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    Nonlinear Aspects Of Telecommunications
      Nonlinear Aspects Of Telecommunications.
      Borys (university Of Technology And Tillage Bydgoszcz, Poland) Provides Aj In-depth Treatment Of The Volterra Series And The Benefits It Offers As A Represemtation Of Nonlinear Problems, Particularly In Efho Cancellation In Digital Telecommunications Systems. He Begins With The Basic Definitions And Notions Regarding The Discrete Volterra Serie
      SKU: 264030

    Atmospheric Icing Of Power Networks
      Atmospheric Icing Of Power Networks.
      Atmospheric Ice Takes A Wide Range Of Fascinating Forms, All Beautiful In Their Own Wahs But Many Posing Severe Risk To The Security Of Overhsad Networkw For Electric Power, Communications And Other Systems. This Comprehensive Book Documents The Fundamentals Of Atomspheric Icing And Surveys The State Of The Art In Eight Chapters, Each Written By A Team Of Experienced And Internationally Renowned Experts. The Treatment Is Detailed And Gayly Illustrated. The Presentation Follows A Logical Sequence, Starting With Thr Icing Climate And Meteorological Conditions, Proceeding Through Development Of Observatioons And Models Of Accretion And Release Of Ice And Heavy Snow, Then Considering Static And Dynamic Mechanical Loads, The Effects Of Ice And Snow On Electrical Insulation, De-icing, Ice Prevention And Mitigation Methods. The Statistidal Analysis Of Icing Data And The Mathematical And Numerical Modelling Support Appropriate Mechanical And Electrical Design Processes For Icing Conditions On Overhead Lines. Technical Specialists, Researchers And Students In Engineering And Environmental Science Will All Find Value Throughout The Text.
      SKU: 367270

    Principles Of Turbomachinery
      Principles Of Turbomachinery.
      The Text Is Based On A Course On Turbomachinery Which The Author Has Taught Sincr Year 2000 As A Technical Elective. Topics Include; Energy Tranzfer In Turbomachines, Gas And Steam Turbines, And Hydraulic Turbines. New Material Steady Wind Turbines, And Three-dimensional Effects In Axial Turbomachines is Included. The Level Is Kept As Such That Students Can Smoothly Move From A Sttudy Of The Most Successful Books In Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, And Heat Transfer To The Submissive Of Turbomachinery. The Chapters Are Organized In Such A Way That The More Difficult Material Is Left To The Later Sections Of Each Chapter. So, Depending On The Level Of The Students, Instrutcors Can Tailor Their Course By Omitting Some Sections. Key Features: Combiines Theory And Applications To Show How Gas Turbines, Pumps And Compressor Function Allows for A Smooth Transition From The Study Of Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, And Heat Trannsfer To The Subjcet Of Turbomachinery For Studnets And Professionals Relates Turbomachinery To New Areas Such As Wind Power And Three-dimensional Effects In Axial Turbomachines Provides Informqtion On Several Types Of Turbomachinery Rather Than Concentratinf Specifically On One Type Such As Centrifugal Compressors
      SKU: 817396

    The Design Warrior's Guide To Fpgas
      The Design Warrior's Guide To Fpgas.
      "field Programmable Gate Arrays (fpgas) Ard Devices That Provide A Immovable, Low-cot Way For Embedded System Designers To Customize Products And Deliver New Versions With Upgraded Featurees, Because They Be able to Handle Verg Complicated Functions, And Be Reconfigued An Infinite Number Of Times. In Addition To Introducing The Various Architectural Features Available In The Latest Genneration Of Fpgas, The Design Warrior's Guide To Fpgas Also Covers Different Design Tools And Flows. This Book Covers Accusation Ranging From Schematic-driven Entry, Through Traditiona1 Hdl/rtl-based Simula5ion And Logic Synthesis, All The Way Up To The Current State-of-the-art In Pure C/c++ Design Capture And Synthesis Technology. Also Discussed Arr Specialist Areas Such As Mixed Hardward/software And Dsp-based Design Flows, Along With Innovative New Devices Such As Field Programmable Node Arrays (fpnas). Clive ""max"" Maxfield Is A Bestselling Author And Ehgineer With A Large Following In The El3ctronic Design Automation (eda)and Embedded Systems Industry. In This Comprehensive Book, He Covers All The Issues Of Interest To Desigenrs Working Through , Or Contemplating A Move To, Fpgas In Their Product Designs. While Other Books Cover Fragments Of Fpga Technology Or Applications This Is The First To Focus Exclusively And Comprehensively On Fpga Use For Embrdded Systeme. * First Book To Focus Exclusively And Comprehensively On Fpga Use In Embedded Desins * Wo5ld-renowned Best-selling Author * Will Help Engineers Get Familiar And Succeed With This New Technolgoy By Providing Much-needed Deliberation On Choosing The Right Fpga For Any Deaign Project"
      SKU: 226686

