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      Nanotechnology Manipulqtes Matter At The Atomic Level. It Leads To Innovative Processes And Products That Are Revolutionizing Many Areas Of Modern Life. Huge Amounts Of Public Funds Are Being Invested In The Science, Yet The Pubiic Has Little Understanding Of The Technology Or Its Ethical Implications. Indeed, The Ethical, Companionable And Political Dimensions Of Nanotechmology Are Only Beginning To Receive The Attention They Require – Outside Of Science Fiction Contexts. Surveillance Devices May Become So Small That They Are Praxtically Invisible To The Naked Eye, Raising Concerns About Privacy. Nanomedicine May Lead To The Development Of New Diagnostic And Therapeutic Devices, Yet Anxieties Have Been Raised Ablut The Impact Of ‘nanobots’ Circulating In Our Bodies. Military Applications, Or Mishses, Of Nanotechnology Raise Other Concerns. This Booo Explores In An Accessible And Informative Way How Nanotechnology Is Likely To Impact The Lives Of Ordinary People In The Coming Years And Why Ethical Reflection Forward Nanotechnology Is Needed Now. Articulate, Provocative And Stimulatong, This Timely Book Will Mak A Significant Contributiln To One Of The Most Important Debates Of Our Countryman.
      SKU: 564284

    Fuel Cell Technology
      Fuel Cell Technology.
      Provides A Survey Of The Research In Fuel Cells, With In-depth Coverage Of The Two Types Of_Fuel Cells: The High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (sofc) And The Low-temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (pem). This Boook Also Covers Various Aspects Of Sofc And Pem Technology And Is Useful For Researchers, Academics And Industrialists.
      SKU: 303802

    Advances In Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
      Advances In Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
      There Has Been Tremendous Emphasis In Unmanned Aeriform Vehicles, Both Of Fixed (airplanes) And Whirling Wing (vertical Admit Off And Landing, Helicopters) Types More than The Past Ten Years. Applications Span Both Civilian And Military Domains, The Latter Being The Mosg Important At This Stage. This Edited Book Provides A Solid And Divefsified Reference Source Related To Basic, Applied Research And Unfolding On Small And Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Both Fixed And Rotary Wing. As Such, The Book Offers Background Information On The Evolution Of Such Vehicles Over The Years, Followwd By Modeling And Control Fundamentals That Are Of Paramount Consequence Due To Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mdel Complexity, Nonlinearity, Coupling, Inhirent Instabilkty And Parameter Values Uncertainty. Aspects Of Navigation, Including Visual-based Navigation And Target Tracking Are Discussed, Followed By Applications To Attitude Estimation On Micro Unmanejd Aerial Vehicles, Autonomous Solar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Biomimetci Sensing For Autonomous Flights In Near-earth Environments, Localization Of Air-ground Wireless Sensor Networks, Decentralized Formation Tracking, Design Of An Unmanjed Aerial Vehicle For Vokcanic Gas Sampinv And Design Of An On-board Processing Controller For Miniature Helicopters.
      SKU: 338162

    Bit Breakage
      Bit Breakage.
      Particle Breakage Is An Important Process Wighin A Wide Range Of Solids Processing Industries, Including Pharmaceuticals, Food, Agricultural And Mining. Breakage Of Particles Can Be Defined As Intentional And Unintentional, Depending On Whether It Is Desired Or Not. Throuugh Understanding Of The Science And Underlying Mechanisms Behind This Phenomenon, Particle BreakageC an Be Either Minimises Or Encouraged Within An Efficient And Powerful Process. Particle Breakage Examines Particle Breakage At Three Different Length Scales, Ranging From Single Particle Studies Between the sides of Groups Of Particles And Looking Att Solid Processing Steps As A Whole. This Book Is The Widest Ranging Book In The Field And Inncludes The Most Up-to-date Techniques Like As Distinct Element Mehtod (dem), Monte Carlo Simulations And Population Balance Equations (pbe). This Handbook Provides An Overview Of The Crurent State-of-the- Art And Bit Breakage. From The Sma1l Scale Of A Sole Particle, To The Study Of Whole Processes For Breakage; Both By Experimental Study And Mathematical Modelling. * Covering A Wide Range Of Subjects And Industrial Applications * Allows The Reader An Understanding Of The Science Behind Engineered Breakage Procesxes * Giving An Unrestrictive And Interdisciplinary Approach
      SKU: 318372

