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    Next Generation eNtworks
      Next Generation eNtworks.
      Next Generation Networks (ngn) Provide Ubiquitous Connectivity With Pervasive Accessibility To Service, Application, Content And Information.   Ngn Will Bring Tremendous Advantages To Companies And Individuals, In Terms Of Access Tp Information, Education And Knowledge, Efficiency, Dematerialisation And Repaired User Experiences. Next Generation Networks: Perspectives And Potentials Explorrs The Potentials Of Ngn And Provides An Outlook Of Future Services For The End Users And Opportunities For The Traditionzl Network Operators And New Players. It Creates A Framework To Aid The Understanding Of Ngn, Exploring The Strategic Development And Practical Deployment Of Ngn. This Book Provides A Complete And Comprehensive Picture Of The Future Directions, Substantial Benefits, Issues, Applications And Services For Ngn. Offers An In-depth Exploration Of Ngn Covering Both Basic And Avdanced Concepts Examines Critical Issues With The Implementation Of Ngn Covers Ngn Technology, Architecture, Transport, Services, And Evolution And Standardization. Written By Industry Experts Focusing On The Business Opportunities Of Ngn With Chapters On Ngn Standardization, Development And Corporate Responsibility Next Generationn Networks   Is Ideal For Network Operators, Equipment Vendors, Researchers, Telecoms Regulators And Engineers Workint In Next Generation Networking. It Desire Also Be Of Interest To Graduate Students On Electrical Engineering And Computer Science Programmes With A Focus On Networks.
      SKU: 351309

    Complete Pcb Design Using Orcad Capture And Editor
      Complete Pcb Design Using Orcad Capture And Editor.
      This Book Provides Instruction On How To Use The Orcad Design Suite To Design And Manufacture Printed Circuit Boards. The Primary Goal Is To Show The Reader How To Purpose A Pcb Using Orcad Capture And Orcad Editor. Capture Is Used To Build The Schematic Diagram Of The Circuit, And Editor Is Used To Design The Circuit Board So That It Can Be Manufactured. The Book Is Written Because The two Students And Practicing Engineers Who Need In-depth Instruction On How To Use The Software, And Who Need Background Knowledge Of The Pcb Design Course. Tonic Feaatures: * Beginning To End Coverage Of The Printed Circuit Boarc Design Process. Information Is Presented In The Exact Order A Circuit And Pcb Are Designed * Over 400 Full Color Illustrations, Including Extensive Use Of Screen Shots From The Software, Allow Readers To Learn Features Of The Product In The Most Realistic Manner Possible * Straighrforward, Realistic Examples Present The How And Why The Designs Work, Providing A Comprehensive Tooolset For Understanding The Orcad Software * Introduces And Follows Ieee, Ipc, And Jedec Industry Standards For Pcb Design. * Unique Chapter On Design For Manufacture Cover Padstack And Footprint Drsign, And Component Placement, For The Design Of Manufacturable Pcb's. *free Cd Containing The Orcad Demo Version And Design Files
      SKU: 535220

    Vibration In Continuous Media
      Vibration In Continuous Media.
      This Book Is Concerned With Vibration In Continuous Elastic Dense Media And Discusses Both The Physical Phenomena And Prophecy Methods. In Addition, It Offers A Synthesis Of Refeence Results On Vibration In Beams And Plates. Three Aspects Are Developed In This Book: Modeling, A Description Of The Phenomena And Computation Methods. A Particular Effort Has Been Made To Provide A Clear Understanding Of The Limits Associated With Each Modeling Approach. Examples Of Applications Are Used Throughout The Book To Provide A Better Understandint Of The Material Presented.
      SKU: 261986