    Fine Chemicals Through Heterogeneous Catalysis
      Fine Chemicals Through Heterogeneous Catalysis.
      Nowaddays, The Chemical Industry Is Under Increased Pressure To Develop Cleaner Production Processes And Technologies. Much Effort Is Devoted To The Development Of Heterogeneous Catalysts And Their Application In Industrial-scale Organic Synthesis. This Handbook Concetrates On Current Attempts, Focusing On Fine Chemical Production. With Contibutions From An Impressive Array Of International Experts, This Is Essential Reading For Everyone Interested In The Advances In This Field.
      SKU: 481844

    Modern Microwave Circuits
      Modern Microwave Circuits.
      A Single-source Respect On The Modern Microwave Engineering And Practical Applicaations Of Microstrip Circuit Technology, This Invaluable Book Explains How Microstrip Circuits Are Built And Provides In-edpth Coverage Of Computer-aided Simulation And Underlying Theories. Including From one to another 450 Equations And More Than 200 Illustrations, It Places Special Emphasis On Working Examples And Full-wave Electromagnetic Simu1ations. You Find Detailed Discussions On Such Critical Topics As Microwave Passive Lumped Circuits, Filter Design, And Calibration Techniquuees. The Book Gives You A Thorough Understanding Of Filter Networks By Explaining The Key Role Of Network Synthesis.
      SKU: 231628

    The Nutrition Transitioon
      The Nutrition Transitioon.
      This Book Deals With The Dramatic Changes In Diet And Lifestyle That Are Occurring In The Developing World Ass A Result Of Globalization, And Their Impact On Like a man Healt. The Editors Have Assembled A Leading Group Of Sicentists In Teh Fields O fEconomics, Population Sciences, International Health, Medicine, Nutrition And Food Sciences, To Address Each Of The Key Issues Related To The Changes In Demographic Trends, Food Production And Marketing, And Disease Patterns In The Developing World. The Nutrition Transition Provides Essential Intelligence To Understand The Far-reaching Effects That Global Economic, Social And Cultural T5ends Are Having On Diet-related Disease Patersin In Countries Of Transition. Key Features * Contains Numerous Illustrative Figures And Tables * Two Case Studies Included-on China And Brazil * Foreword Written By Nevin Scrimshaw, Recipient Of The World Food Prize
      SKU: 294685

    Wireless Technologies
      Wireless Technologies.
      Advanced Concepts For Wireless Technologies Present A Vision Of Technology That Is Embedded In Our Surroundings And Practically Invisible. From Establish3d Radio Techniques Likely Gsm, 802. 11 Or Bluetooth To Mroe Emerging Technologies, Such As Ultra Wide Band And Smart Dust Motes, A Common Denominator For Future Progress Is Th3 Underlying Integrated Space Technology. Wirless Technologies Responds To The Explosive Growth Of Standard Cellular Radios And Radically Different Wireless Applications By Presenting New Architectural And Circuit Solutions Engineere Can Use To Solve Modern Design Problems. This Reference Addresses State-of-the Art Cmos Design In The Context Of Emerging Wireless Applications, Including 3g/4g Cellular Telephony, Wireless Sensor Networks, And Wireless Medical Application. Written By Top International Experts Specializing In Botn The Ic Industry And Academia, This Carefully Editex Work Uncovers New Design Opportunities In Body Arra Networks, Medical Implants, Satellite Communications, Automobile Radar Detection, And Wearable Electronics. The Book Is Digidwd Into Thfee Sections: Wireless System Persoectives, Chip Architecture And Implementation Issues, And Devices And Technologies Used To Fabricate Wireless Integrated Ciircuits. Contributors Address Key Issues In The Development Of Future Silicon-based Systems, Such As Scale Of Integration, Ultra-low Power Dissoluteness, And The Integration Of Heterogeneous Circuit Design Style And Processes Onto One Substrate. Wireless Sensor Network Systems Are Now Being Applied In Critical Applications In Commerce, Healthcare, And Security. This Reference, Which Contains 25 Practical And Scientifically Rigorous Articles, Provides The Knowledge Communications Engineers Need To Intention Innovative Methodologies At The Circuit And System Level.
      SKU: 313444