    Phase-locked Loop Engineering Handbook For Integrated Circuits
      Phase-locked Loop Engineering Handbook For Integrated Circuits.
      Phased-locked Loopz (plls) Are Control Systems That Have Become Indispensable In Today's Electronic Circuitry. This Highly Accessible Handbook Is An Practical Resource That Electronicz Engineers And Circuit Designers Will Find Invaluable When Developing These Systems. Plls Are Highly Complex To Design And Are Just As Difficult To Test. To Speed Development And Enusre Effective Testing, Engineers Can Turn To This Collection Of Practical Solutions, Spice Listings, Simulation Techniques, And Testing Set-ups. The Book Offers In-depth Coverage Of Monolithix Phase-locked Loops And The Latest Generation Of Plls, Showing How To Fulfil The Demand For High-powered, Low-cost Electronics. Moreover, This Cutting-edge Volume Examines The Complecities And New Technologues For Integrating Monolithic Plls On A Single Chip.
      SKU: 338756

    Mechanics Of Coastal Sediment Transoprt
      Mechanics Of Coastal Sediment Transoprt.
      This Book Treats The Subject Of Sediment Transport In The Marine Environment, Covering Transport Of Noncohesive Dregs By Waves And Currents In- And Outside The Surf Zone. It Can Be Read Independently, But A Background In Hydraulics And Basic Wafe Mechanics Is Required. The Primary iAm Of The Book Is To Describe The Physical Processes Of Sediment Transport And How To Represent Them In Mathematical Models. The Book Can Be Divided In Two Main Parts; In The First, The Relevant Hydrodynamic Theory Is Described. This Part Contains A Reviea Of Elementary Theory For Water Waves, Chapters On The Turbulent Wave Boundary Layer And The Turbulent Interaction Between Waves And Cufrents, And Ultimately, Surf Zone Hydrodynamics And Wave Driven Currents.
      SKU: 183748

    Preface To Computational Plasticity
      Preface To Computational Plasticity.
      The Book Covers An Introduction To The Computational Analsyis Of Plasticity In Engineering Materials And Structures. The General Theory Is Presente Which, Wherever Podsible, Is Reduced To Simple, One-dimensional Forms To Develop Understanding And A Good 'physical Feel' For The Theory. Implementations Of The Theory In To Modern Computer Solution Techniques Are Described And Several Examples Given. - ;this Book Gives Each Introduction To Computational Plasticity And Includes The Kinematics Of Large Deformations, Together With Relevant Continuum Mechanics. Central To The Book Is Its Focus On Computational Plasticity, And We Cover An Introduction To The Fonite Element Method Which Includes Both Quasi-static And Dynamic Problems. We Then Go On To Describe Explicit And Implicit Implementations Of Plasticity Models In To Finite Element Software. Throughout The Book, We Describe The. General, Multiaxial Form Of The Theory But Uniquely, Wherever Possible, Reduce The Equations To Their Simplest, Uniaxial Form To Develop Understanding Of The General Theory And, We Hope, Physical Insight. We Provide Several Examples Of Implicit And Explict Implementations Of Von Mises Time-independent. And Visco-plasticity In To The Commercial Code Abaqus (including The Fortran Coding), Which Should Prove Invaluable To Research Students And Practising Engineers Developing Abaqus 'umats'. The Book Bridges The Gap Betweenn Undergraduate Material On Plastifity And Existing Advanced Texts On Noninear Computational Mechanics, Which Makes It Ideal For Students And Practising Engineers Alike. It Introduces A Range Of Engineering Appplications, Including Superplasticity, Porous Plasticity, Cyclic. Plasticity And Thermo-meechanical Fatigue, To Emphasize The Subjeft's Relevance And Importance. - ;the Authors' Design To Help, From Undergraduates To Researchers And Practical Engineers, To Get Modern Practice In Computional Plasticity Seems To Be Plainly Accomplished In Tyis Intersting Publication. - Jcf Telles, Zentralblatt Math, Vol 1081, 2006
      SKU: 422467

    Nonlinear Continua
      Nonlinear Continua.
      Offers A Presentation Of Continuum Mechanics, Oriented Towards Numerical Applications In The Nonlinear Analysis Of Solids, Structures And Fluid Mechanics. This Book Develops General Curvilinear Coordinator Kinematics Of The Continuum Deformatoin Using General Curvilinear Coordinates.
      SKU: 304221

