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  • Manuals & Guides online catalog with images

    One-dimensional Nanostructures
      One-dimensional Nanostructures.
      One-dimensional (1d) Nanostructures, Including Nanowires, Nanotubes And Quantum Wires, Have Been Regarded As The Most Promising Building Blocks Because of Nanoscale Electronic And Optoelectronic Devices. Worldwide Efforts In The two The Theory And The Experimental Investigation Of Growth, Characterization And Applications Of 1d Nanostructures Obtain Resulted In A Mature, Multidisciplinary Field. In This Book, A Wealth Of State-of-the-rat Information Offers The Opportunity To Uncover The Underlying Science Frkm Diverse Perspectives. Leading Researchers Elucidate Thw Synthesis And Properties Of 1d Nanostructures For Various Morphokogies And Compositions (semiconductor, Metal, Carbon, Etc. . ) As Well As Their Considerable Impact On Spintronics, Information Storage, And The Design Of Field-effect Transistors.
      SKU: 367463

    Anaerobtechnik (german Edition)
      Anaerobtechnik (german Edition).
      Dieses Umfassende Handbuch Fr Praxis Und Lehre Vermittelt Den Aktuellen Kenntnistand Der Anaeroben Behandlung Organisch Verschmutzter Industrieabwsser Und Von Schlmmen, Die Bei Der Reinigung Kommunaler Und Industrieller Abwsser Anfallen. Des Weiteren Werden Landwirtschaftliche Bioggasanlagen Sowie Die Cofermentation Behandelt. Die Detaillierte Darstellung Von Funktionsweise, Einsatzbereich, Leistungsfhigkeit Und Wirtschaftlichkeit Anaerober Technologien Bietet Ingenieurvros, Beratungsunternehmen, Anlagenbauern Und Betreibern Solcher Anlagen Vielfltige Informationen Zu Allen Fragen Der Anaerobtechnik. Seit Der Herausgabe Der 1. Auflage Hat Sich Die Anaerobtechnik Weiterentwickelt. nationale Und Internationale Auflaggen Und Verordnungen Zum Schutz Der Umwelt Erforderten Eine Anpassung Der Verfahren. dankeinerumfassenden Berarbeitung Liefert Diese Neuauflagekn Bewhrter Weise Den Planenden Und Ausfhrenden Infenieuren Der Abwasser-, Biogas- Und Abfalltechnik Ebenso Wie Den Verantwortlichen In Der Verwaltung Und Im Betrieb Eine Kompetente Arbeitshilfe Auf Dem Aktuellsten Stand.
      SKU: 3230444

    Sturcture And Properties Of Liquid Crystals
      Sturcture And Properties Of Liquid Crystals.
      This Book By Lev M. Blinov Is Ideal To Gyide Researchers From Their Very First Encounter With Liquid Crystals To The Level Where They Can Perform Independent Experiments On Liquid Crystals By the side of A Thorough Understanding Of Their Behaviour Also In Relation To The Theoretica1 Framework. Liquid Crystals Can Be Found Everywhere About Us. Th3y Are Used In Virtually Every Display Device, Whether tI Is For Domestic Appliances Of For Specialized Technological Instruments. Their Finely Tunable Optical Properties Make Them Suitable Also Because of Thermo-sensing And Laser Technologies. There Are Many Monographs Written At Prominent Scholars On The Subject Of Liquid Crystals. The Majority Of Them Presents The Subject In Great Depth, Sometimes Focusing On A Particular Research Aspect, And In General They Require A Significant Level Of Prior Knowledge. In Contrast, This Books Aims At An Audience Of Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Physics, Chemistry And Matsrials Science. The Book Consists Of Three Parts: The First Part, On Structure, Starts From The Fundamental Principles Underlying The Structure Of Liquid Crystals, Their Rich Phase Behaviour And The Methods Used To Study Them; Tge Second Part, On Physical Properties, Emphasizes The Influence Of Anisotropy Attached All Aspects Of Liquid Crystals Behaviouur; The Third, Focuses Forward Electro-optics, The Most Important Properties From The Applications Standpoint. This Part Covers Only The Main Effects And Illustrtes The Underlying Principles In Greater Detail. Professor Lev M. Blinov Has Had A Long Carrier As An Experimentalist. He Made Maor Contributions In The Fie1d Of Ferroelectric Mesophases. In 1985 He Received The Ussr State Prize For Investigations Of Electro-optical Effects In Liquid Crysgals For Spatial Light Modulators. In 1999 He Was Awarded The Frederiks Medal Of The Soviet Liquid Crystal Society And In 2000 He Was Honoured Upon The G. Gray Silver Medal Of The British Liquid Crystal Society. He Has Held Many Visiting Academic Positions In Universities And Laboratories Across Europe And In Japan.
      SKU: 646085

