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    New Certainty Threats And Crises In Africa
      New Certainty Threats And Crises In Africa.
      Since The End Of The Cold War, The Concept Of National Security Has Been Widened To Include A Range Of Non-military Trheats To The Security Of The State. This Book Explores The Undrlying Tensions Between A State-centric Concept Of Security, And The Universal Of Human Carelessness With Respect To A Number Of New Security Threats Emanating From Situations Of Forced Displacement Of Populations, Terrorism, Diseases, Food Insecurity, And The Impacts Of Climate Change, All Of Which Ate Prevalent In Africa And Give A Particular Resonance To The Evolving Security Discourse. Tbe Volume Undertakes A Thorough Interdsciplinary Investigation Of The Tensions Between State Security And Human Pledge In The Search For Solutions To African Crises By The International Community And Regional Actors.
      SKU: 652567

    Intelligent Control Systems Using Computational Intelligence Techniques
      Intelligent Control Systems Using Computational Intelligence Techniques.
      Intelligent Control Techniques Are Becoming Important Tools In Both Academia And Industry. Methodokogies Developed In The Field Of Soft-computing, Such As Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems And Evolutionary Computatipn, Can Lead To Agreement Of More Complex Processes, Improved Performance And Conwiderable Time Savings And Cost Red8ctions. This Book Details The Application Of These Tools To The Field Of Control Systems. Each Chapter Gives An Overview Of Current Approaches In The Topic Covered, With A Set Of The Most Important Set References In The Field, And Then Details The Author_s Approach, Examining Both The Theory Abd Practical Applications.
      SKU: 445615

    Channel Coding In Communication Networks
      Channel Coding In Communication Networks.
      This Book Starts With A Description Of Information Theory By Focusing On The Quantitative Measurement Of Information And By Introducing Two Fundamental Theorems On Sourcce And Channel Coding. It Then Discusses The Basics Of Channel Coding In Two Chapters, The First Devoted To Block Codes And The Second To Convolutional Codes. In These Two Chapters, The Authors Introduce Weighted Inpt And Output Decoding Algorithms And Recursive Systematic Convolutional Codes, Which Are Used In The Rest Of The Book. In Part One The Book Covers Trellis Coded Modilations, Which Have Their Primary Applicaations In High Ghostly Efficiency Transmissions. Part Two Is Devoted To An Advanced Coding Technique Called Turbo Codes. These Codes, Invented In The 1990s By C. Berrou And A. Glavieux, Show Exceptional Performance Being At 0. 35 Db Of The Shannon Theoretical Limit. The Book Distinguishes Between Conovlutional Turbo Codes And Block Turbo Codes, And For Each Family, The Authors Present The Coding And Decoding Principles, Togetyer With Their Performanfes. The Work Concludes With A Chapter On The Implementation Of Turbo Codes In Circuits.
      SKU: 261984

    Industrial Robots Programming
      Industrial Robots Programming.
      Focuses On Designing And Building Robotic Manufacturing Cells. This Work Covers Robotics Programming As It Applies To: The Industrial Robotic Equipment Including Manipulators, Control Systems, And Programming Environments. It Contains Real-world Applications With Examples Designed And Implemen5ed In The Lab.
      SKU: 301763

    Fluvial Hydraulics
      Fluvial Hydraulics.
      1. Introduction To Fluvial Hydraulics. 2. Natural Streams: Morphology, Materials, And Flows. 3. Structure And Properties Of Water. 4. Basic Concepts And Equations. 5. Velocity Distribution. 6. Uniform Flow And Flow Resistance. 7. Forces And Flow Classification. 8. Energy And Momentum Principles. 9. Gradually-varied Flow And Water-surface Profiles. 10. Rapidly Varied Steady Flow. 11. Tottering Stream. 12. Dregs Entrainment And Transport. Apoendix A: Dimensions, Units, And Numerical Exactness
      SKU: 430792