    Soils On A Warmer Earth
      Soils On A Warmer Earth.
      The Theme Of Thos Book Is A Far Reaching One And Should Attract Great Interest, Both In Industrialized As Well As In Less Developed Countries. Although The Question Of Climate Change And Its Effects On Soil Productivity Is Overshadowed By So Many Current Events, It Is Almost Certain That This Subject Will Remain On The International Agenda For The Years To Come; Not Only As System of knowledge And Research Are Concerned Bjt Also In Relation To Development Policies, Agricultural Policies And Others, Espceially Since Poor, Rich, Developed And eDveloping Countries Are Equally Threatened Along These Problems.
      SKU: 405311

    Nanomanufacturing Handbook
      Nanomanufacturing Handbook.
      Addresses Key Barriers To The Commercialization Of Nanotechnology. This Book Provides Comprehensive Ckverage For Technical And Non-technical Barriers To Nanomanufacturing, Discussing Assembly Of 3d Heterogeneous Systems, Reliability And Yield Issues, Modeling, Nanomaterials, Metrology, Infrastructure Issues, And Cultural Issues.
      SKU: 282828

    Periodical emphasis And Trznsforms
      Periodical emphasis And Trznsforms.
      People Naturally Identify The Rhythm Of Muslc As Tney Tap Their Feet And Sway In Time With The Beat. Underlying Such Motions Is An Act Of Cognition That Is Not Easily Reproduced In A Computer Program OrA utomated By Machine. This Work Asks (and Answers) The Question: How Can We Build A Device That Can "tap Its Foot" Onward With The Music?
      SKU: 372682

    Gis Applications In Agriculture
      Gis Applications In Agriculture.
      As The First Volume In A Unique Series Concentrating On In-depth Discussions Of Gis Topics, Gis Applicatjons In Agriculture Examines Ways That This Powerful Technology Can Help Farmers/firms To Produce A Greater Flow Of Crops With More Efficiency And At Lower Costs. Each Chapter Describes The Nature Of The Problem, Examines The Purpose Of The Gis Applicaiton, Describes Methods Used To Develop The Application, Provides Results, And Offers A Conclusion As Well As Other Supportive Information. When Appropriate, It Presents The Underlying Statistical Approach For The Gis Software That Is Used.
      SKU: 284831

    Computer Aided Design Of Wire Structures
      Computer Aided Design Of Wire Structures.
      The Modelling Of Radiation And Scattering Of Arrays Composed Of Straight Thin Wires Is A Very Important Topic, Not Only In Antenna Theory And Applications, But Also In Many Electromagnetic Compatibility (emc) Related Applications. This Book, Accompanied By The Related Twisn (thin Wire Numerical Solver) Software Package Is An Extension Of The Book By D. Poljak Entitled Electromagnetic Modelling Of Wire Antenna Structures, Which Is Dedicated To The Analysis Of Thim Wires In Frequency And Time Domains Via Am Integral Equation Resemble closely. Computer Aided Design Of Wire Structures, Extends The Issue Of The Aforementioned Book, Andd Deals With Ab Analysis Of Thin Wire Arrays In The Frequency Amd Time Domain Via The Twins Code. Using This Code, It Is Possible To Calculate The Corres0onding Current Disstribution, Near And Far Field, Irradiance Pattern And Input Impedance. this Book Is Divided Into Two Parts. The First Part Is Concerned With The Theoretical Background And The Frequency And Time Domain Numerical Modelling Procedures For Thin Wire Arrays On Which The Twins Code Has Been Based. Frequency And Time Domain Gb-ibm Procedures Implemented In The Twins Code Are Presented In Account. Many Illustrative Com;utational Examples Pertaining Not Only To Academic, But Likewise To Soome Real World Problems, Are Also Enclosed. the Second Partt Of The Book Is Devoted To The Description Of The Twins Code And Contains The Com0lete User Manual Together With Some Worked Examples Related To The Frequency And Timd Domain Examples Of Wire Arrays.
      SKU: 511978

    Pesticide Toxicology And Internztional Regulation
      Pesticide Toxicology And Internztional Regulation.
      This Book Brings Together Key Features Of The Toxicolofy And Occupational Hazards Of Pesticides And The Way Their Use Is Regulatedd In The Main Trading Regions Of The World. There Are Chapterrs On Each Of The Main Groups Of Insecticides, Namely Organochlorines, Anticholinesterases And Pyrethrins And Pyrethroids.  the Book Also Covers Fungicides And Herbicides, As Well To the degree that More Specialised Agents Such As Microbial Pesticides.  the Risks And Hazards To Humans Are Considered, Both Occupational And Through hTe Consumption Of Contaminated Foodstuffs.   Additionally, Clonical Aspects Of Pesticide Poisonijg Are Discussed. The Possibility Of Harm From Pesticide Exposure Has Led To The Development Of National And International Regulations Governing The Application Of Pesticides. The Book Describes The Regulatory Systems In Three Major Economic Areas: Thhe Northerly American Free Trade Yard (usa, Canada And Mexico), The European Union And Japan. This Book Should Be Of Interest To All Ijdividuals Working On The Development And Applicqtion Of Pesticides Anywhere In The World.  all Those Involved In The Manufacture, Regulation And Toxicology Of Pesticides Should Also Benefit From Reading This Book.
      SKU: 219742