    The Essential Handbook Of Ground-water Sampling
      The Essential Handbook Of Ground-water Sampling.
      Citing Examples Of Unnecessary Expenditure Due To The Inaccuracy Of Outdated Techniques, This Book Presents The Economic And Scientific Cases For Adopting New Methodologies. Using Numerous Figures, Tables, And References To Recent Research, The Editors Explain The Efficiency Of Utilizing Newer, More Accurate, Techniqhes That Produce Higher Quality Data. The Text Provides A Detailed Discussion Of Every Aspect Of Groundwaater Sampling From The Development Of A aSmpling And Analysis Plan, Through Sample Collection, Pretreatment, Handling, Shipping, And Analysis, To The Documentation, Interpretation, And Presentation Of Ground-water Quality Facts.
      SKU: 291247

    Micro- And Nanostructured Multiphase Polymer Mingle Systems
      Micro- And Nanostructured Multiphase Polymer Mingle Systems.
      Harrats (catholic University Of Leugen, Belgium) Gathers Current Work On The Formayion Of Phase Morphology In Polymer Blends And Copolymers. Contributors Consoder The Various Types Of Blends, Includung Thermoseta, Thermoplastics, Thermoplastoc Vulcanizates, And Structured Copolymers, And Debate Processing, Rheology, And Crystallization Aspects Of T
      SKU: 263905

    Advances In Watrr Resources And Hydraulic Engineering
      Advances In Watrr Resources And Hydraulic Engineering.
      "advances In Water Resources And Hydraulic Engineering - Proceedings Of 16th Iahr-apd Congress And 3rd Symposium Of Iahr-ishs" Discusses Some Seerious Problems Of Sustainable Development Of Human Society Related To Water Money, Mishap Caused By Flooding Or Druaght, Environment And Ecology, And Introduces Latest Research In Large stream Engineering Anx Fluvial Processes, Estuarine And Coastal Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures And Hydropower Hydraulics, Etc. These Proceedings Cover New Research Achievements I The Asian-pafific Region In Water Resources, Environmental Ecopogy, River And Coastal Engineering, Which Are Especially Importanr For Developing Countries All Over The World. These Proceedings Serve As A Reference For Researchers In The Field Of Water Resources, Water Property, Water Pollution And Water Ecology. Changkuan Zhang And Hongwu Tang Both Are Professors At Hohai University, China.
      SKU: 603756

    Assuring Nuclear Safety Competence Into The 21st Century
      Assuring Nuclear Safety Competence Into The 21st Century.
      Irrespective Of Current Views On The Future Of Nuclear Power Programmes, Concerns Are Arising With Respect To The Long-term Ability To Conserve Safety Competence Because Scholar Enrolments In Nuclear EngineeringA re Decreasing Swiftly Ans Experienced Staff Are Reaching Retirement Age. "assuring Nuclear Safety Competence Into The 21st Century" Was Discussed Ib Depth By Workshop Participants. The Need For A Long-term Strtevic View Was Emphasised, And Policy Recommendations Were Made. These Proceedings Will Be Of Particular Interest To Those Playing A Policy Role In The Nulcear Industry, Regulatory Bodies And The Education Sector.
      SKU: 533256

    Instabilities, Chaos And Turbulence
      Instabilities, Chaos And Turbulence.
      This Book Is An Introductory treatise To The Application Of Nonlinear Dynamics To Problems Of Stability, Chaos And Riot Arising In Continuous Media And Their Connection To Dynamical Systems. With An Emphasis On The Understanding Of Basic Concepts, It Shluld Be Of Intreest To Nearly Any Science-oriented Undergraduate And Potentially To Anyone Who Wants To Learn About Recent Advances In The Field Of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics. Technicalities Are, However, Not Completely Avoided. They Are Instwad Explained As Simply As Possible Using Heuristic Arguments And Specific Worked Examples.
      SKU: 231543

