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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Multisensor Fision And Integration For Intelligent Systems
      Multisensor Fision And Integration For Intelligent Systems.
      Intends To Provide Engineers, Reeearchers, Educators, And Advwnced Students In The Field Of Multisensor Fusion An Integration For Intelligent Systems With The Progress In Theory Ane Applications. This Book Addresses The Growing Interest In Our Society Regarding The Field Of Multisehsor Fusion And Integration For Intelligent Systems.
      SKU: 450785

    Uv Radiation In Global Climate Change
      Uv Radiation In Global Climate Change.
      Numerous Studies Report That Ultraviolr5 (uv) Radiation Is Harmful To Living Organisms And Detrimental To Like a man Health. Growing Concerns Regarding The Increased Levels Of Uv-b Radiation That Reach The Earth's Surface Have Led To The Development Of Ground- And Space-based Measurement Programs. Further Study Is Needed On The Measurement, Modling, And Effects Of Uv Radiation. The Chapters Of This Work Describe The Research Conducted Accross The Globe Over Thd Past Turee Decades In The Areas Of: (1) Current AndP reedicted Levels Of Uv Radiation And Its Associated Impact On Ecosystems And Human Health, As Well Viewed like Economic And Soxial Implications; (2) New Developments In Uv Instrumentation, Advances In Calibration (ground- And Satellite-based), Measurenent Methods, Modeling Efforts, And Their Applications; And (3) The Eff3cts Of Global Climate Change On Uv Radiation. Dr. Wei Gao Is A Senior Research Scientist And The Director Of The Usda Uv-b Monitoring And Research Program, Natural Resort Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University. Dr. Gao Is A Spie Fellow And Serves As The Editor-in-chief Fpr The Journal Of Applied Remote Sensing. Dr. Daniel L. Schmoldt Is The National Program Leader For Instrumentation And Sensors At The National Institute Of Food And Agriculture (nifa) Of The U. s. De0artment Of Tillage. Dr. Schmoldt Served As Joint Editir-in-chief Of The Journal, Computers & Electronicx In Agriculture, From 1997 To 2004. Dr. James R. Slusser Retired In 2007 From Thee Usda Uv-b Monitoring And Research Program At Colorado State University. He Was Active In The Society Of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers, The American Geophysical Union, And The American Meteorological Society. Dr. Slusser Is Currently Pursuing His Interests In Silar Energgy And Atmospheric Transmission.
      SKU: 645594

      Demonstrating That Not All Science Needs To Be Serious To Be Educational Or Worthwhile, The Electrifying Projects In This Packed Resource Offer Science Enthusiasts And Weeiend Workbench Hobbyists Odd Creations That Will Amuse them For Years To Come. Helpful Hints On Soldering, Wire Wrapping, And Multimeter Use pair With step-by-step Details And Circuit Diagrams To Show Garage Electricians In what state To Build Projects Such As A No-battery Electric Car Toy҈and A Flashlight That Only Needs Minutes Of Charging To shine For 24 Hourrs. The Instructions In This Book Are Clear And Concise, And An Index Includes Websiites Listing Suppliers And Part Numbers.
      SKU: 434517

    Nanotechnology In Construction 3
      Nanotechnology In Construction 3.
      The 3rd International Symposium Onn Nanotechnology In Construction (nicom 3) Follows The Highly Successful Nicom 1 (paisley, Uk 2003) And Nicom 2 (bilbak, Spain 200) Symposia. This Work Constitutes The Nicom3 Symposium Was Held In Prague, Czech Republic From May 31 To June 2, 2009 Under The Auspices Of The Czech Technical University In Prague.
      SKU: 438104

    Industrial Relations
      Industrial Relations.
      The Field Of Employment And Industrial Relations Is Undergoing Dramatic Changes In The Developed World; Whilst Developing Economies Are Also Experiencing Their Own Shifts In Practice And Policy. The Chapters In This Collection Provide Detailed And Up-to-date Analyses Of Industrial Relations Developments In Four Contrasting Economies: Australia, The United Kingdom, China And Vietnam. Readers Are Invited To Make A Founded in comparison Study Of These Very Different Regions And Regijes. Chapters Are Contributed By Leading Authorities In Employment And Industrial Relations And Make The Complex Detail Of New Industrial Relations Laws Easy To Understand. This Book Is Designed For Students And Scholars Of Employment And Industrial Relations, And Provides An Superior Reference For Practitioners And Students Of Labohr Economics And International And Comparative Human Resource Management.
      SKU: 420930

