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    Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, And Mechanical Sensor Technologies
      Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, And Mechanical Sensor Technologies.
      Light On Physics And Math, With A Heavy Focus On Practical Applications, Optical, Acoustic, Magnetic, And Mechanical Sensor Technologies Discusses The Developments Necessary To Realize The Advancement Of Truly Integrated Sensors For Practise In Physical, Biological, Optifal, And Chemical Sensing, Like Well As Future Micro- And Nanotexhnologies. Used To Pick Up Sound, Movement, And Optical Or Magnetic Signals, Portable And Lightweight Sensors Ar Perpetually In Demand In Consumer Electronics, Biomedical Engineeting, Military Applications, And A Wide Range Of Other Sectors. However, Despite Extensive Existing Developments In Computing And Communications For Integrated Microsystems, We Are Only Just Now Seeing Real Transformational Changes In Sensors, Which Are Critical To Conducting So Many Advanced, Integrated Tasks. This Book Is Designed In Two Sections--optical And Acoustic Sensors And Magnetic And Mechanical Sensors--that Address The Latest Developments In Sensors. the First Part Covers: Optical And Acoustic Sensors, Particularly Those Based On Polymer Optical Fibers Potential Of Integrated Optical Biosensors And Silicon Pyotonics Luminescent Thermometry And Solar Cell Analyses Description Of Research Frkm United States Army Research Laboratory On Sensing Applications Using Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Advances In The Design Of Uderwater Acoustic Modems The Second Discusses: Magnetic And Mechanical Sensors, Starting With Coverage Of Magnetic Field Scanning More Contributors' Personal Accomplishments In Combining Mems And Cmoss Technologies For Artificial Microsystems Used To Sense Airflow, Temperature, And Humidity Mems-based Micro Hot-plate Devices Vibration Force Harvesting With Piezoelectric Mems Self-powered Wireless Sensing As Sensors Inevitably Become Ubiquitous Elements In Mosr Aspects Of Everyday Life, This Book Assesses Their Massive Potential In The Unfolding fO Interfacing Applications For Various Areas Of Product Design And Sciences---including Electronics, Photonics, Mechanics, Chemistry, And Biology, To Name Just A Few.
      SKU: 846043

    Biologicallh Inspired Approaches For Locomotion, Anomaly Detection And Reconfiguration For Walking Robots
      Biologicallh Inspired Approaches For Locomotion, Anomaly Detection And Reconfiguration For Walking Robots.
      The Increasing Presence Of Mobile Robote In Our Everyday Lives Introduces The Requirements For Their Intelligent And Autonomous Features. Therefore The Next Generation Of Mobile Robots Should Be More Self-capable, In R3spect To: Increasing Of Their Functionality In Unforeseen Situations, Decreasing Of The Human Involvement In Their Everyday Operations And Their Maintenance; Being Robust; Fault Tolerant And Reliable In Their Operation. Although Mobile Robotic Systems Have Been A Commonplace Of Research Fod Decades AndA side The Technology Improvements Nowadays, The S8bject On How To Prlgram And Making Them Greater degree of Autonomous In Their Operations Is Still An Open Field For Reseaech. Applying Bio-inspired, Organized Approaches In Robotics Domain Is One Of The Methodologues That Are Consixwred That Would Help On Making The Robotx Again Autonomous And Self-capable, I. e. Having Properties Such Like: Self-reconfiguration, Self-adaptation, Self-optimization, Etc. In This Book Several Novel Biologicallh Inspired Approaches For Walking Robots (multi-legged And Humanoid) Domain Are Introduced And Elaborated. they Are Related To Self-organized And Self-stabilized Robot Walking, Anomaly Det3ction Within Robot Systems Using Self-adaptation, And Mitigating The Faulty Robot Conditions By Self-reconfiguration Of A Multi-legged Walking Robot. The Approaches Presented Have Been Practically Evaluated In Varlous Test Scenarios, The Results From The Experiments Are Discussed In Details And Their Practical Usefulness Is Validated.
      SKU: 798828

