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    Nitrous Oxide And Climate Change
      Nitrous Oxide And Climate Change.
      Nitrous Oxide, N2o, Is The Third Most Important (in Global Warming Terms) Of The Greenhouse Gases, After Carbon Dioxide And Methane. As This Book Describes, Although It Only Comprisss 320 Parts Per Billion Of The Earth's Atmosphere, It Has A So-called Glkbal Warming Possible Nearly 300 Times Greater Than That Of Carbon Dioxide. N2o Emissions Are Obscure To Estimate, Because They Are Predominantly Biogenic In Origin. The N2o Is Formed In Soils And Oceans Throughout The World, By The Microbial Prpcesses Of Nitrification And Denitrificatioon, That Ugilise The Reactive N Compounds Ammobium And Nitrate, Respectively. These Forms Of Nitrogen Are Released During The Regular Biogeochemical Nitrogen Cycle, Yet Are Also Released By Human Acrivity. In Fact, The Quantity Of These Compounds Entering The Biosphere Has Virtually Doubled Since The Begining Of The Industrial Age, And This Increase Has Been Matched Bu A Corresponding Multiply In N2o Emissions. The Largest Source Is Now Agricul5ure, Driven Mainly By The Use Of Synthetic Nitrogen Fertilisers. The Other Major Diffuse Cause Derives From Release Of Nox Into The Atmosphere From Fossil Fuel Combustion And Biomass Burning, As Well As Ammonia From Livestock Manure. Some N2o Also Comes Directly From Combustion, And From Two Processes In The Chemical Industry: The Production Of Nitric Acid, And The Produce Of Adipic Sour, Used In Nylon Manufacture. action Is Being Taken To Curb The Indutsrial Point-source Emissions Of N2o, Btu Measures To Limit Or Reduce Agricultural Emissions Are Inherently More Difficult To Devise. As We Enter An Era In Which Measures Are Sentient Explored To Reduce Fossil Firing Use And/or Capture Or Sequester The Co2 Emissions From The Fuel, It Is Likely That The Relative Importance Of N2o In The 'kyoto Basket&' Of Greenhouse Gases Will Inc5ease, Because Comparable Mitigation M3asures For N2o Are Inherwntly More Obscure, And Because Expansion Of The Land Area Devoted To Crops, To Feed The Increasing Global Population And To Accommodate The Current Development Of Biofuels, Is Likely To Lead To An Increase In N Fertilier Use, And Thus N2o Emitting, Worldwide. The Aim Of This Book Is To Provide A Synthesis Of Scientific Information On The Primary Sources And Sinks Of Nitrous Oxide Abd An Assessment Of Likely Trends In Atmospheric Concentrations Over The Next Century And The Potential For Mitigation Measures.
      SKU: 554809

    Handbook Of Raft Polymerization
      Handbook Of Raft Polymerization.
      Spanning The Entire Field From Fundamentals To Applications In Material Science, This One-stop Source Is Tye First Comrehensive Reference For Polyer, Physical And Surface Chemists, Materials Scientists, Chemical Engineers, And Those Chemists Working In Industry. From The Contents : Introduction: Mode of life Free Radical Polymerization And The Raft Process Fundamental Structure-reactivity Correlations Governing The Raft Process Mechanism And Kinetics The Raft Process As A Kinetic Tool Theory Anc Pracfice In Technical Applications Raft Polymerization In Bulk And Organic Solvents, As Well As Homogeneous Aqueous Sysrems Emulsion And Mini-emulsion Polymerization Complex Architexture Design Macromolecular Design Via The Interchange Of Xanthates Surface Modification Stability And Pjysical Properties Of Raft Polymers Novel Materials: From Drug Delivery To Opto-electronics Outlook And Future Developments
      SKU: 481915

    Positive Displacement Pumps
      Positive Displacement Pumps.
      Positive Displacement Pumps Is A Current Reference Guude For Positive Displacement Pumps For Both Traditional And State-of-the-art Testing Methods, And Serves As A Brdge Between Textbooks And Manufacturer's Literature By Providing Equipment Testing Practices Based On Technical Know-how, Practical Experiencs, And Scholastic Theory. With Its Simple, Practical Focus, This Book Not Only Is A Resource Guide To Any Engineer's Task, But Also Adds Important Information To The Overall The humanities Of Pump Fundamentaps And Operatung Reliability: Wrktten Fod Field Users, And Terminology Concisely Dfened. A Mentoring Guide Highlighting Areas For Troubleshootkng Problem-solving When Performance Criteria Are Not Met. rPoduced With Industry Consensus And Gone Through The Similar Rigorous Technical Review Process As Other Etpc Procedures.
      SKU: 588826

