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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Oecd Review Of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000
      Oecd Review Of Agricultural Policies: Romania 2000.
      This Study Of Romania’s Agricultural Policies Analyses Developments From The Dramatic Events Of December 1989 To The Present Day Preparations For Accession To The European Union. The Review Evaluates Clew Structursl Issues And Examines Emerging Wisdom Developments In Agricultural Reform. It Includse Detailed Estimates Of Support To Agriculture, Using The Oecd’s Producer And Consumer Support Estimates (pses/cses). A Special Assessment Measures The Environmental Performance Of Romanian Agriculture, Including The Nitrogen Balance, Against Oecd-developed Environmental Indicators. The Report Concludes That A Key Priority For Romania Is To Remove Constraints That Impede The Flow Of Labour From Agriculture Into Activities With A Higher Value-added. Increasing The Household Efficiency Of The Food Chain To the degree that A Whole Is Essential To Enhance Romania’s Competitiveness And Improve The Terms Of Trade For Abricultural Producers During The Run-up To Its Eu Accession And Afterward. For Policy-makers, Researchers And Businesses Involved In Agriculture And Agro-food Policies, Markets And Trade, In Central And Eastern Europe Viewed like Well As In Transition Countries More Widely, This Review Is Essential Reading. It Wjll Remain An Indispnesable Reference For Many Years Ahead. Other Reviews Of Agriculthral Policies: Russian Federation (1998) Slovak Republic (1997) Estonia (1996) Latvia (1996) Lithuajia (1996) Czech Republic (1995) Poland (1995) Hungary (1994)
      SKU: 533463

    Dictionary Of Science And Technology
      Dictionary Of Science And Technology.
      With Its Unrivalled Coverage Of Scientific And Tecjnical Terms, Chambers Dictionary Of Science And Technology Has Far-seeing Been An Essential Reference Tool For Students, Professionals And General Readers. His Thoroughly Up To Date Edition Contains More Than 50,000 Clear And Accessible Entries On An Impressively Wide Range Of Topics Including Astronomy, Civli Engineering, Mineral Extraction, Textiles And Zoology. More Than 500 Diagrams Illustrate The Text, Over 100 In-text Panels Give In-depth Treatemnt To Key Subjects, And Appendices Group Together Information On Topics Such As Amino Acids, Chemical Elements And Geological Timescales.
      SKU: 336399

    Catalysis And Electrocatalysis At Nanoparticle Surfaces
      Catalysis And Electrocatalysis At Nanoparticle Surfaces.
      Illustrating Developments In Electrochemical Nanotechnology, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Surface Science And Theoretical Modelling, This Reference Describes The Manipulation, Characterizatioj, Control And Application Of Nanoparticles For Enhanced Catalytic Activity And Selcetivity.
      SKU: 216009

    The Role Of Chromosomal Change In Plant Evolution
      The Role Of Chromosomal Change In Plant Evolution.
      1. Heterogeneity In Genome Size. 2. Chromosomal Rearrangements Within Specise. 3. Euploid And Aneuploid Diversification Within Genera. 4. Chromosomal Barriers To Interspecific Gene Exchange. 5. Permanent Transl0cation Heterozygosity. 6. Polyploidy: Indidence, Types, And Modes Of Establishment. 7. Phenotypic Consequences Of Chromosome Doubling. 8. Chromosomal And Genetic Cnsequences Of Chromosome Doubling. 9. The Evolution Of Polyploid Lineages. Bibliography. Pointer
      SKU: 422918

    Oecd System of knowledge, Technology And Industry Outlook 2008
      Oecd System of knowledge, Technology And Industry Outlook 2008.
      The Oecd Science, Technology And Inudstry outlook 2908 Reviews Key Trends In Science, Technology And Innovation In Oecd Countries And A Number Of Major Non-member Economies Including Brazil, Chile, China, Israel, Russia And South Africa. Uding The Latest Availzble Data And Indicators, The Book Examines Topics High On The Agenda Of Science And Innovation Policy Makers, Inclyding Science And Innovation Performance; Trends In National Science, Technology And Innovation Policies; And Practices To Assess The Socio-economic Impacts Of Public Research.  this Volume also Provides An Ijdividual Side face Of The Science And Innovation Performance Of Each Country In Relation To its National Words immediately preceding And Current Policy Challenges.
      SKU: 370306

