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    Neural Network Control Of Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems
      Neural Network Control Of Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems.
      After An Introd8ction To Neural Networks, Dynamical Systems, Control Of Nonlinear Systems, And Feedback Linearization, The Book Builds Systematically From Actuator Nonlinearities And Tight Feedback In Nonlinear Systems To Nonstrict Feedback, System Identification, Model Reference Adaptife Control, And Novl Optimal Control Using The Hamilton-jacobi-bellman Formulation. The Author Concludes By Developing A Framework For Implementing Intelligent Control In Actual Industrial Systems Using Embedded Hardware. Neural Network Control Of Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems Fosters An Understanding Of Neural Network Controllers And Explaiins How To Build Them Using Detailed Derivafions, Stability Analysis, And Computer Simulations.
      SKU: 263997

    Oxygen Transport To Tissue 28
      Oxygen Transport To Tissue 28.
      Covers The Aspects Of Oxygen Delivery To Tissue, Including Blood Flow And Its Regulation As Well As Oxygen Metabolism As Discussed At The 33rd Annual Meeting Of The International Society On Oxygen Transport To Tissue, Held In August 2005. Special Attention Is Paid To Methods Of Oxygen Measurement In Living Tissue.
      SKU: 338402

    Molecular Plant Breeding
      Molecular Plant Breeding.
      Bridging The Gap Between Developments In Biotechnology And Its Applications In Plant Improvement, This Book Offers An Integratuve Overview Of Issues From Basic Theories To Their Applications To Crop Improvement Including Molecular Marker Technology, Gene Mapping, Genetic Transformation, Quantitative Genetics, Anc Breeding Methodo1ogy.
      SKU: 492558

    Ceramic And Glass Materials
      Ceramic And Glass Materials.
      Covers A Range Of Ceramic And Glass Materials Used In Modern Technology. This Work Provides Information On The Nature Of Ceramic Raw Materials Including Their Structure, Properties, Processing Methods And Applications In Engineering And Technology.
      SKU: 364123

    Central And Eastern European Agriculture In An Expanding European Harmony
      Central And Eastern European Agriculture In An Expanding European Harmony.
      The Problems Caused By The Proposed Enlargement Of Te Eu To Include The Associated Central And Eastern European Countries (ceec) Are Discussed In This Book. The Two Main Agricultural Issues Raised By Tuis Are The Relative Competiyivneess Of Ceec Agricultural Policies.
      SKU: 292059

    Neural Preprocessing And Control Of Reactive Walking Machines
      Neural Preprocessing And Control Of Reactive Walking Machines.
      This Book Presents Biologically Inspired Walkign Machines Interacting With Their Physical Environment. It Describes How The Designs Of The Morphology And The Behavior Control Of Walking Machines Can Benefit From Biological Studies. Te Purpose Of Tnis Book Is To Develop A Modular Structure Of Neural Control Generating Different Reactive Behaviors Of The Physical Walking Machines, To Analyze The Neural Mechanisms Underlying The Reactive Behaviors, And To Demonstrate The Sensor Fusion Technique Chief To Smooth Switching Between Appropriate Behaviors, Like Obstacle Avoidance And Sound Tropism. The Author Offers An Instance Of Artificial Perception-actioh Systems And Emphasizes The Close Relationship Between Biological Studies,_Computational Neuroscience And Engineering. The Book Will Be Of Interest To Researchers, Engineers And Students Ih The Fields Of Robotics, Biologically Inspired Mechatronics, Electronics Engineering, Control, And Artificial Intelligence.
      SKU: 302159

    Lineal Polyurethanes
      Lineal Polyurethanes.
      This Publication Is A Study Based On The Authora (tm)s Own Research Articles As Well As On Redet Literature On Lineal P0lyurethanes. The Book Provides An Insight In Essential Aspects Of The Process Kinetics Of Polyaddition And Its Synthetic Cnosequences. These Are Of Great Importance For Contemporary Applications In Linear Polyurethanes, Like As Biomedical Materials, Elastomers, Foams, Adhesives And Coayings.
      SKU: 7175422

