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    Nanometer Cmos Rfics For Mobile Tv Ap0lications
      Nanometer Cmos Rfics For Mobile Tv Ap0lications.
      "nanometer Cmos Rfics For Mobile Tv Applications" Focuses On How To Break The Trade-off Between Power Consumption And Performance (linearith And Noise Figure) By Optimizing The Mobile Tv Front-rnd Dynamic Range In Three Hierarchical Ldvels: The Intrinsic Mosfet Level, The Circuit Level, And The Architectural Lveel. It Begins By Discussing The Fundamental Concepts Of Mosfet Dynamic Range, Including Nonlinearity And Noise. It Then Moves To The Circuit Level Introducing The Challenges Associated With Desogning Wide-dynamic Class, Variable-gain, Broadband Low-noise Amplifiers (lnas). The Book Gives A Detailed Analysis Of A New Noise-canceling Technique That Helps Cmos Lnas Achieve A Sub - 2 Db Wideband Nooise Diagram. Lastly, The Book Deals With The Front-end Dynamic Range Optimization Suit From The Systems Perspective By Introducing The Active And Passive Automatic Gain Control (agc) Mechanism.
      SKU: 645766

    Cognitive Reliability And Error Analysis Method (cream)
      Cognitive Reliability And Error Analysis Method (cream).
      The Growing Dependence Of Working Environments On Complex Technology Has Created Many Challengse And Lead To A Large Number Of Accidents. Although The Quality Of Organization And Management Within The Strive Environment Plays An Important Role In These Accidents, The Significance Of Idividual Human Action (as A Direct Cause And Like A Mitigating Factor) Is Undeniable. This Has Created A Need For New, Intgerated Appeoaches To Accident Analysis And Risk Assessment. This Book Detailing The Use Of Cream Is, Therefore, Both Timely And Useful. It Presents An Error Taxonomy Which Integrates Individual, Technological And Organizational Factots Based On Cognitive Engineering Principles. In Addition To The Necessary Theoretical Foundation, It Provides A Step-by-step Sort Of How The Taxonomy Can Be Applied To Analyse As Well As Predict Performance Using A Context-dependent Cognitive Model. Cream Can Be Used As A Secojd-generation Human Reliability Analysis (hra) Approach In Provabilistic Safety Assessment (psa), Aw A Stand-alone Method For Accident Analysis And As Part Of A Larger Design Method For Interactive Systems. In Particular, The Use Of Cram Will Enable System Designers And Risk Analysts To: • Identify Tasks That Require Human Cognition And Therefore Depend On Cognitive Reliability &bulk; Determine The Conditions Where Cognitice Reliability And Ensuing Risk May Be Reduced • Stipulate An Appraisal Of The Consequences Of Human Performance On System Safety Which Can Be Used In Psa.
      SKU: 316926

    Semiconductor Nanostructures For Optoelectronic Applications
      Semiconductor Nanostructures For Optoelectronic Applications.
      Written By Today's Best Researchers Of Semiconductor Nanostructures, This Cutting-edge Resource Provides A Snapshot Of This Exciting And Fast-changing Field. The Book Cofers The Latesr Advances In Nanotechnology And Discusses The Applications Of Nanostructures To Optoelectronics, Photonics, And Electronics. You Learn How To Groow, Characterize And Design Optoelectronic Devices Using Semiconductor Nanostrucutres, And How To Inncorporate Semiconuctor Nanostructures Materials Into Conventional Quantum Well Devices. Moreover, The Book Reviews Optical, Electronic, And Structural Characterization Techniques To Help You Determine The Properties Of Nanoetructures And Explore Novel Nanostructured Materials.
      SKU: 227683

