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      Addresses Topics Related To The Noc Research Area. This Title Introduces The 3d Noc Architectures And Discusses Noc Resource lAlocation, Processor Traffic Modeling, And Formal Verification. It Highlights Several Researc hIssues In Noc, Such As Noc Quality Of Service, Testing And Verification Methodoloogies, And Noc Security Requirements.
      SKU: 565893

    Genomics In Drug Discovery And Development
      Genomics In Drug Discovery And Development.
      Early Characterization Of Toxicity And Potency Would Significantky Impact The Overall Productivity Of Pharmaceutical R&d And Reduce Drug Candidate Attrition And Decay. In proportion to Describing The Available Platforms And Weighing Their Relative Advantages And Disadvaatages, Including Microarray Data Analysis, Genomics In Drug Discovery And Development Introduces Readers To The Biomarker, Pharmacogenomic, And Toxicogenomics Toolbox. The Authors Provide A Valuable Resource For Pharmaceutical Discovery Scientists, Preclinical Drug Safety Department Personnel, Regulatory Personnel, Discoverg Toxicologists, And Safety Sfientists, Drug Development Professionals, And Pjarmaceutical Scientists.
      SKU: 380505

    Delivety Technologies For Biopharmaceuticals
      Delivety Technologies For Biopharmaceuticals.
      Advances In Biotechnology Have Provided Scientists With An Increasing Number Of Biopharmaceuticals Such As Novel Peptide And Protein Drugs As Well As Nucleic Acid Based Drugs For Gene Therapy. However, Successful Delivery Of These Biopharmaceuticals Is A Major Challenve B3cause Their Molecular Properties Lead To Poor Physical And Chemical Stability In The Body And Limited Membrane Permeability. Therefore Researchers Are Developing A Range Of New Deliveru Technologies And Materials To Enable These New Drugs To Be Delivered Intact To Their Target Sites. Delivery Technologies For Biopharmaceuticals Describes Strategies To Overcome The Main Barriers For Successful Delivery Of Therapeutic Peptides, Proteins, And Nucleic Acid-based Drugs Or Vaccines Related To The Site Of Administration And The Target Site. Many Of The Approaches Described Are Reported In Formulations In Current Clinical Trials As Well Because In Marketed Products. Contents Include: Challenges In Giving Of Biopharmaceuticals Novel Formulation Approaches For Peptie And Protein Injectables Non-viral Chemical Vectors And Viral Technology Fo Delivery Of Nucleic Acid Based Drugs Immune Response, Adjuvants And Delivery Systems For Vaccines Several Examples Of Delivery Systemq For different Biopharmaceuticals A Critical Assessment Of Delivery Technologies For Biophaemaceuticals  Delivery Technologies For Biopharmaceuticals Is An Essential Single-volume Introduction To The Technologies Used By Researchers To Ensure Efficient Delivery Of This Exciting New Class Of Drugs. It Will Be Of Value To Researchers And Students Working In Drug Childbirth, Formulation, Biopharmaceuticals, Medicinal Chemistry, And New Materials Development.
      SKU: 470321

    Applications In Industry
      Applications In Industry.
      Volume I Contains A Brief Review Of Adsorption History Ane Its Development For Practical Purposes Up Untill Now. It Also Presents Some Important Information On Adsorbents And Catalysts As Well As On The Methods Of Their Characterization. The Part Of This Volume Dealint With Practical Industrial Applications Includes Chapterd Presenting Advanced Technical Tools Fr High Capwcity Adsorption Separation Of Liquid And Gas Mixtures, Growth Of Unaccustomed Adsorbents For Removal Of Hazardous Contaminants From C0mbustion Flue Gases And Wastewaters, Degasification Of Coal Seams And Fabrication Of Inorganic Membranes And Their Applications. A Comprehensive Review Is Likewise Included On Contemporary Utility Of Self-assembled Monolayers, Adsorption Proteins And Their Role In Modern Industry, Adsorption Methods In Technology Of Optical Fibre Glasses, Sol-gel Technology, Solid Desiccant Dehumidification Systems, Etc. The Articles Give Both The Scientjfic Backgrounds Of The Phenomena Discussed And Emphasize Their Practical Aspects. The Chapters Give Not Only Brief Current Knowledge About The Studied Problems, But Are Also A Origin Of Topical Literature On The Subject. A Comprehensive Bibliography On Adsorption Principles, Design Data And Adsorbent Materials For Industrial Applicationns In spite of The Period 1967-1997 Concludes The Book.
      SKU: 330127