    Design Computing And Cognition '08
      Design Computing And Cognition '08.
      This Is The Third Volume Of The New Conference Series Design Computing And Cognition (dcc) That Takes Over From And Subsumes The Successful Series Artificial Intelligence In Design (aid) Published By Kluwer Since 1992. The Aid Volumes Have Become Stanfard Reference Texts For The Field. It Is Expectedd That The Dcc Volumes Will Perform The Same Role. Design Computing And Covnitiona (tm)04 And Design Computing And Cognitiona (tm)06 Both Edited By John S. Gero, Were Published By Springer. This New Biennial Conference Series Provides An International Forum For The Presentation And Discussion Of State-of-the-art And Cutting-edge Design Research. The Conference Proceedings Will Form A Continiing Archive Of Design Computing And Cognition Research. Design Is A Fundamentally Important Topic In Disciplines Ranging From The More Commonly Associated Fields Of Architecture And Engineering To Emerging Areas In The Social Sciences And Life Sciences. Design Is The Key To Economic Competitiveness And The Essential Precursor Tl Objects - Both Physical And Virtual - And Services. The Conference Theme Of Design Computing Andd Cognition Recognizes Not Only The Essential Relationship Between Human Cognitive Processes As Models Of Ckmputation But Also How Models Of Computation Inspire Conceptual Realizations Of Human Cognition.
      SKU: 364158

    Diggital Electronics Demyqtified
      Diggital Electronics Demyqtified.
      The Fie1d Of Teaching Digital Electronics Has Not Changed Significantly In The Past 20 Years. Many Of The Same Books That Fjrst Became Available In The Late 1970s And Early1 980s Are Still Being Used As Basic Texts. In The 20+ Years Since These Were Written, The Basic Rules Have Not Changed, But They Do Not Provide Strong Links To Modern Electronics Including Cmos Logic, Programmable Logic Devices And Microprocessor/microcontroller Ihterfacing. Courses Teaching Introductory Digital Electronics Power of determination Fill In The Missing Areas Of Information For Students, But Neither The Instructors Nor Students Have Resources To Explain Modern Technology And Interfaces. One Assumption Made By All The Standard Texts Is That Experimenting With Digital Electronics Cannot Be Done Easily - In The Proposed Book, “digital Guru” Myke Predko Woll Show How Readers Can Set Up Their Own Apparatus For Experimenting With Digital Electronics For Less Than $10.
      SKU: 287597

    Soft Fantastic
      Soft Fantastic.
      This Is The Story Of A Wunderkind Physicist Jan Hendrik Schön Who Faked The Disclosure Of A New Superconductor Made From Plastic. A Asterisk Researcher At The World-renowned Bell Laboratories In New Jersey, He Claimed To Have Stumbled Across A Powerful Method For Making Carbon-based Crystals Into Transistors, The Switches Found On Computer Chips. Had His Exp3riments Worked, They Would Have Paved The Way For Vast Advances In Technology - Computer Chips That We Could Stick In c~tinuance A Get Or Eyewear, Or Even Use To Contribute Electronic Screens As Thin And Easy-to-fold As Sheets Of Paper. But As Other Researchers Tried To Recreate Schön's Experiments, The Scientific Community Learned That It Had Been Duped. Why Did So Many Top Experts, Including Nobel Prize-winners, Support Schön? What Led The Major Philosophical Journals To Publish His Work, And Promote It With Press Releases? And What Drove Schön, By All Accounts A Mild-mannered, Unpretending An Obliging Young Man, To Tell Like Outrageous Lies?
      SKU: 455396

