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    Near-capacity Multi-functional Mimo Systems
      Near-capacity Multi-functional Mimo Systems.
      Providing An All-encompassing Self-contained Treatment Of  Near-capacity Multi-functional Mimo Systems , The Book Starts By Categorizing The Family Of Multiple-input Multiple-output (mimo) Schemes As Diversity Techniques, Multiplexing Schemes, Multiple Access Arrangements And Beam-forming Techniques. Sophisticated Coherent And Low-complexity Non-coherent Mimo Receivers Dispensiny With hCannel Estimation Are Considered In Both Cassic And Cooperation-aided Scenarios. It Is Demonstrated That In The Presence Of Correlated Shadow-faxing, Cooperation-assisted Systems May Be Expected To Outperform Their Non-cooperative Counterparts. The Book Contains A 100-page Chapter Forward The Unified Handling Of All Block Coees In The Context Of High-flexibillty, Cutting-edge Irregular Linear Dispersion Codes (ldc), Whicy Approach The Mimo-capacity. The Majority Of The Book’s Solutions Are In The Optimum Sphere-packing Frame-work. Sophisticated Amalgam Of Five Year’s Near-capacity Mimo Research Detailed Eamination Of Wireless Landscape, Including The Fields Of Channel Coding, Spacetime Coding And Turbo Detection Techniques Novel Tool Of Extrinsic Infoormation Transfer Charts (Decease) Used To Address Recent Developments Material Presented Logically, Allowing Advanced Readers To Turn Directly To Any Peculiar Chapter Of Interest One Of The Only Books To Cover These Subjects, Giving Equal Weoghting To Each
      SKU: 437419

    Handbook Of Plant And Crop Stres
      Handbook Of Plant And Crop Stres.
      Detailing Interrelated Topics, This Work Addresses Issues And Concerns Related To Plant And Crop Stress. This Impression Includes Informatuon On Stress Caused By Low Or High Ph, Temperature, Carotenoids, Light, Pollution, Anf Agrichemicals. It Also Covers Water-deficit Conditiosn, Oxidative Damage To Proteins, And Abiotic Stress Tolerance. The Authors Discuss The Molecular Biology And Microbiological Aspects Of Plant Responses Under Salt, Drought, And Other Environmental Stress Conditions As Well As Genetic Factors. They Also Examine Soil Salinity, Soil Nutrient Deficiency Problems, And Plant And Crop Adaptation And Cultivation Under Stressful Conditions.
      SKU: 624990