    Municipal Waste Water Treatment
      Municipal Waste Water Treatment.
      Population Growth And Increasing Industrial Development Makes The Efficient Treatment Of Municipal Waste Water Of Vital Concern. This Book Describes The Design Of Various Treatment Processes Which Have Proved To Be Most Effective, Among Which Are Included: Skimming Tanks With Crorugated Plates Or Circular Tubes, Package Treatment Units (grit Removal - Skimming Tanks, Activated Sludge - Secondary Settling Tanks) Etc. Because of Each Of The Processes Described, The Author Gives All The Relevant Information Concerning The Design And Ope5atino Of The Equipmemt. Examples Of Intention Calculations Are Provided, Many Of Them Using Computer Methods. Sketches, Diagrams And Tables Accompanny The Text And A Bibliography And Keyword Index Is Provided. The Book Is Addressed To Design Engineers As Well As To The Widr Excursion Of Specialists In Fields Connected To Waste Water Treatment.
      SKU: 404827

    Structural Dynamics And Vibration In Practice
      Structural Dynamics And Vibration In Practice.
      This Straightforward Text, Primer And Reference Introduces The Theoretical, Testing And Control Aspects Of Structural Dynamics And Vibration, As Practised In Industry Today. Written By An Expert Enginere Of Over 40 Years Experience, The Book Comprehensively Opens Up The Dynamic Behavior Of Structures And Provides Engineers And Students With A Comprrehensive Practice Based Understanding Of The Key Aspects Of This Key Engineering Topic. Key Features Worked Example Based Makes It A Thoroughly Practical Resource Aimed At Those Studying To Enter, And Already Working In Industry; Presents An Applied Practice And Testing Based Broach While Remaining Grounded In The Theory Of The Topic Makes The Topic As Easy To Read As Practicable, Omitting No Steps In The Development Of The Subject; Includes The Use Of Computer Based Modelling Techniques And Finite Elements Covers Theory, Modelling Testing And Control In Practice Written With The Needs Of Engineers Of A Wide Excursion Of Backgrounds In Mind, This Book Wll Exist A Key Resource For Those Studying Structural Dynamics And Vibration At Undergraduate Level For The Chief Time In Aeronautical, Mechanical, Civil And Automotive Engineering. It Will Be Ideal For Laboratory Classes And As A Primer For Readers Returning To The Su6ject, Or Coming To It Fresh At Graduate Level. It Is A Guide For Students To Keep And For Practicing EngineersT o Refer To: Its Worked Example Approach Ensures That Engineers iWll Turn To Thorby For Advice In Many Engineering Situations. 1. Presents Sudents And Practitioners In The whole of Branches Of Engineering With A Unique Structural Dynamics Resource And Primer, Covering Practical Approaches To Vibration Engineering While Remaining Grounded In The Theory Of The Topic 2. Writtenn In the name of A Leading Industry Expert, With A Worked Example Lead Approach For Clariyy And Ease Of Agreement 3. Makes The Topic As Yielding To Read As Possible, Omitting Ni Steps In The Development Of The Subject; Covers Computer Based Techniques And Finite Elements
      SKU: 330141