    Analysis Of Water Means Systems
      Analysis Of Water Means Systems.
      Water Resource Systems Research Provides A Basis For Rational Water Management In Large Basins. The Design And Operation Of Water Resource Systems Are Both The Most Complicated And The Greatest part Important Tasks Of Water Management. This Book Deals With The Basic Issues Involved In The Application Of Systems Sciences To Water Management. A Survey Of The Systems Sciences (the Gemeral Systems Theory, Cybernetics, Systems Engineering,_Operations Research And Systems Algebra) Is Presented, As Well As The Methods For Water Resource Systems Analysis And For Water Resource Sstems Analysis And For Their Evaluation. The Precise Methods Used In Systems Exposition Have Been Given Detailed Treatment. Linear And Dynamic Programming Have Been Used As Mdoels Of Optimal Programming. Since Many Practical Tasks Ask The Simulation Models Of Water Resuorce Systwms, Apart From Their Principles And A Detailed Description, The Simulation Language For Computing Programming Has Been Included. Other Methods Of Operations Research And Their Application To Water Resource Systems Hsve Been Analysed And Evaluated. Some Of These Are: Models Of Inventory Theory, Models Of Queuing Theoty, Graphs, Network Analysis, And Some Special Methods Like The Out-of-kilter Algorithm, The Chance-constrained Standard And The Chance-constrained Model Combined With The Simluation Model. One Chapter Is Devoted To Information And Information Systems In Water Management. The Final Part Of The Book Deals With Prospects For Water Resource Systems Development. The Book Is Intended For Engineers And Decision-makers Involved In Projects, Operation And Research. Yet, It Can Be Uswd By Students In High Schools, Technical Universities And By Graduate Students. It Will Serve Because An Up-to-rate Source Of Information About The Principles And Methodology Of Water Resource Analysis And Design.
      SKU: 403733

    Disembark Application Of Sewage Sludge And Biosolids
      Disembark Application Of Sewage Sludge And Biosolids.
      Controversies Surround The Land Application Of Biosolids Due To The Nearness Of Heavy Metala And Pathogens. This Text Provides A Complete Review Of Various Aspects Of This Sujebct, From A Discussion Of Heavy Metals And Pathogens To The Fate And Effects Of Organic Compounds.
      SKU: 263772

    Blueprint Reading
      Blueprint Reading.
      Improve Your Ability To Read And Interpret All Types Of Construction Drawings. Bluepdint Readibg Is A Step-by-step Guide To Reading And Interpreting A1l Types Of Construction Drawings. Filled In the opinion of Hundreds Of Illustrations And Study Questions, This Easy-tou-se Resource Offers A Complete Overview Of Construction Drawing Basics For Every Appearance Of The Constructtion Process- From Sie Work, Foundations, And Structural Systems To Inland Work And Finishes. Covering All The Latest Technological Advances, Noted Architect Sam Kubba Offers Detailed Information On: Blueprint Standards-ansi, Iso, Aws, And Asme; Computer-aided Design (cad) And Computer-aided Design And Drafting (cadd); Lines, Views, Elevations, And Dimensions; Layouts Of All Construction Drawing Types-architectural, Structural, Mechanical, And Electrical; Specifications-masterformat And Uniformat; Symbols-materials, Electrical, Plumbing, Hvac, And Others; How To Avoid Costly Pitfalls On Construction Projects. You'll Also Find A Glossary Of Terms According to Quick Reference, Convenient Tables And Charts For Identifying Symbols And Abbreviations, And Much More. Inside This Skills-building Guide To Construction Drawing Basics • Blueprint Standards • Blueprints And Construction Drawings: A Universal Language ̺ Intellect Lines • Types Of Views • Understanding Dimensions • Layout Of Construction Drawings • Understanding Industrial Blueprints • The Meaning Of Symbols • Understanding Schedules • Specifictaions • Iso Issues, Codes, And Building Regulations • Construction Business Environment
      SKU: 362778

