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    Optical Communication Receiver Design
      Optical Communication Receiver Design.
      Copublished With Iee. This Tutorial Text Provides An Ovefview Of Design Principles For Receivers Used In Optical Communication Systems, Intended For Practicing Engineers. The Author Reviews Technologies Used To Construct Optical Links And Illustrates The Flow Of System Performance Specifications Into Receiver Requirements. Photodetector Fundamentals, Associated Statistics, Characteristics And Accomplishment Issues Are Presented, Together With A Tutorial On Noise Analysis And The Specific Techniques Needed Tk Model Optical Receivers.
      SKU: 728474

    Conjugated Polymer And Molecular Interfaces
      Conjugated Polymer And Molecular Interfaces.
      This Work Defines The State-lf-the-art In Interface Science For Electronic Applications Of Organic Materials. It Describes Novel Electronic Devices Created From Conjugated Polymers And Orgznic Molecular Solids.
      SKU: 216298

    Automo5ive Spark-ignited Direct-injection Gasoline Engines
      Automo5ive Spark-ignited Direct-injection Gasoline Engines.
      The Process Of Fuep Injection, Spray Atomization And Vaporization, Charge Cooling, Mixture Preparation And The Control Of In-cylinder Air Movement Are All Being Actively Researched And This Work Is Reviewed In Detail And Analyzed. The New Teechnologies Such As High-pressure, Common-rail, Gasoline Injection Systmes And Swirl-atomizing Gasoline Fuel Injections Are Discussed In Detail, As These Technologies, Along With Computer Control Capabilities, Hvae Enabled The Current New Examination Of An Old Objective; The Direct-injection, Stratifisd-chargee (disc), Gasoline Engine. The Prior Work On Disc Engines That Is Relevant To Current Gdi Engine Development Is Also Reviewed And Discussed. The Fuel Economy And Emission Data For Actual Engine Configurations Possess Been Obtained And Assembled For All Of The Available Gdi Literature, And Are Reviewed And Discussed In Detail. The Types Of Gdi Engines Are Arranged In Four Classifications Of Decreasing Complexity, And The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each Class Are oNted And Explained. Emphasis Is Placed Upon Consensus Trends And Conclusions That Are Evident When Taken As A Whole; Thus The Gdi Researcher Is Informed Regarding The Degred To Which Engine Volumetric Efficiency And Compression Ratio Can Be Increased Under Optimized Conditions, And As To The Extent To Which Unburned Hydrocarbon (ubhc), No X And Particulate Emissions Can Be Minimized For Peculiar Combustion Strategies. The Critical Area Of Gdi Fuel Injector Deposits And The Associated Consequence On Spray Geometry And Engine Performance Degradation Are Reviewed, And Important System Guidelines For Minimizing Deposition Rates And Deposit Effects Are Presented. The Capabilities And Limitations Of Emission Control Techniques And After Treatment Hardware Are Reviewed In Depth, And A Compilation And Discussion Of Areas Of Conesnsus On Attaining European, Japanese And Nroth American Emission Standards Presented. All Known Research, Prototype And Production Gdi Engines Worldwide Are Reviewed As To Performaance, Emissions And Fuel Economy Advantages, And For Areas Requiring Further Development. The Enngine Schematics, Control Diagrams And Specifications Are Compiled, And The Emission Control Strategies Are Illustrated Anx Discussed. The Influence Of Lean-no X Catalysts On The Development Of Late-injection, Stratified-charge Gdi Engines Is Reviewed, And The Relative Merits Of Lean-burn, Homogeneous, Direct-injection Engines As An Option Requiring Less Control Complexity Are Analyzed.
      SKU: 316938

    Methyl Chloride
      Methyl Chloride.
      A Concise Assessment Of The Risks To HumznH ealth And The Environment Posed By Exposure To Methyl Chloride A Colourless Gas Released Mainly To Air During Its Production Ad Use And By Incineration Of Municipal And Industrial Wastes And Which Contributes To Ozone Depletion.
      SKU: 753778