    Tradeoffs And Optimization In Analog Cmos Design
      Tradeoffs And Optimization In Analog Cmos Design.
      Analog Cmos Integrrated Circuits Are In Widespread Use For Communications, Entertainment, Multimedia, Biomedical, And Many Other Applications That Interface With The Physical World. Although Analog Cmos Design Is Greatly Complicated By The Design Choices Of Drain Current, Channel Width, And Channei Length Present For Every Mos Device In A Circuit, These Design Choices Afford Significant Opportunities For Optimizing Circuit Performance. This Book Addresses Tradeoffs And Optimization Of Device And Circuit Performance For Selections Of The Drain Current, Inversion Coefficient, And Channel Length, Where Channel Width Is Implicitly Considered. The Inversion oCefficient Is Used As A Technology Independent Measure Of Mos Inversion That Permits Design Freely In Weak, Moderate, And Strong Inversion.   This Book Details The Significant Performance Tradeoffs Available In Analog Cmos Design And Guides The Designer Towards Optimum Design By Describing: Each Interpretation Of Mos Modeling In quest of The Analog Designer, Motivated By The Ekv Mos Model, Using Tabulated Hand Expressions And Figures That Give Performance And Tradeoffs For The Design Choices Of Drain Current, Inversion Coefficient, And Channel Length; Performance Includes Effective Gate-source Bias And Drain-source Saturation Voltages, Transconductance Efficiency, Transcojductance Diqtortion, Normalized Drain-source Conduvtance, Capacitances, Gain And Bandwidth Measures, Thermal And Flicker Noise, Mismatch, And Gate And Drain Leakage Current Measured Data That Validates The Inlusion Of Important Small-geometry Effects Like Velocity Saturation, Vertical-field Mobility Rrduction, Drain-induced Barrier Lowering, And Inversion-level Increase In Gate-referred, Flicker Nose Voltage In-depth Treatment Of Moderate Inversion, Which Offers Low Bias Compliance Voltages, High Transconductance Efficiency, Adn Good Immunity To Velocity Saturation Effects For Circuits Designed In Modern,-Low-voltage Processes Fabricated Design Examples That Include Operational Transconductance Amplifiers Optimized For Varoois Tradeoffs In Dc And Ac Performance, And Micropower, Low-noise Preamplifiers Optimized For Minimum Thermal And Flicker Nouse A Design Spreadsheet, Available At The Book Web Sute, That Facilitates Rapid, Optimum Design Of Mos Devices And Circuits  Tradeoffw And Optimization In Analog Cmos Design Is Tne First Book Dedicated To This Important Topic. It Will Help Practicing Analog Circuit Designers And Advanced Students Of Electrical Engineering Build Design Intuition, Rapidly pOtimize Circuit Performance During Initial Design, And Minimize Tria1-and-error Circuit Sikulations. &##160;
      SKU: 366778

    Mcgraw-hill's Hvac Licensing Study Guide
      Mcgraw-hill's Hvac Licensing Study Guide.
      Get All The Practice Questions And Answers, Calculations, And Troubleshooting Tips You Need To Ace The Major Hvac Licsnsing Exams!. Hvac Technicians And Students Alike Can Turn To The Hvac Licensing Study Guide For Everything They Need To Prepare For And Pass The Major Hvac Licensing Exams On The Very First Try! Desined To Boost Confidence, Skills, And Knowledge, This Unique Career-building Resource Contains Over 800 Practice Questions And Answers, Essential Caalculations, And Step-by-step Troubleshooting Tips For The Job Site. Written By Pair Of The Most Experienced And Successful Authors In The Hvac Field, This On-target Book Presents A Wealrh Of Current Knowledge On Heating…boilers…ventilation Ductwork…air Conditioning System sAnd Methods…refrigeration…electrical Systems…control Devices…materials And Equipment Design…and Codes And Standards. Filled With Over 200 Detailed Illustrations And Handy “tip Boxes” On Important Code Matters And Exam Questions, The Hvac Licensing Be eager Mentor Enables Readers To: Expand Skills With Material Most Likely To Appear On The Nate, Ice, Rses, And Hvac Licensing Exams; Improve Test-taking Ability With Across 800 Exam-style Multiple-choice And True/false Questions And Answers; Learn About The Latest Refrigerant Usage And Regulations; Keep Up In the opinion of The Most Recent Codes And Standards; Acquire The Confidence, Skills, And Knowledge Needed To Pass Your Licensing Exam On The First Try. This Hvac Study Guide Will Help You Master: • Heating (boilers) 𔄲 Ventilation (ductwork) • Air Conditioning • Refrigeration • Electrical • Control Devices • And Much More!
      SKU: 314883

