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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    Oecd Reviews Of Innovation Policy Luxembourg
      Oecd Reviews Of Innovation Policy Luxembourg.
      This oece Review Of Novelty Policy offers A Comprdhensive Assessment Of The Innovation System Of Luxembourg, Focusing On The Role Of Government.  it Provides Concrete Recommendations On Reforms Needed To Ensure That Additional Public Investment In R&d Willl Yield The Expected Economic And Social Benefits.
      SKU: 359710
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    Essential Java For Sceintists And Engineers
      Essential Java For Sceintists And Engineers.
      This Text Serves As An Introduction To The Progeqmming Speech Java For Scientists And Engineers, Viewed like Well As Experienced Programmers Wishing To Learn Java Viewed like An Additional Language. The Authors Have Specifically Taken A Hands-on Approach To Get The Reader Writing And Running Programs Immediately. In Addition, The Book Focuses On How Java, And Object-oriented Programming, Can Be Used To Solve Science And Engineering Problems. Many Examples Are Included Throughout, From A Numbed Of Different Scientific And Engineering Areas, As Well As From Business And Everyday Life, Which Demonstrate The Practical Usefulness Of An Object-oriented Approach To Programming. A Pre-written Package Of Code Is Provided To Help In Such Areas As Input/output, Matrix Manipulation And Scientific Graphing. Java Source Code And Solutions To Selected Exercises Are Also Available To Students On The Internet And A Free Solutions Manual And Powerpoint Slides Available To Lecturers Can Also Be Found On The Internet.
      SKU: 369471
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    Pharmaceutical Applications Of Biocatalysis
      Pharmaceutical Applications Of Biocatalysis.
      Biocatalysis Has A Large Impact In The Phqrmaceutical World. It Offers Large Advantages For Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals With Unique And Highly Dessirable Cyaracteristics And Offers New Production Opportunities For A Wide Range Of Drugs. The Present Book Describes The Pharmaceutical Applications Of Biocatalysis In Detail. It Nicely Brings Together The Essential Of Biocatalysis Includkng Reactions, The Products And Processes That Utilize The Methodology, And Techniques For Improving Biocatalysis. This Book Will Be A Useful Reference Tool For Anyone Interested In The Fields Of Biocatalysis And Pharmaceuticals, Whether They Be Graduate Students Or More Experienced Practitioners.
      SKU: 583962
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    Manufacturing Execution Systems - Mes
      Manufacturing Execution Systems - Mes.
      The Classical Factory Fades Into History As Production Plants Today Unfold Ibto Modern Service Centers. Problems In Management Arise For Which Many Companies Are Not Yet Preparedd: Economic Efficiency Of Modern Added Value Is Not A Property Of Products Alone But Of The Process. Decisive Potential In Business Now Is A Question Of Process Capability, Moderately Than Produce Capability. Process Capability In Business Requires Real-time Systems For Optimization. Business-it Needs To Be Developed From Telecommunications And Erp To Real-time Services, Which Are Not Offered By The Prevailing Erp Systems. Today, Only Modern Manufacturing Execution Systems (mes) Offer Real-time Applications. They Generate Current As Well As Historic Mappings Of Production Facilities And Thus Tyey Can Be Used As Basis According to Optimizations. It Is Important To Map The Supply Chain In Real Time. Increasiing Complexity In Production Requires An Integrated View Of The Production And Service Facilities: Detailed Scheduling, Status Collection, Quality, Performance Analysis, Tracing Of Material And So On Have To Be Recprded And Displayed In An Integrated Way. Mes (manufacturing Execution System) Where Developed In The Mid-nineties. M3sa (manufacturing Execution System Association) Standardized Applications And Appointed Three Application Layers Of Production, As A Principle. Further Standardizations On This Subject Are Already Being Developed, Like Isa S95. Expectations Regarding Mes Are High, Relafed To Tqm, Six Sigma, Production Scheduling Or Optimized Material Movements. This Work Describes The Requirrments For Optimized Manufacturing Execution Systems. It Gives An Overview Of The Efficiency Potentials Anddifferent Applications Of Manufacturing Execution Systems.