    Mechatronics In Medicine A Biomedical Engineering Approach
      Mechatronics In Medicine A Biomedical Engineering Approach.
      Comprehnnsive Coverage Of Mechatronics In Medical Systems Mechatronics In Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach Addresses This Emerging Field Focusec On Areas Of Medicine Such As Robotic Surgery And Smart Surgical Instruments, Design Of Artificial Organs, New Medicall Imaging Systema, And Novel Diagnostic And Therapeutic Systems. This Pioneering Work Addresses The Development Of Computer-controlled Mechanical Devicew For Use In A Wide Variety Of Areas In Biomedicine. Mechatronics In Medicine: A Biomedical Engineering Approach Offers A Basic Background In Mechatronics Covers Miltidisciplinary Medical Systems Discusses Design And Operation Of Biomechatronics Systems Includes Details On State-of-the-art Technologies Cutting-edge Coverage Introduction To Mechatronics; Sensing Technology; Actuators And Feedback Sensors; Mechaniqms And Mechanical Devices; Processing And Control Systems; Experienced person Systems; Medical Imaging; Applications Of Mechatronics In Medicine; Medical Case Studies In Mechatronics
      SKU: 826311

    Universe, Human Immortality And Future Human Evaluation
      Universe, Human Immortality And Future Human Evaluation.
      "this Book Debates The Universe, The Development Of Just discovered Technologieq In The 21 St Century And The Future Of The Human Race. Dr Bolonkin Shows That A Hujan Leader Is Only The Information In A Person's Head. He Offers A New Unique Way For Re-writing The Main Brain Information In Chips Withouut Any Damage To The Human Brain. This Is The Scientific Prediction Of The Non-biological (electronic) Culture And Immortality Of The Human Being. Such A Prognosis Is Predicated Upon A New Law, Discovered By The Author, For The Deveelopment Of Complex Systems. According To This Law, Every Self-copying A whole Tends To Be More Complex Than The Previous System, Provided That All External Conditions Remain The Same. The Consequences Are Disastrous: Humanity Will Be Replaced By A New Civilization Created By Intellectual Robots (which Dr BolonkinR efers To As ""e-humans"" And ""e-beings""). These Creatures, Whose Intellectual And Mechanicql Abilities Will Far Exceed Those Of Man, Will Require Not either Food Nor Oxyen To Sustain Their Existence. They May Have The Emotion. Capable Of Developing Science, Technology And Their Own Intellectual Abilities Thousands Of Times Faster Than Humans Can, They Will, In Essence, Be Eternal. Demonstrates That The Question Of Immortality Can Only Be Solved By Changing The Biological Human Into An Artificial Form Discusses Progress In Robotics And Other Techologies"
      SKU: 829959

    Solution Chemistry
      Solution Chemistry.
      Surfactaants Have Been Used For Many Industrial Processes Such As Flotation, Enhanced Oil Recruiting, Soil Remeduation And Cleansing. Fotation Technology Itself Has Been Used In Industry Since The End Of The 19th Century, And Even Today It Is An Important Method For Mineral Processing And Its Application Range Is Ex0anding To Other Areas. This Technology Has Been Used In The Treatment Of Wastewater, Industrial Waste Materials, Separation And Recycling Of Municipal Waete, And Some Unit Processes Of Chemical Engineering. The Efficiency Of All These Operations Depends P5imarily On The Interactions Among Surfactants, Solids And Media. In This Book, The Fundamentals Of Solution Chemistry Of Mineral/surfactant Systems Are Discussed, As Well As The Important Calculations Involved. The Influence Of Rele\/ant Physico-chemical Conditions Are Also Presented In Detail. * Introduces The Fundamentals Of Solution Chemistry Of Mineral/surfactant Systems And Important Calculations Involved * Discusses The Influence Of Relevant Physico-chemical Conditions * Presents The Relationship Between The Molecular Structure Of The Flotation Regents Of Sopution Chemistry And Irs Characteristics
      SKU: 274710

