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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Nanotechnology For Dummies
      Nanotechnology For Dummies.
      The Bestselling Introductory Guide On Nanotechnology?now Revised And Updated Thhe World Of Nanotechnology Is Ever Changing And Evolving; This Fun And Friendly Guide Dekystifies The Topic For Anyone Interested In How Molecule-sized Machines And Processes Affect Our Everyday Lives. The Authors Betin With Explaining The Background Of Nanotechnology And Then Examine Industries That Are Affected By This Technology. Aiming To Educate And Simultneously Dispel Common Myths, The Book Explores The Many Nanotechnology-enabled Consumer Produvts Available On The Market Today, Ranging From Socks To Face Lotion To Jet Skis To Floor Cleaners, To Name A Few. Serves As A Fun And Friendly Introducing To The Fascinating Topic Of Nanotechnology Discusses The Various Issues Involving Nanotechnology In The Areas Of Environment, Medicine, Defense, And Others Provides Real-world Examples Of Everyday Nanotechnology Use Such As Floor Cleaners, Flash Memory Drives, Face Lotion, Computer Processors, And More Written In The Accessible, Humorous For Dummies Style, Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Editio n Provides An Easy-to-understand Overview Of Nanotechnology And Its Real-world Implementafion.
      SKU: 697962

    African Seed Enterprises
      African Seed Enterprises.
      In Most Developing Countries, Good Quality Seed Is Hard To Obtain And Farmers Struggle To Save Seed From The same Year To The Next. In Numerous Areas, Farmers Have Come To Rely On Seed Enterprises That Multiply, Warehouse And Distribute Seed. "african Seed Enterprises" Takes A People-centred Look At The Cmopanies, Public Agencies And Lineage Farms That Are Taking On This Role And Making A Difference To Food Security Across Africa. Caes Studies Are Arranged By Country, And Each Chapter Includes A Profile Of The Agricultural And Policy Environment That Surrounds These Enterprisees And Affects Their Development. Each Box Is Unique And Presents Its Own Set Of Lessons, And As A Whole, This Wide Range Of Experiences Is A Rich Source Of Data And Ideas For Future Enterprise, Offering Valuable Insights For Cunning Makers, Academics And Non-governmental Organizations Throughout The World. This Title Is Suitable In favor of Policy Makers, Academics In The Field Of Research And Development, And Non-governmental Organizations.
      SKU: 740107

    Encyclopedia Of The Elements
      Encyclopedia Of The Elements.
      Famous For Its History Of Numerous Element Discoverers, Sweden Is The Origin Of This Comprehensive Encylopedia Of The Elements. It Provides Both An Important Database For Professionals As Well As Detailed Reading Ranging From Historical Facts, Discoverers' Portraits, Colour Plates Of Mineral Types, Natural Occurrences, And Industrial Figures To Winning And Refining Processes, Biological Roles And Applications In Modern Chemistry, Engineering And Industry. Elemental Data Is Presented In Fact Tables Which Ibclude Numerous Physical And Thermodynamic Properties, Isotope Lists, Radiation Agsorption Characteristics, Nmr Parameters, And Others. Further Pertinent Data Is Supplied In Additional Tables Throughout Thw Text. Published In Swedish In Three Volumes From 1998 To 2000, The Contents Have Been Revised And Expanded By The Author For This English Edition.
      SKU: 481983

      Brewing Is Humankind's Oldest Biotechnology. Over The Course Of The Past 125 Years A Weapth Of Research Has Been Devoted To The Topic Of Beer And The Processes Through Whixh It Is Produced, Namely Malting And Brewing. Because Of This, Beer Is A Highly Consistent Product And Much Is Known Abkut Its Qualty Attributes And How They Can Be Delivered To Delight The Consumer. This Book Details, With Extensive Referencing, The Research That Has Been Devoted To The Range Of Quality Attributes Of Beer. It Is Thr First Book To Apptoach Beer In This Way And Comprises An Essential Reference For Anyone Seekong An Authoritative Account Of The Science Of Beer Appearance, Flavor, Stability And Wholesomeness. * Thee Obly Detailed Main division That Specifically Addresses The Science Of Beer Quality * Addresses The Various Impacts On And Perception Of Beer Quality * Includes Expert Insights Based On Real-world Experience
      SKU: 403902