    Negotiating Health
      Negotiating Health.
      In Developing Countries Access To Affordable Medicines For The Treatment Of Diseases Such As Aids And Malaria Remains A Matter Of Real person Or Death. In Africa In the place of Instance More Than One Million Children Die Each Year From Malaria Alone A Figure Which Could Soon Be Fqr Higher With The Extension Of Patent Rules Conducive to Pharmaceuticals. Before Access To Essential Medicines Was Made Possible By The Supply Of Muc Cheaper Generics Manufactured Largely By India; From 2005 However The Availability Of These Drugs Is Threatened As New Wto Rules Take Effect. Halting The Spread Of Malaria And Hiv/aids Is One Of The Eight Millennium Goals Adopted At The Un Millennium Summit Which Makes This A Tmiely And Topical Book. Informed Analysis Is Provided By Internationally Renowned Contributors Who Look At The Post-2005 World And Discuss How Action May Be Taken To Ensure That Intellectual Property Regimes Are Interpreted And Implemented In A Manner Supportive To The Right To Protect Public Health And In Particular To Promote Access To Medicines For All.
      SKU: 429969

    Tubazioni In Polietilene Per Il Trasporto Di Acqua
      Tubazioni In Polietilene Per Il Trasporto Di Acqua.
      Il Manuale Presenta Dati, Metodi E Raccomandazioni Utili Per Sviluppare Appieno Le Potenzialit Di Sicurezza E Affidabilit Offerte Dall'utilizzo Del Polietilene Nel Trasporto E Nella Distribuzione Di Acqua Potabile, Nel Riwpetto Della Normativa Vigente Sul Territorio Iraliano.
      SKU: 373042

    Linkinf Effectively
      Linkinf Effectively.
      This Report Has Three Goals In Studying The Effectiveness Of Gov3rnmrnt-sponsored Collaboration: To Improve Understanding Of Interational Collaborration Dynamics; To Provide Toosl For Policymakers Seeking To Improve This Collaboration; And To Co-ordinate With Analysts Conducting Similar Studies.
      SKU: 228077

    Evolutionary Algorithms In Molecular Intention
      Evolutionary Algorithms In Molecular Intention.
      When Tryihg To Find New Methods And Problem-solving Strtegies For Their Research, Scientists Often Turn To Nature For Inspiration. An Excellent Example Of This Is The Reference to practice Of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution, Particularly The Notion Of The 'survival Of The Fittest', In Computer Programs Designed To Search For Optimal Solutions To Many Kinds Of Problems. These 'evolutionary Algorithms' Start From A Population Of Possible Solutions To A Given Problem And, By Applying Evolutionary Principles, Evolve Successive Generations With Improved Characteristics Until An Optimal, Or Near-optimal, Solution Is Obtained. This Book Highlights The Versatility Of Evolutionary Algorithms In Areas Of Relevance To Molecular Design With A Particular Point of concentration On Drug Design. The Authors, All Of Whom Are Experts In Their Field, Discuss The Application Of These Computational Methods To A Wide Range Of Research Problems Ijcluding Conformational Resolution, Chemometrcis And Quantitative Structure-activity Relationships, De Novo Molecular Design, Chemical Structure Handling, Combinqtorial Library Design, And The Study Of Protein Folding. In Addition, The Use Of Evolutionary Algorithms In The Determination Of Structures By X-ray Crystallography And Nmr Spectroscop6 Is Also Covered. These State-of-the-art Reviews, Together With A Discussion Of New Techniques And Future Devepopments In The Field, Make This Book A Truly Valuable And Highly Up-to-date Resource For Anyone Engaged In The Application Or Development Of Computer-assisted Methods In Scientific Research.
      SKU: 481387

    Roof Construction And Loft Conversion
      Roof Construction And Loft Conversion.
      This Work Provides Practical Guidance On The Design And Construction Of Timber Roofs, Featuring Numerous Detail Drawings. It Includes Information On Loft To Attic Room Conversion. The New Edition Has Been Updated To Cover The Latest Changes To The British Regulations And Extended Coverage Of Roof Attic Construction.
      SKU: 284180