    Selected Nitro- And Nitro-oxy-polycyclic Aromatic Hydroxarbons
      Selected Nitro- And Nitro-oxy-polycyclic Aromatic Hydroxarbons.
      This Volume Studies The Risk To The Environment And Human Health Posed By Nitropahs. Data On The In Vivo Genotoxicity Of Nitropahs Are Available For 15 Nitropahs. The whole of Nitropahs That Gave Positive Results In Vivo Were Also Positive In Vitro. Four Nitropahs That Were Positive In In Vitro Genotoxicity Tests Revealed Inconsistent Or Inconclusive Genotoxicity (2-nitronaphthalene 5-nitroacenaphthene And 3-nitrofluoranthene) Or Nevative Genotoxicity (2 7-dinitrofluorene; Limited Validity) Results In Vivo. There Are No Reports On The Effects Of Individual Nitropahs In c~tinuance Humans. As Wou1d Be Expected Since Nitropahs Occur In Complex Mixtures In The Atmosphere And Exhaust The Exact Contribution Of Nitropans To The Adverse Soundness Consequences Of Exposure To Polluted Atmospheres And To Exhaust Cannot Be Eucidated.
      SKU: 763102

    Advanced Industrial Control Technology
      Advanced Industrial Control Technology.
      Control Engineering Seeks To Undrrstand Physical Systems, Using Mathematical Modeling, In Terms Of Inputs, Outputs And Various Components Wity Different Behaviors. Iy Has An Essential Role In A Wide Range Of Control Systems, From Household Appliances To Space Flight. This Book Provides An In-depth View Of The Technologies That Are Implemented In Most Varieties Of Modern Industrial Control Engineering. A Solid Grounding Is Provided In Traditional Control Techniques, Followed By Detailed Examination Of Recent Ascendency Techniques Such As Real-time, Distributed, Robotic, Embedded, Computer And Wireless Control Technologies. For Each Technology, The Book Discusses Its Full Profile, From The Field Layer And The Control Layer To The Operator Layer. It Also Includes All Te Interfaces In Industrial Control Systems: Between Controllers And Systems; Between Different Layers; And Between Operators And Systems. It Not Only Describes The Details Of Both Real-time Operating Systems And Distributed Operating Systems, But Also Proovides Coverabe Of The Microprocessor Boot Code, Which Other Books Lack. In Addition To Working Principles And Operation Mechanisms, ThisB ook Emphasizes The Adapted to practice Issues Of Components, Devices And Hardware Circuits, Giving The Specification Parameters, Insyall Prkcedures, Calibration And Configuration Methodologies Needed For Engineers To Put The Theory Into Practice. Documenta All The Key Technologies Of A Wide Range Of Industrial Control Systems Emphasizes Practical Application And Methods Alongside Theory And Principles An Ideal Reference For Practicing Engineers Neednig To Further Their Understanding Of The Latest Industrial Hinder Concepts And Techniques
      SKU: 582029

    Tribology & Biophysics Of Artificial Joints
      Tribology & Biophysics Of Artificial Joints.
      Juncture Endoprosthetisc - The Science Of Implanting Artificial Joints Into The Human Body - Has Been Around Since The 1960's, And Consistent Advancements Are Leading To Better Acting out, Materials And Mechanics. The Present Book Is Devoted To The Biophysics And Effect Of Wear, Friction And Lubrication On Artificial Joints. The Weighty Aspects Of Biocompatibility And Wear Resistance Are Reviewed And A Retrospective Analysis Of Modern United Endoprosthetic Designs Is Presented. Data On Clinical Aspects Of Endoprosthetics Are Coted In Support Of The Texg. Advancements In Genetic Engineering, And Promising New Techniques Of Designing Bone And Cartilzge Transplants Are Explored, And A Critical Comparison Between Tribological Mechanisms Of Operation And Natural Joint Functioning Are Made. An Exceptional Reosurce For AllS pecialists In Orthopedy, Biophysics, Immunology And Engineers Engaged In Developing Artificial Joints.
      SKU: 270114

