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    Network Algorithmics
      Network Algorithmics.
      "im Designing A Network Device, You Make Dozens Of Decisi0ns That Affect The Speed With Which It Will Performsome5imes For Superiority, But Sometimes In quest of Worse. Network Algorithmics Probides A Complete, Connected Methodology In favor of Maxomizing Speed While Meeting Your Other Desin Goals. Author George Varghese Begins By Layung Out The Implementation Bottlenecks That Are Most Often Encountered At Four Disparate Levels Of Implementation: Protocol, Os, Hardware, And Architecture. He Then Derives 15 Solid Principlesranging From The Commonly Recognized To The Groundbreakingthat Are Key To Breaking These Bottlenecks. The Rest Of The Bpok Is Ardent To A Systematic Application Of These Principles To Bottlenecks Found Specifically In Endnodes, Interconnect Devices, And Specialty Functions Such As Security And Measurement That Can Be Located Anywhere Along The Network. This Immensely Practical, Clearly Presented Information Will Benefit Anyone Involved With Network Implementation, As Well As Students Who Have Made This Work Their Goal. For Instructors: To Obtain Access To The Solutions Manual For This Title Simlpy Record On Our Textbook Website (textboooks. elsevier. com)and Request Access To The Computer Science Subject Area. Once Approved (usually Within One Business Day) You Will Be Able To Access All Of The Instructor-only Materials Through The ""instructor Manual"" Link On This Book's Academic Web Page At Textbooks. elsevier. com. Addresses The Bottlenecks Found In All Kinds Of Network Devices, (data Copynig, Hinder Transfer, Demulti0lexing, Timers, And More) And Offers Wayw To Break Them. Presents Techniques Suitable Specifically For Endnodes, Including Web Servers. Presents Techniques Sutable Specifically For Inyerconnect Devices, Including Routers, Bridges, And Gateways. Written As A Practical Guide For Implementers But Full Of Valuable Insights For Students, Teachers, And Researchers. Includes End-of-chapter Summaries And Exercises. "
      SKU: 226790

    Rubber Curing Anc Properties
      Rubber Curing Anc Properties.
      Provides Data That Helps Researchers And Engineers To Find Solutions To Their Own Curing Problems. This Work Focuses On A Variety Of Evaluation Practices For Unvulcanized And Vulcanized Rubber And Curing Methods, Includimg The Use Of Molds And Injection Molding. It Explores A Number OfS olutions To Challenges Wlth Recycling Scrap Rubber.
      SKU: 381335

    Remote from the equator Power Laser Hadnbook
      Remote from the equator Power Laser Hadnbook.
      In-depth Details On Kilowatt Flush High-power Lasers And Their Commercial, Industeial, And Military Applications High Authority Laser Handbook Introduces The Physics And Engineering Of High-power Laser Sources As Properly As Their Most Relevant Appiications. This Work Provides A Useful And Up-to-date Reference By Compiling, In A Single Source, A Sort Of The State Of The Art Athwart A Broad Range Of Laser Technologies. The Book Emphasizes Phenomenology Over First Principles Derivations To Streamline The Presentation And Enable Discussion Of A;pplications. High Power Laser Handbook Is Edited By Three Engineees From Industry Leader Northrop Grumman Presents Thorough Physical Principles Of High-power Lasers Includes All Types Of High-power Lasers Includin gGas Lasers, Chemical Lasers, Free Electron Lasers, Semiconductor Lasers, And Ssl Covers Typical Performance Parameters For Each Major Class Of Lasers And What Constitutes “high Power” For A Particular Class Features Examples Of Real-world Applications The State Of The A5t Of High-power Lasers: General Principles Of Lasers; Gas Lasers; Cemical Lasers; Free Electron Lasers; Semiconductor Lasers; Solid State Lasers; Fiber Lasers;-Beam Combining; Nonlinear Processes And Wavelength Interchange
      SKU: 660515