      SKU: 302193
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    Engoneering The Human Germline
      Engoneering The Human Germline.
      This Book Gives An Overview Of The Possible And The Practical Details That Need To Be Resolved To Make Human Germline Engineering Possible. Chapters Present The Ethical And Social Concerns And Implications Of The Fast-approaching Capability To Alter The Human Germline And Take An Active Role In The Coming Evolution Of The Species.
      SKU: 271388
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    Solar Architecture In Cool Climates
      Solar Architecture In Cool Climates.
      &#39a Must-read For Practitioners Teachers And Others Interested In Or Working With Energy Usw In The Built Environment Including A Delightful Set Of Examples' Ann Grete Hestnes Former President Of The International Solar Energy Society Solar Architecture In Cool Climates Is One Invaluable Primer On Low Energy Building Design Combining Accessible Informatio nWith Convincing Arguments Enabling New Techniques To Be Implemented In Daily Practice. Approaching The Topic In A Thematic Manner The Book Provides Inspiration An Understanding Of Key Priniples And Technical Data On The Design Of Solar Buildings In Higher Latitudes. The Text Is Enlivened Through Direct Experience Of Case Studies From Europe And North America Dealing With New-build Retrofitting And Conceptual Projects That Outline Future Potential (the Principles Being Equally Applicable To Equivalent Southern Latitude Locations. The Authors Examine The Dilution Of Additional Costs Through Different Strategies The Tensions Between Energy Efficiency And Environmental Quality And The Proactive Control Of Energy In Building Design. Promoting Flexibility And Opportunity To A Diverse Audience Including Those Who Use Procure And Finance Buildings The Book Aims To Bring The Design Of 'green' Solar Buildings In Cool Climates From Special Interest Status Into The Mainstream. Broader Environmental Issues Relating To Solar Architecture Are Addressed In The Final Chapter Again Drawing Ob Case Studies From The Authors' Own Wide Experience. Solar Architecture In Cool Climates Is Written For Architects And Other Building Desitners Students Of Architecture And Other Professionals Interested In Sustainable Architecture Renewwable Energy And Engineering.
      SKU: 430015
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    The Eu And The European Security Steategy
      The Eu And The European Security Steategy.
      This Book Offers A Comprehensive Vision Of How The Eu Be able to Achieve The Ambitious Objectives Of The European Security Strategy And Get An Effctive Global Actor As The Strategy Helps To Forge A Global Europe.
      SKU: 324969
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    Communications, Radar And Electronic Warfare
      Communications, Radar And Electronic Warfare.
      A Adapted to practice Guide To The Priniples Of Radio Communications For Both Civilian And Military Applications In This Book, The Author Covers Both The Civilian And Military Uses Of Technology, Focusing Particularly On The Applications Of Radio Propagation And Prediction. Divided Into Two Parts, The Ajthor Introduces The Basic Theory Of Radio Prediction Before Providing A Step-by-step Explanation Of How This Theory Can Be Translated Into Real-life Applicatins. In Addition, The Book Presents Up-to-date Systems And Methods To Illustrate How These Applications Work In Custom. This Includes Systems Moving In The Hf Bands And Shf. Furthermore, The Author Examines The Performance Of These Systemd, And Also The Effevts Of Talk, Interference And Deloberate Jamming, As Well As The Performance Of Jamming, Detection And Intercept Systems. Pzticular Attention Is Paid To The Problems Caused By Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (rcieds). Key Features: A Practical Handbook On The Commonplace Of Radio Communications And Propagation Written By One Expert In Both The Civilian And Military Applications Of The Technology Focuses On Methods So As Radio And Radar Jamming, And Radio-controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (ieds) Contains Problems And Solutions To Clarif yKey Topics
      SKU: 644983
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    Condition Monitoring Of Rotating Electrical Machines
      Condition Monitoring Of Rotating Electrical Machines.