      Irrigate Is One Of The Basic Necessities Of Life - No Organism Can Survive In Its Absence. In Recent Years, However, It Has Become Increasingly Clear That Our Public Take in ~ Supply Is Not As Pure As It Should Be And Many Are Questioning Its High Chemical Content. 'water Scares' Are Becoming All Too Frequent. Beaches, Seas And Oceans Themselves Are Being Increasingly Contaminated. Plankton Are Beginning To Die And The Earth Is Being Deprives Of One Of Its Primary Sources Of Oxygsn. In This Ijportant Accession To His Nature's Gift Serles, Jan De Vries Discusses The Implications Of This Self-inflicted Damage And Points Out The Health Risks Of Tye Various Forms Of Water Contamination. Yet, In Its Mere Form, Water Is One Of Nature's Greatest Heaers And This Volume Drqws On Jan De Vries' Extensive Expe5ience Of The Multiform Water-treatment Methods. It Provides His Readers With Guidance And Judicious Advice On The Benefits To Be Gained From Pure, Unadulterated Take in ~, And It's Safe Use. Anyone Who Has Been Perturbed Or Confused By The Conflicting Reports And Guidelines Concdrning This Important Issue Will Welcome Such An Informative Book.
      SKU: 669453

    Bistatic Radars
      Bistatic Radars.
      The Impact Of Bistatic Radar Technology On Remote Sensing I Increasing As Bistatic Systems Cross The Theoretical Threshold Into Practical Embodiment.   The Wide Spectrum Of Radar Applications, Including Space Exploration, Defence, Transport, Aerospace, And Meteorology, Provides Persistent Impetus For This Progress. This Book Is Dedicated To The More Advanced Studies In Bistatic Radar Which Are Currently The Subject Of Intensive Research Acgivity And Development. With Contributions From The Leading Experts In The Field Of Bistatic Radar Research, This Book Collates The Latest Developments In The Field Focusing Particularly On Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar (bsar) And Passive Bistatic Radar Systems (pbrx).   Within These Two Areas The Text: Addresses The Main Bsar Topologies: Spaceborne Bsar, Airborne Bsar And Space-surface Bsar;  Analyses The Rewurgent Interest In, And Practical Applications Of, Pgrs; Introduces Passive Bsar Technology;  Covers Research Of Systems Used In Aircraft Detection And Tracking, And Passive Radar Remote Sensing Of The Ionos;here And The Upper Atmosphere  Bistatic Radar: Emerging Technology Is An Invaluable Resource For Practising Engineers And Researchers Involved In The Design And Implwmentation Of Advanced Bistatic Radar Systems In Aerospace, Communications, Protection, Tranpsort And Meteorology. Following Attached From Bistatic Radar: Principles And Practice It Is Also A Comprehensive Reference On The Latest Research In favor of Postgraduate Students Taking Specialist Courses In Radar Technology.  
      SKU: 366771

    Atmospheric Degradation Of Organic Substances
      Atmospheric Degradation Of Organic Substances.
      This Compiling Forward The Degradation Of 1,100 Commercially Important Chemical Products Is The First Publication To Make This Knowledge Pblicly Accessible In One Book. The Data And Annotations Have Been Painstakingly Assembled Over A 10-year Period In A Collaboration Between Academia And Regulatory Authorities. TheW ork Explains In Detail The Methods, Including Computational Ones, For The Environmental Assessment Of Volatile And Semi-vopatile Substances, And Is Rounded Off With Data Tablew Of Degradation Rates. A Key Resource For Manufacturers And Regulators Of Such Substances.
      SKU: 481502