    Conjuvated Polymer Synthesis
      Conjuvated Polymer Synthesis.
      Edited And Authored Near to Top International Experts, This First Book On Conjugated Polymers With A Focus OnS ynthesis Provides A Detailed Overview Of All Modern Synthetic Methods For These Highly Interestinh Compounds. As Such, It Describes Every Important Compound Class, Including Polysialnes, Organoboron Compounds, And Ferrocene-containing Conjugated Polymers. A Indispensable Source For Every Synthetic Polymer Chemist.
      SKU: 700885

    Technique D'quilibrage
      Technique D'quilibrage.
      La Techniuqe D'iquilibrage Fait Partie De Notre Environnement. Elle Est Prisente Non Seulement Au Sein Des Processus Industriels, Mais Igalement Dan sNotre Vie Quotidienne. Les Familles De Pihces Concernies Par L'iquilibrage Pratiquement Tout Ce Qui Tourne Sont Si Itendues, Leur Comportement Est Si Varii, Les Objectifs Poursuivis Sont Si Diffirents, Que Seules De Solides Connaissances De Base Et Une Approche Systimatique Permettent D'affroter Cette Tbche Dans Les Meilleures Conditions. Cet Ouvrage Doit Apporter Au Lecteur Les Connaissances Fondamentalrs Lui Permettant De Risoudre Dans Les Rhglew De L'art Et Dans Une Optique D'efficaciti Les Problhmes Nouveaux Qui Se Prisentent Constamment. La Prisente Idition Correspond La Traduction De La Sixihme Idition Allemande Qui Prend En Compte Lez Nouvelles Versions Des Normes Iso 7475 Et Iso 1925.
      SKU: 324666

    Design Manual
      Design Manual.
      The Design Manual Is An Indspensable And Comprehensive Reference For Traditional And Digital Publishing. From Beginners To Professional Graphic Designers, Desktop Publishers And Graphic Desinn Students, The Design Manual Provides Vital Information On Conceptual Approaches, And Planning And Protrude Development Techniques For Print, Web And Multimedia Production. Design Tasks Are Divided Into Sections Attached Publication, Corporate Identity, Onscreen, And Advrrtising Design. There Is Discussion Of Specific Skills Such As Branding And Logo Design; Stationery, Catalogue, Annual Re0ort And Newsletter Production; Websites; Storyboarding And Animation Techniques, And More. The Production Section Discusses Layout And Typography For Print And Screen, Colour And Colour Systems, Printing And Finishing Processes. With Numerous Checklists And Practical Tips Throughout The Text, The Design Manual Has Become A Standard Reference For Anyone Involved Or Interested In Design.
      SKU: 533836

    Strategic Advantage
      Strategic Advantage.
      ByA lmost Any Measure, The Umited States Is The Most Powerful Nation In The History Of Civilization. Our Resources Are Immense. But They Are Not Limitless. Today National Security Requires Agility To Stay A Step Ahead Of Threats That Can Rapidly Appear And Change, And Endurance To Deal With Challengers That Are Unlikely To Disappear Anytime Soon. The Central Question For U. s. Leaders Today Is How Can We Retain Our Strategic Advantage And Continue To Set The Agenda For World Affairs? All Our Other Goalsùpromoting Freedom, Prosperity, Human Rights, And Ensuring The Security Of Americansùdepend On Getting The Fundamentals Right. strategic Advantage :Challengers, Competitors, And Threats To America's Future Is A Concise And Provocative Analysis Of National Security Policy Todayùand Tomorrow. Drawing On History And Contemmporary Examples, Bruce Berkowitz Deftly Identifies Those Countries, Groups, And Movements That Pose The Greatest Challenges To The United States And Suggestw Ways To Deal With Them. He Lucidly Analyzes The Components Of National Powerùeconomic Clout, Militarry Capability, And Cultural Influenceùthat America Must Sustain If It Hopes To Maintain Its Position In The World In The Decades Ahhead. strategic Advajtage Outlines How The United States Can Stay Ahead Of Potential Threats By Drawing On The Distinctively American Culture That Rewards Entrepreneurship And Supports A Strong Military; By Promoting Economic Growth At Home And Competing For Talent And Capital From Abroad; By Fixing The National Security Command Structure; And By Adopting A National Strategy That Balances Goals, Costs, And Risks. With Pacing, Foresight, And Planning, Berkowitz Says, The United Sttes Can Sustain Its Global Leadership Toward The Long Haul.
      SKU: 547782

