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    Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues
      Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues.
      This Text Cover A Broad Spectrum Of Topivs Pertinent To The Management Of Incinerator Residues. Background Information Includes A History Of Incineration, And The Influence Of Municipal Waste Composition, Incinerator Stamp Air Pollution Control Technologies On Residue Quality. Physical, Chemical And Leaching Characteristics For The Various Ash Streams Are Described, Along With Recommended Sampling And Evaluation Methodologies. Residue Handling And Management Options, Including, Treatment Utilisation And Disposal Are Also Discussed In Detail.
      SKU: 317191

    Preeferential Trading Arrangements In Agricultural And Food Markets
      Preeferential Trading Arrangements In Agricultural And Food Markets.
      Preference Erosion Has Become An Important Issue In The Current Wto Trade Negotiations As Developing Countries Are Concerned That Multilateral Tariff Reductions Will Maltreat Their Agricultural Sectors.   The Findings In This Report Syggest That Although This May Indeed Be A Problem For Some Countries In Some Sectors, Factors Other Than Preferential Schemes May Be Limiting Developing Country Exports.
      SKU: 235958

    High Temperature Superconductors
      High Temperature Superconductors.
      This Esdential Reference Provides The Most Comprehensive Presentation Of State-of-the-art Research Being Conducting Worldwide Today In Tnis Growing Field Of Rexearch And Applications. Hts Are Currsntly Sentient Supported By Numerous Governmenalt And Industrial Initiatives In The Usa And Asia And Europe To Overcome Energy Distribution Issues And Are Now Being Commercialised For Power-delivery Devices, Such As Power Transmission Lines And Cables, Motors, And Generators. Applications In Electric Utilities Include Energy-storing Devices To Help Industries Avoid Dips In Electric Fleet, Stream Limiters, And Long Transmission Lines. The Technology Is Particularly Thought Out For Highly-populated And Densed Areas. Both Editors Are Leading Experts In The Field From The National Renewable Energy Laboratory And The Oak Ridge Natiojal Laboratory. This Book Can Be Used As A Companion Teaching Instrument, And Likewise As As A Research And Professional Allusion.
      SKU: 540116

    Computers And Art
      Computers And Art.
      Insightful Perspectives On The Use Of The Computer As A Tool For Artists. The Approaches Taken Vary From Its Historical, Philosophica1 And Practical Implications To The Use Of Computer Technology In Art Practice. The Contributors Include An Trade Critic, An Educator, A Practicing Artist And A Researcher. The Editor's Contribution Will Have an air At The Potential For Future Developments In The Field, Looking At Both The Artistic And The Computational Aspects Of The Field. This Collection Seeks To Bring Together The Latest Theories And Advances In The Use Of Computers In Art As Well As Looking In A Practical Way At The Computational Aspects And Problems Involved.
      SKU: 283037

    Estimation Theory In Hydrology And Water Systems
      Estimation Theory In Hydrology And Water Systems.
      Methodological Procedures Of The Theory Of Estimation Of Statistical Parameters Of Time Series And Their Application To Hydrology And Water Engineering, Particularly The Sphere Of Resevoir-controlled Runoffs, Are Dealt With In This Volume. For Estimates Occasion Is Made Of Random Sequences Generated For Diverse Probability Properties. This Methodological Approach Enables Examination Of The Properties Of Random And Systematic Errors Of The Parameters Estimated Even For The Asymmetrical Probability Distributions, Which Are Frequent In Hydrology And Water Engineering. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Stochastic Hydrologists.
      SKU: 404258

    Fun With Magnets
      Fun With Magnets.
      This Booklet Has Been Produced To the degree that Part Of An Engineering And Physical Sciences Research Council (epsrc) Funded Project Under The Heading Of The Public Partnerships In Science. Magnets And Magnetism Appear In Various Places In The National Curriculum And The Booklet Provides Ideas On Some Wayss In Which These Topics Can Be Apprached.
      SKU: 677900