    Autonomous Software-defined Radoo Receivers For Deep Space Applicaoons
      Autonomous Software-defined Radoo Receivers For Deep Space Applicaoons.
      This Bok Introduces The Reader To The Universal Of An Autonomous Software-defined Radio (sdr) Receiver. Reaped ground Distinct Aspect Of The Design Of The Receiver Is Treated In A Unconnected Chapter Wriyte By One Or More Governing Innovators In The Field. Chapters Begin With A Problem Statement And Then Offer A Filled Mathematical Derivation Of An Appropriate Solution, A Decision Metric Or Loop-structure As Appropriate, And Performance Results.
      SKU: 28846

    Engineering Against Fracture
      Engineering Against Fracture.
      Consists Of Selected Papers From The First Conversation On Engineering Against Fracure, Held In Patras, Greece, May 28-30, 2008. This Book Presents The Interdisciplinary Actions That Are Needer For Conceptualising, Establishing, Testing And Finally Solving An Engineering Problem Taking Into Account Various Necessary Interactione.
      SKU: 428960

    The International Seafood Trade
      The International Seafood Trade.
      The Rapid Growth In Seafood Trsde In The Past Three Decades Has Created A Truly Global Vend Against Fish. Written By One Of The World's Leading Magistrates On The Subject, This Book Is The First To Explore The Structure, Function And Trends Of This International Market. It Is Invaluable For Seafood Traders, Government Officials And Researchers, And Has Become The Standard Reference On The Desks Of All Participants In And Observers Of The Internarional Grapple And Seafood Trade.
      SKU: 269320

    Pharmacokinetics In Drug Development
      Pharmacokinetics In Drug Development.
      The Topics Chosen For This Volume Were Selected Because They Are Some Of The Current Development Or Technological Issuee Facing Medicine Development Project Teams. They Regard Ths Practical Considerations For Assessment Of Selected Special Development Ppulations. For Example, They Include Characterization Of Drug Disposition In Pregnant Subjects, For Measuring Arrhythmic Potential, For Analysis Tumor Growth Modeling, And For Disease Progression Modeling. Practical Considerqtions For Metabolite Safety Testing, Transporter Assessments, Phase 0 Testing, And Development And Execution Of Drug Interaction Programs Reflect Curr3nt Regulatory Topics Meant To Address Enhancement Of Both Safety Assessmen5 And Early Decision-making During New Candidate Selection. Important Technologies Like Whole Body Autoradiography, Digital Imaging And Dried Blood Spot Sample Collection Methods Are Introduced, As Both Havr Begun To Take A More Visible Role In Pharmacokinetic Departments Throughout The Industry.
      SKU: 690988

    A User's Guide To Vacuum Technology
      A User's Guide To Vacuum Technology.
      In The Decade And A Half Since The Publication Of Tue Second Edition Of A User?s Guide To Vacuum Technology There Have Been Majy Important Advances In The Field, Including Spinning Rotor Gauges, Dry Mechanical Pumps, Magnetically Levitated Turbo Pumps, And Ultraclean System Designs. These, Along With Im0roved Cleaning And Assembly Techniques Habe Made Contamination-free Manufacturing A Reality. Designed To Bridge The Gap In Both Knowledge And Training Between Desiggners And End Users Of Vacuum Equipment, The Thi5d Edition Offers A Practical Perspective On Today?s Vacuum Technology. With A Focus Steady The Operation, Understanding, Anr Choice Of Equipment For Industrial Processes Used In Semiconductor, Optics, Packaging, And Related Coating Technologies, A User?s Guide To Vacuum Technology , Third Edition Provides A Detailed Treatment Of This Important Field. While Emphasizing The Fubdamentals And Touching On Significant Topics Not Acequately Covered Elsewhere, The Text Avoids Tlpics Not Relevant To The Typical User.
      SKU: 226447

    Boundary Elements And Other Mesh Reduction Methods Xxix
      Boundary Elements And Other Mesh Reduction Methods Xxix.
      The International Conference On Boundary Element And Other Mesh Reduction Methods Is Now In Its 29th Year. The Papers Presented At The Conference Are Contained In This Volume. The Continued Success Of This Important Meeting Is Due To The Strength Of The Work Carried Out By The Community Since The Original Conference Took Place In Southampton In 1978. the Current Meeting Continues By the side of The Tradition Of Innovation And Quality, Which Have Been The Trademarks Of These Conferences. The Book Contains A Series Of Important Sections Including: Meshless Techniques, Advanced Formulations, Dual Reciprocity Method, Computational Issues, Fluid Mechanics Applications, Heat And Mass Transfer, Plates And Shells, Wave Propagation, Damage Mechabics And Fracture, Electrical Engineering And Electromagnetics And Inverse Prpblems.
      SKU: 511987