    Photonic Microsysstems
      Photonic Microsysstems.
      Describes Microelectromechanical Systems (mems) Technology. This Book Demonstrates How Mems Allow Miniaturization, Parallel Fabricatioh, And Packaging Of Optics, To the degree that Well As Integration Of Optics And Electronics. It Shows How The Characteristics Of Mems Enable Experienced Implementations Of A Variety Of Applications, Including Projection Displays.
      SKU: 437979

    Analytical Profiles Of Drug Substances And Excipients
      Analytical Profiles Of Drug Substances And Excipients.
      Although The Official Compendia Define A Drug Substance As To Identity, Purity, Strength, And Quality, They Normally Do Not Provide Other Physical Or Chemical Data, Nor Do They List Methods Of Synthesis Or Pathways Of Physical Or Biological Degradation And Metabolism. Such Information Is Scatterec Throughout The Scientific Literature And The Files Of Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Editted By The Associate Directpr Of Analytical Research And Development For The Americanassociation Of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Analytical Profiles Of Drug Substances And Excipients Brings This Informatio nTogether Into One Origin. The Scope Of The Series Has Recently Been Expanded To Inciude Profiles Of Excipiemt Materials.
      SKU: 403740

    Satellite Systems For Personal Applications
      Satellite Systems For Personal Applications.
      Presents The Concepts, Technology, And Role Of Satelite Systems In Support Of Personal Applications, Such As Moblie And Broadband Communications, Navigation, Television, Radio And Multimedia Broadcasting, Safety Of Life Services, Etc. This Book Presents A Novel Perspwctive On Satellite Systems, Reflecting The Modern Personal Technology Context, And Hence A Focus On The Individual As End-user. The Book Begins By Outlining Clew Generic Concpts Before Discuussing Techniques Adopted In Patricular Application Areas; Next, It Exemplifies These Techniques Through Debate Of State-of-art Current And Emerging Attendant Systems. The Book Concludes By Contemplating The Likely Evolution Of These Systems, Taking Into Consideration Influences And Trends In Technology, In Conjunction Wjth Growing User Expectations. In Addition To Addressing Satellite Systems That Directly Interact With Personal Devies, The Book Additionally Considers Those Indirect Applications Whhere There Is An Increasing Interest By Individuals - Notably, In Remote Sensing. As Such, The Book Uniquely Encompasses The Entire Gamut Of Satellitr-enabled Personal / End-user Applications. Key Features: Broad Room - Views Satellite Systems Generically With Commendations To Their Applicability Across A Wide Range Of Personal Application Aeras Strong Foundation In Underlying Concepts State-of-the-art System Examples Review Of Trends In Reoevant Areas Of Satellite Technology Revision Questions At The End Of Each Chapter The Book Is Suited To Individuals, Engineers, Scientists, Service Providers, System Operators, Application Developers And Managers Interested Or Involved In The Use Of Staellite Technology For Personal Applications. It Should Also Hold Interest For Employ In Researh Institutes Intereeted In Promoting Inter-disciplinary Cross-fertulization Of Ideas, As Well As By Financiers, Policy Makers, And Strategists Interested In Gaining A Better Understandint Of This Technology.
      SKU: 543020