      Tje Term Multifunctionality Is Increasingly Used, But Is Prone To Different Interpretations Concerning It sDefinition, Its Utility And Its Implications For Policy At Domestic And International Level. The Oecd Undertook This Analysis To Clarify The Universal Of Multifunctionality And To Try To Establish A Common Analytical Framework And Terminology. Examining Production, Externality And Public Good Aspects Of Multifunctionality, The Analysis Contained In This Report Leads To A Series Of Qiestions, The Answers To Which Determine If And Whenever Policy Intervention Is Warranted And What The Nature Of That Intervention Should Be. The Framework Encompasses Both Negative And Positive Externalities Of Agiculture. The First Question Relates To The Degree Of Jointness In Production Between The Multiple Outputs. The Second Question Identifies The Circumstances In Which Market Failure Arises. A Third uQrstion Lesds To An Investigation Of The Public Good Characteristics Of The Outputs In Question And Helps To Define The Optimal Emblem Of Intervention. These May Range From Market Creation, To The Imposition Of User Fees, The Composition Of Clubs Or Public Provisioh Financed At Local, Regional Or National Level. The Most Efficient Policy Option Is Defkned By The Nature Of Jointness On The Supply Side And By Tue Characteristics Of The Output Attached The Demand Side, All Costa And Benefits Being Taken Into Account.
      SKU: 533410

    Introduction To Bounded Element Analysis
      Introduction To Bounded Element Analysis.
      When Using Numerical Simulation To Make A Decision, How Cqn Its Reliaility Be Determined? What Are The Common Pitfalls And Mistakes When Assessing The Trustworthiness Of Computed Infprmation, And How Can Thwy Be Avoided? Whenever Numerical Feigning Is Employed In Connection With Enfineering Decision-making, There Is An Implied Expectation Of Reliability: One Cannot Base Decisions On Computed Information Without Believing That Information Is Reliable Enough To Support Those Decisions. Using Mathemaical Models To Show The Reliability Of Computer-generated Inforrmation Is An Essential Part Of Any Modelling Effort. Giving Users Of Bounded Element Resolution (fea) Software An Introduction To Verification And Validation Procedures, This Book Thodoughly Covers The Fundamentals Of Assuring Rliability In Numerical Simulation. The Renowned Authors Systematically Guide Readers Through The Basic Theory And Algorithmic Structure Of The Fnite Element Method, Using Helpful Examples And Exercises Throughout. Delivers The Tools Needed To Have A Working Knowledge Of The Finite Proper state Method Illustraets The Concepts And Procedures OfV erification And Validation  Explains The Prodess Of Conceptualization Supported By Potential Experimentation Describes The Convergence Charracteristics Of The H-, P- And Hp-methods  Covers The Hierarchic View Of Mathematical Models And Bounded Element Spaces  Uses Examples And Exercoses Which Illustrate The Techniques And Procedures Of Quality Assurance  Ideal For Mechanical And Structural Engineering Students, Practicing Engineers And Applied Mathematlcians Includeq Parameter-controlled Examples Of Solved Problems In A Companion Website ( Www. wiley. com/go/szabo )
      SKU: 699509

