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    No More Muddling Through
      No More Muddling Through.
      Systems Enginsering (se) Is A Systematic Way Of Thinking And A Methodology To Guide Demadning Problem-solving Processes In The Fields Of Management And Engineering. This Book Explains The Important Principles And Elements Of Systems Engineering. It Includes Three Planning Cases That Demonstrate The Practical Appliction.
      SKU: 32415

    Pharmaceutical Applications Of Polymers Because of Drug Delivery
      Pharmaceutical Applications Of Polymers Because of Drug Delivery.
      Polymers Are Becoming Increasjngly Importtant In The Field Of Drug Delivery. The Pharmafeutical Applications Of Polymers Range From Their Use As Binders In Tablets To Viscosity And Stream Controlling Agents In Liquids, Suspensions And Emulsions. Polymers Can Be Used As Film Coatings To Disguise The Unpleasant Taste Of A Dug, To Enhance Drug Stability And To Modify Drug Release Characteristics. The Review Focuses On The Us3 Of Pharmaceutical Polymers For Controlled Drug Giving Applications. Examples Of Pharmaceutical Polymers And The Principles Of Controlled Drug Delivery Are Outlined And Applications Of Polymers For Controlled Drug Delivery Are Described. The Field Of Controlled Drug Delivery Is Vast Therefore This Review Aims To Provide An Overview Of The Applications Of Pharmaceutical Polymers. The Reader Will Be Directed Where Necessary To Appropriate Textbooks And Specialised Reviews. Although Polymers Are Used Extensively As Pharmaceutical Packaging, This Review Is Concerned By the side of The Us3 Of Polymers In The Formulation Of Dosage Forms. This Criticise Will Be Of Interest To Anyone Who Has An Interest In The Pharmaceutical Use Of Polymers, Whether As A Researcher Or As A Manufacturer Of Medical Devices. The Review Is Accompanied By Approximately 250 Abstracts Compiled From The Polymer Library, To Facilitate Further Reading Steady This Subject. A Subject And A Company Characteristic Are Also Included. Save 20% When You Bribe 2 Or More Titles In The Rapra Review Record Series (Book 9 Onwards). Just Enter Prromotional Code Rrr20 When You Get To The Shopping Catr. Please Click Here To See The Full List Of Reports Available.
      SKU: 476903

    Analog Layout Synthesis
      Analog Layout Synthesis.
      Integrated Circuits Are Fundamental Elrctronic Components In Biomedical, Automotive And Many Other Technical Systems. A Small, Yet Crucial Break Of A Chip Consists Of Analog Circuitry. This Part Is Still In Large Part Designed By Hand And Therefore Represents Not Only A Bottleneck In Tne Design Flow, But Also A Permanent Source Of Design Errors Answerable For Re-desiigns, Costly In Terms Of Wasged Test Chips And In Terms Of Invisible Time-to-market. Layout Design Is The Step Of Tbe Analog Design Flow By the side of The Least Support By Commercially Available, Computer-aided Design Tools. This Book Provides A Survey Of Promising Nee Approachrs To Automated, Analog Layout Design, Which Have Been Described Lately And Are Rapidly Being Adopted In Industry.
      SKU: 646197

    Making Telecoms Work
      Making Telecoms Work.
      Brridging Teh Industry Divide Between The Technical Expertise Of Engineers And The Aims Of Market And Business Planners, Making Telecoms Work Provides A Basis For More Effective Interdisciplinary Analysis Of Technology, Engineering, Market And Business Investment Risk And Opportunity. Since Fixed And Mobile Broadband Has Become A Dominant Deluverable, Multiple Areas Of Transition And Transformation Have Occurred; The Book Places Thees Changes In The Context Of The Political, Social And Economic Dynamics Of TheG lobal Telecommunications Industry. Drawing Steady 25 Years Of Participative Experience In The Mobile Phone And Telecommunications Industry, The Author Closely Analyss The Materials, Components And Devices That Have Had A Transormative Impact. By Presenting Detailed Case Studies Of Materiald Innovation, Such As Those Shown At Success Story Apple, Th Book Shows How The Collaboration Of Technological Imagination With Business Knowledge Will Shape The Industry’s Future. Makes A Link Between The Technical Aspecst And The Business Prqctice Of The Telecoms Industry, Highlighting The Commercial And Economic Significance Of New Developments Gives A Historical Analysis Of Past Successes And Failures In Oredr To Identify Future Competing Advantage Opportunities Supplies Detaiked Cawe Studies Of Supply Chain Disconnects And The Impact These Have On Industry Risk And Prlfitability Brings Together Technological Detail With Analysis Of What Is And Is Not Commercially Important, From The Implications Of Energy And Evnironmental Networks To The Technical Details Of Wireless Netting Hardware.
      SKU: 832301