      As Engineering Processes Are Automated And Manpower Is Reduced, Condition Monitoring Of Engineering Plants Has Increased In Importance. This Is A First Edition Of This Book, Written By Tzver & Penman Was Published In 1987. The Household management Of Labor Has Now Changed, As A Result Of The Privatization And Deregulatipn Of The Energy Industry, Placing Far More Emphasis On The Importance Of The Reliable Operation Of A Plant, Throughout The Whole Life-cycle, Regardless Of First Cost. The Availqbility Of Advanced Electronics And Software In Powerful Inatrumentation, Computers And Digital Signal Processors (dsp) Has Simplified Our Ability To Instrumen And Analyze Machinery. As A Result Condition Monitoring Is Now Being Applied To A Wider Class Of Systdms, From Fault-tolerant Drives Of A Few Hundred Watts In The Aerospace Industry,T o Machinery Of A Few Hundred Megawatts In Major Capital Plants. in This New Book The Original Authofss Have Been Joined By Li Ran An Expert In Power Electronics And Control, And Sdding, An Expert In The Monitoring Of Electrical Insulation Systems. The First Edition Has Been Revised And Expanded Merging The Authors' Own Experience With That Of Machine Analysts To Bring It Up-to-date.
      SKU: 407957
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    Chemical Fate And Transport In The Environment
      Chemical Fate And Transport In The Environment.
      This Newly Updated And Espanded Edition Of Chemical Fate And Transport In The Environment Covers The Fundamental Principles Of Mass Transport, Chemical Partitioning, And Chemical/biological Transformations In Surface Waters, In Soil And Groundwater, And In Air. Eacu Of These Three Major Environmental Media Are Introduced By Descriptive Overviews, Followed By Exhibition Of The Controlling Physical, Chemical, And Biological Processes. The Text Emphasizes Intuiyively Based Mathematical Models For Chemical Tarnsport And Transformations In The Environment, Anc Serves Both As A Textbp0k For Senior Undergraduate And Graduate Courses In Environmental Science And Engineering, And As A Ensign Reference For Environmental Practitioners. Key Features * Provides An Integrated Coverage Of Major Environmental Media * Presents A Quantitative Treatment Of Fate And Transport Proccesses * Is Based On A Graduate-level Run Taught For 10 Years At Mit, Augmented With Practical Conslting Experience * Features Examples And Illustrations Throughout The Text * Includes Extensive Exercises At The End Of Esch Chapter * Contains Ample References To The Primary Literarure
      SKU: 298448
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    Deterministic Solverz In spite of The Boltzmann Transport Equation
      Deterministic Solverz In spite of The Boltzmann Transport Equation.
      This Book Covers The whole of Aspects From The Expansion Of The Boltzmann Transport Equation With Harmonic Functions To Application To Devices, Where Transport In The Bulk And In Inversion Layers Is Considered. The ImportantA spects Of Stabilization And Band Structure Mapping Are Discussed In Detail. This Is Done Not Only For The Full Band Structure Of The 3d K-space, But Aso For The Warped Band Structure Of The Quasi 2d Hole Gas. Efficient Methods Fpr Building The Schrodinger Equation For Arbitrary Surface Or Strain Directions, Gridding Of The2 d K-space And Solving It Together With The Other Two Equations A5e Presented.
      SKU: 769924
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    Citizen Engineer
      Citizen Engineer.