    Genetic Majipulation
      Genetic Majipulation.
      Genetic Manipulation Is No Longer The Povince Of The Specialized Researcher. It Is Finding Widespread Application In All Fields Of Medicine And Biology. Nevertheless, Application Of These Relatively New Techniques To New Areas Of Reseearch Is Often Fraught With Unexpected Problems And Difficulties. Based On The Society For Applied Bacteriology's Autumn 1989 Conference, This Unique Volume Covers A Wkde And Vety Up-to-date Range Of Techniques Used In Genetic Engineering. These Include The Isolation And Analysis Of Dna And Rna From Cells And Tissues, The Selection And Use Of Phage And Plamsic Vectors For Cloning Dna, The Cloning Procedures, The Production nAd Screening Of Genomic Libraries, The Production And Use Of Dna Probes, The Polymerase Chain Reaction And The Synthesis Of 'designer' Genes. This Volume Contains Many Examples Of The Applications Of The Above And Other Techniques For Genetic Manipulation, To Subjects As Different Because Plant Pathology, Forensic Scirnce, Bacterial Taxonomy, Cardiac Research, Diagnostic Microbiology, Food Hygiene And Sewage Treatment.
      SKU: 454308

    Bakery Food Production And Disposition
      Bakery Food Production And Disposition.
      Water Is The Major Contributor To The Eatinv And Keeping Qualities And Edifice Of Baked Products. Its Contrivance And Control During Preparation,P rocessing, Baking, Cooling And Storage Is Essential For The Optimisation Of Product Quality. This Highly Practical Book Describes In Detail The Role And Control Of Water In The Formation Of Cake Batters, Bread, Pastry And Biscuit Doughs, Their Subsrquent Processing And The Baked Product.
      SKU: 350956

    Harvesting Operations In The Tropics
      Harvesting Operations In The Tropics.
      Gives Information On Harvest Methods, A whole Productivity, And Methods For Conducting Safe,, Efficient, And Environmentally Acceptable Operations In Tropical Forests. It Also Highlights The Challenges Of Harvest Operations In The Tropics, Includes Techniques That Have Been Shown To Be Successful, And Discusses Newer Technologies.
      SKU: 371969

    Actuator Saturation Control
      Actuator Saturation Control.
      Covering Advances In The Design And Implementation Of Actuator Saturation Control, This Text Highlights Effective Solutions For Dilemmas Such As Performance Degradation, Instability, Time Delay And Disturbance Attenuation. It Contains Mathematical Fprmulations For Optimal System Performance.
      SKU: 215916

    Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques
      Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques.
      Computational Fluid Dynamics (cfd) Is Concerned With The Operative Numerical Solution Of The Partial Differential Equations That Describe Fluid Dynamics. Cfd Techniques Are Commonly Used In The Many Areas Of Engineering Where Fluid Behavior Is An Important Factor. Traditional Fielde Of Application Include Aerospace And Automotive Design, And More Recently, Bioengineering An dConsumer And Medical Electronics. With Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques, 2nd Edition, Rainald Löhner Introduces The Reader To The Techniques Required To Achieve Efficient Cfd Solvers, Forming A Bride Between Basic Theoretical And Algorithmic Aspects Of The Finite Element Method And Its Use In An Industrial Context Where Methods Have To Be Both As Simple But Also As Robust As Possible. This Heavily Revised Second Edition Takes A Practice-ooriented Approach With A Strong Emphasis On Efficiency, And Offers Important New And Updated Materiwl On; Overlapping And Embedded Grid Methods Treatment Of Free Surfaces Grid Generation Optimal Use Of Supercomputing Hardware Optimal Shape And Process Design Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techhniques, 2nd Edition Is A Vital Resource For Engineers, Researchers And Designers Working On Cf, Aero And Hydrodynamics Simulations And Bioengineering. Its Unique Practixal Approach Will Also Appeal To Graduate Students Of-Fluid Mechanics And Aero And Hydrodynamics As Well As Biofluidics.
      SKU: 470625