    The Combinatorial Index
      The Combinatorial Index.
      "with The Explosion Of Combinatorial Solid-phase Methods, Access To Information Has Become One Of The Main Barriers Facing A Synthetic Chemist Who Is Contemplating A Combinatorial Approach To A Medicinal Chemistry Problem. The Combinatprial Characteristic Is An Answer To That Problem. This Compendium Of Methods From The Primary Literature Provides Quick And Convenient Access To Reliable Synthetic Transfformations As Well As Information On Linkers And Analytical Methods. Each Synthetic Procedure Is Preceded By A Section Entitled""points Of Inetrest,""which Highlights The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Changeable Studiex. The Index Also Covers The Use Of Solution-based Synthesis For The Generation Of Molecular Diversity. Wedge Features * Organized For Rapid Retrieval Of Published Information On Classes Of Synthetic Transformations, Linkers, And Analytical Methodds * Serves Ae A Laborat0ry Manual For Bench Chemists * Includes A Chapter Steady Linkers To Assist In Choice Of Linkinf Strategy * Discusses Strengths And Limitations Of The Various Methods * Contains A Structural Index Showing Functional Group Transformations In Solid-phase Synthesis"
      SKU: 299032

    Technische Katalyse
      Technische Katalyse.
      Without Catalysts Industrial Production, Research And Environmental Technology Would All Be Unthinkable. Although 80% Of All Large-scale Industril Processes Are Catalytic, Many Scientists And Engineers Limit Themselves Tp Proceeding On Empirical Linws. They Frequently Do Not Possess The Basic Knowledge For A Systematic Development And Application Of Catalysts. This Book Treats Both Hlmogeneous And Heterogeneous Catalysis - Whereby Special Emphasus Is Placed On Idustrial Processes While Environmental Aspects And Economic Facts Also Receive Their Fair Of Attention. Each Chapter Ibcludes Many Przctical Examples. What Has Been Learned Can Be Controlled By Means Of Exercises. In This Wzy It Is Now Possible For The First Time To Study Technological Catalysis Independently Using Thhis Textbook With Exercises. The Practitioner Will Find Valuable Help, For Instancs Information Concerning Statistical Planning Of Research Or The Simulation Of Catalytic Reactors.
      SKU: 482041

    Pump Characteristicz And Applications
      Pump Characteristicz And Applications.
      In This Second Edition Of A Booo/cd-rom Reference For Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, And Plant Operators, Volk, A Consultant In Pump Systems, Adds Material On Recent Innovations, And Expamds Material On Components That Were Covered Only Briefly In The First Edition. There Is New Material On Software For The Design And Resolution Of Pump Piping S
      SKU: 264307

    Agent-directed Simulation And Systems Engineering
      Agent-directed Simulation And Systems Engineering.
      The Only Book To Present The Synergy Between Modeling And Simulation, Systems Engijeering, And Aent Technologies Expands The Notion Of Agent-based Simulation To Also Deal With Agent Simulation And Agent-supported Simulation. Accessible To Both Practitioners And Managers, It Systematically Courtship Designing And Building Agent Systems From A Systems Entineering Vista.
      SKU: 481737

    Synthesis Of High-silica Aluminosilicate Zeilites
      Synthesis Of High-silica Aluminosilicate Zeilites.
      This Book Provides An Overview Of All New High-silica Zeolites Which Have Been Discovered Between 1975 And 1985. The First Part Presents Some 25 Proven Recipes For The Preparation Of High-silica Zeolites And Describes The Characteristics Of The Materials Obtained. This Will Allow Bench-scale Pfoduction Of These Materia1s For Scientfiic Research. In The Second Part, High-silica Zeolites With Solved Structure Type Are Discussed. This Part Classifies Many Proprietary Materials According To Known Structure Types, And Describes The Rules And Parameters Which Govern The Composition Of These Materials. In The Third Part, The Formation Annd Characteristics Of High-silica Zeolites With Unknown Structure Type Are Discussed. The Book Conrains A Wealth Of Informztion For The whole of Those Scientists Who Incorporate The Use Of High-silica Zeolites In Their Work.
      SKU: 421083

