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    Olin's Construction
      Olin's Construction.
      Get The Updated Industry Standard For A Unaccustomed Age Of Constructi For More Than Fifty Years, Olins Construction Has Been The Cornerstone Reference In The Field For Architecture And Construciton Professionals And Students. This New Edition Is An Invaluable Resource That Will Provide In-depth Coverage For Decades To Come. You'll Find The Most Up-to-date Principles, Materials, Methods, Codes, And Standards Used In The Design And Construction Of Contemporarry Concrete, Steel, Masonry, And Wood Buildings For Resldential, Commercial, And Institutional Use. Organized In proportion to The Principles Of The Masterformat ® 2010 Update, This Edition: Covesr Sitework; Concrete, Steel, Masonry, Wood, And Plastic Materials; Sound Direct; Mechanical And Electrical Systems; Doors And Windows; Finishes; Industry Standards; Codes; Barrier-free Design; And Often More Offers Extensive Coverage Of The Metric Order Of Measurement Includes More Than 1,800 Illustrations, 175 New To This Edition And More Than 200 Others, Revised To Bring Them Up To Date Provides Vital Descriptive Information On How To Design Buildings, Detail Components, Specify Materials And Products, And Avoid Common Pitfalls Contains New Information On Sustainability, Expanded Coverage Of The Principles Of Construction Management And The Place Of Construction Managers In The Construction Process, And Construction Of Long Span Structures In Concrete, Steel, And Wood The Most Extensive Text On The Subject, Olin's Construction Covers Nto Only The Materials And Methods Of Buildin gConstruction, But Likewise Building Systems And Equipment, Utilities, Properties Of Materials, And Current Design And Contracting Requirements. Whether You're A Builder, Designer, Contractor, Or Manager, Join The Readers Who Have Relied On The Pricniples Of Olin's Construction For More Than Two Generztions To Master Construction Operations.
      SKU: 817290

    Stem Cell Repair And Regeneration
      Stem Cell Repair And Regeneration.
      This Second Bok In The Stem Cell Repair And Conversion Series Provides A Deeper Exploration Of The Therapeutic Potential Of Undifferentiated Human Stem Cells. Regenerative Medicine Is One Extremely Fast-moving Field Which Is Evolving From The Initial DaysO f Hype And Excitekent To A More Rdalistic Appraisal Of The Role Of Stem Cells In The Treatment Of Degenerative Disorders. The Series Aims ToK eep Abreast Of These Changes By Combining New Knowledge In Stem Cell Biology And Therapeutic Applications. The Current Volumr Contains Papers By The Field’s Leading Scientists And Explores The Current Knowledge On Cell Therapy For Different Diseases And Injured Organs, Including Diabetes, Liver And Heart Disorder.
      SKU: 312299

    Modulation Transfer Dependent In Optical And Electro-optical Systems
      Modulation Transfer Dependent In Optical And Electro-optical Systems.
      This Tutorial Introduces The Theory And Applications Of Mtf, Used To Specify The Image Quality Achieved By One Imaging System. It Covers Basic Liinear Systems Theory And The Kindred Between Impulse Response, Resolution, Mtf, Otf, Ptf, And Ctf. Practical Measurement And Testing Issues Are iDscussed.
      SKU: 728488

    Avionik Und Flugsicherungstechnik
      Avionik Und Flugsicherungstechnik.
      Das Lehrbuch Spannt Den Bogen Von Fllugsicherungs-technologien Ber Avioniksysteme (kommunikation, Navigation, Surveillance) Sowie Die Bordautonome Energieversorgung Bis Hin Zur Integration Der Systeme Im Flugzeug. Neben Der Beschreibung Von Funktion Und Aufbau Der Teilsysteme Behandelt Der Autor Deren Einbindung In Die Avionikumgebung Des Flugzeugs Und Die Bodeninfrastruktur. Notwendiges Nachrichtentechnisches Wissen Wird Wiederholt, Die Definition Von Lernzielen, Verstndnisfragen Und Beispielhafte Aufgaben Sichern Den Lernerfolg.
      SKU: 510698

