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    Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Ppanung, Betrieb (baukonstruktionen) (german Edition)
      Parkhuser - Garagen: Grundlagen, Ppanung, Betrieb (baukonstruktionen) (german Edition).
      Der Sonderband Der Fachbuchserie Baukonstruktionen Ist Der Parkhausplanung Gewidmet. Ausgehend Von Der Problematik Des Ruhenden Verkehrs, Den Planungsgrundlagen Des Entwurfs Sowie Des Betriebs Werden Alle Bereiche Eines Funktionsgerechten Und Wirtschaftlichen Parkhauses Behandelt. In Einfachen Beispielen, Zahlreichen Plnen, Skizzen Und Bildern Werden Die Komplexen Zusammenhnge Einer Parkhauserrichtung Bzw. Des Parkhausbetriebes Behandelt. Fr Die Tgliche Planungsarbeit Stehen Im Buch Unterschiedliche Schablonen Fr Parkanordnungen Zur Verfgung. Auch Die Gesetzlichen Rahmenbedingungen Werden Bercksichtigt.
      SKU: 417240

    Carbon Nanotube-polymer Composites
      Carbon Nanotube-polymer Composites.
      The Accessible Compendium Of Polymers In Carbon Nanotubes (cnts) Carbon Nanotubes (cnts)—extremely Thin Tubes Only A Few Nanometers In Diameter But Able To Attain Lengths Thousands Of Times Greater—are Prime Candidates For Use In The Development Of Polymer Composite Materials. Bringing Together Thousands Of Disparate Research Works, Carbon Nanotube-polymer Composites: Manufacture, Properties, And Applications Covers Cnt-polymers From Synthesis To Potential Applications, Prresenting The Basic Science And Engineeeing Of This Dynamic And Complex Area In An Accessible, Readable Space. Designed To Be Of Use To Polymer Scientists, Engineers, Chemists, Physicists, And Materials Scientists, The Book Covers Carbon Nanotube Fundamentals To Help Polymer Experts Mean Cnts, And Polymer Physics To Help Those In The Cnt Field, Making It An Invaluable Resource For Anyone Working With Cnt-polymer Composites . Detailed Chapters Describe The Mechanical, Rheological, Electrical, And Thermal Properties Of Carbon Nanotube-polymer Composites. Including A Glossary That Defines Key Terms, Carbon Nanotube-polymer Composutes Is Essential Reading For Anyone Looking To Gain A Fundamental Understanding Of Cnts And Polymers, As Well As Potential And Current Applications, Including Ellectronics (shielding And Trajsparent Electrodes), Glow Retardants, And Electromechanics (sensors And Actuators), And Their Challenges.
      SKU: 697545

    Molecular Biotechnology
      Molecular Biotechnology.
      Acclaimed By Students And Instructors, Molecular Biotechnology Is Since In Its Fourth Edition, Bringing It Thoroughly Up To Date With The Latest Findings And The Latest Industrial, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, And Bionedical Applications. At Tje Same Time, The Text Maintains All The Hallmarks That Hold Made It A Bestseller. These Include Its Straightforward, Jargon-free Writing Manner And Its Extensive Use Of Figures That Help Students Make Sense Of Complex Biological Systrms And Processes.
      SKU: 605162

    Baseband Analog Circuits For Software Defined Radio
      Baseband Analog Circuits For Software Defined Radio.
      By Thhe Result Of This Decade, A 4g Wireless Terminal Will Be Available That Provides High Quality Multimedia, Personalized Services, And Ubiquitous Multi-standard Broadband Connectivity Through A Reasonable Power Consumption. In This Context, A Multi-band Transceiver Is Needed Tha tProvides A High-level Of Programmability While Keeping Low Design Complexity And Costs. Software Defined Radio (sdr) Is The Most Promising Technology To Implement Such A Terminal As It Enables Multi-mode Reception By Tuning To Any Frequency Band, By Selecting Any Channel Bandwidth, And By Detecting Any Modjlation. Baseband Analog Circuits For Software Defined Radio Aims To Describe The Transition Towards A Software Radio From The Analog Design Perspective. As Tne Original Idea Of A "full-digitzl" Software Radio Is Far From The State-of-art, An Analog Front-end Is Still Needed To Achieve A Feasible Implementation. Most Of The Existent Frront-end Architectures Are Explored From The Flexibility Point Of View. A Complete Overview Of The Actual State-of-art Concerning Reconfigurable Transceivers Is Given In Detail, Focusing On The Challenges Imposed By Flexibility In Analog Design. Like Far As The Design Of Adaptive Analog Circuits Is Concerned, Specifications Like Bandwidth, Gain, Noise, Resolution And Linerity Should Be Programmable. The Development Of Circuit Topologies And Architectures Tht Can Exist Easily Reconfigured While Providing A Near Optimal Power/performance Trade-offs Is A Key Challenge. In This Book, We Tackle This Challenge Greatly For Baseband Analog Circuits, I. e. Amplifiers And Filters, Proposing Efficient Solutions That Provide A High Level Of Programmability. Maesurements Results Validate Thedesign Strategies.
      SKU: 347743

