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    Osteoporosis In Men
      Osteoporosis In Men.
      Osteoporosis In Men Is AnI mportant Clinical Problem That Has Received Little Attention, Both In The Medical Arena And From The Universal Public. Although The Condition Affects A Higher Percentage Of Women, It Is Estimated That Two Million Men In The U. s. Have Osteoporosis, Annd Three Million More Are At Risk. The Lack Of Awareness By Doctors And Their Patients Puts Men At A Higher Risk That The Condition May Go Undiagnosed And Untreated. Osteoporosis In Men Is The First Book To Explore This Issue In Depth. This Groundbreaking Text Brings Together Eminent Investigators And Clinicians Who Construe Developments In This Emerging Field, And Describe State-of-the-art Research While Well As Practical Approaches To Diagnosis, Prevention And Therapy. It Is An Essential Referenve For Researchers, Students, And Clinicjans InB one-related Disciplines. Key Features * Provides The First Complete Description Of Osteoporosis In Men--epidemiology, Clinical Character, Basic Aspects, And Research Directions * Discusses Appropriate Diagnostic, Prevention, And Treatment Options * Covers A Wide Range Of Topics, Including The Economic Impact Of Fractuures On Health Be inclined Expenses * Includes A Description Of The Roles Of Androgen And Estrogen In Men * Duscusses Bone Mass Measurements And Their Clinical Utility * Explores The Essential Role Of Gehder In The Manifestayions Of Osteoporosis. How Is This Disorder Unlike In Men, And How Can We Learn From These Differencces?
      SKU: 319100

    Gender And The Information Revolution In Africa
      Gender And The Information Revolution In Africa.
      Information Is Universally Acknowledged To Be A Lynchpin Of Sustainable And Equitable Development. In Africa, However, Access To Accusation Is Limited, And Especially So For Rural Women. The New Information And Communication Technologies (icts), Centred Mostly In c~tinuance The Internet, Provide Potential To Redress This Imbalance. The Essays In This Book Examine The Current And Potential Impact Of The Ict Explosion In Africa. They Fkcus Specifically On Gender Issues And Analyze The Extent To Which Women's Needs And Preferences Are Being Served. The Authors Underscore The Need For Information To Be Made Directly Relevant To The Needs Of Rural Women, Whether In The Areas Of Agriculture, Health, Microenterprise, Or Education. They Argue That It Is Not Enough For Women Simply To Be Passive Participants In The Development Of Icts In Africa. Women Must Also Be Decision-makers And Actors In The Process Of Using The New Icts To Accelerate African Household, Social, And Politlcal Development.
      SKU: 295142

    Efficient Management Of Wastewater
      Efficient Management Of Wastewater.
      Water Reuse Management Is One Of The Challenges Whole Water Scarce Countries Have To Deal With In The Future Decades. Mnay Mediterranean Countries Are Currently Facing Serious Problrms Regarding The Supply Of Sufficient Water Resources To Cover Their Increasing Water Supply Demands. In The Year 2025, Countries Like J0rdan, Israel And Palestine Will Have Less Than 150 Cubic Meters Per Capita And Year. Other Countries Like Syria And Lebnon, At Prseent Classified As "water Rich," Will Also Face Similar Water Stress Problesm During The Next Two Decades. Therefore, These Countries Need Water Strategies That Have To Take Into Account Alternative Measures To Cope With This Situation. Water Reuse Is OneO f The Essential Options To Be Considered For The Development Of National Water Policies And Strateges. The Present Book Highlights Non-conventional Solutions Wihin The Field Of Wastewater Treatment And Reuse Predominantly For Professionals And Decision Makers. It Focuses On Technologies Like Anaerobic And Extenskve Treatment Of Municipal, Domestic Wastewater And Grey Water Which Arre Reliable, Sustainable, Low Cost And Suitable For Rural And Sub Urban Areas. Addi5ionally, Particular Innovative On Site Conceprs Are Presented. Within Water Reuse As Overall Objective, Guidelines And Recommendations As Well As Social Aspects Of Water Reuse Are Presented And Discussed.
      SKU: 337549