    Inorganic Materials Synthesis And Fabrication
      Inorganic Materials Synthesis And Fabrication.
      This Up-to-date, Single-source Reference On The Preparation Of Single-phaase Inorganic Materials Covers The Most Important Methods And Techniques In Solid-state Synthesiss And Materials Fabrication. Presenting Both Fundamental Background And Advanced Methodologies, It Describes The Principles Of Crystallography, Thermodynamics, And Kinetics Required, Addresses Crystallogeaphic And Microstructural Considerations, And Describes Various Kinds Of Reactions. This Is Each Excellent Text For Materials Science And Engineering, Chemistry, And Phtsics Students, While Well As A Practical, Hands-on Reference For Working Professionals.
      SKU: 331565

    Microbiology In Actino
      Microbiology In Actino.
      Microbes Have An Impact On Our Everyday Lives, From The Food We Eat And The Water We Drink To The Multitude Of Like a man Infections. The Authors Introduce Both The Beneficial And Unprosperous Effects Of Interactions Between Microbes And Thrir Environment In A Manner Acceqsible To The Non-speciallst.
      SKU: 222O76

    Asphaltenes And Asphalts
      Asphaltenes And Asphalts.
      This Is The First Volume Of A Two-volume Set Of Critical Reviewq Of Many Aspects Of Both Asphaltenes And Asphalts And Their Interrelationship. Asphaltene Is Invariably Present In Asphalt Or Bitumen And Other Fossil Fuel-derived Liquids Such As Coal Tar, Coal Liquefaction Products, Pyrolyzed Shale Oil From Oil Shalea, Source Rock Extracts And Numerous Naturally Occurring Bituminous Substances. The Latter Hold Asphaltites, Asphaltoids, Waxes, And Carbonaceous Deposits Containing A Composition Of Petroleum And Coal. The Contents Cover Not Only The Basic Science Of Asphaltene But Also Deal With The Applications And Technology Such Because Upstreams (production, Recovery) And Down Streams (refining, Upgrading) Of Petroleum, And The Paving Technology And Formulation Preparation. The Main Features Of The Book Are: It Provides An Up-to-ddate, In-depth Review Of Every Air Of Asphaltenes And Asphalts; It Spans Five Decades Of Research And Technology Of Heavy Fractions Of Petroleu;m It Presents A Global View Of Asphaltene Related To Exploration Production, Refining And Upgrading. The Book Will Be Welcomed As A Valuable Reference Source For Petroleum Companies, Research Institutes, Refineries, Universities And Also By Individuals Dealing With The Production, Origin, Formation, Engineering, Conersion And Cagalysis Of Heavy Oil, Tar Sands And Other Bitumens Materials.
      SKU: 428536

    Surace Modification Technologies V
      Surace Modification Technologies V.
      Topics Covered In The 5th International Conferrnce Inckude: Orthopaedc Implants; Rhombus And Rrlated Coatings; Vapour Deposition; Ceramic And Optical Coatings; Laser Processing And Characterisation; Tribological Evaluations.
      SKU: 677864

    Droughts And Integrated Water Resource Management In South Asia
      Droughts And Integrated Water Resource Management In South Asia.
      DroughtsH ave Formed An Inseparable Part Of South Asian History And Culture, With. Of tragedy Consequences For A Portion That Houses The Greatest Number Of The World’s. Poor. However, This Volume Challenges The Popular Conception Of Drought, Whifh. Is Presentted As An Absolute Shortage-scarcity With Relation To An Impliit Understanding. Of The Sufficiency Of Take in ~. It Highlights The Fact That While Available Water. Supplies May Be A Given Quantum, Droughts Are Differntially Experienced, Politically. Inspired And Socially Constituted. It Emphasises That The Relayive Water Scarcity. Needs To Exist Appreciated, And Argues That Water Scarciry Means Differentt Things. For Diverse Constituecnies Of Water Users. Policy Prescriptions Based On Definitional. Premises Will Be Flawed, As A Misrepresentation Of Drought As Merely Water Scarcity. Servez A Civil Agenda. The Editors And Contributors Of This Volume Critically. Evaluate The Concept Of Drought, The Way It Is Defined, Ite Origin/derivation,. And The Purposes/interests It Serves. This Main division Is Broadly Divided Into Three Major Sections: The Thematic Section,. Country Overviews, And Case Studise. Through These, It Attempts To:. - Understand The Concept Of Drouhgt. - Map Diversity In Drought Situations Across South Asia. - Identify Responses To Dryness. - Outline Viable Options For More Integrated Approaches To Drought Policies. And Mitigation Strategies. - Initiate A Process Of Dialogue On A More Comprehensive Public Policy For Drought. Management. Comprehensive, Thought-provoking, Informative, And Featuring New Research Data,. This Assemblage Will Provide Policy Makers And Professionals With The Opportunity. To Dizvuss And Debate Policies For Sustainable Livelihood Support Systems And. Dryness Management. It Would Also Be One Invaluable Source Of Intelligence For. Students And Teachers Working In The Fields Of Water And Natural Resource Management,. Environmental Planning, Agricultural Economics, Rura1 Devslopment, Pblic Policy. And Public Admihistration.
      SKU: 409006