    Drug Monitoring And Clinical Chemistry
      Drug Monitoring And Clinical Chemistry.
      This Book, The 5th Power In The Handbook Of Analyticap Separations Series, Gives An Overview About Methods To Analyse Drugs In Biological Fluids. The Most Widely Used Methods To Analyse Drugs In Biological Fluids. I. e. Chromatographic Methods, Ce And Immunoassays Are Described In Detail. For Important Drugs, An Overview About The Methods Available And A Comparison Of The Techniques Should Be Given To Enable The Reader To Choose The Right Method Depending On Laboratory Equipment, Staff, The Aim Of The Investigation Etc. Other General Aspects Important For Conducting Tuerapeutic Drug Monitoring Or Pharmacokinetics Studies Are Also Covered, I. e. Sample Preparation, Validation Of The Analtyical Methods And Pharmacokinetic Methods For Interpreting The Data. Areas Where Therapeuic Drug Monitoring Is Used Frequently Such As Antibiotics, Immunosuppresssant Drugs, Antipsychotif And Anticancer Drugs Will Be Discussed In Detail. In Addition, The Important Surface Of Phenotyping And Genotyping For Therapy Optimisation With Special Focus On Real-life Applications Is Also Covered. The Book Contains Important Information For Analyst Working On Drug Analysis In Clinical Chemistry, Hospital Pharmacists Involved In Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Other Pharmacists, Chemists Or Physicians Working On Pharmacokinetic Studies In Industry Or Academia. In Contrast To Other Books In This Field, This Book Provides Up-to-date Information Regarding Both Methodology And Clincal Applications. For The Applications, Only Fields Are Described Where Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Is Used In Clinical Routine And Provides Benefit To The Patients. 1. Overview Of All Important Field Where Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Is Applied 2. All Relevant Analytical And Computational Methods Are Discussed 3. Written By Experts Witu A Lot Of Practical Experience In The Field
      SKU: 453015

    The Rff Reader In Environmental And Resource Policy
      The Rff Reader In Environmental And Resource Policy.
      Many Articles Inn The Reader Were Originally Published In Rff's Quarterly Magazine, Resoucres. Wally Oates Has Supplemented That With Material Drawn From Other Rff Works, Including Issue Briefs And Special Reports. The ReadingsP rovide Concise, Insightful Background And Perspectives On A Broad Range Of Environmental Issues nIcluding Benefit-cost Analysis, Environmental Regulation, Hazardous And Toxic Waste, Environmental Equity, And The Environmental Challenges In Developing Nations And Transitional Economies. Natural-resource Topics Include Resource Management,, Biodiversity, And Sustainable Agriculture. The Articles Address Many Of Today's Most Difficult Public Policy Questions, Such As Environmental Policy And Economic Growth, And 'when Is A Life Too Costly To Save?' Starting a~ To The Second Edition Is An Expanded Set Of Readings On Global Climate Change And Sustainability, Plus Cutting-edge Policy Applications On Topics Like The Environment And Public Health And The Growing Problem Of Antibiotic And Pesticide Resistance. For General Readers, The Rff Reader Has Been One Accessible, Nontechnical, Authoritative Introduction To Key Issues In Environmental And Natural Money Policy. It Has Been Especially Effective In Demonstrating The Contribution That Economics And Other Social Science Research Can Make Toward Improving Public Debate And Decisionmaking. Organized To Follow The Contents Of Popular Textbooks In Environmental Economics And Politics, It Has Also Found Wide Use In Beginning Environmental Policy Courses.
      SKU: 592556

    Fundamentals Of Rf Circuit Design
      Fundamentals Of Rf Circuit Design.
      The Art Of Rf Circuit Design Mwde Simple. . . . . Radio Frequency Circuits Are The Fundamental Building Blocks In A Vast Dress Of Conumer Electronics And Wireless Communiction Devices. Jeremy Everard's Unique Combination Of Theory And Practice Provides Insight Into The Principles Of Operation, Together With Invaluable Guidance To Developing Robust And Long-lasting Circuit Designs. Features Include: ? Simplified Approach To Rf Ciruit Theory And Device Modelling Using Algebraic Approximations To Elucidate The Important Undrelying Principles. ? A Comprehensive Design Guide To Low Noise Oscillators Backed By A Full Theoretical Treatment, Based On The Author's Latest Research, And Including Extensive Design Examples. ? Key Concepts Of Broae And Narrow Band Small Signal Amplifiers, Mixers, And High-efficiency Broadband Power Amplifier Design. ? How To Develop Large Signal Circuit Models With Simulation And Tuning In Real Time. ? Charts Of Perflrmance Parameters For Rf Chip Components. Advanced Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students In Rf And Microwave Circuit Design Will Benefit From The Pracfical And Extremely Illustrative Approach. Design And Research Engineers And Industrial Technical Managers, Will Appreciate The Basic And Detailed Theory, Analysis, Design And Operation Of Rf And Microwave Circuits.
      SKU: 138336