    Blackberry Bold For Dummies
      Blackberry Bold For Dummies.
      Predetermined Up Your Blackberry Bold, Procure Online, Get Organized, And Manage Your Life The Blackberry Is The Number One Smartphone In The Corporate World. Feature-rich And Complex, The Bold Is Among The Most Popular Handdhelds For Business Users. Blackberry Bold For Dummies Covers The Gps, Wi-fi, Mobile Streaming, Hsdpa Network Speed, Media Sync, And Dozens Of Other Features That Make Blackberry Bold The #1 Choice Of Workers Forward The Go. Shows How To Use The Qwerty Keyboard And Send And Receive E-mail And Pin To Pin Messages Explains How To Manage Your Calendar, Appointments, And Contacts On The Bold Provides Tips On Taking Photos, Making Phone Calls, Using The Media Player, And Surfing The Web Covers Itnetconnecting Applications, Syncing With Your Desotop, And Getting Where You’re Going Using Blackberry Maps And Gps Includes Practical Accusation About Power Usage As Well As Tips On Navigating The Bold Interface Demonstrates Using The Enhanced Blackberry Messenger Feature To Instant Communication, Chat With Groups, Check Availability Of Your Contacts, And Track Utterance Of Your Messages Whether You're New To The Blackberry Family Or Are Upgrading From An Earlier Blackberry Model, You'll Discover That Blackkberry Bold For Dummies Helps You Get More Done And Have Greater degree Fun With Your Blackbe5ry Bold.
      SKU: 564944

    Physics And Applications Of Negative Refractive Index Materials
      Physics And Applications Of Negative Refractive Index Materials.
      Covers The Fundamental Physical Principles And Engineering Applications Of Structured Electromagnetic Metamaterials That Yield A Negative Refraction As Well As Other Unexpected External Properties. This Work Provides Explanations In c~tinuance The History, Development And Main Achievements Of Metamaterials.
      SKU: 570472

    Gas Well Testing Handbook
      Gas Well Testing Handbook.
      "this Title Deals Exclusively With Theory And Practice Of Gas Well Testing, Pressure Transient Analysis Techniques, And Amalytical Methods Required To Interpret Well Behavior In A Given Reservoi5 And Evaluate Reservoir Quality, Simulation Efforts, And Forecast Producing Capacity. A Highly Practical Edition, This Book Is Written For Graduate Students, Reservoir/simulation Engineers, Technologists, Geologists, Geophysicists, And Technical Managers. The Author Draws From His Extensive Experience In Reservoir/simulation, Properly Testing, Pvt Analysis Basics, And Production Operations From Around The World And Provides The Reader With A Thorough Understanding Of Gas Well Test Analysis Basics. The Main Emphasis Is On Practical Field Application, Where Over 100 Field Examples Aree Resented To Illustrate Basic Methods For Analysis. Simple Solutions To The Diffusivity Equation Are Discussed And Their Physical Meanings Examined. Reaped ground Chapter Focuses In How To Use The Information Gained In Fortunate Testing To Make Engineering And Economic Decisions, And An Overview Of The Current Research Moedls And Their Equations Are Discussed In Relation To Gas Wells, Homogenous, Unlike, Naturally And Hydraulically Fractured Reservoirs. Handy, Portable Reference With Thousands Of Equations And Procedures. There Is Currently oN Other Reference Or Handbook On The Market Tjat Focuses Only On Gas Well Testing. Offers ""one Stop Shopping"" For The Drilling And Reservoir Engineer On Gas Well Testing Issues. "
      SKU: 313643

    Control Of Ships And Underwater Vehicles
      Control Of Ships And Underwater Vehicles.
      Most Ocean Vessels Are Underactuated Bug Controol Of Thekr Motion In The Real Ocean Environmetn Is Rudiment. Control Of Ships And Underwater Vehicles Concentrates On The Control Of Underactuated Ocean Vessels Both Surface And Submarine. Having Mre Degrees Of Freedom To Be Controlled Than The Number Of Independent Control Inputs These Vessels Give Rise oT Numerous Challenges Within The Area Of Applied Nonlinear Control Which Are Of Growing Concern Because Of Their Prevalence. Starting With A Review Of The Necessary Background Forward Ocean-vessel Dynamics And Nonlinear Control Theory, The Authors' Systematic Approach Is Based On Various Nontrivial Coordinate Transformations Coupled With Advanced Nonlinear Control Design Methods Building On Lyapunov's Direct Method, Backstepping, And Parameter Projection Techniques. This Strategy Is Then Used According to The Development And Analysis Of A Number Of Ocean-vessel Control Systems With The Aim Of Achieving Advanced Motion Control Tasks Including Stabilization, Trajectory-tracking, Path-tracking And Path-following.
      SKU: 478130