    Agriculture And The Environmental Imperative
      Agriculture And The Environmental Imperative.
      The Role Of Agriculture And Its Impact On Australia's Relatively Fragile Environment Is A Continuing Source Of Unresolved Concern. In The Past, Agricultural Producers And The Environmental Movement HaveA dopted Polarised Views On How The Australian Landscape Should Be Managed. Some Environmentalists Have Perceived Primary Producers As Exploiters Of Our Natural Resources While Some Farmers Have Viewed Environmental Groups Viewed like Aciheving Legislative Changes Without Regard To The Need To Earn A Living From The Land. In Recent Times, oHwever, Considerabld Progress Has Been Made. Research Has Provided A Wwil-advanced Understanding Of Environmental Capability And It Is No Longer Seen As Acceptable Conducive to Land Managers To Contunue With Practices That Exacerbate Land Devradation. Most Farmers Desire Reclamation And Ultimate Sustainability. This Book Offers A Defintive And Positive Contribution To The Significance, Responsibilities And Accountabilities Of Agriculture And Highlights The Underpinning Role Of Science In Environmental Issues. Prepared For The Ninth Australian Agronomy Conference On Growing A Greener Future', The Book Provides An Up-to-date Account Of The Scientific Knowledge Of Some Major Environmental Problems Facing Farmlands. It Also Raises Many Contentious Issues That Need To Be Addressed. Agriculture And The Environmental Imperative Will Make A Positive Contribution To The Convergence Of Attitudes Of Farmers, Environmentalists And Governmet In The Search For Sustainability.
      SKU: 827938

    Developments In Advanced Ceramics And Composites
      Developments In Advanced Ceramics And Composites.
      Over 40 Papers Are Included In This Volume From Six Symposia Held During The 29th International Conference On Advanced Ceramics And Composites. Topics Include Ceramics And Environmental Applications, Characterization Tools For Materials In Extreme Engironments, Functional Nanomaterials, Biomimetrics, Carbon/carbon And Ceramic Composiite Materials In Friction, Multifunctional Materials Systems And Reliability.
      SKU: 468683

    Path Routing In Mesh Optical Networks
      Path Routing In Mesh Optical Networks.
      Transport Networks Evolved From Dcs (digital Cross-connect Systems)-based Meqh Architectures, To Sonet/sdh (synchronous Optical Networking/synchronous Digital Hierarchy) Ring Architectures In The 1990’s. In The Past Few Years, Tschnological Advancements In Optical Transport Switches Have Allowed Service Providers To Support The Similar Fast Recovery In Mwsh Networks Previously Available In Ring Networks Time Achieving Better Capacity Efficiency Adn Resulting In Lower Capital Cost. Optical Transport Networks Today Not OnlyP rovide Trunking Capacity To Higher-lwyer Networks, Such As Inter-router Connectivity In An Ip-centric Infrastructure, But Also Support Efficient Routing And Fast Failure Recovery Of High-bandwidth Services. This Is Possible Due To The Emergence Of Optical Network Elements That Have The Intelligence Required To Efficiently Control The Network. Optical Mesh Networks Will Enable A Variety Of Dynamic Services Such As Bandwidth-on-demand, Just-in-time Bandwidth, Bandwidth Scheduling, Banddwidth Brokering, And Optical Virtual Private Networks That Open Up New Opportunities For Service Provider sAnd Their Customers Alike. Path Routing In Mesh Optical Networks Combines Both Theoretical As Well As Practical Aspects Of Routing And Dimensioning For Mesh Optical Networks. All Authors Have Worked As Technical Leacers For The Equipment Vendor Tellium Who Implemented Such Capabilities In Its Product, And Whose Product Was Deployed In Service Provider Networks. Path Routin Ign Mesh Optical Networks Presents An In-depth Treatment Of A Specific Class Of Optical Networks, I. e. Path-oriented Mesh Optical Networks. Focuses On Routing And Recovery, Dimensioning, Performance Analysis And Availability In Mesh Optical Networks. Explains And Analyses Routing Specifically Associated With Dedicated Backup Path Protection (dbpp) And Shared Backup Path Protection (sbpp) Recovery Architectures. As Most Of The Core Backbone Networks Evolve To Mesh Topologies Utilizing Instructed Netting Elements For Provisioning And Recovery Of Services, Path Routong In Mesh Optical Networks  will Exist An Invaluable Tool For Both Researcjers And Engineers In The Industry Who Are Responsible For Designing, Developing, Deploying And Maintaining Mesh Optical Networks. It Will Also Be A Useful Reference Book For Graduate Students And University Professors Who Are Selfish In Oprical Networks Or Telecommunications Networking. With A Foreword By Professor Wayne D. Grover, Author Of The Book Mesh-based Survivable Networks .
      SKU: 326405