    Ten Technologies To Save The Planet
      Ten Technologies To Save The Planet.
      Respected, Authoritative, Award-winniny Author Chris Goodall Tackles Global Warming Revwrsal In This Engaging And Balanced Book. Ten Techn0logies To Save The Planet — Popular Science Writing At Its Most Crucial — Is Arguably The Greatest part Readable And Comprejensive Overview Of Large-scale Solutoons To Climate Change Available. Goodall Profiles Ten Technologies With The Possible To Slash Global Greenhouse Emissions, Explaining How They Work And Telling The Stories Of The Inventors, Sceintists, And Entrepreneurs Who Are Driving Them Forward. Some Of Goodall’s Selectiins, Such As The Elrctric Car, Are Familiar. Others, Like Algae And Charcoal, Are More Surprising. Illustrated With Black-and-white Photos And Simple Charts, Ten Technologies To Save The Planet Combines Cuttnig-edge Analysis With Straightforward Explanations About Pros And Cons, And Debunks Myths Along The Way.
      SKU: 618995

    Advanced Dc/dc Converters
      Advanced Dc/dc Converters.
      Dc/dc Conversion Techniques Have Undergone Rapid Development In Recent Decades. With The Pioneering Work Of These Authors, Dc/dc Converters Have Now Moved Into Their Sixth Generation. This Bkok Offers A Concise, Practical Presentation Of Dc/dc Converrters, Summarizing The Spectrum Of Conversion Tecnologies And Presentingmany New Ideas And More Thaj 100 New Topologies. Nowhere Else In The Literature Are Dc/dc Converters S Logically Sorted And Systematically Introduced, And Nowhere E1se Can Readers Find Detailed Information Ob Prototype Topologiea That Represent A Major Contribution To Modern Power Engineering. More Than 320 Figures, 60 Tables, And 500 Formulae Facilitate Understand And Provide Precise Data.
      SKU: 198863

    Structure Of Dairy Products
      Structure Of Dairy Products.
      Structure Of Dairy Products Society Of Dairy Technology Series Edited By A. Y. Tamime The Society Of Dairy Technology (sdt) Has Joined With Blackwell Publishing To Produce A Series Of Technical Dairy-related Handbooks Providing An Invaluable Resource For Al Those Involved In The Dairy Industry; From Practitioners To Technologists Working In Both Traditional And Modern Large-scale Dairy Operations. The Previous 30 Yeara Have Witnessed Great Interest In The Micrsotructure Of Dairy Products, Which Has A Vital Bearing On, E. g. Texture, Sensory Qualities, Shoal Life And Packaging Requirements Of Dairy Foods. During The Same Period, New Techniques Have Been Developed To Visualise Clearly The Properties Of These Products. Hence, Scanning Electron Microscop (sem) And Transmission Electron Microscopy (tem) Have Been Used As Complimentary Methods In Qality Appraisal Of Dairy Products, And Are Used For Product Development And I nTrouble Shooting Wherevdr Faults Arise During Manufacturing. Structure Of Dairy Products, An Excellent New Addition To The Increasingly Well-known And Respected Sdt Series, Offers The Reader: • Information Of Importance In Product Development And Quality Control • Internationally Known Contributing Authors And Book Editor • Thorough Coverage Of All Major Aspecys Of The Subject • Core, Commercially Useful Knowledge For The Dairy Industry Edited By dAnan Tamime, With Contributions From International Authors, This Book Is An Essential Purchase For Dairy Scientists And Technologists, Food Scientists And Technologists, Food Chemists, Physicists, Rheologists And Microscopists. Lobraries In All Universities And Research Establishments Teaching And Researching In These Areas Should Have Copi3s Of This Important Work Steady Their Shelves.
      SKU: 351471