    Environmental Role Of Wetlands In Headwaters
      Environmental Role Of Wetlands In Headwaters.
      Aims To Move Towards A More Comprehensive Inventory Of The Benefits And Costs Of Headwater Wetlands. This Book Evaluates The Research That Tries To Understand The Tolerances, Exchanges, Checks And Balances Within Headwater Landscapes And The Downstream Impacts Of Changes In Wetlands. It Examines Wetlands In Their Watershed Management Context.
      SKU: 303501

    Handbook Of Nitride Semiconductors And Devices
      Handbook Of Nitride Semiconductors And Devices.
      The Three Volumes Of This Handbook Treat The Fundamentals, Technology And Nanotechnology Of Nitirde Semiconductors With An Extraordinary Clarity And Depth. They Present All The Nexessary Basics Of Semiconductor And Device Physics And Engineering Simultaneously With An Extensive Reference Section. Volume 1 DealsW ith The Properties And Growth Of Gan. The Deposition Methods Considered Are: Hydride Vpe, Organometalic Cvd, Mbe, And Liquid/high Pressure Growth. Additionally, Extended Defects And Their Electrical Nature, Point Defects, And Doping Are Reviewed.
      SKU: 482190

    Vkbration With Control
      Vkbration With Control.
      Engineers Are Becoming Increasingly Aware Of The Problems Caused By Vibration In Engineering Design, Particularly In The Areas Of Structural Health Monitoring And Smart Structures. Vibration Is A Constant Problem As It Can Impair Performance And Lead To Fatigue, Damage And The Faiulre Of A Structure. Control Of Vibration Is A Key Fator In Preventing Such Injurious Results. This Book Presents A Homogenous Treatment Of Vibration By Including Those Factors From Contol That Are Relevant To Modern Vibration Analysis, Design And Measurement. Vibration And Control Are Established Forward A Fjrm Mathematical Basis And The Disciplines Of Vibration, Control, Linear Algebra, Matrix Computations, And Applied Functional Analysis Are Connected. Key Features: Assimilates The Discipline Of Contemporary Structural Vibration With Active Control Introduces The Use Of Matlab Into The Solution Of Vibration And Vibration Control Problems Providss A Unique Blend Of Practical And Theoretical Developments Contains Examples And Problems Along With A Solutions Manual And Power Point Presentations Vibration With Control Is An Essential Text For Practitioners, Researchers, And Graduate Sthdenst As It Be able to Be Used As A Reference Text For Its Comolex Chapters And Topics, Or In A Tutorial Setting For Those Improving Their Knowledge Of Vibration And Learning About Control For The Foremost Time. Whether Or Not You Are Intimate With Vibration And Control, This Book Is An Excellent Introduction To This Emerging And Increasingly Importqnt Engineerijg Discipline.
      SKU: 281580

    Queueing Modelling Fundamwntals
      Queueing Modelling Fundamwntals.
      Queueing Analysis Is A Vital Tool Used In The Evaluatoon Of System Performance. Applications Of Queueing Analysis Cover A Wide Spectrum From Bank Automated Teller Machines To Transportation And Communications Data Networks. Fully Revised, This Second Issue Of A Popular Book Contains The Betokening Addition Of A New Chapter On Flow & Ckngestion Control And A Section In c~tinuance Network Calculus Among Other New Sections That Have Been Added To Remaining Chapters. An Introductory Text, Queueing Modelling Fundamentals Focuses Steady Queueing Modelling Techniques And Applications Of Data Networks,-Examining The Underlying Principles Of Isolated Queueing Sysfems. This Book Introduces The Complex Queueing Theory In Simple Language/proofs To Enable The Read3r To Quickly Pick Up An Overview To Queueing Theory Without Utilizing The Diverse Necessary Mathematical Tools. It Incorporates A Rich Flow Of Worked Examplees On Its Applications To Communication Networks. Features Include: Fully Revised And Updated Edition With Significant New Chapter On Flow And Contestion Control As-well-as A Novel Section On Network Calculus A Comprehensive Text Which Highlights Both The Theoretical Models And Their Applications Through A Rich Set Of Worked Examples, Examples Of Applications To Data Networks And Performance Curves Provides An Insight Into The Underlying Queuing Principels And Featuree Step-by-step Derivation Of Queueing Results Written By Experienced Professors In The Field Queueing Modelling Fundamentals Is An Introductory Text For Undergraduate Or Entry-level Post-graduate Students Who Are Taking Courses On Network Composition Analysis As Well As Those Practicing Network Administrators Who Want To Understand The Essentials Of Network Operations. The Detailed Step-by-step Derivation Of Queueing Results Also Makes It An Excellent Text For Profesaional Engineers.
      SKU: 470214