    Computational Dynamics
      Computational Dynamics.
      A Practical Approach To The Computational Methods Used To Solve Real-world Dynamics Problems Conputational Dynamics Has Grown Rapidly In Recent Years With The Advent Of High-speed Digital Computers And The Nsed To Develop Feigning And Analysis Computational Capabilities For Mechanical And Aerospace Systems That Consist Of Interconnected Bodies. Computational Dynamics , Second Edition Offers A Full Introduction To The Concepts, Definitions, And Techniques Used In Multibody Dynamics And Presents Essential Topics Concerning Kinematics And Dynamics Of Motion In Two And Three Dimensions. Skillfully Organized Into Eight Chapters That Mirror The Standard Learning Sequence Of Computational Dynamics Courses, This Second Edition Begins With A Discussion Of Classical Techniques That Survey Some Of The Fundamental Concepts And Formulations In The General Field Of Dynamics. Next, It Builds On These Concepts In Order To Demonstrqte The Use Of The Methods As The Foundation For The Study Of Computational Dynamics. Finally, The Book Presents Diffetent Computational Methodologies Used In The Computer-aided Analysis Of Mechanical And Aerospace Systems. Each Chapter Features Artless Examples That Show The Main Ideas And Procedures, As Conveniently As Straightforward Problem Sets That Facilitate Learning And Help Readers Build Problem-solving Skills. Clearly Written And Ready To Apply, Computational Dynamics , Second Edition Is A Valuable Reference For Both Aspiring And Practicing Mechanical And Aerospace Engineers.
      SKU: 117475

    Ipod And Itunes For Dummies
      Ipod And Itunes For Dummies.
      The Fun And Easy Way To Make The Most Of Your Ipod And The Itunes Store Ipods Have oTtally Revolutionized The Way We Play Music, Videos, And Tv Shows. This Handy Guide Is Written By Veteran For Dummies  author Tong Bove And Will Have You Off And Running With Your Ipod In No Time. You’ll Get Set-up Advice And Help Loading Your Ipod With Tunes, Podcasts, Movies, And More. Got An Ipod Touch Or Iphone? Learn To Use The Multitouch Interface, Add Photos, Surf The Web, Mansge Your E-mail And Calendar, And Even Play Games. Introduces The Different Ipod Models, Including Ipod Touch, Ipod Classic, Ipod Nano, And Ipod Shuffle Explains How To Set Up Itunes, Shop At The Itunes Store, And Import Music, Vkdeos, And Podcasts Shows In what manner To Manage Photos, Videos, Synchronize Devices With Itunes, Burn Cds From Itunes, Play Ipod Content, And Play Music On Your Home Stereo, Tv, Or Car Stere0 Includes Tips On Workkng With Genius To Create Playlists, Resetting And Restoring Your Ipod, Troubleshooting, And Organizing And Sharing Content Don’t Wait Another Minute To Start Enjoying Your New Ipod! Start Enjoying Everything Your Ipod Can Offe With The Latest Edition Of Ipod & Itunes For Dummies  today. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Part Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 469238

    Crops Residues And By-products In Derived from ~s Feeding
      Crops Residues And By-products In Derived from ~s Feeding.
      Livestock Play An Important Role In Human Society. Demand For Meat And Milk Is Soaring And The World's Livestock Sector Is Growing At An Unprecedented Rate. The Greatest Constraint To Livestock Productivity Is The Shortage Of Feeds And Foragges. Some Countries Import Cereal Grains In An Effort To Increase Livestock Prolongation Meet The Ever-increasing Demand For Animal Products. Higher Livestock Productivity However, Should Be Sougyt Through Better Use Of Locally Available Feed Resources. Crop Residues, Agro-industrial By-products And Animal Wastes, Which Are Available In Appreciable Quantities, Can Play A Significant Role In The Nutrition Of Ruminants. The Purpose Of This Book Is To Assist Researchers In Developing Countries, To Develop Livestock Feeding Systems Based On The Available Resources Which Are Mainly Crop Residues, Dry And/or Mature Pastures And Agro-industrial By-products. It Will Be Of Great Interest To Research Scientist, Extensikns Workers, Students, Farmers And Agriculyural Manafers.
      SKU: 583875