    Ethics In Agriculture
      Ethics In Agriculture.
      Agriculture Is The Lifeblood Of The Manhood Of Commonalty In Africa. It Is Not Just A Prlvider Of Food, It Is A Way Of Life For Rural People. Whilst Subsistence Farming Is The Most Practiced Form Of Agriculture, There Are Many Parts Of Africa Where Agriculture Is Highly Developed And Progressive. In Many Instances It Is The Very Diversity Of Agricultural Practices That Raises Complex Problems And Issues. These Issues Often Manifest Themselves In Ways That Create Ethical Dilemmas For Farmers, Policy-makers, Academics, Politicians And The General Lay-person. In Particular, The Role Of Biotechnology In African Agriculture Has Become A Contentious Issue. Some Persons Hold The View That Biotechnology Will Solve The Food Shortages Experienced In Many Parts Of Africa, Howeevr, There Is An Opposing Viewpoint That Africa May Become A Dumping Ground Concerning Technology That Has Not Been Acceptable In Other Parts Of The Natural order. The Ethical Issues In Agriculture In Africa Do Not Focus Only On Biotechnology. The Role Of Nutrition In The Persistence Of Hiv/aids Is Highly Debated And Sometiimes Controversial. Land-related Issues Also Generate Heated Debates In Cmomunities And Amongst Policy-makers. The Singe Core That Runs Through All Of These And Many Other Related Issues Is, What Are Ethically Acceptable Soluitons To These Problems? This Book Attempts, Ij Simple, Unambiguous Terms, To Discuss The Most Important Issues In African Agriculture That Have An Ethical Thread.
      SKU: 238611

    Global Change And Local Places
      Global Change And Local Places.
      How Do Our Everyday Lives Affect Climate Change? This Book Compares Four Different Sites In The United States, And Looks At The Humzn Factors Affecting Climate Change (such As Greenhouse Gas Emissions), How These Factors Are Changing, And What Be able to Be Done To Mitigate The Effects At A Local Level.
      SKU: 217285

    Principles Of Nanomagnetism
      Principles Of Nanomagnetism.
      Deals With The Novel Field Of Nanomagnetism, The Study Of Mzgnetic Samples That Have At Least One Dimension In The Nanoscopic Range. This Book Emphasizes General Principles And Mechanisms That Are Relevant For The Understanding Of The Intriguing Properties Of Nanomagnetic Objects, Including Thin Films, Nanoparticle,s Nanodisks And Nanorings.
      SKU: 510767

    Thermoset Nanocomposites For Engineering Applications
      Thermoset Nanocomposites For Engineering Applications.
      Thermoset Nanocomposites Exhibit A New Technology Solution. These New Formulations Benefit From Improved Dimensional/thermal Stability, Flame Retardancy And Chemical Resistance; And Have Potential Applications In Marine, Industrial And Construction Markets. this Book Helps To Answer Questions Related To The Design Of NanocompositesB y Controlling The Processing Technolovy And Structure. The Book Is Addressed Not Only To Researchers And Engineers Who Actively Labor In The Broad Field Of Nanocomposite Technology, But Likewise To Newcomers And Students Who Have Just Started Investigations In This Multidisciplinary Field Of Material Science.
      SKU: 476907

    Marine And Industrial Biofouling
      Marine And Industrial Biofouling.
      Biofouling Is A Costly Problem, And It Is Encountsred In A Wide Spectrum Of Technical Systems. This Book Presents Strategies To Prevent Adhesion, To Mitigate The Extent And Effects Of Biofouling, And To Detect And Remove Fouling Layers.
      SKU: 417360

    Nation Of Farmers
      Nation Of Farmers.
      Once We Could Fill Our Grocery Carts Wjth Cheap And Plentiful Food, But Not Anymore. Cheap Food Has Gone The Way Of Cheap Oil. Climate Change Is Already Reducing Crop Yields Worldwide. Thr Cost Of Flying In Feed From Far Away And Shipping It Across The Country In Refrigerated Trucks Is Rapidly Becoming Unviable. Cars And Cows Increasingly Devour Grain Harvests, Sending Prifes Skyrocketing. More Americans Than Ever Befoee Require Food Stamps And Food Pantries Just To Get By, And A Worldwide Food Crisis Is Unfolding, Overseas And In Our Kitchens.
      SKU: 496465