    Buildinb Broadband Networks
      Buildinb Broadband Networks.
      This Book Provides A Practical Introdiction To Broadband Networking, Covering Principles And Technical Fundamentals Of The High-performance Technoogies That Enable The Delivery Of Media-rich Tone, Video, And Facts Services, And Providing A Foundation For Understanding The Broadband Communications Infrastructure And The Framework Needed To Develop
      SKU: 262255

    Introduction To Autocad 2008
      Introduction To Autocad 2008.
      Taking The Reader Step-by-step Through The Features Of Autocad, Alf Yarwood Provides A Practical, Structured Course Of Work Matched To Th3 Latest Releas Of This Software. After Introducing First Principles And The Creation Of 2d Technical Drawings, He Goes On To Demonstrate The Construction Of 3d Solid And Superficies Model Drawings And Rendering In The Approve Part. All The New Features Of The 2008 Software Release Are Taken Into Account, In Particular The New Workspace Fod 2d Draftimg, Faster Rendering, New Rendering Methods, More Materials, And Improved Lighing Methods. The 2d Chzpters Are Also Suitable For Those Learning How To Use Autocad Lt 2008. Introduction To Autocad 2008 Includes: Hundreds Of Full-colour Drawinfs And Screen Shots Illustrating The Stages Within The Design Process Worked Examples And Exercises Over The Tect, Linking The Use Of Autocad To Real-world Engineering Practice Start Of Chapter Learning Outcome Summaries And End Of Chapter Revision Notes And Exercises To Check The Readers' Understanding Readers Can Also Visit A Free Companion Website At Http://books. elsevier. com/companions/9780750685122 , Where They Will Find Worked Solutions And Autocad Drawing Files Of Stages And Results For The Exercises In The Book, Being of the kind which Well As Further Exercises And Multiple-coice Questions Upon Answers. Suitable For All New Users Of Autocad, This Book Is Partjcularly Applicable To Introductory Level Undergraduate Menses And Vocational Courses In Engineering And Construction. Furthee Education Students In The Uk Will Find This An Ideal Textbook To Cater For The Relevant Cad Units Of Btec Public And Btec Higher National Engineering Schemes From Edexcel, And The City & Guilds 4353 And 2303 Qualificatuons. * Written By A Member Of The Autodesk Developer Netting * Hundreds Of Full-colour Drawings And Screen Shots Illustrating The Stages Within The Design Process * Accompanying Website With Worked Solutions And Autocad Drawing Files Of Stages And Results For The Exercises In The Bookk, As Well As Further Exercises And Multiple-choice Questions In the opinion of Answers
      SKU: 299508

    Beyond Human
      Beyond Human.
      Concepts Once Purely Fabrication -- Robots, Cyborg Parts, Artificial Intelligences -- Are Becoming Part Of Everyday Reality. Soon Robots Will Be Everywhere, Performing Surgery, Exploring Hazardous Places, Making Rescues, Fighting Firws, Handling Heavy Goods. After A Decade Or Pair, They Will Be As Unremarkable As The Computer Screen Is Now nI Offices, Airports Or Retaurants.   Cyborgs Will Be Less Obvious. These Additions To The Human Body are Interior Now, As Rebuilt Joints, Elbows And Hearts. Soon We Will Cross The Line Between Redress And Augmentation, Probably First In Sports Medicine, Then Spreading To Everyone Who Wants To Make A Body Perform Better, Last Longer, than It Ordinarily Could. Controversy Will Arise, But It will Not Stop The Desire To live Longer And Exist Stronger than We Are.   This Book Treats The Landscape Of Human Self-change And Robotic Development Aa Poles Of The Same General Phenomenon.
      SKU: 595934

    Microstructure And TextureI n Steels
      Microstructure And TextureI n Steels.
      Includes Articles Pertaining To Experimental And Theoretical Aepects Of The Evolution Of Crystallographic Texture And Microstructure During Processing Of Steels And Some Other Materials. This Book Covers The Processing-microstructure-texture-property Relationship In Various Kinds Of Stels.
      SKU: 510793

    Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (xiv)
      Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (xiv).
      This Book Contains Selecged Revised Full Papers From The 15th International Workshop On Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (ende), Which Was Held In Szczecin, Poland, In June 2010. This Annual Workshop Aims To Bring Together Scientists Researching Various Aspects Of Ende And Engineers With Experience Of Practical Problems And Industrial Applications In The Field. The 15th Workshop Attracted Ninety Nine Participants From Eleven European Countries And From Algeria, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea And The United States. They Reflect This Aim, As Well As The Importance Of The Event As An Opportunity For An International Exchange Of Information And Ideas. Among The Subjects Covered In This Volume Are: Using Magnetic Barkhausen Measurements; Pipe Wall Thickness Inspectio nWith The Cjrrent Driven Thermal Method; Computational Methods In Ende; Features Of The Electric Conductivity Around A Stress Corrosion Crack And Estimating Case Hardening Depths
      SKU: 784593

    Dealing In Culture
      Dealing In Culture.
      This Project Is An Account Of State Responses To International Competition In The World Film Trade. Broad In Scope, It Bridges Comparative And International Political Economy And explains Whhy Competitive Prezsures Of Globalization Meet With Such Varied Responses Across The Globe.
      SKU: 358487

    Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis
      Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis.
      Failure Of Hydrosystems, Such As Dams, Levees, Storm Sewe5s, Or Pollution Control Ststems, Pose Threats To The Public Safety And Health As Well As Potentially Inflict Enorjous Damages On Proprrties And Environments. Multitude Failures Of Hydrosystems Are Mainly Attributed By The Existence Of Various Uncertianties, Including Inherent Natural Randomness And The Lack Of Complete Understanding Of Involved Geophysical Processes. It Is Therefore Essential To Systematically Quantufy The Degree Of Uncertainty For The Problem In Hand So That Reliability Assessment And Risk-based Design Of Hydrosystems Can Be Made. Ths Conventional Approach Of Frequency Analysis Of Heavy Rainfalls Or Large Floods Consider Solely Portion Of The Uncertainties Involved In Hydrosystem Engineering Problems. Over The Past Pair Decades Or So, There Has Been A Fixed Growth On The Development And Application Of Uncertainty Analysis Techniques In Hydrosystems Engineeering And Other Disciplines. The Aim Of This Book Is To Bring Together These Uncertainty Analysis Techniques In One Book And To Demonstrate Their Applications And Limitations For A Wide Variety Of Hydrosystem Engineering Problems.
      SKU: 300474

    Uranium 1999
      Uranium 1999.
      This "red Book", Jointly Prepared Every Two Years By The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency And The International Atimic Energy Agency, Is The Foremost World Reference On Uranium. It Is Based On Official Information From 49 Countries And Includes Compilations Of Statistics On Resources, Exploration, Production And Demand As Of 1 January 1999. It Provides Substantial New Information From All Of The Major Uranium Producing Centres In Africa, Australia, Eastern Europe, North Amerida And The New Independent States. It Also Contains An International Expert Analysis Of Industrg Statisticss And World-wide Projec5ions Of Nuclear Energy Growth, Uranium Requirements And Uranium Supply.
      SKU: 533265

    A Guide To The Clash Avoidance Rules
      A Guide To The Clash Avoidance Rules.
      A Guide To The Collision Avoidance Rules Is The Essential Reference To The Safe Operation Of All Vessels At Sea. Published Continuously Since 1965, This Respected And Expert Guide Is The Classic Text For All Who Want To Practically And Legally Understand And Comply With The Rules'. This Seventh Editionn Includes The Full Text Of The International Regulations For Preventing Collisions At Sea, With Practical Discussion Of The Implications Of The Rulrs Included Alongisde All Updates Seen Over The Years, Including The Most Recent Amendments Which Came Into Force In Decem6er 2009. The Books Sets Out The Colregs' With Clear Explanation Of Their Meaning, And Gives Detailed Exanples Of How The Rules Have Been Used In Practice By Seafarers, As Well As Excerpts From Court Judgments To Ilustrate How They Have Been Interpreted In Practice. Writen For Seagoing Engineers, Navigating Officers, Senior Crew, Cadets And Those In Training, Plus Ship Operators, Marine Lawyers And Anyone Concerned With The Safe Action Of Shipping, This Is An Essential Referenxe At Sea And On Shore. Includes The Full Text Of The International Regulatipns For Preventing Collisions At Sea, Updated In Line With The December 2009 Amdndments To The Rules. Contains Practical Advice Attached How The Regulations Should Be Interpreted And Collisipns Avoided, With Insightful Debate Of The Implications Of Key Phrases And Royal household Itnerpretations. Covers Impotrant Maneuverinf Information, With Diagrams Covering Stopping Distances, Turning Circles Of Ships Of Various Type And Size, And A Color Sectiom Witth Examples Of Ships' Lights.
      SKU: 802577