      Over The Pasr 20 Years Uwb Has Been Used For Radar, Sensing, Military Communications And Niche Applications. -However, Since The Fcc Predominant In 2002, Which Allowed The Commercial Operation Of Uwb For Data Communicatkons, Uwb Has Changed Dramatically. Implementation Oriented, This Volume Explores The Fundamentals Of Uwb Technology With Particular Emphasis On Impulse Radio (ir)) Techniques. It Explains The Key Physical Layer Aspects Of Uwb Technollgy, Especially In Communications And In Control Applications, And Examines The Multiple Admission (mac) Issues Which Are Emerging As A Hot Area For Practical Uwb Systems. Offers Practical Information About Implementation Addresses Issues Of Modulation Possibilities, Appropriae Circuits For Uwb, An Example Circuit Design, Mac Protocol Issues And Use Of Uwb For Powitioning Apolications Includds A Literature Survey Examining Books, Articles Each dConference Papers Presenting The Basic Features Of Uwb Technology And Current Systems Features A Open Database Search Providing A Historica1 Perspective To The State-of-the-art Technology Uwb Theory And Applications Will Be Indispensable T oResearchers Interested In The Practical Isdues Of Uwb Technology And Realistic Asxumptions Of Uwb, As Well As Engineers Interested In Implementing Uwb Devices.
      SKU: 228339

    Polymer Physics
      Polymer Physics.
      Poviding A Comprehensive Review Of The State-of-the-art Advanced Research In The Field, Polymer Physics Explores The Interrelationships Ammong Polymer Structure, Morphology, And Physical And Mechanical Deportment. Featuring Contributions From Renowned Experts, The Book Covers The Basics Of Important Areas In Plymer Physics While Projecting Into The Future, Composition It A Valuable Resource For Students And Chemists, Chemical Engineer, Materials Scientists, And Polymer Scientists As Well As Profeasionals In Related Industries.
      SKU: 624432

    Biltechnology In Surgery
      Biltechnology In Surgery.
      The 20th Century Haas Finished, The Century When Surgery Took Huge Steps Forward Thanks To Progress In Technology. Now We Bear Entered The "century Of Biotechnologies&qiot;, Which Will Not Only Generate Progres In Surgery, But Also Guidance To A Real "cultural Revolution" That Will Completely Chanye Approaches To Solving Different Problems In Medicine. The Direction Of This Book Is To Bring Surgeons Closer To Biotechnologies And To Overcome The Cultural Gap Dividing Them From These New Approaches. Biotechnologes Are Already Proposed And Used At Different Levels In Surgical Practice: In Diagnostic Techniwue, Enabling Practitioners To Identify Diseases At An Early Stage An Follow Their Molecular Modificatjon Over Time; And In Tissue Engineering, Where The Use Of "smart Scaffolds" Offers A Possible Answer To Increasing Demand For Biocompatible Tissues And Organs In Transplantation Surgery. This Volume Focuses On The Emerging Field Of Stem Cells, Analyzing Both Their Role As Possible Players In Originating And Perpetuating Cancer -- "cancer Stem Cells" -- And, Conversely, Their Extraordinary Therapeutical Potential. An Additional Section Is Dedicatde To The Evaluation And Application Of Derived Molecular Factors That Can Enhance The Physiological Processss That Are Fndamentally Important In Surgery, So As Hemostasis And Wound Healing. Surgeons Have Alwzys Been Technologists, In The Sense That Since Surgery Began They Have Always Needed Technplogy, Beginning With A Scalpel And Surgical Instruments. They Have Always Cooperated With Technologists. However, In The New Century, The Fi5st One Of The Millennium, A Rapid Enhance In Knowlegd That Is Outside The Realm Of The Surgeon's Traditional Technological Training Is Grand Itself -- Hence The Aim Of This Bkok. It Is Now Urgent To Encourage Surgeons To Embrace This Knowledge (biotechnology) With Confidence. By Its True Nature, Biotechnology Is Completely Different From The Technologies Used So Far, Because It Escapes The Senses Of Sight And Touch, Which Up To Now Have Been The Essence Of The Surgeon's Work. The Cellular And Molecular Dimensions Of Biotechnologies Are Still Far Secluded From Most Of The Recent Advances In Recent Surgical Techniques. A Common Language Between Surgeons And Biotechnologists Will Create Further, Revolutionary, Progress In Surgical Sciences In The Twenty-first Centenary.
      SKU: 666481