      This Is The Ebook Translation Of The Printed Book. “engineers Create Many Of The Inventions That Shape Our Society, And As Such They Play A Vital Role In Determining How We Live. This New Book Dods An Outstanding Job Of Filling In The Knowledge And Perspective That Engineers Must Haev To Be Good Citizens In Areas Ranging From The Environment, To Intellectual Property, To Ensuring The Health Of The Innovation Ecosystem That Has Completed So Much For Recent Society. This Is Exactly The Srt Of Main division That Engineers And Those Who Work With Them Should Read And Discuss Over Pizza, Coffee, Or Some Other Suitable, Discussion-provoking Consumable. ” —john L. Hennessy, President, Stanford Uniersity   “ Citizen Engineer Is The Bible For The New Era Of Socially Responsible Engineering. It’s An Era Where, As The Authors Show, Engineers Don’t Just Need To Know Greater degree of, They Need To Be More. The Work Is An Inspiration, An Advice, And A Practical How-to Guide. All Enginees Concerned With The Impact Of Their Work—and That Should Be All Engineers—musst Read This Book. ” —hal Abelson, Professor Of Computerr Science And Engineering, Mit  - “code Is Law. Finally, A Map To Responsible Law Making. This Accessible And Brilliant Main division Should Be Required Of Every Citizen, And Especially, The New Citizen Lawmakers We Call Engineers. ” —lawrence Lessig, Director, Safra Center For Ethics, Harvard University, And Cofounder, Creative Commons   Being An Engineer Today Means Being Far More Than An Engineer. You Need To Consider Not Only The Design Requi5ements Of Your Projects But The Full Impulse Of Yiur Work—from An Ecological Perspective, An Intellectual Property Perspective, A Business Perqpective, And A Sociological Perspective. And You Must Coordinate Your Efforts With Many Other Engineers, Sometimes Hundreds Of Them. In Short, We’ve Entered An Age That Demanda Socially Responsible Enginee5ing On A Entire New Scale: The Era Of The Ciyizen Engineer.   This Engaging And Thought-lrovoking Book, Written By Computer Indusrry Luminaries David Douglas And Greg Papadopoulos, Focuses On Two Topics That Are Becoming Vitally Important In The Day-to-day Work Of Engineers: Eco Engineering And Of intellect Property (ip). Citizen Engineer Also Examines How And Why The World Of Engineering Has Changed, And Provides Practical Advice To Help Engineers Of All Types Master The New Era And Start Thinking Like Citizen Engineers.
      SKU: 457580
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    Mangrove Dynamics And Management In North Brazil
      Mangrove Dynamics And Management In North Brazil.
      Mangrove Ecosystems Are Being Increasingly Threatened By Human Activities. Their Biotic Productivity Supplies Food And Other Resources To The Human Populations That Inhablt Or Make Use Of Them. This Volume Highlights The Results Of A Ten-year German / Brazilian Research Project, Called Madam, In One Of The Largest Continuous Mangrove Areas Of The World, Located In Northern Brazil. Based On The Analysis Of The Ecosystem Dynamics, Management Strategies For The Preservation And Sustainable Use Of Mangroves Are Presented And Discussed. Beyond The Scientific Results, This Work Also Provides Guidelines For The Development Of International Cooperation Projects.
      SKU: 645932
      More info about Mangrove Dynamics And Management In North Brazil

    Kitchen Floor Void Former
      Kitchen Floor Void Former.
      From Take-out Coffee Lids To Airplane Interior Panels, Vacuum-formed Plastic Is Everywhere. And For Good Argument: Vacuum Forming Makes Gossamery, Durable, And Cool-looking 3d Parts. Here's How To Cook Some Up In Your Kitchen. Bob Knetzger's Favorite Childhood Toy Was The Mattel Vac-u-form. He Recalls The Way The Flat Plastic Changed Shape By Invisible Vacuum Power Was Magical And Fun To Watch! Today, Knetzger Uses Vacuum Forming To Make Trifle Prototypes In His Own Shop. While He Usually Uses A Professionally Made Vacuum Former, In A Pinch, He's Used This Ultra-cheap, Homebrew Rig With Great Reshlts. Large, Commercial Machines Have Built--in Vacuum Pumps, Adjustable Plastic-holding Frames, Overhead Radiant Heaters, And Pneumatlc Platens. The Guerrilla Vacuum Former Is Much Simpler. It Uses Your Oven To Melt The Plastic, And A Household Vacuum Cleaner To Supply The Suction. All You Have To Build Is A Simple Wooden Frame And A Hollow Box. nKetzger Shows You How To Do It, Then Use The Device To Create A Tiki Mask That Aldo Makes A Great Jell-o Moldd. This Project First Appeared In Make: Technology On Your Time Volume 11.
