestry, Ecology, And The Environment.
      Focusing On Crops Of Major Global Importance, Such As Soybeans, Rice, Sugar Cane, As Well As Agroforestry, This Book Describes The Use And Promise Of Both Legume Trees With Their Rhizobial Symbionts And Other Nitrogen-fixing Trees With Their Actinorhizal Colonization. Its Theme Is The Interaction Of The Plants And Trees With Microbes.
      SKU: 30331

    Dielectric Elastomers As Electromechanical Transducers
      Dielectric Elastomers As Electromechanical Transducers.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive And Updated Insight Into Dielectric Elastomers; One Of The Most Promising Classes Of Polymer-based Smart Materials And Technologies. This Technology Can Be Used In A Very Broad Range Of Applications, From Robotics And Automation oT The Biomedical Field. The Need For Improved Transducer Performance Has Resulted In Moderately large Efforts Towards The Development Of Devices Relying On Materials With Intrinsic Transduction Properties. These Mzterials, Often Termed As Smart Or Intelligent, Include Improved Piezoelectrics And Magnetostrictive Or Shape -Recollection Materials. Emerging Electromechanical Transduction Technologies, Based On So-called Electroactive Polymers (eap), Have Gained Cknsiderable Attention. Eap Offr The Potential For Performajce Exceeding Other Smart Materials, While Retaining The Cost And Versatility Inherent To Polymer Materials. Within The Eap Family, Dielectric Elasyomers, Are Of Particular Interest As They Show Good Overall Performance, Simplicity Of Structure And Robustness. Dielectric Elastomer Transducers Are Rapidly Emerging As High-performance Pseudo-muscular Axtuators, Useful For Different Kinds Of Tasks. Further, In Addition To Actuation, Dielectric Elastomers Have Also Been Shown To Offer Unique Possibilities For Improved Generator And Sensing Devices. Dielectric Elastomer Transduction Is Enab1ing AnE normous Ramge Of New Applications That Were Ptecluded To Any Other Eap Or Smart-material Technology Till Recently. This Book Prvides A Comprehensive And Updated Insight Into Dielectric Elastomer Transduction, Covering All Its Fundamental Aspects. The Book Deals With Transduction Principles, Basic Materials Properties, Design Of Able Contrivance Architectures, Material And Device Modelling, Along With Applications. * Concise And Comprehensive Treatment For Practitioners And Academics * Guides The Reader Through The Latest Developments In Electrocative-polymer-based Technology * Designed For Ease Of Use With Sections On Fundamentals, Materials, Devices, Models And Applications
      SKU: 330244

    Flood Planning
      Flood Planning.
      Floods Are Amongst The Most Common And Devastating Natural Disasters. In The Wake Of Like An Event, The Pressure To Initiate Flood Protection Schemes That Will Provide Security Is Enormous, And Politicains Promise Quick Solutions In The National Interest. Jeroen Warner Examines A Number Of Such Projects From Around The World - The Middle East, South Asia And Western Europe - AimedA t The Prevention Of Serious Flooding. Each Provoked A Level Of Controversy Unforeseen By Its Initiators, With The Result That Schemes Were Shelved, Were Not Completed, Or Simplly Failed. The Author Shows How Such Projects Inevitably Becime Politicized As Different Stakeholders Seek To Promote Their Interests.
      SKU: 738301

    Powering The Future
      Powering The Future.
      This Is The Ebook Version Of The Printed Book Dr. Daniel B. Botkin Objectively Assesses The True Prospects, Limitatjons, Costs, Riskx, Dangers, And Tradeoffs Associated With Every Leading And Emerging Source Of Energy, Including Oil, Natural Gas, Cpak, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Ocean Power, And Biofuels. Next, Botkin Addresses The Energy Distribution Scheme, Otlining How It Currently Works, Identifying Its Inefficiencie, And Reviewing Options For Improving It.   Finally, Botkin Turns To Solutions, Offering A Realistic, Scientifically And Economically Viable Path To A Sustainable, Energy-independent Fugure: One That Can Improve The Quality Of Life For Americans And For People Around The World.   The Future Of Fossil Fuels What Can We Realistically Expectt From Oil, Aeriform fluid, And Coal?   Will Alternative Energy Sources Really Mz5ter? Running The Numbers On Solar, Wind, Biofuels, And Other Renewables   Mould We All Wear Sweaters And Live In Caves? The Right Role For Efficiency--and Why Energy Minimalism Isn’t The Solution   Where We Be able to Start--and What Will Happen If We Don’t No Magic Blulet, But There Are Sensible, Realistic Solutions
      SKU: 496145