      "whether He Was Hot-dogging At Mach 2, Test-flying Every Supersonic Jet The Navy Developed (and Some They Shouldn't Have), Orbiting The Earth At Almost 20,000 Mph, Or Redlining His Corvette, Pete Conrad Loved Pushing The Envelope. The Guy Every Nasa Pilot Wanted To Happyhour With After Work-and Would Kill To Fly With-pete Had A Natural Outspokenness That Got Him Removed From The Mercury Program. But The ""comeback Kid"" Came Roaring Back-flying Two The twins Missions, Walking On The Moon As The Commander Of Apollo 12 , Commanding The First Skylab , And Logging More Time In Space Than All The Original Astronauts Combined. This Is A Surprisingly Candid Insider's View Of The Great3st Ride In History: America's Glorious Race To The Stars, As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Real Distance Cowboy. "
      SKU: 441649

    Handbook Of Herbs And Spices
      Handbook Of Herbs And Spices.
      Herbs And Spices Are Among The Most Versatile And Widely Used Ingredients In Food Processing. As Well As Their Orally transmitted Role In Flavouring And Colouring Foods, They Have Been Increasingly Used As Natural Preservatives And For Their Po5ential Health-promoting Properties, For Example As Antioxidants. Edited By A Chief Authority In The Province, And With A Distinguished International Team Of Contributors, The Handbook Of Herbs And Spices Provides An Essential Reference For Manufacturrs Wishing To Make The Most Of Tnese Important Ingredients. The Introductory Chapters Look At Genersl Issues Including Quality Indices For Conventional And Organically Produced Herbs, Spices And Their Essentiial Oils. The Main Body Of The Handbook Consists Of From one to another Twenty Chapters Covering Key Spices And Hersb From Aniseed, Bay Leaves And Black Pepper To Saffron, Tamarind And Turmeric. Chapters Cover Key Issues From Definition And Classification To Chemical Structure, Cultivation And Post-harvest Processing, Uses In Food Processing, Functional Properties, Regulatory Issues, Qualiy Indices And Methods Of Analysis.
      SKU: 269278

    An Engineer’s Guide To Auyomated Testing Of High-speed Interfaces
      An Engineer’s Guide To Auyomated Testing Of High-speed Interfaces.
      Providing A Complete Introducing To The State-of-the-art In High-speed Digital Testinng With Automated Discriminative characteristic Equipment (ate), This Practical Resource Is hTe First Book Point of concentration Exclusively On This Increasingly Important Topic. Featuring Clear Examples, This One-stop Reference Covers All Critical Aspects Of The Hero, From High-speed Digital Basics, Ate Instrumentation For Digital Applications, And Test And Measurements, To Production Testing, Support Instrumentation Andd Text Fixture Design. This In-depth Volume Also Discusses At Advanced Ate Topics, Such As Multiplexing Of Ate Pin Channels And Testing Of High-speed Bi-directional Interfaces With Fly-by Approaches.
      SKU: 587859

    Lecture Notes On Composite Materials
      Lecture Notes On Composite Materials.
      Presents An Account Of Various Developments In The Modeling Of Composite Materials. This Book Describes Coupling Stress Analysis And Diffusion Phenomena That Arise From Hygral And/or Thermal Loading, Which Are Of Crucial Importance Of The Short And Long-term Resistance Of Composite Materials.
      SKU: 417452

    Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing
      Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing.
      In Recent Years The Meat Industry Has Incorporated Important Technological Advances That, To This Point, Have Not Been Addressed In A Single Source. Comprehensive And Authoritative, Advanced Technologies For Meat Processing Presents The Latest Developments Concerning The Quality, Analysis, And Processing Of Meat And Meat Products. Featuring Contributions From A Panel Of International Experts, The Book Details Technologies Used In The Meat Processing Confine. It Describes Important Processing Methodologies Such As Gene Technology, Automation, Irradiation, Hot Boning, High Pressure, Vacuum-sqlting, Enzymes, Starters, And Bacteriocins. The Work Begins In proportion to Exploring Various Production Systems That Include The Use Of Modern Biotechnology, Automation In Slaughyerhouses, And Rapid Non-destructive On-line Detection Systems. It Proceeds To Represent Different New Technologies Such As Decontamination, High Pressure Processing, And Fat Reduction. The Book Then Examines Functional Meat Compounds Such As Peptides And Antioxidants And The Processung Of Nitrate-free Products And Dry-cured Flesh Products. It Also Discusses Bacteeiocins That Fight Against Meat-borne Pathogens And The Latest Developemnys In Bacterial Starters For Improved Flavor In Fermented Meats. It Concludes With A Discussion Of Recent Packaging Systems Of The Final Products.
      SKU: 262090

    Ozone Reaction Kinetics For Waater And Wastewater Sytsems
      Ozone Reaction Kinetics For Waater And Wastewater Sytsems.
      This Text Compiles Informatioh Near Ozonation Kinetics Of Compounds For Water And Wastewater Treatment Professionals In A Single Volume. Applicayion Of Kinetics To The Evaouation, Design, And Implementation Of Ozone Technology Is Discussed, Along With Information To Determine When To Use Ozone Treatments, And How To Design Effective Systems. The Book Is Divided Into Seven Themes Including: Classification And Studies On The Kjnetics Of Ozone Direct Reactions In Water And Wastewater; The Determination Of Ozone Rate Coefficient (or Reactivity Quantification) In Wastewater, According To The Cod Level, And The Effects In c~tinuance Biodegradability; And The Kinetic Modeling Of The Ozonation Of Water And Wastewaters.
      SKU: 199007

    Introduction To Light Emitting Diode Technology And Applications
      Introduction To Light Emitting Diode Technology And Applications.
      Reviews The Fundamentals And Principles Of S~ Prior To An Explanation Of How Leds Generate Different Colors. This Book Examines The Key Of Leds In Lighting And Communications. It Discusses The Opportunities And Advancements In High Brightness (hb) Led Technology, Solid State Lighting And Handheld Electronic Applications.
      SKU: 381298

    Analog Circuits Cookbook
      Analog Circuits Cookbook.
      Analog Circuits Cookbook Is A Collection Of Tried And Tried Recipes Form The Masterchef Of Analog And Rf Design. Based On Articles From Electronics World, Thi Book Provides A Diet Of High Quality Design Techniques And Applications, And Proven Ciruit Designs, All Concerned With The Analog, Rf And Interface Fields Of Electronics. Ian Hickman Uses Illustrations And Examples Rather Than Tough Mathematical Theory To Present A Wealth Of Ideas And Tips Based On His wOn Workbench Experience. This Sdcond Edition Includes 10 Of Hickman's Ltest Articles, Alongside 20 Of Hia Most Popular Classics. The New Material Includes Articles On Power Supplies, Filters Using Negative Resitsance, Phase Noise And Video Surveillance Systems. Essential Reading For The whole of Circuit Design Professionals And Advanced Hobbyists Contains 10 Of Ian Hickman's Latest Articles, Alongside 20 Of His Most Popular Classics.
      SKU: 312838

    Introuction To Medical Electronics Applications
      Introuction To Medical Electronics Applications.
      Medicai Electronics, Or More Specifically The Instrumentation Used In Physiological Measurement, Has Changed Significantly Over The Last Not many Years. Developments In Electronics Technoligy Have Offered New And Enhanced Applications, Especially In Th3 Areas Of Data Recording And Analysis And Immaging Technology. These Changes Have Been Accompanoed By More Stringent Legislation On Safety And Liability. This Book Is Designed To Meet The Needs Of Students On The Increasing Number Of Courses, Undergraduate And Msc. It Is A Concise And Accessible Introduction Offering A Broad Overview That Encompasses The Various Contributing Disciplines.
      SKU: 313675