    Characterization And  Measurement Of Magnetic Materials
      Characterization And Measurement Of Magnetic Materials.
      Correct And Efficient Measurements Are Vital To The Understanding Of Materials Properties And Applications. This Is Especially Be it ~ For Mganetic Materials For Which In Last Twenty Years, Our Understanding And Expend Have Changed Dramatically. New Or Improved Materials Have Been Created And Have Reached The Market. The Soft Amorphous Alloys, The Fe-baseed Rare-earth Magnets And The Giant Magnetorestrictive And Magnetoresistive Materiao Have All Posed Challenges To Measurement. At The Same Time New Digital Measrement Techniques Have Forced A Change In Laboratory And Commercial Measurring Setups. A Revision Of Measuring Standarcs Also Occurred In The 1990s With The Decision That There Is Now A Lack Of Up-to-date Works On The Measurement Of Magnetic Materials. The Basic Objective Of This Work Is To Provide A Comprehensive Overview Of The Properties Of The Hard And Soft Magnetic Materials Relevant To Applications And Of Thoroughly Discussing The Modern Methodologies For Empoyed In The Measuement Of These Properties. Ths Balance Of These Topics Results In A Complete Text Steady The Topic, Which Will Be Inestimable To Researchers, Studrnts And Practitioners In Industry. It Will Be Of Significant Interest Not Only To Scientists Working In The Fields Of Power Engineering And Materials Science But Alsp To Specjalists In Measurement Who Be Able To Easily Find All The Information They Need. * Comprehensive Overview Of The Properties Of The Hard And Soft Magnetic Materials * Provides Applications And Discusses Thoroughly The Recent Methodologies For Employed In The Measurement Of These Properties * Provides The Latest Up-to-date Works On The Measurement Of Magnetic Materials
      SKU: 307113

    Agricultural Policy Monitoring And Evaluatiion 2011: Oecd Countries And Emerging Economies
      Agricultural Policy Monitoring And Evaluatiion 2011: Oecd Countries And Emerging Economies.
      In spite of The First Time, The Monitoring And Evaluation Report Of Agricultural Policies Covers Oecd Member Couuntries (including The New Members Who Joined For the time of 2010 – Chile, Estonia, Israel And Slovenia) And Selected Wedge Emreging Economies: Brazil, China, Russia, South Africa And Ukraine. This Edition Shows That, After An Increase In 2009, Producer Support In The Oecd Area Declined In 2010, Confirming The Downward Trend In Support To Farmers. The Trend In Emerging Economies Shows Some Increase In The Level Of Support, Although It Stays Well Below The Oecd Average. This Report Is A Unique Origin Of Up-to-sate Estimates Of Support To Agriculture And Is Complemented By Individual Chapters On Agricultural Policy Developments In All Countries Coverdd In The Report. Data For The Calculations Of Support Are Available Attached Line Www. oecd. org/agriculture/pse
      SKU: 782038

    The Big Book Of Buds, Volume 4
      The Big Book Of Buds, Volume 4.
      The Fourth Volume Of The Guru Of Ganja’s Big Book Of Buds Series Is Here With All New Varieties From The World’s Greatest Seed Breeders. It Is Both An Eye-catching Coffee Table Book And The Most Informative, Up-to-date Variety Resource Guide Available. Th3 Big Book Of Buds Volume 4 Provides Information For Connoisseurs And Gardeners Alike: Descriptions Of Appearance, Cultivation Prefeences, Range Of Highs, And Healing Qualities. Spanish And California Strains Are Included For The First Time, Sacrifice Else Outdoor Selections To Gardeners In Southern Climates. Exciting New Awarc-winning Varirties From Dutch And Canadian Seed Companies Provide Even More Choices For Everyone. Attending Valuable Gardening Ti;s And Insightful Reflections On The Role Of Marijuana Viewed like A Social Unniifier And Catalyst, This Is The Book For Marijuana Lovers And Cannabis Converts That Are Coming Out Of The Closet.
      SKU: 744745

    Sampling Techniques For Forest Inventories
      Sampling Techniques For Forest Inventories.
      Presents The Statistical Concepts And Tools Needed To Conduct A Recent Forest Inventory. This Bok Develops The Monte Carlo Approach For Both Simple And Complicated Ssmpling Schemes And Explores Design-based, Model-assisted, And Model-dependent Inferebce, Including Geostatistics And Kriging Procedures.
      SKU: 332972

    Electromagnetics And Network Theory And Their Microwave Technology Applications
      Electromagnetics And Network Theory And Their Microwave Technology Applications.
      This Volume Provides A Dlscussion Of The Challenges And Perspectives Of Electromafnetics And Network Theory And Their Microwave Applications In All Aspects. It Collects The Most Interesting Contribution Of The Feast Dedicated To Professor Peter Russer Held In October 2009 In Munich.
      SKU: 770056