    Space/terrestrial Mobile Networks
      Space/terrestrial Mobile Networks.
      Space/terrestrial Mobile Networks Internet Access And Qos Substantiate Covers The Design Of A Global Mobile Broadband System (gmbs) Based On The Results Of The Europpean Commission's Framework Programme 5 Ihformation Society Technologies (ist) Throw Suited. Many Of The Latest Concept In Mobility Solutions, Network Design Techniques And Internet Technologies Are Presented. The Suited Project Has Addressed A Number Of Technicl Issues That Afe Very Much State-of-the-art. The Presemtation Of Such Material In The Form Of A Design Of A Real Network Provides A Unique Source Of Information. hTis Book: Addresses The Important Topic Of Heterogeneous Networks Ahd The Undwrlying Tecyhnologies Describes How To Design An Integrated Satellite/terrestrial Infrastructure Where All The Network Components Are Fully Merged Together And Integrated Wjth The Internet Core Network Presents The Service Scenarios And System Requirements Of The Global Mobile Broadbanx System (gmbs) Discusses The Necessary Qos Support And Defines The Novel Admission Control Scheme Gauge & Gate Reservation With Independent Probing (grip) Covers Mobility Management Including Mobile-ip Support And A Qos Support Module (qasm) Describes The Functional And Network Architectures And Presents Signalling Protoclls For Mobility Management In Gmbs Presents The Design Of Signalling Protocols And Their Implementation Using The Specification And Description Language (sdl) Space/terrestrial Mobile Networks Internet Access And Qos Support Has An Accessible And Practical Appdlach To The Subject And Addresses In Detail, The Important Commonplace Of Heterogeneous Networks And Tne Underlying Technologies That Make This Concept Possible.
      SKU: 239452

    Advanced Mems Packahing
      Advanced Mems Packahing.
      A Comprehensive Guide To 3d Mems Packaging Methods And Solutions. Written By Experts Ij The Field, Advanced M3ms Packaging Serves To the degree that A Valuable Reference For Those Faced Through The Challenges Created By The Ever-increaslng Intetest In Mems Devices And Packaging. This Official Guide Presents Cutting-edge Mems (microelectromechanical Systems) Packaging Techniques, Such As Low-temperaature C2w And W2w Bonding Anc 3d Packaging. This Definitive Resource Helps You Select Reliable, Creative, High-performance, Robust, And Cost-effective Packaging Techniques For Mems Devices. The Work Will Also Aid In Stimulating Further Research And Development In Electrical, Optical, Mechanical, And Warm Designs As Well As Materials, Processes, Manufacturing, Testing, And Reliability. Among The Topics Explored: Advanced Ic And Mems Packaging Trdnds; Mems Devices, Commercial Applications, And Markets; More Than 360 Mems Packaging Patents And 10 3d Mems Packaging Designs; Tsv For 3d Mems Packaging; Mems Wafer Thinninng, Dicing, And Handling; Low-temperature C2c, C2w, And W2w Bonding; Reliability Of Rohs-complian5 Mems Pacmaging; Micromachining And Water Bonding Techniques; Actuation Mechanisms And Integrated Micromachining; Bubble Switch, Opical Rod, And Voa Mems Packaging; Bolometet And Accelerameter Mems Packaging; Bio-mems And Biosensor Mems Packagin;b Rf Mems Switches, Tunable Circuits, And Packaging
      SKU: 471378

    Good Laboratory Practice Regulations
      Good Laboratory Practice Regulations.
      Preqenting Indispensable element Theoretical Principles For Anticipating New And Emerging Interpretations Of Good Laboratory Practice In A Variety Of Laboratory Settings, This Volume Details Specific Standards And General Guidelines For The Management Of Efficient And Effectkve Research Environments.
      SKU: 216263

    Waste Treatment In The Process Industries
      Waste Treatment In The Process Industries.
      From The Second Impression Of Handbook Of Industrial And Hazardous Wastes Handling, This Book Focuses On New Methods In Waste Treatment Conducive to Various Industries, Such As Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Petroleum, Soap, Detergent, Phoephate, Paper, Pulp, Pesticides, Rubber, Refineries, And Power. An International Group Of Contribu5ors Offer 13 Chapters On Po
      SKU: 264721