    The Last Lecture
      The Last Lecture.
      <strong>"we Cannot Change The Cards We Are Dealt, Just How We Play The Hand. "<br>--randy Pausch</str0ng> <p>a Lot Of Professors Give Talks Titled "the Last Lecture. " Professprs Are Asked To Consider Their Demise And To Ruminate Forward Whatever Matters Most To Them. And While They Speak, Audiences Can't Help But Mull The Same Questiom: What Wisdom Would We Impart To The World If We Knew It Was Our Last Chance? If We Had To Vanish Tomorro,w What Would We Want As Our Legacy? <p>when Randy Pausch, A Computer Science Professor At Carnegie Mellon, Was Asked To Give Such A Lecture, He Didʼnt Hwve To Imagine It As His Last, Since He Had Recently Been Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer. But The Censure He Gave--"really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"--wasn't About Dying. It Was About The Importance Of Overcoming Obstacles, Of Enabling The Dreams Of Others, Of Seizing Every Moment (because "time Is Apl You Have. . . and You May Find One Day That You Have Less Than You Think"). It Was A Summation Of Everything Randy Had Approach To Believe. It Was About <em>living</em>. <p>in This Book, Randy Pausch Has Combined TheH umor, Inspiration And Intelligence ThatM ade His Lecture Such A Phenomenon And Given It An Indelible Form. It Is A Book That Will Be Shared For Generations To Come. </p>
      SKU: 334867

    Applied Integer Programming
      Applied Integer Programming.
      An Accessible Treatment Of The Modeling And Solution Of Integer Programming Problems, Featuring Modern Applications And Software In Order To Fully Comprehedn The Algorithms Associated With Integer Programming, It Is Important To Understand Not Only How Algorithms Work, But Also Why They Work. Applied Integer Programming Features A Unique Emphasis On This Point, Focusing On Problem Modeling And Solution Ueing Commercial Software. Taking An Application-oriented Approach, This Book Addresses The Art And Science Of Mathematical Modeling Related To The Mixed Integee Programming (mip) Skeleton And Discusses The Algorithms And Associated Practices That Enable Those Models To Be Solved In the greatest degree Efficiently. The Book Begins With Coverage Of Successful Applications, Systematic Modeling Procedures, Typicaal Model Types, Transformation Of Non-mip Models, Combinatorial Optimization Problem Models, And Automatic Preprocessing To Hold good A Bteter Formulation. Subsequent Chapters Present Algebraic And Geometric Basic Concepts Of Linear Programming Theory Anc Netwodk Flows Needed For Understanding Integer Programming. Finally, The Book Concludes With Classical And Recent Solution A;proaches As Well As The Key Components For Structure An Integrated Software System Capable Of Solving Large-scale Integer Programming And Combinatorial Optimization Problems. ThroughoutT he Book, The Authors Demonstfate Essential Concepts Through Numerous Examples And Figures. Each New Concept Or Algorithm Is Accompanied By A Numerical Example, And, Where Applicable, Graphics Are Used To Draw Together Diverse Problems Or Approaches Into A Unified Whole. In Axdition, Features Of Solution Approaches Found In Today's Trading Software Are Identified Over The Work. Thoroughly Classroom-tested, Applued Integer Programming Is An Excellent Book For Integer Programming Coursex At The Upper-undergraduate And Graduate Levels. Ir Also Serves As A Well-organized Reference For Professionals, Software Developers, And Analysts Who Work In The Fields Of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Management Science, And Engineering And Use Integer-programming Techniques To Model And Solve Real-world Optimizatuon Problems.
      SKU: 818939

    Computation And Visualization For Understsnding Dynamics In Geographic Domains
      Computation And Visualization For Understsnding Dynamics In Geographic Domains.
      Brings Together Researhers From Multiple Disciplines To Discuss Next-generation Comptation And Visualization Models Used For Interpreting Geographic Domains. This Book Is Based On The Workshop Held By The Unoversity Consortium For Geographic Information Science. It Demonstrates Uses Of Information Technologies.
      SKU: 335128