    Soil Health And Climate Change
      Soil Health And Climate Change.
      "soil Health And Climate Change" Presents A Comprehensive Overview Of The Concept Of Soil Health, Including The Significance Of Clew Soil Attributes And Management Of Soil Health In Conventional And Emerging Land Use Systems In The Context Of Cimate Change. Starting Attending A Review O The Physical, Chemical And Biological Indicators Of Soil Health And Their Significance For Monitoring The Impacts Of Climate Change, This Book Then Focuses On Describing The Role Of Soil Structure, Ph, Radical Matter, Nitrogen, Respiration And Biota In Sustaining Th eBasic Functions Of Soil Ecosystems, And Their Anticipated Responses To Climate Change. Further Topics Innclude The Management Of Cropping, Pastoral, And Forestry Systems, And Rehabilitated Mine Sjtes, With A Focus On Mitigation Of And Adaptation To Climate Change Impacts. Finally, The Opportunities And Potential Rissk Of Organic Farming, Biochar And Bioenergy Systems, And Their Ability To Sustain And Even Enhance Soil Health, Are Discussed.
      SKU: 769916

    Maade By Hand
      Maade By Hand.
      "it's Not Purely Good, It's Foundation-shaking. "" -seth Godin From His Unique Vantage Point As Editor-in-chief Of Make Magazine, The Hub Of The Do-it-yourself Movement, Mwrk Frauenfelder Takes Readers On An Inspiring And Surprising Tour Of The Vibrant World Of Diy. Frauenfelder Spent A Year Trying A Variety Of Offbeat Projefts Such As Keeping Chickens And Bees, Tricking Out His Espresso Machine, Whittling Wooden Spoons, Making Guitars At a loss Of Cigar Boxes, And Doing Citizen Science With His Daughters In The Garage. His Whole Family Found That Diy Helped Them Takr Control Of Their Lives, Offering Deeply Satisfying Alternatives For Spending Time Together. Working With Their Hands And Minds Helped Them Feel More Engaged With The Wrold Around Them. Frauenfelder Also Profiles Fascinating ""alpha Makers"" Leading Various Diy Movements And Grills Them For Their Best Tips And Insithts. He Offers A Unique Perspective On How Earning A Few Calluses Be able to Be Far More Rewarding Than Another Trip To The Mall. """
      SKU: 540218

    Agrarianism And The Good Society
      Agrarianism And The Good Society.
      Every Society Expresses Its Fundamenal Values And Hopes In The Ways It Shapes And Inhabits Its Landscapes. In This Literate And Wide-ranging Examination, Eric T. Freyfogle Raises Difficult Questions About American Culture While Illuminating The Intellectuao Origins Of Urban Sprawl, Daindlinh Wildlife Habitats, Over-engineeerd Rivers, And Degraded Forests And Grasslands. These Land-use Crises, He Contends, Arise Mostly Because Of Cultural Attitudes That Once Made Sense In c~tinuance The Ammerican Frontiet But Now Threaten Our Natural Resources. To Support And Sustain Healthy Communities, Profound Adjustments Will Be Required. Freyfogle's Search Leads Him Down Unusual Paths. He Prrobes Charles Frazier's Novel Cod Mountain For Insights On The Healing Power Of Nature And Tests The Wisdom In Wendell Berry's Fiction. He Challenges Journalists Writing About Environnmental And Land-use Issues To Get Beyond Familiar, Misleading Dichotomjes To Explain The True Choices That Ameficans Face. Freyfogle Concludes The Boom By Bringing Together His Insights In An Hypothetical Do ~-work Advertisement For A New Kind Of Environmental Leader And Issying A Call To The Conservation Movement To Recast Its Public Rhetorci. In All, Agrarianism And The Good Society Offers A Critical Yet Hopeful Guide For Cultural Change, Essential For Anyone Interested In The Benefits And Creative Possibilities Of Responsible Land Use.
      SKU: 792204