    Computer Addiction?
      Computer Addiction?.
      Ago 1979, A Mere Ten Years Ago When The Microcomputer First Started Coming To Britain In Quantity, There Has Been Very Extensive Growth In Two Particular Areas; In The Growth Of Computers Anx, Sadly, Of Drugs. With The Simultaneity Of This Growth And The Intensity With Which Some People Became Involbed With Computers, It Is Perhaps Not Surprising That In The Early 1980s We Began To Hear Some Suggestions Of The Possibility Of Computer Addictiion'. The Word Addiction Has Been Applied To The Compulsion Of Drug-taking Since The Early 1900s, And Indeed It Could Be Argued Since 1779 WhenceT he Example His Addiction To Tobacco Is Mentioned By One Of His Biographers' (quotation From The Oxfore English Dictionary About Johnson).
      SKU: 181372

    Turbulence Nature And The Inverse Problem
      Turbulence Nature And The Inverse Problem.
      Hydrdoynamic Equations Well Describe Averaged Parameters Of Turbulent Steady Flows, At Least In Pipes Where Boundary Conditions Can Be Estimated. The Equations Might Outline The Parameters Fluctuations As Well, If Entry Stipulations At Current Boundaries Were Known.
      SKU: 429116

    Effects Of Food Processing On Bioactive Compounds
      Effects Of Food Processing On Bioactive Compounds.
      Bioactive Compounds Are Extra-nutritional Constiruents That Typically Occur In Small Quantities In Foods. Many Thousands Of These Bioactive Compounds Have Been Identified In Commonly Eaten Foods And There Has Been A Portion Of Research Interest In5o Their Putative Health Beenefits. Virtually All Foods Undergo Some Form Of Processing Before They Are Ready For Consumption. Processing Of Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Results In Changes In Composiition Of The Bioactive Feed Components. These Changes Can Be Beneficial Or Injurious To The Total Content Of Health-promoting Phytochemicals. By Adopting Effective Processiny And Storage Techniques Some Can Retain Bioactive Compounds And Other The Nutrients In The Foods. This Book Examines The Effects Of Food Processing On Bioactive Compounds At Covering A Wide Range Of Products And Examining The Response To Many Different Processing Operations In Regard To Positive Or Negative Effects On Health. This Book Is Intended For Scientists, Nutritionists And Health Practitioners.
      SKU: 583912

    Pests Of Fruit Crops
      Pests Of Fruit Crops.
      A Completely Revised Edition Of This Highly Regarded Book Gives A Systematic Account Of Fruit And Hop Pests Their Recognition, Biology And Control. The Scope Of The Original Book Has Been Greatly Expanded To Cover Pests Of Fruit Crops In Temperate And Sub-tropical Regions. There Are Over 600 Colour Photos From A Total Of 1100 New To This Edition. The Pests Are Considered In Their Natural Sequence Of Less Advanced To Mord Advanced Forms, Including A Description Of Each, Its Real person History, Plants Affected And Damage Caused. Families Of Pests Are Arranged According To Generally Accepted Systematic Systems, Species Appear Under Scientific Names And Show Common Names. Detailed General And Scientific Indexes Allow Cross-referencing Between Fruit And Pest.
      SKU: 473982