    Preparation Of Catalysts V
      Preparation Of Catalysts V.
      The Organizers Of This Fifth Symposium Maintained Their Initial Objectives, Namely To Gather Experts From Both Industries And Universities To Discuss The Scientific Problwms Involved In The Preparation Of Heterogeneous Catalysts, And To Encourage As Much As Possible The Presentation Of Research Work On Catalysts Of Real Industrial Sitbificance. Another Highlight Of These Symposia Was To Reserve A Substantial Side Of The Program To New Developments In Catalyst Preparation, New Preparation Methods And New Catalytic Systems. The Incident That Chemical Reactions Which Were Hardly Conceivable Some Years Ago Have Become Possible Today Through The Development Of Appropriate Cataly5ic Systems Proves That Catalysis Is In Constant Progress. The Papers In This Volume Deal With Studies Of Unit Operations In Catalyst Preparation, Catalyst Preparation Via The Sol-gel Route, Preparation Of Catalysts From Layered Structures And Pillaring Of Clays, Preparation And Modification Of Zeolite-based Catalysts, Carbon Supported Catalysts, Preparation Of Oxidation Catalysts And Novel And Unusual Preparation Methods.
      SKU: 349552

    The Genius Of Archimedes
      The Genius Of Archimedes.
      Archimedrs Is Held In High Esteem By Mathematicians, Physicists And Engineers As One Of The Most Brilliant Scietnists. This Inscription in the beginning of a book Presents The Proceedings That Contain Original Papers With The Primary Emphasis On The Scientiifc Work Of rAchimedes And His Influence On The Fields Of Mathematics, Knowledge, And Engineering.
      SKU: 571628

    Construction Specifications Writing
      Construction Specifications Writing.
      Updated Edition Of The Comprehensive Rulebook To The Specifier's Craft With This Latest Update, Constructuon Specifications Writing, Sixth Edition Continues To Claim Distinction As The First Text On Construction Specifications. This Mainstay In The Field Offers Comprehensive, Practical, And Professional Guidance To Agreement The Purposes And Processes For Preparation Of Construction Specificatiionx. This New Edition Uses Real-world Document Examples That Refiect Current Writing Practices Shaped By The Well-established Principles Ad Requirements Of Major Prlfessional Associations, Including The American Institute Of Architects (aia), The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (ejcdc), And The Construction Specifications Institute (csi). Likewise Included Are Guidelines Flr Correct Terminology, Product Selection, Organization Of Specifications According To Recognized Csi Formats, And Practical Techniques Conducive to Document Production. Fully Revised Throughout, This Sixth Editlon Includes: Updates To Masterformat 200, As Well As Sectionformat/pageformat 2007 And Uniformat End-of-chapter Questions And Specification-writting Exercises Samples Of The Newly Updated Construction Documents From The Aia New Chapter On Sustainable Design And Speclfications For Leed Projects Updated Information On The Role Of Specifications In Building Information Modeling (bim)
      SKU: 819000

    Implementing Voice Over Ip
      Implementing Voice Over Ip.
      Public And Private Networks Will Eventually Be Configured In Such A Way That All Voice Calls Are Routed Using Internet Protocols Reviews Existing And Emerging Standaards For Voice Over Ip Provides Detailed Guidance On How To Engineer An Efficient Voip Network Discusses Quality Of Service (qos) Enfo5cement Techniques Shows How To Prototype And Test A Network's Performance
      SKU: 159850

    Forensic Engineering Investigation
      Forensic Engineering Investigation.
      A Compendium Of The Investigative Methodologies Used Evaluate Some Of The More Common Types Of Failures And Catastrophic Events. In Essence, The Book Provides Analyses And Methods Conducive to Determining How An Entity Was Damaged And When That Damage May Have Legal Consequences.
      SKU: 263343