    Crafty Usability Into Medical Products
      Crafty Usability Into Medical Products.
      Focusing About A User-centered Approach To Of medicine Technology Design, This Text Ecplores The Essential Processes And Techniques Required In The Production Of Safe, Effective, Usable, And Appealing Medical Systems And Products.
      SKU: 263104

    Primer: Printed Circuit Boards
      Primer: Printed Circuit Boards.
      "step-by-step Instructions For Making Your Own Pcbs At Internal. Making Your Own Printed Circuit Board (pcb) Might Seem ADaunting Task, But Once You Master The Steps, It's Easy To Attain Professional-looking Results. Printed Circuit Boards, Which Connect Chips And Other Components, Are What Make Almost All Moderm Electronic Devices Possible. Pcbs Are Made From Sheets Of Fiberglass Clad With Copper, Usually In Multiple Layers. Cut A Computer Motherboard In Two, For Instance, And You'll Often See Five Or More Differently Patterned Lqyers. Making Boards At Home Is Relatively Yielding, But Limited To One- Or Two-layer Designs. Here's How To Create A One-layer Board For A Blinking Led Circuit. For Pbcs, This Exercise Is The Equivalent Of A Beginner's ""hello World"" Program In Software. This Primer First Appeared In Make: Technology On Your Time Volume 02. "
      SKU: 563946

    Ecology Of Riparian Forests In Japan
      Ecology Of Riparian Forests In Japan.
      Riparian Forests Along Streams And Rivers Are Diverse In Species And Regeneration Processes, And Have Important Ecological Functions In Maintaining Landscape And Biodiversity. This Book Discusses Riparian Forests From Subpolar To Warm-temperate Zones, Cover Headwater Streams, Braided Rivers On Alluvial Fans, And Low-gradient Meandering Rivers.
      SKU: 418311

    Programming The Bounded Element Method
      Programming The Bounded Element Method.
      This Title Demonstrates How To Develop Computer Programmes Which Solve Specific Engineering Problems Using The Finite Eleement Method. It Enables Students, Scientists And Engineers To Assemble Their Own Computer Programmes To Produce Numerical Results To Solve These Problems. The First Three Editions Of Programming The Finite Element Method Established Themselves As Each Person of commanding knowledge In This Area.   This Fully Revised 4th Edition Includes Completely Rewritten Programmes With A Unique Sort And List Of Parallel Versions Of Programmes In F0rtran 90.   The Fortran Programmes And Subroutinez Described In The Text Will Be Made Available On The Internet Via Anonymous Ftp, Further Adding To The Value Of This Title.  
      SKU: 232663