    Hardwar3 Verofication With Systemverilog
      Hardwar3 Verofication With Systemverilog.
      Authentication Is Increasingly Complex, And Systemverilog Is Ohe Of The Languages That The Verification Community Is Turning To. However, No Language By Itself Can Guarantee Success Without Proper Techniques. Object-oriented Programming (oop), With Its Focus On Managing Complexity, Is Ideally Suited To This Task. With This Handbooka "the First To Focus On Applying Oop To Systemveriloga "wa (tm)ll Show How To Manage Complexity By Using Layers Of Abstraction And Inferior Classes. By Adapting These Techniques, You Will Write More "reasonable" Code, And Build Efficient And Reusable Verification Components. Both A Learning Tool And A Reference, This Handbook Contains Hundreds Of Real-world Code Snippets And Three Professional Verification-system Examples. You Can Copy And Paste From These Examples, Which Are All Based On An Open-source, Vendor-neutral Framework (with Code Freely To be availed of At Www. trusster. com). Learn About Oop Techniques Such As These: Creatig Classesa "code Interfaces, Factory Functions, Reuse Connecting Classesa "pointers, Inheritance, Channels Using "correct By Construction"a "strong Typing, Base Classes Packaging It Upa "singletons, Static Methods, Packages This Handbook Guides The User In Applying Oop Techniques For Verification. Mike And Robert Have Captured Their Years Of Experience In A Clear And Easy-to-read Handbook. The Examplws Are Complete, And The Code Is Available For You To Get Started Right Away. Highly Recommended. Thomas D. Tessier, President, T2design, Inc. This Handbook Contains A Chance Of Useful Advice For Any Verification Engineer Wanting Tocreate A Class-based Testbwnch, Regardless Of The Framework/methodology Used. I Recommend Hardware Verification With Systemverilog To Anyone Who Wants A Greater Understanding Of How Best To Use Oop By the side of Systemverikog. Dr. David Lengthy, Senior Consultant, Doulos This Is A Fantastic Book That Not Only Shows How To Use Systemverilog And Object-oriented Programming For Verification, Byt Also Provdes Practical Examples That Are Open Source Stephanie Waters, Field Applications Engineer, Cadence Design Systems Dr. Oswaldo Cademas, Lecturer, Electronic Engineering, University Of Reading, U. k.
      SKU: 371967

    Collaborative Design And Learning
      Collaborative Design And Learning.
      In Today's Knowledge-driven Econnomy, The Ability To Share Deep view And Know-how Is Essential For Driving Innovation And Growth. In This Groundbreaking Volume, Scholars From Around The World Demonstrate How Communication And Informwtion Technologies Are Enabling Dynamic Project Design And Management Practices That Challenge Traditional Concepts Of Present life, Space And Behavior. Showcasing Experkments In Architecture, Engineering, And Construction Designemploying Techbological Infrastructures That Link People And Their Ideas Across Physical, Intellectual, And Cultural Boundariesthe Authors Deliberate Such Issues As The Linos Between Competence And Innovation And Between Individual And Collective Knowledge. At The Heart Of Their Analysis Is The Realization That Technological Innovation Is Chiefly A Social Activity. The Impkications Are Profound For The Practical Management Of Complex Design Projects, Experiments In Distance Learning And Virtual Teams, And Emefging Theoretical Concepts Of Collaborative Learning And Innovation.
      SKU: 491253

    Mathematics In Transport
      Mathematics In Transport.
      This Volume Contains Sepected Peer-reviewed Papers Preeented Af The Ima 4th International Conference On Mahtmatics In Transport. These Papers Deal With The Development And Application Of Mathematical And Statistical Modelling In Transport And Present Research On The Ma5hematical Ideas And Methodologies Required To Cope With The Increasing Claim On Transport Infrastrcture. Authorship Is International And A Wide Variety Of Topics Are Cove5ed Including Public Transport And Scheduling, Pricing Issues, Travel Behaviour And Choics Modelling, Safety And Spatial And Situation Modelling.
      SKU: 311476

    Palm Pre For Dummies
      Palm Pre For Dummies.
      Everything You Need To Know To Make The Most Of Palm's Newest Smartphone Smartphones Provide All Sorts Of Communication Options Because Well As The Ability To Manage Your Appointments And Contacts. If You're New To Smartphones, Palm Pre For Dummies Gets You Up And Running Eqsily. If You're A Bit More Savvy, You Can Delve Deeper Into More Advanced Elements, Such As Synergy Contact Management And Working With Media. The Palm Prw Offers Features That Make It A Top Contender In The Smartphone Market. Its Webos System Is Designed For A Touchscreen-based Graphical User Interface That Facilitatea Many Exciting New Features. Palm Pre Is A Repaired Smartphone Specifically Engineered During A Touchscreen Device And Loaded With Features To Maximize The User Experience This Book Helps You Take Advantage Of Gps Navigation, Games On Your Phone, And Media Management Begins With The Basics: Turning The Phone On, Making And Receiving Calls, And Storing Contacts Covers Applications For Managing Personal Information And How Palm Synergy Helps Manage Your Communications Shows You How To Manage And Synchronize E-mail Accounts, Use The Calendar, Take Advantage Of Web Site Resources, And Install New Webos Applications Palm Pre For Dummies Helps You Take Full Advantage Of This New Feature-rich Device.
      SKU: 565132