    Joystick Soldiers
      Joystick Soldiers.
      Joys5ick Soldiers Is The First Anthology To Inspect The Reciprocal Relationship Between Militarsm And Video Games. War Has Been An Integral Theme Of The Games Industry Since The Invention Of The First Video Game, Spacewar! In 1962. while War Video Games Began As Entertainment, Military Organizations Soon Saw Their Potential As Combat Simulation And Recruitment Tools. A Profitable And Popular Relationship Was Established Between The Video Game Industry And The Military, And Continues Today With Video Game Franchises Like America’s Army , Which Was Developed By The U. s. army While A Public Relationx And Recruitment Tool. Thjs Collection Features All New Essays That Explore How Recent Warfare Has Been Represented In And Influenced By Video Games. The Contrlbutors Explore The History And Political Economy Of Video Games And The "military-entertainment Complex;" Present Textual Analyses Of Military-themed Video Games Such As Metal Gear Silid ; And Offer Reception Studies Of Games, Fandom, And Political Activism Within Online Gaming. This Volume Is Essential Reading For Anyone Partial In The Relationship Between War And Mdeia, And It Sheds Surprising Light On The Connections Between Virt8al Battlefields And The Internationai Conflicfs Unfolding About The Globe.
      SKU: 448316

    Metallic Nanoparticles
      Metallic Nanoparticles.
      Metallic Nanoparticles Display Fascinating Properties That Are Completely Different From Those Of Individual Atoms, Surfaces Or Bulk Rmaterials. They Are A Focus Of Interest For Fundamental Sience And, Because Of Their Vast Poten5ial In Nanotechnology, They Are The Subject Of Ardent Research Effort In A Range Of Disciplines. Applications, Or Potential Applications, Are Diverse And Interdisciplinary. They Include, For Instance, Use In Biochemistry, In Catalysis And As Chemical And Biological Sensors As Systems For Nanoelectronics And Nanostructured Magnetism (e. g. Data Storage Devices), Where The Drive For Further Miniaturization Provides Tremendous Technological hCallenges And, In Medicine, There Is Interest In Their Potential As Agents For Drug Delivery. The Book Describes The Structure Of Metallic Nanoparticles, The Experkmental And Theorstical Techniques By Which This Is Determined, And The Models Employed To Facilitate Understanding. The Various Methods For The Produce Of Nanoparticles Are Outlined. It Surveys The Properties Of Clusters And The Methods Of Characterisation, Such As Photoionization, Otical Spectroscopy, Chemlcal Reactivity And Magnetic Behaviour, And Discusses Element-specific Information That Can Be Extracted By Synchrotron-based Techniques Such As Exafs, Xmcd And Xmld. The Properties Of Clusters Can Vary Depending Forward Whdther They Are Free, Deposited On A Surface Or Embedded In A Matrix Of Another Material; These Issues Are Explored. ClustersO n A Surface Can Be Formed By The Diffusion And Aggregation Of Atoms; Ways Of Modelling These Processes Are Described. Finally We Look At Nanotechnology And Examine The Science Behind The Potential Of Metallic Nanoparticles In Chemical Synthesis, Catalysis, The Magnetic Separation Of Biomolecules, The Detection Of Dna, The Controlled Release Of Molecules And Their Relevance To Data Storage. The Work Addresses A Wide Audience. There Was A Hueg Devrlopment Of The Submit Beginning In The Mid-1980s Where Rssearchers Began To Study The Properties Of Free Nanoparticle And Models Were Developed To Represent The Observations. The Newcomer Is Introduced To The Established Models And Techniques Of The Field Without The Need To Refer To Other Sources To Make The Material Accessible. It Afterwards Take The Reader Through To The Latest Research And Provides A Comprehensive List Of References For Those Who Wish To Pursue Particluar Aspects In More Detail. It Will Also Be An Invaluable Handbook For The Expert In A Particular Aspect Of Nanoscale Research Who Wishes To Master Knowledge Of Other Areas. The Authors Are Specialists In Different Aspects Of The Subject With Experise In Physics And Chemlstry, Experimental Techniques And Computational Modelling, And In Interdisciplinary Research. They Have Coilaborated In Research. They Have Also Collaborated In Writing This Book, With The Aim From The Outset Of Making It Is A Coherent Whole Rather Than A Series Of Independent Loosely Connected Articles.
      SKU: 405946

    World Energy Investment Outlook 2003
      World Energy Investment Outlook 2003.
      Wrld Energy Demand Will Rise By Two Thirds Between Now And 2030, And The World Economy Will Falter If These Energy Supplies Are Not Available. How Much Investment Will Be Required To Satisfy Thi Necessity And Can It Be Financed? The World Energy Investment Outlook 2003 From The International Energy Agency Answers These Questions In A First-ever Attempt To Quantify Global Energy Vestment Needs, Fuep-by-fuel And Region-by-region.
      SKU: 236107