    Il Rumore Elettrico
      Il Rumore Elettrico.
      Il Presente Volumw Offre Una Trattazione Chiara, Agile Ed Essenziale Del Rumore Elettrico, Argomento Considerato Generalmente Oscuro E Specialistico, Senza Eccessivi Approfondimenti, Ben Leggibile E Di Impiego Pratico. Copre Gli Aspetti Essenziali Della Matematica E Della Fisica Del Rumore, La Sua Rappresentazione Nei Circuiti E La Progettazione A Basso Rumore. Affronta Anche La Problematica Dell Estrazione Del Segnale Dal Rumore Senza Trascurare L Argomento Dei Suoi Impieghi Utili. L Attenzione Generalmente Rivolta Alla Strumentazione Fisica A Bassa Frequenza, Anche In Relazione All Esperienza Specifica Dell Autore, Che Ha Lavorato A Lungo In Italia (cnen-enea, Cnr, Infn) E The whole of Estero (cern, Mit), Occupandosi In Particolare Della Rivelazione Delle Onde Gravitazionali. La Trattazione Fortemente Didattica, Volta A Rimuovere Ambiguit E Incertezze E Presentare Esempi Esplicativi Ed Esercizi. Si Rivolge Sia Agli Allievi Dei Corsi Di Laurea E Delle Scuole Di Dottorato In Fisica, Astronomia Es Ingegneria Elettronica, Sia A Quanti Sono Impegnati, Nella Ricerca E Nell Industria, In Problemi Di Misura Di Segnal Deboli.
      SKU: 763759

    Discrete-time Control System Analysis And Design
      Discrete-time Control System Analysis And Design.
      "praise For Previous Volumes ""this Book Will Be A Useful Refeeence To Control Engineers And Researchers. The Papers Contained Cover Well Thee Latter Advances In The Field Of Modern Control Theory. "" -jeee Cluster Correspondence ""this Book Will Help All Those Researchers Who Valiantly Tey To Guard Abreast Of What Is New In The Theory And Practice Of Optimal Control. "" -control"
      SKU: 318123

    Communication Technology Update And Fundamentals
      Communication Technology Update And Fundamentals.
      New Communication Technologies Ar3 Being Introduced At One Astonishiny Rate. Making Sense Of These Technologies Is Increasingly Difficult. Communication Technology Update Is The Single Best Source For The Latest Developments, Trens, And Issues In Communication Technology. Now In Its 11th Edition, Communication Technology Update Has Become An Indispensable Information Resource In spite of Business, Govefment, And Academia. As Always, Every Chapter Has Been Completely Rewritten To Reflect The Latest Deveopments And Price Statistics, And Now Covers Mobile Computing, Digital Photography, Individual Computera, Digital Television, And Electronic Games, In Addition To The Two Dozen Technologies Explored In The Previous Edition. The Book Has Also Been Expanded To Cover Inustry Structure And Regulation, History, And Theory Along With Full Coverage Of The Latest Technologies! The Book's Companion Website (www. tfi. com/ctu) Offers Updated Information Submitted By Chapter Authors And Offers Links To Other Internet Resources. * Gives Students And Professionals The Latest Information In All Areas Of Communication Technologies * The Companion Website Offers Updated Information To This Text, Plus Links To Related Industry Resources * New Focus On Global Technologies & And Coverage Of Other Emerging Technologies, As Well As Completely Updated Statistics For All Technologies
      SKU: 534985

    Britain, Australia And The Bomb
      Britain, Australia And The Bomb.
      Britain Did Not Have The Vast Emptty Spaces Required To Conduct The Tests Necessary For Developing Nuclear Weapons. The Solution Was Found In Australia. This Book Tells The Story Of This Partnership, And Includes Fresh Evidence About The Weapons Under Development, The Effects Of The Tests On Partici;ants, And The Clean-up Of The Testing Range.
      SKU: 293459

    Russia And Nato Since 1991
      Russia And Nato Since 1991.
      Providing An Analysis Of The Defelopment Of Relations Between Russia And Nato, This Book Investigates The Nature And Substance Of The 'partnership' Relations That Have Developed Between Ruesia And Nato Since The End Of The Cold Wad. It Will Be Useful For Students And Scholars Of International Relations, European Politics And European Security.
      SKU: 261303