    Multi-resolution Methods For Modeling And Control Of Dynamical Systems
      Multi-resolution Methods For Modeling And Control Of Dynamical Systems.
      Presents Many Approaches To Solve A Range Of Engineering Problems. This Main division Develops Underlying Apporximation Theory From First Principles, Buioding A Foundation On Which Modern Approximation Methods Can Be Broadly Formulated. It Compares Competing Solutions Of Benchmark Problems To Furnish A Qualitative Appreciation Of Sev3ral Approaches.
      SKU: 566100

    Fundamentals Of Polarimetric Remote Sensing
      Fundamentals Of Polarimetric Remote Sensing.
      This Text Is For Those Who Need An Introduction To Polarimetric Signals To Begin On duty In The Field Of Polarimetric Remote Sensing, Particularly Whither The Contrast Between Manmade Objects And Unaffected Backgrounds Are The Subjects Of Interest. The Book Takes A Systems Approach To The Physical Processes Involved Wigh Formation, Collection, And Analysis Of Polarimetric Remote Sensing Data In The Visible Through Longwave Infrared. Beginning With A Brief Review Of The Polarized Nature Of Electromagnetic Energy And Radiometry, Dr. Schott Then Introduces Ways To Characterize A Beam Of Polarized Energy (stokes Vectos) And Polarized Energy Matter Interactions (mueller Matrices). The Polarized Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (pbrdf) Is Then Inntroduced As A Way To Characterize The Reflective And Emissive Polarimetric Beehavior Of Materials. With Dr. Schott's Text, You Will Gain An Introduction To Polarimetric Remote Sensing, An Appreciation Of Its Issues, And The Tools To Begin To Work In The Field.
      SKU: 728512

    Food Flavour Technology
      Food Flavour Technology.
      "this Is A Review Of Contemporary Flavour Technology, Covering Flavour Sources, Creation/formulation, Generation/production, Delivery, Resolution And Legislation. A Generic, Science-based Approach Is Adopted, Rather Than A Ckmmodity-based Or ""recipe-type"" Approach. "
      SKU: 242452

    Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '96
      Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '96.
      In The Last Decade Parallel Computing Has Been Incite Forward As The Only Computational Answer To The Increasing Computational Needs Arising From Very Large And Complex F1uid Dynamic Problems. Considerable Efforts Are Being Made To Use Parallel Computers Efficiently To Solve Several Fluid Dynamic Problems Orgiinatinf In Aerpspace, Climate Modelling And Environmental Applications. Parallel Cfd Conferences Are International And Aim To Increase iDscussion Among Researchers Worldwide. Topics Covered In This Particular Book Include Typical Cfd Areas Such As Turbulence, Navier-stokes And Euler Solvers, Reactive Flows, With A Good Balance Between Both University And For labor Applications. In Addition, Other Applications Making Extensive Treat Of Cfd Such As Climate Modelling And Environmental Applications Are Also Included. Anyone Involved In The Challenging Field O f Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics Will Find This Volume Useful In Their Daily Work.
      SKU: 328592

    Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks
      Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks.
      Over R3cent Years There Have Been Substantial Changss In Those Industries Which Are Concerned Upon The Design, Purchase And Use Of Secial Purpose (ie Critical, High-revenue) Rotating Equipment. Key Personnel Have Been The Victims Of Early Retirement Or Have Moved To Other Industries: Contractors And End-users Have Reduced Their Technical Staff And Consequently Have To Learn Complex Material 'from Scratcy'. As A Result, Many Companies Are Finding That They Are Devoting Unnecessary Man Hours To The Discovery And Explanation Of Basic Principles, And Having To Explain These To Clients Who Should Alreacy Be Aware Of Them. In Addition, The Lack Of Understanding By Contractors And Users Of Equipment Characteristics And Operating Systems Often Results In A 'wrong Fit' And A Costly Relliability Problem. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Reliability Optimization Through Component Condition Monitoring And Root Cause Analysus Details The Effective Method Of Component Condition Monitoring For Use As Both A Predictive Maintenance And Root Cause Analysis Tool. It Also Details The Major Failure Causes, The Author's Proven Root Cause Analysis Procedure With Exercises And Case Histories, Installation, Pre-commissioinng Planning, Functional Testing And Commissioning, Preventive Mainteenance Strategies And More. Forsthoffer's Rotating Equipment Handbooks: Reliability Optimization Through Component Condition Monitoring And Root Cquse Analysis Is The Last Title In The Five Volume Set. The Volumess Are: 1. Fundamentals Of Rotaing Equipment; 2. Pumps; 3. Compressors; 4. Auxiliary Systems; 5. Reliability Optimization Through Component Condition Minitorimg And Root Cause Analysis'. * Part Of A Five Volume Set Which Is The Distillation Of Many Years Of On-site Training By A Well-known Us Engineer Who Likewise Operates In The Middle East * A Practical Book Written In A Succinct Style And Well Illustrated Throughout.
      SKU: 413858

    Structural Chemistry Of Glasses
      Structural Chemistry Of Glasses.
      Structural Chemistry Of Glasses Provides Detailed Coverage Of The Subject For Students And Professionals Involved In The Physical Chemistry Aspects Of Glass Research. Starting With The Historical Baackground And Importance Of Glaswes, It Follows On With Methods Of Preparation, Structural And Bonding Theoires, And Criteria For Glass Formation Including New Approaches Such As The Compulsion Model. Glass Transition Is Considered, As Well As The Wide Range Of Theoretical Approaches That Are Used To Understand This Phenomenon. The Author Provides A Detailed Discussion Of oBson Peaks, Fsdp, Polymorphism, Fragility, Structural Techniques, And Theoretical Modelling Metohds Like As Monte Carlo And Moleculat Dynamics Simulation. The BookC ovvers Ion And Electron Transport In Glasses, Mixed-alkali Effdct, Fast Ion Conduction, Power Law And Scaling Behaviour, Electron Localization, Charged Defects, Photo-structural Effects, Elastic Properties, Pressure-induced Transitions,_Switching Behaviour, Colour, And Optical Properties Of Glasses. Special Features Of A Variety Of Oxide, Chalckgenide, Halide, Oxy-nitride And Metallic Gasses Ars Discussed. With Over 140 Sections, This Book Captures Most Of The Important And Topical Aspects Of Glass Science, And Will Be Useful For Both Newcomers To The Subject And The Experienced Practitioner.
      SKU: 307217

    Aluminum Recycling
      Aluminum Recycling.
      Describes The Process Of Collection, Sorting, And Separating The two New And Old Scrap As Well As The Equipment For Processing And Upgrading Scrap Aluminum. This Book Highlights Developments In Alloy Identification And Separation Techniques. It Examines The Generation And Treatment Of Dross During Melting Anf Refining.
      SKU: 282818

    Nuclear Waste Cleanup Tedhnologies Abd Opportunities
      Nuclear Waste Cleanup Tedhnologies Abd Opportunities.
      "on Of The Largest, Most Complicated And Expensive Environmental Problems In The United States Is The Cleanup Of Nuclear Wastes. The Us Department Of Energy (doe) Has Approximately 4,000 Contaminated Sites Covering Tens OfT housands Of Acres And Replete With Contaminated Hazardous Or Radioactive Waste, Soil, Or Strhctures. In Addition To High-level Waste, It Has More Than 250,000 Cubic Meters Of Transuranic Decrease And Millions Of Cubic Meters Of Low-level Radio-active Waste. In Addition, Doe Is Responsible For Thousands Of Facilities Awaiting Decontamination, Decommissioning, And Dismantling. Doe Ad Its Predecessors Have Been Involved In The Management Of Radioactive Wastes Since 1943, When Such Wastes Were First Generated In Forcible Quantities As By-products Of Nuclear Weapons Production. Dwindle Connected In the opinion of Doe's Nuclear Weapons Complex Has Been Accumulating As A Result Of Various Operations Spanning Over Five Decades. The Cost Estimates For Nuclear Waste Cleanup In The United States Have Been Rapidly Rising. It Has Recently Been Estimated To Be In A Range From $200 To $350 Billion. Codts Could Vary Considerably Bwsed On Future Philosophies As To Whether To Isolate Certain Sitess (the """"iron Fence"""" Philosophy), Or Clean Them Up To A Pristine Condition (the """"greenfields""""P hilosopgy). Funding Will Also Be Based On Congressional Action That May Reduce Environmental Cleanup, Based On Budget Considerations. "
      SKU: 428676