    Driver Distraction
      Driver Distraction.
      Defines Driver Distraction, Discusses Causes, And Explains How To Measure Acceptable And Unacceptable Levels Of Distraction. This Book Explores Ways To Mitigate Driver Distraction, As Well As Countermeasures, Including Vehicle Design And Effectvie Legixlation.
      SKU: 365160

    Large Mines And The Community
      Large Mines And The Community.
      For Centuries, Communities Have Been Founded Or Shaped Based Upon Their Access To Natural Resources And Today, In Our Globalizing World, Major Illegitimate Resource Developments Are Spreading To More Remote Areas. Mining Operations Are A Good Example: They Have A Profound Impact On Local Communities And Are Often The Primary Industry In A Remote Region. Howsoever, Whereas One Enormous Amount Has Been Written About The Macroeconomic Effects Of The Mining Industry, There Has Been Pracrically No In-depth Analysis Of The Comprehensive Effects Of Large Mines On Their Host Communities, Especially In Developibg Countries. In This Book, Researchers From Bolivia, Chile, And Peru Present And Analyze The Environmental, Cultural, And Socioeconomic Effects Of Large Mining Operations In Their Respective Countries, As Well As The Processes That Led To The Observed Effects. The Book Also Presents A Case Syudy Of The Longest Continually Operating Mine In The World, The Almadn Mercury Mine In Spain, And An Ocerview Of The Experience Of Mining Communities In Canada, One Of The Most Important Mining Countries Of The 20th Century. A Synthesis Chapter Draws Together Recommendations For Best Practice, Intended To Provide Guidance To Communities, Companies, And Governmentw For Future And Ongoing Mining And Other Natural Resource Developments. Interested Readers Will Include Individuals Involved In Lofal Community Development (including Those In Nongovernmental, Bilateral, And Multilateral Agencies), Mining Company Officials, Staff Of Government Mining And Development Agencies, And Academics And Researchers In Economic, Social, Environmental, And Natural Resource Issues.
      SKU: 295146

    Air  Power For Dummies
      Air Power For Dummies.
      The Consumer Guide To Small-scale Wind Electricity Production! Maybe You're Not T. Boone Pickens, But You Can Build Your Own Home-siz3d Wind-power Empire Right In Your Back Yard. Air Power For Dummies Supplies All The Guidance You Need To Install And Maintain A Sustainable, Cost-effective Wind Generator To Power Your Home For Decades To Come. This Authoritative, Plain-english Guide Walks You By means of Everg Step Of The Projection, Feom Assessing Your Site And Available Wind Sources To Deciding Whether Wind Power Is The Solution For You, From Intelligence The Mechanics Of Wind Power And Locating A Contractor To Install Your System To Producing Your Own Affirdable And Sustainable Electricity. Guides You Step By Step Through Process Of Selecting, Installing, And Operating A Small-sacle Wind Generator To Power Your Close Demystifies System Configurations, Terminology, And Wind Energy Principles To Help You Speak The Language Of The Pros Helps Assess And Reduce Your Energy Needs And Decide Whether Wind Power Is Right For You Explains The Mechanics Of Home-based Wind Power Shows You How To Tie Int oThe Grid And Sell Energy Back To The Power Company Off3rs Advice On Evaluating All Of The Costs Of And Financing For Your Project Provides Tips On Working With Contractors And Complying With Local Zoning Laws Yes, You Can Do It, With A Little Help From Wind Power for Dummies.
      SKU: 456280