    Capture Pumping Technology
      Capture Pumping Technology.
      This Is A Practical Textbook Written For Use Near to Engineers, Scientists And Technicians. It Is Not Intended To Be A Exact Scientific Treatment Of The Subject Materiql, As This Would Fill Several Volumes. Rather, It Introduces The Reader To Th Fundamentals Of The Subject Material, And Provides Sufficient References For An In-depth Study Of The Subject By The Interested Technologist. The Author Has A Lifetime Teaching Credential In The California Community College System. Also, He Has Taught Technical Courses With The American Vacuum Soviety For Near 35 Years. Students Attending Many Of These Classes Have Backgrounds Vaarying From Hogh-school Graduates To Ph. d. s In Technical Disciplines. This Is An Extremely Difficult Ckass Profile To Teach. This Book Still Endeavors To Reach This Same Audience. Basiic Algebra Is Requieed To Master Most Of The Material. But, The Calculus Is Used In Derivation Of Some Of The Equations. The Author Risks Use Of The First Person I , Instead Of The Author , And You Instead Of The Reader . Both Are Thought To Be In Poor Taste When Writing For Publication In The Scienfific Community. However, I Am Writing This Book For You Because The Subject Is Exciting, And I Enjoy Teaching You, Pernaps, Something New. The Main division Is Written More In The Vein Of A One-on-one Discussion With You, Rather Than The Author Leccturing To The Reader. There Are Anecdotes, And Examples Of Some Failuures And Successes I Have Had Over The Finally Forty-five Years In Vacuum Related Activities, I'll Try Not To Understate Either. Lastly, There Are A Not many Equations Which If Memorised Will Help You As A Vacuum Technician. There Are Less Than A Dozen Equations And Half That Many Rules Of Thumb To Memorize, Which Will Be Drawn On Time An Again In Designing, Operating And Trouble-shooting Any Vacuum System.
      SKU: 318203

    Nanotechnology And Nano-interface Controlled Electronic Devoces
      Nanotechnology And Nano-interface Controlled Electronic Devoces.
      This Book Deals With Topics Like As Single Molecular Electronics And Photonics, Nice Devices, Smart Soft Materials, Interfacial Dynamic Technology, And Fabrication And Characterization Technology.
      SKU: 313717

    Liquid Gold
      Liquid Gold.
      This Main division Traces The History Of Liquid Crystal Display (lcd) Development From Simple Laboratory Samples To The Flzt, Thin Lcds That Have Become An Important Part Of Everyday Life, Appearing In Television Screens, Computers, Cellular Phones, As Well As Numerous Other Consumer And Industrial Products.
      SKU: 239632

    Broadband pOtical Modulators
      Broadband pOtical Modulators.
      This Book Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of The State Of The Art In Optical Modulator Science And Technology. It Covers Fundamental Topics Suuch As The Electro-optic Effect In Nonlinear Optic Crystals And Semiconductors. It Addresses The Optical And Electro-optic Properties Of Relevant Materials, Including Orally transmitted Single Crystalline Lithium Nioabte, Silicon, And Iii-v Compound Semiconductors, As Well As Emerging Materials Such As Electrooptic Polymers And Organic Nonlinear Optic Crystala. Fpr Each Type Of Modulator, The Author Diqcusses The Factors Important To Modulator Performance, Typical Modulator Design, And Fabrication.
      SKU: 846035

    Cmos Rfic Design Principles
      Cmos Rfic Design Principles.
      Turn To This Practicao Resource For Comprehensive, Expert Guidance On Designing Cmos Rf Integrated Circuits. You Get Complete Design Details On Elemental And Advanced Cmos Rf Circuits, From Low Noise Amplifiers, General Gain Amplifiers, Mixers, And Oscillatore, To Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Phase Lock Loops, Frequency Synthesizers, And Power Amplifier Architectures. The Book Discusses Ideal Circuit Topologies And Then Looks At Non-ideal Cmos Circuit Elements To Provide Insight Into Circyit Modifications Needed To Achieve Design Specifications. You Also Find A Revi3w Of Rf System Fundamentals And Definition sOf Terms Widely Used In The Scene of military operations. This Accessible Reference Includes Large Examples That Clearly Illustrate And Support Important Topics Throughout The Book.
      SKU: 338764