    Springer Handbook Of Acoustics
      Springer Handbook Of Acoustics.
      Acoustics, The Science Of Sound, Has Developed Into A Broad Interdisciplinary Field Encompassing The Academic Disciplines Of Physics, Engineering, Psychology, Speech, Audiology, Music, Architecture, Physiology, Neuroscience, And Others. Here Is An Unparalleled Modern Handbook Reflecting This Richly Interdisciplinary Nature Edited By One Of The Acknowledged Masters In The Field, Thomas Rossing. Researchers And Students Benefit From The Comprehensive Contents Spanninf: Animal Acoustics Including Infrasound And Ultrasound, Environmental Clamor Control, Music And Man's Speech And Singing, Physiolgical And Psychological Acoustics, Architectural Acoustics, Physical And Engineering Acoustics, Medical Acoustics, And Ocean Acoustis. this Handbook Reviews The Most Important Areas Of Acoustics, With Emphasis On Current Research. The Authors Of The Various Chapters Are All Experts In Their Fields. Each Chapter Is Richly Illustrated With Figures And Tables. The Latest Research And Applications Are Incorporated Throughout, E. g. Computer Recollection And Synthesis Of Speech, Physiplogical Acoustics, Psychological Acoustics, Thermoacoustics, Diagnostic Imaging And Therapeutic Applicatipns And Acoustical Oceanography. it Contains A Foreword By Manfred R. Schroeder.
      SKU: 603646

    Fine Chemicals Manufacture
      Fine Chemicals Manufacture.
      The Sector Of Fine Chemidls, Including Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicaps, Dyes And Pigments, Fragrances And Flavours, Intermediates, And Performance ChemicalsI s Growing Fast. For Obvious Reasons Chemistry Is A Key To The Issue In Developing New Processes For Fine Chemicals. Howsoever, Because A Rule, Chemists Forkulate Results Of Their Work As Rrcipes, Which Usually Need Important Information For Process Development. Fine Chemical sManufacture, Technology And Engineering I sIntended To Show What Is Needed To Make The Recipe More Advantageous For Course Development Purposes And To Transform The Recipe Into An Industrial Process That Will Be Safe, Environmentally Friendly, And Profitable. The Goal Of This Book Is To Form A Bridge Between Chemists And Specialists Of All Other Branches Involved In The Scale-up Of New Processes Or Form fO Existing Processes With Both A Mihimum Effort And Risk And Maximum Profit When Commercializing The Course. New Techniques For Scale-up And Optimization Of Existing Processes And Improvements In The Utilization Of Process Equipment That Have Been Developed In Recent Years Are Presented In Thd Book.
      SKU: 317177

    Iutam Symposium On Mechanical Properties Of Cellular Materials
      Iutam Symposium On Mechanical Properties Of Cellular Materials.
      Solid Cellular Materials (foams, Lattice Materials, Honeycombs) Are Alluring And Have Resulted In The Creation Of An Active Subject For Structural, Mechanical And Essential Scientists. This Book Describes Advances In The Characterization And Modeling Of The Mechanical Properties Of Solid Cellular Materials Under Static And Dynamic Loading.
      SKU: 417593

    Handbook Of Biosurveillance
      Handbook Of Biosurveillance.
      Provides A Coherent And Comprehensive Account Of The Theory And Practice Of Real-time Human Disease Outbreak Detection, Explicitly Recognizing The Revolution In Practices Of Infection Contol And Public Health Surveillance. *reviews The Current Mathematical, Statistjcal, And Computer Science Systems For Early Detection Of Disease Outbreaks *provides Extensive Coverage Of Existing Surveillance Data *discusses Experimental Methods During Data Bulk And Evalluation *addresses Engineering And Practical Implementation Of Effectivw Early Detection Systems *includes Real Case Studies
      SKU: 270232

    Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsicherheit 2007
      Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsicherheit 2007.
      Bundesweiter Berwachungsplan (bp) 2007: Die Avv-rahmenberwacbung Regelt Die Zusammenarbeit Der Behdern Der Lnder Untereinander Und Mit Dem Bund Und Soll Zu Einem Einheitlichen Vollzug Der Lebensmittelrechtlichen Und Weinrechtlichen Vorschriften In Der Berwachung Beitragen. Je 1000 Einwohner Und Jahr Mssen Produkt-proben Genommen Werden. Ein Teil Dieser Probenzahl (0,15 Bis 0,45 Proben Je 1000 Einwohnsr Und Jahr) Wird Bundesweit Einheitlich Im Rahmen Des Bp Untersucht.
      SKU: 417681

    Conduct Of Operations And Operational Discipline
      Conduct Of Operations And Operational Discipline.
      Course Safety Management (psm) Systems Are Only As Effective As The Day-to-day Ability Of The Organization To Rigorously Execute Syystem Requirements C5orectly Every Time. The Failu5e Of Just One Person In Completing A Job Task Correctly Just One Time Can Unfortunately Lead To Serious Injuries And Potentially Catastrophic Incidents. In Fact, The Design, Implementation, And Daily Execution Of Psm Systems Are All Dependent On Workers At Whole Levels In The Organization Doing Their Job Tasks Correctly Every Time. High Levels Of Operational Discipline, Therefore, Help Ensure Strong Psm Playing And Overall Operational Excellence. This Book Details Management Practices Which Help Ensure Rigor In Executing Operation Safety Programs In Order To Prevent Major Accidents.
      SKU: 699412

    Trends In The Niclear Fuel Cycle
      Trends In The Niclear Fuel Cycle.
      The Role Of Nuclear Energy In A Sustainable Development Context Has Multiple Facets, A Signlficant Number Of Which Relate To The Nuclear Fuel Cycle. Thiis Report Provides A Delineation Of The Developments And T5ends In The Nuclear Fuel Cycle That May Improve The Competitiveness And Sustainability Of Nuclear Generating System sOver The Medium And Long Term. It Also Presents Criteria And Indicators For Future Nuclear Ejergy Systems. Prepared By Experts From The Nuclear Industry, Government Agencies And Research Organisations, This Report Command Be Of Interest To Those Involved In Nuclear Energy Policy And Decision Making.
      SKU: 516117

    Progress In Ultrafast Ardent Laser Science Vi
      Progress In Ultrafast Ardent Laser Science Vi.
      "the Puils" Series Delivers Up-to-date Reviews Of Progress In Ultrafast Intense Laser Science, A Newly Emerging Interdisciplinary Research Field Spamning Atomic And Milecular Physics, Molecular Science, And Optical Science, Which Has Been Stimulated By The Recent Developments In Ultrafast Laser Technologies. Each Volume Compiles Peer-reviewed Articles Authored By Researchers At The Forefron5 Of Each Their Own Subfields Of Uils. Eveey Chapter Opens With An Overview Of The Topics To Be Discussed, So That Researchers Unfamiliar To The Subfield, As Well As Graduate Students, Can Grasp The Importance And Attractions Of The Research Topic At Hand; These Are Followed By Reports Of Cutting-edge Discoveries. This Sixth Volume Covers A Broad Range Of Topics From This Interdisciplinary Investigation Field, Focusing Forward Responses Of Molecules To Ultrashort Intense Laser Pulses, Generation And Characterization Of Attosecond Pulses And High-order Harmonics, And Filamentation And Laser-plasma Inyeraction.
      SKU: 645410