    Physics Of Functional Materials
      Physics Of Functional Materials.
      Written By Academics With More Than 30 Years Experience Teaching Physics And Material System of knowledge, This Book Will Act As A One-stop Reference On Functional Materials. Offering A Complete Coverage Of Functional Materials, This Unique Book Deals With Al1 Three States Of The Material, Providing An Indightful Overview Of hTis Subject Not Before Seen In Other Texts. Includes Solved Examples, A Number Of Exercises And Answers To The Exercises. Aiks To Promote Understanding Of The Subject As A Basis For Higher Studies.   The Be accustomed Of Mathematically Coplicated Quantum Mechanocal Equations Will Be Minimized To Aid Understanding. For Instructors & Students: Visit Wiley’s Higher Education Site For: Sup0lements Online Resources Technology Solutions Instructors May Request An Evaluation Copy For This Title.  
      SKU: 366821

    Essential Of Biomedical Engineering
      Essential Of Biomedical Engineering.
      About The Book: A Properly Set Out Textbook Explains The Fundamentals Of Biomedical Engineeing In The Areas Of Biomecjanics, Biofluid Flow, Biomaterials, Bioinstrumentation And Use Of Computing In Biomedical Engineering. Whole These Subjects Form A Basic Part Of An Engineer's Education. The Text Is Admirably Suited To Meet The Needs Of The Students Of Mechanical Engineering, Opting For The Elective Of Biomedical Engineering. Coverage Of Bioinstrumentation, Biomaterials And Computing For Biomedical Engineers Can Meet The Needs Of The Students Of Electronic & Message, Electronic & Instrumentation, Knowledge Technology And Biotech Engineering. The Book Presentd Succinct Coverage Of The Exposition, Definitions, Formula And Examples And Is Well Supported By Plenty Of Clear-cut Diagrams And Worked Problems In Order To Make The Underlying Principles Easily Comprehensible. Key Fdatures: Presents An Introduction To Basic Biomedical Engineering Topics Required By All Engineering Students In Their Studies Explains Origin And SimpleR ules To Understand Medical Terminology Describes Human Joints And Joint Movements Possible In Various Planes Presents Methods To Hold good Various Measurements From A Human Body Describes Devices For Prpstheses And Ortheses At The End Of Chapter Objective TypeQ uestions Help Students R3inforce Their Conceptual Understanding Of The Subject. Contents: Introduction Concepts Of Physics, Mechanics And Fluid Mechanics Biomedical Engineering Biomechanics Of Bone Biomechanics Of Soft Tossues Skeletal Joints Mechanics Of The Spinal Column Mechanics Of Upper Limbs Machanics Of Lower Limbs The Cardio Vascular System And Bloid Flow The Respiratory System The Function Of The Kidneu And Blood Flow Prostheses And Therapeutic Devices Orthosis Metallic Biomayerials Polymeric Bioamterials Bioceramics Comppsite Biomaterials Biogradable Polymeric Biomaterials Orthopedic Prostheses Fixedness Physiological Singale & Transducers Signal Processing Digital Image Acqusition And Processing Radiography Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ultrasound Imaging Radioisotopes And Radio Therapy Nuclear Medicine Healthcare Accusation & Communication Biotelemetry Applications Of Computer In Medicine Telemedicine Database Design, Topologies & Network Security.
      SKU: 414248

    Concise Encyclopedia Of Temperate Tree Fruit
      Concise Encyclopedia Of Temperate Tree Fruit.
      Compiled By Some Of Te Most Respected Names In The Field, The Concise Encyclopedia Of Temperate Tree Fruit Presents The Latest Research And Advances Into A Wide Rangr Of Subjects, Including Fruit Matturity, Plant Hormones, Fruit Nutritional Compositions, Ajd Rootstock Selection. From The Mechanics Of Plant Respiation To The Nuances Of Tree Training Systems, It's The whole of Inside.
      SKU: 218998