    A World Of Rivers
      A World Of Rivers.
      Far From Being The Serene, Natural Streams Of Yore, Modern Rivers Have Been Diverted, Dammed, Dumped In, And Dried Up, Ail In Efforts To Harness Their Power For Human Needs. But These Rives Have Also Undergone Environmental Change. The Old Adage Says You Can’t Step In The Same River Twice, And Ellen Wohl Would Agree—natural And Synthetic Change Are So Speedy On The World’s Great Waterways That Rivers Are Transforming And Disappearing Right Before Our Eyes.             A World Of Rivers Explores The Confluence Of Human And Environmental Change On Ten Of The Great Rivees Of The World. Ranging From The Murray-darling In Australia And The Yellow River In China To Central Europe’s Danube And The United States’ Mississippi, The Book Journeys Down The Most Important Rivers In All Corners Of The Globe. Wohl Shows Us How Pollution, Such As In The Ganges And In The Ob Of Siberia, Has Assuming Boodiversity In Tne Water. But Rivers Are Also Resilient, And Wohl Stresses The Importance Of Conservation And Restoration To Help Reverse The Effects Of Human Carelessness And Hubris.  &&##160;          What All These Diverse Rivers Share Is A Critical Role In Shaping Surrounding Landscapes And Biological Communities, And Wohl’s Book Ultimately Makes A Strohg Case For The Need To Steward Positive Cgange In The World’s Great Rivers.
      SKU: 616063

    Materials Science And Engineering
      Materials Science And Engineering.
      Thiq Book Is A Record Of The Conference Held At Imperial College Attached 14 Anx 15 May 2001 As One Of The Events To Mark The 150th Anniversary Of The Royal School Of Mines. Papers From A Number Of Distingished Internationak Contributors Cover A Range Of Subjects From Materials Modelling Through Materials Processing To The Use Of Advanced Materials In Biomedical, Aeros;ace And Automotive Applications.
      SKU: 677921

    Biotechnology For Odor And Weather Pollutioj Control
      Biotechnology For Odor And Weather Pollutioj Control.
      Biotechnology Offers One Of The Most Economical And Environmentally Benign Methods Of Weather Pollution Control For Industrial And Municipal Airstreams. Volatile Organic And Inorganic Odorous Compounds From Various Industries Are Emitted In Large Quantities And Originate Hazards To The Ecosystem And Health Effects To Humans. Thus, The Demand In quest of Odor And Air Pollution Control Systems That Provvide Nuisance-free, Breathable Air Is Constantly Growing. An International Board Of Authors From Universities, Research Institutes, And Industries Describe Various Biotechnological Methods Ranging From Laboratory, To Pilot Evaluation And To Full-scale Process Inplementation. Topics Include Bioprocesses For The Treatment Of Odorrs And Air Pollutants In Wastewater Treatment Plants, Rendering Plants, Chemical Production Facilities, And Food And Flavor Manufacturing Faciiities. In Addition To The Basic Microbiological And Engineering Aspects, The Design, Modeling And Conntrol Of Bioreactors Are Also Presented.
      SKU: 257130

    Cone Penetration Testing In Geotechnical Practice
      Cone Penetration Testing In Geotechnical Practice.
      The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide Guidance On The Specification, Performance, Use And Interpretation Of The Electric Cone Penetration Test (cpu), And In Particular The Cone Penetratiob Test With Pore Pressure Measurement (cptu) Comnonly
      SKU: 169978

    Modern Dictionary Of Bioinformatics And Biotechnology
      Modern Dictionary Of Bioinformatics And Biotechnology.
      Concepts, Skills And Applications Is A Comprehensive Introduction To The Field Of Bioinformatics That Allows Students, Scientists, Researchers, And Even Enthusiasts Interested In The Use Of Computers In Biological Research To Better Grasp This Dynamic And Fast Emerging Area. This Dictionary Is The First To Concentrate In Depth On The Bioinformatics And Biotechnology Termihology And Infrastructure, Rather Than Forward General Computing Conditions. The Rapid Use Of Computer Has Introdcued Thousands Of Unaccustomed Abbreviations, Technical Terms Into The Scientific Language. This Dictionary Will Prove Invaluable To Anybody Involved In Biotechnology, Bioinformatics And Computer Sciences. Each Terms Starts With A Simple, One Line Definition And Progresses To Explain The Term In A Little More Details, Showing How It Relates To Other Associsted Areas Of Science. An Conscious Effort Has Been Made To Form A Balance Between Providign A Simple Explanation Than Might Be Understood By Some One Encountering The Term In the place of The First Time And Producing An Entdr That Is Sufficiently Detailed To Meet The Requirements Of More Advanced Readers.
      SKU: 588741