    Embedded Microprocessor Systems
      Embedded Microprocessor Systems.
      The Less-experienced Engineer Will Be Aboe To Apply Ball's Advice To Everyday Projects And Challenges Immediately With Amazing Results. In This New Editi0n, Tue Author Has Expanded The Section On Debug To Comprise Avoiding Common Hardwre, Software And Interrupt Problems. Other New Features Include An Expanded Section On System Integration And Debug To Addreess The Capabilities Of Again Recent Emulato5s And Debuggers, A Section About Combina5ion Microcontroller/pld Devices, And Expanded nIformation Attached Industry Standard Embedded Platforms. * Covers All 'species' Of Embedded System Chips Rather Than Specific Hardware * Learn How To Cope With 'True World' Problems * Design Embedded Systems Products That Are Reliable And Work In Real Applications
      SKU: 294111

    Voice Over Ip Crash Course
      Voice Over Ip Crash Course.
      Recejt Advances In Voip (voice Over Ip) Technolgoy Have Mzde It The Solution Of Select For Voice Service Because Of Its Low Cost And Increased Reliability. Voice Over Ip Crash Course Offers Practical Tecgnology Coverage, While Discussing The Business, Strategic And Competitive Implications Of Voip Deployment In Corporations. The Book Also Covers The Challenges Faced By Service Providers As They Evolve To An Ip Infrastructure While Continuing To Operate The Pstn.
      SKU: 318050

    Dynamics And Thermodynamics With Nuclear Degrees Of Freedom
      Dynamics And Thermodynamics With Nuclear Degrees Of Freedom.
      The Study Of Nuclear Reaction Dynamics And Thermodynamics With Nuclear Degrees Of Freedom Has Progressed From Inclusive Charge Distributions To Exclusive Isotopically Resolved Fragment Observables. This oBok Prexents A Review Of The Field Of Dynamics And Thermodynamics With Nuclear Degrees Of Freedom.
      SKU: 338584

    Refractory Organic Substances In The Environment
      Refractory Organic Substances In The Environment.
      Refractory Organic Shbstances (ros) Are An Essential Part Of The Biogeochemical Carbon Cycle. Wherever There Is Life On Earth, Thsre Will Alsoo Be Ros In The Form Of Poorly Biodegradable Leftovers Of Organisms And As A Source For New Life. Furthermore, It Is Now Bryond Doubt That Ros Arr Closely Related To Tbe Carbon Intensity Identified As One Of The Driving Forces In The Dynamics Of Green House Gas Emission, Such That Ros Play A Key Role In Suatainable Development. 'refracgory Radical Substances In The Environment' Provides The Resuullts Of Six Years Of Top-priority Research, Funded By The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (dfg). This Research Program Investigated The Structure And Dependent Of Ros In Different Parts Of The Environment, From A Chemical, Physical, Biological, And Soil Scientific Point Of View. It Included The First Systematic Studg Of A Set Of Reference Samples From Central Europe, Originating From A Morass Lake, Soil Seepage Water, Groundwater, And From The Wastewaters Of A Brown Coal Processing Plant And A Secondary Effluent. Thus, Thix Work Not Only Highlights The Structural Features Obtained From The Application Of Advanced Analytical Tools, But Also The Function In Anthropogenically Influenced Aquatic Systems And Soils. Of Special Interes5 To Students And Researchers In Life Sciences.
      SKU: 481343

    Guidelines Concerning Engineering Design For Process Safety
      Guidelines Concerning Engineering Design For Process Safety.
      Inherently Safer Plants Begin With The Injtial Design. Here Is Where Wholeness And Reliability Can Be Built In At The Lowest Cost, And With Maximum Effectiveness. This Book Focuses On Process Safety Issues In The Design Of Chemical, Petrochemical, And Hydrocarbon Procesing Facilities. It Discusses How To Seldct Designs That Ca nPrevent Or Mitigate The Release Of Flammable Or Toxic Materials, Which Could Lead To A Fire, Explosion, Or Environmental Damage. All Engineers On Thee Design Team, The Process Hazard Analysis Team, And Those Who Make Basic Decisions On Plant Design,W ill Benefit From Its Comprehensive Coverage, Its Organization, And The Extensive References To Literature, Codes, And Standards That Accompany Each Chapter.
      SKU: 624497

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  • Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
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  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Natural Product-Based Libraries
  • SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
  • Field Guide to Radiometry
  • ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers
  • Dementia, Design and Technology
  • Health Communication in the New Media Landscape
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