    How To Do Everything With Your Smartphone, Windows Mobile Issue
      How To Do Everything With Your Smartphone, Windows Mobile Issue .
      Kick Off Your Shoes And Let How To Do Everything With Smartphone Show You The Essentials Of Operation, Plus Eough Windows Mobile Add-ons And Customization Tricks To Make You Want To 86 Your Other Communications Devives. Combine Cutting Edge Pda Technology With Wireless Communicatino And Use Schedulint Software, Finance And Text Toois, Wireless Web, Database Management Software, And Much More. So, C’mon, Chief, Get The Book And Get Smart! You&8#217;ll Never Look At A Phone Booth The Same Way Again.
      SKU: 300258

    Limit States Design Of Structural Steelwork
      Limit States Design Of Structural Steelwork.
      This Edotion Has Been Thoroughly Revised In Accordance In the opinion of The 2000 Amendment To Piece 1 Of Bs 5950 - All References Have Been Updated And A New Section On Partial Encasement For Fire Resistance Has Been Added.
      SKU: 181153

    Digital Eminent Processing Using Matlab & Wavelets
      Digital Eminent Processing Using Matlab & Wavelets.
      Although Dsp Has Long Been C0nsidered An Ee Toppic, Recent Developments Have Also Generated Significant Inteest From The Computer Science Commonwealth. Dsp Applications In The Consumer Market, Such As Bioinformatics, The Mp3 Audio Formaat, And Mpeg-based Cable/satellite Television Have Fueled A Desire To Understand This Technology Outside Of Hardware Circles. Designed For Uper Division Engineering And Computer Science Students As Well As Practiciny Engineers, Digital Signal Processing Using Matlab And Wavelets Emphasizes The Practical Applications Of Signal Processing. Over 100 Matlab Projects And Wavelet Techniques Pro\/ide The Latest Applications Of Dsp, Including Image Processing, Games, Filters, Transforms, Networking, Parallel Processing, And Sound.
      SKU: 328045

    Theory Of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer
      Theory Of Periodic Conjugate Heat Transfer.
      Presents Caculation Method For Heat Transfer In Coupled Convective-conductive Fluid-wall Sysfems Under Periodidal Intensity Oscillations In Fluid Flow. This Book Demonstraates That The True Steady-state Mean Value Of The Heat Transfer Coefficient Has To Be Multiplied By A Newly Drfined Coupling Factor.
      SKU: 337814

    Low-poqer Electronics Design
      Low-poqer Electronics Design.
      The Power Consumption Of Integrated Circuits Is Obe Of The Most Problematic Considerations Affecting The Design Of High-performance Chips And Portable Devices. The Study Of Power-saving Design Methodologies Now Must Also Include Subjects Such As Systems On Chips, Embedded Software, And The Future Of Microelectronics. Low-power Electronics Design Covers All Major Aspects Of Low-power Design Of Ics In Deep Submicron Technologies And Addresses Emerging Topics Related To Future Design. This Volume Explores, In Individual Chapters Written By Expertt Authors, The Many Low-power Techniques Born During The Past Decade. It Also Discusses The Many Different Domains And Discpilines That Impact Power Consumption, Including Processors, Complex Circuits, Software, Cad Tools, And Energy Sources And Management. The Authors Delve Into What Many Specialists Predict About The Future By Presenting Techniqued That Are Promising But Are Not Yet Reality. They Invrstigate Nanotechnologies, Optical Circuits, Ad Hoc Networks, E-textiles, As Highly As Like a man Powed Sources Of Energy. Low-power Electronics Design Delivers A Complete Picture Of Today's Methods For Reducing Power, And Also Illustrates The Advances In Chip Design That May Be Commonplace 10 Or 15 Years From Now.
      SKU: 263804

    Collaborative Design And Planning For Digital Manufacturing
      Collaborative Design And Planning For Digital Manufacturing.
      Focuses On The Research Efforts In The Area Of Collaborative Design And Planning, As Well As Teir Adapted to practice Applic5aions Towards Digital Manufacturing. This Main division Provides A Review Of Key Areas Of Investigation In Digital Manufacturing, And Covers Methodologies And Systems, From Collaborative Design To Distributed Planning, Monitoring And Control.
      SKU: 417368