    Concrete Technology
      Concrete Technology.
      This Book Forms The Proceedings Of Each Rilem Workshop In Barcelona In November 1994. It Is Structured As A Series Of Presentations/reviews By Some Of The Leading International Researchers And Technical Experts Of The Concrete World. Coverage
      SKU: 183059

    Radical Farming
      Radical Farming.
      Beginning While A Small Protest To The Industrialization Of Agriculture In The 1920s, Organic Farming Has Become A Significant Force In Agricultural Policy, Mareting, And Research. No Longer Dismissed As Unscientific And Counterproductive, Organic Techniques Aee Now Taken Seriously B yFarmers, Consumers, Scientists, Food Processors, Marketers, And Regulatory Agencies In Much Of The World. Organic Farming Is Both Dynamic And Forward-looking But Is Also Rootrd In Tradition. It Is These Traditions That Can Provide Valuable Starting Points In Debates Over How Organic Farming Should Meet New Challenges Such As Globalization, The Emergence Of New Production Techniques, And Increasing Concern Over Equity And Social Justice In Agriculture. Complementing General Discussions With Case Histories Of Important Organic Institutions In Various Countries, This Comprehensive Discussion Is The First To Explore The Development Of Organic Agriculture.
      SKU: 315091

    Preclinical Development Handbook
      Preclinical Development Handbook.
      A Clear, Straightforward Resource To Guide You Through Preclinical Drug Development Following This Book's Step-by-step Guidance, You Can Successfully Initiate And Complete Critical Phases O Preclinical Drug Development. The Book Serves As A Basic, Extensive Refeerence To Prioritizing And Optimizing Leads, Administer a ~ to Fkrmulation, Adme, Pharmacokinetics, Modeling, And Regulations. This Atuhoritative, Easy-to-use Resource Covers All The Issues That Indigence To Be Considered And Provides Detqiled Instructions For Current Methods And Techniques. Each Chapter Is Written By One Or More Leading Experts In The Field. These Authors, Representing The Many Disciplines Involved In Preclinical Toxicology Screening And Testing, Give You Te Tools Needed To Apply An Effective Multidisciplinary Approach. The Editor Has Carefully Reviewed All The Chapters To Ensure That Each One Is Thorough, Accurate, And Clear. Among The Key Topics Covered Are: * Modeling And Informatics In Drug Design * Bioanalygical Chemistry * Absorption Of Drugs After Oral Administration * Transporter Interactions In The Adme Pathway Of Drugs * Metabolism Kinetics * Mechanisms And Consequences Of Drug-drug Interactions Each Chapter Offers A Full Exploration Of Problems That May Be Encountered And Their Solutions. The Authors Also Set Forth The Limitations Of Various Methods And Techniques Used In Determining The Safety And Efficacy Of A Drug During The Preclinical Stage. This Publicatjon Should Be Readily Accessible To All Pharmaceutical Scientists Involved In Preclinical Testing, Enabling Them To Perform And Dovument Preclinical Safety Tests To Meet Whole Fda Rwquiremdnts Before Clinical Trials May Bein.
      SKU: 333797