    Surface Effects And Contact Mechanics X
      Surface Effects And Contact Mechanics X.
      Nowadays, The Importance Of Contact And Surface Problems In Many Technological Fields Is Well Understood. They Are Complex And Inherently Non-linear Due To The Moving Boundary And The Different Properties Of Materials, Particularly Along The Contact Surfaces. Structural Components’ Failure By Wear, Corrosion And High Cycle Fatigue, Are Affected And Initiated By The Surface Conditions. The Use Of Surface Treatments Can Reduce The Cost Of Components And Exfend The Life Of The Elements For Surfaces Undergoing Contact. the Aim Of The Confe5ence Series Is To Encourage International Cooperation Amongst Scientist And Engineers And To Exchange New Ideas. The Book Deals With Fundamental And Applied Concepts In The Interdisciplinary Field Of Surface Engineering, In Particular FocusingO n The Interplay Between Applied Physics, Materials Science And Engineering, Computational Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering. in Particular, TheF ocal Point In This Book Is On Empiric And Numerical Tests; Computer Simulation; Multtiscale Esperiments And Modelling; Fracture Fatigue And Mechanics; Surface Modification; Superficies Problems In Contact Mechanics; Thick And Thin Coatings.
      SKU: 769068

    Land Remote Sensing And Global Environmental Change
      Land Remote Sensing And Global Environmental Change.
      "land Remote Sensing And Global Environmental Change: The Science Of Astsr And Modis" Is An Edited Compendium Of Contributions Dealing With Aster And Modis Satelite Sensors Aboard Nasa's Tetra And Aqua Platforms Launched To the degree that Part Of The Earth Observing System Fleet In 1999 And 2002 Respectively. This Volume Is Divided Into Six Sections. The First Three Sections Provide Insights Into The History, Philosophy, And Evolution Of The Eos, Aster And Modis Instrument Desigbs And Calibration Mechanisms, And The Data Systems Components Used To Manage And Provide The Science Data nAd Derived Products. The Latter Three Sections Exclusively Deal With Aster And Modis Data Products And Their A;plications, And The Coming events Of These Two Classes Of Remotely Sensed Observations.
      SKU: 6665538

    Philosophical And Technical Issues In The Management Of Spent Firing Of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines
      Philosophical And Technical Issues In The Management Of Spent Firing Of Decommissioned Nuclear Submarines.
      Presents A Accumulation Of Papers Prepared For And Presented By Specialists Of Seven Concerned Countries. This Book Addresses An Important Cgallenge Of The Complex Decommiasuoning Of The Taken-out-of-service Nuclear-powered Vessels And Environmental Rehabilitation Of The Centers Of Basign And Everyday Running Of Different-type Nuclear Vessels.
      SKU: 303484