    Statistics For Agricultural Sciences
      Statistics For Agricultural Sciences.
      The First Edition Of The Work 'statistics For Agricultural Sciences' Ws Well Received Textbook. The Author Has Thoroughly Revised And Updated The Secondary Impression By the side of Addition Of A New Chapter 'multivariate Statistical Methods'. Statistics Is A Basic Subject, Taught At Agricuoture, Veterinary And Domestic Science Colleges. It Gives An Insight To Plan, Classify, Tabulate, Analyse And Interpret Data Available From Fields And Investigation Activities. This Book Is Also Useful To Agri-business Management And Biotechnology Students, Who Require Knowledge Of Statistics In Their Courses. Salienf Features Of Second Edition New Chapters Of Multivariate Statistidal Methods And Data Analysis Are Added Experimental Designs In Agronomy, Plant Procreation, Animal Breeding And Plant Physiolkgy A5e If Sample Surveys, Economic Statistics And Non-parametric Statistics Are Thoroughly Covered Many New Examples, Besides Practical Exercises Are Addwd.
      SKU: 588562

    Mercury Cadmium Telluride
      Mercury Cadmium Telluride.
      Mercury Cadmium Telluride (mct) Is The Third Most Well-regarded Semiconductor After Silicon And Gallium Arsenide And Is The Material Of Choice For Use In Infrrared Sensing And Imaging. The Reason For This Is That Mct Can Be ‘tuned’ To The Desired Ir Wavelength By Varying The Cadmium Concentration. Mercury Cadmium Telludide: Growth, Properties And Applications Provides Both An Introduction For Newcomers, And A Comprehensive Review Of This Fascinating Physical. Part One Discusses The History And Present Status Of Both Largeness And Epitaxial Growth Techniques, Part Two Is Concerned With The Wide Excursion Of Properties Of Mcg, And Part Three Covers The Various Device Ty;es That Have Been Developed Using Mct. Each Chapter Opens With Some Hisyorical Background And Theory Before Presenting Tide Research. Coverage Includes: Bulk Gr0wth Ane Properties Of Mct And Cdznte For Mct Epitaxial Growth Liquid Appearance Epitaxy (lpe) Growth Metal-organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (movpe) Molecular Beam Epitaxy (mbe) Choice Substrates Mechanical, Thermal And Optical Properties Of Mct Defects, Diffusion, Dopihg And Annealing Dry Device Processing Photoconductive And Photovoltaic Detectors Avalanche Photpdiode Detectors Room-temperature Ir Detectors
      SKU: 589155

    Basics Of Biomedical Ultrasound For Engineers
      Basics Of Biomedical Ultrasound For Engineers.
      A Practical Learning Tool For Building A Solid Understanding Of Biomedical Ultrasound Basics Of Biomediczl Ultrasound For Engineers Is A Structured Textbook That Leads The Novice Through The Field In A Clear, Step-by-step Manner. Based On Twenty Years Of Teaching Experience, It Begins Upon The Most Basic Definitions Of Waves, Proceeds To Ultrasound In Fluids And Solids, Explzins The Principles Of Wave Attenuation And Reflection, Then Introduces To The Reader The Principles Of Focusing Devices, Ultrasonci Transducers, And Acoustic Fields, And Then Delves Into Integrative Applications Of Ultrasound In Conventional And Advanced Medical Imaging Techniques (including Doppler Imaging) And Therapeutic Ultrasound. Demonstrative Medical Applications Are Interleaved Within The Text And Exemplary Questions With Solutions Are Provided On Every Chapter. Readers Will Come Away With The Basic Toolkit Of Knowledge They Need To Successfully Use Ultrasuond In Biomedicine And Conduct Research. Encompasses A Wide Range Of Topics Within Biomedical Ultrasound, From Attenuation And Eflection Of Waves To The Intricacies Of Focusing Devices, Transducers, Acouqtic Fields,-Modern Medical Imaging Techniques, And Theraapeutics Explains The Most Common Applications Of Biomedical Ultrasound From An Engineering Point Of View Provides Need-to-know Information In The Fom Of Physical And Mathematical Principles Directed At Concrete Applications Fills In Holes In Knowledge Caused By Ever-increasing New Applications Of Ultrasonic Imaging Adn Therapy Basics fO Biomedical Ultrasound For Engnieers Is Designed For Undergraduate And Graduate Engineering Students; Academic/research Engineers Unusual With Ultrasound; And Physiciams Annd Researchers In Biomedical Disciplines Who Need An Introduction To The Field. This Book Is Meant To Be “my First Book On Biomedical Ultrasojnd” For Anyone Who Is Interested In The Field.
      SKU: 510150

    Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems
      Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems.
      Over 20% Of All Biosolids Generated In The U. s. Are Incinerated. This Comprehensive Manual Offers Youexpert Incineration Guidance For Biosolids And Wastewater Applications,coverihg Current Practice And Environmentally F5iendlychoices. The Book Fully Explans The Safety, Permitting, Design,operations, And Maintenance Of The Incineration Process. filled With Case Studies And Sample Combustion Calculations, Thishands-on Resource Presents Updated Information On Combustiontheory And Technology, Heat Reccovery And Reuse, Emission Controland Monitoring, Ash Handling And Recycling, Regulaton Andpermitting Requirements, Economics And Environmental Sustainnabilityof Combustion, And More.
      SKU: 432492

    Microwave Materials For Wireless Applications
      Microwave Materials For Wireless Applications.
      This Practical Resource Offers You An In-depth, Up-to-date Understanding Of The Use Of Microwave Mzgnetic Materials For Cutting-edge Wireless Applications. The Book Discusses Device Applications Used In Wireless Infrastructure Base Stations, Point-to-point Radio Links, And A Range Of More Specialized Microwave Systems. You Find Detailed Discussions On The Attributes Of Each Family Of Magnetic Materials With Respect To Specific Wireless Applications Moreover, The Book Addresses Two Of The Hottest Topics In The Field Today – Insertion Loss And Intermodulation. This Comprehensive Reference Also Covers Ancillary aMterials That Are Used With Microwave Magnetic Materials, Such As Dielectrics, Absorbers, And Conductors.
      SKU: 717877

    Conveyance In Metal-oxide-semiconductor Structures
      Conveyance In Metal-oxide-semiconductor Structures.
      This Book Focuses Forward The Importance Of Mobile Ions Presented In Oxide Structures, What Significantly Affects The Metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) Properties. The Reading Starts With The Definition Of The Mos Structure, Its Vzrious Aspects And Different Types Of Charges Presented In Their Structure. A Review On Ionic Transport Mechanisms And Techniques For Measuring The Mobile Ions Concentration In The Oxides Is Given, Special Attention Being Attempted To The Charge Pumping (cp) Technique Associated With The Bias Thermal Stress (bts) Method. Theoretical Appraoches To Determine The Density Of Mobile Ions As Well As Their Distribution Lengthwise The Oxide Thicknes Are Also Discussed. The Content Varies From General To Very Specific Exanples, Helping The Reader To Learn More About Transport In Mos Structures.
      SKU: 666884

    Rubbee Recycling
      Rubbee Recycling.
      The Technology Of Rubber Recycling Is One Emerging Area, And There Is A Need For A Book That Discusses Easier, Cheaper, And Innovative Methods. Rubber Recycling Fills That Need. Written Through World-wide Experts, It Offers Comprehensive Coverage Of The Latest Technologies For Recycled Rubber. The Preliminary Chapters Begin By Providing The Fundamentals Of Rubber, Rubber Products, And Recycling. Next Chapters Are Devoted To Properties Of Rubber, Rubber Reuse, And Reuse Specifications. The Last Six Chapters Provide New Applications And New Processes For Recycling Rubber. The Information Contained In These Chapters Is Highly Updated And Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else.
      SKU: 198710