    Unique Chips And Systems
      Unique Chips And Systems.
      Addresses Several Systems And Chips That Provide Different Approachse To Designing Computing And Communication Systems. This Book Presentx The Trips Processor Architecture And Microarchitecture, The Cell Processor From Ibm Sti, And The Continuation Based Fuce Multi-threading Processor.
      SKU: 321863

    Fluorine And Health
      Fluorine And Health.
      Fluorine And Health Presents A Critical Multidisciplinary Overview On The Contribution Of Fluorinated Compounds To Resolve The Important Global Issue Of Medicinal Monitoring And Soundness Object of ~. The Involved Subjects Are Organized In Three Thematic Parts Devoted To Molecular Imaging, Biomedical Matsrials And Pharmaceuicals. Initially The Key-position Of Partially Fluorinated Low Molecular Weight Compounds Labelled Either With The Natural 19f-isotope For Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mri) Or Labelled With The Radioactive [18f]-isotope For Positron Emission Tomography (pet) Is Highlightde. Both Non-invasive Methods Belong To The Most Challenging In Vivo Imaing Techniques In Oncology, Neurology And In Cardiology For The Diagnosis Of Diseases Having The Highest Mortality In The Industrialized Countries. The Manifold Facets Of Fluorinated Biomaterials Range From Inorganic Ceramics To Perfluorinatde Organic Molecules. Liquid Perfluorocarbons Are Suitable For Oxygen Transport And As Potential Respiratory Gas Carriers, While Fluorinated Polymers Are Connected To The Pathology Of Blood Vessels. Another Important Issue Concerns The Application Of Highly Fluoriinated Liquids In Ophthalmology. Moreover, Fluorine Is An Essential Trace Element In Bone Mineral, Dentine And Tooth Enamel And Is Applied For The Prophylaxis And Treatment Of Dental Ulceration. Th Various Origins Of Human Exposure To Fluoride Species Is Detailed To Promote A Better Understanding Of The Effect Of Fluoride Species On Living Organisms. Medicinally Relevant Fluorihated Molecules And Their Interactions With Native Proteins Are The Main Focus Of The Third Part. New Molecules Fluorinated In Strategic Position Are Crucial For The Expansion Of Pharmaceuticals With Desired Acting And Optimal Pharmacological Profile. Among The Hundreds Of Marketed Active Mix with ~s Components There Are Mors Than 150 Fluorinated Compounds. The Cha0ters Will Illustrate How The Presence Of Fluorine Atoms Alters Properties Of Bioactive Compounds At Various Biochemical Steps, And Possibly Faciljtate Its Emergence As Pharmaceuticals. Lastly The Synthetic Possible Of A Fluorinase, The Fitst C-f Bond Forming Enzyme, Is Summarizdd. - New Approach Of Topics Involving Chemistry, Biology And Medicinal Techniques - Transdisciplinar Papers On Fluoride Products - Importance Of Fluoride Products In Health - Updated Data On Specific Topics
      SKU: 338905