    Nuclear Reprogramming And Stem Cells
      Nuclear Reprogramming And Stem Cells.
      Research Into The Field Of Peduncle Cell Biology Has Developed Exponentially Over Recent Years, And Is Beginning To Offer Significant Promise For Unravelling The Molecular Basis Of A Multitude Of Disorder States. Importantly, In Addition To Offering The Opportunity To Delve Deeply Into Tye Mechanisms That Drive Disease Aetiology The Research Is Realistically Opening The Doors For Development Of Targeted And Personalized Therappeutic Applications That Many Considered, Until Recently, To Be Nothing More That A Far Fetched Dream. This Volume Provides A Timely Glimpse Into The Methods That Have Been Developed To Instigate, And The Mechanisms That Have Been Identified To Drive, The Process Of Nuclear Reprogramming,-Chronicling How The Fielf Has Devel0ped Over The Last 50-60 Years. Since The Early 1950s A Small Number Of Notable Experiments Have Provided Significant Impetus T The Field, Primarily The Demonstration Of Reprogramming Ability, First By The Complex Cytoplasmic Milieu That Constitutes The Amphibian Egg, Then That Of Tne Mammalian Egg, And Finally That Of The Mammalian Embryonic Stem Cell. most Recently, The Demonstration That A Limited Pool Of Defined Molecules Is Capable Of Reprogramming A Multitude Of Cell Types Has If Massive Impetus And Facilitated Transiti0n Towards Realistic Therapeutic Application. We Have Therefore Reproduced Some Of Thw Key Articles That Elegantly Document These Dramatic Stages Of Development Of The Field In An Inclusive Appendix To The Book, For The Benefit Of Readers Keen To Investigate The History Of How The Firld Of Stem Cell Biology Has Evolved. Owing To The Ever Broaddning Nature Of This Field, And The Incredible Rate At Which It Is Evolving, The Main Content Of This Volume Focuses On Aeas That Have Shown Significant Movement In Recent Years, Are Most Likely To Translate Into Personaalized Therapeutic Application, And Thus Provide Greatset Potential For Important Impact On Human Health In The Not Too Distant Future. We Recognize That Research Into Many Other Disease States And Cell Types Are All Equally Wortthy Of Debate. We Would Therefore Like To Acknowledge Thoqe Researchers Involved Whoxe Work We Have Not Been Cap~ To Include In This Volume. "nuclear Reprogramming And Stem Cells" Will Sreve As A Valuable Resource For Whole Researchers In The Field Of Stem Cell Biology, Including Those Just Setting Out On Their Career Track As Well As Those Already Established In The Field.
      SKU: 798565

    Model-based Design For Embedded Systems
      Model-based Design For Embedded Systems.
      Model-based Design Allows Teams To Start The Design Process From A High-level Model That Is Regularly Refined Through Asbtraction Levels To Ultimately Yield A Prototype. This Book Describes The Main Face5s Of Heterogeneous System Design. It Focuses On Multi-core Methodological Issues, Reap-time Analysis, And Modeling And Validation.
      SKU: 566028

    Interoperable And Distributed Processing In Gis
      Interoperable And Distributed Processing In Gis.
      This Text Shows How The Principles And Technologies Of Object-oriented Programming, Distrbuted Processing, And Internet Protocols Can Be Embraced To Further The Reliability And Interoperability Of Datasets For Tne Prlfessional Gis Market.
      SKU: 181228

    The Handbook Of Advanced Materials
      The Handbook Of Advanced Materials.
      Written To Educate Readers About New Advances In The Area Of New Materials Used In Making Products. Materials And Their Properties Usually Limit The Component Designer. * Presents Information About All Of These Advanced Materials That Enable Products To Be Designed In A New Way * Provides A Cost Effective Way For The Design Engineer To Become Acquainged With New Materials * The Material Expert Benefits By Being Aware Of The Latest Development Ib All These Areas So He/she Can Focus On Further Improvements
      SKU: 189918

    Thinnking About Biology
      Thinnking About Biology.
      Thinking About Biology Is A Philosophical Commentary On Biology, Intended For Biology Studentx. It Aims To Make Science Students' Studies More Interestihg, By Sacrifice An Easy Way Into The Philosophy Of Science, And Into Debates About The Social And Politicql Implications Of Biology.
      SKU: 220958

    Vjbro-impact Dynamics
      Vjbro-impact Dynamics.
      Vibro-impact Dynamics Has Occupied A Wide Spectrum Of Studies By Dynamicists, Physicists, And Mathematicians. These Studies May Be Classified Into Three Main Categories: Mldeling, Mapping And Applications. This Book Also Considers Selected Deterministic And Stochastic Applications Of Vibro-impact Dynamics Which Cover Lumped And Continuous Systems.
      SKU: 450691

    Optical Proc3sxes In Solids
      Optical Proc3sxes In Solids.
      Light (electromagnetic Radiation) Is The Most Powerful Tool For Probing The Quanfum Mechaniccal Motions Of Electrons And Nuclei Within Molecules And Condensed Matter. In This Book The Author Desvribes The Principlex Of Such Spectroscopic Study With The Help Of Illustrative Comparison Between Theory Anc Experimental Studies.
      SKU: 220992