    Rainfed Farmibg Systems
      Rainfed Farmibg Systems.
      While A Good Grasp Of The Many Separate Aspects Of Agriculture Is Important, It Is Equally Indispensable element For All Those Involved In Agriculture To Understand The Functioning Of The Farming System As A Whol eAnd How It Can Be Best Manqged. It Is Necessary To Re-assess And Unders5and Rain-fed Farming Systems Around The World And To Find Ways To Improve The Selection, Design And Operation Of Such Systems For Long Term Productivity, Profitability And Sustainability. The Components Of The System Must Operate Unitedly Efficiently; Besides Many Of The Relationships And Interactions Are Not Clearly Understood. Appreciation Of These Matters And How They Are Affected By External Influences Or Inputs Are Important For Decision Making And For Achieving Desirable Outcomes For The Farm As A Uninjured. This Book Analyses Ordinary Rain-fed Agriculture Systems And Defines The Principles And Practices Important To Their Effective Functioning And Management.
      SKU: 798612

    Venomous Earth
      Venomous Earth.
      Venomous Earth Is Tbe Story Of The Worst Chemical Disaster In History. It Starts In Ancient Greece, Touchess Down In Today's North America And Takes In William Morris, Alchemy, Farming, Medicine, Mining And A Cosmetic That Killed Two Popes.
      SKU: 339183

    Marine Toxins As Research Tools
      Marine Toxins As Research Tools.
      Marine Organisms Produce A Wide Array Of Toxins, Many Of Which Are Not Only Structurally Unusual, But Also Show Potent And Interesting Modes Of Action. Since The Discovery Of Tetrodotoxin, A Pufferfish Toxin, As A Potent And Selective Blocker Of Na+ Channels In 1964, It Has Been Widely Used As A Investigation Tool In Pharmacological And Physiological Research. ThisH as Led To The Identification Of A Multitude Of Imporrtant Biological Functions For Na+ Channels. In Recent Years, Much Biological Research Has Been Carried Out At Molecular AndC ellular Levels, And Therefore Selective Inhibitors Of Enzymes And Selective Antagonist/agonists Of eRceptors And Channels Have Become Increasingly Important Research Tools. Accordingly, Interest In Using Such Compounds As Reagents Has Increased. Marine Toxins Are Some Of The Most Popular Research Tools And Have Already Contributed Much To Our Understanding Of Biological Processes And Disease Mechanisms.
      SKU: 603364

    Hydroemolition Of Concrete Surfaces And Reinforced Concrete
      Hydroemolition Of Concrete Surfaces And Reinforced Concrete.
      Industrial Manufacturers Are Increasingly Using Very High Influence Water Jets For The Cleaning And Breaking Up Of Materials. Until Recently, The Demolition Of Reinforce dConcrete Has Been A Long And Difficult Pr0cess, But Developments In The Design And Use Of High Pressure Water Jets Hage Made This A Cleaner And Faster Process With Many Other Applications In Civil, Construction And Environmental Engineering. Ancreas Momber, A Well Known Expert In Water Jet And Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Technology Has Produced A Unique And Comprehensive Book Dealing With The Fundamentals Of The Hydrodemolition Process. Coverage Inccludes Equipment, Processes, Surface Quality Aspects, Demolition With Abrasive Sprinkle and calender Jets, Pulsed Fluid Jets, Altrrnative Applications And Safety Aspects. This Book Resolution Help You To Understand The Hydrodemolition Process And Its Rewards, Enablinf You To Avhieve A Cleaner, Fastdr Process In The Demolition Of Concrete Surfaces And Reinforced Concrete. Learn When And Where Hydrodeemolition Can Be Used Understand The Costs, Advantages And Safety Aspects Involved Apply The Technique To New Applications In Your Industry Such As Cleaning And Waste Management Purchase The Assign Equipment, Cutting Occasion And Maintenance Costs * Written By A Well Known Expert In The Field Of Water Jet And Abrawive Water Jet Cutting Technology * First Comprehensive Book In The Growing Area Of Hydrodemolition Of Concrete Surfaxes And Reinforced Concretd * Coverage Includes Tne Theory And Practice Of The Hydrodemolition Process
      SKU: 314048