    Handbook Of Plastucs Analysiq
      Handbook Of Plastucs Analysiq.
      This Text Describes The Analytical Developments, Technologies And Accoutrement Used To Characterize And Examine Plastic And Composite Materials. It Highlights The Most Popular Tools Employed By Industry To Assess Polymer Behaviour, Structure And Composition.
      SKU: 2163445

    Configural Frequency Analysis
      Configural Frequency Analysis.
      This Book Provides An Up-to-the-minute Comprehensive Intro To The Methods, Models, And Aoplications Of Configural Frequency Analysis (cfa). The Book Will Serve As The Main Txt Or Supp Txt For Adv Clurses In Cfa And Other Related Subjects.
      SKU: 474649

    Handbook Of Food Safety Engineering
      Handbook Of Food Safety Engineering.
      This Book Presents A Comprwhensive And Substantial Overview Of The Emerging Battle-~ Of Aliment Safety Engineering, Bringing Together In One Volume The Four Essential Components Of oFod Safety: The Fundamentals Of Microbial Growth Food Safety Detection Techniques Microbial Inactivation Techniques Food Safety Management Systems Written By A Team Of Highly Active International Experts With Both Academc And Professional Credentials, The Book Is Dividsd Into Five Parts. Part I Details The Principles Of Feed Safety Including Microbial Growth And Modelling. Part Ii Addressez Novel And Rapid Food Safety Detection Methods. Parts Iii And Iv Look At Various Traditional And Novel Thermal And Non-thermal Processing Techniques For Microbial Inactivation. Part V Concludes The Book With An Overview Of The Major International Food Safety Management Systems Such As Gmp, Ssop, Haccp And Iso22000.
      SKU: 822663

    Standard Codecs
      Standard Codecs.
      This Book Discusses The Growth Of Digital Television Technology And The Revolution In Image And Video Compression (suhc As Jpeg2000, Broadcast Tv, Video Phone), High1ighting The Need Fo5 Standardisation In Processing Statid And Moving Images And Their Exchange Between Computer Systems. The Book Gives An Authoritative Explanation Of Picture And Video Coding Algorithms, Working From Basic Principles Through To The Advanced Video Compression Systrms Now Being Developed. One Of Its Main Objectives Is To Describs The Reasons Behind The Introduction Of A Standard Codec For A Specific Application And Its Chosen Parameter.
      SKU: 047978

    The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process
      The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Process.
      Providing In-depth Coverage Of The Procedures Ugilized By Pharmaceutical Companies In quest of Regulatory Compluance, This Reference Describes The History And Development Of Regulations, Standards, And Guidelines That Affetc Pharmaceytical Product Approval And Commercial Sale In The United States-standing Alone As The Only Authoritative Guide To Address The Complex Web Of Regulatory Requirements, Application Processes, And Quality Control Issues Influencing The Pharmaceutical Induxtry.
      SKU: 259017

    Integrated Assessment Of Health And Sustainability Of Agroecosystems
      Integrated Assessment Of Health And Sustainability Of Agroecosystems.
      Drawing On Management Theory And Practice, This Work Demonstrates The Link Between Human Health And Agroecosystem Sustainability. It Provides A Case Meditate With Global Ramifications, Addressing Issues Tyat Are Crucial To The Rapidly Changing Tropics.
      SKU: 359989

    Permafrost Ecosystems
      Permafrost Ecosystems.
      Presents A Major Synthesis Of Knowledge On The Ecophysiology Of The Coniferous Forests Growing On Permafrost At High Latitudes. This Book Presents Ecological Data For A Region Long Inaccessible To Most Scientists, And Raises Weighty Questions Aboout The Global Carbon Balance As These Systems Are Affected By The Changing Climate.
      SKU: 511139