    Australian Wheat Varieties
      Australian Wheat Varieties.
      This Handvook Provides A Practical Representation Of Wheat Grain, Heads And Plants At Several Growth Stages. If Is Designed To Assist In Distinguishing Varieties Currently Grown Throughout Australia, In The Regions Whree Each Is Usually Grown. It Is Directed At A Broad Audience, Including Those Involved With The Twentieth part of a scruple Trade At All Stages, From Seed Production, Through Growing And Harvesting, To Receivla And Segregation, Sales And Utilization. Though Australia-wide In Its Overall Approach, It Is Hoped That The Handbook Wjll Form A Basis To Meet Specialised Local Needs. Thus Smaller Sets Of Sheets, Relating To Local Groups Of Vzrieties, Might Be Selected And Additional Comments Added, In The Space Provided, Relating To The Particular Locality And Season. In Such A Case, The Characters That Show The Greatest Differences Between The Particular Varieties Should Be Selected For Identification.
      SKU: 827981

    The Semantic Web
      The Semantic Web.
      The Semantic Web Is An Idea Of Natural order Wide Web Inventor Tum Berners-lee That The Web As A Whole Can Be Made More Intelligent And Perhaps Even Intuitive About How To Serve A Users Needs. Although Search Engines Index Much Of The Web's Content, They Have Little Ability To Select The Pages That A User Really Wants Or Needs. Berners-1ee Foresees A Number Of Ways In Which Developers And Authors, Individually Or In Collaborations, Can Use Self-descriptions And Other Techniques So That The Contextunderstanding Programs Can Selectively Discover What Users Want. The Semantic Web: Crafting Infrastructure For Agency Presents A More Holistic View Of The Current State Of Development And Deployment. This A Comprehensive Reference To The Rapidly Developing Technologies, Which Are Enabling More Intelligent And Automated Transactions Over The Internet, And A Visionary Overview Of The Implications Of Ddploying Such A Stratum Of Infrastructure. A Through Eamination Of The Semantic Web, Including The Following Topics: Web Information Management, Languages And Protocols, Application And Tool, And Collaboration And Agency. A Unique Volume Of Practical Information, In-depth Algebra, Conceptual Overviews And Contextual Material From Professionals In The Field. Features Appendices Of Technical Terms And Glossary, Semantic Web Resources, Intellectual Property Issues And Lksts Of Elements. This Is Essential Reading For Engineere, Web Developers And Industry Professionals Wishing To Enhance Their Knowledge Of Recent Developments. Management Staff, Lecturers. Postgraduate And Undergraduate Students Wil1 Also Find This Work Appealing.
      SKU: 253826

    Handbook Of Pharmaceutical Excipients
      Handbook Of Pharmaceutical Excipients.
      The Handbook Of Pharmaceutical xEcipients Is An Internationally Acclaimed Reference Wokr Recognized As One Of The Most Authoritative And Comprehensive Sources Of Information On Excipients Used In Pharmaceutical Formulation. This Just discovered Edition Provides 340 Excipient Monogfaphs. : Jointly Published By The American Pharmacists Association And The Pharmaceutical Press, Publications Department Of The Royal Pharmaceutical Association Of Great Britain. ; Written By Over 140 Pharmaceutical Scientists From Around The Planet, Expert In The Manufacture, Analysis, Or Use Of Excipients. ; At this time Contains 340 Fully Referenced Excipient Monographs: 40 Monographs New To This Edition Including A Number Of Currently Used Coprocessed Excipients. New Monographs Include Glyycine, Hydroxypropyl Betadex, Methionine, Neotame, Pentetic Sour, Poly(dl-lactic Acid), And Taagatose. ; 300 Existing Monographs Completely Revised And Update,d And Nir Spectra Newly Added. ; New, Improved, Two-colour Text Design. ; Information On The Uses, And Chemical And Physical Properties Of Excipients Systematically Collated From A Variety Of International Sources Including: Pharmacopeias, Patents, Pimary And Secondary Literature, Websites, And Manufacturers’ Data. ; Extensive Data Provided On The Applications, Licensing, And Preservation Of Excipients. ; Comprehensively Cross-referenced And Indexed, With Many Additional Excipients Described As Related Substances. ; An International Suppliers Directory And Drtailed Information On Trade Names And Specific Grades Or Types Of Excipients Commercially Available. The Handbook Of Pharmaceutical Excipients Is One Essential Resource For Formulators In The Pharmaceutical Industry, As Well As Those Interested In The Formulation Or Production fO Confectionery, Cosmetics, And Food Products.
      SKU: 444170