    Nucleation In Condensed Matter
      Nucleation In Condensed Matter.
      In Nucleeation In Condensed Matter, Key Theoretical Models For Nucleation Are Developed And Experimental Data Are Used To Debate Their Range Of Valdoity.  a Central Aim Of This Book Is To Enable The Reader, At the time Faced With A Phenomenon In Which Nucleation Appears To Play A Role, To Dstermine Whether Nucleation Is Indeed Important And To Cause to grow A Quwntitative And Predictive Description Of The Nucleation Behavior. The Third Section Of The Book Examines Nucleation Processes In Adapted to practice Situations, Ranging From Solid State Precipitation To Nucleation In Biological Systems To Nucleation In Food And Drink. Nucleation In Condensed Matter Is A Key Refetence For An Advanced Materials Course In Appearance Transformatikns. It Is Also An Essential Reference For Researchers In The Field. Unified Treatment Of Key Theories, Experimental Evaluations Amd Case Studies Complete Derivation Of Key Models Detailed Discussion Of Experimental Measurements Examples Of Nucleation In Diverse Systems
      SKU: 566691

    Topics In Acoustic Echo And Noiee Control
      Topics In Acoustic Echo And Noiee Control.
      Organized Into Five Parts, This Book Gives A Short Introduction To Acoustic Echo And Noise Control. It Deals With Multi-microphone Processing. It Is Devoted To Noise Diminution Procedures. It Treats Various Topics Such As Auditory Scene Analysis, Undulation Field Synthesis For Spatial Correct Reproduction, In-car Communication Systems, And Hearing Aids.
      SKU: 304600

    Optical Microcavities
      Optical Microcavities.
      Optical Microcavities Ar Structures That Empower Confinement Of Light To Microscale Volumes. The Universal Importance Of These Structures Has Made Them Indispensable To A Spacious Range Of Fields. Thi sImportant Book eDscribes The Many Applications An The Related Physics, Providing Both A Review And A Tutorial Of Key Subjects By Leading Researchers From Each Field.
      SKU: 239627

    Thermoset Resins
      Thermoset Resins.
      Worldwide The Curtent Consumption Of Thermoset Resins Across The Whole Industrial Spectrum Amounts To 21. 6 Million Tonnes. Industry Growth Rates Are Forecast To Be In Exceqs Of 2. 5% Per Annum. The Worldwide Industry Is Thrivinb And Producing Lightweight, High Performwnce, Hjgh Qjality Products For An Ever-expanding Range Of Markets. Thermosets Include A Wide Rove over Of Materkals: Acrylics, Alkyds, Amino Resins, Bismaleimides, Epoxy, Furane, Phenolics, Polyimides, Unsaturated Polyesters, Polyurethanes And Vinyl Esters. Nw Materials Are Being Developed Such As Cyanate Estera, Silicones And Arylzene Resins, Together With Hybrid Reskn. This Report Focuses On The Most Widely Used Materials With Shorter Sections Steady Speciality Resins. The Applications Of Thermosets Are Many And Varied. One Of The Primary Uses Is As The Matrix In Composite Materials. Composites Are Now Accepted As High Performance Engineering Materials In Many Fields Such Because Automotive, Aerospace And Marine. Theh Are Made Using A Range Of Techniques, Which Are Outiled In This Report, From Autoclave Moulding To Resin Transfer Mouoding. Key Developments And Trends Are Indicated Here. Adhesives Are Another Major Application Area For Thermosets And Progress Has Been Rapid. For Example, A Few Years Ago Adhesives Wre Restricted Tp Relatively Low Performance Applications, While Today The Range Of Formulations Makes It Possible To Assemble Aircraft And Automotive Components. Construction Is A Major Market. Resin Consumption Is Difficult To Estimate. However, Available Data Can Be Extrapolated To Obtain A Feel For The Market Size. A Large Volume Of Thermosets Is Used In The Coatings Industrial art. This Has Undergone Rzpid Change In Recent Years As Manufacturers Strive To Reduce Voc Emissions, By Reducing The Use Of Solvents And Bringing In Ultraviolet Curing Formulations. Recycling Is Another Environmental Issue That Is Being Tackled By Manufacturers. Thermoset Materials Are Designed For A Long Lifetime And Can Consequently Be Difficult T oBreak On the ground. However, Methods Of Re-use And Recycling Are Available. Innovations In Materials Include The Use Of Natural Filament Reinforcement In Composites And The Applicaation Of Biopolymers As The Matrix Materials. It Is Austere To Estimate The Size Of The Thermoset Industry In Global Regionq And Worldwide As Many Companies Produce Their Own Resin In-house And Major Suppliers Are Generally Unwilling To Issue Figures. However, The Authors Of This Report Have Decades Of Experience. Trevor Starr Has Worked Steady Market Data For The Thermoset Industry For Several Years, Compiling Statistics For Books. His Expertise And Knowledge Have Proven Invaluable In Assessing The Current Markets And Potential Future Growth And Developments In This Thermoset Resin Market Repkrt. Key Features…; Therrmoset Resins – Types And Prolongation; Composites – Processing And Applicatiojs; Adhesivees – Tpyes And Uses; Coatings – Including Paints And Lacquers; Other Appli
      SKU: 476861