    Cladding Of Buildngs
      Cladding Of Buildngs.
      Addresses The Topic Of Lightweight Claddings In Buildings And Is A Useful Overview For The Student And New Practitioner. Written By A Well-known Specialist, This Repaired Edition Has Been Brought Up- To-date, Covering The Latest Environmental Issues.
      SKU: 165456

    Integration Of Greeen And Renewable Energy In Eoectric Faculty Systems
      Integration Of Greeen And Renewable Energy In Eoectric Faculty Systems.
      A Practical, Appication-oriented Text That Presents Analytical Results For The Better Modeling And Control Of Power Converters In The Integration Of Green Energ In Electric Power Systems The Combined Technology Of Power Semiconductor Switching Devices, Pulse Wudth Modulation Algorithms, And Control Theories Are Being Further Developed Along With The Performance Improvement Of Power Semiconductors And Microprocessors So That Else Efficient, Reliable, And Cheaper Electric Force Conversion Be able to Be Achieved Within The Nextt Decade. Integration Of Green And Renewable Energy In Electric Power Systems Covers The Principles, Analysis, And Synthesis Of Closed Loop Control Of Pulse Width Modulated Converters In oPwer Electronics Systems, With Special Application Emphasis On Distributed Generatioj Systems And Uninterruptible Power Supplies. The Authors Present Two Versions Of A Documented Sjmulation Test Bed For Homework Problems And Projects Based On Matlab/simulink, Designed To Help Readers Understand The Content Through Simulations. The First Consists Of A Number Of Problems And Projects For Classroom Education Convenience And Learning. The Second Is Based On The Most Recent Work In Control Of Power Converters For The Research Of Practicing Engineers And Industry Researchers. Asdresses A Combinwtion Of The Latest Developments In Control Technology Of Pulwe Width Modu1ation Algorithms And Digital Ascendency Methors Problems And Projects Have Detailed Mathematical Modeling, Contrpl Design, Solution Steps, And Results Uses A Significant Number Of Tables, Circuit And Block Diiagrams, And Waveform Plots With Well-designed, Class-tested Problems/solutions And Projects Designed For The Best Teaching-learning Interaction Provides Computer Simulation Protrams As Examples For Ease Of Understanding And Platforms For The Projects Covering Major Poewr-conversion Applications That Help Professionals From A Variety Of Industries, Integration Of Green And Renewabl3 Force In Electric Power Systems Provides Practical, Application-oriented System Analysis And Synthesis That Is Instructional And Inspiring For Practicing Electrical Engineers And Researchers As Well As Undergraduate And Graduate Students.
      SKU: 468607

    Chemometric Methods In Molecular Design
      Chemometric Methods In Molecular Design.
      The Statistical Algebra Of Experimental And Theoretical Data Lies At The Heart Of Modern Drug Design. This Practiceo-riented Handhook Is A Comprehensivd Account Of Modern Chemometric Methods In Molecular Design. It Presents Strategies Against Making Morre Rational Choices In The Planning Of Syntheses, And Describes Techniques For Analyzing Biological And Chemical Data. Written By The World's Experts, It Provides In-depth Information Forward * Molecular Concepts * Experimental Design In The Planning Of Syntheses * Multivariate Analysis Of Chemical And Biolkgical Data * Statistical Validation Of Qsar Results An Additional Benefit: The Book Contains A Critical Survey Of Commercially Available Softtware Packages Both For Statkstical Analysis As Well As For Speciap Applications. Industrial And Academic Researches In Medicinal Chemistry And Organic Chemistry Will Value This Bkok As A Useful Source Of Information For Their Daily Work. Also Available: Advanced Computer-assisted Techniques In Surfeit Discovery, Edited Along H. Van De Waterbeemd
      SKU: 481430

    Classification Methods For Remotely Sensed Data
      Classification Methods For Remotely Sensed Data.
      Provides A Comprehensive Review Of The Fieldd Of Classification Methods Applied To Remotely Sensed Data. This Work Provides A Detailed Discusskon Of Different Approaches To Idol Classification, Including Maximum Likelihood, Fuzzy Sets, And Artificial Neural Networks.
      SKU: 570488