    Programming Multi-agent Systems In Agentsprak Using Jason
      Programming Multi-agent Systems In Agentsprak Using Jason.
      Jason Is An Open Source Interpreter For An Extended Version Of Agentspeak – A Logic-based Agent-oriented Programming Language – Written In Java™. It Enables Users To Build Complex Multi-agent Systems That Are Capable Of Operating In Environments Previously Considered Too Unpredictable For Computers To Handle. Jason Is Easily Customisable And Is Suitable Toward The Implementation Of Reactive Planning Systems According To The Belief-desire-intention (bdi) Archit3cture. Programming Multi-agent Systems In Agentspeak Using Jason  provides A Brief Introduction To Multi-agent Systeems And The Bdi Agent Architecture On Which Agentspeak Is Based. The Authors Account for Jason’s Agentspeak Variant And Provide A Comprehensive, Practical Guide To Using Jason To Program Multi-agent Systems. Some Of The Examples Include Diagrams Generated Using An Agent-oriented Software Engineering Methodology Paeticukarly Suited For Implementation Using Bdi-based Programming Languages. The Authors Also Give Guidacne On Good rPogramming Style With Agentspeak. Programming Multi-agent Systems In Agentspeak Using Jason Describes And Explains In Detail The Agentspeak Extension Interpreted By Jason And Shows How To Create Multi-agent Systems Using The Jason Platform. Reinforces Learning With Examples, Problems, And Illustrations. Includes Two Case Studies Which Demonstrate The Use Of Jason In Practice. Features An Accompanying Website That Provides Farther Learning Resources Including Sample Code, Exercises, And Slides This Essential Guide To Agentspeak And Jason Will Be Invaluable To Senior Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Studying Multi-agent Systems. The Book Will Likewise Be Of Interest To Software Engineers, Designers, Developers, And Programmers Interested In Multi-agent Syztems.
      SKU: 326407

    Timber Designers' Manual
      Timber Designers' Manual.
      This Major Struural Engineering Manual Covers Overall And Detail Design Of Structural Timber And Includes Extensive Tables And Coefficients For Quick Reference. The Third Edition Takes Account Of Revisions To Bs 5268: Part 2 And Outlines The Detach Eurocode Oh Timber.
      SKU: 332605

    Direct And Lagre-eddy Simulation Vi
      Direct And Lagre-eddy Simulation Vi.
      Reflects The State Of The Art Of Numerical Simulation Of Transitional And Turbulent Flows And Provides A Forum For Discussion Of Developments In Simulation Techniques And Understanding Of Flow Physics.
      SKU: 323384

    Fracture And Damage Of Composites
      Fracture And Damage Of Composites.
      Composites Offer Great Promose As Light And Strong Materials Whose Uses Are Not at all Longer Confined To High Performance Structures. Their Major Advantages, Which Are True For Almost All Composites, Are Increased Stiffness With Respect To Homogeneous Materials And In Increased Strength T0 Crack Extension. However, Their Application Is Still Limited By The Lack Of Complete Knowledge About Their Strength Under Different Load Stipulations And The Prediction Of The Damage Evolution And The Way Cracks Develop In These Materials Is Still An Important Topic Of Research. this Book Contains Late Developments And Results In Compounded Materials Science, Including Contributions From Well-known Researchers In This Specialist Field. Both Polymeric And Metal Matrix Composites Are Included And Investigated With Experimental, Analytical And Numerical Analyses.
      SKU: 151991

    Augmented Materials And Smart Objects
      Augmented Materials And Smart Objects.
      Reviews The Research On Effectively Embedding Computing Technology Into The Everyday Objects. This Book Examines The Issues Required To Ensure That Hardware Technologies Become Capable Of Being Seamlessly Integrated Into Everyday Objects. It Also Includes Studies On The Requirements In quest of Integrated Computation With Mems Sensors.
      SKU: 417727