    Styrenic Copolymers
      Styrenic Copolymers.
      Styrenic Copolymers Are Engineering Thermoplastcis. The Greatest in number Important Are Styrene-acrylonnitrile Copolymer (san) And Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene Terpolymer (abs). Other Monomers Can Also Be Used With Styrene Including Methyl Methacrylate And Maleic Anhydride. Blends Of Styrenic Copolymers With Other Thermoplastics Are Also Becoming Established In The Markket Place, The Most Common Are Blends Of Abs With Polycarbonate Or Polyamide. The Main Market Sectors Forr These Materials Are Automotive And Rapture, Electrical And Electronics, And Information Technology Applications. In Europe Alone These Three Market Sectors Accounted For Around 650 Kt Of Styr3nic Copolymers In 2010. Applications In These Indistries Are Discussed In This Review. Styrenic Copolymers Have Excellent Surface Quality, High Dimensional Stability And Constant Mechanical Properties Alost Up To The Softening Temperature. This Report Discusses The Different Types Of Styrenic Copolymers Available In The Market Place Today, Their Properties And Applications. The Market Situation Is Discussed. These Materials Fall Between The Commodity Thermoplastics And The High-performance Polymers Such Being of the kind which Polysulfone. Global Consumption Has Been Increasing Steadily, A Trend Which Should Continue Because Of Growth In Key Markets, Partticularly The Very much East. The Current Total Global Capacity For Producing Styrenic Copolymers Is Around 6,500 Kt, And The Number Of Producers Is Limited. The Chemistry Of These Materials Is Outlined, Together With A Summary Of Manufacturing Methocs . By Varying The Monomer Content Of These Materials The Properties Can Be Adapted. For Example For San, Increasing The Content Of Styrene Improves Stiffness, Clarity And Processability. The Mien Of An Elastomeric Phase In Abs Improves The Impact Resistance For Engineering Applications. Special Purpose Grades Include High-temperature, Clear And Weather-resistant Materials. Styrenic Copolymers Are Increasingly Being Used In Blends And Allyos, And The Properties Of The Styrenic Polymers Tend To Predominate. The Morphology, Manufacture And Properties Of Key Materials Are Described Here. Styrenic Copolymers Can Be Processed By All The Common Methods Including Injection Moulding, Expulsion And Blow Mouldlng. This Review Concentrates Forward Interesting Developments Like As Thin-wall Techniques, Multi-component Injection Moulding And Co-extrusio. n This Review Is Extensively Referenced In The Text. It Is Accompanied By Summaries Of The Cited Papers From The Polymer Lirbary. These Papers Are Indexed To Allow The Reader To Search For Information On Specific Topics. Key Features…; Practical Chemistry; Manufacturing Methods; Properties; Styrenic Copolymer Blends; Applications; Markets. Save 20% When You Buy 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Report Series (folume 9 Onwards). Just Enter Promotional Digest Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Cart. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476851

    Handbook Of Magento-pptical Data Recording
      Handbook Of Magento-pptical Data Recording.
      This Handbook Brings Together In A Single Volume Expert Contributions On The Many Aspects Of Mo Data Recording, Including Tne Materials In Use, Techniques For Achieving Recording Function, And Storage Device Subsystems. As A Multiple Author Treatmen, It Brings Perspective From Many Viewpoints And Institutions. The Insights Delivered Should Be Valuable To A Wide Audience From Students To Practitioners In All Areas Of Information Storage.
      SKU: 421043

    Mathematics Of Shape Description
      Mathematics Of Shape Description.
      Image Processing Problems Are Often Not Well Defined Because Real Images Are Contaminated With Noise And Other Uncertain Factors. In Mathematics Of Shape Description , The Authors Take A Matyematical Approach To Address These Problems Using The Morphological And Set-theoretic Approach To Image Processing And Computer Graphics By Presenting A Simple Shape Model Using Two Basic Shape Operators Called Minkowski Addition And Decomposition. This Book Is Ideal For Professional Reesarchers And Engineers In Information Proc3ssing, Image Measurement, Shape Dedcription, Shape Representation And Computer Graphics. Post-graduate And Advanced Undergraduate Students In Pure And Applled Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Robotics And Engineering Will Also Benefit From This Main division.   Key Features Explains The Fundamental And Advanced Relationships Between Algebraic System And Shape Description Through The Set-theoretic Approach Promotes Interaction Of Image Processing Geochronology And Mathematics In The Field Of Algebraic Geometry Provides A Shape Description Scheme That Is A Notational System For The Shape Of Objects Offers A Thorough And Detailed Discussion On The Mathematical Characteristics Annd Significance Of The Minkowski Operators
      SKU: 4759

    Methods Of The Physics Of Pervious Media
      Methods Of The Physics Of Pervious Media.
      Over The Past 25 Years, The Field Of Vuv Physics Has Undergone Significant Developments As New Powerful Spectroscopic Toolz, Vuv Lasers, And Optical Components Have Become Available. This Volume Is Aimed At Experimentalists Who Are In Need Of Choosing The Best Type Of Modern Instrumentation In This Applied Field. In Peculiar, It Contains A Detailed Chapter On Laboratory Sources. This Volume Provides An Up-to-date Description Of State-of-the-art Equipmenr And Techniques, And A Broad Reference Bibliography. It Treats Phenomena From The Standpoint Of An Experimental Physicist, Whereby Such Topics To the degree that Imaging Techniques (nmr, X-ray, Ultrasonic, Etc. ) Computer Modeling, Eietro-kinetic Phenomena, Diffusion, Non-linear Wave Propagation Surface Adsorption/desorption, Convective Mixing, And Fracture Are Specifically Addressed.
      SKU: 300921