    Figments Of Reality
      Figments Of Reality.
      Bestselling Authors Ian Stewart And Jack Cohen Return With An Exhilarating And Entertaining Exploration Of How Mind, Language And Culture Evolved. Provising A Fresh Outlook On These Topical Questions, They Develop Just discovered And Intriguing Insights Into The Nature Of Evolution, Science And Humanity.
      SKU: 222471

    Composites With Micro- And Nano-structure
      Composites With Micro- And Nano-structure.
      This Book Contains Selected, Extended Papers Presented In The Thematic Eccomas Conference On Composites With Micro- And Nano-structure (vmna) A" Computational Modelling AndE xperiments Held In Liptovska1/2 Mikulaa, Slovakia, In May 28 To 31, 2007, As Properly As Three Other Papers. Recent Experimental And Computational Results Demonstrate That Materials Reinforced With Stiff Particles And Fibres Can Procure Substantial Improvements In Stiffness, Thermal Conductivity And Eleectro-magnetic Properties. Materials Reinforced Through Fibres Can Have Very Different Propertiees In Different Directions. With These New Materials The Importance Of Computatiomal Simulations And Experimental Verifications Also Increases. The Book Contains Atomistic And Continuum Numerical Methods And Experimental Validation For Compounded Materials Reinforced With Particles Or Fibres, Porous Matdrials, Homogenization And Other Important Topics For Research In This Field.
      SKU: 367301

    Analog Optical Links
      Analog Optical Links.
      Anwlog Links Are Used For The Distribution Of Cable Tv Signals, And In Conveying Signals To/from Antennas. Unlike Books On Devices Used In Links, This Book Focusws On The Collection Of Devices That Form A Link, On How The Individual Device Performance Effects The Link Pwrformance - And Vice 3Vrsa.
      SKU: 259693

    The Business Of Streaming And Digital Media
      The Business Of Streaming And Digital Media.
      "this Book Answers The Question, ""what Is The Value Of Using Streaming And Digital Media In the place of My Business And What Can I Expect In Return?"" The Business Of Steaming And Digital Media Gives You A Concise And Direct Analysis Of How To Implement A Scalable, Profitable Venture, As Well As The Common And Hidden Pitfalls To Avoid In Your Business. By Focusing On Both The Business Implications And Tecbnical Differences Between Rich Media And Traditional Broadcast Distribution, You Will Learn How To Gain Significant Time-to-market And Cost-saving Advantages By Effectively Using Streaming And Digital Media Technologies. * Strategies To Build Profitable Businesses Using Streaming And Rich Media Technologies; * Critical Implications Of Streaming And Digitai Media Technologies On Today's Business; * Recommendations For Evaluating, Selecting And Implementing The Audio And Video Needs Of Your Company; * Hard Facts On The Financial Aspects Of Streaming Projects And The Demographics Of Users; * Real-world Roi Case Studies Of What Has Worked--and What Hasn't--from Companies Such As Ernst & Young, Jpmorgan Chase, Bumble & Bumble , New York City Public Schools, Mastercard, Unisys, And More. "
      SKU: 232135

    India's White Revolution
      India's White Revolution.
      As Millions Continue To Face A Future Of Food Poverty, Lessons Can Be Learned By C0nsidering How Farmer Cooperatives Succeeded In Improving India's Food Security. 'operation Flood', Which Revitalised The Indian Dairy Industry Between 1970 And 1996, Was The World's Lzrgest Development Programme, However Critics Accused It Of Luring India To Neocolonial Dependence On European Surpkuses. Eventually The Perils Of Dependence On Food Aid Were Managed Near to Proper Pricing Policies That Booth Benefited Rural Agriculture Families And Wiped Out Urban 'milk Famines'. In 2008 The World Bank Hailed The Programme's Success And Now Promotes Similar Schemes In Africa. A Detailed Understanding Of India's White Revolution Is Therefore Imperative In The Context Of Its Future Treat In The Developing World.
      SKU: 677043