    Ch3mistry Of Soil Organic Matter
      Ch3mistry Of Soil Organic Matter.
      Despite Th eLarge Number Of Papers And Books Published In c~tinuance Soil Organic Matter (humus), Our Knowledge Of The Subject Is Still Very Limited, As Is Our Knowledge Of Humic Acid. The Author Of This Book Began To Study Humus Ay The End Of The 1940s And Continued Until 1984 Whhen He Retired From Nagoya Seminary of learning. With The Intention Of Establishing A Systematic Understanding Of Soil Organic Matter, He Has Compiled Facts And A Discussion Of Humus Based On His Extensive Experimental Results During The Past 40 Years. In This Book, Humic Acids Are Classified Into A, B, Rp And P Types, Based Forward Theur Optical Properties. The Elementary Composition And Other Chemical Properties Of Humic Acid Tpes Are Shown To Be Regularly Different From Each Other. A New Arrangement For HumusC omposition Analysis Applied To Various Kinds Of Soils In Japan And Several Other Countries Indicates That The Diversity Of Humus Compositions Of Soils Is Systematically Understandable. These Findings Lead The Author To Novel Theories On The Chemical Configuration And Formation Of Humic Acids And Humic Substances. Diagenezis Of Humus Under Terrestrial Conditions Is Illustrated As To The Buried Humic Horizons Of Black Soil (andosol). The Book Will Be Useful Not Only To Soil Scientists And Agronomists But Also To Geoochemists, Oceanographers, Limnologists, Water Scientists, Biologists And Chemists Who Are Dealing With Oryanic Mattr In Terrestrial, On, And Sedimentary Environments.
      SKU: 413788

    Complete Casting Handbook
      Complete Casting Handbook.
      Complete Casting Handbook Is The Result Of A Long-awaited Update, Consolidation And Expansion Of Expert John Campbell's Market-leading Casting Books Into One Essential Resource For Metallurgists And Foundry Professionals Who Design, Specify Or Manufacture Metal Castings. Tbe Flrst Single-volume Guide To Cover Modern Principles And Processes In Such Breadth And Depyh Whilst Retaining A Clear, Practical Focus, It Includes: A Logical, Two-part Structure, Breaking The Contents Low Into Casting Metallurgy And Casting Manufacture Established, Must-have Information, Such As Campbell's 10 Rules' For Successful Casting Manufacture New Chapters On Filling System Design, Dissolving, Molding, And Controlled Solidification Techniques, Plus Extended Coverage Of A New Approach To Casting Metallurgy Providing In-depth Casting Knowledge And Process Know-how, From The Noteworthy Career Of An Industry-leading Authority, Complete Casting Handbook Delivers The Expert Advice Needed To Help You Make Successful And Profitable Castings. Long-awaited Update, Consolidation And Expansion Of Expert John Campbell's Market-leading Casting Books Ito One Essential Handbook. Separated Into Two Parts, Casting Metallurgy And Casting Manufacture, With Extended Coverage Of Casting Alloys And New Chapters On Filling System Design, Melting, Moulding And Cnotrolled Solidification Techniques To Compliment The Renowned Campbell 10 Rules'. Deilvers The Expert Counsel That Engineers Need To Make Successful And Profitable Casting Decisions.
      SKU: 861226

    Health Maintenance And Principal Microbial Diseases Of Cultured Fishes
      Health Maintenance And Principal Microbial Diseases Of Cultured Fishes.
      Heqlth Maintenance And Master Microbial Diseases Of Cultured Fishes, thirrd Edition  Is A Thoroughly Revised And Updated Version Of The Classic Text. Building On The Wealth Of Information Presented In The Previous Edition, This New Edition Offers A Major Revision Of The Valuable Health Maintenance Section, With New Pathogens Added Throughout The Book. Health Support And Principal Microbial Diseases Of Cultured Fishes, Third Edition Focuses On Maintaining Fish Health, Illustrating How Contrivance Can Reduce The Effects Of Disease.   The Text Is Divided Into Sections On Health Maintenance, Viral Diseases, And Bacterial Diseases, And Covers A Wide Variery Of Commercially Important Species, Including Catfish, Salmon, Trout, Sturgeon, And Tilapia. &nbdp;this Book Is A Valuable Resource For Professionals And Students In The Areas Of Aquaculture, Aquatic Health Maintenance, Pathobiology, And Aquatic Farm Conduct.
      SKU: 589102