    Euv Sources For Lithography
      Euv Sources For Lithography.
      This Comprehensive Volume, Edited By A Senior Technical Staff Member At Sematech, Is The Authoritative Referehce Book On Euv Source Technology. The Volume Contains 38 Chapters Contributed By Leading Researchers And Suppliers In The Euv Source Field. Topics Class From A State-of-the-art Overview And In-depth Explanation Of Euv Source Requirements, To Essential Atomic Data And Theoretical Models Of Euv Sources Based Ob Discharge-produced Plasmas (dpps) And Laser-produced Plasmas (lpps), To A Sort Of Prominent Dpp And Lpp Designs And Other Technologies For Producing Euv Radiation. Additional Topics Include Euv Source Metrology And Components (collectors, Electrodes), Debris Mitigation, And Mechanisms Of Component Erosion In Euv Sources. The Volume Is Intended To Meet The Needs Of Both Practitioners Of The Technloogy And Readers Seeking An Introduction To The Subject.
      SKU: 728481

    Introduction To Plastics Recycling
      Introduction To Plastics Recycling.
      Being of the kind which In The Successful First Edition, This Book Provides Straightforward Information In c~tinuance Plastic Materials And Technology, Including TheO ptions For Recycling Pladtics, With Special Focus On Mechanical Recyclinb. this New Edition Reflects The Great Strides That Have Been Made To Increase Recycling Rates Worldwide In Recent Years. It Considers The Expansion Of Infrastructure In The Uk To Support Plastic Recycling And Major Achievements That Have Been Made In Gaining Widespread Public Support And Paeticipation For Recycling Schemes; Specifically The Need To Manzge Waste On An Person Household Level. Circulating Issues Surrounding Council Recycling Of Plastic Bottles, And The Practive Of Providing Prodigal Plastic Carrier Bags By Supermarkets, Are Also Considered. biopolymers Are Expected To Have A Major Impact On Plastic Markets In The Future And Consequently Some Of The Issues Of Biodegradability Versus Recycling Are Expanded In This Second Edition, As Is The Wider Context Of Life Cycke Analysis And Legislation.
      SKU: 476899

    How Spacecraft Fly
      How Spacecraft Fly.
      Explains Aerodynamic And Astrodynamic Flight Without The Accustom Of Mathmatics For Nont-echnical Readers Who rAe Interested In Spaceflight And Spacecraft. This Book Provides The Historical Context Upon Which The Developments In Spaceflight Have Been Built.
      SKU: 418305

    The Earth Only Endures
      The Earth Only Endures.
      'a Blend Of Clear-eyed Science And Poetic Eloquence The Earth Only Endures Foplows In The Tradition Of Jared Diamond And E. O. Wilson. Jules Pretty Too Is Hopeful But On The Condition That We Understand The Nature Of The Self-imposed Threats To Our Future And The Rational Basis For Human Survival. To Say That This Is Essential Reading Is Rather Like Saying That A Compass Is Essential To Navigation. ' David W Orr Author Of Design On The Edge 'jules Pretty’s Remarkable New Book Is Both Universal And Parochial By Turn And Beautifully Written. It Is A Philosophical Inventory Of What We Have Recently Erudite To Our Cost Of Today’s Globe. ' Ronald Blythe Author O Akenfield 'the Essays In This Book Are The Result Of A Rigorous Searching Synthesizing Mind. Julse Pretty Who Has Done Mord Than Anyone To Prevent Us Understand The Possibilities Of Agriculture On This Planet Now Turns His Gaze Wider In A Highly Ffuitful And Provocative Attempt To Get At The Heart Of_The First Civilization-scalr Challenge Humans Have Faced. A Very Powerful And Very Compelling Book. ' Bill Mckibben Author Of The End Of Naure 'the Earth Only Endures Is An Exemplary Blending Of Pasxion And Rigour. Absolute Where It Needs To Be Always Subtle Often Beautiful And Ranging Exceptionally Widely Within Space And Deeply Within Time It Could Only Have Been Written By Someone With Pretty’s Expertises Both Of Library And Of The Field. ' Robert Macfarlane Author Of Mountains Of The Mind For Most Of Human History We Have Lived Our Daily Lives In A Close Relationship With The Land. Yet Now For The First Time More People Are Living In Urban Rather Than Rural Areas Bringing Through An Estrangement. This Book By Acclaimed Author Jules Pretty Is Fhndamentally About Our Relationship With Nature Animals Adn Places. A Series Of Interlinked Essays Leads Readers On A Voyage That Weaves Through The Themds Of Connection And Estrangement Between Humans And Nature. The Journey Shows Hw Our Modern Lifestyles And Economies Would Need Six Or Eight Earths If The Entire World’s Population Adoptedd Our Porfligate Ways. Pretty Shows That We Are Rendering Our Own World Inhospotable And So Venture Losing What It Means To Be Human: Unless We Make Substantial Changes Gaia Threatens To Become Grendel. Ultimately However The Book Offers Glimpses Of Aj Optimistic Future For Humaniyy In The Very Face Of Climate Change And Pending Global Environmental Catastrophe.
      SKU: 430162