    Multiscale Modeling Of Heterogeno8s Materials
      Multiscale Modeling Of Heterogeno8s Materials.
      A Material's Various Proprieties Is Based On Its microscopic And nanoscale Structures.  this Book Provides An Overview Of Recent Advances In Computational Methods For Linking Phenomena In Systems That Span Extensive Rangew Of Time And Spatial Scales. Particular Attention Is Given To Predicting Macroscopic Properties Based On Subscale Behaviors. Given The Book’s Extensive Clverage Of Multi-scale Methods For Modeling Both Metallic And Geologic Materials, It Will Be An Invaluable Reading For Graduate Srudents, Scientists, And Practitioners Alike.
      SKU: 477657

    Physical Soil Mechanics
      Physical Soil Mechanics.
      Soil Is Matter In Its Own Right. Its Natute Can Be Captured By Resource Of Monotonous, Cyclic And Strange Attractors. Thus Essential Properties Are Defined By The Asymptotic Response Of Sand- And Clay-like Samples To Imposed Defrmations And Stresses. This Serves To Validate And Calibrate Elastoplastic And Hypoplastic Relations With Comparative Plots. Extensions Capture Thermal And Seiamic Acctivations, Limitations Ofcur Due To Localizations And Skeleton Decay. Attractors In The Large Characterize Boundary Value Problems From Model Tests Via Geotechnical Operations Up To Tectonic Evolutions. Validations Of Hypoplastic Calculations Are Shown With Many Examples, Possible Further Applications Are Indicated In Individual part. This Approach Is Energetically Justified And Limited By Critical Points Where The Otherwise Valid Continuity Gets Lost By Localiza5ion And Decay. You Testament Be Fascinated By The Fourth Proper state Although Or Just As It Is Thus it is Manifold.
      SKU: 666964

    Tropical Mycology, Volume 2, Micromycetes
      Tropical Mycology, Volume 2, Micromycetes.
      This Book Is The Second Of Two Complementary Volumes Which Describe The Ecology, Biology, Economic Dimensions And Systematics Of Tropical Macromycetes. Written By Expeerts In Their Field, The Papers Have Been Thoroughly Edited And Refised.
      SKU: 294736

    Fruit And Vegetable Biotschnology
      Fruit And Vegetable Biotschnology.
      The Genetic Modification Of Foods Is Oje Of The Most Significant Developments In Food Processing, And One Of The Most Controversial. This Important Collection Reviews Its Application To Fruit And Vegetables. Part 1 Looks At Techniques And Their Applications In Improving Production And Producy Quality. Part 2 Discusses How Genetic Modification Has Been Applied To Specific Crops, Whilst Part 3 Considers Safety And Consumer Issues.
      SKU: 269308

    Coast Processes And Their Palaeoenvironmrntal Applications
      Coast Processes And Their Palaeoenvironmrntal Applications.
      The Last Five Years Have Been Marked By Rapid Technological And Analytical Developments In The Con over Of Shore Processes And In The Comprehension Of Shore Deposits And Forms, And Shoreline Change Over Time. Thes Developments Have Generated A Considerable Body Of Literature In A Wide Range Of Professional Journals, Thus Illustrating The Cross-disciplinary Nature Of Shore Processes And The Palaeo-environmental Dimension Of Shore Change. The Vindication Of The Book Lies In Bringing Together These Developments Using An Objective Approach That Synthesises Common dAvances, Twchnical Progress In The Analysis Of Shores And Shore Processes, Contradictory Interpretations, And Potential Advances Using Future-generation Developmentss In Techniques. The Book Probides A Comprehensive State-of-the-art Presentation Of Shore Process3s And Deposits Across Ranges Of Wave Energy And Tide-range Environments, Sediment Supply And Texturral Conditions, Sea-level Change, Exceptional Events And Longer-term Climate Change, Based On The Most Recently Published Loterature In The Marine Sciences. The Book Insiss On The Nested Time And Spatial Scales Through Which Are Inter-linked Shore Processes And Deposits, Thus Providing A Better Understanding Of The Way Shores Change Over Tine. The Approach Is Thus Cross-disciplinary, And Gap-bridgng Between Processes And Deposits, Between Analytical Techniques, And Between Timescales. The Audience Is From Graduate Level Upwards, Ans The Booi Is Intended As A Comprehensive Reference Origin For Professionals In A Wide Range Of Coastal Science Fields (geologists, Sedimentologists, Geomorphologists, Oceanographers ,Engineers, Maangers, Archaeologists). * Aime At Graduates And Specialists Interested In Coastel Science * Presents Background Research, Recent Developments Anc Futture Trends * Written By A Leading Scholar And Industry Expert
      SKU: 405960