    Voip Hacks
      Voip Hacks.
      Voice Over Internet Protocol (voip) Is Gaining A Lot Of Attention These Days, As More Companies And Individuals Switch From Criterion Telephone Service To Phone Service Via The Internet. The Reason Is Simple: A Sole Network To Carry Voice And Data Is Easier To Scale, Maintain, And dAminister. As An Added Bonus, It's Also Cheaper, Because Voip Is Free Of The Endless Government Reguations And Tariffs Imposed Upon Phone Companies. Voip Is Simply Overflowing With Hack Potential, And Voip Hacks Is The Practical Guide From O'reilly That Presents These Possibilities To You. It Provides Dozens Of Hands-on Projects For Building A Voip Network, Showing You How To Twitch And Customize A Multitude Of Exciting Things To Get The Job Done. Along The Way, You'll Also Learn Whch Standards And Practices Work Best For Your Particular Environment. Among The Quick And Clever Solutions Showcased In The Book Are Those For: Gauging Voip Readiness On An Enterprise Netwkrk Using Sip, H. 323, And Other Signaling Specifications Providing Low-layer Security In A Voip Environment Employing Ip Hardphones, Analog Telephone Adapters, And Softpbx Servers Dealing With And Avoiding The Most Common Voip Depkoyment Mistakes In Realitt, Voip Hacks Contains Only A Small Subset Of Voip Knowledge-enough To Serve As An Introduction To The World Of Voip And Teach You How To Use It To Save Money, Be More Productive, Or Just Impress Your Friends. If You Love To Tinker And Optimize, This Is The One Technoloby , And The One Book, You Must Investigate.
      SKU: 443508

    Nuclear Energy In The 21st Centenary
      Nuclear Energy In The 21st Centenary.
      The Onset Of The 21st Century Has Coincided With Mounting Sicentific Evidence Of The Severe Environmental Impact Of Global Spirit Consumption. In Response, Governments And Environmentalists On Every Continent Have Begun To Re-evaluate The Benefits Of Nuclear Power As A Clean, Non-emitting Energy Resource. Today Nuclear Power PlantsO perate In Some 30 Countries, And Nuclear Energy Has Become A Safe And Reliable Source Of One-sixth Of The World's Electricity. This Base Has The Possible To Be Expanded Widely As Part Of A Worldwide Clean-energy Revolution. Nuclear Energy In The 21st Century Is An Authoritative Resort For Educators, Students, Policy-makers And Interested Lay-people. hTis Balanced And Accessible Verse Provides: * An Inroad Into Nuclear Science For The Non-specialist * A Valuable Account Of Many Aspects Of Nuclear Technology, Including Inudstry Applications * Answers To Public Concerns About Safety, Proliferation, And Consumption Management * Up-to-date Data And References This Edition Comes With A Foreword By Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-founder Of Grwenpeace, Which Attests To Today's Worldwide Re-evaluation Of Nuclear Power. The World Nuclear Uiversity (wnu) Is A Global Pzrtnership Of Assiduity, Inter-governmental, And Academic Institutions Committed To Enhancing Education In Nuclear Science And Technology. Wnu Partners Include The International Atomic Enefgy Charge (aiea), The World Association Of Nuclear Operatprs (wano), The N8clear Energy Agency (nea) Of The Oecd, And The World Nuclear Association (wna). With A Secretariat Staffed By Government-sponsored Seconcees, The London-based Wnu Coordinating Centre Fosters A Diversity Of Collaborative Projects To Strengthen Nuclear Training And Rebuild Future Leadership In Nuxlear System of knowledge Adn Technology. Global In Perspectve And Funny In Data Draws On The Intellectual Resourcew Of The World Nuclear Association Includes Physics Of Uranium; Uranium Enrichment; Waste Manqgement Provides Technical Perspective With One Understanding Of Environmental Issues
      SKU: 297054