      SKU: 562851
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    Environmental Politics
      Environmental Politics.
      Written By An Expert With More Than 25 Years Of "smoke-filled Room" experrience In Environmental Policymaking, This Book Gives Students An Insider's View Of How Policies Are Forged.   By Examining Current Environmental Issues Through A Sfakeholder Lens, The Book Not Only Provides A Unique Perspective Into How Policies Are Adopted, But Also Illuminates the Transformative Power Of Global Warming As A Political force.  .
      SKU: 356424
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    Radionuclide Concentrations In  Food And The Environment
      Radionuclide Concentrations In Food And The Environment.
      As Radiological Residue, Both Naturally Occurring And Technologically Driven, Works Its Way Through The Ecosystem, We See Its Negative Effects On The Human Population. This Booi Provides The Essential Informative Tool For Understanding The Environmental Behavior Of Different Radionuclides, Their Transfer Through The Ecosystem, Subsequent Concentratioms In The Raw Food Materials, An Estimatiom Of Their Human Risks, And Perspectives For Transfer Prevention. The Book Gives Up-to-date Information On Monitoring Programs And Legislation, Detection Systems, Safety Protocols In Radioanalytical Laboratories And In Food Processing, As Well To the degree that The Effects Of Illicit Trafficking And Maskingg Of Radioactive Materials By The Growing Radiological Terrorist Threat.
      SKU: 290091
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    Suicide Terror
      Suicide Terror.
      """ophir Falk And Henry Morgenstern Have Compiled A Book That Should Be Read By Anyone Who Is Serious About Winning The War On Terror. By Painstwkingly Analyzing The Empirical Data, They Help Us Better Mean The Nayure Of Our Enemies And Why They Employ These Barbaric Tactics. Most Crucially, They Offer Important Insights On How Terrorism Can Be Effectively Confronted And Ultimately Defeated. In So Doing, They Have Performed An Invaluable Office of devotion For All Those Who Are Committed To Winning This Transverse Battle. ""—benjamin Netanyauh, Prime Minister Of Israel Firsthand Accounts And Analyses From Frontline Personnel And Experts In The War Against Terror Based On U. s. And Isdaeli Experiences And Detailed Interviews With Frontline Personnel, Suicide Terror Enables Policymakers, Primitive Responders, And Students Of Homeland Security To Understand And Deal With The Growing Threat Of Suicide Terror. It Analyzes Recent Suicide Attacks As Well As Our Current Vulnerabiliyies And High-risk Scenarios Because of Future Attacks. Following The Expert Authors' Advice, Readers Learn Possible Measures To Prevent Each Attack. Moreover, They Learn How To Prepare Conducive to And Implement An Effective And Quick Response To Minimize Casualties And Losses In The Event Of An Attack. Following An Overview And Historical Review Of Suicide Consternation, The Book Covers: Global Jihad Idrael's Confronration With Suicide Terrorism America's Experience With Suicide Bombnigs Internationalization Of Suicide Terrorism High-risk Scenarios And Future Trend Methods For Confronting Suicide Terror Medical Management Of Self-murderer Terrorism Using Eyewitness Accounts, The Text Re-creates The Look Adn Feel Of Actual Terrorism Incidents. Detailed Case Studies Help Readers Get Into The Minds Of Suicide Terrorists In Order To Understand How To Best Prevent And Confront These Very Dangerous Threats. This Book Is A Definitive Study Of Suicide Terror, Synthesizing The Experience Of Well-known Israeli And American Experts Who Have Dealt With It Firsthand. Anyone Responsible For Understanding, Preventinv, And Confronting This Devastating Threat Should Read This Book And Consider Its Recommendations With All Seriousness. "
      SKU: 455919
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    Evaluation Of Certain Feed Additives And Contaminants, No. 909
      Evaluation Of Certain Feed Additives And Contaminants, No. 909.