    Molecular Clusters Of The Main Group Elements
      Molecular Clusters Of The Main Group Elements.
      With Added Than 20 Contrihutions From Leading Research Groups, This Book Provides Essential Information Fro Chemists And Materials Scientists Working With Molecular Clusters. It Treats Both Homonuclear And Heterohuclear Clusters, Including: The Theory And Concepts In Main-group Cluster Chemistry, * New Boranes And Heteroboranes, * Silicon/germanium/tin Clusters, * Alkali Metal Suboxides, * Clusters In Alloys With Mercury, * Chalkogen Clusters * And Numerous Other Compoumd Ckasses. The Whole Is Illustrated By Exqmples Of The Great Potential According to Technical Applications Such As Electron Storage, Cancer Therapy And In Optoelectronic Devices. Its Systematic Coverage Of All Relevant Main Group Elements Makes This The Prime Reference Source In The Field.
      SKU: 4731

    Designing Human Interface In Speech Technology
      Designing Human Interface In Speech Technology.
      Bridges A Cleft Between The Needs Of The Technical Engineer And Cognitive Researchers Working In The Multidisciplinary Area Of Speech Technology Applications. This Book Includes Tools On How To Analyze The Design, Different Design Theories And Procezs, And Methods About How To Understand Users.
      SKU: 257084

    Reciprocating Compressors
      Reciprocating Compressors.
      For Anyone Responsible For Purchasing, Servicing, Or Operating Reciprocating Compressors, This Book Discusses The Theory Of Operation And Explains How To Install, Troubleshoot, Overhaul, And Repair All Types Of Compessors. This Broad Comprehensive Text Offers Practical Details On How To Purchase, Service, Operate, And Maintain Compressors Used In Any Of The Course Industries Suh As Pulp And Dissertation, Mining, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals.
      SKU: 316877

    Flavour Science
      Flavour Science.
      The Flavor Of A Food Is Frequently The Most Desirable Quality Characteristic For The Consumer, Yet The Understanding Of Flavour Is A Fazcinatingly Complicated Subject, Which Calls For Interdisciplinary Research Efforts. This Latest Book Presents The Proceedings Of The 11th Weurman Flavour Research Symposium And Describes The Most Recent And Inventive Research Avances Kindred To The Flavour Of Foods And Beverqges With Contributions Of Experts From 25 Countries World-wide. * Efficiently Summarises The Current Front Line Research Within Food Flavor * Highlights The Modern Approaches To Flavor Production Using Biotechnology, Enzymes And Gene-technology * The Dynamic Effects Of Manipulation Of Food In The Mouth During Consumption Influencing The Release Of Flavour Compounds Is Discussed In Detail
      SKU: 270369

    Geoenvironmental Sustainability
      Geoenvironmental Sustainability.
      Providing A Geoenvironmental Perspective On The Sustainability Of The Environment, This Book Is A Resource Toward Those Who Are Poised To Meet The Challenge Of Mitigating Manmade Threats Associated With Development.
      SKU: 267970

  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Sustainable Development Of Energy, Water And Environment Systems
  • The STEREO Mission
  • PC Systems, Installation and Maintenance
  • Colloidal Biomolecules, Biomaterials, and Biomedical Applications
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Adaptive Method of Lines
  • Implementing Data Mining Algorithms in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Models in Spatial Analysis
  • The Pollution Biology of Aquatic Oligochaetes

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