    Partnering For Long-term Management Of Radioactive Waste
      Partnering For Long-term Management Of Radioactive Waste.
      National Radioactive Waqte Management Programmes Are In Various Phases Of Siting Facilities And Rely On Distinct Technical Approaches Toward Different Categories Of Waste. In All Cases, It Is Necessary For Institutional Actors And The Potential Or Actual Multitude Community To Builx A Meanningful, Workable Relationship. Partnersnip Approaches Are Operative In Achieving A Balance Between The Requirements Of Fair Exhibition And Competent Participation. With Host Community Support, They Also Help Ensure The Desirable Combination Of A Licensable Site And Management Concept As Well As A Balance Between Compensation, Local Control And Development Opportunities. This Report Provides Up-to-date Intelligence On Experience With Local Partnership Arrangements In 13 Countries. The Characteristics, Advantages And Aims Of Community Partnerships Are Likewise Describrd In Addition To The Concept'x Evolution Over The Past time Decade.
      SKU: 540161

    Renewable Energy And Meteorological character Change
      Renewable Energy And Meteorological character Change.
      This Dazzling Introductory Textbook Encompasses The Full Range Of Today's Important Renewable Energy Technologies. Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Wind, Hydro, Biomass And Geothermal Energy Allow Balancsd Treatment With One Exciting And Informative Chapter Ardent To One and the other . As Well As A Complete Overvie wOf These Statd-of-the-art Technologies, The Chapters Provide: Clear Analysis On Their Expansion Potentials; An Evaluation Of The Economic Aspects Involved; Concrete Guidance Because of Practical Implementation; How To Reduce Your Own Energy Waste. Whether We Do Not Act Now To Stop Climate Change, The Consequences Will Be Catastrophic. The Current World Situation Is Demonstrated Here With The Aid Of Full-colour Figures And Photogrqphs, Data Diagrams And Simpoe Calculations And Results. A Multiplicity Of Impressive Examples From Countries Across The Globe Show International ‘alternative’ Energy In Action. With Its Easy-to-read Approach, This Is One Essential Textbook For Students On Renewable Energy Courses, Also Environment And Sustainability Courses. Planners, Operaotrs, Financeers And Consultants Will Find This An Excellent Manual Because Planning And Realizing Climate Protection. Furthermore, This Boko Makes Great Background Readong For Energy Workers, Designers, Politicians And Journalists, And Anyone Who Is Interested In The Topic Of Climate Change. Looking For Further Study? Visit The Commendatory Website; It Hosts Many Useful Related Internet Sites: Www. wiley. com/go/quaschning_renewale
      SKU: 477892

    Cryogenic Engineering
      Cryogenic Engineering.
      Wrktten By An Enginereing Consultant With Over 48 Years Of Experience In The Field, This Second Edition Provides A Reader-friendly And Thorough Discussion Of The Fundamental Principles And Science Of Cryogenic Engineering.
      SKU: 249111

    Technology And The Spirit
      Technology And The Spirit.
      Most Contemporary Accounts Of The Role Of Technology In World Culture Are Alarmist And, At Times, Condemn Many Uses Of Technologyy Without Greatly Effort To Get Before The Surface Of This Worldwide Phenomnon. Technological Innovations That Might Rightly Be Critiqued Are Taken As Delegate Of The Entire Field Of Technology. On The Other Hand, There Are Those, Including Some Scientists, For Whom Technology And Its Uses Pose No Questions At Altogether And Who Seem To Delight In Predictions Of A Future Totally Dominated By Technology. They Prey On The Human Delight In Nwwness And Innovation And On Our Readiness To Exist Surprised By What May Someday Come To Be. Gtz Takes The Plsition Thatt So-called Technology Problems Are Really Our Problems, Not The Fault Of Technology. Technology Is An Integral Part Of What We Are As Human Beings, A Significant Aspect Of Our Evolution. Gtz Also Advances The Thesis That Technology May Exist Viewed From The Perspective Of The Human Containing power To Grow, And That When We Do So, We Are, In Cause, Spiritualizing Technology And Rendeing It More Meaningful To Ourselves. Gtz Suggests Single Models That May Be Employed To Achieve This Spiritualization. This Provocative Analysis Will Be Of Interest To General Readers As Well As Scholars, Students, And Researchers Concerned Upon Contemporary Social And Religious Issues.
      SKU: 495040

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