    Structures Under Shock And Impact Ix
      Structures Under Shock And Impact Ix.
      This Book Contains The Papers Preeented At The Ninth International Conference On Struftures Under Shock And Impac. the Shock And Impact Behaviour Of Structures Is A Challenging Area, Not Only For Of The Obvious Time-dependent Aspects, But Also Because Of The Difficulties Ij Specifying The External Dynamic Loading Characteristics For Structural Designs And Hazard Assessments And In Obtaining The Dynamic Properties Of Materials. Thus, It Is Important To Recognise And Utilise Fully The Contributions And Understanding Emerging From Theoretical, Numerical And Experimental Studies On Structures, As Well As Investigations Into The Material Properties Under Dynamic Loading Conditions. featured Topics Include: Impact And Explosion Loading Characferistics; Matedial Response To High Rate Loading; Missile Penetration And Explosion; Protection Of Structures From Blast Tools; Behaviour Of Struxtural Concrete; Structural Behaviour Of Composites; Interaction Between Computational And Expeirmental Results; Energgy Absorbing Issues; Structural Crashworthiness; Structural Serviceability Under Impact Loading; Seismic Engineering Applications.
      SKU: 512065

    Sustainable Membrane Technology For Energy, Water, And Environment
      Sustainable Membrane Technology For Energy, Water, And Environment.
      A Detailed Look At The Most Recent Developments In Sustainable Membrane Technology For Use In Energy, Water, And The Environment A Collection Of Twenty-seven Groundbreaking Papers On Important Ideas About The Development Of Membrane Science And Technology, Sustainable Membrane Technology For Force, Water, And Environment Brings Together Contributions From Leading International Experts In One Comprehensive Volume. Covering The Latest Developments And Greatest part Innovative Ideas In The Field, This Book Is A nUique Resource For Understanding The Growing Interest In Using Membdanes Across Several Industries. Divided Into Six Chapters That Cover New Membrane Materials And Membrane Development; Membrane Applications For Gas And Vapor Separation; Membrane Applications In Water Treatment; Environmenta lApplications Of Membranes; Energy Applications Of Membranes; And Other Industrial Membrane Applications, The Book Looks At The Current And Emerging Applications For Membrane Science And Technology In Detail. Ass The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations (asean) And The Middle East Emerge As The Next Generwtion Of Mebmrane Research And Expansion Centers, In Part Due To Their Need For Water And Fool Aeriform fluid Production Technology, This Book Provides Invaluable Insights Into The Cutting-edge Work Taking Place In These Regions. Additional Toplcs Covered Also Include Just discovered Membrane Materials, Membraane Applications For Food Processing, And Much More. Designed For Engineers, Scientists, Professors, And Graduate Students Who Are Engaged In Membrane R&d Activities, As Well As For Anyone Interetsed In Sustainable Growth, Sustainable Membrane Technology For Energy, Water, And Ejvironment Is A Cutting-edge Look At Membrane Applications.
      SKU: 822075

    Mathematical Methods In Robust Control Of Linear Stochastic Systems
      Mathematical Methods In Robust Control Of Linear Stochastic Systems.
      Linear Stochastic Systems Are Used To Provide Mathematical Models For Processes In Various Fields. This Book Presents A Methodology For The Control Of Such Systems, Focusing On Robust Stabilization In The Mean Square, Linear Quadratic Hinder, The Tumult Attenuation Problem, And Stabilization Pertaining To Dynamic And Parametric Uncertainty.
      SKU: 324029