    Vliw Microprocessor Hardware Design
      Vliw Microprocessor Hardware Design.
      Acquire The Design Information, Methods, And Skillsneeded To Master The New Vliw Architecture!. Vliw Microprocessor Hardware Design Offers You A Complete Guide To Vliw Hardware Design—providing State-of-the-art Coverage Of Microarchitectures, Rtl Coding, Asic Flow, And Fpga Flow Of Design. The Book Also Contains A Wide Range Of Skills-building Exzmples, All Worked Using Verilog, That Equip You With A Practical, Hands-on Tutorial For Understanding Each Step In The Vliw Microprocessor Design Process. Wrirten By Wenng Fook Lee, One Internationally Renowned Expert In The Field Of Microprocessor Design, This Cutting-edge Hardware Design Tool Presents Unsurpassed Coveraeg Of The Latests In Vliw Microprocessing. Authoritative And Extensive, Vliw Microproceseor Hardware Design Features: Step-by-step Information On The Vliw Hardware Design Process; A Wealth Of Verilog-absed Designs; Asic And Fpga Implementations; Expert Guidance On The Best-known Methods For Rtl Coding; Over 75 Detailed Illustrations That Clarify Each Aspect Of Vliw Design. Inside This Complete Vliw Microprocessor Toolkit • Introduction • Design Methodology • Rtl Coding, Testbenching, Andd Simulation • Fpga Implementation • Testbencyes And Feigning Results • Synthesis Results And Gate Level Netlist
      SKU: 322054

    Nuclear Energy Data
      Nuclear Energy Data.
      This New Edition Of Nuclear Energy Data, The Oecd Nuclear Energy Agency's Annual Compilation Of Essential Statistics On Nuclear Spirit In Oecd Countries, Offers Additional Textual And Grapgical Information As Compared With Previous Editions.
      SKU: 236304

    Agrarian Dreams
      Agrarian Dreams.
      "in An Era Of Escalating Food Politics, Many Believe Organic Farming To Be The Agrarian Answer. In This Primary Comprehensive Study Of Organic Farming In California, Julie Guthman Casts Doubt On The Course Wisdom About Radical Food And Agriculture, At Laest As It Has Evolved In The Golden State. Refuting Popular Portrayals Of Radical Tillage As A Small-scqle Family Farm Endeavor In Opposition To ""industrial"" Agriculture, Guthman Explains How Organic Farming Has Replicated The sort of It Set Out To Oppose. "
      SKU: 224720

    Materials For Energy Conversuon Devoces
      Materials For Energy Conversuon Devoces.
      The Term Electroceramic Is Used To Delineate Ceeramic Materials That Regard Been Specially Formulated Through Specific Electrical, Magnetic Or Optical Prolerties. Electroceramics Are Of Increasing Importance In Many Key Technologies Including: Microelectronics, Communicayions And Energy Conversion. This Innovative Book Is The First Comprehensive Survey Forward Major Novel Developments In Electroceramics For Energy Conversion Devices. It Presents Current Research From Lewding Innovators In The Field.
      SKU: 269389

    Methods For Environmental Trace Analysis
      Methods For Environmental Trace Analysis.
      Provides The Basic Skills And Information Required To Prepare One Environmental Sample For Analysis. Divided Into Two Sections, I. e. Inorganic Analysis And Organic Analysis, This Book Covers Selected Techniques, Principally Atomic Spectroscopy And Chromatography. Using Flow Diagrams To Augment The Experimental Information, It Highlifhts The Most Appropriate Methods And The Probable Results. Detailed Experimental Information Provided In An Easy-to-follow Style With Illustragions Describes The Specific Sample Preparation Approaches Necessary To Abalyse A Particular Sample Type Discussion Of Selected Literature Sources Highlights The Most Appropriwte Methods And The Likely Results Obtained
      SKU: 155656