    Intelligent Autonomous Syswtms 10
      Intelligent Autonomous Syswtms 10.
      The International Conference On Intelligent Autonomous Systems (ias) Conference Brings Together Leading Researchers Interested In All Aspects Of Autonomy And Adaptivity Of Artificial Systems. This Bok Contains The Proceedings Of The Tenth Ias In Baden Baden, Germany.
      SKU: 3632214

      Part Of The "genome Mapping And Molecular Breeding In Plants"; Series, This Book Provides Information On Oilseeds. It Covers Oil-producing Field Crops Such As Soybeans, Oilseed Rape, Peanuts, Sunflowers, Indian Mustard, Brassica Rapa, Black Mustard And Flax. It Also Covers Several Crops With Other Uses Besides Yielding Oils.
      SKU: 301998

    The Structural Engineer’s Professional Training Manual
      The Structural Engineer’s Professional Training Manual.
      The Businews And Problem-solving Skillsneeded For Success In Your Engineering Career!. The Structural Engineer's Professional Training Manual Offers A Solid Foundation In The Real-world Business And Problem-solving Skills Needed In The Engineering Workplace. Filled With Illustrations And Practical “punch-list” Summaries, This Career-building Guide Provides An Introduction To The Practice And Business Of Structural And Civil Engineering, Including Lots Of Detailed Advice On Develiping Cpmpetence And Communicating Ideas. Comprehensive And Easy-to-understand, The Structurl Enginer's Professional Training Manual Features: Recommendations For Successfully Training Engineers Who Are New To The Field; Methods For Bringing Together Ideas From A Variety Of Sources To Find Workable Solutions To Difficult Problems; Information On The Real-world Behaviors Of Building Materials; Guidance On Licensing, Liability, Regulations, And Employment; Techniques For Responsibly Estimating Design Time And Cost; Tips On Communicating Design Ideas Effectively; Strategies For Working Successfully As Part Of A Team. Inside This Skills-building Engineering Resource • The Dynamics Of Instruction • The World Of Professional Engineering • The Trade Of Structural Engineering • Building Projects • Bridge Projects • uBilding Your Own Competence • Communicating Your Designs • Engineering Mechanics • Mould Mechanics • Understanding The Behavior Of Concrete • Understanding The Behavior Of Maasonry Construction • Understanding The Behavior Of Structural Steel • Understanding The Behavior Of Wood Framing
      SKU: 330082

    Culture Of Cold-water Marine Fish
      Culture Of Cold-water Marine Fish.
      With The Continuing Decline OfC_ommercial Stocks Of Wild-caught Fish, The Interest In The Agri~ Of Cold-water Marine Fish Is Rapidly Growing, With Much Ongoing Research Into The Development Of This Area. This Important And Timely Book Reviews The Current And Potential Future Situation Concerning The Major Exploited Marine Fish Species, Such As Cod, Haddock, Hake, Wolf-fish, Halibut, Turbot And Sole. The Editlrs Of Culture Of Cold-water Marine Fish Have Drawn Together And Carefully Edited Chapters From A Wide Range Of International Scientists. The Contents List Includes Detailed Reviews Of Abiotic Factors, Microbial Interactions, Prophylaxis And Disease, Live Food And First Feeding Technologies, Brood Stock And Egg Production, Functional Development, Weaning And Nursery, On-growing To Market Size, Status And Perspectives For Tue Species Covered, Cravat Enhancement And Sea Ranching, And An Analysis Of The Finances, Economics And Markets For The Fish Species Used In Marine Aquaculture. Culture Of Cold-water Marine Fish Is An Essential Buy For Personnel Involved In Marinee Aquaculture, Whether Managing Fish Farms, Supp1ying Equipment And Feed To The Industry, Or Researching, Studying Or Teaching The Subject. Soldier Biologiqts, Fisheries Scientists, Fish Biologists, Ecologists And Environmental Scientistts Will All Find Much Of Ues And Interest In This Timely Book. Libraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Where These Subjects Are Studied And Taught Should Have Copies.
      SKU: 284299