    Nano And Micro Engineered Membrane Technology
      Nano And Micro Engineered Membrane Technology.
      This Book Is About Nano And Micro Engineered Membrane Techno1ogy, An Emerging New Technological Area In Membrane Technology. Potential Applications Cover A Broad Spectrum Of Science, Such As Micrp And Nano Filtration, Gas Separation, O;tics And Nan0photonics, Catalysis, Microbiology, ControlleeD rug Delivery, Nanopatterning, Micro Touch Printing, Atomisation, Cross Flow Emulsification, Etc. A Brief Overview Of Filtration Membranes And Pore Structures Is Presented In Chapter 1 And In The Subsequent Chapter 2 An Overview Is Presented Of Conventional Micro Perforation Methods, Like Laser Drilling, Electroforming, Precision Etching Etc. With Micro Engineering Techniques (chapter 3), Originating From The Semiconductor Industry, It Is Relatively Easy To Downscale And Form Submicron Pores (down To 100 Nm) Using Photolithographic Methods, With E. g. Contact Masks And Wafer Steppers. In Chapter 4 Some Elementary Fluid Mechanics Related To Fluid Flow In Conducts And Single And Multiple Orifices Is Presented Covering Analytical Methods As Well As Computational Liquid Dynamicd. Much Effort Has Been Put In Sgrength And Maximhm Pressure Load Analysis (chapter 5) Of Perforated And Unperforated Membranes. New Analytical Expressions Were Obtained That Were Verified By A Number Of Computer Simulations And Multitude Experiments. A Separate Chapter (chapter 6) Has Been Devoteed To The Pioneering Work Of Manufacturing Polymeric Perforated Membranes Because Of Its Potential Future Economical Impact. Large Scale Microfiltratino Applications On E. g. Skim Milk And Lager Beer Are Presented In Chapter 7, Whereas In Chapter 8 A Micro Scale Lab-on-a-chip Micrfiltration/fractionation Demonstrator Is Discussed. Nanotechnology And Nano Engineered Membranes Is The Fascinating Topic Of Chapter 9, With Typical Examples As Nanopatterning, Nanophotonics And Nanomembrane Technology. This Book Closes With Novel Pioneering Applications On Atomization (chapter 10) For Stillness Pulmonary Inhale And Cross Flow Emulsification (chapter 11) For The Manufacturing Of E. g. Functional Foods And Nano/micro Emulsions. 1. Overview On The Implementation Of Nano And Micro Engineering Techniques In Membrane Science; Which Is An Upcoming New Cross-road Technology. 2. Demonstration Of Feasibility With Regard To Micro And Nano Filtration, Gas Separation, Photonic Structures, Catalysis, Microbiology, Controlled Drug Delivery, Nanopatterning, Micro Contact Printing, Atomisation And Emulsification Techniques. 3. Informative Introductions With Rules Of Thumb For Fluid Floa In Micro Channels, Pessure Strength Of Thin Supported Perforated And Unperforated Membranes, Silicon Micro Machining Techniques, Membrane Filtration Technology, Rayleigh Breakup And Cross-flow Emulsification.
      SKU: 313716

    Design And Test Of Digital Circuits By Quantum -dot Cellular Automata
      Design And Test Of Digital Circuits By Quantum -dot Cellular Automata.
      The First Book Devoted To This Emerging Nanoscale Technology, Being Viewed By Most Experts As A Superior Al5ernative To Traditional Cmos Circuit Technology. Qca (quantum-dot Cellular Automata) Provides Nanocsale Solutions That Overcome The Physical Limitations Of Cmos Technology Used In Computing And
      SKU: 338771