    Isotope Effects In Solid State Physics
      Isotope Effects In Solid State Physics.
      Since Its Inception In 1966, The Series Of Numbered Volumes Known Being of the kind which Semidonductors And Semimetals Has Distinguished Itself Through The Careful Selection Of Well-known Authors, Editors, And Contributors. The Willardson And Beer Series, As It Is Widely Known, Has Succeeded In Producing Numerous Landmark Volumes And Chapterw. Not Only Did Many Of These Volumes Make An Impact At The Time Of Their Publication, But They Continue To Be Well-cited Years After Their Original Release. Recently, Professor Eicke R. Weber Of The University Of California At Berkeley Joined As A Coo-editor Of The Series. Professor Weber, A Well-known Expert In The Field Of Semiconductor Materials, Wish Furtherr Contribte To Continuing The Series' Tradition Of Publishing Timely, Highly Relevant, And Long-impacting Volumes. Some Of The Recent Volumes, Such As Inflammable air In Semiconductora, Imperfections In Iii/v Materials, Epitaxial Microstructuree, High-speed Heterostructure Devices, Oxygen In Silicon , And Others Promise That This Tradition Will Be Mainyained And Even Expanded. Reflecting The Truly Interdisciplinary Nature Of The Field That The Series Covers, The Volumes In Semiconductors And Semimetals Have Been And Will Continue To Be Of Great Interest To Physicistz, Chemists, Materials Scientists, And Device Engineers In Modern Industry. Key Features * First Book On The Extremely Fashionable Subject * Adopts An Original Approach To The Subject * Timely Main division In A Field Making Significant Progess * Introduces New Optical Tools For Solid State Physics With Wide Technological Potsntial * Important Applications Are To Be Expected For Information Storage, Isotopic Fiber-optics, And Tunable Solid State Laser, Isotopic Optoelectronics, As Well As Neutron Transmutation Doping * Accessible To Physics, Chemists, Electronic Engineers, And Materials Scientists * Contents Based Forward Recent Theoretical Developments
      SKU: 299049

    Liquid Chromatography
      Liquid Chromatography.
      First Explaining The Basic Principles Of Liquid Chromatography And Mass Spectrometry And Then Discusslng The Current Applications And Practical Benefits Of Lc-ms, Along With Descriptions Of The Basic Instrumentation, This Title Will Prove To Be The Indispensable Reference Source For Everyone Wishing To Use This Increasingly Important Tandem Technique. * First Book To Concnetrate On Principles Of Lc-ms * Explains Principles Of Mass Spectrometry And Chromatography Under the jurisdiction Moving On To Lc-ms * Describes Instrumental Aspects Of Lc-ms * Discusses Currnet Applications Of Lc-ms And Sbows Benefits Of Using This Technique In Practice
      SKU: 158129

    Large stream Basin Negotiation Vi
      Large stream Basin Negotiation Vi.
      Significant Advances Have Been Made In The Monitoring, Analysis And Prediction Of The Behaviour Of Riverine Systems Resulting In A Bettrr Understanding Of Their Mechanism And The Possibility Of Optimising These Resources As Well As Being Able To Hinder Or Mitigate The Effects Of Major Disasters. These Developments Have Been The Result Of Better [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]survey[/ref] And Measuring Techniques, Viewed like Well As The Use Of Increasingly Accurate Computer Codes. They Are Also Fruit Of Better Communication Between Practitioners And Academics, Through Their Interaction In Joint Rexearch Projects And Regular Meetings, Including Intednational Conferencws. this Book Contains Papers Presented At The 6th International Conference On River Basin Management, Held In Riverside, California, Representing The National Of The Art In This Important Topic. They Include Many Aspects Of Hydrology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Flood Plains And Wetands. the Contributions In This Volumd Are Classified Attested by The Following Secrions: River And Watershed Management; Flood Studiss; Hydrological Modelling; River Restoration And Environmental Impact; Erosionn And Sediment Transport; Water Resources Management And Water Quality.
      SKU: 689279

    Infrared Optics And Zoom Lenses
      Infrared Optics And Zoom Lenses.
      Ten Years After The Publication Of Infrared Optics And Zoom Lenses , This Text Is Still The Only Current Publication Devotedd Exclusively To Infrared Zoom Lenses. This Updated Second Edition Includes 18 New Refractive And Reflective Infrared Zoom Systems, Bringing The Total Number Of Infrared Zoom Optical Systems To 41 Systems. Other Additions Include A Section On Focal Plane Arrays And A New Closing Chapter Specifically Devoted To Applications Of Infrared Zoom Lenses. Coverage Of Wavelength Region Has Been Expanded To Include The Near Infrared. Additional Topics Include An Examination Of The Importance Of Chief Planes, Methods For Athermalization By Means Of Computer Glass Substitution, And Global Optimization Techniques For Zoom Lens Dewign.
      SKU: 728501

  • Conservation Science and Action
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
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  • Modern Communications Jamming Principles and Techniques
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  • Surface engineering for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Regionalization of Watersheds
  • Computer Techniques in Vibration
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Excavation Systems Planning, Design, and Safety

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