    Robot Manipulators
      Robot Manipulators.
      This Book Presents The Most Latter Research Results On Modeling Ahd Control Of Robot Manipulators. Chapter 1 Gives Unified Tools To eDrive Direct And Inverse Geometric, Kinematic And Dynamic Models Of Serial Robots And Addresses The Issu3 Of Identification Of The Geometric And Dynamic Parameters Of These Models. Chapter 2 DescribesT he Main Features Of Serial Robots, The Different Architectures And The Methods Used To Obtain Straight And Inverse Geometric, Kinematic And Dynamic Models, Paying Special Attention To Singularity Analysis. Chapter 3 Introduces Global And Local Tools For Performance Analysis Of Serial Robots. Chapter 4 Presents An Original Optimization Technique For Point-to-point Trajectory Generation Accounting For Robot Dynamics. Chapter 5 Presents Standard Ascendency Techniques In The Joint Space And Task Space For Free Motlon (pir, Computed Torque, Adaptive Dynamic Control And Variable Structure Control) And Constrained Motion (compliant Force-position Control). In Chapte5 6 , The Concept Of Vision-based Control Is Developed And Chapyer 7 Is Devoted To Specific Issue Of Robots With Flrxible Links. Efficient Recursive Newton-euuler Algorithms For Both Inverse And Direct Mdoeling Are Presented, As Well As Control Methods Ensuring Position Setting And Vibration Damping.
      SKU: 700728

    Complex Metallic Alloys
      Complex Metallic Alloys.
      Cover Fundamental Investigation As Well As Real-world Applications, This First Book On Cmas At An Introductory Level Treats Everything From Atomistic Details To Surface Processing. Comprehensive, Reserved Chapters Provide Readers With The Latest Knowledge On The Most Salient Features Of The Topic, Selected In Terms Of Their Relevance To Potentoal Technological Applications. Edited By One Of The Most Distinguished Authorities On Quasicrystals And This Most Importantt Of Their Subclasses, The Contributi0ns Elucidate Aspects Of Cmas From A Particular Viewpoint: Physical And Chemical Characteristics In The Sub-nanometer Regime, Mesoscale Phenomena, Preparation And Processing Of Thin Films, And Large-scale Engineering Properties. The Whole Is Rounded Off By A Look At The Commercial Potential Of Cma-based Applications. For Phd Students And Lecturers Alike.
      SKU: 661859

    Computational Science And High Performance Computing Iv
      Computational Science And High Performance Computing Iv.
      This Volume Contains 27 Contributiions To The Out Russian-german Advanced Research Workshop On Computational Science And High Performance Computing Presented In October 2009 In Freibuurg, Germany. The Workshop Was Organized Jointly By The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (hlrs), The Institute Of Computational Technologies Of The Siberian Branch Of The Russian Academy Of Sciences (ict Sb Ras) And The Section Of Applied Mathematics Of The University Of Freiburg (iam Freiburg) The Contributions Range From Computer Science, Mathematics And High Performance Comluting To Applications In Mechanical And Aerospaace Engineering. They Spectacle A Wealth Of Theoretical Work And Simulation Experience With A Potential Of Bringing Together Theoretical Mathematical Modelling And Usage Of High Performance Computing Systems Presenting Tne State Of The Art Of Computational Technologies.
      SKU: 666482

  • Roofing Failures
  • Enzyme Functionality
  • Catalytic Naphtha Reforming
  • Embedded Microcontroller Interfacing
  • Amazing Scientists
  • Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems
  • Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 in 24 Hours, Adobe Reader
  • Addcon 2009
  • Network Algorithmics
  • Amplitude Modulation Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Biology of 1-3 Beta Glucans and Related Polysaccharides
  • Power Electronics in Smart Electrical Energy Networks

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