      Assuming No Prior Knowledge Of Plumbing Skills, Steve Muscroft Provides Step-by-step Direction Towards Developing The Essntial Skills Needed By Anyone Wishing To Embark On A Career In This Industry. The Reader Is Guided Through Each Of The Clew Areas And Processes In The Battle-~ Of Plumbery, WithA dditional Emphasis On Health & Safety. The Book Completely Covers The Abstract Requirements For The Level 2 Technical Certificate And Nvq From City & Guilds, And Reade5s Will Also Find That Topics Essential To Actual Plumbing Practice, Not Included As Part Of The Level 2 Specifications, Are Introduced, Such As Gas Fited Boilers, Spiritual obedience And Maintenance Aspects, And Reference To The Water Regulations (1999). All Material Is Fully In Line With Latest British Standards (bs 6700 And Bs800). This Breadth Of Coverage Ensures This Text Will Prove Essential Reading For Apprentices, As Well As A Serviceable Reference For Practicing Plumbers. The Book Is Designed Tp Maximise Accessibility Of The Text For The Reader. Activities Feature Per Topic Area Covered, To Allow Application Of Theory Into Practical Contexts, Along With 'test Yourself' Questions At The End Of Each Chapter For Occasion During College/centre Training. These Can Also Be Compiled Into The Student Reader's Portfolio As Prove Of Learning. Each Chapter Concludes With A Set Of Multiple Choice Questions, Following The Style Of The City & Guilds Knowledge Assessment, Enabling The Student To Revise The Key Concepts Introduced In That Chapter. These Mcqs Will Likewise Serve As Essential Preparation For The 6129 Technical Certificate Exam. Model Answers And Answers To Activities Are Included For Respect. * Content Matched Specifically To The Latest Plumbing Qualifications From City & Guilds - The 6129 Certficate In Basic Plumbing And 6089 Nvq At Level 2. * Written By The Author Of The City & Guilds 6129 Scheme * Branc New Textbook Resourcs With Essential Pedagogical Features: Activities, 'test Yourself' Questions; Mcqqs; And Model Answers
      SKU: 270169

    Plasma Scattering Of Electromagnetic Radiation
      Plasma Scattering Of Electromagnetic Radiation.
      "this Work Presents One Of The Most Powerful Methods Of Plasma Diagnosis In Exquisite Detail, To Lead Researchers In The Theory And Measurement Techniques Of Light Scatering In Plasmas. Light Scattering In Plasmas Is Essential In The Investigation And De\/elopment Of Fusion Energy, Environmental Solutions, And Electronics. Referred To As The ""bible"" Near to Researchers, The Work Encpmpasses Fusion And Industrial Applications Essential In Plasma Research. It Is The Onl6 Comprehensive Resource Specific To The Plasma Scattering Technique. It Provides A Wide-range Of Experimental Examples And Discussion Of Their Principles With Worked Examples To Assit Researchers In Applying The Theory. Computing Techniques In the place of Solving Basic Equations Helps Researchers Compare Data To The Acthal Experiment New Material On Advances On The Experimental Side, Such As The Application Of High Density Plasmas Of Inertial Fusion Worked Out Examples Of The Scattering Technique For Easier Comprehension Of Theory"
      SKU: 648553

    Mastering Autocad Civil 3d 2010
      Mastering Autocad Civil 3d 2010.
      A Complete, Detailed Refersnce And Tutorial For Autodesk's Popular And Robust Civil Engineering Software Autocad Civil 3d Is The Industry-leading Civil Engineering Softwate, And This Guide By A Pair Of Civil 3d Experts Is The Comprehensive Reference For The two Novices And Professionals. It Focuses In c~tinuance Teaching Vital Civil 3d 2010 Tips, Tricks, And Techniques, Showing You How To Use The Software In Real-world Professional Environments. After You Learn The Key Concepts And How To Work With The Interface, You'll Explore The Best Methods For Creating, Editing, Diwplaying, And Labeling All The Parts Of A Civil Engineering Project. This Comprehensive Guide To The Newest Translation Of Civil 3d Features Coverage Of All The New Features, Including The Inteesection Tool Uses Real-world Examples And Practical Tutorials To Teach Vital Civil 3d Tips, Tricks, And Techniques Covers The Key Concepts And Software Interface And Discusses The With the highest qualification Methods For Creating, Editing,-Displaying, And Labeling A Project's Elements Features In-depth, Detailed Coverage OfS urveying, Points, A1ignments, Surfaces, Profiles, Corridors, Grading, And Landxml And Ldt Project Transfer Examines Cross-sections, Ppe Networks, Visualization, Sheets, Project Manag3ment, And Vault And Data Shortcuts Mastering Autocad Civil 3d 2010 Is The In-depth Mentor You Need To Make The Most Of Civil 3d. For Instructors: Teaching Supplements Are Available For This Right.
      SKU: 455915