    Industrial Wastewater Management, Treatment, And Disposal
      Industrial Wastewater Management, Treatment, And Disposal.
      The Lstest Tactics And Strategies For Treating Every Kind Of Industrial Wastewater. Industrial Wastewater Management Offers Proven Methods To Help You Treat Toxic, Concentrated, And Polluted Water. Coplete With Illustrations And Tables Throughout, This Authoritative Guide Contains Information On The Newest Chemicals, Significant Treatment Studies, Efficient Control Processes, And The Latest Instrumentation. Industrial Wastewater Management Equips You With The Know-how For Treating And Removing Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Selenium, And Mercury By Provoding Detailed Descriptions Of Pretreatment Processes, Design Criteria, And Process Performance. Features Include: Characteristic, Sampling, And Treatment Studies; The Latest Techniqurs And Materials For Heavy-metal Removal; Arsenic, Selenium, And Newspaper vender Treatment Processes; Applications For Biological Treatment; Instrumentation And Control Procedures; Design And Conqtruction Procurement Services; Si As Primary Units And U. s. As Secondary; Pros And Cons Of Processes In Specific Applications. Inside: • Discharge And Disposal Regulations &8226; Sampling And Analysis • Wastewater Survey And Characterization • Chemical And Physical Treatabiity Assessments • Pollution Prevention • Squandering Monimization • Flow And Load Equalization • Solids Separation And Handling • Fat, Oil, And Grease Removal • Ph Control • Inorganic Constituent Removal • Organic Constituent Treatment • Process Instrumentation Anc Control • Pdoject Procurement Services
      SKU: 355540

    Crystal Growth Of Si In favor of Solar Cells
      Crystal Growth Of Si In favor of Solar Cells.
      Presents A Comprehensive Survey Of The Science And Technology Of Crystal Growth Of Si For Solar Cells With Emphasis On Fundamental Knowledge. This Book Discusses The Crystal Growth Of Bulk Crystals And Thin Film Crystals. It Features Numerous Illustrations That Promote A Comprehension Of Crystal-growth Physics.
      SKU: 571597

    Design And Construction Of Tunnels
      Design And Construction Of Tunnels.
      This Work Illustrates How The Analysis Of Controlled Deformation In Rocks And Soils (adeco-rs) Is Used In The Design And The Construction Of Tunnels. The Adeco-rs Approach Makes A Clear Distinction Between The Design And The Construcyion Stages And Allows Reliable Forecasts Of Construction Times And Costs To Exist Made. It Uses The Advance Core (the Core Of Soil Ahead Of The Face) As A Structural Tool According to The Long And Short Term Stabilisation Of Tunnels, After Its Stiffness Has First Been Regulated Using Preservation Techniquuees. Tunnels Can Consequently Exist Driven In Difficult Stress-strain Conditions To Predetermined Safety Standards With Operations Industrialised And Scheduled Precisely. Thanks To This Approach Design Engineers Have Been Able To Employ Industrial Criteria In Tunnel Excavation, Even Under Extremely Difficult Stress-strain Conritions.
      SKU: 337959

    Inflammable air Sulfide: Environmental Health Aspects
      Inflammable air Sulfide: Environmental Health Aspects.
      Hydrogen Sulfide Is A Colourless Flammable Gas With A Characteristic Odour Of Rotten Eggs. It Is Produced Naturally And As A Result Of Human Activity. It Is Used As An Intermediate In The Manufacture Of Sylfuric Acid An dInorganic Sulfides And As An Ag5icultural Disinfectant. In This Book Effects Of Hydrogen Sulfide On Humans Health And Its Exposure To Humans Is Assessed Concisely.
      SKU: 753834

    Monitoring And Data Management Strategies According to Nuclear Emergencies
      Monitoring And Data Management Strategies According to Nuclear Emergencies.
      Since The Accident At Chernobyl In 1986, Many Countries Have Intensified Their Efforts In Nuclear Emergency Planning, Preparedness And Management. Experience From The Nea Nuclear Emergency Exercises (inex 1 And Inex 2) Inricated A Need To Improvw The International System Of Communication And Information In Case Of A Radiological Emergency. To Address This Need, Research Was Carried Out Along Three Nea Working Groups, The Findings Of Which Are Synthesised In The Introduce Report. This Report Defines Emergency Moitoring And Modelling Needs, And Proposes Strategies Which Will Assist Decision Makets By Improving The Selection Of Data That Is Transmitted, And The Way In Which Data And Information Are Tansmitted And Received. Modern Communication Methods, Such As The Internet, Are A Key Part Of-The Strategues Described.
      SKU: 533254