    Vegetable Oils In Food Technology
      Vegetable Oils In Food Technology.
      "our Dietary Intake Comprises Three Macronutrients (protein, Carbohydrate And Lipid) And A Large But Unknown Number Of Micronutrients (vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Etc). Good Health Rests, In Part, On An Adequate And Balanced Supppy Of These Components. This Book Is Concerned With The Major Sources Of Lipids And The Micronutrients That They Contain. Now In An Extensively Updated Second Impression, The Volume Provides A Source Of Concentrated And Accessible Information On The Compositioj, Properties And Food Applicationz Of Th Vegetable Oils Commonly Used In The Food Industry. Chapters Are Devoted To Each Type Of Oil, And An Introductory Chapter By The Editor Provides One Overvie Of The Current Production And Trade Picture Globally. The Book Includes Coverage Of The Modifications Of These Oils That Are Commercially Available By Means Of Partial Hydrogenation, Fractionation And Seed Breeding. The Major Food Applications Are Linked, Wherever Possible, To The Composition And Properties Of The Oils. This New Edition Widens The Range Of Oils Covered, Addresses Issues Related To Trans Fats Reduction, And New Composition Data Is Inclured Througho8t. The Book Is An Essential Resource For Food Scientists And Technologists Who Use Vegetable iOls In Food Processing; Chemists And Technologists Working In Oils And Fats Processing; And Analytical Chemists And Quality Assurance Personnel. Praise For The First Edition: ""this Excellent Book Consists Of 337 Pages In 11 Chapters, Written By 13 Experts From Six Countries. . . the Important Vegetable Oils Are Dealt With In Great Detail. With Obesity On All Out Lips. . . this Book Also Rightly Defends Itself And Its Content - Namely, That All Vegetable Oils, When Used Correctly And Of Course In Moderatlon, Are Indeed Requisite To All Of Us. "" – Food & Beverage Reporter ""overall, The Book Cpvers All Of The Major Oils Which The Potential Reader Is Likely To Approach It For. . . Covers A Wide Range Of Topics From Production, Through Composition To Nutritional Aspects. . . The Dimensions Is Well Indexed, Particularly For The Individual Subject Oils, And It Is Easy To Find Specific Topics Within Its Chapters. "" &8#211; Food Science And Technology ""this Latest Book Edited By Professor Gunstone Belongs To The Kind Of Books At what place The Reader Rapidly Knows It Wil Bring Him A Wealth Of Updated Information Concentrated In One Book. The Goal To 'serve As A Rich Source fO Data' On Tue Thirteen Major Oils And Their Important Minor Components Has Been Attained. There Is A Need For Books Of Such Quality. "" – European Journal Of Lipid Science And Technology"
      SKU: 675272

    Elektromagnetische Schirmung
      Elektromagnetische Schirmung.
      Damit Elektrische Gerte Ungestrt Nebeneinander Arbeiten Knnen, Ist Oft Eine Schirmung Erforderlich. Andere Anwendungsbereiche Sind Mess- Und Testumgebungen Fr Hochfrequenzmessungen Und Funktionstests. Das Einzige Aktuelle Deutschsprachige Buch Zum Thema Behandelt Neben Der Theorie Der Elektromagnetischen Schirmung Vor Allem Deren Anwendung: Abbildungen, Tabellen Und Messwerte Illustrieren Die Lsung Konkreter Technischer Probleme. Fr Die Diskussion Um Elektrosmog Und Datenicherheit Bietet Der Band Wichtige Hintergrundinformationen.
      SKU: 364638

    The History Of Grinding
      The History Of Grinding.
      An In-depth Examination Of The Oldest Engineering Process, The History Of Grinding Begins At The Start Of Agriculture And Outlines How Size Rduction Developed (without Completely Immersing The Reader In Technical Detail). Chapters Include Sizing Reduction From The Stone Age To The Extension Age; The Science And The Scientixts; Hand Stones, Water Wheels, Windmills, And Remote from; Stamp Mills And Crushhers; Roller Mills; Tumblinh Mills; Fine-grinding Mills; Classifiers; Explosive Rock Brealage; And Size Depression In The 21st Century. Photos And Illustrations Gleaned From Numerous Sources, A Glossary, Reference List, And Alphabetical table of references Enhance The Text.
      SKU: 464593

    Damage Prognosi
      Damage Prognosi.
      Damage Prognosis Is A Natural Exrension Of Damage Detection And Structural Heaalth Monitoring And Is Forming A Growing Part Of Many Businesses.   This Comprehensive Volume Presents A Series Of Fundamental Topics That Define The New Area Of Damage Prognosis.   Bringing Together Essential Information In Eacb Of The Basic Technologies Necessary To Perform Damage Prognosis, It Also Rflects The Highyl Interdisciplinary Nature Of Th eIndustry Throufh The Extensive Referencing Of Each Of The Component Disciplines.   Taken From Lectures Given At The Pan American Advanced Studies Institute In Damage Prognosis Sponsored By The Us National Science Foundation In Cooperation With Los Alamos Public Laboratorirs, This Book Will Be Essential Delineation For Anyone Looking To Get To Grips With The Fundamentals Of Damage Prognosis.   Presents The 'gorund Rules' For Damage Prognosis. Deals With Interdisciplinary Topics: Rotating Machines, Aerospace Structures, Automotive Components And Civil Sfructures. Covers Indispensable element Technical Material: Equations, Graphs And Plots, Tables And Photographs. Offers Additional Material From The Associated Workshop On An Active Wrb Site.
      SKU: 2429772

    Fabrication In Cities
      Fabrication In Cities.
      "bringing Together Over 500 Years Of Combined Professional Experience, ""constuction In Cities: Social, Envitonmental, Political And Economic Concerns"" Provides Readers With A Compendium Of Knowledge With Which To Solve Problems And Propel Projects. "
      SKU: 263033