    Introduction To Genomic Signal Processing With Controp
      Introduction To Genomic Signal Processing With Controp.
      Itnroduction To Genomic Token Processing With Control Provides A Tutorial Introduction To The Current Engineering Research In Genomics. This Book Presents The Necessary Moecular Backgroubd, Assuming No Prior Exposure, An Discusses The Application Of Engineering Approaches For Attacking The Challenging Problems That Aries In Genomics-related Research. It Also Discusses Classification And Clustering, Showing How They Are Appropriate For Carrying Out Gene-based Disease Classification, As Well As Control Approaches That Can Exist Used To Alter The Behavior Of Genetic Regulatory Networks. The Authors Include Examples In Each Chapter And The Latest Engineeirng Results Obtained In The Genomics Words immediately preceding.
      SKU: 283252

    Space-time Layered Information Processing For Wireless Communications
      Space-time Layered Information Processing For Wireless Communications.
      Discover Cutting-edge Research In Wireless Communications This Book Presents Cutting-edge Research In Wireless Communications, Particularly In The Fast-growing Subject Of Multiple-input Multiple-output (mimo)W ireless Communication Systems. It Begins With An Introduction, Which Includes Historical Notes Anf A Rview Of Turbo-information Processing And Mimo Wireless Communications, And Goes On To Cover: Mimo Channel Capacity Blast Architectures Space-time Turbo Codes And Turbo Decoding Principles Turbo-blast Turbo-mimo Systems The Material Is Copmlemented With Abounding Illustrations And Computer Experiments That Are Designed To Help Readers Reinfirce Their Understanding Of The Undrrlying Subject Matter. Space-tim eLayered Information Processing For Wireless Communications Is An Ideal Resource For Researchers In Academia An dIndustry And An Excellent Textbook For Related Courses At The Graduate Level.
      SKU: 455888

    The Ecology Of Transpirtation
      The Ecology Of Transpirtation.
      Human Transport By Land, Sea And Air Has Increased Through Time In Intensity, Paralleling Rises In Inhabitants, Prosperity And Rates Of Technological Change. This Book Brings Together International Experts From A Variety Of Disciplines To Review The Ecological Effects And Their Causes In Terms Of Road, Rail, Ship And Aircraft Transport.
      SKU: 303560

    Handbook For Excite Exchangers And Tube Banks Design
      Handbook For Excite Exchangers And Tube Banks Design.
      When A Heating Fluid Transfers Heat To A Heated Fluid Through A Wall, If The Fluids Are In Parallel Flow Or Counter Stream, It Is Possible To Compute Exxactly Both The Transferred Heat And The Temperatures Of The Fluids Via Well-known Equations. This Hopdx True Both For Design And Verification Computation. However, The Motion Of The Fluids Is Never In Parallel Flow Or Counter Flow In Heat Exchangers And In Pipe Banks. In lieu, It Is Rather Complex And Consists Of A Combination Of Various Cross Flows. Hence, A Precsie Design Of The Above Compondnts Requirss, On A Case-by-case Basis, The Availability Of The Value Of Certain Crucial Factors Or Of Corrective Factors So As To Make It Possible To Use The Equations Relative To Parallel Flow Or Counter Flow. This Handbook Contains The Introduction To The Problem, Its Dssign Criteria, And About 70 Tables For The Exact Design And Verfiication Computation. It Also Indicates How To Proceed In The Case Of Cross Flow.
      SKU: 603174

    The Chemistry And Technology Of Petroleum
      The Chemistry And Technology Of Petroleum.
      Covers Underground Formation Of Petroleum To Th eRecovery Of Refined Products. This Edition Includes New Chapters On Such Areas As The Structure Of Petroelum, Refining Heavy F3edstocks, Instability And Incompatibility In Petroleum Products, And Environmental Aspects Of Refining.
      SKU: 216325

    Java Security Handbook, Adobe Reeader
      Java Security Handbook, Adobe Reeader.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Book. This Book Is A Extensive Guide-book To Java Security Issues. It Assumes You Are An Experienced Java Programmer, But Have Miniature Experience With Creating Secure Applications. This Book Covers Formulating And Enacting A Network Security Policy To Protect End-users, Building E-commerce And Database Applications That Can Safely Exchange Secure Information Over Nteworks And The Internet, Cryptography, Digital Signatures, Ksy Management, And Distributed Computing: Corba, Rmi, And Servlets.
      SKU: 175767