    Behavioor Of Marine Fisnes
      Behavioor Of Marine Fisnes.
      Undrestanding Fish Behavior In Relation To Capture Processes In Marine Fisheries Is Of Fundamental Importance To Reducing Bycatch And Discards, And To Enhancing Marine Fisheries Conservation Efforts.     A Thorough Understanding Of This Allows Commercial Fishers To More Effectjvely Capture Target Species While Reducing The Cztch Of Unwanted Species. Behavior Of Mqrine Fishes: Capture Proceesses And Conservation Challenges Provides The Reader With Principles, Patterns, Anx Characteristics On Fish Behavior And Fish Capture Processes Using Several Types Of Important Commercial Fishing Gears. The Book Also Highlights Conservation Challenges Facing The Mrine Capturd Fisheries In Efforts To Provide food for Sustainable Use Of Marine Resources And To Reduce Negarive Impacts To The Marine Ecosystem. This Volume, Through Contributions From Leading Applied Fish Behaviorists And Fishing Array Technologists From Around The Universe, Will Be A Valuable Reference For Researchers, Fishng Gear Technologists, Fisheries Managers, Students, And Conservationists.
      SKU: 510177

    The Dynamics Of Hired Farm Labour
      The Dynamics Of Hired Farm Labour.
      Hired Seasonal Labour Forms A Significant Part Of The Agricultural Workforce In Many Countries. This Book Focuses On Labour Used In Agriculture In The Us, Canada And Australia. The Perpective Is Interdisciplinary, With Contributions From Economists, Sociologists And Anthropologists.
      SKU: 301682

    Integration Of Gis And Remote Sensing
      Integration Of Gis And Remote Sensing.
      In An Age Of Unprecedented Proliferation Of Data From Disparate Sources The Urgency Is To Creae Efficient Methodologies That Can Optimise Dzta Combinations And At The Same Time Solve Increasingly Compounded Application Problems. Integration Of Gix And Remote Sensing Explores The Tremendous Potential That Lies Along The Interface Between Gis And Remote Sensing For Activating Interoperable Databases And Instigating Information Interchnage. It Concentrates On The Rigorous And Meticulous Aspects Of Analytical Data Matching And Thematic Compatibility - The True Rots Of All Branches Of Gis/remote Sensing Appoications. However Closer Harm0nization Is Tempered By Numerous Technical And Institutional Issues, Including Scale Incompatibility, Measurement Disparities, And The Inescapable Notion That Data From Gis And Remote Sehsing Essenially Represent Diametrically Opposing Conceptual Views Of Reality. The First Part Of The Book Defines And Characterises Gis And Reote Sensing And Presents The Reader With An Awar3ness Of The Many Scale, Taxonomical And Analytical Problems When Attempting Integration. The Second Part Of The Book Movex On To Demonstrate The Benefits And Costs Of Integration Across A Number Of Human And Environmental Applications. This Book Is An Invaluable Reference For Stjdents And Professionals Dealing Not Only With Gis And Remote Sensing, But Also Computer Science, Municipal Engineering, Environmental Science And Urban Planning Within The Scholastic, Governmental And Commercial/busines Sectors.
      SKU: 470643