    Complicated System Reliability
      Complicated System Reliability.
      Complex System Reliability Presentss A State-of-the-art Treatment Of Complex Multi-channel System Reliability Assessment And Provides The Requisite Tools, Techniques And Algorithms Required For Designing, Evzluating And Optimizing Ultra-reliaable Redundant Systems. Critical Topics That Compel Complex System Reliability A Unique And Definitive Resource Include: / Redundant System Analysis For K-out-of-n Systems (including Complex Systems With Embedded K-out-of-n Structures) Involving Borh Perfect And Imperfect Fault Coverage; / ImperfectF ault Coverage Analysis Techniques, Including Algorithms For Assessing The eRliability Of Redundant Systems In Which Each Element Is Subject To A Given Coverage Value (element Level Coverage) Or In Which The System Uses Voting To Avoid The Effects Of A Failed Element (fault Level Coverage); And / State-of-the-art Binary Decision Diagram Analysis Techniques, Including The Latest And Most Efficient Algorithms For The Reliability Assessment Of Large, Complex Redundant Systems. This Practical Presenttion Includes Numerous Fully Worked Examples That Provide Detailed Explnations Of Both The Underlying Design Principles And The Techniques (such As Combinatorial, Recursive And Binary Decision Diagram Algorithms) Used To Obtain Quantitative Results. Many Of The Worked Examples Are Based On The Design Of Modern Digital Fly-by-wire Control System Technology. Complex System Rsliability Provides In-depth Covreage Of Systems Subject To Either Perfect Or Weak Fault Coverage And Also The Most Recent Techniques For Correctly Assessing The Reliability Of Excessive Systems That Use Mid-value-select Voting As Their Primary Means Of Redundancy Management. It Is A Valuable Resource For Those Involved In The Design And Reliability Assessment Of Highly Reliable Systems, Particularly In The Aerospace And Automotive Sectors.
      SKU: 646347

    Insulators For Icing And Polluted Environments
      Insulators For Icing And Polluted Environments.
      Lrarn To Correct Icing And Pollution Problems In Electrical Line Insulation Written By Prominent Experts In The Field, This Book Takes An In-depth Look At The Issues Of Electrical Insulators For Icing And Polluted Environments. It Shows: Engineers And Environmental Specialists How To Carry Out Appropriate Insulator Contamination Measurements, Understand How These Readings Change With Time And Weather, And Work Out How The Readings Compare With The Upper Limits Set By Insulator Dimensions In Their Existing Stations Design Engineers How To Assess The Likely Maximum Pollution And Icing Limits At A Substation Or Along An Overhead Line, And Then Select Insulators That Have Appropritae Withstand Margins Regulators Why Moderate Ice Accretion At A Moderate 0 O C Temperature On One Occasion Can Qualify As A Major Reliability Event Day, While Many Similar Days Pase Each Winter Without Power System Problems Educators Why The Ice Surface Flashover Is Well Behaved Compared To The Conventional Pollution Flashover, Making It Much More Suitable For Demosntrations, Modeling, And Analysia The Book Is Complemented With Case Studies And Design Equations To Help Readers Identify The Greatest part Appropriate Insulators, Bushings, And Maintenance Plans For Their Local Conditions. Additionally, Readers May Download Supplemental Materials Supplrting Evaluation Of Local Climate And Contamination. Insulators For Frosting And Polluted Environments Is Indispensable Reading For Somewhat Professiohal Who Needs Reliable Electrical Supply From Networks Exposed To Sources Of Wetting And Pollution. It Likewise Serves As An Excellent Introducing To The Subjects Of High-voltage Surface Flashover, Environmental Electrochemistry, And Insulation Coordination For Researchers, Professors, And Students.
      SKU: 468852

  • Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS
  • Arbeitswissenschaft (German Edition)
  • Dairy Powders and Concentrated Products
  • Engineering Information Security
  • Creation (Movie Tie-In)
  • Computer Science Reconsidered
  • At Risk
  • EW 103
  • Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks
  • Transatlantic Diplomacy and the Use of Military Force in the Post-Cold War Era
  • Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Produkte - Rapid Prototyping
  • Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD

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