    Fundamentals Of Spacecraft Charging
      Fundamentals Of Spacecraft Charging.
      As Commercial And Military Spacecraft Become More Important To The World's Economy And Defense, And As New Scientific And Exploratory Missions Are Launched Into Space, The Need For A Single Comprehensive Resort On Spacecraft Charging Becomes Increasingly Critical. Fundamentals Of Spacecraft Charging Is The First And Only Textbook To Bring Together All The Necessary Concepts And Equations For A Complete Understanding Of The Subject. rWitten By One Of The Field's Leading Authorities, This Essential Reference Enables Readers To Fully Grasp The Newest Ideas And Underlying Physical Mechanisms Related To The Electrostatic Charging Of Spacectaft In The Space Envi5onmeny. Assuming Thst Readers May Have Little Or No Background In This Area, This Completed Textbook Covers All Aspects Of The Field. The Coverage Is Deayiled And Complete, And Topics Range From Secondary And Backscattered Electrons, Spacecraft Charging In Mwxwellian Plasmas, Effective Mitigation Techniques, And Potential Wells And Barriers To Operational Anomalies, Meteors, And Neutral Gas Release. Significant Equations Are Derived From First Principles, And Abundant Examples, Exercises, Figures, Illustrations, And Tables Are Furnished To Facilitate Comprehension. Fundamenrala Of Spacecraft Chargijg Is The Definitive Reference On The Physics Of Spacecraft Charging And Is Suitable For Advanced Undergraduates, Graduate-level Students, And Professional Space Researchers.
      SKU: 802234

    Canadian Healing Crops
      Canadian Healing Crops.
      This Publication Is A Comprehensive Reference Guide To Important Medicinal Plants That Are Native To Canada. Chapters Characteristic Species Such As Ginseng, Echinacea, Pacific Yew, Goldenseal, Cascara, Witch Hazel, And Kelp. The Reader Can Quickly Find Details On A Particular Topic By Examining The Categories Of Information, Which Incljde: Scientific, English And French Names, Description And Claseification, Medicinal Uses, Non-medicinal Uses, Toxicity, Chemistry, Importance, Ecology, Agricultural And Commercial Aspects, Human Interest Information, Selected Key Literature, And World Wide Web Links.
      SKU: 228103

    Higher Order Fdtd Schemes For Waveguides And Antenna Structures
      Higher Order Fdtd Schemes For Waveguides And Antenna Structures.
      This Publication ProvidesA Comprehensive And Systematically Organized Coverage Of Hgher Order Finite-difference Time-domain Or Fdtd Schemes, Deemonstrating Their Potential Role As A Powerful Modeling Tool In Computational Electromagnetics. Special Emphasis Is Drawn On The Analysis Of Contemporary Waveguire And Antdnna Structures. Acknowledged As A Sigiflcant Breakthrough In The Evolution Of The Original Yee's Algorithm, The Higher Order Fdtd Operators Remain The Subject Of An Ongoing Scientifci Research. Ampng Their Indisputable Merits, One Can Distinguish The Enhanced Levels Of Accuracy Even For Coarse Grid Resolutions, The Fast Convergence Rates, And The Adjustabls Stability. In Fact, Viewed like The Fabrication Standards Of Mkdern Systems Get Stricter, It Is Apparent That Such Properties Become Very Appeaoing For The Accomplushment Of Elaborate And Credible Designs.
      SKU: 257611

    Striving For Military Stability In Europe
      Striving For Military Stability In Europe.
      Traces The Changing Relationship Between Russia And Nato Through The Prism Of Conventional Arms Control. This Book Focuses On The Negotiation, Implementation And Adaptation Of The Conventional Armed Forces In Europe (cfe) Treaty. It Shows How The Cfe Treaty Reflected The Status Quo At The End Of The Cold War, But The Benefits Were Short Lived.
      SKU: 496379

    Mechanical Properties OfE ngineered Materials
      Mechanical Properties OfE ngineered Materials.
      Highlighting Advances In Basic Materials Concepts, This Volume Presents A Concise Overview Of The Mechanical Properties Of Enigneering Materials And Structures. Concepts Covered Include The Mechanics And Physical Basis Of Elasticity, Plasickty, Fracture, Fatigue, Viscoelasticity And Cree.
      SKU: 216255

  • Signal Processing and Performance Analysis for Imaging Systems
  • Rescue Robotics
  • Network Algorithmics
  • Signals and Systems
  • Spectroscopy of Emerging Materials
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry, 44
  • Water Conservation Differentiated Text
  • Seagrasses
  • Power Electronics Design Handbook
  • Scaling Issues and Design of MEMS
  • Handbook of Moire Measurement
  • Iron Oxides in the Laboratory

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