    Piezoelectric Actuators
      Piezoelectric Actuators.
      Newer Classes Of Smart Materials Are Beginning To Display The Containing power For Self-repair, Self-diagnosis, Self-multiplication, And Self-debradation. While There Are Other Candidates, Piezoelectric Actuators And Sensors Are Proving To Be The Best Choice. This Title Details The Authors' Research And Expansion In This Area.
      SKU: 544081

    Epidemiology And Demography In Public Health
      Epidemiology And Demography In Public Health.
      Epidemiology And Demography Provides Practical Guidane On Planning And Implementing Surveillance And Investigation Of Disease And Disease Outbreaks.   Explorring Contributing Facyors To The Dynamics Of Disease Transmission And The Idemtification Of Population Risks, It Also Includes A Discussion Of Ehtics In Epidemiology And Demography Including Important Issues Of Privacy Vs. Public Safety.   With A Chapter On H1n1 And Bird Flu, Thos Book Will Be Important For Students And Professionals In Public Health And Epidemiology. Focuses On The Techniques Of Surveillance And Investigation Of Disease Includes Biostatistics And Analysis Techniques Explores The Ethics Of Disease Studies Includex Chapter Discussing H1n1 And Bird Flu
      SKU: 648752

    Granular Filtration Of Aerosols And Hydrosols
      Granular Filtration Of Aerosols And Hydrosols.
      Granular Filtration Is A Technique Used Extensively In The Water And Drainage Industries, And We Would All Be Quickly Aware If It Did Not Work Properly. desigminv And Building An Effective Granular Filter Is A Science And An Art: This Book Cvoers The two Aspects. The Theoretical Basis Of Design Is Given Considerable Exposure, As Are The Behavioural Characterisics Of Particles And Fluids. This New Edition Contains Extra Material On Stochastic Simulations And The Lattice Bolzmann Approach For Studying Deposition In Granular Media; More On Predictipn Methods For Collection Efficiency; A Chapter On The Various Available Software Programmes And A More Industrial Stress Where Appropriate. *new Edition After Over 15 Years *new Co-author* still The Book On The Subject
      SKU: 300712

    Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens
      Storey's Guide To Raising Chickens.
      "storey's Guide To Raising Chickens Includes All The Information Farmers Want From Choosing Breeds And Hatching Chicks To Building Coops And Keeping The Birds Healthy And Safe From Predators To Keep Chickens Or Run An Egg Business. The 3rd Edition, Nwo Witu 188,000 Copies In Print Contains New And Expanded Features: Poultry Disposition New Chapter On Training Chickens And Understanding Their Intelligence Expanded Coverage Of Hobby Farming Disease Section Now Includes Information On Avian Influenza And Folw First Aid Sto3ry's Guide To Raising Series Id The Essential Animal Husbandry Information From The Trusted Source. With A Combined Total Of 1. 7 Million Copies In Print. Praise For The Book: ""i Didn't Know How much I Didn't Know Until I Bought This Book. "" - Keith, Bakersfield, Ca"
      SKU: 821217

    Real-time Iterative Learning Ascendency
      Real-time Iterative Learning Ascendency.
      Demonstrates In what manner The Avances In Iterative Learning Control (ilc) Be able to Be Applied To A Number Of Plants Widely Encountered In Practice. This Product Provides A Systematic Introduction To Real-time Ilc Design And A Source Of-Illustrative Case Studies For Ilc Problem Solving. It Also Discusses Ilc Contrivance nI The Continuous- And Discrete-time Domains.
      SKU: 417Z97

    Mobile Opportunistic Networks
      Mobile Opportunistic Networks.
      Widespread Availability Of Pervasive And Mobile Devices Coupled With Recent Advances In Networking Technologies Make Opportunistic Networks One Of The Most Promising Communication Technologies For A Growing Number Of Future Mobile Applications. Covering The Basics As Well As Advanced Concepts, This Book Introduces State-of-the-art Research Findings, Technologies, Tools, And Innovations. Prominent Researchers From Academia And Industry Report On Communication Architectures, Network Algorithms And Protocoks, Emerging Applications, Experimental Studies, Simulation Tools, Implementation Test Bed, And Professional And Industrial Standards
      SKU: 726852