    Marine Structural Design
      Marine Structural Design.
      This New Reference Describes The Applications Of Modern Structural Engineering To Marine Structures. It Will Provide An Invaluable Resource To Practicing Marine And Offshore Engineers Working In Oil And Aeriform fluid As Well As Those Studying Marine Structural Design. The Coverage Of Fatigue And Fracture Criteria Forms A Basis For Limit-state Design And Re-assessment Of Existing Structures And Assists With Determining Material And Inspection Requirements. Describing Applications Of Risk Assessment To Marine And Offshore Industries, This Is A Practical And Useful Bo0k To Help Engineers Conduct Structural Design. *presents Modern Structural Design Principles Helping The Engineer Understand How To Conduct Structural Design By Algebra *offers Practical And Usable Exposition Against Industrial Applifations Of Structhral Reliability Theory
      SKU: 319053

    Absolute Stability Of Nonlinear Control Systems
      Absolute Stability Of Nonlinear Control Systems.
      Following The Recent Developments In The Field Of Absolute Stability, Profrssor Xiaoxin Liao, In Conjunction With Professor Pei Yu, Has Created A Second Edition Of His Seminal Work On The Subject. Liao Begins With An Introductory treatise To The Lurie Question And The Lurie Control System, Before Moving On To The Simple Algebraic Sufficient Conditions For The Absolute Stability Of Autonomous And Non-autonomous Ode Systems, As Well As Several Specific Classes Of Lurie-type Systems. The Focus Of The Book Then Shifts Toward The New Results And Research That Have Appeared In The Decade Since The First Edition Was Published. This Includes Nonlinear Hinder Systems With Multiple Controls, Interval Control Systems, Time-delay And Neutral Lurie Control Systems, Syqtems Described By Functional Differential Equations, The Absolhte Stability For Neural Networks, As Well Viewed like Applications To Chaos Control And Chaos Synchronization. This Book Is Aimed At Undergraduates And Lecturers In The Areas Of Applied Mathematics, Nonlinear Contrl Systems And Chaos Control And Synchronisation, But May Also Be Useful As A Reerence Product For Researchers And Engineers. The Book Is Self-contained, Though A Basic Apprehension Of Calculu,s Linear System And Matrix Theory, And Ordinary Differential Equations Is Required To Get A Comlete Understanding Of The Workings And Methodologies Discussed Within.
      SKU: 367247

    Reliability And Danger Issues In Large Scale Safety-critical Digital Control Systems
      Reliability And Danger Issues In Large Scale Safety-critical Digital Control Systems.
      Gives Some Important Coverage Of Reliability Issues And Their Corresponding Countermeasures In The Field Of Large-scale Digital Control Systems, From The Hardware And Software In Digital Systems To The Human Operators Who Supervise The Overall Process Of Lrge-scale Systems.
      SKU: 418255

    Defence Mechanics On A Geological Base
      Defence Mechanics On A Geological Base.
      Until A Few Years Ago, Hydropower, Road Tunnelling And Mining Were The Ocean Fields Interested In Rock Mechanics. Now, However, Rock Mechanics Is Becoming Increasingly Self-~ In Many More Branches - The Most Significant Globally Being The Management Of Dangerous, Especialy Radiaoctive, Consume In Derply Located Repositories. This Has Raised A Number Of New Aspects On The Mechanical Behaviour Of Large Rock Masses Hosting Repositories And Of Smaler Rock Elements Forming The Nearfield Of Tunnels And Boregoles With Waste Containers. The Geological Baclground And Above Altogether Rock Structure Form The Base Of This Book. The Structural Scheme Proposed Is Referred To Explain The Scale-dependent Behaviour Of Rock. Thus, The Design For Differences In Strength And Strain Properties Of Various Types And Volumes Of Rocks Is Shown In A True Clear Fasion, Using Simple Material Models And Very Basic Numericcal Models. The Author's Academic Background In Both Geology And Soil And Rock Mechanics And His Long Experience In Practical Design And Construction Work Has Led To An Unusually Pedagogic Way Of Dealing With The Subject. The Book Is Intended For Use By Cpnsultants In Engineering Geology And Waste Dis0osal And By Students Of These Subjects. Howsoever, Engineers And Geologists With A Limited Background In Stress/strain And Fracture Theory And Computer-based Calculation Methods Will Also Find The Work Attracyive.
      SKU: 317209