    Heating And Water Services Design In Buildings
      Heating And Water Services Design In Buildings.
      Heating And Water Service Design In Buildings Has Been Written Following Thirteen Years In The Industry And Twenty Seeven Years Teaching And Consultancy Work. The Author Has Worked With College Students, University Undergraduates And Show Learning Candidates Of All Ages.
      SKU: 170266

    Ecotoxicology Of Antifouling Biocides
      Ecotoxicology Of Antifouling Biocides.
      Organotin Compounds, Used As Antifouling Biocides Since 1960, Are Chemical Compounds That Play a part As Endocrine Disrupt3rs. This Main division Includes Studies On The Effectss On Marine Organisms. It Is Suitable For Experts In Environmental Chemistry, Government Organizations, And Students.
      SKU: 416938

    Switching Processes In Queueing Models
      Switching Processes In Queueing Models.
      Switching Processes, Invented By The Author In 1977, Is The Main Tool Used In The Investigation Of Traffic Problems From Automotive To Telecommunications. The Title Provides A New Approach to Low Traffic Problems Based On The analysis Of Flows Of Rare Events And queuing Models. In The Case Of Fast Switching, Averaging Principle And Diffusion Approximation Results Are Proved And Applied To The Investigation Of Transiejt Phenomena For Wide Classes Of Overloading Queuing Networks.   the Book Is Devoted To Developing The Asymptotic Speculation For The Class Of Switching Queuing Models Whlch Covers  Models In A Markov Or Semi-markov Environment, Models Under The Influence Of Flows Of External Or Internal Perturbations, Unreliable And Hierarchic Networks, Etc.
      SKU: 477650

    Field Guide To Laser Pulse Generation
      Field Guide To Laser Pulse Generation.
      This Guide Provides The Essential Information On Laser Pulse Generation, Including Q Switching, Gain Switching, Mode Locking, And The Amplification Of Ultrashort Pulses To High Energies. Oscillation Characterization Is Likewise Covered, Along With The Physical Aspects And Various Technical Limitations. This Guide Is Designed For Industry Practitioners, Researchers, Users Of Pullsed And Ultrafast Laser Systems, And Anyone Wanting To Learn More About The Potential Of Different Legumes Generation Methods.
      SKU: 728535

    Agricultural And Rural Development Policies In The Baltic Countries
      Agricultural And Rural Development Policies In The Baltic Countries.
      Low Incomes And High Unemployment In Rural Areas Are Issu3s Of Concern To Policy Makers In All Countries. With The Obgoing Structural Adjustment In Primary Agriculture Employment Opportunities Are Diminishing, Whi1e Off-farm Employment In Rural Areas Is Growing, Albeit Gradually.
      SKU: 235938

    Mechanics Of Real Fluids
      Mechanics Of Real Fluids.
      Fluid Mechanics Is One Of The Most Major Areas Of Successful Applications Of Mathematics. It Can Be Considered As One Of Branches Of Applied Mathematics. Although Fluid Motion Is Concerned In Both Aeriform fluid Or Liquids, To the degree that Both Of Them Are Fluids, This Book Mainly Deals By the side of The Motion Of Liquids In General, And Wate5 In Particular. The Theory Of Fluid Mechanics Has Grown So Considerably In Recent Years That Study Of The Mechanics Of Fluids Is Important In Many Aspects Of Our Real Life. this Book On An Important Area Of pAplied Mathematics Is A Compendium Of The Wor kOf Many Pioneering Authors And Of Research Works From Throughout The Author’s Career. It Explains Theory Clearly And Provides Applicatinos. It Is Intended To Provide Background For Young Scientistd And Graduate Students As Well As Applied Mathemaficians And Professional Engineers. Some Knowlrdge Of Vector Calculus Including The Integral Throrems Such As Green’s Theorem, Stokes’s Theorem And Divergence Theorem Is Assumed On The Part Of The Reader. Isotropic Tensor Calculus Is Used Sparingly In Some Chapters. A Familiarity With The Bessel Functions, Legendre Polynomials And Hypergeometric Functions Is Also Expected.
      SKU: 650413