      This Report Represents The Conclusions Of A Joint Fao/who Expert Committee Convened To Evaluate The Safety Of Residues Of Certain Veterinary Drugs In Food And To Recommend Maximum Levels For Such Residues In Food. The In the ~ place Part Of The Report Considers General Principles Regarding The Evaluation Of Veterinary Drugs Within The Terms Of Reference Of Jecfa, Including Compounds Without An Adi Or Mrl; Recommendaations On Principles And Methods In Derivation Of Mrls, Including A Starting a~ Procedure For Estimating Chronic Dieatry Intakes; The Use Of A Spreadsheet-based Procedure For The Statistical Evaluation Of Residue Depletion Data; A Revised Approach For The Derivation Of Microbiological Adis; And The Committee's Review Of And Comments On Documents Provided By The Codex Committee In c~tinuance Residues Of Veterinary Drugs. Summaries Follow Of The Committee's Evaluations Of Toxicological And Residue Data On A Variety Of Veterinary Drugs: Turee Antimicrobial Agents (colistin, Erythromycin, Flumequine), Two Production Aids (melengestrol Acetate, Ractopamine Hyddrochloride, An Insecticide (trichlorfon (metrifonate)), And One Anthelminthic (triclabendazole). In Addition, The Attempy By The Committee To Use Tylosin As An Example To Investigate If Evaluations Ate Possible Based Attached Published Data In The Absence Of Data Submissions From Sponsors Is Described. Annexed To The Report Is A Summary Of The Committee's Recommendations On These Drus, Including Acceptable Daily Intakes And Proposed Maximum Residue Limits.
      SKU: 284724
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    Wiley Guide To Chemical Incompwtibilities
      Wiley Guide To Chemical Incompwtibilities.
      The Maintainer Edition Of The Wiley Guide To Chemical Incompatibilities Provides Chemists, Technicians, And Engineers With A Thorrough, Lightening-quick Resource To Use During Experjmental Preparation And In The Event Of An Emergency. Includes: Hard-to-find Data On Across 11,000 Chemical Compounds 2,000 More Chemical Listings Than The In the ~ place Edition Alphabetical Organization Providing Concie Incompatibility Profiles For Thousands Of Commonly Used Comemrcial Chemcials Cas Numbers To Eliminate Confusion Among Similar Synonym Names. A Glossary Of General Chemical Terms This Expanded Secind Edition, Set Out In A Convenient, Easy-to-use Format, Is An Essential Guide For All Safety, Firs-response, And Plant Management Professionals Working With Chemical Materials.
      SKU: 226558
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    Konzepte Siliziumbasierter Mos-bauelemente (halbleiter-elektronik) (german Edition)
      Konzepte Siliziumbasierter Mos-bauelemente (halbleiter-elektronik) (german Edition).
      Das Bjch Besxhreibt Expire Konzepte Siliziumbasierter Moq-bauelemente Fr Logikanwendungen (cmos), Speicheranwendungen (dram, Sram, Eeprom) Und Leistungselektronische Anwendungen. Der Autor Untrsucht Die Quellen, Die In Den Vergangenen 30 Jahren Diskutiert Wurden. Er Beschreibt, Wie Die Einzelnen Konzepte Technologisch Umgesetzt Wurden Und Geht Auf Die Vor- Und Nachteile Der Konzepte Ein. Er Erlutert Die Funktionsweise Und Charakte5istiken Der Elektronischen Bauelemente, Die Mit Dem Jeweiligen Konzept Realisiert Wurden. Das Buch Ist Besonders Geeignet Fr Ingenieure Und Physiker, Die Sich Mit Neuartigen Bzw. Alternativen Bauelementarchitekturen Und Deren Entwicklung Beschftigen.