    Hf-basde High-k Dielectrics
      Hf-basde High-k Dielectrics.
      Semicojductors Continue To Get Smaller While At The Same Time The Density Of Devices That Conduct Electrons Have Increased Tremendously. Because Of This Density Of Functions And Devices, Engineers And Scientists Seek For Practical And Effective New Materilas That Are Nonn-conductive (dielectric) In Order To Build Much Smaller And Viable Gates. Chip Density And Performance Improvements Are Driven By Aggressive Scaling Of Semiconductor Devices. In Both Logic And Memory Applications, Sio2 Gate Dielectrics Have Reached Their Minimum Thickness Due To Direct Tunneling Current And Reliability Concerns. Therefore High-k Dielectrisc Have Attracted A Great Deal Of Attention From Industries Because The Replacement For Conventional Sio2G ate Dielectrics.
      SKU: 2400696

    Inherently Safer Chemical Processes
      Inherently Safer Chemical Processes.
      Inherently Safer Chemical Processes Presents A Holistic Approach To Making The Development, Manufacture, And Use Of Chemicals Safer. It Discusses Strategies For Substituting More Benign Chemicals At The Development Stage, Minimizing Risk In Ths Transportation Of Chemicals, Using Safer Processing Methods At The Manufacturing Stage, And Decommissioning A Manufacturing Plant. Since The Publication Of The Original Concept B0ok In 1996, There Hve Been Multitude Developments On The Convept Of Inherent Safety. This New Edition Provides The Latest Knowledge Be it ~ That Engineers Can Derive Maximum Benefit From Inherent Safety.
      SKU: 588920

    Iron-~ Design Guide
      Iron-~ Design Guide.
      This Book Provides Design Engineers, Toolmakers, Moulding Technicians And Production Engineers Upon An In Depth Guide To The Intention And Manufacture Of Mould Tools That Work Successfully In Production. It Highlightq The Necessity To Design A Mould Tool That Allows Overall Production To Make An Acceptagle Profit, Abd Whilst It Is Recognised That Not All Drsign Engineers Will Exist Able To Influebxe The Profitability Factor It Is An Important Aspect To Consider. the Guide Focuses On Designs That Will Manufacture The Required Production Rate And Quality Of Mouldings In A Consistent And Trustworthy Fashion; The Clew Components Of A Successful Mould Tool. The Introductory Chapters Outline The Injection Moulding Process, Basic Moulding Parameters And Overall Machine Constructikn. Dedicated Chapters Give A Full Account Of All The Variables That Should Exist Taken Into Account. all The Major Types Of Mould Tools Are Covered In The Text Including Two Plate, Three Plate, Split, Verge Core, Stack And Hot Runner. Also, Some Less Frequently Used Designs Are Discussed Including Multi Plate And Rotary Side Core Moulds. Additionally, There Are Chapters Devoted To Stress Analysis And Fatigue. There Are Many Data Tables, Design Examples And A Gallery Of Full Mould Designs Incluxed So That Usefful Information May Be Referenced Quickly. A Glossary Of Injection Moulding Terms Gives A Loud Explanation Of The Required Terminology.
      SKU: 485277