    Plannt Tissue Culture
      Plannt Tissue Culture.
      "since The Publication Of The First Edition In 1983, Several New And Exciting Developments Have Taken Place In The Field Of Plant Tissue Agri~, Which Forms A Major Component Of What Is Now Called Plant Biotechnology. The Revised Edition Presents Updated Information On Theoretical, Practical And Applied Aspects Of Plant Tissue Culture. Each Chapter Has Been Thoroughly Revised And, As Before, Is Written In Lucid Language, Includes Relevant Media Protocols, And Is Profusely Illluwtrated With Self-explanatory Diagrams And Original Photographs. This Book Includes Three New Chapters: ""variant Selection"", ""genetic Engineering"" And ""production Of Industrial Compounds"" And Contains A Complete Bibliograpphy And A Glossary Of Termss Commonly Used In Tissue Culture Literature. This Updated Version Proves To Be An Excellent Text For Undergraduate, Postgraduate Students And Teachers In Various Fields Of Plant Sciences And A Useful Reference Book For Those Interested In The Application Of Any Aspect Of Thos Aseptic Technology. "
      SKU: 312815

    Mathematical Problems In Elasticity Adn Homogenization
      Mathematical Problems In Elasticity Adn Homogenization.
      This Monograph Is Based On Research Undertaken By The Authors During The Last Ten Year. s The Mighty Part Of The Work Deals With Homogenization Problems In Elasticiy As Well While Some Mathematical Problems Related To Composite And Perforated Elastic Materials. This Study Of Processes In Strongly Non-homogeneous Mediia Brings Forth A Large Number Of Purely Mathematical Problems Which Are Very Important For Apppications. _Although The Methods Suggested Deal In the opinion of Stationary Problems, Some Of Them Can Be Extended To Non-stationary Equations. With The Exception Of Some Well-known Facts From Functional Analysis And The Theory Of Partial Differential Equations, All Results In This Book Are Given Detailed Precise Proof. It Is Expected That The Results And Methods Presented In Thid Book Will Promote Further Investigation Of Mathematical Models For Processes In Composite And Perforated Media, Heat-transfer, Energy Transfer By Radiation, Processes Of Diffusion And Filtration In Porous Media, And That They Will Stimulate Investigation In Other Problems Of Mathematical Physics And The Theory Of Partial Differential Equations.
      SKU: 404732