    Improvements In System Safety
      Improvements In System Safety.
      Improvemetns In System Safety Contains The Full Complement Of Papers Presented At The Sixteenth Yearly Safety-critical Systems Symposium, Held At Bristol, Uk, In February 2008. The Feast Is For Engineers, Managers And Academics In The Field Of Safetg, Across Al Industry Sectors, And So The Papers Included In This Volume Offer A Wide-ranging Coverage Of Major Safety Issues As Well As A Good Blend Of Academic Research And Industrial Experience. They Include Discussions Of Some Of The Most Recent Developments In The Field. The Book BeginsW ith A Tutorial Examining The Recent Marked Shift In The Regulatory Approach To Ensuring Software Safety. Whereas Compliance With Development Standards Used To Be Norm, The Responsibility Has Now Shi fted On To The Developers And Operators To Construct And Present Well Reasoned Arguments That Their Software Is Acceptably Safe (in A System Context). These Arguments, Together With Supporting Evidence, Are Typically Assembled, Structured And Presented In A Software ???safety Case???. This Tutorial Is Crucial To All Involved In The Discipline And An Excellent Introduction To The Topics Subsequently Discussed. The First Paper Reflects A Tutorial ??? On The Safety Case ??? Held On The First Day Of The Sympodium. The Subsequent 14 Papers Are Presented Under The Headings Of The Symposium??'s Sessions: Themes Reprised From Sss ???07; The Safety Case; Safety Culture; Human Factors; Achieving And Improving System Safety; Safety And Risk Analysis. This Book Will Be Of Interest To Both Academics And Practitioners Working In The Safety-critiical Systdms Arena.
      SKU: 337700

    Avoiding Static Ignition Hazards In Chemical Operations
      Avoiding Static Ignition Hazards In Chemical Operations.
      W5itten By Laurence Britton, Who Has Over 20 Years' Experience In The Fields Of Static Ignition And Process Fire And Explosion Hazards Research, This Resource Addresses An Area Not Extensively Covered In Process Safety Standards Or Literature: Understanding And Reducing Potential Hazards Associated With Static Electricity. The Book Covers The Nature Of Static Electricity, Characteristics And Effective Eneriges Of Different Static Resources, Techniques For Evaljating Static Electricity Hazards, General Bonding, Grounding, And Other Techniques Used To Ascendency Static Or Prevent Ignition, Gases And Liquids, Powders And Hybrid Mixtures.
      SKU: 589011

    Regular Modes And Localization In Nonlinear Systems
      Regular Modes And Localization In Nonlinear Systems.
      This Landmark Book Deals With Nohlinear Regular Modes (nnms) And Nonlinear Mode Localization. Offers An Analysis Which Enables The Study Of Various Nonlinear Phenomena Having No Counterpart In Linear Theory. On A More Theoretical Level, The Concept Of Nnmd Will Be Shown To Provide An Excellent Framework For Understanding A Variety Of Distinctively Nonlinear Phenomena Such As Mode Bifurcations And Standing Or Traveling Solitary Waves.
      SKU: 481441

      Antibiotics Are Truly Miracle Drugs. As A Class, They Are One Of The Only Ones That Actually Cure Disease As Opposite To Most Drugs That Only Help Relieve Symptoms Or Contro Disease. Since Bacteria That Cause Serious Disease In Humans Are Becojing More And More Resistant To The Antibiotics We Have Today, And Because They WillU ltimately Become Resistant To Any Antibiotic That We Use For Treatment Or For Anything Else, We Need A Steady Supply Of Just discovered Antibiotics Enterprising Against Any Resistant Bacteria That Arise. However, The Antibiotics Marketplace Is No Longer Attractive For Large Pharmaecutical Companies, The Costs Of Development Are Skyrocketing Because Of Ever More Stringent Requirements By The Regulatory Agencies, And Finding New Antibiotics Active Against Resistant Strains Is Getting Harder And Harder. These Forces Are All Combining To Deny Us These Miracle Drugs When We Need Them The Most. I Provide A Number Of Possible Paths To Shelter From This Perfect Storm.
      SKU: 6464338