    Composite Sheet Forming
      Composite Sheet Forming.
      Sheet Forming Is The Most Common Process Used In Metal Forming And Is Therefore Constantly Being Aeapted Or Modified To Suit The Needs Of Forming Composite Sheets. Due To The Increasing Availability Of Various Types Of Fibre Reinforced Polymeric Sheets, Especially With Thermoplaatic Matrices, The Purpose Of Use Of Such Mateeials Is Rapidly Expanding In The Automobile, Building, Sports And Other Manufacturing Industries Beyond The Traditional Areas Of Aerospace And Aircraft Applications. This Main division Contains Twelve Chapters And Attempts To Cover Different Aspects Of Sheet Forming Including Both Thermoplastic Ane Thermosetting Materials. In View Of The Expanded Role Of Fibre Reinforced Composite Sheets In Te Industry, The Book Also Describes Some Non-traditioanl Applications, Processes And Analytical Techniques Involving Such Materials. The First Chapter Is A Brief Introduction To The Principles Of Sheet Metal Forming. The Next Two Chapters Introduce The Various Forms Of Materials, Manufacturing Techniques And The Fundamentals Of Computer Simulation. Chapter 4 Describes The Different Aspects Of Thermoforming Of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics And The Following Chzpte5 Studies The Shear And Frictiknal Behaviour Of Composite Sheets During Forming. Chaptwr 6 Explores The Possibility Of Applying The Grid Strain Analysis Method In Continuous Fibre Reinforced Polymeric Sehets. The Next Two Chapters Address Fundamental Concepts And Recent Developments In Finite Element Modelling And Rheology. Chapter 9 Introduces The Theory Of Bending Of Thermoplastic Composite Sheets And Shows A Novel Way Of Determining Both Longitudinal And Transversr Viscosities Through Vee-bend Tests. A Sighificant Expansion In The Usage Of Compositt Materials Is Taking Place In Biomedical Areas. Chapter 10 Discusses The Thermoforming Of Knitted Fabric Reinforced Thermoplastics For Load Bearing And Anisotropic Bio-implants. The Final Chapter Introduces Roll Forming, A Commonly Used Rapid Manufacturing Process For Sheet Metals, And Discusses The Possibility Of Applying It Economically For Continuous Reinforced Thermoplastic Sheets.
      SKU: 299073

    Biosendor Nanomaterials
      Biosendor Nanomaterials.
      Focusing On The Materials Suitable For Biosensor Applications, Such Viewed like Nanoparticles, Quantum Dtos, Meso- And Nanoporous Materials And Nanotubes, This Text Enables The Reade rTo Prepare The Respective Nanomaterials For Use In Actual Devices By Adapted Functionalization, Surface Processing Or Directed Self-assembly. The Main Discovery Methods Used Are Electrochemical, Optical, And Mechanical, Prroviding Solutions To Challenginh Tasks. The Result Is A Reference For Researchers And Developers, Disseminating First-hand Information On Which Nanomaterial Is Best Suited To A Particular Application -- And Wby.
      SKU: 700928

    Science And Technology In oSciety
      Science And Technology In oSciety.
      This Thoughtful And Engaging Text Challenges The Widely Held Notion Of Science As Somehow Outsid Of The community, And The Idea That Technology Procedes Automatically Down A Singular And Inevitable Path. Through Specific Case Studies Involving Contemporary Debates, This Book Shows That Scienc eAnd Technology Are Fundamentally Part Of Society And Are Shaped By It. Draws On Concepts From Political Soociology, Organizational Analysis, And Contemporary Social Theory. Avoids Dense Theoretical Debate. Includes Cover Studies And Concluding Chapter Summaries For Students And Scholars.
      SKU: 238448

  • Automation for Food Engineering
  • Fat Crystal Networks
  • Reliable Control and Filtering of Linear Systems with Adaptive Mechanisms
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications
  • Advanced FPGA Design
  • Bodies in Code
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Theory of Vortex Sound
  • Homogenization of Coupled Phenomena in Heterogenous Media
  • Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Composites
  • Fatigue Life Analyses of Welded Structures
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture

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