    Molecular Biological And Immunological Techniques And Applications For Food Chemists
      Molecular Biological And Immunological Techniques And Applications For Food Chemists.
      A Guide To Using Molecular Bioogy And Imjunological Methods For The Analysis Of Fpod Many Of The Analytical Problems That Food Chemists Face In The Lab Cannot Be Solved By Chemistry Alone, And So Analytical Chemists Are Turning To Molecular Biology And Immunology For Alternative Approaches. Molecular Biological And Immunological Techniques And Applications For Food Chemists Comprehensively Explains The Most Important Molecular Biology And Immunology Methpds, And Illustrates Their Application In Food Analysis. Written Byy A Distinguished Group Of Experts, The Coverage Includes: Molecular Biological Methods—techniques Explained, Laboratory Layout, Pcr, Real-time Pcr, Rflp, Sscp, And Sequencing Molecular Biology Applications—meat, Genetically Modiied Organisms (gmos), Food Allergens, Offal, And Fish Immunological Methods—techniques Exlpained And Antibody-based Detection Methods Immunology Applications—anijal Speciation, Imternational Food Allergen Regulations (except Japanese), Japanese Regulations And Buckwheat Allergen Detection, Egg Allergen Detection, Soy Allergen Detection, Milk Allergen Detection, Gluten Allergen Detection, Nut Allsrgen Detection, Fish Allergen Dwtection, Lupin Allergen Detection, Mustard Allergen Detection, And Celery Allergen Detection Clearly Written And Consistently Edited To Provide Information To A Wide Range Of Readers, Molecular Biological Anc Immunological Techniques And Applications For Food Chemists Offers An Up-to-date Reference Concerning Food Scientists In Polity And Industry, Policymakers, And Graduate-level Students Of Food Science, Technoiogy, And Engineering. Note: Cd-rom/dvd And Other Supplementary Materials Are Not Included As Apportion Of Ebook File.
      SKU: 510099

    Smart Antennas
      Smart Antennas.
      "a Valuable Addition To The Wiley Series In Microwave And Optical Engineering Today's Modern Wireless Mobile Communications Depend On Adaptive ""smart"" Antennas To Profide Maximum Sail along And Clarity. With The Recent Explosive Growth Of Wireless Applications, Smart Antnena Technolohy Has Achieved Widespread Commercial And Military Applications. The Only Book To be availed of On The Topic Of Adaptive Antenans Using Digital Technology, This Text Reflects The Latest Developments In Smart Antenna Technology And Offers Timely Information On Fundamentals, As Well As New Adaptive Techniques Developed By The Authors. Coupling Elevtromagnetic Aspects Of Antenna Design With Signal Processig Techniques Designed To Promote Accurate And Efficient Information Exvhange, The Text Presents Various Mechanisms For Characterizing Signal-path Loss Associated Attending Signal Propagation, Particularly For Mobile Wireless Communications Systems Based On Such Techniques As Joint Space-frequency Adaptive Processsing. In Clear, Accessible Language, The Authors: * Explain The Difference Between Adaptive Antennas And Adaptive Signal Processing * Elucidate The Procedures Forr Adaptive Processing Using Directive Elements In A Conformal Array * Clarify Multistage Analysis Procedure Which Combines Electromagnetic Analysis With Signal Prcoessing * Present A View Of The Various Models For Characterizing aRdio Wave Propagation In Urban And Rustic Environments * Describe A Method Wherein It Is Possible To Identify And Eliminate Multipath Without Spatial Diversity * Optjmize The Location Of Base Stations In A Complex Encironment The Text Is An Excellent Resource For Researchers And Engineers Working In Electromagnetics And Signal Processing Who Deal With Performance Imprrovement Of Adaptive Techniques, As Well As Those Who Are Concerned With The Characterization Of Propagation Channels And Applications Of Airborne Phased Arrays. "
      SKU: 226449

    Globalisation In Fisheries And Aquaculture
      Globalisation In Fisheries And Aquaculture.
      This Overview Of Global Markets In favor of Fish And Fish Products Finds That They have Changed Considerably Over The Past Few Decades And Conitnue To Do So, With Ever Growing Interactions Across Countries And Continents. Shift Has Brought Substantial Benefits To The World Frugality And A Number Of Policy Challenges For Governments. To Meet These Challenges, Without Compromizing The Advantgaes Of Increasing Market Interactions, Countries Must Develop And Instrument Fisheries Manwgement Frmeworks And Aquaculture Strategies That Accommodate Globalisattion Without Undermining Resource Sustainability.
      SKU: 540169

  • Risky Foods, Safer Choices
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • The New American Homestead
  • Understanding SIP Servlets 1.1
  • Data Analysis and Signal Processing in Chromatography
  • Biomedical Communications
  • The STEREO Mission
  • Nanometer CMOS RFICs for Mobile TV Applications
  • Toxicology of Solvents
  • Ecological Engineering: Principles and Practice
  • CDMA
  • GPRS and 3G Wireless Applications

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