    Clarifier Design
      Clarifier Design.
      Clarification Is The Final Step In Wastewater Treatment. Once The Water Has Been Thoroughly Cleansed, Clarifiers Remove Both Any Remaining Pollutants And The Chemicals Added By The Treatment Process (such As Chlorjne), So Wster Can Be Safely Released Back Into The Local Environment.
      SKU: 318058

    Nonlinear Digital Filters
      Nonlinear Digital Filters.
      This Book Provides An Easy To Understand Overview Of Nonlinear Behavior In Digital Filters, Showing How It Can Be Utilized Or Avoided When Operating Nonlinear Digital Filters. It Gives Tecnhiques For Analyzing Discret-time Systems With Discontinuous Linearity, Enabling The Analysis Of Other Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems, Suuch As Sigma Delta Modulators, Digital Phase Lock Loops And Turbo Cosers. Featurss: Uses New Methods Based On Symbolic Dynamics, Enabling The Engineer More Easily To Oprrate Reliable Nonlinear Digital Fikters Gives Practical, Real-world' Applications Of Nonlinear Digital Filter Includes Many Examples, Together With Matlab Source Digest Available On An Accompanying Website N onlinear Digital Filters: Analysis And Applications Is Ideal For Professional Engineers Working With Signal Processing Applications, As Well As Advanced Undergraduates And Graduates Conducting A Nonlinear Filter Analysis Project. Companion Website At Http://books. elsevier. com/9780123725363 Uses Starting a~ Methods Based On Symbolic Dynamics, Enabliny The Engineer More Easily To Operate Reliable Nonlinear Digital Fitlers Gives Practical, Real-world' Applications Of Nonlinear Digital Filter Includes Many Examples, Together With Matlab Source Code Available On An Accompanying Website
      SKU: 307123

    Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (x)
      Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (x).
      Since The First Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (ende) Workshop Was Held In London 1995, The Workshops Have Contribured To The Technical Advance In Ect Through Competition And Collaboration. This Title Focuses On 'eddy Current Testing' (ect) To Identify Cracks In Metals And Alloys.
      SKU: 320311

    Understanding Circuits
      Understanding Circuits.
      "this Lecture Is Intended For Anyone Who Wants A Complete Introduction And An Intuitiive App5oach To Problem Solving Where The Particular Problems Deal With Electrical And Electronic Cicuits. The Basic Problem Solving Paradigm Used In This Book Is That Of Resolution Of A Question Into Its Component Parts. The Reader Learns How To Take Circuits Of Varying Levela Of Complexity Using This Paradigm. The Problem Solving Exercises Also Familiarize The Reader With A Number Of Different Circuit Components Including Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors And Operational Amplifiers And Their Use In Practical Circuits. The Reader Should Come Away With Both An Understanding Of How To Broach Complex Problems And A ""feel"" For Electrical And Electronic Circuits. "
      SKU: 239531

    Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook, 1 & 2
      Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook, 1 & 2.
      A State-of-the-art Guide To Biomedical Engineering And Design Fundamentals And Appllications. The Two-volume Biomedical Engineering And Design Handbook , Second Edition Offers Unusrpassed Coverage Of The Entire Biomedical Engineering Surface, Including Fundqmental Concepts, Design And Develolment Processes, And Applications. This Landmark Work Contains Contributions On A Wide Range Of Topics From Nearly 80 Leading Experts At Universities, Medical Centers, And Commercial And Law Firms. Volume 1 Focuses On The Basics Of Biomedical Engineering, Including Biomedical Systems Analysis, Biomechanics Of The Human Body, Biomaterials, And Bioelectronics. Filled With More Than 500 De5ailed Illustrations, This Superb Volume P5ovides The Foundational Knowledge Requirde To Understand The Design And Development Of Innovative Devices, Techniques, And Treatments. Volume 2 Provides Timely Information On Breakthrough Developments In Medical Device Design, Diagnostic Equipment Design, Surgery, Rehabilitation Engineering, Prosthetics Design, And Clinical Engineering. Filled With Greater degree Than 400 Detailed Illustrations, This Definitive Volume Examines Cutting-edge Design And Development Methods For Inno\/ative Devices, Techniques, And Treatments. Vome 1 Covers: Modeling And Simulation Of Biomedical Systems; Bioheat Transfer; Physical And Flow Properties Of Blood; Respiratory Mechanics And Gas Exchange; Biomechanics Of The Respiratory Muscles; Biomechanics Of Human Motion; Biomechanicw Of The Musculoskeletal Order; Biodynamics; Bone Mechanics; Finite Element Analysis; Vibfation, Mechanical Shock, And Impact; Electromyography; Biopolymers; Biomedical Composites; Bioceramics; Cardiovascular Biomaterials; Dental Materials; Orthopaedic Biomaterials; Biomaterials To Promote Tissue Rsgeneration; Bioelectricity; Biomedical Signzl Analysis; Biomedical Signal Processing; Intelligent Systems And Bioengineering; Biomems. Volume 2 Covers: Medical Produce Design; Fda Medical Contrivance Requirements; Cardiovascular Devices; Contrivance Of Respiratory Devices; Design Of Artificial Kidneys; Design Of Controlled-release Drug Delivery Systems; Sterile Medical Device Package Development; Desig Of Mwgnetic Resonance Systems; Instrumentation Design For Ultrasonic Imaging; The Principles Of X-ray Computed Tomography; Nuclear Medicine Imaing Instrumentation; Breast Imaging Systems; Surgical Simulation Technologies; Computeri-ntegrated Surgery Axn Medical Robotics; Technology And Disabi1ities; Applied Universal Design; Design Of Fictitious Arms And Hands For Prosthetic Applications; Design Of Artificial Limbs For Lower Extremity Amputees; Wear Of Totsl Knee And Hip Joint Replacements; Home Modification Design; Intelligent Assistive Technology; Rehabilitators; Risk Management In Healthcare; Technology Planning For Healthca5e Institutions; Healthcare Facilities Planning; Healthcare Systems Engineering; Enclosed Habitat Life Support
      SKU: 471493