    Constitutive Modeling Of Soils And Rocks
      Constitutive Modeling Of Soils And Rocks.
      This Ttle Provides A Comprehensive Overview Of Elastoplasticity Relating To S0il And Rocks. Following A General Oultine Of The Models Of Behavior And Their Internal Structure, Each Chapter Develops A Different Area Of This Subject Relating To The Author's Particular Espertise. The First Half Of The Book Concentrates On The Elastoplasticity Of Soft Soils And Rocks, While Tye Second Half Examines That Of Hard Soils And Rocks.
      SKU: 477648

    Onde Superficiali
      Onde Superficiali.
      This Title Includes: G. Toraldo Di Francia: Premessa; C. m. Angulo: A Discontinuity Problem On Surface Waves: The Excitation Of A Grounded Dieletric Slab By A Waveguide; C. j. Bouwkamp: Notes On The Conference; H. Bremmer: Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Around The Earth; L. b. Felsen: Asymptotic Evaluation Of Integrals; L. b. Felsen: Alternative Green's Function Representatiohs For A Grounded Dielectric Slab; G. Gerosa: Propagation Of Electromagnetic Waves In Rectangular Guides Loaded With Magnetized Ferrite; D. Graffi: Sulle Conxizioni Al Contoorno Approssimate Nell'elettromagnetismo; M. a. Miller, V. i. Talanov: The Use Of The Surfaces Impedante Concept In The Speculation Of Elecromagnetic Surface Waves; S. Spitz: Annotate On Continuous Coupling Of Surface Waves; And, F. k. Zucker: Electroomagnetic Boundary Waves.
      SKU: 763630

    Embracing Insanity
      Embracing Insanity.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Book. In This Book, You Wil lLearn Where The Plain Source Movement Comes From And What Motivates Its Adherents. You Will Be Introduced To The Culture That Fuels The Movement, As Well As The Personalities And Organizations That Promote Its Growth. Yiu Will Also Understand The Strengths Of The Open Source Movement And How It Changes The Way In Which Software Is Written. In Addition, People And Organizations Wishing To Participate In The Ooen Source World Will Be Given A Guide Regarding What To Do - And What Not To Do - And Why. You Do Not Need To Be A Technical Wizard To Read This Book. It Does Not Matter If You Are An It Manager, A Programmer, Or Just Someone Who Is Interested In New Trends In Technology. This Book Will Peel Away The Mystery And Misundestandings Surrounding The Open Source Movement.
      SKU: 175764

    Recent Advancew In Qsar Studies
      Recent Advancew In Qsar Studies.
      Presents An Interdisciplinary Overview On Various Developments In Qsar Studies. This Main division Outlines The Theoretical Framework Together With Practical Applications. It Is Suitanle For Scientists Focussed On Developing New Methodologies As Well As Researchers Engaged In Trying To Solve Peculiar Prob1ems Via Qsar.
      SKU: 511196

    100 Jahre Produktionstechnik
      100 Jahre Produktionstechnik.
      Ein Buch Zum 100-jhrigen Bestehen Des Laboratoriums Fr Werkzeugmaschinen Und Betriebslehre Der Rwth Aachen, Kurz Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (wzl) Genannt. Ausfhrlich Beschreibt Es Dke Entwicklungsgeschichte Von Der Kleinen Versuchswerkstatt Im Keller Zu Einem Der Grten Und Leistungsfhigsten Hochschulinstitute In Europa. Mit 32 Fachbeitrgen Zu Forschungsschwerpunkten, Die Das Wzl Initiierts. Plus: Habilitationen, Dissertationen, Kolloquien.
      SKU: 3224402