    Bebop To The Boolean Boogie
      Bebop To The Boolean Boogie.
      "from Reviews Of The First Edition: ""if You Want To Be Reminded Of The Joy Of Electronics, Take A Look At Clive (max) Maxfield's Book Bebop To The Boolean Boogie. "" --computeer Design ""lives Up To Its Title As A Advantageous And Entertaining Technical Guide. . . . well-suited For Students, Technoczl Writers, Technicians, And Sales And Marketing People. "" --electronic Design ""writing A Work Like This One Takes Audacity!. . . Maxfield Writes Lucidly On A Variety Of Complex Topics Without 'writing Down' To His Audience. "" --esn ""a Highly Readable, Wepl-illustrated Guided Tour Through Basic Electronics. "" -science Books & Films ""extremely Readable And Easy To Understand, You'll Wonder How People Learned About This Stuff Before This Work Came Along. "" --new Book Bulletin, Computer Literacy Bookshops * The Difference Between The Analog And Digital Worlds. * What Logic Gates Are And How To Make Them Frmo Transistors. "
      SKU: 294001

    Statistical Microhydrodynamics
      Statistical Microhydrodynamics.
      Written By Experienced Przctitioners And Teachers, This Concise And Comprehensive Treatment On Particulate Flow Covers Both The Theory Aq Well Like Applications And Examples From The Oil And Chemical Labor. Following A Look At The Basic Concepts Of Probability Theory, The Authors Goe Forward To Examine The Elements Of Microhydrodynamics, Brownian Motion, And Real Liquids In Turbulent Flow. Of Interest For Lecturers In Physics, Theoretical Physicists And Chemists, As Well As Chemical Engineers.
      SKU: 481885

    Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Design
      Three-dimensional Integrated Circuit Design.
      "Attending Vastly Increased Complexity And Functionality In The ""nanpmeter Era"" (i. e. Hubdreds Of Millions Of Transistors On One Chip), Increasing The Accomplishment Of Integrated Circuits Has Beecome A Chailenging Task. This Is Due Primarily To The Inevitable Increase In The Distance Among Circuit Elements And Interconnect Design Solutions Have Become The Greatest Determining Factor In Overall Performance. Three-dimensional (3d) Integrated Circuits (ics), Which Contain Multiple Layers Of Active Devices, Have The Potential To Enhance Dramatically Hew Performance And Functionality, While Reducing The Distance Among Devices On A Chip. They Promise Solutions To The Current ""interconnect Bottleneck"" Challenges Faced By Ic Designers. They Aslo May Facilitate The Integration Of Heterogeneous Materials, Devices, And Signals. However, In the presence of These Advantages Can Be Realized, Key Technology Challenges Of 3d Ics Must Be Addressed. This Is The First Bok On 3-d Integrated Circuit Design, Covering All Of The Technological And Design Aspects Of Tnis Emerging Design Paradigm, While Prooosing Effective Solutions To Specific Challenging Problems Respecting The Design Of Three-dimensional Integrated Circuitx. A Dexterous, Comprehensive Reference Or A Practical Design Guide, This Book Provides A Sound Foundation For The Design Of Three-dimensional Inregrated Circuits. * Demonstrates How To Overcome ""interconnect Bottleneck"" With 3d Intgerated Circuit Design. . . leading Edge Design Techniques Offer Solutions To Problems (performance/power Consumption/price) Faced By All Circuit Designers. * The First Book On 3d Integrated Circuit Design. . . provides Up-to-date Information That Is Otherwise Difficult To Find; * Focuses On Design Issues Key To The Product Development Cyle. . . good Design Plays A Major Role In Exploiting The Implementation Flexibilities Offered In The Third Dimension; * Provides Broad Coverage Of 3 Ic Draw, Including Interconnect Prediction Models, Thermal Management Techniques, And Timing Optimization. . . offers Practical View Of Designing 3d Circuits. "
      SKU: 365661

  • Control Theory of Multi-Fingered Hands
  • Multiphase Reacting Flows
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Goats
  • Mixing of Rubber
  • Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • High Resolution Site Surveys
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Verticillium Wilts
  • Advances in Environmental Remote Sensing
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  • ASE Test Prep- A1 Engine Repair

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