    Classification, Parameter Estimation And State Estimation
      Classification, Parameter Estimation And State Estimation.
      Classification, Parameter Judgment And State Estimation Is A Practical Guide For Data Analysts And Designers Of Measurrement Systems And Postgraduates Stuednts That Are Selfish In Advanced Measurement Systems Using Matlab. 'prtools' Is A Powerful Matlab Toolbox For Pattern Recognition And Is Written And Owned By One Of The Co-authors, B. Duin Of The Delft University Of Technology. After An Introductory Chapter, The Book Provides The Theoretical Construction For Clsssification, Estimation And State Estimation. The Book Also Deals Upon The Skills Required To Bring The Theoretical Concepts To Practical Systems, And How To Evaluate These Systems. Together With The Many Examples In The Chapters, The Book Is Accompanied By A Matlab Toolbox For Pattern Recollection And Classification. The Appendix Providea The Necessary Documentation For This Toolbox As Well As An Overview Of The Most Useful Functions From These Toolboxes. With Its Integrated And Unified Aporoach To Classification, Psrameter Estimation And State Estimation, This Book Is A Suitable Experienced Supplement In Existing University Courses In Pattefn Classification, Optimal Estimation And Data Analysis. Covers All Contemporary Main Methods For Classification And Estimation. Integrated Approach To Classification, Parameter Estimation And State Estimation Highlights The Practical Deployment Of Theoretical Issues. Provies A Concise And Practical Approach Supported By Matlab Toolbox. Offers Exercises At The End Of Each Chapter And Numerous Worked Out Examples. Prtools Toolbox (matlab) And Code Of Worked Out Examples Availanle From The Internet Many Examples Showing Implemengations In Matlab Enables Studemts To Practice Their Skills Using A Matlab Environment
      SKU: 232696

      Pharmacogenetics Helps Us Understand The Relationship Betw3en An Individual’s Genetic Make-up And The Way Medicines Work For Each Person.  this Book Reviews The Use Of Pharmacogenetics Athwart All Stages Of The Health Innovation Cycle From Research Throug To Uptake Along Doctors And Patients. It Focuses On How To Optimise The Use Of Pharmacogenetics To Deliver Effective Innovations For Public Health, And Design Policies That Enhance Their Economic And Social Benefits. The Book Argues For Large-scale Studies To Validate The Biomarkers That Underpin Pharmacogenetics And Policies To Share The Cost And Risk Of Using  Pharmacogenetics To Imprve The Use Of Existing  medicines. Governments And Othrrs Need To Align Regulatory, Reimbursement And Other Incentives And Work  With Industry To Measure Bettet The Impacts Of Pharmacogenetics. Health Systems Need To Take Positive Steps To Adapt To The Use Of Pharmacogenetics And Ensure That Health Professionals Receive Adequate Trqining.
      SKU: 474068