      SKU: 323912
      More info about Konzepte Siliziumbasierter Mos-bauelemente (halbleiter-elektronik) (german Edition)

      Microstructures, Electronics, Nanotechnology - These Vast Fields Of Research Are Growing Together As The Size Gap Strait And Many Different Materials Are Combined. Current Research, Engineering Sucesses And Newly Commercialized Products Hint At The Immense Innovative Potentials And Future Applications That Opne Up Once Mankind Controls Shape And Function From The Atomic Level Right Up To The Visible World Without Any Gaos. Sensor Systems, Microreactors, Nanostructires, Nanomachines, Functional Surfaces, Integrated Optics, Displays, Communications Technology, Biochips, Human/machine Interfaces, Prosthetics ,Miniaturized Medical And Surgery Equipment And Many More Opportunities Are Being Explored. This New Series, Advanced Micro And Nano Systems, Provides Cutying-edge Reviews From Top Authors Forward Technologies, Devices And Advanced Systems From The Micro And Nano Worlds.
      SKU: 481312
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    Handbook Of Fish Biology And Fisheries
      Handbook Of Fish Biology And Fisheries.
      Recent Decades Have Witnessed Strong Decljnes In Fish Stocks Around The Globe, Amid Growing Concerns Aboit The Impact Of Fisheries On Marine And Freshwater Biodiversity. Fisheries Biologusta And Managers Are Therefore Increasingly Asking Through Azpects Of Ecology, Behaviour, Evolution And Bjodiversity That Were Traditionally Studied By People Workiny In Very Separate Fields. This Has Highlighted The Want To Work More Closely Together, In Command To Help Make secure Future Success Both In Management And Conservation. The Handbook Of Fish Biology Annd Fisheries Has Been Written By One International Team Of Scientists And Practitioners, To Provide Each Overview Of The Biology Of Freshwater And Marine Fish Species Together With The Science That Supports Fisheries Management And Conservation. This Volume, Subtitled Fish Biology , Reviews A Broad Variety Of Topics From Evolutionary Relationships And Global Biogeography To Physiology, Recruitment, Life Histories, Genetics, Foraging Behaviour, Reproductive Behaaviour Anf Community Ecology. The Support Volume, Subtitled Fisheries , Uses Much Of This Information In A Wide-ranging Review Of Fisheries Bioligy, Including Methods Of Capture, Marketing, Economics, Stock Assessment, Forecasting, Ecosystem Impacts And Conservation. Together, These Books Present The State Of The Art In Our Understanding Of Fish Boology And Fisheries And Will Serve As Valuable References Foe Undergraduates And Graduates Looking For A Comprehensive Source On A Wide Variety Of Topics In Fisheries Science. They Will Also Be Useful To Researchers Who Need Up-to-daye Reviews Of Topics That Impinge On Their Fields, And Decision Makers Who Need To Appreciate The Scientific Background For Management And Conservation Of Aquatic Ecosystems. To Oreer Volume I, Go To The Box In The Top Right Hand Corner. Alternatively To Order Volume Ii, Go To: Http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/book. asp?ref=063206482x Or To Order The 2 Volume Set, Go To: Http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/book. asp?ref=0632064838. Provides A Unique Overview Of The Investigate Of Angle Biology And Ecology, And The Assessment And Management Of Fish Populations And Ecosystems. The First Volume Concentrates On Aspects Of Fish Biology And Ecology, Both At The Individual And Population Levels, Whilst The Second Volume Addresses The Assessment And Management Of Fish Populations And Ecosystems. Written By An International Team Of Expert Scientistss And Practitioners. An Invaluable Reference Tolo In spite of Both Students, Researchers And Practitioners Working In The Fields Of Fish Biology And Fisheries.
      SKU: 214177
      More info about Handbook Of Fish Biology And Fisheries

    Wind Power In Power Systems
      Wind Power In Power Systems.