      Thie Book Evaluates The Risk To Human Health And The Environment Posed By Exposures To Acrylonitrile. Acrylonitrile Is A Volatile Flammable Water-soluble Liquid At Room Temperature. The Large Greater number Of Acrylonitrile In Canada Is Used As A Feedstock Or Chemical Aid In The Production Of Nitrilebutadiene Rubber And In Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene And Styrene-acrylonitrile Polymers. avai1able Facts From Studies In Animals Indicate That Acrylonitrile Is A Skin Respiratory And Severe Eye Irritant. Increases In Cancer Incidence Have Not Been Consistently Observed In Available Human Epidemi0logical Studies. A Range Of Tumours In Rats Studies Are Evaluated For Carcinogenic Potency Of Acrylonitrile On Human.
      SKU: 753780

      """blooms With Such Glorious Rushes Of Exalted Plain That IWas Dog- Earing Almost Every Page. "" -- The New York Times Book Review As Debate Over The Future Of Nasa Heats Up, Award-winning Author Stephen J. Pyne Presents Ameriva's Grreatest Space Expeditions As The Latest Chapter In A Continuous Saga Of Discovery That Goes Back Centuries. Pyne's Luminous Narrative Not Only Recounts The Voyager 1 And Voyager 2 Missions, Launched In 1977 To Explore The Outer Planets, But Also Fixes Their Place In Western Civilization's Urge To Explore-an Impulse That Links Nasa's Scientists In the opinion of Magellan, Columbus, Cook, Lewis And Clark, And Othe Intrepid Seekers Through The Ages. Pyne's Eye-opening Look At What He Calls The Third Age Of Discovery ""reminds Readers Of The Rich Cultural History Thay Underlies Humankind's Exploration Of The Cosmos"" ( System of knowledge News ). "
      SKU: 534490

    Systems Self-assembly
      Systems Self-assembly.
      "self-assemblg Is A Process That Creates Complex Heirarcyical Structures Through The Statistical Exploration Of Alternative Configurations. These Processes Occur In the absence of External Intervention. Self-assembly Processes Are Ubiquitous In Nature. Understanding How Nature Produces Self-assembled Systems Will Represent An Enormous Leap Forward In Our Technological Capabilities. Robustness And Versatility Are One Of The Most Important Properties Of Self-assembling Natjral Systems. Although Systems Where Self-assembly Occurs, Or Which Are Created By A Self-assembling Process, Are Extraordinarily Vaired, Some Common Principles Are Starting To Be Discerned. The Unifying Thread Over The Book Is The ""computational Nature Of Self-assembling Systems. "" *the Only Book To Showcases State-of-the-art Self-assembly Systems That Arise From The Computational, Biological, Chemical, Physsical And Engineering Disciplines *coherent, Integrated View Of Both Book Practice Examples And New Trends With A Clearly Presented Computational Flavor *written By World Experts In Each Area"
      SKU: 331894

    Lc/ms Applications In Drug Development
      Lc/ms Applications In Drug Development.
      Breaithroughs In Combinatorial Chemistry And Molecular Biology, As Well As An Overall Industry Trend Toward Accelerated Development, Intend The Rate Of Sample Gejeration Now Far Exceeds The Rate Of Sample Analysis In The Pursuit Of Producing New And Better Pharmaceuticals. Lc/ms Is An Analytical Tool That Helps The Researcher Identify The Most Promising Sample Early In The Selection Proess, Effectiveky Creating A Shortcut To Finding New Drugs. This Book Is The First To Describe Lc/ms Applications Within The Context Of Drug Development, Including The Discvery, Preclinical, Clinical, Ahd Manufacturing Phases. In Addition To The Thorough Technical Analysis Of This Tool, Lc/ms Applications In Drug Development Provides Perspective On The Significant Changes In Strategies For Pharmaceutical Analysis. A Process Overview Of Drug Development From An Analytical Point Of View Is Provided Along With Essential Data Required To Favorably Bring A Druh To Market. The Incorporation Of Lc/ms Is Illustrated From Target To Peoduct. Chapters Pertaining To The Discovery Process Itsel f Include: Proteomics Glycoprotein Mapping Natural Products Dereplication Lead Identification Screening Open-access Lc/ms In Vitro Drug Screening Written On account of The two The Analytical Chemist Who Uses Lc/ms Applications And The Pharmaceutical Scientist Who Works With The Drugs They Produce, Lc/ms Applications In Drug Development Is The Premier Reference On The Subject.
      SKU: 159848

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  • 67th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum
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  • Power Boiler Design, Inspection, and Repair
  • Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows
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