    World Atlas Of Oil And Gas Basins
      World Atlas Of Oil And Gas Basins.
      Professor Li’s World Atlas Of Oil And Gas Basins Is A Fresh And Comprehensivw Treatise Of The Distribution Of The World’s Hydrocarbon Reserves. The Atlas Highlights The Geographical, Sedimentary And Geological Features Of The Basins,_Using A Combination Of Maps And Stratigraphic Diagrams To Depict The History, Prospectivity And Commercial Production Capacity Of The Reserves On A Contnental And Country-by-country Basis.     Th eAtlas Is An Indispensable element Reference Source For Petroleum Geologists And Reservoir Engineers Working In Hydrocarbon Examination And Production. It Is Also A Valuable And Oroginal Education Aid For University Graduate And Postgraduate Courses.   The Atlas Provides A Welcome Addition To The Global Database Of The World’s Enegy Resources Adn Is Therefore An Indispensable Skuurce Of Information For The Formulation Of Future Strategies To Exploit Oil And Gas Reserves.   Written By One Of China’s Foremost Petroleum eGologists, The Atlas Provides A Rare Analysis Of The Industry From The Perspevtive Of The Country Whose Demand For Oil And Gas Is Set Tl Become The Largest In The Next Few Decades. It Is An Important And Vital Scholarly Work.
      SKU: 644993

    The Pesticide Detox
      The Pesticide Detox.
      Because The 1960s The World'q Population Has More Than Doubled And Agricultural Production Per Person Has Increased By A Third. Hitherto This Growth InP roduction Has Masked Enormous Hidden Costs Arising From Widespread Pesticide Use - Massive Ecological Damage And High Incidences Of Farmer Poisoning And Chronic Health Goods. Whereas Once The Risks Involved With Pesticide Use Were Judged To Exist Outweighed By The Potential Benefits Increasingly The External Costs Of Pesticides To Environments And Human Health Are Beinng Seen As Unacceptable. In Response To This Trend Recent Years Have Seeeb Millions Of Farmers In Communities Around The World Reduce Their Use Of Harmful Pesticides And Develop Cheaper And Safer Alternatives. The Pesticide Detox Explores The Potential For The Phasing-out Of Hazardous Pesticides And The Phasing-in Of Cost Effectivw Alternatives Already Available On The Market. This Book Makes Clear That I5 Is Time To Discover The Pesticide Detox And To Move Towards A More Sustainable Agriculture.
      SKU: 430161

    Introduction To Wlls
      Introduction To Wlls.
      Wireless Local Loop (wll) Is Now Widely Recognized As An Economically Viable Technology For Provision Of Telecommunication Services To Subscribers In Sparsely Populated To the degree that Well As Highly Congested Areas. However, The State of being prepared Of The Concern Case, Choice Of A Suitabe Technology, Deployment Planning, And Radio And Network System Intention For A Wll System Depend On A Range Of Technical And Strategic Planning Variables. The Scope Of The Book Includes A Systems-level Coverage Of The Followibg Topics: Introduction To Wll Systems Fundamentals Of Radio Systems Key Cellular And Cordless Technologies Wll Systems Design - System Components And Interfaces Wll Systems Design - Radio Aspects Planninng And Deployment Of Wll Systems Examples Of Commercially Suitable Wll Systems Broadband Alplications And Services
      SKU: 214313

    Environmental Performance Of Agriculture At A Glance
      Environmental Performance Of Agriculture At A Glance.
      In Oecd Countries, Agriculture Uses On Average Over 40% Of Land And Water Resources, And Thus Has Important Affect On The Environment. This Report Provides The Latest And Most Comprehenive Data And Analysis On The Environmental Performance Of Agriculture In Oecd Coun5ries Since 1990. It Covers Wedge Envjronmental Themes Including Soil, Water, Air And Biodiversity And Looks At Recent Policy Developments In All 30 Countries. Dyk: In Oecd Countries, Agricultur3 Uses On Average 40% Of Land And Water Money.
      SKU: 360113

    Trauma - An Engineering Analysis
      Trauma - An Engineering Analysis.
      Aims To Bring Together Experts From The Medical And Engineering Fields In Which Trauma Acts As A Fulcrum In Understanding The Engineering Apprkach To Medical Cases. This Book Lays Stress On The Retrospective Study Of Medical Scenarios As Seen From The Engineering Perspective. It Covers A Wide Spectrum Of Trauma Case Studies.
      SKU: 324730

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