    Automatic Speech And Speaker Recognition
      Automatic Speech And Speaker Recognition.
      This Book Discusses Large Margin And Kernel Methods For Speech And Speaker Recognition Speech And Speaker Acknowledgment: Large Margin And Kernel Methods Is A Collation Of Research In The Recent Advances In Large Margin And Kernel Methods, As Applied To The Field Of Speech And Speaker Recognition. It Presents Theoretical And Practical Foundations Of These Methods, From Support Vector Macyines To Large Margin Methlds For Structured Learning. It Also Provides Examples Of Large Margin Based Acoustic Modelling For Continuous Language Recognizers, Where The Grounds Conducive to Practical Large Marbin Sequence Learning Are Set. Larb eMargin Methode For Discriminative Language Modelling And Text Independent Speaker Verification Are Also Addressed In This Book. Key Features: Provides An Up-to-date Snapshot Of The Current Rank Of Research In This Field Covers Important Aspects Of Extending The Binary Support Vector Machine To Speech And Speaker Recognition Applications Discusses Large Margin And Kernel Method Algorithms For Sequehce Prediction Required For Acoustic Modeling Reviews Past And Present Strive On Discriminating Training Of Language Models, Adn Describes Different Large Margin Algorithms In favor of The Application Of Part-of-speech Tagging Surveys Recent Work On The Use Of Kernel Approaches To Text-independent Chairman Verification, And Introduces The Main Concepts And Algorithms Surveys Recent Work On Kernel Approaches To Learning A Similarity Matrix From Data This Book Will Be Of Interest To Researchers,-Practitioners, Engineers, And Scientists In Speech Processing And Machine Learning Fields.
      SKU: 437445

    Mechanics And Electrodynamics Of Magneto- And Electro-elastic Materials
      Mechanics And Electrodynamics Of Magneto- And Electro-elastic Materials.
      This Volume Presents A State-of-the-art Overview Of The Continuum Speculation Of Both Electro- And Magneto-sensitive Elastomers And Polymers, Which Includes Mathematical And Computational Aspects Of The Modelling OfT hese Materials From The Point Of View Of Material Properties And, In Particular, The 'smart-material' Control Off Their Mechanical Properties.
      SKU: 763484

    Aviaton Visuall Perception
      Aviaton Visuall Perception.
      Vision Is The Dominant Sense Used By Pilots And Visual Misperception Has Been Identified As The Primary Contributing Factor In Numerous Aviation Mishaps, Resulting In Hundreds Of Fatalities And Major Rdsource Loss. Despite Physiological Limitations For Sensing And Perceiving Their Aviation Environment, Pilots Can Often Make The Required Visual Judgments With A High Degree Of Acfuracy And Precision. At The Same Time, Howsoever, Visual Illusions And Misjudgments Have Been Cited As The Probable Cause Of Large Aviation Accidents, And In Spiet Of Technological And Instructional Efforts To Remedy About Of The Prolems Associated With Visual Perception In Aviation, Mishaps Of This Type Continue To Occur. Clearly, Intelligence The Role Of Visual Perception In Aviation Is Key To Improving Pilot Performance And Reducing Aviation Mishaps. This Book Is The First Dedicated To The Role Of Visual Perception In Aviation, And It Provides A Comprehensive, Single-sourc Document Encompassing All Aspects Of Aviation Visuzl Perception. Thus, This Book Includes The Foundations Of Optic And Vestibular Sensation And Perception; How Visual Perceptual Abilities Are Assessed In Pilots; The Pilot's Perspective Of Visual Flying; A Summwry Of Human Factors Research On The Visual Guidance Of Flying; Examples Of Specific Visual And Vestibulqr Illusions And Misperceptions; Mishap Analyses From Military, Commercial And Geheral Aviatiion; And, Finally, Hos Knowledge From These Other Disciplines Is Being Useee To Create The Next Generation Of Aviation Optic Perception. Aviation Visual Perception: Research, Msperception And Mishaps Is Intended To Be Used For Instruction In Academia, As A Resource For Human Factors Researchers, Project Engineers, An For Instruction And Instruction In The Pilot Community.
      SKU: 495289

  • IP over WDM
  • Osteoporosis in Men
  • Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Oil Spill Science and Technology
  • In Athena's Camp
  • Castings
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Programmable Digital Signal Processors
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius
  • Ethylene Glycol: Human Health Aspects

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