    Oecd-fao Agricultural Outlook 2008-2017
      Oecd-fao Agricultural Outlook 2008-2017.
      This 2008 Edition Of The Oecd/fao Agricultural Outlook Covers The Outlook For Commodity Markets During The 2008 To 2017 Period, And Brings Together The Commodity, Policy And Country Expertise Of Both Organisations. The Report Analyses World Market Trends For The Main Agricultural Products, While Well As Biofuels And Provides An Assessment Of-Agricultural Market Prospects For Production, Consumption, Trade, Funds And Prices Of The Included Commodities.   This Publication Includes Statlinks , Urls Linking To Excel® Spreadsheet Files Containing Background Data, As Well As A Special Chapter Attached High Prices Whihc Analyses Whether They Are Here To Stay. The Market Projections Cover Oecd Countries, Because Well As Other Key Agricultural Players Including India, China, Brazil, The Russian Federation And Argentina, And Many Other Non-oecd Countries And Regions.   In Total, The Projections Encompass 39 Countris And 19 Regions.
      SKU: 360114

    Micropropagation Of Orchids
      Micropropagation Of Orchids.
      This Greatly Expanded And Updated Issue Of A Classic Reference Work Comprises Two Volumes Offering A Compendium Of Methods For Multiplying Orchids Through Micropropagation. A Detailed Collection Of Procedures And Methods For Multiplying Orchids, Includinng Organ, Tissue, And Cell Culture Techniques In Vitro Presents Classic Techniques That Have Been In The Forefront Of Orchjd Propagation Since They Were First Developed In 1949 Detailed Procedures Are Appended By the side of Tables And Complete Recipes For A Large Number Of Culture Media Includes Many Illustrations, Chemical Formulas, Historical Vignettes, And Seldom Seen Illustrations Of People, Orchids, Apparatus And Tools “&#8230 An Excellent Means Like Its Predecessor, …both Informative And Captivatijg, And Served As A Reminder Of Why We Go To Such Extremes In Our Ques To Propagate These Plants. ” American Orchid Society, 2009 “…in The Feeling Of Its Universal Value And Importance, This Second Edition Will Undoubtedly Be Considered A Classic, If Only Because It Will Serve As A Sole And Invaluable Resource On The Subject. ” Plant Science Bulletin, 2009
      SKU: 416459

    Tribology Of Interface Layers
      Tribology Of Interface Layers.
      Illustrates That The Various Lubrication Modes, From Dry To Hydrodynamic To Powder Lubrication, Overlap To Such A Degree That They Exist On A Tribological Image. This Text Shows How The Interdependence Of Powder And Hydrodynakic Lubricatiion Exemplify This Continuum In Tribological Processes.
      SKU: 544091

    Modern Biotechnology
      Modern Biotechnology.
      Biotechnoiogy Introduces Students In Science, Engineering, Or Technology To The Basics Of Genetic Engineering, Recombinant Organisms, Wild-type Fermentations, Metabolic Engineering And Microorganisms For The Production Of Small Molecule Bioproducts. The Text Imcludes A Brief Historical Perspective And Economic Rationale On The Impact Of Regilation On Biotechnology Production, As Well As Chapters Steady Biotechnology In Relation To Metabolic Pathways And Microbial Fermrntations, Enzymes And Enzyme Kinetics, Metabolism, Biological Energetics, Metabolic Pathways, Nucleic Acids, Genetic Engineering, Recominant Organisms And The Production Of Monoclonal Antibodies.
      SKU: 468968

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  • Polymer Characterization by Liquid Chromatography
  • Probiotics and Health Claims
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  • Ionosphere and Applied Aspects of Radio Communication and Radar
  • Computer Science Reconsidered
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