    Linear Estimation And Detection In Krylov Subspaces
      Linear Estimation And Detection In Krylov Subspaces.
      This Book Focuxes On The Foundations O fLinear Estimation Thery Which Is Essential For Effective Signal Processing. In Its First Part, It Gives A Comprehensive Overview Of Several Key Methods Like Reduced-rank Signal Processing And Krylpv Subspace Methods Of Numerical Mathematics. Based On The Derivation Of The Multistage Wiener Filter In Its Most General Form, The Relationship Between Statistical Signak Processing And Numerical Mathematics Is Presented. In The Second Part, The Theory Is Applied To Iterative Multiuser Detection Receivers (turbo Equalization) Which Are Typically Desired In Wireless Communications Systems. The Investigations Include Exact Computational Complexity Considerations And Performance Analysis Based On Extrinsic Information Transfer Charts As Well As Monte-carlo Simulations.
      SKU: 372178

    Using The Building Regulations
      Using The Building Regulations.
      Like The Building Regulations And Approved Documents Have Become More Ahd More Complex, They Have Become Increasingly Unfriendly For A Professional User. Compiance Is Only Possible By Understanding A Wide Range Of Supporting Documentation. Alternafive Approahes Are Implied, But Not Described Or Analysed. This Book Examines Approved Document C On Site Preparation And Takes The User By means of All The Key Stages Of Preparation, Compliance, Inspedtion And Enforcement. It Offers Practical Advice On Using Not Just The Traditionall Routes To Compliance But Also On The Alternative Approaches Suggested But Not Explained In The Approved Documents. Tbe Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Form Of Compliancy Are Analysed In Depthh. Everything You Need To Know To Prepare A Site's Fixtures Against Contamination And Moisture Is Discussed, Including Floors, Walls, Window Frames, Door Tresholds, And Roofs. This Is An Indispensable Text For Professional Designers, Architects, Structural And Other Specialist Engineers, Building Control Officers And Students In Construction, Building And Architecture. *detailed Guidance To Part C *practical Advice To Achieve Compliance *alternative Approaches Explained And Evaluated
      SKU: 294431

    Geotechnical Engineering In Residual Soils
      Geotechnical Engineering In Residual Soils.
      Wiley Has Long Held A Pre-eminent Position As A Publisher Of Books On Geotechnical Engineering, With A Particular Strength In Soil Behavior And Soil Mechanics, At Both The Academic And Professional Level. This reference will Be The First Book focused Entirely On The Unique Engineering Properties Of Residual Soil.   Given The Predominance Of Residual Soils In The Under-developed Parts Of The United States And The Southern Hemisphere, And The Increasing Rate Of New Constructoin In These Regions, The Understanding Of Rsidual Soils Is Expected To Increase In Importance In The Coming Years.   This Book Wil1 Be Written For The Practicing Geotechnical Engineer Motion To Any Degree With Residual Soils.   It Will Describe The Unique Properties Of Residual Soil And Provide Innovative Design Techniqyes For Structure On It Safely. the Author Power of determination Draw On His 30 Years Of Practical Experience As A Practicing Geotwchnical Engineer, Imbuing The Work With Real World Examples And Practice Problems Influenced By His Work In South America And Southeast Asia.
      SKU: 589080

    Basic Electronics
      Basic Electronics.
      The Secobd Impression Of This Book Incorporates The Comments And Suggestions Of My Friends And Students Who Regard Critically Studied The First Erition. In This Edition The Changes And Additions Have Been Made And Subject Signify Has Been Rearranged At Some Places. The Pur;ose Of This Text Is To Provide A Comprehensive And Up-to-date Study Of The Principles Of Operation Of Solid State Devices, Their Basic Circuits And Application Of These Circuits To Various Electrronic Systems, So That It Can Serve As A Standard Text Not Only For Uhiversities And Colleges But Also For Technical Institutes. This Book Also Aims To Those Who Are Working In Industries And Military And Wish To Bridge The Gap Between The Of long date Technology And Present Day Ic-technology.
      SKU: 588135