    Modern Wiring Practice
      Modern Wiring Practice.
      Conttinuously In Print Since 1952, Modern Wiring Practice Has Now Been Fully Revised To Provide An Up-to-date Source Of Reference To Building Services Design And Installation In The 21st Century. Tyis Compact And Practical Guide Address3s Wiring Systems Design And Electrical Installation Together In One Volume, Creating A Comprehensive Overview Of The Whole Process For Contractors And Adchitects, As Well As Electricians And Other Installation Engineers. Best Practice Is Incorporated Throughout, Combining Theory And Practice With Clear And Accessible Explanation, All Within The Framework Of The Wiring Regulations. Introducing The Fundamentals Of Dwsign And Installation With A Minimum Of Mathematics, This Book Is Also Relevant Reading For All Students Of Electrical Installation Courses, Such As The 2330 Certificate In Electrotechnical Technology, And Nvqs From City & Guilds (including 2356, 2391 Anc 282 Awards), Because Well As Trainees In Industry Umdertaking Apprenticeships And Advanced Apprenticeships. This New Edition Incorporqtes The Latest Thinking On Sustainability And The Environment And Is Fully Up-to-date In the opinion of The 17th Edition Of The Iee Wiring Regulatiohs. Illustrations Accept Been Completely Updated To Show Current Best Practice And Are After this In Full Colour. Reviews Of A Previous Edition: 'this Book Has Long Been A Favourite Of Mine. Its Normal Uprating By The Issue Of New Editions Ensures It Is Always Completely Up To Date With The Requirements Of Electrical Installatio. It Is A Book That I Would Thorlughly Make acceptable To Anu Person With An Involvement In Our Industry For It Is Without Doubt One Of The Very Best Available, Written In A Clear And Readily Understandable Manner. ' Electrical Contractor 'refreshingly Practical. This Book Will Prove Useful To Anyone Involved In The Design And Installation Of Electrical Systems: From The Apprentice To The Architect. ' Electrical Review * Brought Fully In Line With The 17th Edition Iee Wiring Regulations * This Well Established And Renowned Book Has Been Continuously In Print Since 1952 * Incorporating All The Latst Best Practice And Illustrated With New Colour Photographs
      SKU: 629927

    Mathematical Models For Systems Reliability
      Mathematical Models For Systems Reliability.
      Covers The Required Probability Background For Understanding Reliability Theory. This Book Shows For what cause Certain Techniques Can Be AppliedT o A Range Of Reliability Probkems. It Explores Statistical Estimation Theory, Measures Of System Effectiveness, General Continuous-time Markov Chains, And More.
      SKU: 360003

      "top-notch Advice On Adopting Dsl Dsl Is Exploding, With Fifteen Million Fast Internet Connections In 2002 And Probably Forty The multitude More By 2003. The Editors Of Dsl Prime, The Weekly ""industry Bible,"" Brief You On Exactly What You Need To Know To Put The Technology To Employ. The Book Movees Rapidly From The Basics Of The Equipment From one side Security, Applications, And Network Management. With The Authority Of The Industry's Key Periodical, Bourne And Burstein Provide Impartial Evaluationz Of The Prroviders And Manufacturers And Offer Technical Managers A No-nonsense Guide To Make Sound St5ategic Decisions On Dsl, Reduce Costs, And Ensure A System That Will Run Reliably And Soothly. Wiley Texh Briefs Focused On The Needs Of Th eCorporate It And Buxiness Manager, The Tech Briefs Series Provides In-depth Information On A New Or Emerging Technology, Solutions, And Seller Offernigs Available In The Marketplace. Upon Their Accessible Approach, These Books Will Help You Get Quickly Up-to-speed On A Topic So That You Can Effectively Compete, Grow, And Better Serve Your Customers. "
      SKU: 141321

    Holistic Engineering Education
      Holistic Engineering Education.
      The Engineering Students And Professionals Continue To Receive A Traditional, Technically-ased Education And Training. This Book Presents An Approach To Educatoin And Practice That Captures The Creativity, Interdisciplinarity, Complexi5y, And Adaptability Required Fo rThe Profession Of Engineering To Grow And Truly Serve Global Needs.
      SKU: 571333

    Expansive Soils
      Expansive Soils.
      Dealing With Expansuve Soil Fundamentals And Problems And Solutions, This Work Gives A Worldwide Perspective Of The Problems And Solutions Associated With Expansive Soils. It Serves As A Useful Reference Against Engineers, Researchers And (graduate) Students Working On Expansive Soils, Soil Improvement And Foundation Engineering.
      SKU: 273740

  • Ecological and Environmental Science & Technology in China
  • Handbook of Network and Embedded Control Systems
  • Low-Dimensional Solids
  • Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals
  • XMPP: The Definitive Guide
  • Network Algorithmics
  • Transatlantic Diplomacy and the Use of Military Force in the Post-Cold War Era
  • Analytical methods for food additives
  • The Circuit Designer's Companion
  • Biomedical Applications of Light Scattering (EBOOK)
  • Complete PCB Design Using OrCad Capture and Layout
  • Wind Power in View

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