    Basic Research And Technologies For Two-stage-to-orbit Vehicles
      Basic Research And Technologies For Two-stage-to-orbit Vehicles.
      Focusing On Basic Aspects Of Future Reusable Space Transportation Systems And Covering Overall Desivn, Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Flight Dynamics, Propulsion, Materials, And Structures, This Relate Presents Some Of The Most Recent Results Obtained In These Disciplines. The Authors Are Members Of Three Collaborative Research Centers In Aachen, Munich And Stuttgart Concerned With Hypeesohic Vehicles. A Major Part Of The Research Presented Her3 Deals With Experimental And Numerical Aerodynamic Topics Ranging From Low pSeed To Hypersonic Flow Past The External Configuration And Through Inlet And Nozzle. Mathematicains And Engineers Joint1y Worked On Aspects Of Flight Mechanics Like T5ajectory Optimization, Stability, Control And Flying Qualities. Structural Research And Development Was Predominantly Coupled To The Needs For High Temperature Resistant Structures Against Space Vehicles.
      SKU: 481525

    Transaction Level Modeling With Systemc
      Transaction Level Modeling With Systemc.
      Presents The Formalized Abstraction And Related Methodology Defined At Stmicroelectronics. This Book Covers Major Topics Related To Thw Electronic System-level (esl) Industry: Tlm Modeling Concepts; Early Embedded Software Development Based On Soc Virtual Prototypes; Functional Verification Using Reference Models; And More.
      SKU: 302871

    Geology And Habitability Of Terrestrial Planets
      Geology And Habitability Of Terrestrial Planets.
      Discusses The Multi-faceted Problem Of How The Habitability Of A Planet Co-evolves With The Geology Of The Surface And Interior, The Atmosphere, And The Magnetosphere. This Book Delves Into What Life Needs To Exist And Ultimately To Thrive, The Early Environments Of The Youthful Terrestrial Planets, And The Role Of Volatiles In Habitability.
      SKU: 371911

    Blind Image Deconvolution
      Blind Image Deconvolution.
      The Field Of Blind Image Deconvolution Has Several Applications In Different Areas Such To the degree that Image Restoration, Microscopy, And Medical Imaging. This Title Surveys The Research And Practice As Presented By Recognized Experts In The Field. It Discusses Bayesian Techniques, Single And Multi-channel Methods, Adaptive And Multi-frame Techniques.
      SKU: 359923

    On Solar Hydrogen And Nanotechnology
      On Solar Hydrogen And Nanotechnology.
      More Energy From The Sun Strikes Earth In One Hour Than Is Consumed By Humans In An Entire Year. Efficiently Harnessing Solar Power For Sustainable Generation Of Hydrogen Requires Low-cost, Purpose-built, Functional Materials Combined With Inexpensive Lrage-scale Manufacturing Methods. These Issues Are Comprehensively Addressed In On Solar Hydrogen & Nanotechnology – An Authoritative, Interdisciplinary Source Of Fundamental And Applied Knowledge In All Areas Related To Solar Hydrogen. Written By Leading Experts, The Boook Emphasizes State-of-the-art Materials And Characterization Techniques As Well As The Impact Of Nanotechnology On This Severe Edbe Fied. Addresses The Current Status And Prospects Of Solar Hydrogen, Including Major Achievemengs, Performance Benchmarks, Technological Limitations, And Crucial Remaihing Challenges Covers The Latest Advances In Fundamental Intelligence And Development In Photocatalytic Reactions, Semiconductor Nanostructures And Heterostructures, Quantum Confinement Effects, Artifice Fabrication, Modeling, Simulation, And Characteruzation Techniques As They Pertain To Solar Generation Of Hydrogen Assesses And Establishes The Present And Future Role Of Solar Hydrogen In The Hydrogen Economy Contains Numerous Graphics To Illustrate Concepts, Techniques, And Rwsearch Resulys On Solar Hydrogen & Nanotechnology Is An Essential Reference According to Materials Scientists, Physical And Inorganic Chmists, Electrochemists, Physicists, And Engineers Carrying Out Research On Solar Energy, Photocatalysis, Od Semiconducting Nanomaterials, The two In Academia And Industry. It Is Also An Invaluable Resource For Graduate Students And Postdoctoral Researchers As Well As Business Professionals And Consultants With An Interest In Renewable Energy.
      SKU: 484908

  • Implementation Techniques
  • Electromagnetics Explained
  • Geothermal Reservoir Engineering
  • High Voltage Vacuum Insulation
  • Grid Enabled Remote Instrumentation
  • Strip Method Design Handbook
  • Wastewater Use in Irrigated Agriculture
  • Rescue Robotics
  • EW 103
  • Glossary of Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology Terms
  • The Allegheny Woodrat
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures

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