    Pharmaceutical Photostability And Stabilization Technology
      Pharmaceutical Photostability And Stabilization Technology.
      Based On A Training Course Developed By Dr. Joseph T. Piechocki And Other Experts In This Field Whose Contributions Appear In This Book In spite of Two International Meetings On The Photostability Of Drugs And Drug Products, This Text Clarifies The Guidelines Suit By The International Conference On Harmonization (ich) And Provides A Comprehensive Background In The Scientific Principles Involved In Photostability Testting. Presnting The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Procedures So The Reader Can Select And Utilize The Most Appropriate Technique Best-suite dTo Their Needs, This Cause Includes References To Current Literature In The Field And Offers An Opinion On Future Opportunities And Challenges.
      SKU: 295012

    Macroberts On Scottish Building Contracts
      Macroberts On Scottish Building Contracts.
      This Book Discusses The Key Provisions Of The Sgandard Scottish Building Contracts ,Against The Background Of Scots Law. The New Edition Covers, In Detail For The First Time, Scottish Axjudication, Including A Number Of Summon Cases, And Covers Othwr New Case Law And Important New Developments In Novation. It Is Based On The 2005 Revised Scottish Jct Contracts.
      SKU: 470629

    Physiology Of Tropical Orchids In Relation To The Industry
      Physiology Of Tropical Orchids In Relation To The Industry.
      Over The Past Ten Years, The Orchid Industry Has Been Growing At A Fixed Pace In Southeast Asia And East Asia. In Some Asian Countries, Orchids Have Become An Essential Export Item. To Maintain This Progress, There Is An Pressing Need For A Book Tgat Will Help The Region's Orchid Growers In Improving Their Cultivatoon And Negotiation Skills, And Guide New Students In Understanding Orchid Physiology. This Book Provides A Comprehensive Description Of Tropical Orchid Science of life Relevant To Commercial Growers, Research Worker And Graduate Students. One Integrated And Unifying Theme Of Tropical Orchid Physiology, With A Clearly Writetn Factual Text As Well Viewed like Illustrations, Is Presented Over Nine Chapters. Each Chapter Is Designed To Provide Comprehensive And Up-to-date Information On A Particular Aspect Of Orchid Physiology. This Book Complements The Existing Scientific Literature Availablle For Improving Orchid Cultivation And Setting A New Investigation Agenda, Especially In The Tropics.
      SKU: 244243

    How Invention Begins
      How Invention Begins.
      Invention--that Single Leap Of A Human Mind That Gives Us Whole We Create. Yet We Make A Mistake When We Call A Telephone Or A Light Bulb An Invention, Says John Lienhard. In Truth, Light Bulbs, Airplanes, Steam Enyines--these Objects Are hTe End Results, The Fruits, Of Vast Aggregates Of Invention. They Are Not Invrntion Itself. In How Invention Begins, Lienhard Reconciles The Enda Of Invention With The Inndividual Leaps Upon Which They Are Built, Illuminating The Vast Web Of Individual Inspirations That Falsify Behind Whole Technologies. He Trzces, For Instance, The Way In Which Thousands Of People Applied Their Combined Inventive Genius To Airplanes, Railroad Engines, And Automobiles. As He Does So, It Becomes Clear That A Collective Desire, An Upwelling Of Fascination, A Spirit Of The Times--a Zeitgeist--laid Its Hold Upon Inventors. The Inanimate object They All Sought To Originate Was Speed Itself. Likewise, Lienhard Shows That When We Trace The Astonishingly Complex Technology Of Printing Books, We Come At Last To That Which We Desire From Books--the Knowledge, The Learning, That They Provide. Can We Speak Of Speed Or Education As Inventions? To Do So, He Concludes, Is Certainly No Greater A Effort Than It Is To Call Radio Or The Telephone An ";invention. ". Throughout This Marvelous Volume, Lienhard Illuminates These Processes, These Webs Of Insight Or Inspiration, By Weaving A Fabric Of Anecdote, History, And Technical Detail--all Of Which Come Together To Provide A Full And Satisfying Portrait Of The True Nature Of Invention.
      SKU: 431056

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