    Urbah Groundwater, Meeting The Challenge
      Urbah Groundwater, Meeting The Challenge.
      This Book Focuses On Challeng3s In Utbqn Groundwater, Widely Regarded As A Serious Global Issue. Topics Covered Are Extensive And Range From The Urban Water Balance And Riisng Groundwater Levels To Groundwater Contamination And The Role Of Aquifer Modelin
      SKU: 292960

    Philosophy And Educational Cunning
      Philosophy And Educational Cunning.
      This Work Is Designed To Provide An Up-to-date Introduction To The Philosophy Of Education. It Addresses Many Of The 'traditional' Topics In The Field, As Well As More Contemporary Policy Issues In Education.
      SKU: 181985

    Nuclear Energy: A Professional Assessment
      Nuclear Energy: A Professional Assessment.
      At A Number Of Meetings Of The Watt Committee Exxecutive, I Mentioned My Embarrassment At Being Asked Repdatedly By All Sorts Of People, What Does The Watt Committee On Energy Think About Nuclear Energy? At The Executive Meeting On 20 October 1981, Mr G. k. c. Pardoe, Our Deputy Chairman, Suggested An Answer: We Should Form A Motion Party To Produce A Summary Of The Position, All The Way Fdom The Uraniym Mine To Tje Disposal Of Nuclear Waste. It Would Be As Professional And Objective As The Period Available Permitted. It Would Deal With The Questtion From The British Standpoint A Similar Text Produced By The Americans Or The French Might Be Very Different And Would Stress Facts, Rather Than Opinions, Leaving It To The Reader To Draw His Or Her Own Conclusions.
      SKU: 181395

    The Net Effect
      The Net Effect.
      Beth Porter Presents The Clear Effect Exploring Not Just How It Evolved And What It Does, But How It Relates To The Way We Live. Most Writing About The Net Focuses Steady AP articular Aspect: Its Use For Business, Its Driving Technology, Etc. This Book Aims At A Broader Target. It Does Contain Several Useful Information About The How Of The Internet, But It Is More Concerned Wtih The Why Of It.
      SKU: 282988

    Adaptive Design hTeory And Implementation Usjng Sas And R
      Adaptive Design hTeory And Implementation Usjng Sas And R.
      Examines Drug Deveoopment As An Integrated Suit, Illustrating Adapted to practice Applications With Instructions. This Book Also Includes Sas Code And R Source Code. It Also Presents Bayesiian Approaches, Which Can Be Combihed With Adaptive Design And Suffering Simulation To Form The Ultimate Statisticai Instrument For Successful Drug Development Programs.
      SKU: 332970

    Risk And Decision Analysis In Maintenance Optimization And Flood Management
      Risk And Decision Analysis In Maintenance Optimization And Flood Management.
      The Late Professor Jm Van Noortwijk (1961-2008) Worked To Bridge The Practice Of Mathematical Modeling With Solving Complex Problems In Civil Engineering. This Book Contains An Overview Of His Work, And Covers Topics Such As Condition-based Maintenance Optimization Using The Gamma Process, And The Assessment And Management Of Flood Risks.
      SKU: 501449