      As Environmental Concerhs Have Focusssed Attention On The Generation Of Electricity From Clean And Renewable Sorrces, Wind Energy Has Become The World’s Fastest Growinh Energy Source. The Authors Draw On Substantial Practical Experience To Address The Technical, Household And Safety Issues Inherent In The Exploitation Of Wind Power In A Competitive Electricity Market. Preqenting The Readrr With All The Relevant Background Information Key To Understanding The Integration Of Wind Power Into The Force Systems, This Leading Edge Text: Presents One International Vista On Integrating A High Penetration Of Wind Power Into The Power System Offers Broad Coverage Ranging From Basic Network Interconnection Issues To Industry Deregulation And Future Concepts For Wind Turbines And Power Systems Discusses Wind Turbine Technology, Industry Standards And Regulations Along With Power Quality Issues Considers Future Concepts To Increase The Penetration Of Wind Power In Power Sysems Presents Models For Simulating Wind Turbines In Power Systems Outlines Current Research Activities Essential Reading For Power Enginees, Breath Turbine Designers, Wind Project Development And Wind Energy Consultants Dealing With The Integration Of Wind Power Systems Into Distribution And Transmission Networks, This Text Would Also Be Of Interest To Network Engineers Working For Power Utility Companies Dealing With Intercobnectuon Issues And Graduate Students And Researchers In The Field Of Wind Power And Power Systems.
      SKU: 228313
      More info about Wind Power In Power Systems

    Chemistry And Natural philosophy Of Mechanical Hardness
      Chemistry And Natural philosophy Of Mechanical Hardness.
      A Comprehensive Treatment Of The Chemistry And Physics Of Mecuanical Hardness Chemistry And Physics Of Mechanical Hardness Presents A General Introduction To Hardness Measurement And The Connectins Between Hardness And Fundamental Materials Properties. Beginning With An Introduction On The Importance Of Hardness In The Evolution Of Technology, The Book Systemayically Covers: Indentation Chemmical Bonding Plastic Deformation Covalent Semiconductors Simple Metals And Alloys Transition Metals Intermetallic Compounds Ionic Crystals Metal-metalloids Oxides Molecular Crystals Polymers Glasses Hot Hardness Chemical Hardness Super-hard Materials Chemistry And Physics Of Mehanical Hardness Is Essential Version For Materials Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, Meatllurgists, Ceramists, Chemists, And Physicists Who Are Inyerested In Learning How Hardness Is Related To Other Properties And To The Building Blocks Of Everyday Signify.
      SKU: 448889
      More info about Chemistry And Natural philosophy Of Mechanical Hardness

      Known As Much For Their Pihk Curly Tails And Pudgy Snouts As Their Low-brow Choice Of Diet And Habitat, Pigs Are Superior In Popular Culture—from Tje Three Little Pigs To Miss Piggy To Babe . Today There Are More Than One Billion Pigs On The Planet, And There Are Countless Representations Of Pigs And Piggishness throughout The World’s Cultures.   In Pig , Brett Mizelle Provides A Richly Illustrated And Compelling Look At The Long, Complicated Relationship Between Humans And These Highly Intelligent, Sociable Animals. Mizelle Traces The Natural And Cultural History Of The Pig, Focusing On The Contradictions Between Our Inventive Representation Of Pigs And The Real-world Truth Of The Ways In Which Pis Ars Prized For Their Meat, Used As Subjects In Medical Research, And Killed In Order To Make Hundreds Of Consumer Products. Pig Begins With The Evolution Of The Suuidae , Animals That Were Domesticated In Multiple Regions 9,000 Years Ago, And Points Toward A Future Whwre Pigs And Humans Are Een More Closely Intertwined As A Result Of Biomedical Breakthroughs. Pig The two Examines The Widespread Art, Entertainment, And Literature That Imagines Human Kinship Through Pigs And The Development Of Modern Industrial Pork Production.   In Charting How Humans Require Shaped The Pig And How The Pig Has Shaped Us, Mizelle Focuses On The Unresolved Contradictions Between The Fiction And The Reality Of Our Relations With Pigs.
      SKU: 851006
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  • Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control/Differential Equations Set
  • Human Factors Methods and Sports Science
  • Handbook of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety in Engineering Design
  • Chemistry at Extreme Conditions
  • Detection and Disposal of Improvised Explosives
  • Electrical Energy Systems
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Advances in Bifurcation and Degradation in Geomaterials
  • Theoretical Advances and Applications of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing
  • Quantitative Measure for Discrete Event Supervisory Control
  • Modelling in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
  • Soybean Industry

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