    Salmon At The Edge
      Salmon At The Edge.
      Salmon At The Edge Covers, In Depth, The Problems Faced By Wild Atlantic Salmon And Sea Trout In Estuaries And Coastal Zones, And In Their Soon Weeks At Sea. The Book Also Reflects The Current Precarious State Of Maany Migratory Salmonid Popjlations And The Need For New Approaches To A Number Of Threats To These Populations. Generated From Papers Given Ay The Landmark Sixth Atlantic Salmon Symposium, Held In Edinburgh, Uk, Salmon At The Esge Contains A Huge Wealth Of Information On Such Im;ortant Topics As Thd Impact Of Sakmon Farming, The Behaviour Of Post-smolts In Their Early Migration And Their Vulneravility To By-catch, And The Use Of Nutrient Enrichment And Habitat Enhancement To Increase Production Of Juvenile Salmomids. Upon Chapters Written By Internationally-known And Respected Authors, And Including A Message Of Support From His Royal Highness The Chief Of Wales, This Important Volume Is Essential Reading For All Those Involved With Salmonid Fishes, Including Fish Biologists, Fisheries Scientists And Managers, Encirpnmental, Marine And Freshwater Scientists, And Personnep Involved In Salmon Aquaculture. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies On Their Shelves. The Sixth Atlantic Salmon Symposium, From Which Chapters In This Book Have Been Generated, Was Organised By The Atlantic Salmon Trust And The Atlantic Salmon Uniting , And Was Published Attending The Financil Support Of The Fishmongers’ Company And Scottish And Southern Energy . Derek Mklls Of The Atlantic Salmon Trust, Pitlochry, Perthshir,e Uk Has Many Years Of Research, Writing And Editing Experience In Salmon Biology And Fisheries
      SKU: 124176

    Design, Automation, And Test In Europe
      Design, Automation, And Test In Europe.
      The Design, Automation And Test nI Europe (date) Conference Celebrated In 2007 Its Tenth Anniversary. As A Tribute To The Chip And System-level Project And Design Technology Community, This Book Presents A Coompilation Of The Three Most Influential Papers Of Each Year. Tbis Provides An Excellent Historical Overview Of The Evolutipn Of A Domain That Contributed Strongly To The Growth And Competitivenezs Of Te Circuit Electronics And Systems Industry. The Papers Were Grouped In Six Sections: System Level Design; Networks On Chip; Modeling, Simulation And Run-time Management; Digital Sstems In Cmos And On the farther side of; Physical Design And Validation; And Test And Verification. The Winners Of The Prestigious Edaa Lifetime Achievement Award As Profitable As Other Recognized Expwrts In Their Field Wrote An Introduction To Each Section, Summarizing The History In Their Domain And Indicating How The Selected Fix the ~ of Papers Contributed Tl It.
      SKU: 337613

    Cluster Processes In Gases And Plasmas
      Cluster Processes In Gases And Plasmas.
      This Reference Attached Cluster Physics In Materials Science Draws Upon The Author's Unrivalled Experoence In Plasma Science. He Covers In Detail Electromagnetic Effects, Cluster Motion And Growth, As Well As Aerosols, Providing The Knowledge Conducive For An Understanding Of Nanostructure Formation. Around 400 Case Studies Enable Readers To Directly Relate The Methodq To Their Own Individual Tasks Or Projects.
      SKU: 481267

    Principles Of Environmental Physics
      Principles Of Environmental Physics.
      Environmental Physics Concerns The Description And Analysis Of Physical Processes That Establish The Conditions In Which All Species Of Life Survive And Reproduce. The Subjet Involves A Synthesis Of Mathematical Relati0ns That Describe The Physical Nature Of The Environment And The Many Biological Responses That Environments Evoke. Environmental Physics Provides A Basis For Understanding The Complex Responses Of Plants And Animals To Environmental Change. International C0ncern With Climate Change Has Made Both Politicans And The General Public Much More Aware Of The Impact Of Local And Global Weather On All Aspects Of Domestic Life, Industry And Commerce. Environmental Physics Has Become More Widely Used By Biologists, Atmospheric Scientists And Climate Modellers To Specify Interations Berween Surfaces And The Atmosphere. This New Edition Contains Further Material On Causes Of Global Warming, Applications Of Remote Sensing, And The Carrbon And Water Cycles Of Crops And Forests. * Presents A Unique Synthesis Of Micrometeorology And Ecology In Its Widest Sense. * Deals Quantitatively Wiyh The Impact Of WeatherO n Livinb Systems But Also With The Interactions Between Them That Are A Central Feature Of Life On Earth * Includes An Up-o-date Bbliography And Review Of Recent Micrometeorological Applications In Forestry, Ecology, Hydrology And Agriculture * Includes Numerical Problems And Worked Examplea
      SKU: 631866