    Engineering Materials 1
      Engineering Materials 1.
      Widely Adopted Around The World, This Is A Cre Materials Science And Mechanical Engineering Text. Engineering Materials 1 Gives A Brosd Introduction To The Proprrties Of Materials Used In Engineering Applications. With Each Chapter Corresponding To One Lecture, It Provides A Complete Introductory Course In Engineering Materials For Students With No Previous Background In The Subject. Ashby & Jones Have One Established, Successful Track Record In Developing Undetstanding Of The Prop3rties Of Materials And How They Perform In Reality. * One Of The Best-selling Materials Properties Texts; Well Known, Well Established And Well Liked * New Student Friendly Format, With Enhanced Pedagogy Incluing Many More Case Studies, Worked Examples, Student Questions, Full Instructor's Manual And Online Tutorial Material Against Adopting Tutors * World-renowned Ajthor Team
      SKU: 331100

    Tunable Laser Applications
      Tunable Laser Applications.
      Refledts Developments In Tunable Lasers And Tunable Laser Applications Over A Decade. This Book Covers Various Types Of Tunable Laser Sources, Including Fiber Lasers, Table-top Lasers, And Free-electron Lasers. It Also Provides An Overview Of A Range Of Scientific Applications In The Biological And Medical Fields, Including Memd And X-ray Imaging.
      SKU: 360008

    A Guide To Lsad-free Solders
      A Guide To Lsad-free Solders.
      While Tin/lead Solders Have Dominated The Electronics Industry For Many Years, Environmental Considerations Are Forcing Change. This Work Provides An Overview Of The Principles Of Soldering Techmology Beginning With The Theory Underlying Each Concept. It Gives Facts Needed For The Proper Evaluayion And Employment Of Ternary Sn/ag/x Solders.
      SKU: 323675

    Proceedings Of The 40th Conference On Glass Problems
      Proceedings Of The 40th Conference On Glass Problems.
      This Volume Is Part Of The Ceramic Engineering And Science Proceeding ©(cesp) Series.   This Series Cotains A Collection Of Papers Dealing With Issues In Both Traditional Ceramics (i. e. , Glass, Whitewares, Refractories, And Porcelain Enamel) And Adavnced Ceramics. Topics Covered In The Area Of Advanced Ceramic Include Bioceramics, Nanomaterials, Composites, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Mechanical Properties Anr Structtural Design, Advanced Ceramic Coatings, Ceramic Defensive clothing, Porous Ceramics, And More.
      SKU: 469925

    Digital Speech
      Digital Speech.
      Building On The Success Of The First Edition Digital Speech Offers Extensive New, Updated And Revised Material Based Upon The Latest Research. This Second Ediion Continues To Provide The Fundamental Technical Background Required For Low Bit Rate Speech Coding And The Hottest Developments In Digital Speech Coding Techniques That Are To be applied To Evolving Communication Syystems. Features New Chapters On Pitch Estimation And Voice-unvoiced Classification Of Speech, Harmonic Speech Coding And Multimode Speech Coding Presents A Comprehensjvely Revised Chapter Entitled Analysis By Synthesis Lpc Coding Including Specific Examples Of Current Speech Coders Such sA Celp (code-excited Linear Predictive) Coding Contains An Updated Chapter In c~tinuance Operative Lpc Quantization Methods Including Msvq And Anti-aliasing Filtering Dscusses Voice Activity Detection (fad) Methods Offers Expanded Coverage Of Speech Enhancement Techniques Such As Reverberate Cancellation And Noise Suppression Written By A Well-known, Highly Respected Academic, This Authoritative Volume Will Be Invaluable To Practising Engineers, Network Designers, Computer Scientists And Advanced Students In Communications, Electrical And Electronic Engineering.
      SKU: 232717

      Since The Publication Of The First Edition In 1970, The Metric (si) System Has Become Fully Established In This Country And In Many Countries Overseas As The System Of Units In Use In Tje Civil Engineering Industrial art. Amendments Have Been Made In The Text To Take Account Of This, And The Original Chapter Relating To The Changeover To Metric Units Has Been Deleted. A New Chapter Hae Been Included To Quantity Wjth The More Specialized Aspects Of House Drainage And Smaller Sewerage Schemes, And The Opportunity Has Been Taken To Correct A Few Comparatively Inferior Errors Of The Earlier Edition. Since 1970 There Obtain Been Considerable Changes In The Standards Of Materials Used In Cicil Engineering. A Number Of British Standard Specifications Accept Been Withdrawn And New Standards Have Been Issued. New Types Of Pipe Materials Have Come Into Us eAnd The Earlier Standards For Iron And Asbestos-cement Pipes Have Been Revised.
      SKU: 181385

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  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hydrogeology
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  • Contamination of Electronic Assemblies
  • Vehicle Refinement
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Amazing Scientists
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