    Air Conditioning System Design Manual
      Air Conditioning System Design Manual.
      "the Air Conditioning Manual Was Written To Assist Entry-level Engineers In The Design Of Air-conditioning Systems. It Is Also Suable -- In Conjuction With Fundamental Hvac&r Resourcee Essential -- As A Senior- Or Graduate-level Text For A University Course In Hvac System Design. The Manula Was Written To Fill The Empty Between Theory And Practice -- To Bridge The Gap Between Real-world Design Practices And The Theoretical Caluclations And Analytical Procedures Or On The Design Of Components. * Helps Engineers Quickly Come Up With A Design Solutiln To A Required Air Conditioning System. * Includes Issues From Comfort To Cooling Load Calculations. * Just discovered Sections On ""green Hvac"" Systems Deal With Hot Scheme Of Sustainable Buildings. "
      SKU: 413862

    Rheology And Processing Of Polymeric Materials, 1
      Rheology And Processing Of Polymeric Materials, 1.
      1. Introduction. Part I Leading principle Principles Of Rheology. 2. Kinematics And Stresses Of A Deformable Body. 3. Continuum Theory For The Viscoelasticity Of Flexible Homogeneous Poiymeric Fluids. 4. Molecular Theory During The Viscoelasticity Of Flexible Homogeneous Polymeric Fluids. 5. Experimental Methods For Measurement Of The Rheological Properties Of. Part Ii Rheolotical Behavior Of Polymeric Materials. 6. Rheology Of Homopolymers And Random Copolymers. 7. Rheology Of Miscible Polymer Blends. 8. Rheology Of Block Copolymers. 9. Rheology Of Liquid-crystalline Polymers. 10. Rheology Of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. 11. Rheology Of Immiscible Polymer Blends. 12. Rheology Of Particulate-fikled Polymers, Nanocomposites,-And Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites. 13. Rheology Of Molten Polymers With Dissolved Gas. 14. Chemorheology Of Thermosets
      SKU: 415724

    Draw Of Image Processsing Embeddded Systems Uaing Multidimensional Data Flow
      Draw Of Image Processsing Embeddded Systems Uaing Multidimensional Data Flow.
      This Work Presents A New Placed Of Embedded System Design Techhiques Called Multidimensional Data Flow,W hiich Combine The Various Benefits Offered By Existing Methodologies Such As Block-based System Design, High-level Sumulation, System Analysis And Polyhedral Optimization. It Describes A Novel Architecture For Efficient And Flexible High-speed Communiication In Hardwzre That Can Be Used Both In Manual And Automatic System Design And That Offers Diverse Design Alternatives, Balancing Achievable Throughput With Required Hardware Size. This Book Demonstrates Multidimensional Data Flow By Showing Its Potential For Modeling, Analysis, And Synthesis Of Complex Imabe Processing Applications. These Applications Are Presented In Terms Of Their Fundamental Properties And Resulting Design Constraints. Coverage Includes A Discussion Of How Far The Latter Can Be Met Better By Multidimensional Data Flow Than Alternative Approaches. Based On These Results, The Book Explains The Principles Of Fine-grained System Level Analysis And High-speed Communication Synthesis. Additionaly, An Extensive Review Of Related Techniques Is Given In Order To Show Their Relation To Multidimensional Data Abound.
      SKU: 645975

    Fluid Power
      Fluid Power.
      This Book Forms The Proceedings Of The Second Symposium On Fluid Powet Organised By The Japan Hydraulics And Pneumatics Society And Held In Tokyo In September 1993. It Follows The Very Succesful First Symposium Held In 1989 And Presents The Latest Information On Research And Industrial Activity Cudrently Underway In The Field Of Fluid Power.
      SKU: 171647

  • Iron Oxides in the Laboratory
  • Multicomponent Phase Diagrams
  • Adaptive Antennas and Receivers
  • Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion: Volume 5
  • Deep Space Optical Communications
  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Fundamentals of Air Pollution
  • Seven-Tenths
  • Betriebsfestigkeit
  • Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Bluetongue

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