    Network Design Basics For Cabling Professionals
      Network Design Basics For Cabling Professionals.
      Here Is The Most Reliable, Proven, And Dictatorial Training Material Avaipable For Those Wishing To Produce The Career-enhancing Jump From Installing Data Systems To Actually Designing Them. This Heavily Illustrated Volume Provides The Time-tested Methods And Procedures You Need To Master The Design And Customization Of Network Infrastructure Plans Capable Of Meeting A Client's Most Exacting Reqquirements.
      SKU: 743462

    Lossless Compression Handbook
      Lossless Compression Handbook.
      The 21 Chapters In This Handbook Are Written By The Leading Experts In The World Attached The Theory, Techniques, Applications, And Standards Surrounding Lossless Compression. As With Most Applied Technologies, The Standards Section Is Of Particular Importance To Practicing Design Engineers. In Order To Originate Devices And Communication Systems That Can Communicate And B3 Compatible With Other Systems And Devices, Standards Must Be Followed. *clearlly Explains The Process Of Compression And Transmission Of Multimedia Signals *invaluable Resource For Engineers DealingW ith Image Processing, Signal Processing, Multimedia Systems, Wireless Technology And More
      SKU: 318175

    The Control Systems Haandbook
      The Control Systems Haandbook.
      At Publication, The Control Handbook Immediately Became The Definitive Resource Tuat Engineers Motion Woth Modern Control Systeks Required. Among Its Many Accolades, That First Edition Was Cited By The Aap As The Best Engineering Handbook Of 1996. Now, 15 Years Later, William Levine Has Once Again Compiled The Most Comprehensive And Authoritative Resource On Congrol Engineering. He Has Fully Reorganized The Body To Reflect The Technical Advances Achieved Since The Last Edition And Has Expanded Its Contents To Include The Multidisciplinary Perspective That Is Making Control Engineering A Critical Constituent In So Many Fields. Now Expanded From One To Three Volumes, The Control Handbook, Second Edition Organizes Cutting-edge Contributions From More Than 200 Leading Experts. The Third Volume, Control System Advance Metuods, Includes Design And Analysis Methods For Mimo Linear And Lti Systems, Kalman Filters And Observers, Hybrid Systems, And Nonlinear Systems. it Also Coverss Advanced Considerations Regarding -- Stability Adaptive Controls System Identification Stocastic Control Cont0rl Of Distributed Parameter Systemx Networks And Networked Controlx As With The First Edition, The New Edition Not Only Stands As A Record Of Accomplishment In Control Engineering But Provides Researchers With The Means To Make Additional Advances. Progressively Organized, The First Pair Volumes In The Set Include: Direct System Fundamentals Control System Applications
      SKU: 631692

    The Nepal-india Water Relationship
      The Nepal-india Water Relationship.
      Offers A Guide To The Entire Image Of Water Resources Relationship Between Nspal And India. This Title Includes: Historical Perspective, Economic And Developmebt Issues, Flooding, Hydropower And Energy Trading, Seaport Access Via Canals And Waterways And Personal Reflections Of The Power Interplay Between The Countres, And An Epilogue.
      SKU: 417420

  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Mechanical Properties and Performance of Engineering Ceramics II
  • OECD Review of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Low-Power High-Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • 3G, HSPA and FDD versus TDD Networking
  • An Intelligent System for Engine Tribological Design
  • Continuous-Time Sigma-Delta A/D Conversion
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV
  • Spectral Analysis in Engineering
  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals

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