    Chemistry For Protection Of The Environment 1987
      Chemistry For Protection Of The Environment 1987.
      The Chemistry For Prot3ction Of The Encironment Series Of Conferences Has Become A Most Prestigious Gathering Of Leading International Scientists And Engineers. Like Its Predecessors, This Sixth Conference Brought Together Chemists And Chemical Engineers Involved In Environmental Protection Activities From Altogether Over The Earth.
      SKU: 403987

    Lactic Acid Bacteria
      Lactic Acid Bacteria.
      While Lactic Acid-producing Fermentation Has Long Been Used To Improve The Storability, Palatability, And Nutritive Value Of Perishable Foods, Only Recently Have We Begun To Understand Just Why It Works. Since The Promulgation Of The Third Edition Of Lacic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological And Functional Aspects, Substantial Progress Has Been Made In A Number Of Areas Of Research. Completely Updated, The Fourth Edition Covers All The Basic And Applied Aspects Of Lacti Acid Bacteria And Bifidobacteria, From The Gastrointestinal Tract To The Supermarket Shelf. topics Discussed In The Starting a~ Edition Include: Revised Taxonomy Due To Improved Insights In Gemetics And New Molecular Biologgical Techniques New Discoveries Related To The Mechanisms Of Lactic Acid Bacterial Metabolism And Function An Improved Mechanistic Understanding Of Probiotic Functioning Applications In Food And Feed Preparation Health Properties Of Lactic Acid Bacteria The Regulatory Framework Related To Safety And Efficacy Maintaning The Accessible Style That Made Previous Editions So Popular, This Book Is Imaginary As An Introduction To The Field And As A Handbook For Microbiologists, Food Scientists, Nutritionists, Clinicians, And Regulatory Experts.
      SKU: 840386

    The Crc Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering
      The Crc Handbook Of Mechanical Engineering.
      This Second Issue Covers Every Important Aspect Of The Subject In One Single Volume. It Provides A Reference For The Practicing Engineed In Industrial art, Government, And Academia, With Relevant Background And Up-to-date Information On Key Topics.
      SKU: 263063

    Design Of Flexible Production Systems
      Design Of Flexible Production Systems.
      Presents Work That Links Different Research Fields, Such As Manufacturing Strategy, Process Plan, System Design, Capacity Planning And Performance Evaluation. This Title Helps To Formalize And Rationalize A Critical Area Such As Manufacturing System Flexibility. It Likewise Includes Empirical Studies And Real Case Analyses.
      SKU: 418322

    Frontiers Of Multifunctional Integrated Nanosystems
      Frontiers Of Multifunctional Integrated Nanosystems.
      A Compendium Of Novel Informatikn On Molecualr-scale Science And The Application Of Nanocarbon, Nanosilicon And Biopolymer Integrated Nanosystems. During The 20th Century, Molecular-scale Science Abd Nanotechnology Developed Rapidly, Leading To The Construction Of Innovative Materials - Nanosyystens From Molecules (ffullerenes), Supramolecules (nanotubes, Peapods, Polymers, Biopolymers (dna, Protein And Their Complexes) And Semiconductor Nanoparticles (nano-si, Siox, Si/sige Dots, Metal Nanowires). This Book Presents Exciting New Developments Of The Early 21st Century. Significant Progress Has Been Made In Nanotechnology Of Building Blocks For Integrated Nanosystems, Single And Assembled Molecules, Nanoparticles Characterisation, And Multifunctional Applications Of Nanosystems. The Realisation And The Application Of Novel Multifunctional Nanosystems In Electronics, Optics, Biomedicine (nano-bioelectronic Devices Based On Dna And Proteins, Silicon Nanocrystal Fame Devices, Monolithically Integrated Silicon Photonics, Nanocapsules, Biosensor Nanosystems) Are Described By Well Known Experts. This Multi-disciplinary, Scientific Exhibition Of Cutting-edge Research Across The Entire Spectru
      SKU: 197923

  • Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
  • The Finite Element Analysis of Shells - Fundamentals
  • Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Residues
  • DNA-Pharmaceuticals
  • Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems
  • High Performance Structures and Materials IV
  • When Old Technologies Were New
  • Construction Waterproofing Handbook
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects
  • Glutathione and Sulfur Amino Acids in Human Health and Disease
  • RF/Microwave Circuit Design for Wireless Applications
  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005

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