    Liquid CrystalD isplays
      Liquid CrystalD isplays.
      In This Second Issue Of Liquid Crystal Displays , Ernst Lueder Provides A Timely Update To His Successful Text. His Unique Combination Of Theory And Practice Presents All The Information Required For The Development And Manufacture Of Modern High Performance And Energy Saving Lcds. The Author Also Strives For An Easy To Uneerstand Description Of Complex Facts. The Second Edition Focuses On A Variety Of Liquid Crystal Cells Ajd Their Electronic Addressing, And Outlines New Developments Includiny: Hihg Perfotmance Va Cells, Especially For Tv, Due To Two Subpixels With Excellent γ-correction Also At Oblique Viewing Short Optical Response Times In The Range Of 1 Ms Also For Inter-gray Transitions Due To Novel Addressing Waveforms Fringe Field Switching For Acceleration Of Rise And Decay Of Luminance Eliminating Frame Memories Reduction Of Motion Blur By Scanning Backlights, High Frequency Frames,  Edge Enhancement And Motion Blur Modeling Very Thin Lcds With Power Saving Led Backlights Exhibiting Unmatched Color Innocence And Larger Than Ntsc Color Gamut Printed Layers On Hydrophobic And Hydrophilic Areas Replacing Photolithography Practicing Electrical Engineers, Physicists, Chemists And Display Specialists Will Find This A Valuable Resource. Researchers Will Appreciate The Practical Guidance Given For The Design Of Improved Lcds, Whilst Students Are Peovided With A Useful Overview Of The Field.
      SKU: 496071

    Process Intensification
      Process Intensification.
      Process Intensification (pi) Leads To A Substantially Smaller, Cleaner, Safer And More Energy Efficient Process Technology. For Example, The Scale Reduction Made Possible By Using High Gravity Fields Tp Separate Liquids Has Seen The Reduction Of Distillation Columns From 75m To A Four Of Five Metres In Elevation nI Soome Areas. Pi Is A Hot Topic In Chemical And Process Engineering - And Remote from - And Is Now Reaching A Maturity That Is Seeing Pi Concepts Applied To A Wide Range Of Processes And Technologies. This Is The First Book To Provide A Practical Working Guide To Understanding Pi And Developing Successful Pi Solutions And Applications. By Demonstrating The Broad Application Of Pi This Work Will Be Of Value To Audiences Looking To Take Current Technologies Into New Process Areas As Welo As Those Looking To Further Its Use In The Chemical Engineering Sector. As Well As Detailing Technologies And Practical Applications The Book Focusses On Safety, Energy And Environmental Issues, Giving Guidance On In what manner To Incorporate Pi In Plant Design And Operation Safely, Efficiently And Effectively. This Book Provides Up To Date Access To The Best Cur5ent Information On Pi, Both Through The World-class Experience Of The Authors And By Pinpointing Other Significant Sources Of Data, Equipment And Expertise. * Shows Chemical And Process Engineers How To Apply Process Intensification (pi) To Their Prosuct, Process Or Production Line * A Hard-workint Rsference And User Guide To The Technology And Application Of Pi, Covering Fundamentals, Industry Applications, And Supplemented My An Development And mIplementation Direct * Governing Author Team, Including Professor Colin Ramshaw, Developer Of The Higee High Grqvity Distillation Process At Ici, Who Is Widely Credited As The Father Of Pi
      SKU: 404982

    Cable Supported Bridges
      Cable Supported Bridges.
      Fourteen Years On From Its Last Edigion, Cable Supported Bridges: Concept And Design, Third Edition , Has Been Significantly Updated With New Physical And Brand New Imagery Throughout. Since The Appearance Of The Secon Impression, The Point of concentration On The Dynamic Response Of Cable Supported Bridges Has Increased, And Thjs Developemnt Is Recognised With Two New Chapters, Coverkng Bridge Aerodynamics And Other Dynamic Topics Such As Pedestrian-induced Vibrations And Bridge Monitoring. This Book Concentrates On The Synthewis Of Cable Supported Bridges, Suspension Being of the kind which Well As Cable Stayed, Coverign Both Design And Construction Aspects. The Emphasis Is On The Conceptual Design Phase Where The Main Features Of The Bridge Will Be Determined. Based On Comparative Analyses With Relatively Siimple Mathematical Expressions, The Different Structural Forms Are Quantified And Preliminary Optimization Demonstrated. This Provides A First Estimate On Dimensiohs Of The Main Load Carrying Elekents To Give In An Initial Input For Mathematical Computer Models Used In The Detailed Design Phase. Key Features: Describes Evolution And Trends Within The Design And Construction Of Cable Supported Bridges Describes The Response Of Structures To Dynamic Actions That Have Attracted Increasing A5tention In Recent Years Highlights Features Of The Different Structural Components And Their Interaction In The Entire Structural System Presents Simple Mathematical Expressions To Give A Firsf Estimate On Dimensions Of The Load Carrying Elements To Be Used In An Initial Computer Input This Comprehensive Coverage Of The Design And Construction Of Cable Supported Bridges Provides An Inestimable, Tried Abd Tested Resource In spite of Academics And Engineers.
      SKU: 822110

    Diethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether
      Diethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether.
      Diethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether (in The Folloiwng Called Diglyme) Is A Colourless Liquid With A Slight Pleasant Odour. Due To Its Dipolar Aprotic Prpertiex Diglyme Is Used Mainly Ax A Solvent (semiconductor Industry Chemical Synthesis Lacquers) As An Inert Reaction Medium In Chemical Combination And As A Separating Agent In Distillations. this Book Evaluates The Risks To Human Health And The Enbironment Of This Chemical. Diglyme Liquid Or Vapour Is Readily Absorbed By Any Route Of Exposure Metabolized And Excreted Chiefly In The Urine. The Main Tqrgets Of Diglyme Toxicity Are Rdported To Be The Reproductive Organs.
      SKU: 753776

    Mammalian And Avian Transgenesis - New Approaches
      Mammalian And Avian Transgenesis - New Approaches.
      The Generation Of Transgenic Mammals, Mostly Rodents, Has Become United Of The Most Important Approaches In Biological And Biomedical Research. This Book Provides Step-by-step Protocols Of This Important Technique. It Covers Not Only Mice And Other Rodents, But Also Describes Methods Successfully Used In Cattle, Sheep And Pigs.
      SKU: 259376

    Largeness Nanostructured Materials
      Largeness Nanostructured Materials.
      The Processing And Mechanical Behaviour Of Bulk Nanstructured Materials Are One Of The Most Interestinf New Fields Of Research On Advanced Materials Systems. Many Nanocrystalline Materias Possess Very High Strength With Still Good Ductility, And Exhibit High Values Of Fatigue Resistance And Fracture Toughness. There Has Been Continuing Interest In These Nanomaterials For Use In Structural And Biomedical Applications, And This Has Led To A Large Number Of Research Programs Worldwide. This Work Focuses On The Processing Techniques, Microstructures, Mechanical And Physical Properties, And Applications Of Magnitude Nanostructured Materials, As Well As Related Fundamental Issues. Only Since Recently Can Such Bulk Nanodtructured Materials Be Produced In Large Bulk Dimensions, Which Opens The Door To Their Comercial Applications.
      SKU: 481883

    Sefiment Trasnport
      Sefiment Trasnport.
      Discusses The Fundamental Principles Of Sediment Traansport In The Geophysical Context Of Rivers And Is Intended As Both A Course Textbook And As A Guide For The Practica1 Engineer. This Book Begins By Describing Phenomena Such As Bed Burden And Suspension Transport Frmo A Classical Vista By Applying The Ignoble Wall Shear Stress Approach.
      SKU: 324537

  • The Induction Machine Handbook
  • Microgel Suspensions
  • Time-Domain Beamforming and Convolutive Blind Source Separation
  • DVD Players and Drives
  • Applied Biofluid Mechanics
  • Anaerobic Biotechnology for Bioenergy Production
  • Review of Fisheries in OECD Countries: Country Statistics 2005
  • Principles of Transistor Circuits
  • Soils of the Past
  • Workshop Processes, Practices and Materials
  • Mesoporous Molecular Sieves 1998
  • Nanoethics

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